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and in the end the and welcome to
crossing the bridge connecting rails in your front and framework of my name is Daniel Spector and all of my hope of this presentation is that you discover patterns and best practices and for entering rails and right so a lot of times so
this way see on the side of a we can lower down good well a delicacy that you hear me more was reading thought that art so this word to avoid the aim my presentation skills obviously that would be 1 you know terrible bridges this is that we want
this and I'm from Brooklyn this is very dear to my heart and so weird to gain jobs have rails you wanna make a seamless bridge right this in this connection
as this is game plan by the 1st thing we're going to do is we're understand the tradeoffs in dynamic choosing to use a client-side NBC framework is not without its challenges and support to understand that before going on art next we're gonna look how deeply integrated framework with rails and we're going to do that 1 explore different patterns different ways of sharing data in a consistent maintainable way so they can use it to best effect because this is
the discovered top name of minimizing the specter I am a sovereignty here comical like Booker in Brooklyn I'm a graduate of the flattened school and then at like we do rails JavaScript primarily on Amber else's involved a lot mobile development so with experience and worries that moving over to closure of
enough about that what are you about to get yourself into right this is JavaScript and it is
often messy but nobody will say that it is a beautiful coherent language and it's got a little bit better than using taxed but so you're gonna run into difficulties yeah the this I
I think is kind of the general long relatively aplicables goes about matching user Amber Logic escorting member is generally easier odd to write an act of listen especially the beginning writing in rails having know being served up instead of the client side of the EC framework that it is important to
always think about the bigger picture I understand the technical challenge that goes into something is really important is really important you don't wanna think about something you have a great new idea and dive right into implementation was the best way we can put this and how could we use it when the features all that is really important to understand for you do that take a step back and think about the trade-offs right and you will encounter a lot trade-offs this is some the fund that
my weight on you will encounter duplicated models right separate codebases if you if your user has to change something of the real side the that the change in the dumpster right and it gets often very messy and overall complexity in general you know when you're debugging whether often you're looking at a kinds problem or whether you're looking service that problem but and when I talk
to people about this I usually get like you know some of this kind of injection right there like my customers state that this is what the they want this kind of experience this is actually what they are what their requiring this through this I'm
not real right clients customers I
care about really 1 thing 1 thing only or you know 3 things so yes if you can the call a separable . maintainable sustainable performing application period right it should be maintainable you developer should be able to understand it easily this should be sustainable things should be able to to be the the bot right initially relatively well on it if you're not careful you can write a letter gotchas when it comes to clients NBC frameworks you don't wanna run into a case that you have no problems with that and you're not delivering the what's best for your clients and your customers
but now that you have been warned you
can make up at the top of the topic that is that of a lot of curse words but anyways you can make incredibly positive applications out with private industry frameworks said venture to guess a large portions from Gmail and daily basis but there is a single page at but if you if you really want to control the bottom click basic version to get the signal the full page refresh and all that jazz other nobody does that likewise embassies and makes incredible applications and especially if you were very graphics having very charts heavy things like that and a lot of really complex user interactions they make absolutely the case that you should your 1st choice should be applied said framework but just understand that you know there are trade-offs
so that says recap on top being cut off but never lose sight of the ultimate goal right your ultimate goal the goal is to provide the absolute best experience that you can for users understand the tradeoffs that you're going to have on but we're going to explore a couple different ways where there may be a solution right that there may be a way to mitigate from these problems to create better applications that was sad right we're going
to create the absolute simplest version of to do NBC unveils a to every C is they are website were able to see the same application implemented different JavaScript frameworks to really get a nice comparison to its other is doing that is because very often the framework to a completely different and the ones we're going be talking about they really do so in terms of you know there's been a lot of code of we will get to cut off us so you know we should be OK with that but with you know it's a bit nicer keep a reference so that know kind consists of what we're gonna do I step by
step so the Morgan ability of we're going to look at at angular where you look at Hamburg and finally react and so we're going to this that aren't implantations or relatively complete if you follow the slides on Slideshare and then you should be able to implement these applications simply as you see them but what's important to focus on is the pattern were goes for different patterns of how we're going to connect these are a share of data between rails and John an adult script and so really focus on you know how this is important let's let's get started this is a new
