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Voice Controlled Home Automation in Ruby
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Have you ever wanted to change the channel on your TV but the remote was missing? Wouldn't it be great to tell your TV to change the channel by speaking to it? In this talk, you will learn how to control your TV with nothing but your voice. Using Ruby you can connect your TV and cable box with the Amazon Echo, AWS Lambda, and a Raspberry Pi. Once you learn how easy this is to setup, you'll never look for that missing remote again.
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of the of the of the thing try and get you
know around and access management for instance that I'm talking about of course the role of meeting room of of 1 hollow long time during this week that's often seen but also also on whether it is to not only the sun got all the slides are available I get also all the and talking about and showing in talking over the room was still unlikely but so 1 1 thing this talk he got questions as you want to use your reader shout out region and I try to get my attention on so something comes up that I probably did slavery was driven attention in cavity questions as we go to work so this part is I had a whole set that working on on all over the last few years and what it is today I got A which control told of studies the Amazon in books you might be just books of science and she has this thought the 1st part I mean it's laying out why and how it will be the she you might face you are the 2nd part were in a talk about the Union's an act of how words I hope will be on sale for it in other words this is that we still full of you that are in the end to a lot lost the other and also a little videos of all the work you have I mean it's not in the mind to area of in that and the work of Kodaira of the of the area you were a consulting firm offices in 1 of your existing for the Montreal and Austin on an area I break through the Johnson of the other occasionally like Monday and sulfur in the 1st so all across the world through the technologies so I want it more and more and as was argue about out there you will miss out inside but the activities that you will get the all but that's so don't the lands you in your back in February for imports around this time a lot co-workers parameter mind with the the yeah I want a lot of people were is every time certainly nose inside decided I shall have 1 of these I don't know so every 5 the very small but you case of a variable model Borcherds see it's very expensive 3rd but I I had a different limit so we would want to but at the bottom I've no idea what it did I turned out to be so not long after that purchase marks from 40 and you know from the Department of Health you know that that was really a time of great to you've really got cable service was the fact the Soviet along the so time I was in the world where you want the books there was slight sports that kind of day I was in order to save money I figured might not all of them and so I like you can do about that so long and costs we recovered of our report like the phone's lost 1 them the sooner or later is what I had working of in the science standards you know not just 1 right I would think that his life 20 it's about I don't know I'm going to say something like that that much of what the public wants at at 3 and that the follow up on here that's a easy I don't know you know because I don't have the will and since I know that I have so I we want to let you know but please and it is all that I tried now the accent better I don't know I hopefully know and this is how themselves which is not a right so in the case of a lot the 1st of this that is likely to die in the picture of you know only because so they can actually pass all the way out so so now that I have with the 1st but place you want the school around the license the other users have well with that of the things you guys with the world of the so what's on me and I put it in the air in other school except for the whole school and in yet not actually did so and so the other channels I along with the process had been really really want and so can I wanted in the spring certainly you media monitoring and notes that now and see that phone so the bodies of the and you have have to fire I started so we will run through the streets so has the but this is the 1st call to go out of the way you can see the the only thing by the so this is the case study in turn on any book about this before he can I have to note many minds of that day to bring not that that up in this in the sense that this is the the know and in politics so you by sending the movement of basically man stays in the brother of and all the steps the others so visible on us the example then there is the part of course the minute you can all of the guide and we're not to die the at the end and then it's not really a science would allow the so the 1 thing to note about what he called the bits of fraud is you know the press about what exactly you so that you desire onto the social slag and almost all of the heat of
people all I think it always talks to the 1 of the I had a start articles which also with the work I think it's fair to alter the meaning that in the media I was this was of looking up that my that he actually had a also similar words to the evil provide you just started in the sun and the commands and parameters sciences there are work at the on what the parameters of and the nature of so how many turns out not to be the the value it also cast the value and also in a way what that result was and so I think that's the 1 of we see in the our obviously the he looks like you and me all that so at this point I planned this opens up a number of people that we have the I have found use various at time of great a little while that means it is actions of much so the and then there was the least of I see that it's that address the snot in Security and the so the the maximum that that use of the event that she's a library in my students last year or and most of the time and also means the what's so I can do I mean by that is actually the the address for an the best of the sun that the last book you need anything writing you sort of the GATT Wilkes my group so I just want to get it I know that that kind of thing that you want to more about a new votes you have to memorize all of the to the graph so I've got a related to find out for that so all of this number that means the money you can our art there is no power on I have to handle that way he can also help this environment to that if you send out lot of young probably the but inside that the city 1 the last year about back to you so and people that but what this little after this treatment and don't go the and was so many so we love it when you add the next class of with the truth what science didn't want it of said that so that was another and begin to see some of the cat that's the thing and of man's also think about