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What happens when we drop "No, but..." from our daily interactions or life choices in favor of the #1 rule of improv: Yes, and..? This talk is not a technical deep dive into the Ruby VM or a walk through of a new gem. I won't touch on testing strategies or war stories as a developer. Instead, I'm going to teach you improv. We'll call it a social strategy for an awesome life! This talk is for introverts and extroverts alike. You won't be brought onstage (unless you want to be).
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would you can you none of it and see really and I got a party narrative of all of our British friends the the I everyone welcome and you are in the yes and workshop my name is Julia Khot and I am here today at representing a regional theater company Global Jolla Playhouse and I am going to be presenting with this fine fellow next year I have no idea if Flexera so an atom copy and I'm from coatings zeal we are a software consultancy we specialize in 1 mole obligations of more importantly we make a lot of fun of ourselves so that's and for those of you are wondering yes we are married know we're not brother and sister Cantonese that new You're welcome you have you have OK a cell and started after about today I have for those of you who are you familiar with Improv raise your hands on excellent very good summary like maybe even not I will today you're going to connect house skills required problems and can enhance your own collaboration and communication skills in your own minds so that's around and attempt today but what I hear though Mr. can be even further well against inside yet
so those realized yes you react so why are we here so the biggest thing is by the big question is why would you wanna learn about probing injection was like programming suffered this is something that I can wipe will run on my own and for a really long time we submitted this sparkles was like let's open come to a conclusion the but the bottom line is the here's the deal is that the skills required to perform in probe can be used as an additive technology for creating ideas and this is where becomes really important is that for all of us as we were not just of this conference for many times over is a lot of the things that were on a lot of things we do are totally exploratory right that's like almost the nature of our job our value is almost at its most of presented at the time which were creating something new so improper the great opportunity to be book chemical at those 2 because you're exploring ideas not exportable for the whole idea right any in pretty risk environment super-low red right so in the case of most improv scenarios is that everyone goes into it knowing that you're going to fail a lot yet right you're going to fall down a lot in class that are actually failure is a against to the stakes on gets 2nd take this in places he never expected and we like to celebrate them in France so were actually practice and feeling a lot so I had to start out on this works out what that sound you and I so we have a but so with that being said we do actually actors just set the ground rules and it's really important that we start doing these type of exercises that we have a safe environment that we all can feel like we can take some rests on even though need local but for some it might actually be pretty embarrassing to talk in front of people and actually think psychology today says you know what the number 1 fear is for most people public speaking you know whatever to is death in so you don't that theme of our conference adjusting to make that in there word it is a thing it's even worse than that the I dealt with that name and I think virus puts for
parameters for us to talk about so we need to turn off the internal editor in our heads of like wait a 2nd I don't think I can do that and look stupid note that he'd be shut off for a moment I'm really fully present with their partner that might mean that actually ask you to go to someone you might not know and say hi my name is and then you decide to share your real name not of and you rub out if you want to hear yes and of and anything it's you laugh which never acts and improper laughing a lot of the byproduct of wood and the art form does so in this 1 mixture overlapping with each other never acts and then also asking permission and making sure that we are all being aware of the in the other and they're in the same year and before anything is all these only applied improbable no relationship to the rest of your life you know that so there's no no this will lay outside of a city we are committed that's safe environments for the next 40 minutes here this property I start
the very lowest activity and this if everything went away so here's the the basic thing is you have to really do much of anything other than IV what I have to say is true for you all you do is stand up the that that symbol OK but you like ice cream while while no surprise that there are some actors and time victories theories you have here is right there's so many OK so down OK you are a morning person alright excellent OK and how about you live outside you live outside North America but a interesting and if you're not a morning person that's North America sorry student of he said you have a degree in something other than software engineering but also an alternative is you have a degree also now White House fantastic again on behalf of the application of the steel analyzing the people that are just like you again have alright so next 1 is is you have experience impostors an impostor syndrome while working in this industry yeah while can adjust the object and then the next that is a subtle 1 but you believe in this the superior editor at at a think tank I got on this list of it and the next is you've only the quality that quality interaction between people is critical to success the excellent or very good way in its own right so that I had successfully that low to the act so I like I said earlier improv loves failure in there were considered gifts mistakes against his guests can take it in these other ways in places we never