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Crossing the Canyon of Cognizance

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so 1st and and so on so I
OK so I'm harmonicas I hope you all are having a really great time or else come I know I am I do I remember when
this article was just all in your timeline front where people what did people here today uh you basically only had a really strong opinion about it and I basically just would just call was asserting that all of these big efforts for everyone to encode all the finally flawed because it assumes a more code in the
world is inherently desirable thing it that coding is the goal it that's enacted before the problem it seems an alanine naive not there's not even sure they like this whole programming thing coders to the workforce is a net positive for the world and finally a implies that there is a fairly easily permeable membrane between learning to program in getting paid a program professionally so in theory this whole thing someone as points hold some water but it largely regions there like there's there's government checkpoints stopping you making sure you've done your yearly our of code and have but the thing and the last 2 points stood out to
me because it had nothing to do with people not learning to code had to do with how we welcome new coders into the workforce or into the community so people who really
kind of understand who these people are the people that are learning kind of didn't like the post at all he know that sure he really only like saying the hate things so he wrote a blog posts as if the bees can anything especially not a programmer when he has dramatically disagrees which about would on and the people who agreed I
really only Solomon the comments because I don't go to places that accompanies where might see agreement but I must and probably from what it sounded like this only know about these new people in the abstract like they've heard about our code in there like that's weird but they don't know anyone personally so these new
learners they are just drones hiding meaningless words into terrible websites there the people with ideas and life experiences and and just value and are community is only really going to benefit by welcoming them so how I'm certainly not saying
that everyone should learn to code but that anyone should be able to and
how we as more experienced people in industry and create these new learners will see the kind of developers that they can become they need us as much as they need as we need them so the journey to becoming a good developer is really a shared venture between the learners and the teachers and helping them get over the 1st major hurdle to is really key to their continued learning and this is kind of let it come up like so need she's going the character
that we follow to see when the average experience of someone learning this really difficult thing can be like and of course there's different variants to the story by it and I think most people have gone through at least all of the stages
yeah so the ultimate goal is to scale this mountain but she starting down here to have to get through multiple levels before achieving her goal and each level represents a stage and her learning 1970 psychologist
snowbirds describe the stages and they are unconscious incompetence we don't know we don't know or the dark employee forest conscious incompetence where you know what you don't know or the value before the crime conscious competence were you know what you know AKA steeply sloping isn't an unconscious competence where you don't know why you know or the easier Multi-Clouds as
so this forest on the other side of the canyon not so attentive it began last level 1 the dotted by forest 10 if I can even see the mountains from where she has she knows and theory that there is a mountain probably by it's so dark and foggy she can't even tell like in a cave she has to find a way out of the forest even get to the canyon area of the 1st mind after this is often were
beginners search for something like hot islands occurred so meeting of its
companion Bingle 10 different csb Ingle any question single answer with 1 information it can find that doesn't really have any context a knowledge of the different angle serving all can be helpful but when you don't even know what to ask not quite as helpful so as thing goes further on her journey still become more familiar with how to rely on being overly on almost being alarmist burdensome much like scare curve
from is a device intended that ass all code to so many different conflicting things you want to hear right
it it was found that
in fact similar to get hold of
targets pleasant down that way to and
hedge fund what's the point in the other way of course people do global
and but unfortunately it's an event at this point we must decide on her 1st steps is completely on her own raving having 10 and Atlanta rails from member pictures here once told me as I
medium learning I found there so much they content out on the internet which is the Austin and overwhelming is difficult for me to charmonium and figure out where to go next so
event like reading and Dorothy Ms. eventually just pick a direction somewhat arbitrarily and just pursue it if someone's in the middle of a dark forest trying across a canyon an incline a mountain in the 1st ballot forest whether they turn right here
laughter and just start walking in Bill eventually reach the edge of the dense trees and if bait ball on the tree line will eventually start the mountain with hopefully so to different users direction in the dark and does just that step by uninformed step she makes her way to the edge of the trees so this talk a little bit more about the mountain the mountain on the other
side of the canyon is like most mountains slopes up into the clouds and we more experienced developers are climbers villas of whoever on the mound at different points the tip top in the mountain as were
