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Interviewing like a Unicorn

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geometry of this is going to be much than that of the any of the 1st really as well is the people right if you have a problem with that of the the of the all of the inverse of what we do is figure out how to deal with the that all of the 1 of the you know you get more the work those were aware of the of the of the of the variants of the the of the will of the people the and here there will be a problem if you here for you that is that the teachers and given that and and versions of words this is a candidate but there are a lot of so all these things the wire but they are a of the same thing so the the the problem right there are a lot of the work but the the 1 and the next thing that we know about the 2nd 1 after the other parts of the world so that you find in the form the question and then the rate of the reaction and would be the solution of the a group work in signed and the all the people that I call you and so them were there is a reason the here and now with the old and the other part and you're going to use the 1st time that the people of the area of the environment of the 1 of the U N in the way that you might want to think the people of the of the the more of the in the world and you know the the the so you don't have I say you're on the other hand the United States in the and the more you know the the the the the the the result of so that this in a way that you like to see the same thing there's a lot of words and the thing you're on the right is that the characters in 1 of the I from all these these you know kind like you know I the the the the the the the I have the time you have the the the the the history best and the work on doing what they're doing here is just that I have wanted to see if you can get on the and and that's in the in the in the the the and so on you you know and the of the the the the the the the the the name that he would is the yeah so so so so as long as you're going through so so what you might the 1st the is you know you have something the form of the you know you don't hear of of the universal but it's going to have you know what the set of a lot of the exactly what is your view of the so all right and you say you know you're to In the end of the story the the I because that is what that the at the end of the day the in the not in the the much of the In this course I I don't change the it's it's and so by the end of the day and all of that and maintenance of the of the in that sense you know the layout of the age that you have and then the and the back of the but you of that thing and I'm not going to go on internet of so if the user has to really that you have to actually go also or you know all of this is that the of only in working environment where the process you at the beginning of of the of the of the of the British people around is the was was associated with that of a war in we're going to be what would you differently so the 1st part of this is that the people from some of the things in the same way over the top of the same people around the world in the past that we have a half hour or so that you would like him and that was the last thing I worry about the rules that you want to go in the you know the 1 that I was in love with variable thing that we can use the right and of in the tools and the right thing to is on the 2nd part of the game and there was 1 of the that we have of of ITER so we provide the 2nd question so that at 1st of all the mean of the form that you found on all so that the of all of the people in the original point and the theory and the ball it is in the of the of the of the of the 1 of the few work anywhere on the general here that was around the interesting thing here is that we're it all in Europe and the monkeys I knew that I was wondering if you can read about on the use of the law and the prophets you know what you learning to prevent of false-positives or false-negatives generating a little over a year and a half of the stream of we need
to be managed by the the as a universal moral of it's someone who is a bit on the side of the and that's 1 of the many of the the cost of the the candidate is it at the same time that the 2 of you had a next the if you had to have been good and a lot of what the user is has asked to about the and then the rest of the year in the I don't want to spend a lot of and that is the part of of the of thing the meaning of this the most of it is is that I hold what kind of boxes of this position relative to the best the king and of the positive and you can see that the firing hiring over I mean and I know that using a lot of people who think have the experience for the rest of the talk is useful and so the this and that that all this like I said it was a kind of the of the of the of the structure and the hazard of people so they mediate the data out there in the data and the other thing is that our way of life in the area of the various things in the area under the memory of the remainder of the year when the times for the processing times for you and in Iran is best most in the early days of the in the world and the projection of the of the fire the so what do you look at the site last year to year and then the other 1 is here you know that the majority of the work that was only on the voice of the of the most of the you can get the task is over there is an example of that in the past years the the problem in this state of the art in the library you don't know what you have here we go hand in hand that so we that of the think that is higher than that of the we and that your response to this we don't know this from the point of this is the new in the world the beginning the of the of the I think to for the rest of the that the of the you know this is this is a way of you FIL philosophical to stand in and around the world in use in the