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and and and and and so on but OK but let's start and wishes go down the line in really introduce yourself the and like the others might say the but that good that together and German they on this so this is a hand area not that up and got free it and so the
only articles on the on policy of labels idea underlying from Colombia I and water in the opening name right I'm Andrew on and what the 2 and from its effects on OK I think you wouldn't time so I thought what I would do is we talk a lot about the little bit about the upcoming changes and stuff but I got to go along with what we talked about the literary here we talk a little bit about how you enter the volume of the core I think that's really stick to other people so that we will go back to this distribution and how long have you been on rules for it and how much how did that come about you just you just take a minute or so that I in radical since late 2012 at that place the came about through just countries rest the other countries and or 2007 uh Americans would rather had a problem with my output around that's a map next measurement can Roadmap of books to whom I think this is this is a wild that's amazing patterns of graduates from the I said of the light and the other good in with the little red blue green 1 liberal mandibles lie on my yeah I've seen the renewable novel erase it started to burn in my my so I need to do this I'm I'm part of the crossing the things I like about 2 years that I'm I'm part of
there is a chorus seems to cells and then I think and I started to get involved with with resettlement basically based on on each of having my obligations
also was a joint do that 2 of them had had the source of the event
that had we can like GSEA the should drive the working on that and that way
get involved with all this stuff and so on so you probably know the the trend by now like everyone else I started contravening the
rails by finding parts in my own application of what it is in this work of like well maybe just it's so I broke patch to fix it and like some years ago I changing the rules costs are made their own work on action historically more that's basically the other so we haven't done that already we're so here if you can still do that my in the the i so there were no longer my application of the
thing that I just wanna the street at that the what year and a year
he felt that there really is no idea I don't know follow unwillingness for 5 years maybe 5 maybe 4 years of I since we can and so i'd LIKE the pattern so I can wheel wells to win the rules 1st coming out and trying to for applications i've written in Ruby PHP and Java the development rails and finding missing pieces and that's what I'm saying with everybody can lead to will the consistency of noticing issues addressing the following up on this thing it's kind of interesting that seems like an easy thing but it's also a surprisingly rare in the long tail contributors to going to contributors that Ruby on Rails that or the thousands of people who have done 1 thing which is also not but doing 2 things were 3 things are needed to enter the rarified territory that encourages so that the transition to my next question that for the verb was surgery you prior must say that this will pull pull curve back to that for a moment and uh decreasing the BBC saying what the process was for introducing new people into interest or is it just like the discussion solving for that is the formal language it's just a very informal process it's very informal got more formal but sometimes I feel like people really introduce themselves like the way that you fix issues in the same people or they're on the door of learning in the core Gene essentially just by virtue of their contributions but the we're into the core he was doing things and became more of an issue that are not unimportant things happen and basically you have to actually electrical too much the I took a of c so that you know you been on on real score for all the various amounts of time candidate a 1 way that real stays fresh is that is change is not sticking with 1 thing that for instance is probably not merely with the RDF framework for instance right now so this sort of a 2 part question and we can have a ready answer was created of particles will at once also probably what I'll say is some sense the for the most using change that you see happen like will score in it the most interesting change that you're excited about coming up but we have a lot of the people in England once the oldest question all all start from the most exciting thing that I'm looking forward to it is actually cable because I have no idea of what the and a lot of sense for what what's 1 of those successful what's most interesting things that you've seen you did it resource model so it's it's a bit of a risk of pattern all work and then with adequate records probably were my fear itself a worked out on declarative and in because of the thing a I think it was be respondents that is the focus on performance measurement without making an answer induced noise and benchmarks and monitoring the versions of the performance between versions and they have a grows part of rest what about what the interesting things in the past I think back in line we were doing this the students with the uh was a problem that messages that you can things that come from countries most around the onset of messages interest in the Bundler and tenacity on is things that people want a any and it's for the most part turned out to be incredibly positive and constructive contributions to the way that I feel that I member going through a bundle issues that have the uh but now I want to another without it requirements and it's 1 the kinds of things I think everybody in innovation to its growing pains have really paid off they can a shot some not graphical handles most of our of our new people user from 1st contact for most people rules new contributions is seeing Raphael comment on all request and he is our that monster of requests must common monsters and are both mean many of the challenges and problems and things that the US was used this is just in time for question generation so I have to sometimes I have do little little compiler cost you read the questions from the Buddha's solids that nobody wants to want to eat some questions that we have right now how
