LLVM-based JIT compiler for MRI

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LLVM-based JIT compiler for MRI
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Just-In-Time Compiler for MRI
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JIT compiler is considered a promising approach to achieve Ruby 3x3 goal these days. But the direction of its implementation is not fixed yet. What will be the ideal approach to achieve that goal? In this talk, seeing my experiment to implement LLVM-based JIT compiler, you'll know how native code can be compiled from YARV ISeq, what makes it fast in LLVM, what are the difficulties underlying in it and how to solve them. I hope a discussion in this talk will help Ruby 3 to be great.
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Coma Berenices
the the the the the
the the the the the the the the today I'll talk
about just-in-time compiler whole right porous and I have time for the school division so it mean this is my Seferis rest year old dead
because of their own some senior people from Japanese and the people are confused about food is mad softer core itself behave that they're wearing dresses or abreast of foodies and sold this that this
year I wary and very common communities has hiked up this has the you have necessary to this is my
icons Oprah's remember me reviews a and I make our even if I II but then that's it but that's the and that I met some people and this year some people say to me necessary to have that some of you guys and admits he sold that it's hard and now so them I'm 1 of them my project is there rates it's there have originally a sense faster version of the
temperature and its implementation so I'm just sitting our in authorization then I joined an organization and this year I of as 5 of 4 times
faster you know and that concluded and then joined i.e. the realization and yeah we maintain our then I made the a B 2 there's fostered a that this CV shift in 2 comma decimal 5 so I 1st
things and making things faster and I have real and it's so I don't really highly optimized so it's time to introduce its combined I did this there
that's 1 is there to compare I made this year so all this talk focuses on how I achieved this the
that's how probably many of you are have no experience to deserve to come by this in this case was it combined there
this is there abbreviation of just in time and I just comparable to mice is the program by comparing their combined program to native gold so let us stop arriving many of you guys have much less compiled to native going so so I'll show that difference between native gold and under our Bikel the sole example method is that this not just be much prizes 3 methods and I it's by be its posterior and to stand out in the power to the end that about of come to this kind of thing so under this is very light side 1 is but appears frequently so please remember the it that it means that 2 to 3 and 2 3 again and have much right operation and then you give me is so it's a very simple and that it's a really can understand their right sides as cold as that of byte code Eitel is there not a native and the this our own use so there and that really is stack-based instruction part nominal vasectomies VN so how about then I believe interprets thereby told it's rows there is such a my my run and then it's just a stack when that bit of instruction is a really and then have to be is to stick to stack gain and that meant at each which is operational much right it's clear are called hydrated to 9 and its return in the if they're from there that the it's it evaluation methods are the turns the night so how is different is it different from the logic embarrass version and visit comparative Marie it has another thread in 4 comparative and control from initial it's interprets there like they're above at their former rank there and that it's there core counts the method called County is their increased different by there as the hot so hope the spot and f he holds out did compare compares their hot spots to native code then the seats-to our called that just coordinated goal instead of dispatching assertions by their self so that byte code is that a show called all of Ruby and that after g generates a native code from Bites called Valerian ancestor coordinative goal so it's that basic of naked just combine so if geometrical goalies faster than I evaluating the by Colombia 1 that it becomes faster
but why this kind of compressing introduced student that history so 1st of all I want
to make things faster about that the reason is a 1 of there is a is money and because I had have so fast means that it's you guys are as a computer rhesus so and the US at number was however can be decreased by steadily is optimized and also what the experience as if you be because things faster of brevity really if you're of addition becomes events faster so that that notice that the a petition is faster operated our user experience is improved and also add to always uses the this year I the of distributed Juni Guerrero is GeV after process have and because of that power isn't and out that parlance but I want to use the in the ideal situation because I just about really so then under under criticism is that just in time but versus that ahead of time at their characteristics of that compiler is there it's comprised program during the execution of the message itself and no you may think currently a byte code is comparative before the institution but since it does not compare their program before its institutions but the the compiler as they sit method to native gold before the execution so why aren't able you for this purpose well the reason is that achieve the same sort because they're what's amazing method to native gold is very time-consuming and out if that a comparison is a synchronous a comparison time chemistry it so all the time or someone shouts tasks can be very fast and there are other reason is that some optimization that acquire their and their information because of the the is very dynamic so need many things chants The Known Unto it's instituted so we can use the downtime information for that kind of physician so then and so yes thank so another reason is that there is a word in a kind of and in provisions and that achieve better performance
so there there are some promising candidates of their 2 compares and the rights like this right side 1 image it is there brother as a broker to compile and that the 1 the 1 left side that you have injured is 1 I created so they are very read that a faster than that of the 2 comma decimal 5 it's their currents transparency most of most of the time and it's a the 2 of the edges comparison that the Devils their performance so how markets it's rose measure into the trunk
