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IC16: IMAGINARY around the world
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the world of the error and just and so I would say let's have a couple of minutes for general questions a speakers than I would give a very brief word to every of the 4 new members you just in 1 minute I'm sorry that we couldn't have time to invite afford to give 2 % you order a country activities that may be in just 1 minute you can
explain what what you did um with imagine in your country and then I have 1 question for its imminent that would be to all of you but maybe but their
audience also has to have uh has some questions come about this and a noise it is difficult for me just to look at it from a neutral perspective but it's a it's a it's a kind of phenomenon what's happening here a movement that and everybody like on mathematicians suddenly our organizing exhibitions so I think there's there a lot of questions why why and how and what what is the next step is to it so before we start I would give they were to the public connected to questions from 44 . talks thanks
I made wish and goes to where to put park so that the EU mission you don't about uh satisfaction you measure success function your presentation so I just want to know how you do that because 1 of the things that we 1 of the challenges that we have also as aims is how we follow up for example when we also unimaginative
into we know my or we we have a child over or measuring impact you know of study it does not then and you know we we don't have making it 3 0 we'll throwing up of the questionnaire we I in the visitors asked to fill out the questionnaire at the end of the tool so while you know while things are still fresh in their minds and then they are asked to of let's say choose from 0 to 5 scale and in in terms of satisfaction so it's a start there what they choose and of early on in and you know these things are still fresh in their minds and they're excited and of course user they tend to take 5 so I have very but I I think it the US or in my experience i it's important to do to actually to ask them to do this so questionnaire because it really helps them it it's making them to think again about the experience and what how we help them so i issue it's not only helps us to keep track of things by the that helps them to have a perspective of all of you know what they saw and the the that's another question
but I have a question to the what happened with the the little kids would come every day with his grandfather who is leery of who is right now was was not he if he was get if he was
amazing really he was working with with server and
was and and because of this quantity was really a that that you really wanted to make the Jezebel with with server and think he was here uh the
unit of learning a lot of the the the geometry the because he was filed tried to make a mapping another mother with he was really thinking about what to do before and then try to do as as looking at entering the z thank he was 7 mainly in rural and and he was originally used in the said and out and but then they will that is that context in an along the reviews reviews how he's assigned on how I don't know if he not is the in content professor no not move that he will 0 there we go yeah have but let's say I 1 more thing
that's because of what you are a on that but we do have some students now in in the math program that started et and where it was then adjusted to the as the was that due to dismantle high schools and even know they could study which just at mouth and that the goal of the match before the the to learn what they have to study to become teachers as of now we
have size school new students that they learn about these because of imaginary people into the town and the at a low a you know that you will organize some minimizing a conference and so when the war
and I wondered which is the biggest problem you face beside the uh founding law the regular brother that about uh 1 could expect if 1 solar mass some kind of the exhibition at end of injury experience which 1 is that the 1 that you recommend people to take care of we more careful and well as you 1 will the step money I would say of human resources you need a lot of people working I love there's lot you wanna do about it but but but you want to start with a big deal I think I had a lot of volunteers
in India I I think uh because let you end up flow good and evil are exhausted of sorry of a question of the the the and so so far as I know that
from funding and the logistics our biggest challenge is to get the local community involved because of from the database of applicants will receive
um the kind of abstract the losses scientific this is the traditional presentation where they want to prison
their research soul I don't understand where the maintenance understand what that we put out there on the web site in terms of uh projecting marks in the fund wait a home in a way that can be intact if that can attract the public that can be understood but think soul other ends the local community of tells us yes this is the imaginary course the concept and the would like to be exposed to this but at the end of getting them to the events to be part of the events not just to the attendees it's quite
challenging so we have to do a lot of outreach to go to this universities to talk to the faculties and in synagogue we actually had to actually set up an exhibition at the university I wasn't present but they hold the event was of an organized in a way that the exhibition had to go to the university because it was challenging for us for them to come to us to show them is
that the what we're talking about so what we would like to see is how do we get the researchers there is a chance what doing research on coming up with new research concepts how do we get them involved in such a platform in a way that it's making the communication of the markets more relevance and how are they also were willing to 2 subplots a country high school teachers and you walk training the students at the much lower level the so these are things we still
struggling and I can I add something that just of course I can I I think the answer on your question is depending also on hold your country or is organized and communication teachers etc. tho out there are several practical problems but like
in our case where we focused on school teachers and so on we found the Olympiad which is present in every school is a very very interesting mean of communication and creating awareness 1st of all by that the teachers level off
about what is coming is extremely important so what we did for it just as an example of course we were working out already the excluded exhibit um but to be recreated Amini tryout version for which we organized a quiet so long interesting reception and only 1 teacher per school could attend tentacles upon invitation it was promoted as a VIP events and their we handed over documentation map of 150 pages we have to school the math teacher that the teacher education calling not not state the maps researchers the to the tune teaching education colleagues prepare they compared to the same 5 or 6 little documents it the names talk to documents kinetic things which fit in the secondary school level and the teacher can use To address to his pupils and so this was all on this VIP event 6 months before the stopping of its exhibition I think this is important but can you all say
planning the thank you on because going to worldwide has had the laptops every kid gets a lot of yeah I mean I'm really surprised what do they do with it and I mean except they have this nice maybe server or woman's all that the country around the but these these things will break after some time and so so really is is that the success story these laptops so the kids what what and 11 and