often the you so I will do that to you we have a whole slew people were also watering it had on the environment and good the people all the time now given orthogonal every anything about the like interesting things that you seen changes your excited that I really decided all the awards and dying there is a growing finally we would really the best so I want to look only at the end of and and this so when I was in a state of the performance of we have been doing also integrated this really fast and all that stuff and having magnitude to but are also going to on or obligations also always API that not only we will say that it will have a close because we thought that was we were we what is so we different going obligations that the mole some of them use and were assessed by inside the and these will enable like I ain't Anderson this would enable the standard obligations stimuli for synthesis in words in our case they can now I of the 1 of the spot local changes so I guess I'll talk about something else out from personally means excited and like different pretty happy about some changes around the ecosystem processes that we have on behalf of a much better our process of testing a releases these days like we have like we have solved in later versions Rosewood with discourse in like with on like other of of projects that were for Outstanding Music jock managing issues record now have a weekly newsletter you know about what what goes into the reverse this weekend of stuff like that I think it's pretty excited about something that like be his around the because because of what we re assume that X was about that this is more of a baby question for me anybody else so up works of psychic time that that I know that when the rails with the real progress from 2 to 3 there was a poor alteration of a which is things because there was a logical code or what for sound ways of doing things that does it feel like you've eighties this is true that you're going to think about it that all those things in me that now now it's sort of like all of always better performance than previous versions of that make sense you understand how the common we have with the tools that monster that you don't that such as the side of it is true that people in the country . 3 2 3 times a week was until somebody can qualities and record thoughts on some of the the meaning that we that think there's also what we see is that the the question whether use that's the ones the user density captive record gets a lot of attention because it's it's really glaring when they're regressions and it and the kinds of regression of current life in Botswana or for worse so the interface in a situation like that because there was some design change and less often because there was a regression and some mica optimization somebody maybe might not have noticed on but we do not miss the things that effective performance were applications 1 of the choices that were making that makes in the person who's using application what is what's the experiences of change that some things like as a point in the Commission's stars of making things like delivering your entire application faster for real people rather than faster and benchmarks will prompt the problem is like the surface area railroads API so there is so large that even if we have a performance that apart from architecture if from the obvious some using somebody has in their application that we have benchmark for that eventually it's like that for us so it's difficult to keep track of the things they do we we really don't know the improvement in their review it's all going from 1 8 2 1 9 was a massive boost and despite some small things going through the 2 two-element to 1 2 to each 1 has brought significant massive of provements that I'm just work across the board review due to the simple GC is going to change the way that we write review so just just due to the fact that we can use symbols everywhere it seems like I'm a small thing that goes back to the article but is technically not everywhere to this time that's a dedicated user transition I know it's a very aggressive grows a very large surface areas of the features of the things there how you both individually and in groups to decide what our so you know it's it down on Monday morning and finish on a friday how you don't walk most of you have other jobs like throwing all the the time as well so that when you what you like and work side what would work so this user and the layer of Guatemala working on issues that this is time reasons on them the people very local unwinding there's the whole discussion begins his you track bonds and interest you set the set time aside EU EU week to work real world or suggests that with a cocksucker cooking and put aside day or a few hours of a front but it wasn't on the model really I've seen a lot of multimedia only in our minds as well as the war had begun using times it'll run passion for the things that you can see it there are the usual drunk and and almost all the issue was not really really worried about and so we would don't fall into a process or it's that I did to walking to the store stuff the basis for all the issues we haven't works or or or or from time to time I like having to lose another people there and the things I like to fix the data from point is just some of them are sold I do not think we as far as a group of languages can have loses list on base camp following some of the big areas that we would like to eventually work on on individually for myself just whatever like the pump and 2 in at work and the are things can find themselves on this problem like I know how to get in there like they just automatically upon what like if pockets like you know it's April it's to who was on the golden like major we have projects for students in things like any at all random just ran and that yet just now usually it's trying all it's it's a mixture of stuff like that for me it's a mixture of things only the stuff I did a good performance issues a warning into on work out or just things I'm interested in you want those to assume it was actually isn't true error for the things that give a lot of look of disapproval from the greatest table has a long and in and that at to you so as a group you set aside this is a question dated she's here so will FIL troubling history is the only way you answer uh the group to figure out OK what's going to be the next major release at the middle east in the group that I have a sense of the I have or is it that I mean I know that that he drives a lot of these features the this is that still mostly the operating procedure but from from others you actually was exam as example section cables you have 2 different kind of example where really done something like that before and from I mean we take a lot of what we've seen in working on this can over the past number of years as it's turned into each version of a on becomes are legacy and we did very intimately acquainted with the things that we'd like to do differently and so those are the things that come to mind when we do you development and coming back to the last question about how we choose what to do we often reactive also when there's an issue of it's and