so there I want to eyestrain that mechanisms as much as possible
in there are 3 in provisions I want to introduce here are 2 of them are made of in now a half year i.e. the of 2 2 different it comparison that yeah 1st land area of he had think this it has that that there was no title this talk was that you reinvested home but never to come by but after the the KDE finishes a diverse to to another to compile called left halves units so hello this talk data is changed that then the meter 1 and it is either of my brother and that into this by in the 1st year so far I indust 1 of them was a and 3 of them out of the so there is motivated by their the guy Suzanne and his 15 June out it's presented by around Phoenix is
very impressive and our II
very like that and it's not as assist in a sense is was there combating that really core by trying to it's cold and that generates from our yeah bytecode then compare them all together so we if you do that began in length the cause methods to the beef methods and very very optimized so and that I made it possible with the army then I introduced staff how it 1st though there if not then then it's the interprets thereby quite frequently and and the detector there are hot spots by these spectra of right ship provided and that its that as hot spots our did by our compares their methods to interview Meyer then I did the then not at this point is that it's not different out of the experimenter project it's compares the same in the same thread and the precompiled there is up the combined VN beats goes from our these core methods so it's there and there is the uses the both of their area my young men at its of 2 minds veiled with those yells to notable then seats-to from a buried in Beit coated coronated goal so how is it It's preference with this
where designed for this invitation benchmark was had had about 5 teddy
faster technique show that that that that that
let lays it fast and it is so it is that until there is the amplitu edition is there any accord NVM impasse an impasse is that kind of framework to analyze and Delft mice Arabia and that any many of their optimization of crown combine is done in a RAM past it's kind of rocks and metering as so and that it states I out and out of this area male so it began up organize many area and I passed that you want and then my brother you can't read them but the out they other in impasse using a R. B. and that all affected their performance but I could you produce their same 5 as far as the prevalence with only 2 passes so it's how they contributes to brass so but eats into the BDS secrets of the errors of their summary the just combined and called to native gold is not so that makes it faster because I just comparative native got means just you moving their dispatch of the sessions and by told all the specs was their goal to just go to the the had had that as being a point of gravel from some and I had to go to 2 so there are some other all in function some time is a function of the stuff or it's not so a port of most amazing then this is the function than past do this by Bryant it's all too Meyersville and it's past is being it's in there and cool the more the some is there also has been major impact but that was against the emitting fashion is there a very important thing for what my symmetrical of the soul and that
thing from this the project but last and from areas that's how in the he is hard to their of related and I also in the works with every in 4 comma decimal 0 but it does not work with 5 comma decimal 0 it's very Viridian and now the under also are demanding is very important to maintain a broad program for runtime but as I out is of course it's not C-language so we if we when we do dividing rigidity that began densities called for interval because it's the area them out so it did anyhow attitude about so I wanted to I wanted to tackle on a divergence of it's Butera's C C and each parcel and and that sort yet have made an important in their Denny's from this is that early meals to is is a target of the Avi is about the cause misses so all that be generating the was lots of important or a major has the had didn't have a major impact for authorization so using drank could be enough for optimizing the C and is called on MRI so I changed their approach then before I
introduce the run I want to introduce image it's for all the diversion of Edsger and out and is the reply outbred murmur growth but she is GCC he maintenance and that is it project consists of 2 convoys it's just not a logical buyer it has a the media session presenter and also the image it's the message can combined Ms. Avi assertions are kind of have to dodge authority for the or them lot praise in this project and as you were seeing the yeah is current currently stack-based is the like have but this project it replaces it to our histories are under instructions and that I have another point I want to think about the noticed is that this dynamic should bite was fisheries isn't and it also has a study by the calls fisheries and but also runs of many methods is executed or evaluated in the end of its changes the byte code to another in session right from this there is boys set there are if if reference has not set on their set has the version of version or and our identities integer version so many it's fisheries those in exist in that emitted and it's also it's it through be cont it to contribute to do that did for her as the goes up if there and called is where all Chambliss Mora a in version can be of course many I Os myself so it's a good fall Jacumba and background on the message at the difference between the the an image it is there but it's combined in background so that is presented so it's and it's currently not set up for portable to Windows but the important thing is that it's comprise aggressive so it's good for us and that it also has the information a primary you may not know about that but during their intermediate it's the state so large did scoring pre coring at its staff back to bite scores by use restoring their state of our regional by the states the Red see how it works he she is always know version utterance version of right and that its diverse right this that its' sides they're insertions of image it's orginal you're in sections and that IBM has our infinite number all of registers and then and it's really is there is section and there are signs that bright body is due release instead of stack and and mean during institutions and its citizens in section by then this Ciba or arguments type It's did a really good for the Alain their definitions for in the to combined then the resistor how that instruction we divided from a it's they're different from the current behavior and it's that integrates that during the is in the Reedsburg school all this I this red that might go to a policy called it's they're very in bit out kind of invention from being entered but it's right there see go to disk directory and it's vets DCC or crown nasty compare binary or dead you compare executes its that cause execs to has to give the compiler and that its combines 2 assaults it is so and now I do see fashion according Guishan function as as to roll their native gold as a C function pointer so we can call it that that's a C function from VN settled the rating their Bikel so horizons its activity to
