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IC16: Imaginary In Korea
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Since the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS) presented a very successful NIMS-IMAGINARY exhibition in collaboration with MFO in ICM 2014, we have been operating a permanent IMAGINARY exhibition in Korea. In this talk, we will go through the achievements we have made during the last 2 years. In particular, as a government-funded research institute, we will share our experiences on how we have used relevant community resources, developed mathematics communication networks and overcame practical obstacles.
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Mathematics Imaginary number
the whole thing if you're right and it just kind of representing the uh imaginary Korea which is a where were for which we have a permanent exhibition at and names which is National Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the president of the Institute that the so while we the and then this is an Institute in Korea it it employs about 85 people on annual budget of 10 million dollars and now it consist of ceilings 1 is an internal research division which is about 6 million dollars a year and then now than I actually of 4 million dollars in Industrial Mathematics Division of about 2 million dollars a year and then we have research station would like very similar to the let's say although we'll talk amino uh where people interact and and and and that's that research station wing is camp which is center for plications some mathematical principles and that's where imaginary that's the division of names handling in uh this imaginary in Korea so campuses the as I said research station like bound for oval style uh and it had it and it's a place where researchers are interact and then no 1 a function that tempt us is this thing which is interaction with the public so that's actually that's the of this so this team there's a team handling this method public math popularization and that team is that basically doing this unit in imaginary Korea on surnames imaginary start in 2014 set the time our al I wasn't the president of the institute I was actually the director I was the director of Camp that the 1 of the 3 divisions in the so the time I was a professor at post at pong interest of sensor technologies and and I took 1 year leave of absence to direct descent and then now 1 of the 1st things I did was to visit our attitude to 1st talk to get to Martin Grolsch he's here right no again so good Martin and then he took me 2 of a all fuckin now where are we at on the MOU was signed between them is an M a fall uh his dt director of the for the time he still is yeah OK so so we signed an MOU by which we have been you know we actually to go this imaginary in Korea and then our test launch was so that was back in I think this time February me yeah February and then in 5 months we successfully localized all the contents into in Korean into Korean and then we launched a trial version of so this is our like if the 1st and an imaginary exhibition in Korea set the time that's me as I was this camp director and we have a CD of bring out servers some shapes made by produced by server and xia those or rather expensive to printing Korea so we have to order them from Amsterdam so the company was right thing here so those are on and actually to successful launch this we got a lot of help from all of all fuck and then they met in routine actually you visited us right so he helped us to local it to actually substitutes launched a sin so we successfully started that's In that was 2014 and then that this was ICM Seoul ICM which is August over 24 so this is like 1 month after we successfully launched at past trial version of a mentoring Korea and this was a because over 5 thousand mathematicians register for so I see and and and we had this setting is imagine reap all exhibition at the side of the ICM as the Congress and the source and I think some of you to visit this exhibition and so this was a huge success over 23 thousand people visited this but for them the to the duration of the 98 98 and no that included a lot of Korean yeah and students and their teachers and also mathematicians from all around the world and some mathematicians of our subquery actually all or very expire inspired by this and I think for example that our my Belgium our Belgian colleagues actually even study their own the exhibition after because of this so this was a this never knew that affected just Korean people 0 by the way I'm whoops sorry and but by the way on so this is the President of Korea but on prison buccaneer enable she there at the time she was the president of you president of the and the Minister of Science of Korea but tell this guy in a secretary as at secretary at the time and that was me the it was the chair of the organizing committee in the and then after that so this a major exhibition at training ICM was hugely successful and I think it's actually probably will love be a president of and other other big events for example diseas years of ECM has featured is featuring tree imaginary on and I don't know if that and and and then the next ICM will be in the in the open in 2 years I hope they do similar things aren't so in a sense of the Seoul ICM kind of our was a kind of the set a precedent for what it should be innocence and US should success in there and so after and so 2014 was the 1st year where I know we set up this permanent exhibition at names on so this is a we have this kind of a