angular is developed by Google on has to a binding very much at its core the you know the 1 you model changes your view changes if you change your model changes not to writing glue code for that our depends injection and built into a hot it also will see that a 2nd of angular choose come and this is something that you should be aware of the angular to is not really the same framework as a newer 1 and it is it is completely different both from syntax wife but from a lot philosophical point of view on so it's not like the ones going away for a thousand applications this point build on angular obvious should have would be aware that if you're starting a project right now and angular is a good chance and 12 to 18 months of tool that can support anyone who had so really think about that before you do choose to do but if you are we can jump right and so the 1st thing that we're going
to do is we're going get a real tragedy again like is that this is going to be very basic OK not too much is
cut off so we have of index method then you an index and creates a basically 2 end points where names reasoning under splashy guys left to do is in now and again request the slashing PSI should is giving you must all work to do the never going to be able to create new ones
work area so of the different the other framework so we talk about actually have an official implementations with of rails with single dozens of we're going to have Winchell Bauer now when you're including
JavaScript of framework IR libraries in general there's a whole bunch of ways that you can include it with rails right you can use a CDN support without options are you can copy of the vendor assets very often there'll be gender 5 versions of libraries or simply just you know nice at the pipeline helper to get the jobs but then but where they at the Bauer and Bauer get and makes it really really easy to include pretty much any JavaScript library that you want in your code on this 1 centralized location for all the packages north thousand men in the age of it's really really nicely via the bowels jet because this is what looks
like and you have to make sure that you have acted Bauer under system so just make sure that you know you and console that they're all you do is you set up a new gem filed our rails initialize and I have a powerful Ursula to jump I'll jam its asset and so we're going to bring an angular and a couple of other libraries so how
we manage our clients idea the right this is a more specific questions so we could go you know just use standard really J. query and it just call back and forth angular actually has it's just really a very basic wrapper that uses around a around so decrease of digest library when so we're getting using
resources are in the main resources as you can see it of an optional library that maps basic right actions to specific method calls are so were discovered that a very basic application of ICT has the how it's gonna look and follow when working there so this is a
new so this is built on the entry point that you'll see right we're going to call this a lot to do and we don't use the word including a resource and Rao this is the example depends injection Bangla has and then we just do a little CSRs magic to make it work with rails now have 1 rout thought is the root root and word interjected to do controller into that that now
we're going to do is we're set up a factory to hold our resource and then we're past that factory over and injected into the controller which is divided to the
temple this is what a factor looks like that OK to would cover the topic Canada just it on where everything's gonna live under slash PPI to do so this is going to tell us you know this every time we make a call this is the end point that's going hit and then we know we have a control this controllers all about we don't see under the hood of the data binding that comes in right so on instantiation we're gonna call scope out to do which is just going to query a GET request for slashing applied so as to do this this can have 1 function called on to do all studios going to grab out that model arm and save it which is gonna make a post and then scan every query and estimate on so the mercy mentioned were the 1st and then you notice that there's no glucose to the template and 2nd of all or not you know manually going down obtained the views and things like that to a binding is gonna make sure this all stations on the 2nd thing that's the end of the 2nd that's important to note is that it's relatively compact by angular it is of relatively simple and so if you're writing especially small applications of this kind of all they need to get set up right and this is what the template looks
like we just and repeat the user directive to iterate over those used and then wants the men were discovered color function and this is you know this is what our this what makes a really nice but there's there's there's a kind of a hidden problem here that the IAEA will might might give you pause they go back to this for a 2nd right now
all we're doing is calling to do not vary right and that's for this specific application all we need is just to make a GET request for those to do this both the level more complexity and large applications will have a lot of people so I think you need to 1st understand well is the user logged in at that users logged in that I needed to do this but maybe I only want 1 that are completed maybe I have you know a whole lot of things I need to understand is very likely that you can make a whole bunch of API call simply before your rendering out anything archery users and so that you know result in a lot of animators traceable loading bars titles spinner there and it and it doesn't make for the greatest user experience and especially because the were I think all of us are to use to really fast broadband connections but not only users will be and so on a really fast connection you even notice the lack of an artist but slower connection you absolutely well and through usability for user standpoint it could be very tricky but nobody wants to go to a page of the 1st thing they see this as a loading where they never knows in stock so this is what you look
