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the and and the and on the right and on none this is a rental perhaps I'm a crazy person who put a big sign on the door but this says on training 100 thousand young Africans result for engineers and the the way they were doing that is by applying output can sell learning and then paying our young Africans to learning how code and we allow to help we're growing very rapidly where venture-backed of for profit but very social mission-driven it's the most amazing the mission of my life the most amazing start-up experience and also the most amazing start up team of my CEO took his last can public my CEO I was working for President Clinton for years that contain global initiative on Africa initiatives directly with the president of the p of external affairs so worked those the Obama as a speechwriter for 5 years it's a it's an all-star team I could go on and on and by the company at a time already on want to do is good and that Kotecha out or just google and dollar is like Mandela just chop off the and endanger Callaway thank you very much thank you all right all of i just
want you guys just 1 thing by guys do not work on this year is a conference on in Mexico is the biggest of Ruby on Rails conference in Mexico all as you we have of some Renault in ascending that's there so this year they only come from the node is run them so far but I promise you will have a nice time it's in the beach while we have plenty of networking and fun times so and also talks about so really good so long if you wanna come in made Mexico you're welcome to do it I have a few this come throats with me so if you wanna go to start find me all this like funky jacket all you know probably have to do your code yeah that's it thank you very much and away we
go so Nelson Mandela One time said that there is no clear revelation of a society sold and the way it treats its children and unfortunately we lost in about a year and a half ago I wanna introduce you to 2 people that are trying to carry that tradition forward in South Africa the first one is mental and magical log man knows what it's like to grow up in an underprivileged background he grew up in a small town in South Africa called PA Petit in a township this is a picture of his Township you're talking about basically a small shack with vector for his school was more so poor in fact and I'm not making any this up he they did have
running water at the school let alone computers work on his kids yeah when he had such this but at the same time and I had this thirst for knowledge and so what he would do is Lily book for anything to read because there wasn't that much reading material this so it literally he
would at times you go to things like religious tracts check tracks that missionaries are bringing because there's nothing else degree yet through all that and through block and the ability to
basically it's some smarts and everything else he got a scholarship in which the University of Pretoria the amazing thing was so he went there and decided to major in Computer Science having never touched a computer yeah a few years later after a lot of sacrifice including not even having enough money at times for basic toiletries he walked out of there with a master's degree which to me I'm sorry that was really impressive and not only that the net today he is a software engineer in Johannesburg for a local consultancy culture spot about a year
ago when he decided he wanted to do something to fix the future and so it started with a very very small experiment any
called that Sasaki rising Sasaki is a it's a Zulu word the idea was to take
6 kids from a township mostly middle school the high school age the values of extreme programming and teach them how to code Python the the program has been very very successful from the
6 they've grown at 12 and I was there
last February had a chance to work with these kids was absolutist it was humbling it was it was amazing to just watch these kids learn everything from the loops in the basic data structures and to see that you know the sparkles in their eyes around it now the other person 1 introduce you to is Lydia
able and she is 1 in the peak in this picture here and she is part of a group called ports they're based in Cape Town and what they do in their partner all run by women which is makes it actually just fantastic is that they use robotics
specifically right now legal mindstorms to basically take a lot of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds were behind in their mass and in the reading and different things like that and they use the exercises with the mines for the user to help level them up with the reading and the writing of those other skills it both of these are not for
profit there is they're not making a dime off this other than basic living expenses fact man blood does this is a side thing he still has a day job
the glasses they need your help how could you help and the simplest way is it's
if you have a laptop that's 10 years old were new word I think about donating it to the program but when the cohort started forces on the rising the beginning of this year they had 12 students and 3 laptops to refuse we actually help to get them enough so that now every student has 1 but we're going to grow the class if you have a job where you can work
remotely in you wanna do something with a purpose or if you wanna live on a site in go down there consider coming down to Cape Town in helping Lydia establish a Sasaki rising in Cape Town right now they only have a presence in Johannesburg if you're traveling to South Africa to
think about bringing some laptops when we have extra ones to bring down
or if you want to as well come down in joint is a refusal I have to be 1 the co-organizers I would love to tell you about it if you'd like to learn more about it is in February of every year see
miss the per 1 and we also have a read the camp which is an unconference ZA I'm a co-organizer on that it is going to be probably this August come talk to me there's information right here you can contact me at my Twitter handle or mammals for the handle again Sasaki rising mice and my bonded by a
donkey and thank you thank you higher
value and that talk about collection routing in res 5 and at the time so collection riding means today if you 1 of France's delete 2 posts from the blog you have to actually do to which to be request delete posts 1 posts for because there is no such thing as deleted many or destroy many 0 you cannot pass this that it opposed that 1 come for but this may be a good idea went out and not just for deleting many post at was maybe you want that to get many posts at the same time or update them and maybe 1 pass the range of ideas something like that so this might sound like it would be an but it's not going to be enriched by and that's the end of the that's had no really what this is about is how working on risk or is not very different than working with your co-workers say your job that sometimes people have good ideas and they seem good and then you start implementing them and then you got into them and then at the end you get implementation then maybe you think well maybe somebody with the there maybe people that we use that as much and this is kind of what happened in this case this is just 1 of the examples they initially the 1st thing that I found about this sort of concept came uh uh dated in 2011 he had this posting here and maybe would be nice if we had an update to many and instead transaction we could you wish to update that many poster once and so things evolved from there and there was a student of the Google Summer of Code we that actually was dedicated to this but then as a started work on this problem that you know from as Bayes 188 becomes big study many questions came up such as well what is the regular expression within a user can use a comma comma gonna accepted range is what if you could arrange and then use an item missing how are we gonna call these matters destroy all destroys industry managers can of things how we're gonna do with generators is we need a generative for attributed the 2 so all these questions in know had to be somehow answered and yeah he did a great job and then these and all this code actually became a pull request against the radius and then you can actually go and take a look at this for request the dad because it was a reported quest other people came and start talking about it and start asking questions like what do we do with you know can with a transaction can we have used and some teachers of sequel like using between for arranger this kind of things or even more if we give the people the to to delete many post the same time we has have to generate of you in this for that lets them select many items in the sentence so they can lead them to how do we do a nested droughts can you do slash posts Nash 1 2 3 is less common 5 6 7 bits in a lot of questions about that so I sort of these in that why can we just step back from it for a 2nd to adjust to see if of all these things they were trying to be looking just isolate 1 so can we just take a single thing that it's a single about like a slash courses last 1 cometary coma for as of today would out to a show action where did these actually cometary come for this makes sense to make these wrote to an index and those are the items that we want even something as simple as that has consequences for civil or something like that already exist because you can pass and ID is as sort of filters so it sounds like something sounds like a duplication and then maybe can work with index but what happens if delete are you going to have a delete to routed that accepts both a single item to delete that and kind of parameters to code to lead many is this really gonna be make Rios rest clearer to users is something that get the proposal you know we were trying to achieve and so the story ends like this story began uh David who wrote the original post and recently said well uh prefigures number of how something that seems obvious isn't always so as it happens many many times in our job and so in the end of the story is that as of today that request is close to but if anyone here has better it is a hot implemented please check it out it's a 1 5 7 1 9 and also if you really need to do as a battery collection a collection riding in raises actually jump for that the has a different approach you can check analysis code better PI and the in this thank you thank you thank you I sell and on to die about underwater Ruby on many mysteries trigger and big
around here I am from the Philippines
so it'd be great country varies tenure on the radius Japan and then uh and then there's the Philippines so yeah the other Asian countries aside from China and Japan and so I I don't that under aware of the use of the force Calabar center of into dubious well worded to scuba-diving but so