imagined and they turn into these hilarious moments of that a byproduct comedy is a byproduct right what you never wanna try to be funny in in Proc because that actually turns out to be not funny it's actually the honest spontaneous reactions what's happening on stage a lot of those good examples of that actually occurred during the danger yesterday I went and so on the red headed for on the panel decided to fail what's essentially if you decide to France and how you can think what you want I the hand those reasons spontaneous feel that they did not plan for the correct correct yes very good other panelists in the room with word in England beforehand no that's correct no so important rest tell ourselves to fail and celebrate that failures summer and you a little quick exercise onto the OC that object so here's a reward knew of spin up for a moment and hollow interview is find a partner find 1 other person and if you can find partners which end of the year you end up as the on man and a woman out of the of the tolerance I was right about 1 of the 1st thing you do is make sure you know the other person's name if you don't have to look down we were very very successful excellent excellent but it so I want you to know now if you were at the i if you're the Lightning Talks yesterday this is going some very familiar to you but we're making the modification to it so this is in fact called 1 2 3 but instead of doing what we did with ABC where I asked you to you and your partner go from a to Z back-and-forth so a B C D E F G were doing part were going right to the chase and knowing the 1 2 3 and then you come back to 1 so it's gonna look and sound something like this 1 day 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 lies so it's something like that right and that's all you have to between you and the part that if it has a has succeeded the overlap in dissent every that's at that so the father as data overlap whatever that might be the start all over again at once again 1 2 3 and past 3 father as they'd start 1 writing down and go the the the the and and then you know you can of stand in the time long theory to what I how many of you know I can use prosodic coming down from 3 2 or 1 of our how many of you were able to make it but the iterations I simply have OK so if you raise your hand but your partner did you probably should or review I there there are I still had a seal life when you messed up actually in many differences the manner throws about malaria hilarious you're frustrated yet restrictive and harder than you would not originally of regret and what about your body language you potentially reflect on what would your body when you when you do that did anyone do I of or of data so many different OK while we are actually subconsciously programs from birth in our society that failure means of punishment and sometimes our body language will reflect that and how we result how we reflect how we react that's the word I'm looking for 2 when we fail I'm hominid he started to notice your partner failing more than you the reason is you know is behind on the other side of figure out what they need even to make it better right again so this time we do it again and this time it is your partner fails I need you to assume that it is your fault it's your fault and because we really start to bond when we start to fail altogether without blame so again and this time do there 1 2 3 1 2 3 but if someone fails were celebrated by going in and doing best and use illustrators your best 10 comma decimal landing going Our 10 and all that I attend 1 landing to the wound was a 100 and we get all this right 1 last thing I'm so sorry nothing now the number 1 if the class now it looks like this so here to rate the theory to grade to upper in the 2nd step was what would the the and and the on thing on the mind of the same thing it's not and I pulled out of the way you want to know more all less the intensity of the of the the the the the the I fell in a 2nd round had feel doing exercising and compared to the person who got the to really in a way that celebration happening what else the bottom would probably was that with everyone faster recovery interesting OK very good very good we we like to say these are the moments where we like to shoot for average and failed cheerfully in these moments because then we have an easier access to do things like recover faster so that's so cool great out of also reported that as we
move to the next thing I begin are guests in mind that we have yes and fail being our 1st point we just illustrated 2nd point is talking about yes and build a parent talk more about that in a 2nd but before we go back as a whole before we go ahead I was the 1 last thing about failure and that is we as a community need to start redefining what failure means right earlier action opportunity to learn it's not to date have insights into a solution we never imagined before I have many of you probably know the most 1 of the most popular failure stories out there and a little company called 3 where they started to create a super duty and he sits for building planes and that particular engineers screw up failed that time actually in created a little stomach sticky substance that now our views on the little tiny piece of paper that are the chairs in the room called a post it and now how many of you probably use posters in your everyday life yes OK that's just of them great big way and that would never happened it if they can allow themselves to fail the for any use of note here just a 2nd here I sort and go on with our guests and build points and Ms. academies it's user and it is an excellent so is I want to do is you know I'm gonna do this with your current partner divided of our mnemonic and remember the universe they introduce yourself and if you don't have to look down OK now want you found your partner would have addressed the many like but what we have here like as if you're still missing Apart' this and we don't know the million you're going to grant a near-permanent of this up in his anybody missing by chance for they undergo during right left and right up the guide on it so this is called to old friends and