like and pretty much no limitations this is exactly what it's you know this is that the
border so just to recap a data mining or very powerful right there was no view glue code is nothing that we needed to make sure that found that word note it came together but if you're going to be using angular and highly recommending resource or a wrapper around that there's 1 specific for rail that you like I was just makes your request really easy that you don't have to write out you know a whole went Dallas Ajax data are the method and all that makes it really easy to use but here's the problem here's the pattern that we use all these multiple API calls to initialize application get really tricky and this is going to be this is the problem that we're gonna try to solve a word and try to make fucked figure out a way to our own make those in a little bit easier to work with and make the experience for users of the better
so whatever I ever was created
by time don't even cats who may be in the room at the moment ever they for large ambitious applications and worth being but there's a lot to it there's a lot of physical of complexity to it but the reasons there is because you need that kind of complexity when it comes to large applications and so for managing the structure of that from work it all together there works really really nicely or amber favors convention over configuration of and ever and ever hazard Klein said persistent library called Amber data and it works wonderfully and if you've ever tried to write 1 on your own it is horrible but it is really tricky problem to get right and I I think they're not that a really great job in making this really is the work
so ever a lie is the new standard for work with the replications there's a couple talks tomorrow are 1 embassy alive rails of 1 of the Act rails that we'll really dive into the blue dive into this not can spend too much time on the specifics of embassy alive but is no this if you're going start with an egg within a replication this is absolutely you should be using it integrates really nicely via the embassy levels
so real switch it up a little bit instead of just having to do is worry the concept of a user right any user will have many to do this and then just assume again this is the uh this for demonstration purposes assumed by the time that you this control and how you're going to get to it is the but you know you're ever controller assume at this time we have a concept of a current user the current user has to use right so now this is we're going get set up for
any obviously I rails were also in the active model serializes atom also alleges will work really really nicely with Amber and make it a lot easier so we're just going to generate
our 0 our you know set up with that I do use are the the top there and then this is what's gonna look like in support to understand the structure is that's a very basic is when 1 resource is a lot of complexity that can handle but at its heart is going to be rude elements right of to do this and then everything under the so there's a lot trying to accomplish we're
going to use instead of using Jason calls and instantiation right and whenever loads instead of making a bunch Jason calls can figure out what's going on what we're gonna do is we're gonna preload amber with that information but why
ranges but 1st things 1st of all we want minimize round server we don't want you know the 1st year we got the rails that each now requested of escape then again figure out want to stop before that is a lot of RAM chips that happen I'm and this will make it a lot easier for users and that's really what but the point that this right if you're loading this data through loading the data into Ember before it gets the for against there do not assume Lotus not as your admin spinners and none of that and ultimately you're going to have a better experience and that's really what the
so where is that you can receive on the same controller that we were before I titled a very creatively Amber controller but so we're grammar to do this and they were gonna cultural and and preload is going to set up an right and it's not just proved a little bit of mad matter just to prepare data and passive Factor model serializer there serializer to grab at all you can use this now users through method everywhere in your application if you want to see me at this point request cyclists start cycle preload my to do that all preload and whatever other resources that I have once is there no this work I have is that you know have this preload variable and then
we're passage amber via the window object of and so we're gonna set up this window . freeload amber be up and they in culture Jason on everything that's in there this can be array of radius R and render out on Mandarin Amber I saw this pattern I believe at 1st it was used by discourse before they were ever data on but there is an open-source had any application of called hummingbird that did this really nicely and so of adapted for my own applications the so let's get set up with
the clients and code of 1st things 1st you got
