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on the wall we don't want learn the roots of course economies of scale Virgil and the here of the view of the of the you know the spirit of God I'm using the framework with the Israelis and the use of which are I also started asking is and as you can see that the world is still in use this so that was part of the to the the 1st
day of the 1 with the lowest part of this movement by use so they spin the
series of your your your photograph and pulses of terms in use he was 1 of them was the user wants to hold a
meeting on this is that you know you have the outside of the world is lost it's not really designed it so performance and so they're all out of the city police we're going into hysteria and and also the the unit is also stated that the characterization this fall of the in the easier it remains the case you know how originally would the users on a lot of but the right of the and so you the yeah I'm going to start in the all animals
so those are the parameters that was the max so we have to see how this works and while we use all of this is where it all started many and the others were only a 1st season the out
on us the it's your time
on In or out the use that
so this is the arrest of Islamic this see that you want to build the use of music that the rest of my view I ask you if you laugh you know I mean you know you that is only what is from this you should look at once and you will usually has focused on those that use that Hughes you're the to you were this is really is 1 of the flesh out here in the US and Europe through the with their oral something like this so that he has also developed reverse that what this in the onset of this work the way of the need so long as long as it is in 1 of users of the rest of the profit from India said at the start of our of time just you move only in the world you get are all that is the person Jonas has got to as the modern man on the same Bramalea really so you can use the was the use of these people here at the start of a career of all of the possible but he says I needed was to reduce it to people who lost a lot of times we sitting on the you know all of you have to that all just the Bohr is built on this was her own his own the 1st 1 is basically say you know about and the fattened instead also tried to use the variance of the people around the world I'm going to that by the is the time was that answers your gave to use there's work you have to say you were while strategies that all of this has the world was OK so what are that the most sports for the gaze activities that that rule wire and then these also so they pulled him over the was but with the ancestors of because that have to do you know Roman and so the but would you mind people around area all on the during more officers that it is the same as the mechanism by which the exchange of fire on some kind of center the parolees you reverse spiral and he is saying this is that it was all over so we also need to hold me your all so far it has spread all over
the whole model in which it is head of the of the of the of the following day do not think that did is based on where we use a little letters written out in view of possibilities and it says you need to know that was controls your using
this chart here are position on it and dealing with use of the the the the and the right answer that were enacted theory about how they will probably be cast aside from the last or whether it is the part of the house of the these need not all be probably also be on the 1st of all let me ask that we have here is a lot of you the the it should
also runs was just roll it back on the of part of the sum of the parts so the say I was the won't
you know show this to the house also called on the vowel that's the used arise because there are 2 to all of this is all relations that allows of the esterification all those terrorist even in we then it is that and was owners generally fall through the roof of the on the health of a hedge funds with all that every user logged in the loss is all over the world these all around the world and and and was used also these is not the use of the URI or so on your right best these 10 recommendations rely on the use of the mean on the associated with to do this for the rest of you laws
been there is more fun and this has to do is you know I because you know what was the thing to notice is that there is a lot the usual over there you so the number of you so falls under the units using it of but users user knowledge was that so long you know I will not be here is that all of us the same past and he knew from the start that as long as the service was that a fact and not something that so with that of the
yeah and it's used in order to to the standard heat from the paleocene or because of that here is still in use that most so again I know what it's as tho the pits calls over the tune to the so this the same new years or so have been forced to sell our and will was just the sort of relation to members of the jury backed off so let's have
a party in the year these files are and it's as if the user wants excessively based on what you are made of the weight of the process of writing the pressure population so we have the following up on a good because all of these things and so the realities of the profits you crossed this this whole you passed on latch you the beyond so the new
vertices however said set of tools are not that she's also said the less you off background was sitting on the use of birth for that was the wall test it follows that the ones we moved from which all of you have for using this because provides sports disappearance you you were the of Einstein's is lower than that of the very amusing through the use of the word to mean that all in this case already as you were about to resist the the Park so all 1 of the uh all of Jerusalem was last data in the past that it was not that is going to hold it acts on the also I'll start is still and so he
was really easy you part of the deal here is that no increases the mass of the in the year in the all of the of the Bureau of these are and use all along powers vested in the online regret it and so are all the all these little further using part of the world where you can directly you will use those far all the release of all terms that the process the office received lower cost
that are using this is where what happens the needed to the user and
past you was there all the time but there's a Certain against it but this is the last so the is here is 1 of the base of of the it is the moment you are in the same class or the other part will ourselves that that means you if that this of the original signal is but this was like that but I don't know was only on using it that the knew so that he was there is this can you rest on the left so so the ones that are used in our area that you're looking like uses the parliament has but it is based on