this is from our 2nd year we France issue in the Philippines refreshed just the weeks ago and we had like 7 people who went scuba-diving for the 1st time so had speakers so late and some attendees so as long as you're not allergic to water so you you can go scuba diving so yeah and
this are plants in the Philippines xactly produce but they got tired of waiting for Pearl's release the new version so antifreeze through set so if that about the peach but plans and elephants like that doesn't look good so yes I'm inviting you to 2 of to visit of Philippine so it's not like that you could dive anywhere are
but so that's what I thought when I came here to Atlanta but did you know there's a Georgia Aquarium which is just like
the misery from here across these in the Olympic park so you could add that there and that's the only place that guarantee of we'll shot so we have because it's a it's a jad acquired so yet few people that are interested in underwear Ruby
and that has a very good tutor at would be fine and this was a
video from him and so he was a senior because Australia and he went went diving after that so it would be good if we could you know um the but like organize sleep during conferences so far he said the key went north to Queenslander to go diving and so which you might be wondering see if it's really north because you're CNN URI within
the Queensland is like in the south so that no that's Tasmania so yet delight CNN are so speaking of Australians me the rate failure and is that the
alignment of yeah so he
he went to his from New Zealand and also he went to regard Philippines so and spoke so and this was his 1st signed iodide is well so yeah encourage you
to check out the the type feature hazard to handle on our side and I think we had to conferences and of 10 speakers from this event Francis are actually here so we have a and radio
giving lighting docs later have Kouichi but then we have these red
tioning seriously so you want to ask about the Philippines they could go talk to them then
we have the center of the data flow trailblazer elixirs so give a talk tomorrow if you want to hear more about that in Nasdaq and C so that is said thank
you for listening and yeah follow under water thank you thank
will dominate this crystal and here representing Nubia was true during code is the most supportive community of people who are learning the code so the founder surrounded by our could not be here you may know our names is active the else communities the naked or else conference this year but was you want chosen for out to everyone in the room so why do you think will radio or is a proton reaches out the months of proprietary research that learning the code is actually hot so that's a free 1 a majority of horses are you with a friendly and approachable language like Ruby but it can be much easier to learn the language someone so as you are learning the code if you wanna help people learn the code you all learn a new language if you are a senior developer or a hiring manager and you have lost perspective on the challenge that you're developers say someone Regina perspective come talk with us here since it here's something that we do 5 quick things is a chapter on Twitter we including at tonight Wednesday at 9 PM Eastern about different topics is an active online forum judgment freeing going after questions and not the the little uh as to what your question is is this lack community that's free of charge in when using divers there's been a really great to use to new thing that surrounds the trying called Saturday coding so with this particular project that you're working on you go online with all your new friends you get instant feedback on it you get people who are helping you with your project yet real-time debugging on your project and knowing there are other people out there or facing the same challenges as you did your developer you really uplifting last thing surround runs a weekly podcast color code the podcasting when here was that before that is not a highly recommend you give it try severe Eugenia developer she has interviewed many of the names of you seen breeze here lectures in the rails times already have you would hear back catalogs you'll you recognize a lot of names so I don't really hoping check out outbred Twitter uh attitude newbies on the web that food new the . org and we really hope this year round of unity that you few I'm requires I'm the softy clarity services how many of you were at the right red becomes a couple months ago there again right at the becomes you will see no that there were several Matt like about how Ruby is designed to make us happier so let's look at concurrency is how we can make a comparison makes us happier aboard a couple of beers and some food will be here for a few hours in a way that doesn't make us happier so as they spread into the currency
is hot to presentation was seen in the book about how hard currency used for the last few years we try to bring concurrency concurrency 5 occasions and several challenges so with some of the options out there uh we differ tried all these and the hard part every time I try to do concurrency with someone is how I teach somebody to do concurrency not ideas of responsibly currency dealing with sharing variables sharing that across traits how you do that it's incredibly challenging really hard to do
so if we look at a scenario simple example of pragmatic concurrency here is the sample where what we wanna do is a case contrived which wanted do not count up the number of users offers vector so let's say we had was our systems are too slow mistakes maybe a secular as you complete so what would be nice to take this exact piece of code so that piece there and run a separate thread now it is there gonna be regret tragedy deal with exceptions cetera so several of how we can do that with the barrel minions so the smarter
we take the exact same piece of code all we do is rapid in the block and now we had all of so have 1 main thread way with the happens and I just throw off piece workers so you that deal with that you do with form now get the result is a simple as well as a piece of code that do some other work so while it's running Goldman is out there is little bit of work this back the result a simple
counting was mining in that result there is as
simple as that you've not take a piece of work throttle often lenient for it to do it for you and all that's that's the extent of how much work voltages in use all the other options I an act as a supervisors also deftly viable options when it comes to how I take a simple piece of code and this ship things all this is how we do yeah yeah several million 1
of the objectives this must be simple stateless was less they carried across you given a piece work because it doesn't this appears to but the minions giver of what you need in the gun so a result of the stress is although we have is 1 of the rails request comes in have several it's sequential steps or just take a block of that code triple office around here just palm up that under than 1 the other big challenges of any the concurrency framework for whatever something goes wrong and that many of them buyers of has an error all the size real sample something goes wrong the exception is re raced back in the pool is for it just the way it was before we introduce minions so versible process you exceptional stay the same way error-handling stays the same way you have to worry about any different behavior in the story and in additionally the timeouts piecework off to a menu and I need if it doesn't come back up to 2 seconds and 1 about or I want to to let particularly trade if it's off 2 seconds it does a lot for you and the biggest thing this is in production some a large production environment in hundreds of threads we're doing lives requires a day and each 1 of those thing between 10 of 43 each so as well use the wildcard interested millions of log everything together with the trying to some try work with to do a lot of work in this area when the Dominion start how long did it take to complete that was the time that we had a wait for them into complete was my programs as many as you finish Alawites No . 2 seconds for them into complete that loves it for you to another the production look at your log files and immediacy what's going on a had a change occurred around to get the greatest efficiency so so again this is all about latency how how come I can't think this line of inquiry time and shrink it down by adding additional menus do it work so some little things um tag loving redundant rails copies of across you if any dynamics of slows the copied across 4 you will sit them for you behind the scenes and again at these events as connections to do any threading itself have to worry about those sorts of things civil performance questions that he was fast the if you don't use 3 pulling you get 10 millisecond time per dominion if you district pulling what's the default injury 0 ms as grams of of 3 people in a way you go MRI listen so my considerations to the big thing yeah is passed by copy the policy variables in the result of the previous 1 of course the data portion of the copula valued them Professor type of you I never use that few variations and how they classical wrap up of the fact that wrap up go integration into her every bit of the body when it was just will click on an apprentice developer at past rocket I came across a really cool gem called puffing Billy uh if you actually want have all you just go wanted we use a tool like web mark and in combination with the or you can pretty much save all the external API calls and that way when you write a test we you don't have to you know how connect online and in introduce that as a dependency into you test suite some is about having belly what's what's great about Web mark is that in intercepts API calls that are made from your back in but the problem is when you making a front front-end API call via JavaScript or Ajax something or something like that you have you don't have a tool web marked as in a step that that call but puffing Billy is as a proxy so places itself in front of colored WebKit or poltergeist and you can use that that GM and it'll actually make it so you can say about or market Europe your front API calls from your browser so that's really cool and got you guys should check that gym out puffing below they few cold monomers Jason I will do quick I'm from Memphis that rules the emotional dimensions all there is something in the developer community that is you taught a lot that is really important you me of there are a lot of developers have anxiety and depression so all 1 day I suffer from that's all I cope with all of that is alright but I just want to use this 3 minutes that no 1 else was doing anything to say that so if that is actually something as a developer you go through all you're not alone and you should I encourage you to find people talk to or you can find me on Twitter and not what make is that would be weird if your him really depressed kind not respond but the I just want to encourage people with these kind of things to do not be discouraged and actually despite this shit you know so and so who was thinks all of the linear kinetic highly varied gentleman whose name I did not know Jason me I'm thinking he and on the internet and CHT I worked as a professional programmer for the last 6 years most recently in 3 years that every in the on but I just left a few weeks ago and because they want to focus on making computer science education I'm in high schools better and so I want to Kickstarter project