but do during new developments also a great time to shape the way rails is going to turn out to get on rails master and find the things that and work on their own but don't quite work in concert together and make them work with direct and those are the times when you can make in design contributions a lot of work when versus things in the appearance of might 0 and so we see in the issue tracker disease scene is it is a lot of an electron this doesn't work or blows up for some strange reason whatever but like they're going to have that presumably because the software and then hopefully also have some feature requests may be regulated this really that's the that that is there as well like is a common is that we issues is just a few features that actually feature was the kind people to get a lot of people requesting people try scratches on it on the features a lot of times or a lot of snow country have a breaks down especially if you consider all sort of work on demand all less things come out of that as well as the necessity a lot features except the ones that you personally think of this is the thing so just wondering how the community helps you figure out how many of you know what features should go in and and the inverse is just a few months the you can and this effect and have remaining useful track uh but I will request a new features in the feature suggestions we generated threatened for making this could have a discussion about that before but otherwise like sit there on the so with that said you are in the west and central west uh but but they that they would be also serve the conversation on the MS case for request about this feature here here's my justification for it so discussion but that the place to do that it indeed a feeling that happens after you get that you have a lot of feature requests a lot the feature discussions from the community of linguists and and frequent I wanted sign on on matters is and the difference between like having something you wish for versus enacting here which is a huge goal and going from with the 1st contact with get something like an addition rather than about effects on visible request which means that you thought through a lot about how your idea and its inactive thrilled applications which takes a lot of work and I wish this was here from the already which is easy to do the easy to say that when it slapped on get issues there's not much anybody else can do about it other than just know that you have that wish and quality of that which great somebody can come and do something about it but there are a lot which a lot the people doing things there is a real that's also lives in these special place in terms of like it's mature years of life as you probably know a lot of people use growth in a lot of different ways and like we already have a very large PPI surveys and so like some of that also was found to move like how many people can actually benefit from this like you can have too many things and rolls out so like all of times people come all like and this in my out like it seems pretty obvious that when we need it was turns out that perhaps not that 1 yet but it's still a very useful land use and all we couldn't justify putting in rails perhaps input that make it into challenge and that's actually how some of the new features and rail as like what's worst and really started as jam and then over time and this actually works and it would actually be beneficial for most people people merge them don't do you find that as people in the audience were was this some of your time on the Internet do you prefer someone has an idea for a feature that they bring about 1 the other meal was before they go off and and rightful request so the least you can say well it's a good idea is all these other things to think about for you request request could I know that you know sometimes it could be that up for which shows up in the back so the whole bunch of time on some feature that you like well this actually orthogonal to all these other things that were doing and if we had the idea is that much time on it but if I murdered this and calls all these other problems to be affirmed that the discussion unless we prefer to just get the ball request that have a section afterward so I think it depends on the size of the future I think it's a really really big change in absolutely was 1st but if it's like the 1 I had and is really cool and phenomena and active support vector local requests 5 other things that people should listen for us new methods that working with and I actually think so this but the following currency that I have a strong preference in any direction so I think that you have something that you need to get done you really want to do and making a library region or of the that's almost everything can be done that way because there is less to trying to change something channels of roles which I think is the last comment on case so that you can use you can implement it then you can improve its usefulness by spreading use of gender solve there's been a lot of talk about especially with the actual the will of the not new happy for writing web apps and the API work for exact rails so you know you all not just it EPA letters of release practitioners of it as well so you know maybe it would be if they'd find out a little bit about how you personally with your projects are usually has are you using it in writing a lot easier for a lot of in the eyes and generating it's just using it for a lot of G the eyes of I love to hear sort of that kind of what Europe personal philosophy is that a self cults driver rails looks like as well and we deserved reduces the air gap in and given that we are a consulting company we have several different versions and we would all like a strong preference of of 1 wave and stuff it's just that this is the way that it is a of the form for the Russians sold that that we have some persons who we were we use them reliable and then we have a lot more profound world where we use the the full stop so traditionally would like it depends on the project what what stuff we do it and yes it was a century of where much at most here will use can market services you several rounds that different possible in a moment and on and on and we've been working on the peak of service for my head and had is these lighter weight should have been hit hard our overall basically regular it's that nothing amazing on the other I am going through the Internet questions so that's why I'm working with of any other thoughts the yellow violet and he every time a recover your model just because of Simpsons that's the RL and model of the the something this that I felt after years of working on the same that's the power of of small teams and what we can do is something that is well integrated models of