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What I've Learned in 7 Years of Podcasting about Ruby

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this time and in the end up the but so this is what I've learned in 7 years of podcasting every but I'm going to give you a brief history and then I'll talk about some of the lessons are learned of the 1st like to
thank the rails Conf organizers for putting the right the land that time really appreciated that in case you're wondering yes this is my son a couple years ago
and yes he is face down on for his whole sleep that have like that but anyway I'm gonna have lots of pictures of my kids and stuff too so it's not a super serious talk and but yeah I figure and as I was talking to people in your life when you're here the same time slot ascending that's I figured out that you all must be 1 of these 3 groups the the
die-hard Ruby Rhod stand for which I thank you if you are and you don't know who Sandy
is the where your overflow from her talk where you 1 here about nothing or something or something and think and or you realize that
we have a rock star next vector was a fair for them to put can after me because I this is hard at all but you know if you didn't know they had the same like for receipts see kept and ultimately the purpose of this
talk though is to inspire you to go out and that contributed community how are you going to do it and so these are lessons that I've learned as I have been involved in podcasting over the years but over the last 4 years
and I've been involved in the shows and those of the stickers there appears well and Ruby rose we started 4 years ago and I'll talk about kind the origin story their jobs for jammer and freelancer show started about 8 months after that January of 2012 and then and I started by freaks about a year and a half after that and then mean adventures in angular started in July so if you are interested in that and that's been growing pretty rapidly the when I
started I started a podcast called rails coach this is not the original artwork I had this done later because I plan on relaunching and evidence and and I also took over teach me to code which was screencasts about how to build things in Ruby on Rails and talk a little bit more about those as well but did anyone listen to or watch any of these is there are few people so yeah I mean it's been kind of this wild ride and I renamed rails coach to teach new code and start another show called rails coach that's been this crazy thing and then my latest project has
been rails clips and we just have a Kickstarter campaign for that we being I guess and the idea is is that we don't have rascasse anymore I wish there was rails cast so I decided to do that and so on everybody of videos every week and you can subscribe just like real pro and hopefully we can cover topics that are interesting to you in ways that we can't really do with the audio format
but um ultimately i'm just gonna tell you my story so these are my kids this is also a few years ago but and I think she was 3 or 4 and yes she was reading a story to her 1 your brother so the story beginning in a podcasting is
started when I was working for a company called mosey now mosey they do online back up I'm not gonna tell you the long and sordid tale about how I wanna pink way but I was working QA and there was a the other person in QA that I was working with at the time he got 1 of these brand new
devices and it what about like that too and it was like this mind-blowing cool technology but they don't even make them like that anymore but I the he started listening to podcasts inside the set my desk working in he'd be sittin on in the other corner of a very small room working and he'd be laughing at stuff that people were saying and so I figured out pretty fast 0 listening to podcasts and so like well I can afford an iPod but this sounds like fun and so he explained me that I didn't need the to go get an iPod I could listen to them off of items and so I got a little Mac many but on my desk which ultimately led to me running the uh beta test for the Mac client but anyway and and this sort of listening to podcasts and was really interesting because i started finding podcasts about things I was interested in and 1 of them that some of you may listen to fact Johan's many listen derails and the way back in the day but we've got great Pollack so I was really new I had done Ruby on Rails for like a year before I was in QA and how super excited about this show and I thought 0 everybody in rails is like so much better than me and these guys are celebrities but I decided what the heck am I try some new and I'm gonna
start a podcast another side note this is a hamburger with a Jamaican on that and if you look real close the bond is a donut done so anyway that is actually pretty good anyway so I decided to try some new so I knew 0 about podcasting had been developing Rabanus for like a year was me my full time job for the the duration I did it and so I had no experience
with any of it that you know grand and I was like grand Pollack you are awesome the monster the contest I wanna talk about rails I don't wanna start another rails in the podcast so what when you and I what surprised me was that he came back in he said that also you should start a podcast and here's some ideas and he basically encouraged me to do a show where I would interview whether developers and so I reached out to somebody that I hadn't been in contact with and great was the 1st interview I did for that show so the first one the 1st episode was what I thought maybe a developer and action was great Paul well about 3 episodes later I
interviewed James Brady invents universes going right so and he offered me a bunch of feedback on the way that I did the show which can change the way that approach things and 1 of the highlights I was actually at rails call was like 2008 or 2009 and remember exactly the year but I was walking through the crowd was like the 2nd areas conf and there was this MPC right next to this guy and I was like I
would love to interview David Paramax and so I sat down next on and start talking to him and that as a new Rails developer you can imagine who who here thinks David is intimidating maybe a little bit yes I was scared that it and I I sat down and I started talking to him I was like I have this podcast my loved interview you and he kind of begrudgingly said yes I don't think you were super excited but he came on the show and I interviewed him was like episode 50 of the rails which part just you find and teach me to conduct come but I this topic was