called double sort the in I I just ended today and we raise sick over
60 thousand dollars and that few think you and this means are and filled with cartoons diagram stories and intended to meet computer science concept more accessible to everyone not covered topics like logic circuits and
how calculators where cryptography and how to send
secret messages to your friends yeah
Paschen sorting and many other topics I'm so why is this so important computer science and programming are important tools for creativity and for bringing about change and it's important that these tools are accessible to everyone and this doesn't just mean computers in every classroom and also means Spain in computer science in a way that is accessible and inclusive to people especially people who might not think that computer science is for them OK so a 1st thing have a ruby and move people corpora fast track the I'm so that
Kickstarter is over about 1 and can you do now am I had a bunch of wonderful people donate seen subscriptions and and so if you know of any underfunded schools and organizations that could use them please come talk to me and mean no I'm that
you can come talk to me to get sticker
and I'm I just set up an online shop if you missed the Kickstarter so that you can pre-order individual genes or a subscription In shot down below so that I
am I think you have seen
so I would like to spend a 2nd I hear Ruby infrastructure us so Ruby infrastructure is the stuff that everyone who uses reuses from bomb the resumes out or the stuff that everyone as developers use all evidence and so there's is a very infrastructure and you've probably noticed it occasionally when something goes wrong and it's
that that infrastructure has to be maintained someone has to make sure that it stays up someone has made sure that the servers that let you down the gems work so as to make sure that new computers and new operating systems and new versions of everything still work with bundles in gems and all of those things on the thing is that most people don't
actually do the work to maintain an infrastructure but it's hard to distribute Manon's work across lots and lots of people even when there are lots of people willing to do it but to be perfectly honest most people aren't willing to do it and so something has gone wrong and they're 600 people were like all do anything as long as you fix it so that I go back to my real work uh so I'm here so you about the
people who do maintain the infrastructure and Reza again is a nonprofit that
I started about a month ago and and we maintain re infrastructure the way it works is people who use Romy whether their companies or individuals joinery together as but it's it's a non-profit called of trade association is actually the 501 C 6 and so anyone who uses reading conjoined and we collect money from people and companies use Ruby and we use it to pay for maintenance on Herbie infrastructure as well as other cool stuff that is helpful for the E. community and we have some
pretty cool people on the board but so far we have tenuous aristocratic densely in the summer and autumn and myself and we have called on the team so far I am working to maintain bomber keep it working and David Radcliffe is working to key provisions are governed running we have some kind of critical infrastructure projects to start with the and revisions of or were starting work on revenge . org community benchmarking performance uh project and we have more plans on the way and we've actually been keeping resumes out Aug up-to-date with security updates which is pretty cool revenue project that's going to speed up uh bundle installing gem install by a significant amount and we have plans for a whole bunch of other stuff but so all that to
say to improve the resource that you use every day because your business and your ability to make money totally depends on this stuff actually working and if no 1 keeps the stuff working your business doesn't keep working but that's it also
I have stickers if you want some thank you will money she comes from and were Irene and I clicked on recruiting video to show the
that I hold it in my support things
that used to be a part of travel and I that was very interesting it is to do that in the background of a new life and we have other players that that indeed perhaps the state changes in the that of moved out of the levied of a suite of professional example problems which is seldom agents and that allow them to better terms and their
business people make all the difference in the world of the
products that really matter it's passed on to marketing post as the people who
have physical will stay completely on the piece of
land or you're not a brain and we have an
incredible license this is about people crave
product 1 in that product and that makes a successful so people here more important anymore sigh poem Rule thinking
that the special blend of act by a large
company of resources but apart from life and a really fun exciting category was a
question that the impact is of Latinos had
here that all the request for
so a couple quick facts we have our 40 million unique visits per month 3 million registered users uses a billion page views were 20 years old and we have 20 to 100 + engineers yeah and a text that
is 0 we are 20 years old so we moved
into our else that we do test-driven development TDD be uh most of our back and is now the user less search J. sound throughout and were based Silicon
Valley we also in Cuba and your a few other places and if you wanna look at the openings are applied that's the the world the link to it it a year and everyone this lightning talks about rotor and road is a newly wed framework the came out last year word
is is and on the concept of a routing tree in the routing tree concept was originally developed by the author of rock back in 2009 the greater framework called wrong which unfortunately was not releases a jammer never became well known the fundamental
difference between a routing tree and other approaches to writing is that when using a routing tree Routing and Request handling are integrated so as you were writing request you could also be handling the request so here's Hello world order for every request is received a row yields the block is past awarded or out of the block agility rack request instance in by convention the block argument is being are the return value of the block is used as the response to this simple aperture and Hello world for every request routing is performed the order by calling routing methods on the rack request instance so here cannot I get the string Hello means that only get requests for the path below will yield to the block all the requests will not use the block and will result in a 404 Not Found response you can nest writing methods inside each other forming a treaty which is why this approach to writing is called routing tree here the block passed or not on is yielded 2 you will only if the request path starts with a low if the block is yielded to hello we stripped from the from the past and the running process is repeated inside that block so odd I get here will only yield to block if the request packets Hello world and since it returns tell world that will be used as the response if the request that this whole rails count it does not yield to the 1st order get call execution continues and execution gets are again rails Conf which will yield to the block in return the hello rails Conf response at any point in any of these blocks you can handle the current request so in this example we set an instance variable as soon as the oral on block is taken and instance herbal can be used inside any of the road blocks in that branch of the routing tree this approach makes it unnecessary to have before filters all over the application route in order to write the code that oven albums database annuity of the edit attributes for albums you they're out for each of them were a GET request shows the form for the album any Push Request processes that forms input it's a using a before filtered duplicating code in both of the routs Giuseppe per week instance variable as soon as the branch is taken and that makes the album instance variable available for use in both the GET and POST routs word is decidedly very extensible with a very small core it only supports the bare minimum needed for routing the message here renders the template but it is not included in what is core 40 uses a plugin system to enable functionality the render politicians shown here at support for rendering templates including adding that the method by loading only the plug-ins that you need to avoid the memory and performance penalties for code you don't use the word a shifted over
50 plug-ins to handle a wide variety of use cases so unlike when using most other smaller frameworks you'd have to recreate the wheel word has put into features like Aceh packaging template streaming and sending e-mails using a routing tree like other small web frameworks awarded skills down ball to handle small so sites easily but unlike other small would immersed were scales up well with multiple plug-ins design make it simple to structure large sites while still keeping the benefit of using a routing tree water makes it easy to start with a small site and grow gradually into a large site In addition to make it easier to write simple applications all applications word is the 1st review of framework designed with a new billion mind without you design the frozen in production eliminating most possible thread safety issues when using the framework when it's easy to secure web applications with plug-ins options to avoid cross-site scripting crosses request forgery insecure accessing clickjacking finally were is also the faceted web
frameworks using Otting case synthetic benchmark er rors over 15 times faster than real source not Sherpa applications with large numbers of rats but synthetic benchmarks are pretty meaningless in real world applications with a couple of hundred routs I've Americanese 50 per cent faster than stature were twice as fast as rails for applications for larger