initialize side you know ever life just has no 1 can think file by convention call from and keep it at the root just going to generate the you know the new of replication and our that 2 things that a command on the top is actually important generator resource of to do this was to generate resources to do this in a sense of the model are out in that and sign a template the organ need an adapter and there were you need us to realize so this is whatever looks like this is going to be a model scanner have 1 after the other to do those given name which just string and what's important here is that we're going to use the specific adapted now Amber is ever data use adapters to communicate from the client side and server and comes with a bunch of them there's a fixed adapter for test Ellis adapter for our local storage but the fall below the Jason adapter as called arrested after and that's you generally use however and will hopefully also shift the actor actor model adapter which integrates perfectly with the atom also alleges that if using rails is at most realizes the absolution you optimal adapter it makes working with that really really nice and his and this is the fun and this is what we're going to set up this is gonna live you can see the top at slash initializes last preload digest as the very much like rails it instead of initializers in EM what we're gonna do is on initialization November were going to 1st make sure that coming after R. M. Burstall and a data store has our has instantiated ever data stores were all everything is really kept they begin and then we just iterate through that window objects and Regina pushed into the store and this is going to load up on associations
what's great about this now is that we're gonna initialize number data objects and inferred based on that and elements of a son to do by conventions can understand that now it's gonna push all these into the to do model with amazing about this is that it's all there now we don't have
to do anything so just the parameters have know server resources are out now and you can see a lot Weimar code of this stuff store . find not right so ordinarily you see this that find that story to do which make an API call slash API slashed to do so instead the readers can call to tell Oliver data give me everything that's in the art cash right now because essentially free precast all this all these are all them you know the actual so we need all the models that we need and is render at now we just have a template Art iterate over it and display the so this is really really powerful because now the whole concept of all of speakers and loading bars and all that is gone and the amazing right so
don't find use conventions like at most analyzes on preloading is extremely powerful it simply makes for a better experience for users means that we don't have initial page load our you know for a suspended we don't have the loading bars music users when they go the application special Inslaw connections they see and is there and then after that do the rail lines and stuff make that 1st interaction with your application the best experience a can finally all itself a little
bit about react us to react was developed by Facebook and it has a completely different way of of reasoning about how this all works those that 2 8 out of mind in which mention Amber does as well as others 1 way that a mind and so when some mention the model has understand understand that something has changed every theory renders but actually not so that it would have to re render and of instead it keeps a virtual down and virtual done is essentially kept by react and I'll do a damn wrestle have virtual down know that things will change build diff that with your actual down that's running in your browser l going there and she when needs it's really efficient it works really well and it can solve the problem of you this binding issue what most important thing that a kind of leaders to and that the final pattern that were in a look at is isomorphic jobs isomorphic JavaScript is this a buzzword I guess you could say that simply means rendering your job script on either the client or on the server and because reactor the virtual . it doesn't need to use that to death it can use that to render and so we're going to we're going to see a pattern now of using react to rent instead of just passing Jason data to the client side
right but is renders straight from the server so instead of making you know instead of going through all those initial API calls were sitting on its signal this point are the 1st time I saw this in terms of react well the implantation was a blog was like in advance that and help me a lot in
terms of this initial mentation so those were controller looks like now our controller now was gonna past half of those in the index and it's going to have to do is which just get your to do this and then some form elements which we're going to need to implement with that with rails so I imagine in the future with react real GM is going to be a bit easier and terms the forms that we still need Alessia serve protection and you know all that jazz so is the gem
file we have react males and there we just install and we're kind of off to the races
so the the 1st thing that react rails gives us but is this view held this view helper on the ideas of so we're going we're gonna call the 2 genes components to render out and you know we're passing a property the property of that load of Jesus only call to Jason on that element which is religious holding on to in form stuff the magic so then prune the tree prayer and the true is all you need to do to render now on the server and is not any of them react serves a it's this a to the magic behind it is that uses unobtrusive job script so it's going amounts of data components that reactors that take over
but works really nicely right and react itself is built around components of components you have 1 I level responsibility if you're components are thousand lines long a doing something crazy you're doing something wrong so everything should be really small really modular and it's nice because then when something goes wrong it is really easy to debug and figure out exactly where that came from so this is going to be our to