that you can be bold you can go out and do things in a really scary you can find opportunities in these places where you're not really sure what's going to happen next or where you feel like you might get shot down where you might fail but you have to be bold you have to go out there and just take charge of the excited and find these opportunities and this also affected the way that I code and I started taking more risks in the projects and I will accept or in the way that I would approach specific problems and this led to a lot of different things I must started like 5 or grams Jeremy knows how much work that is but but you know it it was really an opportunity for me to grow and it led me to other places in my career my coding and in my professional life the other thing that taught me going back to the incidents with grade and
James was that sometimes you have to ask for help OK so you might get stuck he got stuck and my wife would help them out and then stopped and said get the gamma and so get a but yet his book was stuck in the drain we just talked about that but you may get stuck right you may you may find that I don't want to do next I don't know where to go I don't know how to proceed and if you ask for help what you'll find is a lot of people want you to succeed so sometimes refinement or time to find people who were willing to give you money or resources of 1 incident that comes to mind is I would teach me to code before I was doing teach me decode code and my friend Erik was doing teach me a code there are very and he started at the started reaching out to a bunch of us in the community to start making videos for his video series and so I put 1 together on rails running it's really old and the logic of but I what happened was I did the video and I started tweeting and blogging about some of the things that I've struggled with you know I didn't have a good Mike and they didn't really have use a trial version of software to recorded video and I got this e-mail out of the blue from tell string toString is the company the screen flow who here screenful anyway yeah Austin company great product of and they sent me a free license for spring flow and a 200 dollar microphones or mystery gas and I've also over the years I have asked for help in finding work on Manasreh donations to the podcasts and what I found is that you know all the listeners all the people who were involved in the shows David Brady's family work a few times if you ask for help people just will come and help you and I found this even for people that don't have a platform for people listen to me in some of the stuff happened when I have anybody listening to me and so if you take the opportunity to find people who want you to succeed in you ask for help you get it I 1 of the things that I've seen is when other people ask me for help and this is the kind of the reverse but a lot of times I wondered saying things the way smarter than I thought right and so sometimes the help will come when you're we have a sounding board like rubber ducking here we have a duck on your desk and you talk to the doctor and explain the problem and then the solution comes to your mind and and that happens pretty commonly in some of the things that people tweet that I said on the shows I don't even know that I knew that stuff for 7 and so I'm just by asking for help or discussing the issues with people will give you opportunities to learn and to grow and so that's just another an example of some of the things I've learned over the last few years of doing these podcasts another
thing you wanna do is experiment and we've you know we've had and listen to talks about like experiment driven development or using science scientific methods for exploring different a different aspects of code and there are a few people really inspire me to experiment Dave Thomas is 1 of those I mean every time I talk to the ISS like I feel or creative again and the last episode of Ruby roads we had mind and there's a lot of them in there are some in the business and I have a friend Stephen Robertson now that come and he encouraged me to actually split the sponsorships in the levels and to charge more for the first one and you know charge differently for the different sponsorship levels and you know just experiment with and see what work and that worked out very nicely and i've you know I've tweeted that a little bit as time goes on the but 1 other thing that I really learned from really roads and this comes down a lot more to more of the social areas of Ruby roads I don't know what people really realize how diverse a group we are but you know beyond the obvious things you know gender and race over the years I mean we've had very different political views religious use views on the way the world works the ways that the world should work and having the opportunity to actually explore those areas and have a safe place to talk about these ideas of with the different experiences not just encode but in life has really been a tremendous blessing for me and In some ways it strengthened the stances that I have the different from the other roads in other ways it's really helped me to understand why people think the way they think and then to approach my own thinking and change the way that I think about things and you get the same code and I think we come to conferences kind get these ideas but I encourage you when you get these ideas are when you talk to somebody with a different background the new or different lifestyle than you that you take the opportunity to really go explore that an experiment with it I mean even if it's just a mental experience experiment you know I'm not in go do things that don't line up with my values but I can't think about and I can think about where that would take me and I can really come to understand where people at and this is something that really came out in the Ruby roads and retreat that we did a few years ago that we had the opportunity they all get together in 1 house and just talk and we were working on a book that never materialized but ultimately we really did get to explore these different areas of of where other people are at you know and and we we did have a very interesting group I mean and if you ever want to find somebody with a very interesting background to talk to train on just just fascinating some of the things that she's been through the James Gray is another person where you know with some of the health challenges and things he's had in his life and his given talks on this you know look them up but you know just imagine how that affects the way that he approaches life and approaches code and approaches his family there's just so much to learn and having this opportunity to kind of experience things in a small way through the way that they live a very interesting a minute off a little bit about how we got into