MBAs rats are s natural using 70 per cent more memory than order and rails 3 times as much memory in real world apps with the couple hundred rounds I found real users 2 thirds more memory than murder
have a slow reel happy ones speed up you know the middle were plugging in the road and will the word ap as middleware in Rails out and about the world out is not handled and afforded to the rails that allow you to speed up bottlenecks in rows application will still using rails for less performance since the code simplicity extensibility reliability and performance was a 4 Rose for core values in if you
share those values and well and were about water check Germans I've never details or discomfort to me faceless few called so I'm here to talk about uh authorization or gatekeeping up pretty much everybody uses the devise genome but with with can can kind of falling behind and also being kind of complex for a lot of projects I decide to piece together so my work for the last 2 years into a genome and I call appeared on basically i it's a straightforward the any easier to use in reaction and content-based authorization it's an open source project and it has related to us so anyway I'm going to or of my code
no see and and statement from so generally speaking so what this is is pretty much a 15 minute well this is basically the value can go 15 minutes from like 8 years ago or whatever so so pose controller
so generally speaking like if you're just using devised you can throw in before action authentication affinity user and that basically makers of everything as a login unless you throw accept or only on so what I've done is actually set of rules that are similar to that so if I go back to my junk file I'm I can just go
down and and genome period gage go back to the
terminal and bundles style and then I can do GP the kid installed and delicate and roles to the user class and also of some code and user areas you can see the so that
here we user B
you open that up you know as data gage and define some roles right here and it says right here the user it is there all by default on the user so if I go back to my post
controller I can just set up
before so access now I can say all equals let's say that acts on the show and then I can get go user equals all but in then the appear demo which of
selfless or running after Maria Stata need
to prove that yeah by afternoons from the for the stock yeah that
that thank i OK and now
that shit load and log in right now so that works on a log out and now you are saying you post it should make the even I could see the index page still which was what I wanted try on but there's a nonlinear post of as you so it's a pretty much
yeah what what that's doing is is saying I don't really is an easier to read fashion like access everybody can see is and users can see this I could say like admin could see something else it and C and now a cell again but I'll and then in my view is
that we don't really have an time book In the units so
again my view like let's say this the default scaffolding went down here I could just said of yeah for log in and then and I would only show up in the other was Lloyd and you can also put in whatever you want there like in of if any and then if any of the user logged in it if any of those are logged in it will then return true otherwise or return false but and that that can be used anywhere so as you can see it's pretty easy to set up if I can't even do it under these bright lights on a little tiny so from that anyway any questions go also I yes the he a
demo the period demo is up like right
here and that the Pentagon German surgery and also in religions I'll leave it up for a 2nd and then and them good thank you thank you thank I need your help I need your help to teach kids to code this is what I usually tell the teachers because when they hear coding start the freak out you guys down I think what freaks most of us are just eating especially kids so why why should you teach kids because we have a problem we were
problem in the US right now 50 per cent of the state's don't even accept computer science as a unacceptable math or science from pre req in high school that's pretty pathetic and there's a lot of statistics and Co . org that you agree that's really really pathetic there's obviously a
huge opportunity we know that there's more statistics on Kodori that's crazy and you get your check it out so
what you get out of it why should you be teaching kids because well if your parents it's really awesome way for you to bond with your kids and if you are are struggling with public speaking and communication skills take it for me I have a lot of fear there and it's super helpful with that it only helps you public speaking in teaching in room full of kids and they're very friendly audience but also helps you communicate 1 1 of the kids begin explain something to a 7 year old you know it pretty darn well it also builds up a lot of confidence for you to be able to get up in front of people in speaking and that and it's just a lot of time like guide the kids look up to you as a superhero so if you ever want the famous RosUkrEnergo which Stansbury also the go do that so how you do it just make it fun don't bring up the IRI max and have a full screen of code that says you know I have the kids run away so how do you make it fun there are billions of resources other that might be a bit of an exaggeration but there's tons and tons of resources out there Saudi begin kids
love video games is start off with Minecraft and you'll have the attention it that doesn't work check out code combat Ruby water so my
graph has is also a feature called the this plugin call computer craft I of an EDU and what is this it's really fun it's so matter because you add your crappy a computer and the kids learn how computer gets hooked up to a disk-drive and everything and then you go into that computer in the game and you start coding in lieu of in the game Superfund and the kids love it especially the program is little turtles that go around and do all the crap for them so when their parents tell map to get off the screen it's still crafting offline code common that I mean when I
1st saw this I'm like I wanna play that's awesome code that with the kids the love it you'll love it's a blast Ruby boy
this is really cool because they realize the coding object-oriented it's really really fun game if you haven't tried this totally check it out it's also a gravitated to teach them
and if they're not in the screens which I don't know many kids that are the love audiences possum board games robot turtles they can be as young as 4 years old and be learning from that and this other game is really fun Robo rally it's a Austin for teenagers because they might look at Rho utterly that's a little childish the robot rallies also so you have fun
with have fun with it like robots and there's tons of like Vex robots that people mentioned FL with the Lego robots there's Arduino and you can build like robots with that the drones are also low expenses and we heard
from the closing keynote yesterday about the dual bots for fashion so yeah think outside the box sometimes kids don't necessarily I wanna be doing gaming and things like that but all kids should have the opportunity to code there's also there's also among music uh thing I found this local wiggle and you play different nodes in a dance is based on the notes you played pretty cool I haven't played with that with you check it out the resources from the review are us I don't
see Ruby very often in schools but the community itself is providing a lot a really cool stuff these are a couple of them
there's a kind of other resources out there just google it you'll find so what what I'm really teaching here with these cases that really just coding and it's teaching them how to be successful in life because the skills they learn not only when they're going to these coding sessions are public
speaking this is my son having opportunity speak in front of the room of kids about what he created may she super proud as apparent is your child doing that
problem solving this is a kid teaching when my co-workers and how to do some Minecraft stuff
teamwork skills a coach a robotics team for my son and the teamwork is amazing I just sit back and watch them crushes it's really exciting and
how how how how so no excuses please help me in tedious because so you have the guys also it seems was stolen my laptop my let to G Unit longs for lines but anyway of so my name is maybe I'll I'm from Ingeniería that outcome so I know being an engineer and the the moment people see these names like 0 my god I've been a big time it must be so boring all what you want I don't use all technologies and all that stuff but maybe not let's see so how many
of you have seen this commercial the 1 only those usually they should stop attending conferencing instead watching T and so this 1 is about a guy who stays in the net and something and doing that that was the couple of years back all I was like a numerical and join a big form all your book will flow big time and I love my son of some environment and on that so I am not getting on the train and I
joined with a lot of they on this what
exactly we do know what exactly the the technology team at of written up some do we we experiment with a lot of stuff we break self fixing it this is what we
do not not exactly we don't kill each other ball we're nice people we use the
right set of tools to those of the solutions for our customers in on itself so what exactly we do these walks
so not this is new line on almost every 1 of you are using this I'm 100 per cent sure almost all the sessions in this conference are only on on these tools and technologies we use it but the thing which is different we only only only have like almost like a maybe on this number but we're closer to 1 million hits for a month on side it's a small number and trust me that kind of a traffic things break so that's a challenging but for us I actually don't have my laptop I wanted to show some of the benchmarks and all the stuff we're looking and look to discuss those with all folks the the people who attended our spectacular and all that testing frameworks all what we are doing the little problems we face and all that stuff up people who attended the performance think I actually wanted to show the benchmarks against 1 of all project we just 1 billion off its four-month kind of a thing so yes we do face an exponent of problems we do have some challenges so would try to explore new things all we may actually break up 1 of these things so this is I think from session from
today or tomorrow I today I put in winter knowledge on this all who cares about Shakespeare it's old
stuff right if you know what I call with the bottom loading or 100 code not come talk to us the only seen cases of the will of my colleagues not come talk to us if you wanna know how to use