those on level 4 reside they the
unconscious competence crowd they don't remember climbing the mountain in fact they don't even know they're on mountain only know their life in the cloud and are pretty happy that way sometimes 1 more way got stretch and take a stroll down to visit the other folks but these have special people these are the ones who can remember the part that they took to get to the peak and can be traced back down that sometimes though going visit it so they are by some learning models on the 5th stage of learning which is called reflective competence or common conscious competence of unconscious competence and the on it is likely you want with someone has
been as level for community they knowledgeable and experts at the graph they can advise on which tool a technology to use and they get really good code reviews but when it comes time to explain something meal a bit more fundamental they kind of struggle made known their trash for so long they don't remember learning occasionally you'll get the privilege of working someone who used more advanced in the level 5 they're the best teachers the best-known tourist the thoughtful about how to describe things and patients to let you catch up after describing it others on on community kind of cycle between level to level 3 conscious incompetence and conscious competence the many enjoy climbing repelling back down to climb back up again the learning and relearning sometimes a group sometimes on their own but these not steak bake visit the edge of the canyon fairly often to see who might be on the other side yeah so if we in your location
somewhere on the mountain where you think you would be if you fill a junior at level you probably feel somewhere between level to maybe level 3 cycling between conscious incompetence and conscious competence always on a steep learning curve if you more senior you probably just depends on which was the top and maybe some of our self-aware to know that you have in the cloud and you don't remember but I think most of us should strive to be a part of the level 5 community able to mingle at the top with the more senior people than the curation visits down below in order to help guide others up so
that a tender friend she's rambling through a dark forest it's not scary per say that it is vast Stephanie Maria describe this
feeling well and blogging about learning how to program in rubyonrail so she says rails isn't easy it's approachable so this realization help her through some things when she's feeling like she was struggling a little bit too much and the more experienced people of we remember that this is actually the truth it will help us when we are working with others to not discourage them when they are struggling certain events nasty meal for
help with basic directions with achieving ultimate goal she's learning a little JavaScript and Python and Ruby on Rails the mouth of the assessed filling her knapsack with lots and lots of items and their heavy they're getting mixed up it's just a big garbled mass so try to reach in grab 1 and that's the wrong 1 she doesn't even know because you know why the things on her back in the 1st place so her around the Bengal
is imperfect an indirect but she eventually finds her way to the edge of the forest she stepped out of the dark forest and sees a glimmer of light at the
and the the she heights up to the canyon ledge and sees
a couple mountaineers on the other side gets excited this was the where things get easier tries to get the attention that they don't seem to notice it says she writes a note on a paper airplane and flies it across is really good at making paper wants to says kind of friends calling across the scan in banks and she weights yeah so we've all seen as
that uninformed question soccer overflow that overeager questionnaire and higher what channel perhaps endemic to innovate yourself asking something huge when trying to get initial direction but it's vague and it's too big of a question but I just think this could be a person's 1st contact with the developer community I think that's really alarming eyebrows emitted the subreddit learn
programming and it's a pretty supportive community by even the well-intentioned people on there were trying to help and disparity messaging so at the turn of the written this post I want to really
dig into programming that I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed they say r Rico's here and absolutely lost in the non technical jargon and such more than jargon I'm worried about the mathematical aspects of programming I've struggled for most some educational career including up to my 2 years at a local college with anything beyond advanced algebra I've genes alot since then as far as how I think so I just have to give it another try can anyone give me some insight into what level of map should be proficient were expected to be proficient at I want to go in anywhere with programming so much like a lot of beginners this person will learn a JavaScript HTML CSS and Python all so the topic in reply was long obviously well thought out by that it began with a series of questions they asked the 1st thing you want to do is take a look at yourself do you like that do you like logic problems are you good at breaking complex problems in parts if you answered yes to 1 or more of these key breeding at cost of sound like a drive please save yourself some time to look into something else that is all that programming is if you delve deeper you'll find just that so the what intended reply promptly and with some great advice that if you're already feeling overwhelmed and flailing is not very encouraging and
on the other hand as their Merida a blog posts about when she was 1st starting rails bridge and patchy discover that programming is not not so that you have 10 if it had heard from Sara may instead of uh well-intentioned writer she