you know the name of the man in the way of the use of the of the of the name that those because the onset of the letters and you I don't that on that hand in the in the most people in my hands go the situation where the the the under this last thing the I definitely on for 2 or 3 people on board I did know that say that the last thing that so I have to say that he didn't the 1 on but not how it that that people often just search and you know enough to get to the the work that he that for his work on the but what I also ask people to lower their and also also in the past year for the of the something that you if you look at the time the character of the people in the environment and the and the origin of like the the the the the the the the the what is the impact on the other hand the in the end of the word error in the of that in in the past and there are many users with the highest degree and I was in in fact a I so all of this the thing is that we really want to work with the goal of the of the of all the kernel of the of the of the of the of the cage the 260 people in you mind relying on the so we're all of the of the of the of the of this and this and that but it also has to do with the view that the additional reserve of we would like to more and also of 2 of them minimum that will be more so that was the end of the process and the holes in the picture this is the sort of thing so the image of g and the of of the it also having the vision of how was you know a lot of you know the law of something that so if you have to do things that were on the right in the removal of the whereas here must on in the world that all of the mean and variance of the 2 so do you do a lot of the translation of the talk employers moral but it was also a lot of them on the the 1 of the in other right the number of the status of I of the ones you find that it here In the 1st time you want to know that there is a lot of work in the
when I was a visiting the sentence was selected because we don't want to have to experience but in the problem of actually also the of the of the of the of the of the week after that that you might find a way forward that you would have to agree on that is the thank you this about the work was to think that we have all of the work on the and the the this that and the other is that of the so we know that these people have of all that using the AUC results out of all of them in the colonies were really give you the for of because 1 at a time of these is to have been mentioned some of the ones so example of a kind arbitrary problems with this field in the test is going on in that kind of thing so you can understand which is 1 of the things that I of you end of the there is a need and act that leads me to my kind of the of the and in the face of the earth by standing on the on the other end of the year so it the end people here about in the holes in here because they were worried about some of the problems listed in the americas depends on the number of the idea that I give you the as we will let you know the the the the way that the law of different from you it the of course the of this and I and he that they may not be the end of the the loss of the training uh and I kind of get back on that the time so this was a constantly on how in the data set and so on which was 1 of the things that are found within the time in the way around the world in the past because of the way that the door and the is that the word is in a very because of the mainland of and this is what we have higher and 1 of the major ways of of a friend of you I think of that you know that that I have a lot of the end of this year with the people I think of it the 1 of is the you know also the trees and the size of the so called because the the the people who were called the importance of the web and each of all of the news over the duration of the order of the of the of is of the the solution of this and was 1 of the most on what you have something to do with the value of the cost of so that's what this is saying on the on the same thing in the belief that I have here on the on the right hand side of the word that we have not using using words and the for I think that the regional so and I would say there is nothing in the the the the state of the art remember that you know of the new model something to worry about and it has been shown to to the position of the of the of the of the of the of the of the of the the the the the the the of the the the the the the the the the part of the of the thing in the world of the problem the 1 of the of you a but I think that 1 of the the the the the the the the that you use that a and you can use the reading of the literature and this was 1 of the of the of the of the of the of the of the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the rest of and here was that the the the the the the the the the the the the the the all the all the all the kinds of things that you know the only thing you can do of we all this all of you in the in the
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Titel Interviewing like a Unicorn
Untertitel How Great Teams Hire
Serientitel RailsConf 2015
Teil 40
Anzahl der Teile 94
Autor Fernandez, Obie
Grant, Allan
Lerner, Aline
Percival, Alaina
Uddaraju, Chakri
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DOI 10.5446/30675
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Every interview you conduct is bi-directional and creating a bad candidate experience means you'll fail to hire the team that you want to work on – you can't hire great people with a mediocre hiring process. The experts in this session have analyzed thousands of interviews and will share how to create a great candidate experience in your company and how to scale your teams effectively. Candidates can use these same lessons to prepare for interviews and evaluate the companies interviewing them.

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