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and in the end of the time OK so it is theory of the use of the time of my life
and the other thing I find out and so the resulting in a lot of
holes is the reduction of holes in the roof of our people in he was the it should work so
of the the of the of of you have
a lot of this literature review of mostly my vision day we have to know what I really not lost in a lot of you have a lot of
users you reduce the then use was so will
rely station here is you know
what Jesus the the the the OK so if you a find the of some of you there there so I do not know if that where this is the
case there is used you know all working in the back
and you that and square it is so on rest
stop this user where
you more I would think
of as used in the slaying
of instruments that you read of resources that you
raise wars the the us
in a 1 is worse than you know so that they have out
only the that just will always the
model and size and of you understand where
the user for all gold by the graph studies of new goal all of the the of once you get
along with each 1 of you cited school is because
of and so I
started off really really those who don't know the way humans were keys
on a really lonely and as you will see is that
also 1 the it is a
GUI right read out of what she has the it which way of life on the other side
of the head of the the role of the union of all
these is the boil
people on the end of the world in what it that that we know who I think of it in like of that what you need to know what you do is you know is that what that you like through
and a series you so I have more of a
review on you actually want this and I have to this but we have
a lot of money time here and I also to a lot of you that some of the because of the use of music that I also knew the come out of the book of the year by year and you are so I I have
a a lot of time on year you were all on all of you not being on the part of the future you might also like this you in know the service of the of what along the lines of
there's analogy as a result
the impacts on this is this is not
a lot of room for much of our while it must
while in the you do or on it knows of the of the matter
is that the rest of the mass of the
best all they all have to use where would you have to
do with their so the height of the you know the only thing that really is about so 1st of all and how it is that has used was you our group has
really been of you
watch what you know of of the of the it's
got the but for new 1 you
like that I a less this is just people of and that this is you of all actors in
the area of prominence of light that you see the whole in the last years old was he has a reasons that we have a full and you you can
use more interesting were whereas the world as the insight table
2 what is it the lower who are already in use at members of a society as a whole and as you lost as it was like
something like 30 years of atrazine in
memory of the universe theory rest all at the in in showing this part of the
mole so if the mass that is
and finally we still
produce him what was that all
of it and that were usually so that quantities you out of the hands of centers in my use all of the people and it was a
very long users each you so In this new kind of and so they lend
on and
gets lower argues that
the call on like they also use them
and what the matter so we use a lot
of you have heard that and is always to have a lot of the work on the knowledge of the was lost the possibility of a lot
of research in order to actually and what we know that the only so I go to my head in the territory of himself so that you but
to do that but you
know was useful social and uh is up and and gives rise to the whole on the at the bottom of the fast not that
I really wanted to get faces you
know you know that the view that the ones you mentioned in the middle of a sentence the so what are you about this is the worst you
really he had his review caramel will herald the family history of wars and lose Lula elaborate on this 1 is talking about the variances we might as well as you out while I made that something in the research and and worsening rust all in the world of the those
users in the problem
so that means that only 1 and this is
the disease of users through you realize that out
so that diversity in the that people and then got everything in this room
the last slide rule mass of previously like and we were glad to know you and I was of like last and what was
our this is so numerous that we were part of the gas in realistic in the following 1 it is the more you have all ready to
see your that is present in your garden in or worse yet there was distracted or it that it but you don't stop there is in resource the on so in the things that was
in the world is story is that how you want to find
all the while it's not designed those because if you were in the was of the use the
so on that side of the medal cuticle is the use of it that we kind of humor with European also has the highest I. Q. and then the user that we reviewed all over and over again all on the part of the missing and so these are not just so out of
that history were involved that
this is you the what the the but at a rate of a lot of you are aware of so is like response
and this is not the same as the of is the use of all you know know that so you hour on the whole is that in the back and it was not the read by the the you'll on claim that the user can be done in the course of you was you know what is right and if you use instead of if I show that the review the invariance is that over all because there are a lot of of maybe you have a lot of planes without actually you sign also later on in this artist we'll many all you do is
you mention so long rooted an accident just of this is a all review lower things like of
music was a little less here at work and in the US you read in this thing is really next correlated you like always is used by the by ruined that or not if In this is only 1 of what that I will be
your I'll used you then of questions in the real world that or the research and what we do is
low the so the
rate is going to happen on the music you and that
In the disease was really and so I
alone so numerous theories for a little while this is people who use the rest are on so we can
reuse data or what in the question of what would you say that it is great about this right In the luminance or on a ball and we roll so what part of the of the light just say using all elementary without having to use any or all of the body on a lot of people are a
little later in the course of the ways that I really more so 1 of them was not what the the of reduces
reasoning about us so
you don't pay and in this year and this last summer at the people begin you know I little in which I was used to it and how we do this in the back but is
certainly reuse you it's just a lot of work and then it
is up on related to the so what's the
law so really
allegations and use of free yes lost we're not
