Saving Ruby from the Apocalypse

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Saving Ruby from the Apocalypse
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You've just woken from a coma to find out that Ruby has fallen victim to the programming apocalypse. Walkers have taken over the programming world looking to infect any developers they can find. Posing even more of a threat are the other survivor camps such as Java and PHP all fighting to survive by any means necessary. After reuniting with the Ruby Community, it's time to fight for survival. Ruby developers who remained safe in the post-apocalyptic Ruby community need a leader to keep the community together and keep the language thriving. Are you willing to step up to keep Ruby alive?
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the of the the of the the
the of the the the and so today
are really talk about saving or even the apocalypse and this is
the 2nd part of the future of B the present so if you're using her last saw use all just and just because you can the history of the language In this talk will carry continue that story so hello out money is
Jason you find on Twitter sometimes I ramble about useless things on the board because I live the dad life now all the way into a family photo called also reduce the SupersPort in London we do things like this so I wanted to give my family shot up but since the other day a a senior
engineer at company called Winternals on just curious is human years heard of 1 journals also for the rest of you I have a question you did doubt that primer for rental company but your frolicking views about what we because as always a question I get some DiNapoli who they submit red eyeglasses they can recover we just read some persons that name when they're older shit we just went out there at the back were camera company so if you ever hear Isilon's rentals as well referring to OK so just soldier looking at Ruby in the present on but today I need your help because the major modulation in order to use say to look at the present time we got of the future and I've been to the future I've just returned from the year 20 20 and things around in specifically I checked on how you were doing and honestly I think it's just better if I tell you your story so you
just woken up not sure you are you think a hospital room you got detached you throws all dry to try and Coughenour's merits nervous you cry out no 1 makes a sound merits you scream but when it was from the room so you pull up the remote he had that call button and keeping the hidden nobody ever comes that nothing happens so you look
in the Cerf what your eyes in the cycles well across the room you see a couch and on that couch as your back right now feels like a mile away bodies we we're excited because well that your backpack so we will problems you gotta get out of bed it to the couch to cite OK I'm going to do
this 1 2 theory in the fall back on the bed so discouraged so him into do this 1 more time so 1 2 3 in Iraq so you start the the
slow wall from the couch from the bed the couch every social strata the last thing you finally make it over there you have a seat on the couch a certain of your back we still closure where lattice you share your pants and you find yourself yes your cell phone that will have all the answers so you go to turn on a and it's dead naturally frustrated you throw back in the back in address do very well in the whole
look to the left look to the right in here a ghost town pretty much so you start to make your way down the hall and as you do that you hear any the noises get louder and louder so as you reach in the
hall you see an elevator with the doors open and the blue sky yeah the noise is coming from inside the older so you take a big down the elevator shaft scared lead anyway integrated by zombies a container of dead creatures slapping their lifeless bodies against the metal walls of this elevator
that's OK until 1 for you it scares you and you fall over you yourself off the ground take of running to the sign at this point you don't know where you are but is our you remember being
to make way outside and in fact it's just a normal sunny day the citizens different the world seems empty now to just about mid mid
quarter mile away you see around September make now into that room as you get closer and closer you serve Europe or coming is wild you will have a street it's seizures slams on its brakes the smoke clears and is
DHH and he tells you the hopping in and you say OK you get the car they just take off so the ontology and change a filled
with questions like what are your thoughts on single page Web applications why should I still use rails do you still think TDD is dead but instead you side as the most burning question the moment what's going on here Where am I the slaves of the rest of the world for the most part hasn't changed at all but an epidemic sulfur broken out there were too many languages too many tools to real libraries and assess set decision to T if you will became so bad the developers were unable to cope with a world being sort the right tool for the job they began to slowly lose their brains and turn into zombies once a
7 there was no choice but to isolate all the developers we had to protect society afraid rightly confusion Ospreys taking the says taking to the only thing you have left so G close at your destination explains that well developers decide form camps all throughout the constant up kind the silos PHP camp Java
camps and well obviously there's really can't and that's were David's taking you he explains that actually very few redevelopers turned into homage and the operator so in the distance you see a shiny
diamond shape object it begins beautifully reflect the song as you get closer you
realize it's the Reddy camp or a base camp if you will the users have some smiling faces writing code embracing the expressive beautiful language that you know and love as you of the car David which is you farewell you close the door to stand up and take a good stretch turn around and agreed by another familiar face if that's he shows you
around you to connect with old friends I mean new ones and learn to embrace this post-apocalyptic world that you're not part of everyone is so friendly and it turns out is being nice model applies in the post apocalyptic-world to is also possible the bad and say the nice before the king of this morning
so he's a this point will happen finally got it right room is dead but just as every time in the past you for the state that you're you're confused because well you look around and if other people use and reduced either way you're confused we have to do
this the grammar book get a good night's sleep the next morning over breakfast you start to ask around you Sir hearing is fighting stories of would we know we've made sulfur so complex and isolated so margin itches there's no hope anymore every time we think we haven't problem new language comes out shine here it solves the problem there's just too many choices all promising something better some that leaves you with 1 burning question is who's gonna fix this week search ago by you start to become despondent the real sad you miss light as it was before you know will help in life returned to normal so you put on your thinking as you say what can we do to prevent more developers' tremendous armies while the result is RT pretty powerful language what seems to be the problem nomination made his sort some others in the group so
