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Keynote - The Impermanence of Software
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and so that was bump when business so I did do the 5 K this morning because I'm an idiot and when I got there they gave me this
number which seem to be a harsh and Sophos minor noisy might not so about things around so I but and phi K so from legs and so the voice not properly and all I would like everybody stand up which also would give rampant study the backing of honesty but so you're out of luck can't mandate of chemical and the this again we turn around his back but if the answer then found fun find and then take that optimal a about the it is your 1st companies they stood up please in there 1 of the down all right now I releasing down point of standing up and my flight the the the many times over those exams you have nullified it like it's a I use it on I mean sit down did proof therefore full that the man might find as the gates whoever you want for every month right
minority lies this by already know we'll thinking the thinking and this guy is the entire reason with here and is not and I think in her books and she was actually explain program in a way that helped me understand it and again this guy books again and was helping the entire ruby Conference in Guilford ran in the 1st place so is this grinning idiot this and that's but those you can actually see me I'm actually think the other kid on the on the right in 1982 with head and so who am I on on specially and understood working developer limits to be become was of a consultant because it helps keep the dairy up the only difference is the programming committee of unwise and unwisely given the exclusive use of this microphone for the next half hour set I little opinionated newsletter this interval the ruby carried out every couple weeks slightly with the when and why I have to use it so late actually is then about the only difference being the microphone and will such hawking who the so this is actually quite personal so there's no much code we are getting into some serious life stuff I hope you will indulge me this is called and Spicer told the story about and haven't seen for the 1st time and if she has a gun a call when it's a simple you start to the Pivotal Labs office cell that he's now back in the U.S. running the Seattle office is a huge part of me being of to do the work I do now the informants my professional thinking he gave me the opportunity to work with him in his team and help me at the 1st Conference of the ground the reason is a slide is that he pointed out the following conceit which I basically stolen from Eitel so this is the number of hours and the average human life about 10 years ago call worked out roughly it's the same as the number of pixels on 1 of these fibers they wanted now old man
and so I have a more modern comparisons have a normal known massive I iPhone at there is many pixels on its screen is they're all hours and the average human life in my life so was that look like this is what
life looks like as a phone screen of ours from skeletal that the funds ago bigger but I'm not going so use this to sleep this is why learning to talk learning to walk going to get loop holes playing this is school this is university if you go out by roughly here and so this tiny on spot but you can still see is this conference I which I'm delighted to be speaking of slowly terrifies once this larger block so red block is is the week of mostly by had on the floor of a hospital and when my twins born and you can see my daughter there is already plotting to take over the world it these thoughts although 3 years of the Review Conference the UK brain really if you fancy getting a transatlantic flights to the south coast of England in summer next year you would be delightful if you could make it this blog is the 20 work days it took to upgrade the lost Rell's application I went on from 3 to 4 the if you have any old rails that I can be fully a little sliver you can see this is the amount of time it takes to what all 28 hours of the mobile cinematic universe so the idea that life is short is not a new idea how a chat even mentioned in his talk yesterday evening as I solid freak out of 2 thousand years ago a Seneca around philosopher wrote people are frugal indulging their personal property but as soon as it comes to squandering time they are most wasteful of the 1 thing in which it is white right to be stingy from real freaked out right now Chad spoke about like the short of mentioned again I particularly if like me you've seen any of the Marvel movies more than once strapping is not earning any better for that but there's the hands up if this sentence means anything to you that's not bad and my people this is really a beautiful trip down memory lane the and so Lucasfilm's games was an offshoot of the industrial light MAGIC who with a special effects company formed when they created stalls and the training to become the results that a strong line in these fabulous point and click graphic adventures they're made by small teams with strong personalities creative people writing funny you can buy them now on IOS some of them there's been remastered and they're really hold up but in my formative years teenage years I spent days enjoying the words puzzles worlds writing here at these games and they really do hold but this was my favorite the game I love was called The Secret of Monkey on and became full floppy disks they have physical copy protection that disk you can see the spin around a match the para faces input number and it was at a tale of Particle adventure it's alleged to be the source of some of the parts of the Caribbean things because it was