do with components are that the top is cut off regret to the concept of crops properties and US state props are passed into the components that are mutable state is managed internally by the component and is mutable so the top there were calling a function called get initial state and all that's doing just passing out the prof the they're coming in so that the available for the component to use we have 1 function called you to do I know it's going to do we're going up again words can pass that down it has a lot of things that different opponents and react on that's these this the logic that the component needs an order and what happens when you have a need and finally the render function of the render function is is the only require function that you have a new reactor components and what you see here looks a lot like HTML or intra tho it's not of this is what's called JS acts datasets is an optional but not wireless Internet yes you can say that allows you to specify your views in what looks like it's but isn't actually so this is really just out of when it gets rendered out of a noun setting up my day have no node list and I'm going to create 2 components out of this and I have my to do list component which is going to hold the actual list and then have the have the form and I'm gonna pass into those the properties that we need to you know do a needs to do was they look the
to do list component 1st of all this is going to do is just map over those 2 those 2 views are passed in and instead create another component into those called the attitude you component of which is just going to be list that again very small very much there really does make your code easy to work with its investment of front but if you do it this way I just something breaks to be of identified really another form isoform form of sorry that's chemical of the size of their but essential is just 1 function called handles submit which then handles what different that happened to it once you know the formed is actually serialized and things like that and in the form just noticeable magic again with CSR potential about protection under the hood and is able to post and this is that this is the same you know to do list that that we saw before with amazing about this so that's all render on the server we had this have to do any so forget about the loading to get initial data everything at this point a straight HTML everything at this point has been rendered up right so each component
always have 1 responsibility don't make your components of massive don't make and you all want to stop people really small makes a really nice and easy up here under the server we have to talk about some of this But SE out by Google can really that I can't really crawl heavy jobs could applications but for SEO purposes this is a huge win because your initial page load is gonna be strange to now this is probe on a 2nd and usability products especially from X for accessibility of points for users who are onslaught connections this is the pattern of rendering this on the server side is going to be a huge win for you right and again I need to stress that we don't really consider these because lot was very fast connections and those initial ones are you know it seems kind of instantaneous and think yourself why is that a problem if honest connection and you're uses up are going to be on slower connections on its is becomes a problem it does become a problem and so we use the magic use the magic of UGS which this makes reactor is is really this is really nice and is renders of from the server that has its know . component will pick it up and then I'll do automatic from there and this I think is the the
final pattern and what what we're going to come to our isomorphic script is the future doing this has so many benefits I can't think of a good reason not to reacts has this obviously built in ever to point out is going to have passed through which is going to do something very similar and angular to I I can't I I haven't seen specifically that there enable service of rendering by the way that's currently being structured is currently being built I can imagine that this will be an option for you so this is kind of where we come from and where we're
going right initially replication starts up and to make a bunch of API calls this a lot loaders there's a lot of you know there's lot things that have to be rendered and in general special lower connections is not the best it's uses so you know of 1 implementation preload that data passive the window object hassle adjacent over we solve the problem of probability cells of of you know accessibility but at least we don't see that you know those animated just going round and round but if we can service that render why not right why not make it you're your sites have SEO why not make it that you know you're you have provided great experience for a user and this is really what's he and I am pretty confident that the future of java scripts IPython embassies which do have some amazing that it will be this will be that initial service so thank you very much