so the big websites of getting the million hits per month what things break I you can include more on your performance move look more only a BDD the themselves out feel free
to talk to me or my colleague so there and that's all I don't mn at all but that's fine that thank you thank you right so I might Microsystems and I'm at smells blue on Twitter that's my personal account and I'm also at tabletop telling that's the for a website that my wife and I created and we're going to come and so this is reading e-mails of life from real come 2015 so I I you can find it at reading males that might . rather stone that come and I'd like to have a path like this youtube . com slash whatever sight-reading males but alas I need 500 subscribers to do that I have a you like that so you know if you like we see here and you want to check it out what episode and if you really like it subscribed and that would help for that I each episode about 10 15 minutes and post every Friday maybe a little bit late this week and I just depend a little bit code and so far it's been active support this because everything else that scares me at this point right now and so without further stalling for time and the reading the rails code as it is right now and instead I can I wanna read the latest that commits from my hero the community which is kind of
and so here we go so this
is 1 of the latest comments on on the rails repo and so coming here and you can see it and it looks like here removes a word here this like an exception that he believes and that's called Q and and that they have the test you know that's really cool so that's for that 1 were deletion that's important so no regressions books so if we move back in time to the previous comment and removes another word gets rid of the exception in this file a few more words the you remove another exception another exception but this commit didn't have any test so maybe was already covered from some other test that so going back a little further in time you remove the whole slew little words so we get rid of it you know it's a catch exception and then we raising an acceptance so kind of you know redundant codes of law and size 1 is a kind of you know your code is quite exceptional but in all fairness in all fairness these small changes were clear improvements in incomes better and you know I'm thankful for that I'm thankful that deliver of the part of our community and so if we move back a little further with me read that that message that says past conveyed to the rats that this way we can get the relative URL route from the application without setting another global value and then it looks like removing an assignment of of a variable like from that conveyed to it and removing it from the retina so I'm not sure whether an adder areas but it probably more less give is a simplex that accesses so at initialize now has had the new step in the process for and passing in conveyed which grabs it men and gods that can take relative to the root root URL and then initialized can now take it can begin sense and which it and stores and the remove the relative URL route grab directly from the and also known no need for color storing and in the router and and using that ways that people and then there's tests and there's a bunch stuff I don't quite understand so all of this and you there and then some more stuff I don't quite understand the Daniel more context in this code but you know and then there's the new method we thought of that that new where that new with with so cool and then a complicated test that probably need more context for me to understand so no of quantum and so reading rail sources hard it's they can be pretty odd as a state the easy so far but let's read it together and if you wanna take it out reading e-mails that might that rather stone that come and thanks again the tender and for all that he does and it thank you it the whole everybody homonyms they're having a local developer with the job security and a lot of topic enumerated my head this week about 1 does 1 sort of feel like a Rails expert Morris was a look like and we measure the so started thinking about that just the other day we
had the very 1st reals Bridger land on metric gray smashing success run by the people rails girls allowed and sort of thinking about you know soon struggling and having a hard time how to reassure them there's a place they can go to where feel comfortable that they're going to get this insurmountable monorails this is time but and so started thinking
about what Annex really isn't sleeping about persons comprehensive and authoritative for the words the stuck out to me In particular 1st comprehensive because it really brought to mind of this whole thing thought what the hell they're talking about so here's
a materials competencies was not mapped out by our agree geocode follows that award and it's a lot to cover this takes a long time to get a hold of feels like an it's it seems like there's no way you can order everything on here so it takes time so how do we measure the kind of expertise were where some benchmarks we can think about of so why not
just time what isn't simply the passage of time working on rails workers a decent benchmark and the of nodes myself that experiences neccessarily a function of time you know working for 5 years on a particular subset of projects would look very different from 2 to 3 years in holy difference of of projects just based on the quality of the code right in the quarter could exposed to explore so a couple of other talks today and yesterday have of certain can be thinking about what we try to buy the mistakes in it could be the number of mistakes or how few mistakes made and I thought to myself a program is a lot of trial and error particularly on rails especially right off the bat so maybe it doesn't help but perhaps the kinds of things is 6 to make my the fact myself you know titles going there are going to say to make as a relative use effects if not to track down the but you know a big mistake like spring of the schemas relatively easy to do it several times myself so if I maybe it's the time needed to fix the mistakes you know how long does it take you to track down what's gone wrong and the sort thing maybe maybe you're getting toward something because it is not necessarily about the time but it's about tracking down the stakes and about the kinds of solutions we might talk about because solutions that you have to fight in the 16th so I wondered if was maybe how hard you have to track down the solution was a a really obscure saying there was only like 1 post on StackOverflow or was it maybe digging into the source code of a germ or rails itself or may be encountered edge case 1 of these platforms that even they haven't thought about so 1 can we start to feel
comfortable with rails my follows when I started to thrills always comfortable thinking about starting brain projects was sought about a new web application want to build a could think about what I want to use how want 2 moles rails to sit there and 0 for how want to design the application what a what the architecture look like at start to think about any kind of tools a gene's of my make that helpful Mike and there a little bit faster so this which
is not just about comfort it's not about feeling comfortable with what you already know obvious about continuing to learning continues to explore so it's about having a little bit like curiosity and kind of stretch your muscles a little bit and trying to figure out what was going on so once again was my
contact information if you want to buy some any questions comments reflections on the meaning of life and the thinking of socialism thank you here's an I were proposed in Los Angeles on article was a very of which is bootstrap and bootstrap it's really easy for me to do things that don't involve like involve running CSS does it for me on apples when we found that when we were using bootstrap we have to do a lot of other boilerplate code differ a lot of the time
so the service very late you can serve some like this then with little the CSS and and stuff you know the
whole handsome right but but to do that he had yet have like other tools
causing a 2nd there like kind laments the destruction preclassic for American and so what we could do so that easily and yet like things like forms here all stuff like year b is R and 1 helpers in rails like no other context the and so we said Nixon helpers because so the simpler so so having this
but can this instead but it's all these debts incurred is this appalling has the same
effect you can look at the
spread on with 1 of the key from a without anyone have that nice horizontal at all that's pretty easy to get
is changed to things that great
but it was city use and you can have things like models does very
simple if I had put in their debts
I BHs has support for a total of
things on their work safely constructed your code is refined this is like a writing default behaviors on this lessons to check that out and we have a really great
documentation it's fully tested so we're really shows politicking to procure up and we use of production and uh on you can check
11 wonderful thing that could have dial such pH and 1 appear out we'll of making gems the 2 letters in name so if using the utility eyes especially using version 2 because if you are using version 2 the 2 because of the bad news for it because you to shut this off about a couple days ago so if you consists to the 3 and you want the revision part y t is not about excessive it is but however I am Rhein Davis was still being some talk about to breed and bisect
and it's not pronounced Chicago cells is not the bride and
degree is the removal of dead code hi comes the plug-in system
to plug-ins supports our rail style here B and Hamel fired it supports real
stadiums 4 of the GSL and it
supports white listing for excluding the public API by here's a simple
example of running to breed a against the year would be a real sites and this year that were running against AP lived in configure directories words are using a white list and it is pointing out that the talks controller our past action is probably not being called which is true the here is a not simple example In its action take a few seconds just to render the Firefly go to tender loves uh works currents Rails app is public domain so allowed to do public open-source similar to do this and irony instead that yeah come on you can do it I believe in you beach ball it you get a lot of output and which words and so all man just killing keynote here I'm sure paging like manner and that'll painful a lot of those are false
positives on is caused by
overly clever coding and to be fair out about when we both saw this code for the 1st time we were impressed because it was some of the scariest rails could we've ever centralized but hopefully you're not that clever