text so that we normally we really you know what you want
to were 1 you I said you know what he was like which uses all of those last
you know they were lost so
I have used by the use of power that is lost and you really book that of insulin had always work the but you have lots and lots of millions users by more and and more of you and so this is the case for us to for a region or an years were probably used to it's a user data out into the the so this and there was a lot less than that used to be on
the security and that's what
it's work that's on Friday resumed out as we use the emperor
this is where they often want to switch these around me
so we you belong to the last of you are going to run
the election in art is
in a that you have less than half of the year so you in the the this is a very forest by of 1st but on if you do most of the people so I
deliver lenses you must remain in the areas and the variance of this because throughout the year
so here's another tool that is used as the sole already doing when we begin to understand the following happens with red the days were growing and not the so it's I didn't France use of in the malls the worst the worst so
what happened was well I was still in use and the US yeah
this talk I will review the because of is you really thought it through the way I world so this is
what I use the word error this thing at the
back of your actual real last year and we do a lot of use of it is really a million of so what this is a long wire and so forth so some of the
interviews lot well aware of that I believe this so what was happening is you were
always in of the you know that we all
reruns of reruns in how the virus has his xt on yes you so
you those last while you're at least that were being
the result the basis of that of that area in that you're all or you know we of this is the set of edges so you don't need the the more we saw
that we saw a lot on the so if you were not so that the error was that the reward so that our a actually reference all they all ready was you know who you so I find that bit of the virus might
have a reason I was I don't really realize that students will be sort of just features user requirements of you might with the the you you you you so all of these
ceremonies that use these years of people in the time undergoing let the otherwise flow of these measles so that that back use
you have actually that you really so you had a hearing that
lasted all of the variance in data absence or Europe for a new role of having actions were and I don't really have a whole the ones on the locations of the activities of
an that they were really tolerant to a site like all the other last word of this in it is not
tool in the context of so wide and that's the readings like saying
we got in Europe that after with us so fast
that the that pays off in realistic of and this process is this the result of this breed of the essay and so were really not in well as well as the school year so we use so now I would also hold
of where we are in the but it like the you
and all of us so we have
been so we had lost on you know there are more do not want to be and then
finally without regard to the request question of what you know all the laws of its and this is I was in fact going to the health
eventually but you that means there are a lot of money so
long as I used form a really really you know some of em do you really want to notice that however or will use a lot so who is going to be used his without the that use
of the only name of think that engine using you want questions will not use the use of objects in 1 version of the rest of the what happened is that uses the all nearest and ensure that we have about the war at the level of so on the taste of it is way
in the kind of lower
and the a z
of this book or something funny that was all
the more it also comes with a so 1 day of the
universe as I grew up remember that this was worse than it was you know for a while so that if you say you're a curious thing so if I write and work on it I don't have to have here in this of what so what do you mean by that is that the use of words you have my region installations and you're out of here which means it's so what may be in greater or in the sense that
you might have to go in there is 1 that I want to know what's really lasted up there so I think that's the case and they said that the
matters loss of others
and the removing
useless when the part of the reduced what that this framework
and the result of all people in the worst of this when he remains a little of so this is 1 out of it is that you're actually well up the worst is more in on the act of
in the area of where you got this if set on
the the volume of stuff and you have a lot so you know where where that they had been for a lot of what was going on less that just biological after each 1 of there and then the model is something in the real version of it in the last issue we need to move so I don't what
loss of where that
ran with used using of jet so no yeah that's
how you want to know how to do that is with
questions allowed all you have to use some of
them all related obstacle to actually do the act lunch of musical using past and use of and you really like graph is always less than the number right so you want to
react to that of the rest understand you
know really you know too well by that time we use that this is your we have been working on some of the books that we desire a you know the general at the which we just as well so I'll I give
you an answer from remember man in mind that the whole thing
on the news article the was worse of is 1 of the radio once you reach grade of and this is something out of that you know what I hear I hear of various theories of so for those of you who were regions of the of the of the of those 3 things the but that's OK so it isn't it is by
the characters in the rest of the usual you know for the rest of the graph patterns that word while the release from the you know what you that you of on the market the that using the let you have more time in the world of so is rarely any
the life of unknown
it was the only in the book about a little off here and the only way you can
actually uses the following some of that it uses the word of original the next longer you the the of of that in so what is the class of
data that you know this is the graph is terrorism west to name here by the own yeah so the model of what is it that we really uh is this 1 so basically you're using warmed up on the back of the really left which is less using so on and this and that the arts and customer
about how it is still so there are a lot of views you
to generalize all these elements may be that
the majority wire but when
you do that and that I have not numbers in the united
you are in the world and you know how many you out and when to use against you is just like you can below the life of me doing that is not the is as and was
a world where we use it so so our and
under the recent work and
then a random walk the on wire is all and using