user like here's what I want you do society we need 2 volunteers for starters you can actually go and sit down to 2 volunteers 1 in the back of a Wal-Mart yet yes no or make here and where whereabouts to somehow I command does nothing like in the back and saying yeah so what about the we want lot alright alright here the fucked fantastic intermediate you both to each other OK or alright so this is called to all friends now for every improv seen if you've ever seen something like this line is it anyway all your than in Proc itself but you might not know this acronym but you've seen it done it's called crop and it's an acronym for our character relationship objective and where so you'll hear and yelling out in the beginning of be like Guinea a character in a a all with their relationship with the objective what are they trying to do and then we are a date that's correct now this is kind of a of hope because everything is built off of this crap right so that's that so when I like how you how they do that they just make it up again this is part of the formula and the rest but Werner Werner provided us for them today so where need your participation quite yet but we're going to give them the crawler the character relationship objected and work and where they're located at that so the 1st is is that you are both to old friends who are a ruby participants right not taxed not a stretch right this is that now the character if you are if you are too old friends it's alright and what you are going to do your objective is that you're going to recall an old Member when you a recall an old memory alright and where you were located is in this room so it's as if you were meeting yourself as 2 old friends recalling in this room out long ago OK here
is the what you're going to do is when every 1 of you said something like it was great to survives a common do it all it's been so long long right to go what about past I have for the last 20 years he said yes and you're only 22 years old when did you start how we start and young in my family yes so the idea here is you wanna stop every sentence with yes in all right now we don't normally do that in practice of course raise your hand if you normally do that in practice while the part of that the idea or a fair enough now here's where would you go into this huge down here a little bit and of course it had in the we always which we talk to the person in the very back of the room alright so to speak up are you ready to fail are we ready to help them fail However filariasis allow form of remember you are the competence of that you were too old friends you were calling old memory and you know what this is then there enough here where you start us off by them in a long time that this can be the last and then as the years ago and that's all you can do work on the and of years that it is it with a view of the users all over and I don't think contacted recalled memory who mass in the union in of the of the I really way you like the look of it this way and the you know of all of the novel from the experience of my the hand of of of OK now rapid that that was the real good yes you have the last word in the day with was of the you at this you know what the what I find a partner that you were just with and you at to do the same exact thing you're ready to all friends here the copper calling an old memory using yes hands at the beginning of each of your replies right on market said it down the the the the the the the OK I was not to see the words of the winner so in the conclusion the and the thing that I was thinking of about that and we the the I don't think you know I a sentence since I was a baby in the little 1 in the eyes and so I that based on what the here by your memory what was very the last year that natural conversation OK that doesn't tell me what happened as 2 old friends during this conversation we notice the tortoise and the hare notice that art is an outstanding delivery to all friends and he standing in 10 years that reality as we become participants on I think I've had broken leg and the regarding sense of that and that's the what else are they wildly ridiculous story yes sir which ago posted notes were invented in this very room recall I think that there was glory where does all this have excellent church and tragedies there is such a world where did you go but we went back in time to our university days were he actually gradually without attending and it's because we have that I can help them out and we were thinking about Politburo was was the ball the size of the excellent alright that anybody end up off this planet the move all right we're doing that but we were rescued from the sea we were in the Deseret came on the it really really drunk in warm waters we kill the camel and we had no way to get back but the aliens have some work I like you know I I N 1 on 1 more ago all every the back in the back of the room where did you guys and up to me about story tool for we committed murder but I would have to be at this point difference I know that's 1 word that's lower wow OK so I look like talk about high field to yes and your partner and they feel turn out I'm at natural OK can we say why why did it feel unnatural that's right you can actually many of us Start sentences in conversation brainstorming sessions potentially with your co-workers by saying yes but those types that are going to blatantly saying no that's a horrible idea no really polite kind and say yeah but did you think of this orbited to think of that but I don't think that's a good idea right so yes but is a concept that we wanna try to