the 1st of all I will reduce the size of use of so many that was used in the region of where the issues we are still in there what was the world at the use of this is that so that's kind of the the G soon I mean it's not so obvious to you that we use the the minute you need to find the right is she moves stations using profits profits in the past so a is that the result of all you need to have the best thing for a variety of sports she 1st years were mostly communicates with hazard had been around for us In the last thing that emerged for whom the the dialog with the you know so it out and as far as his really roaring along because you were and whether our Johnson's is that will start on the parents users generally very rich nations theories and is lost and your mother have here is the set of you of around that might mean universities are that's later was also on the well this is your 1st column and is the best way out here we have in the Arab world vision to she's all this data from the source to the top of the hour she's still goes he said it cannot be here so is that you will have a and you'll also has the power so this is the last all over so long as a year review of the use of words literally you can buy was produced using this this is true this is where I want work but still useful references off the last and most of but here's the growth of the user what we actually began as long users are spilled about all parameters can so you talk to the the use of the phrase so it's more so that was our world in order integrated really is something that is a solution that you've made presently the
so that the on starts the day can I certainly don't found out they were getting is the what is the use of an hour of time as there are in the same way as the very 1st sampling Jack focuses on solving the problem at hand that answer on seniority out from that maybe what you will need this stop getting there on the where you have to find a our I argue that this was the use of our view of the but there a of the being that any the number of years it's still on the evidence that it is very long process which started out and it will not be last as well this it was certainly in the loss this is living in our communities from the United States for this kind of death and the effects of this lack all periods to then
he has this month
and around the world as the group so you usually is 1 of the scholarly buyer this time to set it up in the last years we can also carry isn't really wants so
the title of any of that is because won't knowledge of this of the this the not hundreds in the region the use of the so far more especially if you have a primary energy sources and was found in the salt as long as you don't have to be here we had this conversation will be is really so this is not a survivor was minor characters like you know this is a really matter that has to using this in that
no so we're able to follow a set of rules so the weird and this is not true there and this species you talk about you know how that reaction is heated up very human need but rarely do not see that you don't really want to you out on top this is greater
than it really is a so this is based on the policy right because all the colonnade part we is that it is the thing that we have to be that loads of which it is whether this is a lot so this was the highest probably worth it because the so is this is all the and we so
the world these are actually have you lost all and so the only thing known will also have a boat easily gives them as the reason and all share the policies we lose time because there was here so you have something to do the most you know about the axis article look it's really worried about how this function here's so user logs me about a lower utilization of cooperation as wrong about so there's lots of house unless it was so worried about who was the most you Rumania certainly university you got worse last aspects it not only that but it's not but the literary gospel were rocks on the use you yourself as you will later on the ones that you know I was just going on the air or some rules that you were right the start of the use of the on the Earth so to this really like that far balls you will use all the time it will work best decision during the summer last sentence of remark closes all articles loss so the only the where and as you know the means the paragraph also this so and this is a loss of properties that very the and it is 1 of the whether or not the are have had used for and so he was so you all day or what you have will of the number of talking about in reality more and I'm going to get so you're using the law as these 2 areas but so pretty and there's a certain that the old you are the 2 and so on and so on and you it but it was not a lot of work what they want to Austria all that would be so again so area and those he gets a period so that you get the most of your to the to a certain 5
is found to be here so the 1st thing is that we all at the moment I have your sleep and you use of the and how did you of this the the it represents the latest state of these class so instead of all of the history of this fall at all of the world religion restricted policy she presented here is that you know our state in the so was the was he then you should try it sometime and friendships with people like the that so moving on this line half that of the lovers service the any is usually share files that use this a a single conversation you rare anymore but it also has the last so that it can be also they're fine of the major lumi what's your visits that city the use of so
the 1st hour what you try to what was going to read out these are the greater the loss of a a where see these so these tools and that gets you to remain this on to universal and wild animals that use I think
so we need to have a cigarette you will hear now the user during the period just ask how about this like always most of us follows but these people also be lost fast we also offshore so the and so bounding the police used by the the model serious predatory pricing is the rules that we have still so there is the argument tools Veisal uses community with the 1st as a result of so is the
using of history and the government's site sigh only as well as some you and the polymer is variable 1st units on this new class of Parliament since all of the following is a variant of medieval so that the user loses the rest of the city in the south of the communities of status here range from the prior to this so you might as well as the answers
as it is his class at the origin of life after the solution is the center of the of all the words to be found in the United States is being so we know that we use
the grenade only discussed where there were were also bring the 10 nation that surround wrong so all that diseases that just for you see here of all the rest of this year in the life of the resources that we on behalf of the World Series that that the last of these you will they do you over parts of the system of right and CUT was the of since we were going to its user or users of also by the last line of all acts in on also a worrisome is here we have a lot of so long is chose graphs testing the probably monitoring of so so that the Americans at the 1st half of the time as far as I know he's the so this is this'll actually you're going to love it was built and is is that no 1 had more of to be here is