add you to bridge performance very great it's transparent 3 times faster from the cut you 2 comma decimal 4 a series it notes to in my my seen but that that kind of very fast and the freezing but also that it decreases the comparison to generate that another assertion sets and also on the recession so vexing being we I all might be very risky so I felt that I wanted them to fix this then I folks at this yeah ramjets there then this is the full got injured projects and not this is this project is currently I'm working on and the in the and that may needed characteristic is that there speech at is just comparison be doubts about changing the area sessions at all sold it mates stacked in Kwun compression and does not Ukiah register-based instructions so receive how there's you have EMS it all ties is this on the work of art altogether of of oldest of understood that it's using how it did combine most amazing is that have method and how would you optimized this methods in the Amarillo you may not think this can be possible right but just putting 9 from from initial let's considered this method did this this is the definition and I was asked to do this kind of 3 much raise the Eagles to 3 somehow so how this is this of images and can't be down in a in that in that the impossible but it's how and current three hour Yup does not all at my eyes in this way but any of em it in during its interpretation of budget comparatives called talent and generates C calls in like this parade it's hard to see but suggest that are doing all is called with 3 3 and 3 arguments and that important thing is that it has dead then definition of all too much it is for in the in line in the future because I'd earned in any is important in the the I was I made sure that it's in rank in this version so C Paracomp buyers this so scholars and then a 5th as their method diffusion of of the mountain is included in the source code and it's in 9 in this regime C compiler and then as 3 and 3 is the air provided in the source told the 3 much price really is hydrated beforehand in before it fusion and also know there were thing is that it's a chance of text their red method may diffusion of properly so it the review works and that we can return their results of major results but it's called mice bicycle buyer and there I wanted to say this is not supposed demise by our prior work but but it's about what amazed by others seek embarrass our efforts so optimizing called with the very compressed thing let's and there datasets differ for hard work to us see very good so far out of things then it's is what it says is a fire and there there seemed to me to God and they call this 1 soul I we can read and optimize and 9 just 9 without gradient them much from of course it's the the brewery matter this such optimization within the need it's just the Big East just it's it might very our cognition but then on other bury compressed version of their alteration can be our provided of because we don't the some specific authorization in self and so on so this again ideas still dies gap is it is there in gaining fashions and ask each unnecessary work and decrease in compression thing and so introduced so the secrets all you have image it's our authorizations around many of the foreign size are in only text so you may be suggested he but trees after iterations of data the first one is the main fashion by having the source code as headed it it was a do this by combining the don't see the whole hand and that comparing notes all fully compiled but Odesta processing of header an intruder or or defined words things like that and so by having
those the assertions of many of the you frequently use methods are in various sections of again our in those methods and then transform fashions in head of the study as as the head region but see compared thought had the is the can be divided by our script have began modified as headed by our good is and now we we are indeed as their study do their nose that each met the functions and if their function is static see combiner binary can no it is not necessary to be compiled so is skipped for those city fashions and then under the thinking is that he best if skips citizen so is primary you may not snow since but it's useful exception can be made in accession exception perception is implemented is said sample and jumped and all of course and its knees data is stored in some states of and so it's very slow so indeed skip state but if the method does not seem to to raise section so before of course we need to check the 2 main this exception that's currently yeah and it's does not take it I fixing and then I think about it in an Ingres fraction of its therefore just degrees in compression that when I did A of T you have EMS it's in the 1st it's it's compression is very similar right 500 milliseconds of for each method but it if he'd take if he takes find 100 music ends for 1 method comparison of very direct do we get a number of other methods can be combined in during the benchmark so call was very small or in that state so have been search method is that function on that as search is a method so it's very compressed things because on the VAD is very cumbersome modern and methods the methods so it's very slow the combined so any have injured just address also the ability of transitions to that's our effusion and then in of very complicated thing is the head this pointer the me I can't explain is possess about our as that did call is student free grand only did combined combines hot spots so all of dead methods a combined 1 is the hot spots so many all of their it's and there's more test could be impact have impact and the patriot we can check pride basepoint is needed to restore their states to know that before that did did it breeze ask this data that's for his attack effect and that the 2 ones are higher in 97 of functions using the intersections of some their functions in the instances that there the is there and that's a steady ground and it's been as there if the functions so the as their ditch there is compiled from VN that sea of