influenced by the same right it is I love this guy I loved it so what you do with this enthusiasm if you are a massive 15 year old man let me take you back to 15 but this is my 1st website I mentioned the back into an old CD-ROM back up it has tabled facts it has been a 12 was I called the images are myself it's amazingly loads in modern Safari wouldn't but it does look a bit weird on the Y the as greater the desired resolution as specified by 15 year old male mouse is clearly the efforts of quite a lonely 15 year old boy how can tell it's the late nineties the that will bring elaborate whereas so for those you know we're bring is it it's what we did the full social media I it's a light but when the internet run schemes that kind of thing and you can see also the new gift which is figure that sadly disappeared from modern websites sadly this work of unalloyed genius burns to broadly and is lost come along sadly program sadly but with this would finally genius burn to brightly and is lost for the internet for forever that's was looking for the half you half and so that's good years costs I had agreed I get blue-chip corporate job and lose it I get a girlfriend keep up get married despite the Magellan fans like and it's the simple a change careers from the corpora back to the site style of buildings a teenager what you with my frank up in small teams of great people learning how to do engineering properly properly so I was retained by differencing full and so this stuff up and we raise a little bit my as it is pretty easy to raise sea captain was there a dictator had a real business plan we wouldn't sell things for money but it is unusual for some stuff up so is a travel sort of doing flash-sales Floetry hotels the tech was also the team lovely and hilarious I have like Tex falls on harvest of stuff we said like sitting in Starbucks all the city and we solve interesting problems but we won the 1st companies to embrace response to the bell and have a cool admin things but given EPI the main actor was awesome we had my friend that we even had some profitable months the travel if anyone can travel will know it is absolutely brutal unless you can make use of the Google add machine work if you are shipped out of luck so this also is you don't all I want for so when my wife and I returned to the UK as impulse fly was winding up joe heavily part with the twins Whitesands this in contracting for but you know I didn't want to on a job what have really committed to the start about from on to it and I didn't fancy the VC start of world on sick to death of travel which is how I ended a working at how strip of EC funded travel the much work so I joined it was massively dysfunctional port I joined the team of 4 people reimplementing MailChimp rather than just using my options so the engineering team were terrified of the legacy apps with working in and the pressure of a hybrid start so were raising like the series see you be right around which is like more money than it was really matter and they tried to raise this cash and had been foreign money on the Google bonfire to accelerate growth for the Hill wall and lot for now so 6 months into my my job that there were layoffs my lots of land was a shitty for more than half of engineering 80 percent of designed 67 product managers 30 to 40 people my co-workers all gone it's not a week however post this unfortunate event something strange started happen but the remaining part a team of 10 or so engineers and cover design really started to gel it was all something like lots of parents of teaching lots of learning much sense a blouse with the ProTour long it turns out I'm sure got the shit work of on picking the cost and refactoring legacy the something smoother and sleeker it was sort of changing the wheels on a moving car so as long as and then would also capable nice human beings another and it again this the people I worked with their that we keep a legacy slack around because he doesn't even know slack how often described this period of how strippers keeping the nose of a crashing airplane white we sort of got safely to the runway but we still crashed but we impression to the ceiling miles miles from the Apple still crashed so I'm feeling a little bit how charlie sheen looks and 1st you a side here like allegedly he stayed awake for 2 days to get not properly off his face look for this cameo on in later years he just took all the truck so given the house flies have a better
survival rate in my websites but to think this might be something on writing be interested in OK I the really proud of the so who here has shut down a website for being a failed venture yeah it's because on surprises memorial maybe I'm terrible them but I guess I'm all alone in all of my code being gone by
hardly the 1st person to have made disappearing website supports these are years of people's lives I miss Google reader what got me
to the this here there's a models tumbler from capital God for the UK it republishes the cheery shut down it's a failing startups as they are about as the remnants of the more bought more hired by Google Facebook besides the abandoned and their uses data is gone as not all bad though like something's deserve to
die the thing the I mean I
don't feel like she says the show of when your arms a sweaty was a good idea I have
otherwise rover anyone passing to law school time when it was around what we learned here like you can't foresee adding money doesn't guarantee longevity by having good design and engineering just more help so even the things we turn off or shut down nose Chavez saying yes that is constant refreshing redesigning re-architecting are very day-to-day work is often the destruction of the work we did before links rot code decays entropy wins so it's not about the