writes people came because they wanted to learn how to make websites because of those motivations the curriculum had virtually no mass and this is the time needed for me students I saw all adults came from a wide range of backgrounds people with enough background did fine of course but people with a heavy language background often did better I saw this curious effect again a working with high schoolers with a similar curriculum bilingual kids often to the programming more easily in the monolingual kids so I finally figured out the program is not so when a different say so let's turn ate every paper
airplane that we encounter like delicate paper crane which should after kind and sensitive encouraging revise his are applied might be the 1st and the last that art and effect receives so I attend if is waiting on her replied she's
reading and typing away learning all of the things that really learning anything when she gets a reply having heard of the bridge
and you I see suddenly feel pretty darn maybe they people on the on the other side are about excited to help her another 10 if Red Adair wrote a post that asked
why I experienced programmers so hostile toward begins they said is usually assume that I haven't done my own research which is never the case for every helpful reply it seems that for by useless replies attempting to con me out of my own laziness adults that really would heard as we are in video game I think we be abuse help points when we receive a reply like that but not considering actual humans
asking the questions is really easy to fall into the trap of walking a jokes like that that here memoryless on that's how I do the thing I'm not aware of how to use Google 1st one's wheezy functional answer in just this gets retweeted alive I see it all the time and then just
last week this xk the comment was like really popular and it's so mean it's is coaching mean and condescension as comedy so we gotta cut that out the baseform at the top as of
course only the climate and if it received is really just smiled not that aggressive and but another paper airplane arrives in its says are you asking
how to build a bridge some feels a
little bit better but it still is very helpful so what contended that do better when writing her own paper airplane messages soc overflow has a guide asking good questions and main points are goal literal imagine you're trying to answer the question provide enough context like version numbers of tools are using that base types the frame the problem so you tell your smaller and larger bowl and avoid x problem we ask about the solution so the problem and I provide simple code and data with relevant and don't include everything and then finally take time to write something articulately was like overflow doesn't say it is that you should kind of keep the same things in mind when providing of the answer so again imagine receiving the answer provide enough context frame user well so include your thought processes and how you got to the solution you are proposing provide simple couldn't data again don't include everything and take time to write something articulately the
a really great talk about this has given recently by essentially the about giving and getting technical help and I just think everyone to watch it at but she provides a script task English questions so my current understanding is this I expect to see this here but instead of doing that's what's going on water I want to do this and china by this but you think about this approach so tender that takes a moment before writing her next to assigned she says hello I'm just sums Canyon and I would like to cross it I don't know how wider how deep it as they see it some of you have made it across can you tell me what you did in order to get there I would like to build a bridge of them not sure what materials to use socialist
items has been something new plane right back across this time her reply is a little bit more helpful height and of course in the
canon is super easy all you need to do is grab your fit you and then barred the back as make sure you don't because the bark URLs the fear will this is all season have you ever heard the phrase drinking
from a fire hose must like 10 it and it's easy to get lost as a new learner and all of the terms among all the other things you find absorbed so this energy
is so big we have to look at in pieces but it's what you were actually learning remember elsewhere web stuff we have a less staff of the database deployment command line text editor we know that's really important argue about early on really weird is how to manage me how did rails we have version-control testing agile processes with a capital a height that's you know pretty easy so con is easy or simple or saying you just do the thing is disingenuous and can cause confidence loss when you're drinking from a fire hose literally nothing is easy so when we drop the these phrases from a vocabulary when helping it help things go a lot better but this is also mean we should change the words we use it isn't a string always a strange fair Simon a graduate of turning
school and former art student an english major right down some of her biggest takeaways at the end of her time and and surprising unsurprisingly 1 of her I mean points was about gaining fluency so she says China understand something what power having the vocabulary to speak coherently about it is a lost cause so that's a pay your dues and learn the system before anything else by building fluency you allow connections upon naturally in the place then with fluency you'll be able to do incredible things this responsibility on both sides of the canyon when men tossed provide context and definitions when using programming specific terms and ideas they remove presumption and provide elimination and when men t is catalog and learn new terms and acronyms they're able to receive more specific precise helpful answers the the 10 events and some time