the lateral you lots of in our modern New York history that the use of RSS stars that you were resident
set size and this is not theory this is not this is not the you know patches use using this option you buy it or about it doesn't
mean that the this is the use of
national the wire to the whole
which means that time that movement in the
continuity and there's a lot of the union of the associated losses use level we record lost when we were the use of law and the of
now you know we're we're we're all over the world this to let me know if you have
not just like this where we have a lot of of the this
is my 1st of all we have not then we don't work
that way you don't have a root of a lot of time the online and this is the sort of the facts in the knowledge that has well so wouldn't you have over
the over the over of you what I
want you require a lot in these you where that is life and this is also on so
where you use it on that
issue and the children the child
lost in these links were made
in lieu of all in the wilderness and that the other we have used the
last 1 is the
evidence for little moral and for the 1st something
of this a was like
as a freezing his reading of the last name of Ottawa In you learned all of the I'm using that word was factory on so the last thing is that the application and you and you will see some of which are on you and so we're saying that belong to when you were going to do now that it is a kind required like the so numerous that of the history of the or the mall where users actually goes down and this is what we call again and again and again and again this and all way and fully and where we don't have a lot of what that which is not being held up there in the library by the time you more lost in and this or that so you're you're interested in doing so all of these people no usually what I 1 thing my you like so and the police again without a wire while you just base that who raised at all in the in the moment should have a lot of on something of that word in there you know you find out to why is it that has those of you that going to find all
this was something like this where you
have of these were the result of the acting on the part of to see all the milk or use of slowly you know being you were I don't know if you
are a tourist 1 1 thing and what happened was that it is based on word about where you might use is going on here is 1 reason is the leader sometimes you just work on it is more of a highly similar
in you know a number reasons that if In at thing to be so if you're not
here on the side of the on the use of part of part of my life because of their age is the rate of this is that this is part of the problem know is that it all out said Rockcrest that's the number of years of life during my soul something that you mentioned a you of in many of which were used in the power of the rest of the month revision Our method users rate of more memory at and not so the validity of new switches while the most of the booze and not part in of so basically
that the little that water and wants to rule the the original and the life of revise were in the so what use well the hostages reduces the problem
of the little in
in the z of
formal they were actually you have you have
I use in my region to the self alone take you have the feeling that our our our movies are homeless because of the use of this and it's you ultimately 1 of the ways that we want to do a reduces the
slowness of these more all the all the use cases from the use of a wire early on on 1 of the major easily benchmarks
in well indeed you
use of this off of you react when the varied and and gas and so I have to write a new everything
that goes lawyers all right this so on you know the community you like on
what it is like a
fleet of it
to like through here on the weekends
is time you learned
and there's a lot of the questions used the word so this
is the only whether really and I I have this lab so I have the interval time the
I think the all the
laws of the United
told me that they you know they were ready to start
this going on and why
is that all just not really where I was something only money they you have to
go be on the plane of the so I will give you the right so that
the events of this so what you
know when you might find is in the only that 1
way or the worm slant on
the right side of her if you lost all his major because the sum of the thing US and you know I have a lot of the hidden layer and relations check out as you like on the 1 hand back right now of the that the on the out of
the reach more the source
is that what you want to use all of you for it lost on
you you you are also
some of this is actually the interests of the Internet it is more active
on the ball and people of the of the local you
must for in if you lost a time was you know a lot about that today
In you like old of that
they graph is you of sort of what is really well so many people even
that's the Monday so they were all the same so it not visible at the release of the universe the following it the right you have to worry about the uh let alone
in this reported in over the last during the
past 2 years on the basis of any that I want him his passion back around like this in a version of the original data on the Web often it is useful in the inverse of the ones you like using that them was the longer time money right if they fit on the rest of the world so we initially you lost you always have an
undergrad underlying was also related to be that I used the institutional and being in the holy Jesus usually you use
a lot of money you like if you have a lot of good parts of aware like that our students as the only the rest of the reaction and I know it is also so the review of the world giving and who were the same data on of the along with the with 2 relatives and this is 1 of the nation's nation posting out into so
you can the so
the the of the world around them and move it around and
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Gewichtete Summe
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Metropolitan area network
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Metropolitan area network
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Titel Speed Science
Serientitel RailsConf 2015
Teil 10
Anzahl der Teile 94
Autor Schneeman, Richard
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DOI 10.5446/30706
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Run your app faster, with less RAM and a quicker boot time today. How? With science! In this talk we'll focus on the process of turning performance problems into reproducible bugs we can understand and squash. We'll look at real world use cases where small changes resulted in huge real world performance gains. You'll walk away with concrete and actionable advice to improve the speed of your app, and with the tools to equip your app for a lifetime of speed. Live life in the fast lane, with science!

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