results all the work given a building on shifting sands like perhaps it's about the journey so what can we learn from our industry
about success and making it but it's in research I've done a detailed analysis
of every the e-mail I received from a recruiter in the last 2 years I would like to share with you the scientifically derived average job in the tech industry in the so as not as the rank and file of the tech industry what I like industries leaders but I have to say about things the state jobs famously wanted to put his dent in the universe some good making history this Mercer Mass of the being there on the weekend is a huge indicator of success mostly because these companies don't just happen they happen because of who really hard work OK works super hard just presence founder of were called have me a glorious legacy stratus until recently the CEO of Aruba this also which can best be described as the root sexual-harassment but he's the the I like can't even pretend to take advice from this month these people all in the nicest possible way wildly foolish including the jobs sacrifice your health but working all hours is a point of virtue that thank but run a company with abject morals know treat people Paul in the pursuit of some nebulous success I think so this doesn't stop but the guilty of this in the past go big or go home you leave your mark on the world work long hours advice from successful people this survivorship bias the human brain is a storytelling machine that likes add narrative where there wasn't any people look like they know where they're going but they don't in fact if they think they do they might be genuinely dangerous or friend Seneca again it is inevitable but life will not just be very short but very miserable for those who acquired by great toil what they must keep by even greater new preoccupations take the place of the old hope excites more hope and ambition more ambition they do not look for an ends then misery but simply change the reason for it the Senate is not the only philosopher introduce you to this morning this is because of the but unlike serious storm my slide this is alan lots a British philosopher who reinterpreted love eastern wisdom for the Western world in the late sixties and seventies he had this to say about the journey or during ordinarily know audio and likely
path of the polis side money in and out of and what's audio because music as
an art form is essentially playful we say you play the piano you know what the PM while music differs from the fact that when you travel you are trying to get some in music though 1 doesn't make the end of a composition of the point because of the company if that was so the best conductors would be those who play faster and there will be composers who wrote only if enough people go to govern just because crashing call because that they have to say when dancing you don't aim at a particular spot in the wrong that way you should arrive at the whole point of the government on some
brings back to the slide what if this is all we have instead this is a photo from last December you might deduce a family resemblance from the profile this is a photo of me my dad is the last sight of us together he died 2 weeks of taken he was 64 you would halt his whole life low multi hour commutes into London late nights it recently remarried and was looking forward to his well and timely he was 64 in his energy their himself he was was prepared he admitted that lots of points his life he was what like balance at his funeral people most admired the way the quality that after everyone not the tasks achieved a work I'm not trying to panic you I'm trying to give some perspective in the way it was given to me in the last year if you do want to leave a legacy don't expect it to be the obvious I guess my point here is the finale is the same for all of us and is not the journey we should focus on there is just 1 destination this is why I love and what his metaphor for life as adults your work the code isn't going to be remembered jets as much as the but they should be for union of all sorts of ways of 0 point decide your life is not going to be fun the only truly profoundly extraordinary things most of us experience will be the things that every human can experience death low birth if there is no certainty you can still enjoy the movement so a psychologist Michael the self actualization I love to dive into the flow state of programming I love taking apart software and putting it back together of improving things little by little leaving the code better than I found I love to loose myself in problem solving I love the dominance of code this is why I love Rabin the field designed a program happiness it fits me there's another famous philosopher who said for me the purpose of life is partly to have joy programmers often feel joy when they can concentrate on the creative side of programming sir Ruby is designed to make programmers have specifically designed to help us get into delightful flow state we can dance with with that join the movement momentum perhaps can lead into all sorts of bad behavior is that the bad behaviors we talked about before the long nights of hard work my current cake is with a fabulous team of 7 in my hometown Brighton 1 the best habits we have is a regular as clockwork full-team retro takes a couple of hours every week every 3 weeks really but every time the meeting comes around I think will the again every time we surface problems solve issues and understand each other better there's a variety of behaviors around this the help an openness respect for each other but for me it's the self-reflective the really shines through to get my