passing the latest note just being all for helping Chen weights on the message and into some of India's make more sense to her but she still stuck on a few things all you need to do is grab your
few and barred the as 2 looks at a
knapsack but she doesn't have a few available to bar that getting tools environments and even
as an experienced developer feels that best tedious and at worst and possible installing tools to install other tools than the validity of the effects of like insulation sections that anyone is
volunteered that install fest that's say reals bridge rules rules workshop has probably counters and difficult but in some of the ones i've seen hour partial previous
installations double installations we're less decisions on the ancient as into machines viruses and and malware like why do we see these things all the time while it's because not only is summoned need to know what to install they have to figure out how to install it along the way again
Stephanie Mario or Ruby Ruby on Kenobi pseudo that the 1st time some people see anything in the online it just look straight out of the matrix is the 1st time you've seen it
and so when things go right it can be confusing when things go wrong it's confusing and discouraging so if we let our frustration get the best of us they can really feel ostracized by that had and so when we have these kind encounters they can make until
terrible and I've done some of these things so I know that they happened so we have a difficult question how it I reinstalled May 1995 ThinkPad is a horrible answer union at press and another difficult question and having issues installing something on my Windows or Linux machine any ideas why In the rubble winter because everything's harder on Windows and Linux so what we're saying is this is hard I'm not enjoyed yearly making my life difficult in your life will be more difficult by the programmer because of your computer so don't do this
and instead use is difficult
installations to show that experienced programmers must like this kid encounters difficult things all the time and you can teach them how you and how you've read the actual error message and you get bonus points if you have to ask someone else to show that this is just a part of the experience connected to the
fact she still hasn't had a Hannafin she looks for without any luck she has been all where do I get a few bad mingle only offers
did you mean where so given her
experience the questions before she wasting really long time he's trying to figure out defeated she finally sends another message sorry what is if you
can't seem to find 1 start out so many questions the reply she adds moments I say if you use in order for holiday in there so here we contended that having wasted a precious precious daylight hours hunting for a theory when she actually needed in or when we have tutorials with out of date information or as soon as the Mendelian using Unix shell but we can cause them so most mental consternation being careful with the helpful information we pass on to the world also under the same category as writing code for the developer is in find it later it's common courtesy and only get half the answers to questions we can see new learners and the wrong direction for an indefinite amount of time if you miss Kyle established targets today I'm sorry that you just can't have to watch the video and it's great because she talks about some of these common mistakes that if we were maybe a little bit more open about mistakes we've made we could say began at making so checking and when possible can help prevent that I just by asking about work for you might save them hours at time so but now armed with this new
updated correct information users being known to correctly identify and find a yeah so reviews and
revises her instructions grab your nor and borrow the bars was not from mingle and a
few informative searches later what is a bar what is about as How do however that she meticulously carefully bars the bad as she
looks up and sees a single step has appeared on her side of the canyon
her in she weights and
nothing else happens she's 1 step
closer but only 1 step of many to turn rights another node applies it to her friends unsuccessfully
but because I have a 7 Muybridge now thank you so much what do I do new now the finish my bridge surely reply
trading is now just keep it you have to buy a lot of others to finish building a bridge across a scanning Susan so surprising because
again you have that appears bars but again those appears so what is she doing now if we borrow ideas from the 5 levels and psychomotor skills we can say that she's in the 1st couple of steps where there's annotation where she's observing and patterning behavior after someone else where performance may be of a low quality and manipulation where she is listening to Instructions and performing from that back in when it landed antenna for editor asks is it OK and successfully going to occur Academy lessons while not fully understanding some of them the I'm not halfway through the pipeline cost is not quite but you know I have not been having any problems with any of the lessons but sometimes optotype type the code and will be tracked from understand why worked show just keep going and not worry about fully understanding until I have more of a grip on the language as tender the began to begin to build the bridge across the canyon of cognisance they're gaining consciousness of their own incompetence they're quickly learning when they don't know something and what they do not know
this editor recognizes that a piece of understanding is missing but can I identify with that pieces on In the it out and