over dinner that night you begin a such a plan with a few close friends you ask to we reverse they say well we tried no 1 can hear see us through all the noise that all the other programming languages are making everyone is promising the best and well we just can't do it we tried disappointed you the conversation on something else eventually you call night in the saddle try in tomorrow but when you ask mastered on a
wall and he agrees so you start stroll around the camp the slides ever since the outbreak in trying to keep a a lot he actually emphasizes that well he is a believer is dead but he tells you that he can't keep it alive alone not him of the core team it requires more U.S. how can I help but for you fish question is called away health frustrating you love really annoying reduce fight for its survival others have tried surmisal trying they just feel like a wasted effort 2 triangles sleep that night line and
that also Turning tossing turning and say to hell with it you that you go to the
campfire new streaming of simpler happier time in really much like the 1 you saw in the previous talk it hits you you've got to step up you've got to be the warmest so excited to save really use I'd take some time to problem solve and after all your software developer Zuse thing about the problems at hand reason early the Chinese language and more other privileges are coming out they're so popular in this old problems people italian jokes about revealing them in developers reading on just abandon these libraries that we rely on so he's like OK before I try
to figure out the problems they into solution I wanna reach out to other people I want to these other camps along with other programming languages to show they've all been in this situation there in right now so without changing ruby the language are there any ideas I can't bring back to the cone anything that might be introduced in fact and learn from other languages to spend weeks traveling around trying to find these developers anyone will talk to you you go to the Python can you know sort of PHP developers John developers you can talk to Donna developers a lesser developers n jobless that developers you take some time to each gets under so and understand the problems that they're trying to solve in the different pressures they take to solve them the thing that you learn is that well they're all trying to do good however skew so the approaches may be to you the think taking what they think is the best approach 1 ultrasonic can't you try and make your way back home it has an amazing conversations you feel good but on your way back you hit the jobless on me and he's trying to turn you with all his frameworks and tools year past safely and
your greeted by the pH please b of the past my sequel connected so users employ we don't even have auditorium programming at this is our early 2000 features on being but finally USAID literature in a camp re-energized whole that you've learned you sit down and you begin to intently focused on these problems Caproni your you wanna keep realize but you think deeper and that well Matt's ascribed you that really isn't dead so many issues of that we need to keep realize rather you need to keep a really relevant OK the thing is more like it identify 5 problems specifically 1st people talking shit about ruling rather than celebrating prose people shouting Connes so taking action or being the change of people was the they're just racing throw online and Bailey you see that familiarity breeds contempt several people using ruby before the apocalypse find it boring nor excited users and they just gave up on in this future Yosses the libraries are going on maintain a scroll through get help on and many of his once-thriving libraries now-abandoned racking up you have issues and making all of our applications for become legacy applications and that new libraries are appearing in the no new ideas are coming in the fuel aside iterations that changed traces and language and finally this leads to the less prior to being go through the but you billing practices Balestra jobs insists bless role that really is so you identify the problems it's time to talk to the king you say OK also some ideas of how keeper be relevant you so we can talk about reading more years ago the Internet was filled with articles discussing problems of people sort through me now all of Oracle's collect dust pure tone about leaving refracts in those discussions whether fair they don't help them that's how we ended up in a mess like this you challenge everyone search share with their learning a new tricks sailor and you have anything you think you're still you still share them digits either of them the chance to learn new ideas the shall chosen you look at other programming languages learned them to learn with they're useful for a see if there's concepts you can bring back for your own we show that there's a lot we can learn from each other even outside of our universe our community it's a new through solutions that can bring up was popular libraries now abandon the new version will start the encourage people to build new libraries things change we have new ideas new ways to do things that we encourage everyone to do this if it either way something is done right how they think it should be continues to evolve the code by writing bit and finally encourage some of the team start building new applications of 3 here the are successful there are some that are this assessed successful want to create jobs for really so we ready for battle your
team gets stored and start writing blog posts
everything they've learned of with God it's really happening and so I think people blind but there's a lot of new beat ruby Neutra's they've learned the problems or solving with that to use a forming going out of the camps to learn about how they can solve problems you learn from others that made their way out unfamiliar terrain in search of growth and new ideas libraries once-abandoned or finding new life from everyday developers like you issues of enclosed for clustering merge and people or upgrade their applications but instead of painful 2 years they have tears of joy people tired of complaints started build new libraries with really the solid problems of code and proving the ecosystem of reviews a whole more entrepreneurial types are building products and systems to solve problems yet as a super uncomfortable the I guess was stand here because that's a good point man this is uncomfortable the on the other side but the false alarm alright that
is valuable bit bigger viable from entering the box there that cool your view about it so our libraries abandoned finding new life from everyday developers like you issues are being closed or it was being merged the people or bring their applications FIL Tarjan player now building these and new tools and libraries to solving problems with Cohen in alongside that they're improving the ruby ecosystem as a whole people
building products and systems more products require more work and more work needs more ruby jobs and people
