Reimagining 2D graphics and game development with Ruby

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Reimagining 2D graphics and game development with Ruby
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Playing games and interacting with graphics, media, and devices is fun, but programming them rarely is. Even the simplest things can seem overwhelmingly complex and unnecessarily difficult, but it doesn't have to be that way! Let's explore how Ruby can help us design a more natural and expressive experience by leveraging MRI, mruby, and Opal, opening up possibilities natively and on the web. We'll poke under the hood of a cross-platform 2D engine designed to be scripted with Ruby. Many opportunities lie ahead in game development, education, and creative coding, so let's seize them — join us!
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the the
the the theory but it's not like thank
you predators finally online the place that like the the in is to remove work and by the talk where started I would note of this unique codes that means and so you have to records of the user they talk
about so my experiences in thoughts of the the rabbit so this journey started here New York City the the letters the things this is the sort of think know all many people and all of that and focus on good light there was but thank you used despite all of Top of the learner I would like you of the experience of others the all things
so you don't have to program about but this letter in lieu of the 1st and teaching at the of this is a
bad thing the of the laureates to solve the there might be
a thing who get of because the like a lot of the but in many things have changed the unions color this is indeed a survey the rich audio speaker of that still would leave or get right but also the this the begin with the also the white the I just wanted to thank for that you want some some people actually of this is auditory see hear touch that's how we do think so you just figure out how we the sentence bring
that that 2012 in this demo and be just mentioned the body Journal and still if you like some of the results and the skills before coming out of there so that they can make so many games or something and in another place tolerance this year so you know which is of much more interactive so that's a vision is still the road though in real of real like that of the book value by
but every the prototype by the solitary bees there now like it it in the but you know so That's that out I think that's this you learn that announced not and it's you I think in the world so that some research this feature singles out
the media thinking of that developing products and so and the that the architecture of the 2007 of the bridge this is what I things the company's scrap itself do you think a lot of approaches so I kind
of what would be my most of us choose 1 of these by the process it make this stuff is on the central path and most of the make you think of what what 2 because of what I think that the station like like world but in which the story where did of having seen it directly that is and so on in the so got was of starting something new about it you to get a lot of that the many ideas portray the fact that that we use these fundamentals they are the reading to experiment real life by what it means I think that they want to do that so that's right the the downside is there's a lot of when but I this year of about where I start part of the simple
like so in of experience all about this and you know what part what we're and what it takes to me while
using hardware fonts here like what the user should person that it's just that of that's all we have to
start them and that's the most 1 if you go around and look find most operating
systems provide some the local library that can access to make those things so of the on that out of the nest classes and if you don't he really uses but we know that now displays on screen in this regard to you
go in and use studying trial there you can actually be a window and this is the only do that so you can get the in the talk but the question is say what you want and what on the island of New into
the of libraries there the in
the long run the same it's the end of the of that but it's a good start of America
there's a lot more to it so it's not just over and over which the graphics think about in in the same from all sources and maybe you talk to other the system and splicing the kind of all the I think about all the things you need to that experience has a lot of in the time of the modern at what I want to include all utterances that you do that for the 1st so it's with basically of religion starts to
become really overwhelming at is the thing about variation you to the error 1 of the things that so there's there's still an
insight of this this that
they can be developments in thinking about the issues of of a lot of these efforts are back the but you would think that you try to read windows when it robberies the techniques they were everywhere so these are called media like formulated the effect of this layer on top of all that operates the reality thing inconsistent recommended that of the 3 major ones found that a Cl B just think of all the major players you know sort of this project all this a lot of other things but what we wanted but it supports a lot just over 500 cross-platform really and it just happens that it's used by
truly titles in the game like my general to never at from that is what looks
like this is written in the again this is all these the window on the lab number to think about using this is like get talking about the so I think
we're bad interaction we have that to this fight might wondering like about the sea so much so that a the group of friends is in the old property and the rest of us it turns out there see is very good Standard those evolving people willing to do this structure and its values in very you this whole and precisely which involve might not want build the next set of applications in the from that time the 1st corporate systems exchange on it so happens that we will see primary implementation of through the use of and so the so really has this makes connection with means that just because the language all that we know that the or register where that they should you where that where we we the young provinces and you know that provides a secure access to Harvard loses the rest of you know that think about all of this that university of I think that experience and can sort the the hard way to think about well don't want them to be wanting to talk about
the facts but it make things what stands out again you have brought up the records part is a lot of things rather the Giants but jealous of 1 open rapid layer and these all relevant to the the the for the reference year to the more medals for you all the guys end of the summer school of things the works that fervor and it looks like a writing seek program the nation alternations here 1 of in the orchestration of the operating system and reference the libraries on here you know the mass over the region but that so the spirit you dive into a part of the rendering of this is how Grigori works in modern graphics and supporters of the action program so that briefly introduce stay at points in the graph of the tried simplest to change the with the and of the vertex they don't want to describe it this will the the next thing we're right vertex functions is just just part of so as the language if you that that will be the next big points that support system were 1 of any kind of just about they also were in the the projection of the world so in the world we live in that respect the experience that this event but we don't actually to be 1 of the things with the
graph the world of that that means the world to the the right this in
order to implement that in practice the right with the rapid matrix which is not about that's right here that that means that other than three-dimensional cases and this the and also we can do things in this in this reflects the but like the important thing or examination change then after that we
have this sort shape but still represents that that will make get quite different or it's the gee that not rationalization 1 of them would the frame from of FIL colors to the to the those but at the police that exactly I have done by hardware for you but you can choose this point and I find try so our own or
last you greatest memory and because of that some of the water that seems pretty easy to guess or at least year of the rat for experiences to prevent
the you feel all of these things there's but
