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HyperCard was a visionary application that gave users the ability to create, share, and browse text content years before the Internet became commonplace. We will discuss its key features and explore recreating them in our own Ruby desktop app: RubyCard.
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of Jedi blood here most of it was referenced in your review some of the basic and was you know on a really do that and so the say so we had to
test the new stuff so reset something love there's a and you know you know what it is but only a moment that of German is read models through the use and and the use of personal and from what this all and you often Islam's you or fish you of certainly the and the so when do want to of errors in the land use words so this is not the so the last user this year and will this will allow solving about and they were working on and also the following his baritone really usual carbs death use also and the use of fellow of people to things that stressed terms of I I have actually use you
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seeing a lot of time the history of his own moral hazard things things change you know all right so I you while you want at the next 1 of his his work on earlier this
is a long 1 is a burden on the most also 1 thing is sold on top of here but only 1 of us here is on the human eye you into its right that's really elections he of any use use era of our own scientists that little thing so you don't watch like the and it is that where can use reasoning whole itself so
you have in the past and all people of leverage alone that's what's should all of that theories really you want it so
on do you have to choose a new There is so you
and you know that they are used is no no found you're a few years in use in the past accused us the the in the long run and use of the use of so the OK so in the
long run the years but on right and irony so long as they are now in the way this year all the I was really is going on here I mean you know where is that while is lol how can use the the the the the because of the use of the term to me in the software so this is going on so long on inches of this review retire and so also in among
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just you think of that all this alignment of the 2 of us that's what you is
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so we have our own all this will do little to hear and really you know in that were and and that these facts other losses as that they're about to do so all of our region we don't see so
it's not so it is I think he's got a sort of you know I just what I'm you so the
of the lungs during interaction is on you then so and was who along
the worse is really easy you will add and has been called now this is here and you follow why that so to the
volume in this this is the world will analyze and use their voluntary into the people she's kind of words in the last since you releases she's she's going to work through the hour or so that was really the fact that all knew where I was with his wife she's going on and on walls follow the some down the but as you can and you know it is Wal-Mart OK so
we don't worry only about or viewed there's a site of was that to choose a lot of nice little part journal and lost very you won't be graded on August so in the end you many of
them that is the around was all the elements and enzymes among its ongoing here and we know you know things you'd just on the know some we reserve the use of as a place of the plant and the nineties were moving around is a lot
of all in yeah this is the word we use your lines of but we will use the new layoffs and or sorry instances of of the part the and so have really looking at the end a song on right so the or in the
as you can you know what you are doing the ways that we can
resolve has gone from being so stratus views on or so it's it's
how I'm going to let it ruin his position there in the early years also at the surprisingly OK in your pocket this so you all of this and you can have a of only when we have a
and this is in your with that unfortunately this this this so like the future and varying your point and all that the result the so all that wants the use of some of new
features in repulsing the modern horror rattling did moral serializable and and trends in low ball trees and was really going to be wearing on you know where you it's working with other arms and say things like what you do something like
this really our interview with
alright so so is something in the for you the use of the DART bridges as long as a loser as the remedial here we use the phone set as a matter of trying to use that and I'm sorry an anonymous tools in lungs so we have hand just saying something nice about being on so that the group some understand his linear and power in his love for you to learn these things you do in use you write this book so on 1 of you you know the end the beginning of the year of special and in parts of it the action of word you
so as you you know and love the the you know around the ring
underscore I of the so I certainly you know is the final so he he's so here's all and also in the US Sudanese media and so on but it's not really known its is not the so like in the previous in the universe your answer you using the period at more tests are saying while reasoning whom schemes this disease and all they in the text the so most of the
we just use the models of the data so and love
saying in this work and you're not as in normal use these kinds of things are in Europe so what is it you know it was the the best known of these motors and so on so that of what will the where all of the cars in the world and so on so users using a will be more of that in the end you were not all organisms that I have to use a little later also due to we were interaction and in almost 2 years a after the roots of the trees the best the service of the only is known as a lot of them all of you history of the region on the back end
you to this the people of this country and things and you also get a the in so the in the book and the you know that you know the 1 also because of the new year you should know that in the name of the so if you have a lot of the money you yeah but he's of that in a means more to of
the planet that is lost on a new round and decide whether the user is a you know a lot of this she said it you know
that is you know you
you get out of the pressure in the court of the side of the energy and the source of the light a review and
so your around the you the while there is a from this so what is the literary especially during during the period of some is so as well as that is result where of room the use of an interest in you know that only in rare is the part of you guys would find a Americans and he has a lot of the of the roots of UNIX this is 1 of the 2 of you look considering was the following is we should the problem is solved and I are both his views you know but it shut and all these little to these users will not let you try to give users of these systems it was just way all the users and I'm really using the government interesting pieces also were always be your group is that of course you is follow the the results here on the part of the that and say on the wall she knew it is now that the null will use computers they shall I I that and of a lot of money and you don't know these problems so you know what so there was a little the meaning of his hand in as has a meaning and so on and so on all of the man in the song there was a lot of that you know there this is all of the the of and by of the really so is the history of it being you know a thing of the other the size of the set of all the time and you need all the people of the review on the part of the of the of the of where in the in the in the in the loss signed in still today what about finding you know about the role of the history in the US minus I didn't want news usually long the rules say here's the thing as he hands and head at the beginning of a lot of little word romance here in this you should be all down if you really have to work with the use of me that has a lot of users who choose that is to leading it was the bonds
just following job of that in the past that I read the moments of all atoms in it as a child he had to be pretty made busy life
in the 1 1 last piece is the to you yesterday we used this but also if and only the all your own room that is really necessary the arms and then that
it his these years then you and then use this so I have to rely on as long as it is not the only 1 of the things in the approaches that being renewed know the the but the the


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