stay away from yes in mind set because yes but means you're blocking the offer of the other person to really fully build on the other person's ideas you have to accept whatever that idea is and build upon it yes but it's actually very effective when you're wanting incremental change because allows you to really Criville critically think about what each small step of the processes but yes and can help you break the mold into New World 1st come over there and new ideas that we would never been able to figure out just being in that yes that mind set so the yes and minds that allows us even to go places and break that mold and then that was more thought that I had there why am I forgetting yes and it was along the way remember there's a lot of research actually out there that says we can't create and critique at the same time so if you're always being in yes but placed here critiquing every single thing and not really allowing the possibilities to occur yeah so if you think about this in a lot of your software teams because I experience this all the time and as far as even a project manager a product manager as well as of an engineer on which is oftentimes but I found myself jumping 2 steps ahead and so all find myself and no but mind set or a yes but said really quickly but what I discovered is that like she was saying yes but can be incredibly powerful when you're trying to iterate on something in or trying to refine something which is often what we're doing is we're trying to find a maybe a more ideal scenario we're trying to factor in all the all the bits and pieces so there's an alternative to this that is yes and at the same time we're basically accepting and adopting that there's an idea play that might have merit we just don't know what it is yet there's concerns about it but let's factor this other stuff into this entire superior to think about well what are the things we might not be thinking about now think about later and similarly you might find that in your but this is something that you separated so there's aged our team we have all a creative department we I have a chief creative officer that I work with a lot and so we have to we enter in a meeting with this mind set of like let's not critique what's wrong about this right now like what's not be better let's just pretend like they all worked out right was just pretend for a moment that that's the case it's amazing where we end up and then we can at taking kind of derive what things about this to we get really excited about the we really really love move that into something where we still researcher a really refined is again I think it was totally when she was told this a totally resistive resonance for me but you can't create critique of survival at that happens all died so you create when you go back and you can critique great and there's 3rd point that we won a share the regarding the yes in mind set and that is the yes and share we have to prioritize shared experiences with in our industry because these share experiences were having even right now develops part seems to be more sustainable give us the room actually for more opportunities to come out of it and in the bond oversee the success and failing sharing both of those 2 things as a team and celebrating them together and bonding in that way failing in that way and and sharing of experiences help us create those new revolutionary ideas and touring tried this guy yes and share with this an exercise of action ever tried this large group of course really excited of I know I know little higher rates here folks on but know that it's I can ask you to do or too much I'm so overdue is written up the ante and I'm gonna ask you to do a seemingly impossible task that here at this as an ensemble the Latin word of the meaning of that word in Latin is at the same time ensemble means to act is at the same time we as an entire group of how many of us are in your policy goal over 100 people are so probably are going to class all at the same time without any type of communication no no no 1 class all at the same time all together as an ensemble and here in in in France that's what we are we're an ensemble of people working together to for common goal so interior to see how long it take us from case we love nothing nothing passing out so I very I will nervous about the skin and it has the form we have to be fully presents to be able to do this we have to look around you need to know who's around us behind us in front of us I would have to have the awareness of the room we had no relationship of each other in the room so here's were yes so it's you know a large circles we actually have enough people so I can get you consume as much will move quickly so we will run out of time but 1 large circle of and for those of you who love puzzles and riddles there's not some secret to this very day it's as simple as it sounds and as part of that appears to be when ask 1 question what happens if we fail a nothing you guys it's not brain surgery resigned in profit and that's going to happen but let's see if we can actually do this and you the CEO and this no no so 1 clapped at 1 time as 1 unit that's it the lines word the company you worked with I you might disease while they're not really in tune with 1 another that's pretty amazing freedom nice work giving a 1 3 times the size the movement group of but most work most work at it we get there how do we get there patients paying attention what Red them OK so we got into a pattern that we all could start to understand intuition arriving being aware practice good timing yeah OK good kept going OK so we started to
find out what was right and didn't discontinued doing that I Gray as my life in 1 moment in 1 time we created that descends upon samples so as work I'm impressed yeah without a doubt yes so this is something that you can find it here is generally what I've experienced happened in this scenario you people look up work is actually so this lot of this stuff is come from things you do as ensemble specially a play or some sort of group think right is you think about it just out of curiosity how many of you have actually been an actor in a play as community theater as professionals might be why DEC backstage to of gap so there's a national harmony that will occur right well but the goal is to get in that place now there's something we say a lot and acting and that is acting is react so it's this idea that it's not about what you say it's about how you react to what someone else as like a really important component to a lot of things we need to add our company we do a lot of the program in your company may or may not do that but it's a way for us to can have that really tight cycle of feedback that they basically