so debris can help you so gem install
debris next up the just by sex
this could your hands and you just 2 people come alive who writes just who hasn't passed all to the doesn't observed on
hope also rapid test or do you have random
failures the you can track down
having done random test failures and isolating them and
making a minimal reproduction is incredibly difficult and sometimes impossible so now you need
measures by helps you isolate and debug random
test failures by has a neo
partitioning algorithm which I'm not going to explain too much but basically again do it anyway on a subset of the test and figure out exactly what has when want combo to produce your failure and here's a quick
run of its ignore the fact that I'm preceeding this run I'm doing it just so that for the demo so here's a regular test run as normal down it has a just order dependency we then rerun the task using using images by bisects passing in the seed it's going to reproduce that failure as is just to make sure that this does have a problem and it is reproducible and then it's gonna start bisecting this 206 customers were 5 until the remember which then we start by starting neither side reproduces by itself accelerates massively and we get it down to 2 failures that would run on the right order Posner and 1 of the OPS word do not so gems kilometers by
search thank you impairment fewer few and height and only the today that and Willsky of America and the the 2nd the my name is ali I'm a webdev develop some but I recently moved here from Sydney to New York and staying in Estonia we have something that's called or else can never else can is awaken away hacking with friends pretty much in different places around the country and account of electoral semi-full the floor actually image of the Godfather which he is called that asking then ask started real scampered 2007 I ain a small place outside of Sydney we had about 42 people come and since 2007 we had a bacterial scans the outflow back on AD is now so we have to number 17 that's going to be the aging I had set of Sydney again we do them in various places it's around Australia and New Zealand in a few places around the world and we to bring that want to have to America so DATA he go hiking together with friends the accommodation is really basic so it's basically a YMCA validates we nothing very British 83 and and includes usually any declared the bus ride from the airport to the camp and that idea days that you gonna bring a project which you need to have 1 apple if you don't have a project you can join other people's projects and play with them you can look an open source projects profoundly knowledge work on what work projects and n maybe you wanna play with anything that's fine and if you can see some of the places that absolutely colleges we also in the in the in the country in the come in the weekend I so you have you can have you can do whatever you wanted to use so you can happen projects I you can go to presentations you can give presentation you can just training might just socializing plays against it can be card games that could be found well games I you can go hiking you can go you know you can drinking hydrogen could be called the whiskey or anything that you wanna feel like I am drinking and how have we can improved without coffee lately as you can see in a few slide the head of the idea of arrest and is also to be in a place that doesn't have in so you actually have to go and talk to people if you have any questions instead of just asking them how online over here we see the priest like giving a presentation about conscious great for example a few years ago and what else I wanna tell you this is pretty much for everyone it doesn't have to be just really that it could be other languages it could be all levels begin advanced which ever wants to level wants to come and join us and the price is state pretty much have a chance to download so everybody can afford to come as so we did that with the help of sponsors and and even as I say and there comes until and it is done by volunteers from the community so every time we have different people put their hand up and say hey and then organize the next 1 in the city so we get to go and see different parts of a structure different parts of New Zealand and and we are trying to organize a couple 18 the state to the next 1 that's gonna have he's going to be in the west coast outside of sentiment the September acetabulum until 14 year gaze that you come on a Friday afternoon you flying bus right to the can and then you have 59 socialize with friends and then you have the next you guys how people on Saturday and Sunday the stocks there is well on a sunday you have we had again when in the end of the nite the shelf with you worked on the last 3 days I can sometimes we have prices and and then on Monday morning we just pack up and go back home and this is 1 of the photos all of our when we had a whiskey carbon everybody pretty much the best dealt at abolish open everybody born at bottle of risky and again interesting and anything else that I wanna say so I just made a couple more slides good to go the FIL can nothing I can't think of anyway and my name is Elliott there's another guy here it's called local and we tried to organize in the east coast we haven't found a venue yet if you have any ideas I better be great come finance talk to us i and let us know what you think and we would love to see you there because the DATA is this is how we make friends I in I make the community and much better place for all of us and that's it for me thank you few I'm and similar no I hope Gemma and and track about how we screwed up on microservices and about things that we're all of the mitosis
so 1st thing I think is really important are mistakes I mean this you would make you human so I think that are at levels that would have a
hard time saying that they were was like yeah what systems are perfect architecture amazing that the true in which grew up so we shared takes
on so were gamma where data by social network and the details are not important what's important is the real set with a swarm of service that's so basically this
only a 1 of 4 main screens and if you look at the
back and it's powered by a bunch of different services that do also thinks occupant talents are searching objects in a bunch of different things it appears so that that you all the now
always good up a lot and we develop a couple things wrong and you're just 5 that and I were talking about on the first one is
we this group that transferred later so we that to offer service to the recap think how you can adapt to each other and 1 think that we forgot at the beginning was like a thing about back pressures so of aperture saying like 8 other stuff so many things i am keeping adequate and keeping up so on yes we discovered later that we need this thing called circuit breakers which modern followed lot so yes implemented them in everything was so much better but there was so much pain there were like a OK well put my servers on animal like now we need to stop the under the from we had was amended cues so again at some point you have to say OK this is the limit of the q and after that we need to stop going investors through important running Q because otherwise it is run out of memory and get on explicit on
and the next thing is that we must stop is the storage so 1 of the part the the week that was like a on what date he sounds like you know that's what I misunderstand the then a paper and cells for frequent use of every word reviews for all different services you on different services have different requirements of you know operational on this but we have is we're not a database companies so as again we did our got shot custom routing added the consistent fashion and the date that the word so slowly we have to fix them and some of the services sector and went back to relational databases because there was so much better operational story for them on that thing
screen of integration so again how you talk to each other services wall this is weighted with Jason but apologies Jason is that is cumulative so like XML 1 because they like a this is how is the contractors were up to each other decent you can do whatever you want and on the other Jesus scheme Abbott items in the library that real user so yes and this creates a problem because when you trying to debate on all of them pointed to be retained for you know what fields born and which are not and the 2nd part on it but it's already integration testing which you should be doing for even thinking about the matter services so land afterwards
of the 4th which is a big 1 this screen of the microbots so on primitivism micro-services just they should be able to be written in 3 weeks and we kept things that would you know what were written for almost 6 more stuff like that so editing beverages became at minimal words and having to model it is more than 1 so yes do it on and are born with this is that on you you know having model dependencies are really bad on you know where to change Sanger couple about coupling but service companies sentence were speakers on what if you have 1 service out and presented in your and the 1 that of 9 and bring in % then your SOA goes down into 9 and point 5 so yeah the more dependencies you have the more you so is going to get caught so to give very careful when running and the 3rd thing is always think about how you can degrade gracefully off think about that what is gonna happen when 1 your of that and the last thing that we should ask
for God's was were permanent I was monitoring I'm editing decile today we use things very basically stuck with ganglion that is go well so we had problems were our metrics were it was known as them because we don't know what was in this edition of our systems and then people were complaining were like that you find them from and there really on so yeah make sure that users set C and it's faceted damn on make sure you have every Locke so if there's an issue on 1 of the services you can actually trace between different services an appellate and boredom there's and now that
the seconds to go on the list is less so the us on things we could write on we that with rest API for the wizard for services nothing else than some fancy no the languages of with the statistics are possible because we endeavor was also on get other Bookstein you don't need them there are also and they should be talking to you all done and with that monitoring 2 pages so everything that we saw something wrong we quickly respond to it on item automate Ottoman automates out this goes the metal Mr. everything that much about every collection and have disingenuous at best of all levels intuition is just as important as your test on should you do