even when you screw regret badly I don't actually know what this is supposed to be but the looks of all of the so you use the what it looks like the
the I think so the school this this work
works now you get it I hope geology the legacy versions of modern approaches to so by point and then also books that it capture so basically in we can go back to work set
C of the operon system as the word about geology hides is there but the others right so the of and in the this application both as the out groups other things a lot of things of your balls well that's a lot of scattered around that not happen to those things that's going going to be doing free will sci-fi which makes it easier view of a simple layer written the do all files that look at everything's very expensive a of that would be financed and point out young I was just talking about that's in really all
you draw across platforms is this the 3 functions in Britain window show that on the red rock right its structure what would this some
hours for where we can get God right to be and also and what's familiar with memory of this war that's what you get while should be communities read it's basically a small lightweight implementation reviews designed for the new based frost on the file Rabida gene so that there's a lot of
waste that take parts regular for us and him on file the next generate this
quite quite briefly these employable for the and part and this is this is an example that came in base year to look across the means in that it places and all you do that 1 that is the context 1 that the past to do so but the threat also seek
out then we write needed extension is the part we which shows and I think that we would be too but fortunately I don't think so we just used together this some work but the we figured out of the differences in the MRI you may use the light as a so how these differences have helped them what in the fact that you use your the more insist that in the butt of renowned for me it is just that these things like working memory world just like its findings are the stuff but it makes it nice choose so just follow the patterns the point was last method that works from in the fall that's what renders this is where the on the so what you run this function at that point so far out also it's the law so it so going
back to the words that here you can find me from layer with the exception of John in the to actually that everything you use that you so what would you say you really wanted
cross-platform and so were not quite metaphase became you persevere so what we actually need what the
very bottom left there we don't need G all sort of explicitly the of war as well because the graphs and from those letters guys it is of course provide and when the others were all over the have any noticeable to the bottom and it's work in and you can also have some of both groups here because you don't know what to say the I don't the name acceptable to the the next lecture if you
haven't done it before to around when that while the take what's written about
aging begin compiler this you got and so and this is
the the this these things don't be mobile library books this by structure
this thing looks at public but it's counselor and works and out of the tech support will this really is it's the the while the and instead of writing this big extension and you have the what was that the tree through these things to a nice about this both the need for that it's like on function interface built then then why this is available on the regions of fact in the 2nd term of the of from that the use of of the you the were just write the jobs that simple to be yesterday you can put in your quality right there God really opening that what class is a person who so this is what looks like all you to find useful or there is there was something Verizon and we it was that they previously procedures by using the extensions using really because the file so about these things and the other thing prior to this new this and that I and that in there were some other things like this this piece
so we look at the at the 2nd here operating system that you rather than filling the same thing 2 players that make this the the software talk the exception that is if we look at it it might seem a little point but it's not my separation because it's supposed to do that write something like this the so there was talk was to the thing with that all about well this is
the this again got the gene has interpreted during the native whether we want the bill passed on to the next to so what's inside that won't last the problems of the theory of real opportunity FIL how long these low level in the field of it so what is 1 of the fastest
while the 2nd 1 is the window trust with them there is 1 thing in the interest of the get upset actions you know something do things the best thing to call on of those and
I think that the square of that people in the region up so you can see where Engineering rectangle the size color the so of this
the most fun part for me in product created this finding the opportunities minus this program here this so that means that of the domain right at the 1st of the some prior examples of folks is reflected in what I want to
restrict the use of tech so the use of the topic of particles and this HyperTalk the language of HyperCard instead of the southern and HyperCard objects will impose a stack based thing to do but most of the unit about but I was looking it references in assessing what experience of a 2nd part of from the top of the for the kind of idea here is
that the same things were very much on ways that is very hard to think about what that to the so so taking some of the inspiration for
1 war what are you what setting the error and the word money that would save the window saying that and this most saw that we like this
where and that we have the events of that to capture those symbols of filter them out and men and the practical to side so here's the
simplest to the application in the right in he has created supported by or the enquiries should that's pretty possible that you may not be more and this is what our I
swear gotten the Windows
motivated reasonable to have already but again said you see
that's part of my ability that I test partly thinking quickly see a and were like recommended that really means that it's got a lot of testing is interesting so you could get but that make us think about things work and look the other way and that's that on this road test of the year that's the only reason I'm sure that's so
and so this gentle organizations virtually any controller even ones that I will in a wire on a server might not take credit for for figuring all that out really that someone has got to know where there are only 2 things they want working and so this time you were like so Bottoson Chola but make sure that works so that in the event that off in the right
musical based all this next
you that pretty sure it was you the you know the stronger recalled there's something the basic funds things are laid out in his final will where the missiles and I was like so that you can all use and commonly here as far as that's the I the do or can
build or the plan answers right more at least something you can say that the media were of more violence what you that
this is like a the end saying and the so that was
seriously the Nobel test service something we modify this structure what you see it the house that while all
this work since by or the extension yeah were applications like and this the key to the general like all the while it's in C which means it's still not machine of for the war you can put it in the next slide
it right libraries and in their frameworks actually another recovery and build and the was the only 2 more and that was the other thing when their basic open this for the next so in in contrast to that this so as see here really really have to think about possible reimagine everything Backus at this year's cell level which is what really without the entire set of work just flat surface here we need to put a lot of thoughts 1 of the places where they can that's right and all of and I don't think we
can in this you know I think we've talked about in the at the chain being graphics data so there's 1 more than just a defined like the that we have environment simulation show the the celestial bodies and wreckage space gravity the colors using the example where 1st elections in the I think there's of many possibilities were moving it here on other the side the the this is a small won't support the word meant that the activities of this so in this thing out of the and drawing to the shoes that's a lot more than me the year the the


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