simulates that exact same response and feedback cycle but will occur will you could do things like this and there's a lot of variations on this exact same type of exercise grade in your company and I walked around idea of raise your hand if you do a daily stand but that wonderful so if as a leader on a team and that does not necessary it's necessarily mean you have hierarchy in your company just as somebody who you can leave the and and shows a guide as a guide this is something you can do at a time by the every single morning at our company we do 1 power clapper closes off a meeting and at some level we do exactly that for this very reason gives everybody in the same part will want ensemble them explode offer new projects Shor Werner come back to this hardly this is fast boom and get a simple something easy that you can all do something about that end of just a close things up from a set of time the CSA lines that means that we say yes and fail we say yes and built onto 1 of those ideas we say yeah fan inch share and at the same time an ensemble experiencing and those those new moments to bail and 60 together ends then we'll create but yes and I said that we hope that you will actually can search to put into your own practice so here's the deal is you know were only in a matter of only 40 minutes somewhere about it time in only 40 minutes with very little time ago rules last surface you all the things you can do it right but here's the thing is that there is a lot of other of column in Providence at the very least you can start to integrate your teams so here we did and I highly encourage you all to go here so at this URL but you can actually download a pamphlet The goes through all these things but more importantly has a whole slew of other things you could do as well and while the exercise from today actually in there and it's got all the other just so by all means go exploit it take a share what have you the goal here is simple and I think scenes that should to try to tease right now the important thing is is not just about you know putting it in a place where you get a lot of improper but that's not the objective here right all the you absolutely do in fact I'm in San Diego we both live in San Diego and there's a bunch of different improv companies that are there and you can go and get entertained by improv of course oftentimes or in classes I would tell you when it's an unbelievable tingling experience right gives everybody in the minds of like clearly this has been established that we're fall lot were to fulfill our face and it's totally acceptable to do that and that's the thing I think that a lot of us in our teams hope for is that we can feel successfully and have a good time doing an improv is a great opportunity to do that so yes Beverly please go here use it I hope you get a lot from it so and yet enjoy that but then the other thing is you notice on some of the backs bowl every other chair either on the wall in conjecture there's of posted notes as well as there is a pen on the tables well here's organ ask you do you know no 1 is secure I know many of you are familiar with this but solidifying is of various solidifying integrating is incredibly imperative part of any practice on this is 1 of the reasons why right taking notes a super important and can be super important right and that is simply because it's even if you never reflect back on the nodes is an opportunity for your mind a create kinesthetic binding to the thing that you just work the neural network in a brain absolutely so it's actually something that you might not even be fully conscious of this happening so here's what I want you to do i to your right on the back wall you're gonna see a large white piece of paper and on the back of your chair you got or least every other chose what sticky notes simple things and this is that you have to put your name down unless you really want to all eligible view is I want you to write down 1 to 3 different thoughts discoveries ideas you had in either something that you learned something we said today or better yet how you feel you can integrate this and your team tomorrow well maybe 1 right think about it truly think about how can you bring team together again in this I I am a firm believer that leadership is not hierarchical great leaders can come from anywhere so even if you feel like you were just knew a team and you don't really know those people I totally understand and also even putting intention out there hot so think about that is if they were were looking to do is write it out still it over there war as you walk out the door and it's really that simple yet and we just want to leave you with just these last thought from that is you know here at coding zeal they have partnered with mean yes we have found a relationship have personally and that brings me to work with his team and I would love to be able to share what we know about half making skills can actually proof of the 21st-century skills a call created the communication collaboration collaboration and if you would like to have a conversation that how we more advanced and help you do that with young teens please just don't feel free and time yeah so so 1 of things yeah so were were to do is work so were were beta-testing a couple of different things right now so if you this is something you like how this could be something as showing of liberty but this is not of slimy sales the retrieving I got no money this is really to something like if you want to do this we get a budget of funding the experiment where they were trying to find 3 different organizations work with the various sites so that's a no cost bulletin reduces work with members will would I feel as a software engineer myself and having a white that's in technology are not up well yes in theater and I am right that there's a murderer areas have heard this really beneficial so this resonates for you please let us know no pass no that is definitely just a conversation we have to take time to reflect and actually right and then you guys had a wonderful gas and rest yes thank you so much about it I don't the


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