the other mouse years in you press the button on the mood of the channel the president and so know about it tells you which of right here on unbinding is called the fact in the lost all the the the last class will work out of it because of being in the so you think about it and you're looking at the end of this volume of a body about in Europe units but what I want you to do that and really the start articles the 1st color you get that that number of about in so all of this and other you know when you got the so when sample opens as the in body something different here I use that word is it sends out the stock biographies of and so you find that you like for example the best of our knowledge this is the map you feel that the that since the had all you have so you see here what do I do during the day here work OK in the in the active site that come back the binding site so that on the wall if I go back and and that it was if the at the nature of the I mentioned that the right thing and also with the state so I got that for and retrieve files in a little while back from that of its use and what might you know with left and the 3 that people of the world all of you know and holds the powers us is here and on the general so we can it was not the there's got to be getting there are a lot of them you know where the carrier after that the you so the thinking about some of the challenges right I don't care yes you and land so yes I want to hear about numbers so numbers I the other thing is the cost the united and and all that constitutive are kind of environment in light of lots of it so also in the US the cost hold monster certain kinds of units of the context of the theory was the parts of the world by women tend to work and also with all means in on the chapter which he played and which the 1st sentence thought in the 2nd where there on the Internet so for example and people there's and it based on the of so I need in the missiles see
you got on that last set up so that you don't have an enzyme officials voice eventually the underlying forces so there's a a way that out there all actors and that in this lesson you use a lot so you don't have a lot voice so in China and that of the place of the what
so you know no bilateral and the use of sort the lexicon of a life that was true
then my birthday's November 6 Best of all of the value of
personality the references from the dead by way all rights charter don't worry a life that was selected it's
here's the forecast for tomorrow in and start to look for mostly sunny weather with a high affinity analog 36
so the last Saturday afternoon I don't I don't know what we see that is of what I was expecting to happen with that actually was the 1st time now but you then got its a ways and programs of give us time but let's let's see if get your own
brother Mori a life that was the weather in currently in the world as the union 72 degrees of clear skies and some today you can expect hot sunny weather with the highest 74 degrees and a low of of 57 degrees OK you will
there will this you cite another thing that have on the on a life that is sort of like and it that's all I like this child and understand the algorithms and there was the when you think of our in the the about we will something any you know a lot of that always said that the end to the war those sorts of things a lot of with it a life that was the
point here President the 23rd U.S. president was Benjamin Harrison so it's
not that long on many other things that I always do you want to do the year of quality nominally told that and a lot of things especially the song of a
life that was hungry some rate is 40 years old it not
about 1 more and more in with the thought so or like that of the when you
say to the hot dog vendor making with everything it's a lot of people died in
the notes I will let you thought that and you know that 3 of these OK so you know the fact that I go up to point it to the use you want still say in was that it allowed anyone to still for the loss I think this is the 1st time needs to be popular where service that means that case and that the driver quietly losses so you I think the voices the said the world home by a series but it's a lot and frequently have control over could be to license soul in this year's census of means that I use a lot of poor I got rid of the everyday lives the ball questions of they are shot was doing this but said he can run of this slide is that this is not a lot of X in the top this and it's an act of by itself the resources of of blood in all the things that are going on our credibility Titleist thinking because not all the time and no 1 thought anything of but sort of like that so the he in the what about it what we're going after all time and finally I will it's still be a lot of it is that all right so I was saying what is actually in this is a very high level overview you but the by that there tends to be we were used a lot there is following words satellites and most and what is the word science and what hears of the voice so what you about I
that that using our it's not seriously who we were at the time of the month of 1 they but the same thing once catches up the audio they stayed centered on
the use of the a lot of ways so I went back and not support this I am the son of the graph with this so you that once involved in your user and your 1 of the book it's a still so in the use that use out what that CEO it was published all or steeply using the and they all regions through the deviation of the center of the self so not same organized the that so you want that I would suspect that have both in so the cost this time 1 was used in that the other is you read what's of which is the the in this kind of approach of the speed of light and you want to use the the the last round of self-service a game and all that and I will ask you all to be in the long time of the year of the living things you hope run runs by down to the younger notice that it did so course I were really got to us from the 1 a that would be the 1st can follow a world of that there was lot still so this 1 a lot of
reader that was the conference I'm glad
Sandel work the real letter that the head of the theory of so this is not a Council I stayed in the Icelandic Fontanet this both by you and what's in the the principles of the whole world that was the function of gets of to the first one is the object of the request of all major by white and I heard someone say so in we can see that so this was being asked with this or let's say of women mysterious it was found out what the units that in there was a lot of rules say that sun so reason for all of the whole world is now I where they are in that in the eventually political language of stilled that actually does the work this a hint so the land at right 1st of all is you have the right using as a as a constant we were available on the working of the so when you all the human heart the novelty of the thing with really what I want the show up on that counter what and next to any 1 of course they have the right to the platform with the that so what you value it I grab the saw the read about the content and the 2nd out values for a number of platforms 1 by 1 of the things that the war and that is what a difference the theory that the valley and then I saw on land functions you wrote us and on a lot of you and predicted that a lot of things so and so that's we can go on in that there is net doubts at 5 of the year let me function that's that's not so that will be and always you of last 3 or 4 people as well as to what's on so on and so on so that our you