micro-services Jess the readers book
1st it's amazing as booming unmarked service a high and what's to
stop by brand more dense source also gamma it's really awesome and they go over more detail than I can they give thank thank you all i and
thank you for remain here for so late this evening you are the the brave and true and I'd like to talk to you a little bit about something completely off topic
mean a little talk because you know Ruby's the red their similar to the planet Mars but I'd like to
talk to you about is a program called Mars 1 it's a not-for-profit organization was founded about 4 years ago 5 years ago by felony marshland or in the Netherlands its mission is to establish humanity's 1st permanent settlement on Mars but it's planning on doing that launching the 1st group of pioneers in about 10 years and then about every 2 years after that I'll send up another team of 4 people to Mars
March is the target because it has everything that we need to live permanently there as we do here it has waters that we can use for our drinking supply for washing from our food sources we can break it apart and the the atmosphere it has natural gas is in its atmosphere that we need nitrogen argon for living it has gravity 38 % of personal but it has it it's got all the minerals necessary for building our own homes and equipment and establish a self-sustaining society there it has a day that's about the same as our so will be comfortable with the diurnal cycle that has a temperature gradient in which we can survive on the way this
process happened is that over 200 thousand people applied there currently a hundred 50 men 50 women at about this time next year that number will you be reduced to 24 16 so for that will train for about the next
10 years to get to Mars and established this 1st permanent column this is not going to be easy the company needs to raise 6 billion dollars there been studies that have come out of MIT and people like NASA Administrator saying it'll never happen without NASA's help there is the core most common refrain is that the technology just isn't available we've done this on the ISS but we haven't done this on Mars so we don't know if it's gonna work there's even been just blatant negative the grant debt retrieve the media saying this is a scam this is never gonna to happen
I don't think that's that's true Mars One derives directly from a program called Mars Direct which was developed over 20 years ago by doctors to women who is a yeah in aeronautics engineer at Martin Marietta which is now Lockheed Martin this plan was vetted by many NASA aerospace engineers they felt this was viable and it could be operated for a fraction of the cost of the 500 billion dollar plan that mass itself promoted and Mars One is a direct descendant
from Mars Direct it's less complex itself a one-way mission to the colonists go home and spend the rest of their life living on Mars but beyond beyond that this is a huge opportunity to move us beyond the boundaries of this this world where we started where we've been so far the opportunities for societal experiments gravitational experiments cosmology can we find indications of life on another planet law you gotta be there to look for it but we have 10 years to prepare for this 10 years to test the technology to try it in a simulated environment there are private investors were stepping up putting up the money to pay for that 1st launch I think this is something that's
that's going to happen the reason that I'm passionate about it is because I am 1 of the Mars One Rowntree candidates if you're interested in knowing more about this program please find me think a pretty easy to recognize spread the word tell people this is not a scale this is a real idea it's got some solid technology and solid science behind it thank you thank you and good day everybody officially beyond halfway mark some I invite you 1st to stand up for a 2nd vesicular exam yeah know I mean it's it's it's an effort assigned to the same weights involving an alright so if I see about a
mentorship pulsar down here she relates and how many of you tonight is about a people of our work as a mental has done some mentoring of people getting is a programming this 5 of you corridors mortuary cool excellent I want to you trouble Top Tips about mentoring I've been teaching for 12 years now mostly of computer science we America sort of topical jumps so labs and whatever you sort of our tutorials or some of the learning cool excellent good see that's you don't know an hour programmable certain schools often design and anyway so how would you be a great for so those are like how do you teach at all but it was thought about 5 quick ideas for a 5 Greek steps the 1st part is to just decided to do it but like most things that are interesting and difficult there is no clear prerequisite so you don't need any particular level of experience the store mentoring our we've seen student-to-student mentoring and as effective as early as a few weeks in a programming so if you have been programming a few weeks then you can be a mental to someone who is behind you the difficult stuff comes with consistency and they are for mentoring to be effective you need to do it on a regular basis and so great way to do that is through media up security have a local media that you attend or maybe start Altener session of a local meet up or just find someone that you're going to get together with or talk with overhang out moments and integrate on a consistent basis so maybe it's every Sunday afternoon at 3 pm something like that but getting to that consistency pushes you to do more interesting work and then just of being helpline the the biggest mistake that people make a mentoring but is that they do focus on stuff that's wrong let me know when you have questions right is the classic line and questions are interesting it is helpful to the person get over that hurdle of but that's not really what mentoring is there is just hoping soul small problem with the from them when you men saw someone in programming you need a focus on patterns of what led to this problem or what led to the software being gave you know some of these sorts of earlier about reading well source code and that super interesting because you can sort isolate and understand what were some of the patterns happening here and the followed that I can be applied to my work it the you'll often hear people talk about like judgment freedom entering world not now making someone feel bad that's obvious but about the program when the learning but the most effective way to do that is to focus on effort not on the results if you are mentally someone and they put 8 hours into a little question that you give them that's great but that that's agree outcome even if the soul and if they sold it in 10 minutes and then could be over 7 hours into it that's actually not a great opera like solving a small problem the purposes practice here if you through quickly by economists and point so focusing on effort over results and the last piece of I think if you're here for service talk yesterday you kids like super excited about working with aerodromes JavaScript's and as felt the most excitement about jobs those on stage yesterday at him until thank you for a woman uh so yeah there's so much amazing stuff that can be done with programming raves effectively superpower it's easy for people to get lost down in the details of how little they know and how everything socks and they can never build anything cool and it should be very empowering from NC to see their mental were struggle so if you're no jobs of amazing activity to do the men to use is grab an hour we know got some node box and try learn something together and so that they can see how you learn see how you debug problems and see some of the amazing things you can do it for them yeah the idea that think about a lot the last couple weeks is how mentoring teaching is really compound interest that's been amazes my 1st real stop cough in a few years that I have beginning of a regular talk but to see for my alumni former former students giving talks has been really part worry feels like they can do much more than item by myself and mentoring is a quick way like of relatively low F way to really change someone's life allow them to then continue that on amendments or more people so strongly encourage you to do it and that's it show up I decide to do would be consistent about a meter schedule focus on the patterns of success and patterns of failure right
along the actual failures and successes themselves sold with the effort that goes into something and 2 things that are also random this has set of whole every 1 of my name is Ivan and I work for people exposed how we make online and print stationary forward for Europe that the reflect your design and so we are hiring politic itself but today I'll be talking about winters and how we can integrate them into our workflow so all answered in a very general of level is just something every too cold and reports warnings against it and some of the things that they report can range from you know this local variable isn't being used for the summer of security flaw in code for example like SQL injection and so this is an example of the output that a mentor will give and notice that it gives the warning message the line number and the following so why should we use lenses of the disk and help catch the killers mistakes things like forgetting to use the barking and polluting the global namespace it can also be on it can also be a helpful for automated code reviews how many times have you had code reviews where I you will mention something and it comes up real are really often a wooden you want that to be automated and and also it would be a built their own would relieve the burden on the cold reviewers so they can focus on higher-level things in your code we vectors can also enforce a style guide so whether you like soft heads or use semicolons for jobs through the can force and have a consistent across a could that all but there are some challenges introducing them to to our could be used up at people's post of 1st of all the lexical base powerful this is 5 years old and over there are there are already a lot of warnings in them and it's not practical to go fix them all in 1 go also Lintas is a very opinionated subject but there there may be times where you disagree with rule for a very specific use case so how how can we you know just some of these issues that we have all we can think we commence incrementally and what I mean by that is just limp on your changes or your poet requests so that you're not introducing new warnings to code and how do we live on your changes so we had to pull request we had this on but we can't one-dimensional on on your just because that's legal partial files of so 1 way to solve it is to