I'm happy to answer any questions if you want to me on touch in any other way of please feel free and that where as the blogging think is what through time really appreciate it it in yeah I think those are I think those are the benefits setting in it from the experience of users right and they don't necessarily care of so repeat the question what the question was whether there are any other benefits for using server-side rendering novices SEO reusability of I think I had to be up to me that has a great reason for that I don't see the drawbacks I don't see the reason why you wouldn't necessarily start service and rendering and you use anything and I think that if you know that the frameworks like number 2 . 0 is have this really easy for you to work with that something that you are interested in and and it is especially if it the connection is also is also us on something it's really be I time delta he wrote he wrote a bit of a blog post about this we can understand why Twitter had switched over to service and rendering of the 1st initial load on those because a for a lot of users is really fast in even notice it before he wants slower connections had actually and it becomes a really big challenge for that you wanna make a special that initial 1 as best as possible yet absolutely other could be the question was about uh gone gone is the gem that you can use to pretty much do what I did on automatically of the reason that I did in this particular context is because they want to show the integration with Amber data and that work really really nicely but if you simply want pass objects to your JavaScript they work and again this war per backbone as well are really nice and easily check of the gone but then whatever you set your controller undergone object will be available in window you know . and you get your past erasing pass actor model records in active active record at my records as you know as Jason and the day ivories before working yeah I views from bone by going the service is something that you pay for monthly out of the the the so the question was that alternative to on render to you do preventing for SEO their services like pre-rendered out a yellow like from bone del and of this for you what is actually the case of that again is a service that you pay for a pay additional money to have your website crawlable by the pool and that's something that I'd like you know kind of build do my own but no problem you know I had to be honest I had heard of Brenda that but imagine costing us something similar to that so it's not cheap and of from building of a building a C Irvine of building something I want validate I don't have to pay some of the cost to make sure that my web callable by as many people as possible so the question was that reacts of is rats very small right rat is really just the viewer and the question was whether you can use that kind of small component based so genetic to generically are introduced interapplication with angular and Amber all with angular yet they all you really need is dense that you specify where that renders out iPod and there was cut off but this declaration on top of the template that shows you where are where it's actually been dead so if you if you put on the html tag on top of the entire application are but if you want if you want using singular just 1 given application you absolutely can is very easy and were not so much and ever again I could be contradicted by the by the craters in this room but ever ever takes over role take over your eyes your application is much harder to use small components of amber you really are are you really have to work at the frangula actually right so as to what I left off of the all the slides is that so the question was but what are you going to do if you're with your applications tightly coupled with decisions like from your front and your back and arm and so a lot of the slides that would we're assuming here is that you're serving these frameworks have applications when starting up when you're in of writing the monorail uh this is absolutely true of it often a lot of companies mine included will split off into you know it very CPIs to demands that we separate those you know if the serving Jason those don't even have to be Rails applications are mostly our son to not on so what what we've chosen to do is we render it we use rails on this on the front right so we're using rails of I tell you know the process that front and when it needs to when it needs so it calls out to the server to grab all the data of and then it renders out from that roles but but yet if if it if it is not completely separate here only running a during your only were or you know what whichever 1 you only running the server then on you know I would definitely encourage you to use and you know so like you know somebody data has Latinos really nice in terms of making that transition as easy as possible but yeah you're difference is not really passing the real window object and the like that so that is the general yeah which would I pick up the i it's the 3rd and analyst certainly year of myself could be walking with spears before those very intimidating and everything has different use case but for large applications I would use but I think that it is I worked a lot it's really nice to work with others for really for large ambitious applications that they make that very clear on the site if I using something small at this point I would choose react and again like reactors of you is really just a view on this application architectures around react to kind of you know integrate make it work really well but would I would I would probably focus on those 2 and mainly know because you know when it comes in the wake of the syntax Pharyngula at least this is gone with the slides are going to be obsolete winning the 2 comes along and so I wouldn't and start a project today I wouldn't put myself into a new deprecation mode and and we also no OK so what are the few this part of the mind in the in an allusion to
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DOI 10.5446/30652
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Javascript front-end frameworks like Ember, React and Angular are really useful tools for building out beautiful and seamless UIs. But how do you make it work with Rails? How do you include the framework, share data, avoid expensive repeated network calls in a consistent way? In this talk we will review a variety of different approaches and look at real world cases for creating a seamless bridge between your Javascript and Rails.

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