touch touch screens all round and those of very expensive touchscreens energy I think they have even better than what what delve a both a concept that at the museum and so those are actually real touchscreens not not the projector style on in 2014 we had a 420 visitors to our 12 facility point and then in 2015 700 in 2016 uh we were featured on national television news and and now we're getting much more visitors so we we think with that for the goal over 1 thousand this year but not when you that but we have our having exhibitions at many years science festivals in Korea nowadays and I believe not last year 2015 on or over 100 80 people active visited our imaginary both in so that's a pretty it an astounding number and you so 180 thousand that's a lot of and so I n this year I mean usually with but many of those science festivals are held at Turing's some that's why we only had 1 event so far and then we're now we're gearing up for many events from the summer so and I'll imaginary team consist of 8 young researchers and full of them I here with me and the acid sit sitting in there so they are the curators and we think we take we consider all of this up personalized experience very important meaning that students who visit out what the teachers will visit our our facility are usually guiding or we asked them to form a list of group of 5 or more so they can sign up on the web page when the homepage and you for more than 5 people sign up for a 1 single slot then we offer and personalized 2 or so we have 8 traitors and that uh that they are they are math grad student said with the list of master's degree were PhD and they actually offer personalized in 2 hours on thank you and we localize the whole contents you see that this is in Korean this is about this as chaos Amira OK so this is deterministic chaos chaotic system and also translations and now completed into Korean and we have written imaginary guidebook in Korean this is our own creation and in of course we we used a lot of what's a lot about what the the MedDRA team a ready made but we actually compiled and and added our own contents and created this this guy which is there that's the imagery guidebook over there when the right to the and for example it's explaining to my math and we had to adding some mathematical explanations and not other things it's a it's more than just words but descriptions of 3rd exhibition it's it's actually the mathematics mathematic there's mathematics in there the the so we have a localized we have now imagine homepage in Korean which is when they met in re the main home page that's Korean and it's localized the image galleries all in Korea now available in Korean and of course they can choose i visitors can choose their own languages um to English Korean were part of what what other languages available Chinese no maybe German Turkish the no we do not have all of them all the in an hour of exhibition but we have at least a few languages in now this is something that we are try without diligently doing we are actually asking all our visitors to to fit to fill out a questionnaire so maybe I will live share this with that imagine retain because this is active valuable source of food fish and improvements you know I see see that most people heard that about as through friends I they want to learn they do not want to do advanced stuff for they want to he experience fund that uh that's sort of things and 1 thing is a and of course but they in they actually satisfy how would say very satisfied and and they also want to participate in either of which programs and and then you might you would be happy to know that Cinderella's very popular this OK so I want to tell you this the centralized forgetfully very popular and also another popular and stuff is what is at the moment the yet to these 2 are most popular among our visitors and and people find this and of more entertaining than educational and I think that's a compliment isn't end deliver not this is before and after therefore experiencing imaginary after experiencing 30 people moved from and in about beauty is 32 149 that's a big change meaning and but that unfortunately the way of people you done uh mathematics as a way of thinking about trees what people find the imaginary beautiful fun rather than you know I but I think that's a good start on you know really it so let you take a list giving the strong impression that matters OK but n them a lot of people this is a very good sign the people think of math is about exams but a lot of a lot less now have so that I think this is a a lot of very positive actually result next we want to for example the uh next week we are hosting a uh Matt teacher training workshops where they would like to see our experience in every and also they will lecture experience all we're trying to actually out what 1 thing that our institute is most emphasizing in math popularization will how rich is a
motivation meaning that is useful for what that is used where I mean we want to show that to to the public and to the students so that's a right largely the
content of our teacher training workshop next next week and that as a whole so we're
talking with the CRE in a magazine monthly magazine to call a nationwide imaginary competition
Xt so I will hand would will
handle the largest taken and expand would pay for the expense but the magazine will handle data that what is it on publicity and hopefully will will do that
in and we what we also hoping to gold more than imaginary meaning we want to add other exhibitions like math history exhibition which we're trying to create right now and we are also whole thing to at an exhibition on mathematics in industry where they are being used and mean where they actually steadily as
solving the actual problems I mean we had we want to showcase some successful stories and we want to have 1 exhibition win having that
so that's those are the things that we are currently working on and then there and then we want to achieve the 4 guys I here and I'm maybe that feeling that a pleasure from me and I'm telling them to submit and we in and that well they don't have
the they don't have to win but at least they will they will have to submit and OK so that's that
that's that's what it's saying to that