roads so as some of you may or may not know I'm a big fan of the Twitter the network as anyone here listen to those podcasts yeah 1 or 2 people so I'm a big fan of Leo Laporte and sometimes he says done crap everybody does that so and for the most part no it's just interesting stimulating conversation about technology and I been podcasting for about 3 years and I've been thinking for a while that it would be really nice if we had a twit style show which is which means you bring about Japan was you talk about the topics on the news that whatever in technology and I thought I would be really cool for Ruby but I don't know why but I never actually pull the trigger on that and then 1 day
James tweeted on in Twitter I guess I guess that's redundant we don't we're but James tweeted he said hey look really cool we had this panel discussion on really and of course I reply back and thinking the same thing and so we started to pull people together and producing we have a panel now that panel stay together for all like 3 months before you know we had people drop off only replacing the new people and so we lost and Patterson Peter Cooper but picked up on the grammar Josh sources and her some very people whole world and so on we started
the roads that was 4 years ago old next week I think and it was just it was also and as we've had a good run we've we've really been enjoying a pain out we since replaced some of those folks with other folks now we have Jessica and alignment server on on the show and I don't know of David has anywhere else to go so you know it's it's just this tremendous opportunity for us to to sit down and talk and and really explore where we're at and so I I really like the idea of experimenting in and you know taking the things that we're learning from each other and and just seeing what they're about I also learned and I talked a little bit
about this with people but being confident so I may have an opinion is different from 1 of the other rows and that's totally fine but it's that intersection and and talking about where they don't line up that's really interesting conversation and a lot of times we find is that I'm willing to make they want or they're willing to make trade-offs that I want and sometimes it just turns out that they've experienced something with an idea that I haven't and so was a negative thing for them was a positive thing when I tried it and so by exploring these things really good figure things out but initially when I was honorably rose I was very reticent to disagree with anybody on the show and a lot of times I'm still pretty diplomatic of most of the time it's in areas that I really feel like there can be multiple right answers and so then I just tell people what I think and then I you know I accept that other people may have another opinion but but the times that I really struggled with Ruby rows or with any of the other shows where the times I really wouldn't stand up for what I thought or where I would share my ideas because I didn't think that they merited the same the consideration of the other roads I did and of being confident also extends to code and I like trying these lessons from life to code because it they a lot of really apply so if you have a good idea shot if you have an approach that you you feel I can really make things better in your code then tried to do it I mean sometimes want teams and we can always do of both ways but this spring the idea up and stand behind it until you convinced that that's not the case and I think the other side of being confident is also the being humble enough to a to accept that somebody else may have a better idea you know so your idea maybe good those maybe better if they can present evidence to that then the confidence which but but more and more the more I really stand up and tell people who I am and share what I'm about that's really where I shine and that's really where I feel like I write my best code so 1 other thing I wanna talk
about is there have been times especially since I'm a freelance were things got really tight money wise and you know are gone on the show a few times and said you know please donate to whatever or please on the fine work and it's really discouraging to be in a place where you feel like nobody really want you and when you're behind a microphone I I mean I don't see the listeners and when I go and look up how we're doing with the show all I see your numbers and so I know people are out there and you know there may be a few people tweeting and here there during the day but a lot of times it's really easy to get discouraged and it's the same thing with our jobs you know you feel like you're not progressing we want or you feel like you're stuck where you are or you feel like nobody recognizes the work you put in and it's easy to get discouraged but the thing is is that ultimately if you really reach out if you really look out there there are people that benefit from what you do and it's also OK to do something a little bit different and you know that's where some of these other shows came out of was I don't feel like and mean growing a lot in Ruby so I started and I was podcast and that's why freaks came from I wanna learn how to wireless and so if you find ways to kind of shortcut and the discouragement then you can really reach beyond where your ad and back when I was doing rails coach and teach me a co-teacher code did have you know the the several hundred people were watching the screencast regularly and real Skoda not think ever got over like 150 to 200 people seem to have time and I really started to feel like the OK I don't know if anybody cares but ultimately for the people that did chair and I did get phone calls from people wanting to hire me and things like that if if you make a difference for 1 or 2 people in a major way it really it really they can make a difference for you in fact that's as a similar 1 of our about
so that when my favorite stories about making a difference we had great bodies on the show I don't know how many of you remember that episode you talk about mental illness and depression and he has a pretty it's kind of scary story about his depression and you know and then he gets he got through it kind of reached a point where he you know he is healthy and happy now but it's something that I never thought about the well I last year I went to a conference call agile roots which is a conference and you talk about agile development the and 1 of the staff members there during the lightning talks because they had like 4 people sign up for lightning talks in the right things comes on top so he got up and he's he said I listen to that episode and this is something that I feel like I did other than maybe highlight the conversation a little bit by getting among the show myself and the other roads I but he was alert episode and he was in a similar place and so he went and he got help and he's like my my life is better a better relationship with my wife I you know we we now have 2 kids with you know I mean all of these things that made a major