expand every donor like all of the the the the the data about this I mean cell at that let's say and they don't 1st of all it all day and that that gave is still to approach that low-energy just to students total population that is really is that does not have has access parts his right arm and the public schools system is faith is the use of a 100 % of people in the poverty level goes will to the public school system and they goal and they have a laptop as at the he give that has not only to them but to the family you their stories about their their parents using Internet to get a job stuff like that but they didn't have before so you still so nowadays that the way of of of finding jobs of change right and so as so this has a pro gentle that not just as given and they would then any opportunity to the family not only to this to the lab the using the high in the in the glossary of course and they wanted to is use a left of this is an so
this this whole loan program and they denote while works have still to doubt to help teachers will help the user laptops in their in their in their education and income they teach and they they all have to take it to school was like another in the but but they all have a to the mandate they do their with it some of them the size of the 1 question answering diphthamide my job so my job is to explain Math to general public and the mathematician I'm the child so my question is what the people who it's big to general public in your exhibitions on a whole although uh hold to that down to speak to general public it's a job so uh as I'm sorry it's that it's my job so I figured it's a job and that's not something right you come and just like that it's a real question OK at just just again as an example I tell you how we did it and this is not counted in our budget so what happens every university found has found students they had they advertise their need for students of bachelor students master students and in not necessarily mathematics students but save mapped onto the students uh who would like to collaborate and say guide for class visiting the x the exhibit and they got uh mean say there was a training for the trainers the 1st before the before every opening and you know the document from this about this got more and more fine-tuned with tips and tricks life good as would be you shouldn't be tool much maps educated you should try much more performer like a Macintosh and tried to rule would be the explorer yourself and tried to take the audience with its with you and this is much more effective than explaining that mathematics just as an example since that time is running out and I would propose to give the word just 1 2 minutes to 3 new panelists and bought some please try to close to explain I think activities and you can't in a few sentences may be also special speciality of your imaginary countries thank you why this is enjoying women
when viewed from the original France in renewing the project so we could not speak too much the past uh but this is a project now is to try to beat the music you an
efficient team in front so uh to discuss the project because this is for that maybe it is not a good idea to
begin with so you just have to show that if the exhibition may be to use so that's something we're going to to Europe and you look at every experience in these are interesting to listen maybe just that from my
side I mention inference recently bought a few 3 D printers so they're like our new 3 D and 3 D printing Department and and uh and their relative activities happening in the last instance so it just allusions and here's this really printing department is just 1 person to do that locally so here I'm tomorrow we would get everybody knows the use of omega she will be you vote to move the I am and Helen you find time 1 here as a representative of all time 1 ms Medical Society anonymous magician some we are
we like to say thank you to mention here refers to our for making the ice integrate out some different elements in on telling the conditions such as are in history almost aren't worried he hasn't wars hyper dimensional peak meiosis and some local elements as well I can Our professor genes speeding miles wrong telling University and Noam professor chains fractal traditional Chinese spending using mess medical concepts from From children University and we started last December as our very 1st it's a shame while all be Bianca be and the way was there on so we had a very cell stars and then through to Florida and I'll come in the dissipation from voted for populate went you to cool museums in type 1 liking in cultural and Taipei and then it has traveled t to all universities in Ji Yana joining these versity of private what in i is going Q of 10 I just got this information updating it for a while I in here but it's going to 10 on whether these 2 ECE forints yet but is 4 and to 10 high school entire 1 of course and and the 1st line of the Taipei of 1st girls high school and I graduated I coded this morning high-grade you like I'm pride 20 years ago and I look forward to you the events in high school and and an absolute look forward to I learned in that communicate least older teens here thank you kind and with that obtained from Slovenian and I can from multimodal which is Institute of position of fanatics last year we organized an open-air exhibition in the center of which was quiet of success and this year we prepare to fashion collection are using some of our own the images from the collection in all things 2 1617 and of course also we also have competitions as of thank you OK so the time is really short I have here and many edges as cue from you should we continue with a few more questions or should be should be our go to the coffee break is I ask about your interests and my mentors a but we can also do it at the coffee break its we talked and and so on visiting here for long time which is the at 1 more question as a compromise that's let's add 1 more 1 more question and and then we can we should just discussed and just informally so the last question here a this something that I just want to complement not a potful in such good
nice conference in total unfolding so as part of that and actually that imaginary part that it inspired me to come here and I'm thankful to the summit conference because of their separate the my the orchid all I'm also inspired by this situation a to B I I don't know that hold the human form of the girl the others they started from you and now they're doing a lot so I just want to such kind of things in my part as well so what are the steps to write the the that uh from from and the the I would so far is fine and this has been people to tell you give you need to 1 or 2 people don't have to go with the land
and as diary with within because hour lives and can get called for as was the was on basic to get local support of from from not having the reserve finite finally in from outside but to to do with like I have very locally right leg of the National Agency whenever an and the University of you know to to have have to to have noted that the the 1st thing that not above that it doesn't look that something that comes from outside but this is how it something from here that we're trying to do to to share that don't don't don't is not something from cycle going to your country always always presented as something people from your country trying to show the sum of the amazing things to be the from a country thing there how you get more sponsors like that and you go ahead and you and I think people are more
interested in knowing that it's it's it's people from your country working on it the let's just 1 suggestion I think that's a very you have heard that speech over time the from Turkey could not come he was invited by the ability to read the
sentence she sent to you and also tell me she says imagine we are at the time when better has to be imagined in the world and in my country I want to believe that the thousands of kids we have been imaginary and have seen imaginary Perkins will never be part of that crowd that killed moreover those that child death penalty I want to believe that the millions we're seeing emerging area in the world with role in the world where nationalistic religious racial problems stop being created and the real problems are solved I'm sorry for not being with you all of you on to the next time I think what I would like to to and say this industry thank you very much by the the which