head of the weeds my friend Sara is right about loads of things was still code may not last forever and no 1 is going to build statues of us life is too short to be building useful stuff the point of this reflection is to work out the movement you enjoy cat bacon the happiest people I know who found a way to maximize the today joy what better hustle yourself to death in search of success like we need to stop romanticizing overexertion coffee is not a food group we have to avoid blurring the lines between commitment and self endangerment thinking and things in terms of the journey means or clinging to a destination you don't know whether destination is or what it will be like when you get you don't even know if you like so 1 final philosopher from the 1980's greatest minds yep that said it before and I'll say it again like most pretty fast you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it cost the government approach is right there firstly was right take care of your mental health so you can take care of others step away from your e-mail go for a walk is unused to take care of itself but this is your periodic reminder this should be no surprise to those of you who've been watching you we've human thread through the store dancing on your own can be found dancing with others is a basic human joy all of the things I remember from my career all people I don't remember the code I write I don't remember great database migrations of my past the this is why I'm here in this room giving this talk Ruby is its people the Cole team the open-source contributors everybody I've ever unfortunate for then paired with the blog posts I've read the books I've read all the people he are indulging in a shared passion for what is let's face it quite an abstract notion the only dense in the universe you will leave or in other people so that would be nice stands these a selection of marvelous people I worked with over the years and close with some of them still of lost touch with some but they make up a huge proportion of the laughter and told me basically all of the things I think I know the company has made my life better and I hope that students this is equivalent since friends wrong I cannot stress this sentiment Ms. Tschira still not a manager as well this now is
my all encompassing theory of humanity so in in the we all scared and clueless and we are at the mercy of all this and brains food stuff choice of text editor the wanting other people to do what we say how much you control of your in a stroppy totally walk is how much of a pain you want to be around on any given day and if you need help trying to control the infant inside remember that everybody else is a polar to the same way you might hear a 4 year old you should also apply to the people around you you cannot peer into people's minds you can also you should also they may tell you they may not you cannot tell what shit people have going on unless they choose to reveal it to you me half the time I don't know how I feel or why I feel like it how are these people supposed to know we crave that certainty but nobody has there's a dangerous trend in our industry to demand what fealty to a dream to accompany from the start up offering a shitty salary for options What's your life and so those rare opportunity job descriptions I had mine just tell me during eggs interviews though I'd never find another job as good as the 1 I was leaving a group of people don't know what they're doing any more than individuals to I've been on both sides of redundancies just like I talked about earlier the people involved behave as well as they can but a company does not care about the humans inside it just wants to survive do not be loyal to companies be loyal to people inside the this Sarah Simon
a and of money given also talk about really lost it we began to talk a lot about empathy is a community which is great and when confronted with something obviously awful I like to think we'd all help but it does take more than that yes I know training puts together this is Derek from the 1 who's NewZealand yeah the 1 that is what you do that counts no we say you wanted to be kind playing this is underrated but has outsized impact I think this community is testament to that kind people are more fun to work with it's so easy to take out your shitty mood on the people around you it's so easy to think the other person is an idiot it's so easy to communicate poorly there is a constant battle to be the best version of the this is Colleen she's also very smart so I take the opportunity before I give up this microphone to ask what are you doing with your privilege are you helping it doesn't need to be starting grand initiatives of doing what's volunteering it can be as simple as trying to improve the come culture we work all it could be as difficult I was trying to improve the culture we were I'm a work in progress all I have for you is my experiences and small things said by other people but you have all the answers all work in progress of ships a lot of software not much of it is still running but left flawed but then pulled along by marvelous people right on a bit pulling myself what
we often think is the work often isn't the work at all looking for certainty in your code in a cell-free right all the things you can build can distract you from the enjoyment of the dance the dance is other people and in the midst of all the technology and code and the bustle of the every day don't you cite here and happiness for the real legacy that leave the legacy of the people that you work with and with that only the as of a bunch of pixels to fill with life and other people thank you yeah were losing a the if


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