IC16: Imaginary In Africa - Future Perspecitves

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IC16: Imaginary In Africa - Future Perspecitves
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The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, a pan-African network of Centres of Excellence for mathematical science postgraduate training, research and public engagement is also contributing towards building the pipeline for the next generation of African scientists on the continent through diverse outreach activities which involves pupils, students, teachers, lecturers, researchers, industry, policy makers and the general public. Its collaboration with IMAGINARY and the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach is therefore one of the novel mechanisms to achieve this. The AIMS-IMAGINARY platform is aimed at stimulating interest in the mathematical sciences among diverse groups of people through the use of interactive visual and hands-on mathematical science concepts.
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so the whole thing in the world true thanks to imaginary for having us yeah have this no conference uh and together with most of my colleagues from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences and we're very pleased to complete the imaginary
picture or by having a events in Africa so
it's a similar tool name is called African Institute for Mathematical Sciences it focuses on postgraduate training research and public engagement within the but medical sciences it has a very
ambitious plan 2 0 point 15 centers across Africa by 2018 we're ready of
tests operational In the countries is that uh listed there and the vision is actually to use but semantic of sciences to the Africans from transformation and we do this by developing a new rule set of postgraduate students who are able to that you also understand and apply max differently and not in the traditional manner but solitaire of change
is that would be the but if sufficient investment is made in these disciplines then Africa that on the fastest route to become self-sufficient so what we do is we train students wore half of finance degree in any
mathematical science disciplines we train them for 1 year and we have a research components where we have various research programs such as the researcher programs would provide
grants to students and we welcome the international community unlike the training program which is specific for all Africans and we also do the public engagement because we realize of finance to be able to get the students for the training program we need to do something the to build
up the capacity the low because the number of it's coming out from university doesn't match up the number of people 1 you would want to train at a higher level so this is where the whole public engagement idea comes in and we do this through various means we have the Itar-Tass training program that's happening in South Africa and Cameroon and the plan is to extend it to the other in sentence and we also dual do of communications gamete yeah we also engage in discussions on panel discussions and related to stem and we go workshops conferences so in imaginary was match routing that URL him up
from this From this pillar
so I'm at undressing 2014 but we have been speaking before then for like a year and he had actually invited me 3 and 1 of my trips in Germany to the museum in Frankfurt where I got to experience of the stand which imaginary had that it was very innovative and I took this idea to of my Director of IIT in South Africa and he really liked it and interestingly he had spent some research time at they shamefull so he but this was a good thing for us to extend the collaboration and we said OK let's do a joint event together and see how it's perceived so
our goal is greedy choose support the popularization of Mathematical Sciences on the continent and because we append Africa and so on so we try to repeat get our activities across many African countries as possible and we actually want to do this because we want to eliminate the negative fears that best suited to meet of taking up much and sciences at a higher level want to showcase the relevance of modern science fall personal development as well as for the society where
people leave and once also show these in a beautiful way because the abstract you need scarce of units and the younger ones In the researchers so how do we do this we organize interactive workshops actually very similar to what is happening here and we also showcase exhibitions we also do rituals and at times we do science labs but what we actually try to pull out during each of these events is we don't just want to show exhibition we wants uh Fazly tertiles to tell the audience what is the matter behind each of these exhibits we also want them to be able to find real life situations which relates to each of these exhibits because it's in that manner that the population gets enticed the the so that's so
foul of organized 5 events and press all African countries some of them uh that seeing from imaginary actually where present they're by themselves like the 1 which happened in In oracle and some of them we didn't jointly by I mean was that in to build this network where we can tap on each other and support the events that are happening on the continent the so 1 of the outputs of events
has been the development of Matt's blog where we want to try to collect information about presence on the continent war are actually interested in promoting or popularizing that's so from other 1st event it's out of Africa we realized there is really lol space where you can find out about rule is the going a involved in the popularization of match on the continent so I'm gonna talk more about that later when they're in the next slide so this block is for this and it also helps to publicize events that are
happening in Africa and I think and globally and yeah not just in Africa the all right some of the
book but yeah so I have there's another colleague of this center there uh participant or attended the event in sort Africa and this was actually 1 of the Workshop protects that were involved in and this is really something that came out alive from the event it was also the 1st time fall for us to experience this type of collaborative workshops where you actually work on the project and you can actually have something tangible at the end of the event so we really like that and we really want to try to to promote such a
collaborative activities so I think that has been very positive and 1 of the things which people say is so how can they expect contributing so this is where there is still still some gap because the I thusly did the events in terms of planning and identifying
speakers that I'm not a mathematician soul we need like a community of mathematics experts will come really drive this strongly in Africa the will receive support from various organizations of which are very grateful for all the events of plant so the so coming back on what I said like in terms of me not being matematician and it was just to to my interests that I thought this could be important so we are now moving so what's the direction where we want to kind of concretize or institutionalized this kind of an idea we in Africa so that it doesn't get lost and were putting together a set of strategic initiatives Africa I speak solve for its country you will you face new challenges the requirements and you know and so the whole dynamic changes so bright um we want to be able to face built some really good concrete sustainable our if events which can now be easily replicated so I we we continue to apply on various events I was 1 of the new things we want to do is to stop national might science days in different African countries true exhibition the 1st of this already took when Anthony visit that uh uh during the the in Spencer near the support that the Pied the
events which is a national the even the in Tanzania and now we want to work also with the which sort Africa to support the National Science Week events which happened during the month of August in South
Africa castle way to most of his vision there you have our next week being to having to have a concrete you where we can have math and science exhibitions and I have my my my colleague here match is running a workshop so up like everybody to pop in and listen to what that discourse and In he is the director of Fire in center in Tanzania soul Tanzania has a natural cultural heritage and these that is 1 of the ideas he would like to please add the incentives error in Tanzania so our challenge is as a spoke before all the mass communication experts on the continent I guess they do exist but they're difficult to find so it's here we have to realize maybe on the northern African community to help us we don't peaks and we workshop ideas
to be able to run a session we would like to get uh the local community strongly involved but this is also challenging because there's a use reliance on we also find everything for them to come and it it just inflates of the budget which is limited some NGO so we also rely on donor funding and at times this funding is included in but that's all it's deeply so we have a lot of issues which we are still working around 2 and to inform the
long-term sustainability of the of the initiative the so how can we work
together definitely a lot of institutions have projects which they do in Africa useful but such initiatives don't invite us to controvert was writing proposals tool look for funds together to implement such projects are in Africa you welcome to sign up to be a speaker of frustrated TOEFL workshops we can discuss the funding requirement how much we can find what that their requirements all of this can be done we also require a more and more it's the beats to showcase and also sharing resources online resources that are
available which we can always share with the participants so this is an
interesting being Senegal last year in signing Senegal is good and escaping from the links on the intermediate so so others like to use this opportunity to announce our next events which is happening in common roots in December the periapsis from the foot to the 10th of December with the going to fix their 3 of 4 specific dates that will happen so the boy i is found here is actually close to the beach so it's a nice place to to come to and have a nice holiday in December and is the nearest airport is in blood as so you're not really travel and come to the incident and so this is the instant incentive building the students
leave in the building so it's a very interactive environments you get some MIT students from about 14 African countries that uh study there as well as
the walls with the visiting lecturers the
so yeah as a set you're welcome to come to me or to any of my colleagues on to talk to us about workshops ideas and exhibitions or various ways in which we can collaborate especially for our upcoming events in Cameroon
so in the next 2 weeks 0 so we're going to look at the event on the ends imaginary
platform where we always advertise our events so I am I think you very much for listening how