silent and a the use of it that you are analyzing it of fusion less staff and the use of all the users the consider this would be the output of the area last year is not doing that quality of the but more in line with the aim of there's you know because I don't want you to use your time as the purpose of the generator is you're out parts so the stress that he would have to be seen as the not so you might not were there and so far as he was here yet of the we also on this is from the news alone will reactions actually that we need to do is about social social level refers to the use of your aristocratic problems with
a residual followers the solutions
so that you have to say this was in the mosque he knows oral what's you might also be so gotta and we use the velocity polyols fall is less so although where there were people really got was usually to about where it is they're up and down the last 2 years so a lot of these words that act found and so on they use in this case you have recommended by people not just is there's a new article will require use all of the group on the input of here in the summer we already know access to a few of you know what I wish you all the real world of in these g shops over our history I think together you know the number of homes this because the more they have the same this page through the native however last so long and they will buy last year on the bus and I want only half of the patients the Basel in hearing rooms levels so that they were halting I made you want 1 of the things I do it so that was the
security of the year you really the on the prior the problem that being here I knew was about this issue was also you do not have associated with to the last of you and you're wrong points because you were a extracellular of to the lowest cost people in the was given so that also in the of the you really did not have the right to vote is all as far as I read it can also the only service for there has to add up to some of
these we will have to so you of thank the the so here it's
no further In his you know how far expression of those releases rules on that and most of those or and is the 1st
we have is the whole of the rest of the world to give you a religion that will numbers versus be the same as all along she yeah it's I'm not only yes it was hard to let us this site
that is worse than that just want rumor and you run it balances rooms are fast as part of the problem with you use of the Great Wall if
there were not really yeah man this is the world of the that so we have this call a friend of the growth in the video from 1 of them is the same as the she virus these so these all of the fact that people in that use of of users the throughout the whom CGI and the so this is very aware and analysis of the Paris it in there is a system of formal but if I say you know were just happy to offer she's all other students of those let us the and you let yeah who will not slavery the move up if you look at that time this thing is that this was the food the it so the sooner that on the other hand was up the fact so you here is that you the also is 1 of the things in the wrong answer here that you are but that is only you see the red and the world but you know what those you see here is also like this that you in there and a lot of this is a really long back I really want to know what's around this figure in the cell of so here is the to and is so we have the you a the have
used 1 was more the
other been really figure is great this is not the end of this unit was sense on so that that is the that users who of course the work of the ongoing lack the rule studying the the nature of missiles go off of the weather the government so as to were choice of using these are so the original about that is that we have to follow the time so as to what we always we're using this it's really all you at the start of each of the numbers in and are in love and that is the result of the which really stop there and used to to all of these 2 diseases of of the numerous is through the a is a virus during the war you was right so this is where the fossils what is the mission and the way that you would have and the 1st the people that you have so this is the only URIs note on of course yes we want to use it in 2 the of the scrutiny of what is you know these people with no work you need to be aware of the rescue of the Senate and the House of Parliament so you know that when I was in the year of the pack so is there and as you have said you're over you know to what you should some of it is that you have to you so you know some of reasons that you will receive a message on so instead of going to read you run around the province reason about and that is the the the this study in these cases where we have a response unit that we use that to you I select prior over the of the point that we are part of is you use all of your power in unit selection is the 1 that of were the in the sounds of site and they actually where person on consumer what's be these are as the result of that we want to get over it so this of I probably initially the of the use of some of the parts the so it let's that was the 1st and I I will use the facts of the past we all rules also will you see that all of the virus was the of the world also in universe or the word he said this was the way to the root of all so exhilarating use of fire and others would like to call the new learning as the process of emotions that binary losses are only in 1 of the of the of the of the of the user has the power to use in the 1st order the users of some of the are this is the end of the day and all and the and so as the the the idea you're in the US or actually in the you could do so that here we have all of you have to is you have to hold it to you so that you can say the know of workers to because the the work on you and this hostage the where some of the theories and a lot of good and some of the things we
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Reverse Engineering
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Metropolitan area network
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Hasard <Digitaltechnik>
Physikalisches System
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Bus <Informatik>


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Titel Now Hear This!
Untertitel Putting Real-Time Voice, Video and Text into Rails
Serientitel RailsConf 2015
Teil 42
Anzahl der Teile 94
Autor Klang, Ben
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen und nicht-kommerziellen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben.
DOI 10.5446/30685
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract When you want to talk to someone, where do you turn? Skype? Slack or HipChat? Maybe even an old-fashioned telephone? As great (or not) as these are, they all fail in one important way: Context. As developers, why don’t we enable our users to communicate where they are doing everything else, right inside the browser or mobile app? The technology to make contextual communications is evolving quickly with exciting technologies like WebRTC, speech recognition and natural language processing. This talk is about how to apply those building blocks and bring contextual communication to your apps.

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