difference for him you know and I've heard other people that they listen to an episode about some technical topic and then they go on exploring they can become an expert in that area and then they get a better job you know they move into a better life they move into other place and it's these conversations but I think really make the difference from Ruby rows in the other podcast that were involved with is that yeah if you if you you don't have to start a conversation but if we can shine a light on the areas make differences for other people and have those conversations and share some of them are use cashing in your rails that your life will be better and some some of them are you know go get help for depression or you know being more aware of the minority or marginalized groups in our community and all of these things make a difference to make things better for somebody and so I don't take credit necessarily for starting conversations but in a lot cases we've been able to have the conversations were continued conversations in a more public way and it really does make a difference for people but honestly and this is the thing I really want you to take away is that if if you're writing a blog post about how to handle error or blog post about how you struggle work or you put up a podcast about something you're interested in or you start making videos or something like that there's somebody out there that means that information and whether it makes a difference in their whole life or makes a difference in their their other endeavors you're making a difference you doing that and I think it's really important to be able to do that and so all the other lessons that I been going through an e-mail lead into this is that you can make a difference and people matter I have to say that there
are a couple of main reasons why I did podcast now and I can't of talk about having these conversations the conversations don't just happen with me I mean happen with people like line and with Jessica and David of the answer on you know they've happened in the past with Josh and James and Peter and error and they happen on the other shows with with a lot of other friends of mine and to be honest the biggest draw for me at this point doing the podcasts is like it's talk to these people every week I did have conversations with my friends with people I care about every week about stuff that I care about at least most of the time and it makes it makes a big difference and these people matter to me um In coralline was out not Lester B. conferences it was terrific to say hi and spend some time together and I got to see Jessica can she came out for the plural site um offer some so I had dinner with her husband and it's these connections is the connections that you all are making here rails comp that matter I'm sure you're gonna pick stuff up from the sessions and that's that that's why employers and you here I'm assuming and you will make a difference in your work but in the grand scheme of things that the people that we need and their connections we make are what matter and so that that really kind of explains that the rest of the reason why do the shows beyond being we'll talk about stuff I like and talk to people like about it is that then idea to have conversations with you folks so I get the opportunity to come out here and meet interesting people and mean I can name a few people in here you know I met Zack the other day um I met Jeremy at Mount mastery conference I've known Jim for a couple years and it's these connections these these opportunities I can't see you in the course of I you I'm sorry I but his these opportunities to meet new people and make these connections and and feel like a community that really make a difference and then being able to to give back and and make a difference in in their lives in smaller big ways that's what that's what really matters so I encourage you if you feel inspired to go out and do something does have to be some big and 1 of the things that I did in the past desirable that uses project honeypot don't know if you're familiar with the project but and it it identifies IP addresses 1st spammers you know Reynolds and you know it doesn't have to be a big thing it doesn't have to be a scarier frightening you have to feel overwhelmed by the people you wanna talk to you but you have the conversations at work that makes a difference but whatever it is you know find ways to encourage people in and make people feel like they matter and I you know you got to see a lot of pictures of people that matter most to
me these are my kids my wife took the picture shows like taking pictures of herself so I didn't have any funding wants to share her but anyway and Charles Max Weber and Pepsi max w on Twitter and that's my e-mail address if you have any feedback if you want ideas are encouragement war I help getting started just let me know and has pretty much at 1 other thing no is that were working on new material 4 slides next year
so thank you questions it's the and thanks
so I got about 10 minutes for questions which is kind where I wanted to go so I'm happy to answer questions about the stuff that I talked about here were really roads were podcasting or anything else and I reserve the right to say I don't know so so Jenn's asking how we recorded there Ruby roads episode with all this being a different places but yet we just report states and if you wanna see the rest of that set up I have to go to teach me to code combustor the last video I put on our is about 2 years old but I'm still using the same set up more or less and I'll show you how a recorded things like that but yeah we require a Skype and my internet connection has been slowly degrading you Comcast but we're switching on saturday so hopefully it'll get better but but yeah so here we report respect have lots of ideas of things you can do so if you're if you want contribute to community in you're not quite sure go just come talk to me and this figure only about chain I don't see any other questions so feel free come up in its stickers and if you want Ruby Road stickers just tweet at me and I'll see if I can now male couple out here in my mind and in my in my room in June in June
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Abstract You may be surprised to know that the things that you learn after talking to hundreds of programmers (mostly about Ruby) is that the lessons you learn are mostly lessons about people. The oddest thing about this is that it's had a very profound effect on the way I write code. We will walk through the years of podcasting and screencasting shows like Ruby Rogues, Rails Coach, and Teach Me To Code and discuss what we can learn from each other, what I've learned from you, and how that changes who we are and how we code.

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