functions not the in the in that C is not a bear another bearable for of about the income by our to so I added some coded some the Misses the definitions to headed by my of my and some market for that but it's does this by by by panic but it was fisheries isn't as it phrases that his actions are to some speeches once fisheries 1 has that finishes so hard and it can you name those things so it's fast and the restaurant is there in a set of mess of gold this is that using than dying information and out of yeah really Yamaha's that called test in in bytecode might call it has it's inane Cheche in the could have that call her called gesture is I used to read in Peru at the moment of just in the middle of just is there only use for that 1 press it the purpose of our own sort of it's it's very hard to explain but it has their definition of their method and that that test is created enduring execution so we can use that core test to detect which is that track meets type is useful to be methods so there are many types of re- methods right but in reddening ruby and implemented in C function or a yes or others you activity reader or things like that if of the deck those types began the land settled sit of all be a mythical and that it the in dish and had made our backed then we those techniques as
I have injured this not very differ from us compared to current chunk so she's yourself you engine of
traditions or sports more hard thickness from injured because sides for and some are doing unnecessary functions in program by the head there is nothing fermented yet because it depends on some ideas they do also the I want to I I think I can a 9 our core crap of core methods defined you see function because of we can detect that in Parliament's called just on the prairie began though to fashion can use you can be useful they remain seated C function defined our mythical and then I birdied began in May method defined with by called by aid they're using their detecting it by so as
that this means that saves some of last compared some did called if stores some de did at the CEA functions previous to functions profound began a use its for to their method so I think of me that define despite both can be like them the
main part of this talk is there how can we be erased for right because this is conference know the some
maybe will have fared to introduce there were some at tossed out to about Surjit comparison in the reader so and and and he is very similar or our users that same technique with you have to VN It's very on project and we have fared from such old are it's and has had also there is no there was a uprising odds trace tracing based at the combined average it also it's not our mayors do the recall for and also have been in years the pro you may know reading is uses it every and that it has to come I'm very so and I I started I did led there but the thing is called before I implements a theory I actually didn't have to compare in this 3 comma decimal 0 because they said by there is hard to maintain and that it has many of us it's very difficult thing to introduce it now that we should and so those parents they fail yum did Indian how was the hard to improve prosody is a time because prairie if they're very old so their VN are different and they're really obvious was the memory consuming so it's of MREs it's some despite will also lobbyists and was there had to it's our buyers injured so I receive on my on those programs to so in the province of Seoul and its achieved a promise and then I did for the preference and also of many of you have good people up and the sound and audience that made them very good interest so thank you and and it's good very good for improving process and that miracle consuming that it's so this program to and our how the the slides is very gosh problem so is it doesn't use their own directory of formerly of have it can be used by a grand but he doesn't use room that direct at is directed and also known liters achieve every it's breaking changes and now began about C using C called me using activity and so very easy but it there it's always easier to divide in sickle this has the effect as it may be and code is written in C we can divide is really only since the courts that is it needs many changes for interaction and have them be no more thing is that their race you change them are making it to read how how about so I want to reduce the changes they're out there I want to say into stock make serious as safe as possible because I we are using to be in production and also my you brought up for applications in my company is very serious to want to be it's very wanted I want to make it to be very stable so I I want I don't want to introduce very retentions to out of it Top Gun sold me difficult province of the same thing so as it does a the insertions all old of the instructions and that it did indeed is for the this compiler but it's not portable so we need to do to do 2 difference very difficult problems an hour and I want to make it optional at 1st but we can't turn off a diverse beam assertions because about called is combined beforehand and I the I make image it's that it's can be turned off so if that only its is introduced and we can turn off the diff comparable I just stopped to pass their option so even if we found the problem programming in did we can turn off so it's very safe and also how I want to that change its drudgery so the demand is is very and that it's hard to develop it's also hard to develop because of the missing taste they have faced conflicts many conference so I want to their of and drudgery this is the
current status of those just projects and then it is not so were then the report 2 comma decimal 0 but it's actually slower than current retract and that Yemen's and it does not modify VN so it's not so over and I a lot and the thing is that yeah it is it does not modify the recession all its passes all the tests in dB caught without z but yet is it's the phrases that his actions and it fails with current practice law and category spec so I think yeah and it is a very safer so we need your help the trees that try and that bags to those departures of budding bias is very helpful helpful to Degroat and 1 of the really committed of according to 1 of his sunk is decoding by and it is unburied is helpful so I died this how the used GeV injured so read this if hit him I promise this stuff funders had and this is a comparative or marriage ending this performance by in 19 on there Evans it is a safe migration path to Vieira's ends at at your isation on I want to re- our eyes just by to realize its by repose using Minnery of that's so thank you were really the and


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