the a lot of review hello from Ruby at that and so
that the book and I content in rhodopsin you also need is a man of that of It's just setting out to be of we learn that whole world our file in that's all that in in all the book that you in the access center there will process I was 1st in their education in all of us the vote here that this calls fall I'm writing some of the past various vision and brain stem the 2nd time together that the net effect of the 1st part of the land I think that is thing in that argument of the class I will not say what would you so now that we can have a very small whole world that of regional English words blocks fail in order you understand I would say a lot of calls the list and understand but of this year lot the so the mean and in the other a lot of utterances so remember that just having a lot of people say so you have a B type of thing was say to say that way this it's called a slot would the and so yeah that's not something you will be still the 1 thing and all of the events that in the following areas are used by the rest the the the to you our way and we're going on the and the latter is and us here is if you a so what this looks like in the sale of that unit cell in the new year of looking but here's the here's the face I think the jury test 1 boxes and also their
utterances I think we could also
books that in Europe so when the stress that anyone want growing and this is what said to get 1 part of the city a lot
of public here say Alexander and I heard you say Hamilton and
so I knew that I can do it next time the best work by the utterance used to say he's just a 2nd 1 word I had to go in and out of that but it because the words that have been part anatomy and I don't know why the wonders of but that's like a young women were not to of that OK so again we return to the province of you next to broad without in the 1st argument so in the back of my request and it's going to use that that all I mean value and that's what we got here I think he noted the year the so now now you Blum words of satellites anyways stop that regions at I see on in the you know I do know what level of the best means of in the city so the way I thought problem of the of the of us will use this as just pure I it's another and that sort of thing it is the greater access to the what was another we decided that it's the other possible use it as a caveat and CEO of but the University while this is so that the wrong question I and you give us as young I as you can in all branches of the conference and so on and so on whole Alzheimer's and the you must start the violence so it to you from from Rabin so what is the problem so I think the students that will post of she said must you all other of the addresses is this the process and the past seaside moratorium is no more the right credentials so must say you you know all of a sudden process a little complicated in order to with that I think people in the last day of class there the lecture so many of our worst so you I found the this was and then you can use it as the word got better more files you so that in the end for Wiles I threw meant that the was actually the land is not not at university for Simon that is has 3 while I say that the I think so he is here you lose the time the year to acquire variables in the masses what the actual outside 2 that's less useful we get out on but this is a function of society so you see this get passed out on the Agenda of and that work environment we found that the so this is a recent work last will I think that was 1 of the 1st things we 1 by such checks their whole I'm going to use 1 that and the last so that so
that you a life of polymers here something else that that I heard you say
Hamilton OK being there is an instance us that the program for the rest of us over here last so now you got all that always kind of have to build on our arts he made up so so there is now more than just having a working at this point She's channel of water quality of volume down 1 so that you can use it in a smaller 1 with fast forward rewind whatever you want the on most of the program the research work that lost but you can all of slides and also the ones that value is funded by the end of the play so that they can all slot so this can also be the cost of a lot of that later it's just the list of all the words that can only that I'm will be will hold and I understand where it is the position of the more prosperous in doing it your life he can just an in that box very much so guys got the and the utterance the lessons in a see Get with 1 button on the back the more had but by the no group she cannot that did not in general change the channel the warning that the series of the of on the exact predicts that it will be the social or not the other words that I did is using the in and the understanding use of the drug the that so what while class honors so now I can we still some of them have a loss function that is good but cannot function this is you can count on this 1 want the number out there so you want to figure out you can that you what around the world that we look at the number of the I've got to have a few minutes sponsors the names are the same that the but the number of these he got myself about of you thought we will have a lot of links with those that actually send the less the less like this like any portion of the world of the sciences the way a lot of the back the standard of such cases by saying by another working the general and it's kind of volume of the channel the the head of the man the so in the last in the 2nd example that the last year so minus use a little trick that runs red I don't in prof from the the young so that all the signs are so many in its use I gather that you all will host the world on some sort of in that incident and if through and so time and
you are taking tack a life the quality on and easy she is something of a all so yesterday and only yeah she was so always here said the
volume that point she got kind for a life that quality and you think all right so all this years Iraq now on the a
theory that I was told what and I the on the this is what under last science fiction don't you what would you don't like in order to explain belongs the other and all the time that back on the samples on the a suicide all of the utterances we work the United the time we think


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