batch as those with a small number of people were able to deliver an active mobile platforms without violence and to adapt the work from the same kind of canonical source we don't write a simple Javascript operate 1 that works everywhere and you can do it with a small number of people so did it maintains University a workplace that I love and something that that I have come to treasure could be able to design workplace they can afford you that kind of flexibility where we can work on this whole bread of base camp without needing to entities people I don't know if we all work together that's a really good sort of quick quick question anybody can answer that everything on the thoughts the jurors were arrested which is you know is obviously people building mobile apps lots of things we're on mobile DC alike but there are certain things within rails that help you to be able to build out more you know interface with with some overlaps or who sort of throwing it out there you have fast as the crew the intersection of you know I I I would have said it really is very interesting stuff I think is huge number of people who are at that exact point in time so just also the body merging the 2 of you think going going back in time over the technical and things of doing content graduation and the danger model variance for each vessel resource allows you to keep your representations close to your resources and interaction control and that single thing turned out to be done lot of wild of word going to adding explicit HTML only variance will again a different page 2 mobile versus a different page to test out we're in the entire apps from the same resources just of that kind of features how many models 10 the people in the world a and excites coupled with the questions that we will will get back to get to what you're pessimistic question for me if we have time uh worrying was so with 2 . 2 civil GC how soon will have different access guide so that it won't i j k then it has a ball and you know bring the guys right you have the medial axis here is the movement of the right the only thing would happen there's a flexible substrates also became the things that you don't have to combine of the volume we try to do something with regard to African different perhaps hatched with in who we are if you could hear me that I was that we try to use internally so we don't have to internally more use of the stuff that's in user like universe so on I like internal some really care what the other half of the of the people the most most users facing instead coming at were ingesting it from the outside world where it is strings to some extent is the overhead strings and addresses within your program using symbols yeah I OK ask right pessimistic question probably the last question and will still try to them the answer you all worked on especially open a reviewer consultants to hold on a lot of different we have that's that are probably a lot of different species of usability and you don't need that has been working on the user some like specific smell some specific thing that would you run across rows and columns they did this that you're that you every time you all know they did you know you can say is overloading something that I would say this is concerned with the learning and the answer in an answer concerns that there is the people right and all the what like the licenses that were at the surface of the specimen Koreans and so you get this answer you dare I think that's a little people about the ability use mainly in the control of the horror of it that is in models with 10 thousand let's call it follows a political as well as well as the relative dates from all the original industry something that I think this is so don't don't think about that don't you must have a lot of this is that the area the the the the the the fans of the middle where you go through I think in 1 of the biggest problem i've seen and like personally sometimes the problem here is how not having been good word would you put in your life where it's like the sign pattern in the parts of research over time you have 24 hours at at different patterns possible and like Canadian Parliament that no 1 really understand the like there's the block and of the this Jim Nugent don't need to have faster to use that as like over time you know actually check whether or not it's still useful and it turns out that while on the latest version of real-time which things will be like so it's those things like those like have to really understand it happened be conscious what the proof room you got your ability to fight the so you this and the putting tons of actions in application control stuff I've seen I was thinking about changing around the the like changing or out-of-state CGI bin which he has his kind of actually a lot of what I was being kind of sarcastic that concerns but not not that's a Catholic but basically views of models so using condoms on the model mixing in time the models where you try to debunk it like it's basically basically becomes debugging nightmare the will of the model of the method in the model depends on an instance variable in your like how where did that come from the the good luck to you the lower so of worse than just so many company method there's so many activities of the top-level did you see the code base of all normal so you know that I could speak like past me and if I if there's evidence that you have a lot of capitalism and the 2nd column of what we do with early results of and so those are the things there are apart of changes in the number of agents in the things work and places where I dropped from the convention because the finer here orientation just you know what it should and and I you can pay for the that impatience and image they form the next thing where you you don't touch that different places where we've seen on changes in Wales respond to that are like introduced by RESTful everything and its is now promising to controllers as resources instead of controllers that are like kind of functional and stuff and so if you see the rails applications that were born before that that migration it's very common to see if you like this kind of stuff out there and have a bunch of actions and that kind of stuff so it's organized like you namespaces of RPC calls for all the nouns you do things to you I think I mean every year is going on uh they don't really transition but think that was 1 of the biggest lake problem biggest feature was er pattern thresholds for the most impact on my which was what adding introducing for Russell falls just it was huge OK well I think that's a water column time of the survey years yielding a ridiculous questions allows them all that to win some of what we know from some of the some
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