you this makes the imitation and manipulation around halfway point between unconscious con unconscious incompetence unconscious incompetence is where some of the more obvious ha moments samedi dull moment start to occur again reading Covington number have rails girls said that the idea that that slide that uh in as he said when I was using the Academy I don't realize how easily can take something wrong in breaker program seems obvious to me now and I fix the problem by asking someone that we can install fest as missing a comma or something the despite the Academy having since she centered in occurred here at the time that the computer needed to know exactly what's needed it to so Eric Michael's over the of the best the thus on
describes this necessary repetition that were seen to get across the bridge and enter was about learned from the hard way he says keep adding force yourself if you run into a study joy you can't do or a lesson you just don't understand skip it come back to later just keep going his of programming there's is very funny thing that happens at 1st you will not understand anything of the we're just like learning any human language the subtle with words not no similar what can be very confusing then 1 day thing
you bring snap and you will suddenly get it so 10 if it's repetition can get a little lonely but there's just something she's gonna have to figure out on her own show have to have her own not hot in her own time moments she's coming on the bank
now I get it that shows promising with
each and these are hot and dumb moment she stands in her way across the canyon she's therein lies the hassle there to learning ABC's so she can then learn how to read but once you learn how to read should be halfway up the mountain should be
rotating and Alan imitation manipulation and feeding into that territory of developing decision where 1 can reproduce the skill accuracy inexactness using performed independently it so with the
head down of folks on all the busses Chester bar she steadily getting across the bridge she's vocabulary tools or resources the ability to ask the questions all these things in the knapsack just people on the other side to dancer her paper airplane messages and she sees a all the mountainous finally India shall have to continue buying the bonds backed by the time she gets to the other side which is more important questions the what happens if I ask
are hope that is that this is all I know I needed to north but what if I used to yeah she might not even understand the answers but that's for the next stage of her learning as cell will propel her further
so is about to take her 1st step onto the safer brighter side canyon challenges there are a little different so have peers which means more community to learn well but also competition because a flight from basically learning everything most developing developers have something else on their mind and that's how do I get tired of my new scale more senior developers need to be careful again with the advice we get it needs to be actionable and practical not the article a former
coworker of mine remembers being told that she should do all of the product or the problems and to start a company so that she could fit CTL on her resonate to show off her world-class experience to would-be employers I've seen other would be junior
developers to you HL rods are are local Ruby users me up and ask the questions how I hired there lots of code they went to all the happens but they still remain knowledge operate along it's
incomplete only suggests right lots of code and go to hack events of this locks the insight about what it means when a company hires a junior developer doing product or a problem that new events is just busy work in the absence of building relationships with companies and developer communities about the pulsar new developer
Kickstarter summed it up really well she said companies have decided 100 years and decided to take a rest you have to connect personally to be the 1 they take that risk on so how can do developers
make this connection the nice I recommend is in addition to writing lots of paired get involved with the developer community really involved help me of organizer Saturn clear volunteer to give a talk given a lightning talk of volunteered events you'll hear about opportunities for internships Regina positions you'll hear about my 1st and then you'll have colleagues to give you both references advice and encouragement steering soon about
serious into the developers to a community and not just a network will help them find their footing and help them find companies that will nurture them and the next step of learning when people can picture you as a person and as a potential teammate and not just a random resonate they can work harder to find you a place on the team I remember Paulson gave a really good talk about why companies can do once they have juniors on the team or to prepare for juniors on the team so it wasn't very there actionable advice there so given the
meaningful connections she's already made aware of the people on the other side canyon having artifice can do pretty well yeah pretty exciting but of the canon of
cognisance where a board game were about to add the pioneer expansion pack 10
event has to accomplish the same things but without any help from the other side of the canyon this time tenderfoot is the 1st to find her way to a forest stumble to the led to the canyon and figure out how to get across just as the anyone on the other side know when she identifies as a family face as a helper as someone who has made it already has no companies you can get across that no 1 else has why should she be able to what is this like in the real world something like this
and the gender breakdown had has some top tech communities and this is for technical positions all of this this is the
racial breakdown and top positions of the same companies so as not as that looks