finally enjoying really and others who preach Systemizer singer renaissance of a language that never dead appeared stale other committees have taken notice not recognizing reviews the relevant language the world against the
fine ballots as developer start-up stop changes on this but rather just many people solving problem with 1 use lot or silos and can begin to this for it's safer really developers at least in the world pieces abounded and solve for those usual it it will be the same so that absurdly ridiculous story in place I do wanna talk about the presence a really and I want pose this question is really dead I'm all is the 1st to admit that when I see articles like this I start to believe on because I'm like it's right I need to abandon eyes are looking for a new job it's time to learn elixir it's over but a certain those years ago I saw really job actually to counter conference with many other redevelopers so I don't think reviews then the dual it gets us something that I'm not ashamed to admit many don't know as much about possession the measurement of the hype cycle and K so if you're not familiar I'm going to give you a very non-official Jason definition of the according to this there are a successful technologies goes through these 5 faces commonly the 1st is the technology trigger this is when a technological idea idiot-proof concept enters into the world the 2nd is the peak of inflated expectations and that's that that's a point where people sort leave whether they're right around that this will solve all the problems this is hot shit 3rd is the trough the price of the on the best for you to torment announces the trough of disillusionment this happens when all those expectations are met people I noticed in solve a problem force is a slope of enlightenment this is kind of the defining moment in my in my opinion of technologies that make it or not this phase areas with the technology has I the forces a slope of enlightenment and all think the the it form is a slope of enlightenment this is a defining moment but it a multi-level technology or make it a lot his people search to actually weigh the pros and cons and make more justified decision on using technology and then there's the plateau of productivity and this is 1 thing start to bounce out of the people that no user said on here using it the notes are right to the job so we have that while the Commission what sort of that in terms of the the technology Gerda I should also clarify that any and read 20 12 so I may not understand the soul of but I like to think of this as when that's release sometime to actually is really 93 and win rails cannot mid thousands so when allergies thing about is really the technology trigger for Ruby the peak of inflated expectations ruby is the object or a language that would rule above all its shiny it makes developers happy all these people are talking about it really really really really disillusionment all receive slow to support language well the language since all those people's problems of but I don't know that they may be added claim to solve the people's problems slope of enlightenment we know we can get from a we know its weaknesses and businesses are building all kinds of apps 3 It's been adopted in the finally researcher and that's where I think we are today I think from this plot so and you know many of us will probably all of us use review every day if 1 of my main tools this there you know there's not much to talk about Ruby for say anymore but it's a lot to share about it we have everything we need or getting work done using ruby so that's is really dead know I feel so strongly about it I mean a website for it is really dead at Comdex under not sure occupy updated so just as reason that doesn't mean that we don't have to fight for relevancy so what are some ways we can keep really rail while you are you know how to do that because you save the world over talk about reading new ideas help maintain abandoned libraries there are 2 sets of examples I can give you this right now the first one is this tortoise
online institution in real stocked with 16 talking about how he became the maintainer of sprockets it is a when you're sitting in that tall like I was it was a while 1st 3 minutes you did not know is going on on but it's really good the next
is an article that was actually just in Wired magazine of the about Justin Searles who just a what about him take irresponsibility for our state given the passing of just water so we know where these libraries are we know when they start to feel stale or haven't been updated while time we introduce 1 work I was look 1st was last commit build new libraries when you learn new ideas rethinking number whistle problem just make it a gene and share with the world even if it doesn't apply become the next big thing it might help someone else and that helps keep to build the next rails if you feel like you need to know build new products through the you may be thinking I really want that was like building a product and sell it but if you all are the build successful product which is really odd but you build a successful products you create more jobs through the end more ruby jobs I mean that this influx of junior developers we have to start getting jobs really stay relevant revealing new to grow going to add 1 more teach people over the there is a lot of times I have friends I Leslie how did you get into programming well I just stumbled upon it I am a college dropout hackers are really bad at maths and Ruby it like it means a lot to me and so I will share that with my friends who went on so yesterday someone you care so much spend time with manual and that I I really love this language there's a lot of reasons but mostly is that it will literally change my
life but like you said it was the year of college dropout it was until I was in college in computer science then you on the programmer in ruby help we bridge that gap from being college dropouts full-time employed singers offer it made these complex things more approachable for me the thing is I know I'm not alone but also many people in this community and they have similar experiences like mine is really perfect know about be
lying if I didn't say it still doesn't bring joy use every day it makes solving certain kind of boring problems fun for me is 0 point hours mature battle-tested stable and it may not be the shiny hit tool but does that mean that it's irrelevant at the end of the day a programming language is more than just the language itself this entire ecosystem around it so when I say because I mean is the community is the tools we build so libraries it's a type of problems were trying to solve just because we don't have that access to really police of doesn't mean that we can make a difference so that's how you think reviews dying see there's a way maybe even do your part but he said he had finally on the internet here I have stickers for rails public resources with institutional prompt if you don't know what you do those 2 things are come see me I'm super so if you come talk to me then I will not stop talking to you and thank you and the and also in other thank you for clapping so I don't have to use
the slide the there's this
happened and so


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