run the lecture on the file and only report warnings that of occur on lines that you've added or modified for example here's a poor request I put even more of the warnings next line and we see here that we're gonna report line 7 and not a 7 and 8 but we're not going to report the warning online for because that that is that is a line that we haven't touched the of the we we run into some problems with this and we we we we notice that there are some warnings that our 2 was not reporting and really boils down to this for example if we remove the line but the mid will report an error on line 6 but that is a line that we haven't touched so there's a report so how can we fix this the what we do what we can do is 1 of Linzer on a file before and after the changes and any new all that warnings are we could report those so for example here we have a of double quote strings of the morning on 4 and 7 and we report those because but that more that that morning course before and after the fall change but we do report below that warning on 9 6 because that's all movement warning that we haven't seen so just a recap of events is like mentors are really good tool for for you to use and we had some issues with the lexical base but we can address those violence Vincent incrementally and we had some problems implemented that but we ended up using a method where we run this against the lives so thanks for listening to me and if you're interested in the sense that all you can come talk environment what so that the hi my name is thing waste you on Twitter and so many ages and you can recognize because they were had a perhaps some ridiculous and hiring as said 1 of ominous a member of the
1st cover of a could install codata developers can cattle the year-long involves a month internship at a sponsoring company and everyone in my
in the 1st cohort was able to land a full-time position before then of the program so on top of my year in and not been real developer like in the wild for about 6 months and I've been lucky enough to attend a bunch
conferences in like just under a year and a half I've not been to 5 including this 1 and sentences range-free widely in terms of size and then really great to see the large ones such as strange they've been really conf and Ralph cops and provides
scholarships for newcomers are idea professionals the folks who might not otherwise have an easy way to get offended the scene and that's awesome so just a show of hands who here is um an opportunity scholars 1 so remaining or who has ever been wanna know knows of is them 1 so I've been 1 and and so in this also is a great
opportunity but other something completely different but
i'm measles had earlier this year the because dig up for about kids who are being back from evils and a garden hose it's great visualization for populations of varying degrees of accident members you
can run a simulation and here's an example of a likelihood of an outbreak in populations ranging from 10 % for over 99 per cent vaccination right an infection rates are what you might expect but is also edge cases in which populations that should have a higher chance of infection are not infected and populations of even and 90 % vaccination rate far it but the way my afterward to
measles and statistics have to do with real of well it's this analogy other has miserable staff and if there's 1 thing I've learned from this happened so far and it's to make if you wanna make sense of anything really need to measure so as I mentioned i've been survive conferences in the past 18 months of for the most part been pretty happy I love the really community and overall experiences that conferences has just gotten better but I know that this isn't true for everyone a colleague of mine who did not have the experience in the 5 conference that she went you over the course of the month and as a result she chose not to attend any conferences and all this year the till the are of
blog posts is basically this quote that more women should be encouraged to attend and speak at conferences for the caveat that it is likely that experience can be rough that can negatively affect what you understand your role in the deaf community or involve a lot more emotional work than anticipated many hopefully most of you are about the understand this
reality there are a few people harbor a who know about things like the code of conduct but unfortunately they still PMN hamster and the hamster is metaphorical you might even be surprised to hear that last nite even here a colleague of mine was given advice to herself off to men to get a job a little later another conference attendees whom neither of us knew made and masturbation jokes to both of us total awkward now I'm not saying these people and help them and raise awareness about how the situation affects or community as a whole because something like
this keep happening you start to wonder what can be done so let's talk about what and what can be done
so for example here we have come from the 18 opportunities dollars there's actually enough resources for more scholars the limiting factor wasn't the sponsors it was the guy now there are over 15 hundred people in attendance at this conference so perhaps is a better way we can promote guide opportunities because of achieve not just for the scholars but also for the rest of us if our chance to grow our community in many different ways as much as it is an opportunity for the scholars not just a to gain technical skills but to belong to something so 1 thing we can do a conference attendees and organizers is to volunteer for things like
this know the Quixote is that if you don't know someone well of met met somebody from a different background and you pause and think about what you said before you
in the Ruby community we pride ourselves on a thing communist 1 matters nice and so we are nice and were incredibly lucky that some of the leaders in every the communities that this kind of example and on so throughout this conference there have been a lot of
really great talks about empathy and engaging are awareness and we interact with people as is often an evil simulation even a few people forget about empathy has wide-reaching effects when that happens at a conference or at in the industry at large any of those people who are effective affected don't come back or you know died measles or something so here the resources
the most important of which is obviously a dodging and outcome that so many thanks to all the great women I've met here every decomposition my co-worker who help me prepare the stock which can work with it turns of you all I'm really glad that I have
never here today I so I have happy I'm a member of zeal and I have a very important lesson to teach the today I you know if you came to my talk here a little bit of a little bit earlier you know like it was kind of like me endoderm but you know what the real issues I'm a real problem that we need address and I hope that you have this chance to really kind of think deep and hard about this and because but it's not something go unnoticed very long and some it really is you handed but right now handle excuse me right now and always is really being the real core issue is that nobody really knows how to give a high 5 I mean like it's kind of issue it's like really kind of a problem and I feel like it's my responsibility that address I'm and you know sometimes there's just that right opportunity so when you can really can embrace the things around you and you find harmony with the world and but then it's common issues you know I mean let's think about it everybody needs 1 we all need 1 people we all need
1 and this is a chance to do so and the
idea of the 7 words kind goes awry
we have broken yeah I
mean this is why this is an issue we need to talk about the issues so Addicus opportunity right now to address that with all the How would you leave its day I urinal the more I demarcated than you did when you came I am and you should feel great about that so many take this opportunity to go there right now you on so 1st thing you need to know they need all of you to stand up stand up commandment United right on stand up I get on matrices years a laptop decide whatever OK and I know what you're gonna do during a find a partner but the you had this
everyone as a partner by you look to the person you're right 1st step is you gotta make eye contact it's gotta be like meaningful like and that really right here due to all right next thing is here and up and up there is no don't don't go too far below the divide people because it's not it's not this you know like go all the way back to like air in the right now I don't know what we have to do is you look at the elbow look at their elbow OK this is a diagram and full-fledged billboard it it's that simple it's really that simple on me to another person because I do it again do it again for of the last in so and if you really want upon at the bottom of the broken just go for it I thought that I was able to you and your really kind of address this challenge I would say that we have a little offering for everybody if you're still alive 5 . com you can actually send high fives other people on twitter all we can actually collect a 1 we don't like Paul that if it if we just have it so that it included together so you know I was a good thought about the sooner but if you see a good doctor you data people that you understand I 5 2 years ago way to do it totally works it's a lot of fun eventually will put of education and so you but until that point data by a variety of some of the of the of the of the
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Titel Lightning talks
Serientitel RailsConf 2015
Teil 64
Anzahl der Teile 94
Autor Fernandez, Obie
Gleason, Lance
Baccigalupo, Claudio
Rigor, Christopher
Kibble, Chris
Morrison, Reid
Quick, Joshua
Arko, André
Defazio, Shane
Evans, Jeremy
Sloan, Isaac
Dean, Joe
Sharma, Nitie
Virata-Stone, Mike
Halley, Gabriel
Harpole, Aaron
Davis, Ryan
Meredith, Elle
Maldonado, Gonzalo
Degen-Portnoy, Peter
Casimir, Jeff
Tse, Ivan
Hsu, Hsing-Hui
Cuppy, Adam
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DOI 10.5446/30680
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract 0:12 - Obie Fernandez 1:28 - If you know who this is 2:21 - Lance Gleason 7:10 - Claudio Baccigalupo 12:10 - Christopher Rigor 15:30 - Chris Kibble 17:53 - Reid Morrison 23:17 - Joshua Quick 24:34 - Jason 25:50 - Amy 27:59 - André Arko 31:04 - Shane Defazio 33:16 - Jeremy Evans 37:53 - Isaac Sloan 43:05 - Joe Dean 48:40 - Nitie Sharma 52:12 - Mike Virata-Stone 56:45 - Gabriel Halley 1:00:55 - Aaron Harpole 1:03:05 - Ryan Davis 1:06:47 - Elle Meredith 1:12:04 - Gonzalo Maldonado 1:17:43 - Peter Degen-Portnoy 1:21:56 - Jeff Casimir 1:27:30 - Ivan Tse 1:32:11 - Hsing-Hui Hsu 1:36:57 - Adam Cuppy

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