this imagine how that feels when a tender that falls into 1 or maybe even more of these categories she probably won't find someone on the other side as a beacon of success no 1 has to recognize high that could be me 1 day knows he knows will respond to a message if she sends 1 so she may not even bother Stephanie and I
high Herrera wrote about the importance of seeing someone familiar and recognizable early in the learning process she says prospective and current students need to be able to see people like them in interview rooms and classroom podiums we need to know that at every level of these organisations from boardrooms HR the women of color who understand the needs and concerns again advocate Member meaning in a meaningful way the value of this kind of presence is immeasurable knowing about kind of present is still all too rare many established previous pioneers are working to improve that's the founder of coding moblog Dominic in model says he started the group as an answer to this said there's a lack of black workers and the technology community asserting we are here and they want to be found to be seen so after seeing no 1 from the other side canyon for far too long not in the joy and relief at the fat 1 feel someone finally appeared if that presence was finally visible actually Nelson Ornstein wrote a blog post about 1 of her newly discovered here as gene easily and African American computer programmer who worked for the National Library many for Aeronautics later NASA from 19 fifties to the 19
eighties actually learned by easily via Twitter and when she found out about it sequence stop talking about it you other women of color she writes hide invisible
examples of people who look like you and aspirational professional fields powerful by existing these examples prove there's an achievable halfway to that field
actually talk to many of our friends about easily slide need not to me Doctor on cable and NASA astronaut and when RC show Dr. Cagle a photo of easily she said that Dr. Cagle had a tangible emotional reaction energy is there was a
pioneer she figured out her own way through the forest across a canyon but since easily was not visible doctrine among cable had to be pioneers well which is building your own bridge toward becoming an astronaut so what we've done as a community
to improve visibility to Ada attended the whether you find yourself in and under or over represented group how can we improve the bridge building process this some events late code among black
rails girls rails bridge alter can't many many others they help members of underrepresented groups find familiar faces the smaller focus groups act as beacons and can be visible from across the canyon just this
Monday we had a real bridge Workshop where 25 volunteers and 50 students in a great time altogether especially if they're 28 as but more
importantly many human volunteers and organizers not too long ago were rails Bridger rails girls students themselves now many of them are full-time developers or starting internships our attendance work and that's in her own little Atlantic community and yet we did get a discount on Kate for spelling it rail girls that I can fix that area I so hopefully
now more and more pioneering 10 defeat him and a paper airplane to someone they identify with and recognize so let's ask ourselves who early with you not to make visible on our community in your local developer community when events are refunding and helping them and are
we from a amount of competence sending the right messages and responses to these new would be members of our community but they're kind they're not each message we craft whether in person or online should recognize the difficulty of the journey that began and with these a
well-crafted masses and interactions were helping 10 defeat bridge that treacherous Canyon for helping them overcome that 1st major obstacle of many on the learning path with each bridge Bill across a canyon amount community grows with each bridge built working traveling companions and different who have different experiences and different skill sets the upcoming obstacles will face might be completely new to you or to me that maybe is something familiar to renew companions we can solve new and exciting problems together we just have to get them across 1st yeah thank you elements and
sounding like inventory and producing these little beetles for me and the company realized tender fits to potential and
so I like writing 40 minutes so I have enough time for questions please ask me questions Tommy stories in the hallway and you can find me on the Internet basically everywhere and regretting my user name for the rest my site I have to tell you how to stay at home in on the canal at 0 no I don't know that I'm basically everywhere except for war were lower for per year from years ago that's going up in my arms not me don't do that it's and better validate model and array of cells for be in make the best part of my developing my and there that that I have read today how how
means in some kind of
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Titel Crossing the Canyon of Cognizance
Untertitel A Shared Adventure
Serientitel RailsConf 2015
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Autor Vickers, Pamela O.
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DOI 10.5446/30653
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Most of the four learning stages - unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence - are bridged by acquiring experience. But the gap between unconscious incompetence to conscious competence is where the most discomfort and discouragement occurs. Helping new developers bridge the void ensures a vibrant, accessible community, and having visible members/mentors in each stage encourages newcomers' learning. This talk illustrates (literally!) how to help new colleagues build this bridge and prevent losing them in the what-do-I-even-Google abyss.

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