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IC16: Imaginary In Belgium
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Based upon experience in the traveling IMAGINARY exhibition in Belgium, the potential of a splendid collection of cardioid variations will be discussed. Not only splendid 3D models, but also mathematical animations and their potential to improve mathematics learning will be presented.
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1st of all world in the recovery of our land and so good afternoon everybody on polio was told them they are I went to see you ICM 2014 and the confident imagine makes position was absolutely appealing that to everybody it was queuing up for young pupils to visit this thing and this was so impressive to me that I I went home uh but the idea that we should do something in Belgium no it happens at them cheering in Belgium the Mathematical Olympiad newly appeared to reach about 100 thousand
gets every year 100 thousand out of a population of 6 million Dutch-speaking uh kits and so the engine we're to bottom up the engine to establish an imaginary exposition came up from within the Olympia to organizing committee and to get a joint forces bottom up with all universities so at this moment
we have almost the end nearby to end in September of 1 year exposition which traveled through 6 6 university cities 1st of all and due to success was asked by an independent uh we call volX that what people say astronomer astronomy observations and center to have that in so if you want to see it still in British with a unique full-dome video uh very interesting to to see because of these Olympiad context our focus groups where children schools secondary schools that teachers and being active with mathematics so
the exposition originality will start off well maybe we should bring things we could borrow get from the imaginary . org website nice posters creating atmosphere fantastic touch screens that software hands on nice the the prince and then need to be advertised and what happens at some
moment uh unenthusiastic math teacher and that's what I want to present here and elastic math teacher who is very very very good in handicraft he's really an artist also the came up with a collection of Black Sea cylinders where he had to patients to drill in up to sometimes 140 small holes a good ropes elastic rope there are 2 levels the
rope which is made fluorescent and you unlike in this with a black light and of course the picture in the right upper
corner is during daytime I am sure another picture during the nite and this gives a very special atmosphere now these objects I will bore you with a couple if you're saying sigh like so meanwhile just to watch there also and the data
objects he made have a very interesting property and I use them as examples for those who want to build imaginary positions in the future to to to think of 3 or 4 important
principles which make it into a bigger success than other it otherwise so what we did this is
making a short movies of these objects there there is a collection of 9 objects and for every object we made 2 movies of so this this in some sense there should be a shame to what's my friend and map features on Monday the number who made this by hand and must have spent hours and hours and hours and long you see in Turkey seconds this turning it around half vertically but the nice thing is that uh when you look at it true yeah about the beginning intersection so I put this in and which was radical horizontal and we look at the same object then all these objects share 1 common property and I hope hopes can I
stop at your the that just to quick and the those share 1 property showing in fact at some point the same hard stops I will
let term they show the same curve which is known as a conduit curved so it basically an so you see at 1 moment and during the exposition we offer to America to do disease at this you know you all the same and that's where we're standing in the road with the black light and we offered me at after the visitors and they could see that the top side view it is that men are and then finally they detected that every senone the showed the same projected position which was in there was a lot of discussion arose how is it possible because they all look very different so was the idea behind well it's about
cardio it's him and I think it's just an example let's make it the PR here and everything is on our website meanwhile so you can pick its and use
it to over there with the usual agreements
between 0 from imaginary it's a very appealing topic in my opinion because of 1st of all it's quite easy to believe it I will show an animation that joking about idea with about now I have to apologize maybe due to a colleague editor who definitely could do this better it's in there lot that's OK and diversity is added to them and it's accessable to all ages during our exposition we just put the
bike real over there with that rope it was not that you and your
children could start making a graduate if you know the came on our methods you Baker because circle and you put a certain number of points on the circle equidistant usually a bike real has
36 spokes and so we have 36 holes and so if
you connect the whole number 1 the toll number 2 and and 2 with 4 and fear with 6 so a with B and B U B is moving at double speed then you will all these alliances envelope occur that's exactly the conduit is the implicitly showing up there so children find very amazing that by putting ropes something is suggested to them that it's it's an appealing thing because itself cause a plane curve so you would think what what shall I do the D and 3 D of the the new idea of who our math teacher somebody and longer was let's make a 3 D object of it and you can simulate this and now I hope my screen is not disappearing you can simulate this and that is what he did and with a little more help and some documentation let me try to put this high that so now you see 1 of our that pages the wrote to them in Dutch our mother tongue and every poly in english so ready to to make it a bit by way usable and this is a joke about do you think about the apple or worksheets actually you can download it from the queue as on your PC which will make me to offer access the possibilities but you you can play with this what you see here is actually the bottom set on that 1 at the bottom of this so the top circle the blue 1 there is a point to be indirect moving around this bottom circle and at the same time there's a point a few I think which is what is the stopping yeah OK there's a point kill moving at double speed on the blue circle B is connected with ridicule
and in the plane of the y plane the black curve which is the conduit is Starting that is created and this is made of 3 D so this was the object number 1 OK if you repeat the same system I will not show all movies and keep it short because discussing is much more
important than if you replace that also cost by all the parts not a circle but but in a bottom ellipse and ellipses and on the topic ellipsis even they can be crossed or a bottom scientists and the number of docs whatever you want and
you make the bottom point and the doc . moving at different speeds you get all strange sort of curves and the the speed of the bottom of the
. is exactly to that of the q in the upper left them so you
can change the speed you get different colors so it's not only 2 Blair it but in my opinion if you want to become a bit more mathematicians it's also a matter of it gives an opportunity to really start thinking mathematically and say what what happens if I change this and what happened at the mid points and what happens it's a threat so there's a lot of opportunity which comes up and this was quite a
success that's 1 of the elements of why I find it
very appealing think it's an incentive for creating artistic objects it's an incentive to experiment with it mathematically and above all it's a thing of beauty so if you combine these 5 cans try to make this and your imaginary will be absolutely successful and should you do this in your country well there is some work involved OK there is some money involved that's also a problem here and you should think good about communicating communicating before during after prepare for a long time because communication is working slower than you think but above all and that's my
conclusion here it's absolutely and you are doing it brings enthusiasm it makes children sending you e-mails not 1 not tool but hundreds asking can I find this program like play to it you
know server surface 1 of these hotspots they start with this hot form heart shaved surface they change but I mean this and then they up mutation is coming so conclusion I just don't think too much but go over it so please that's my experience it