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IC16: Imaginary In Uruguay
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In this talk we will give an overview of the first experience of IMAGINARY expositions in Uruguay during 2015, where we had over 20 thousand visitors. We will concentrate on the exclusive design of the exposition for itinerancy, new activities developed, and our conclusions of what worked and what should be improved. We will briefly describe the plans for 2016—2017 to take this exposition around Uruguay visiting at least 10 cities.
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who hold the record at that and just and hello good so kind of television that might indeed that will become and I was called life is and so as them as strongly mathematicians will always have to explain where you away is so we're gonna use them without the resources of 1 of the ways is reduced and applying side of known so here's the presentation of all you away the you require has a population of just
3 and a half million people and is a relatively tiny cigarette market
that's what Philip Morris International is currently suing you'll a country that you think about so little you don't even notice that that's not war war and this is that it has to have a happy but is that you and we happen to have a 3 and a half 3 million people and and and a few years ago as everything here is started and they have visited the would allow the 1 we're organizing there were away on binocular mathematics and someone told us earlier to divide and there's and so we did and so and as the organized on an imaginary workshop on high
school teachers their of their friends in there and I think and yes so he gave a talk and everyone was very enthusiastic about imaginary and so we started thinking about Linux position there and so was Lawrence
imaginary only a couple of other might become so that means the journey a mathematical journey in your 1 so we a which is the the web-based and they only some so we'll double everything that it's on the imaginary webpage of how to make an imaginary excision and then that was
there looking for many here so that's that's 1 if thing but we aim to there with yellow we
applied to all of all for a funding for funding at the national the US a national the science and innovation agency and and the budget was approved and again as 20 thousand 24 5 thousand dollars so as to start and so there so that was the launching that that you got the people of of that kind that 25 thousand dollars and so was the abelian a calling people to help us so is there a way of the and the organizing team that we were mainly for researchers from different schools science school in junior high school I did that just go on with magicians and then while I'm and a was science communicator and and she has a Masters of science communication as this was part of lower for the mainly on and I think and and as soon as an and so so and Anderson as organizers of but organized and if they were to do with a higher and higher in signers harry or but not paying the rent this is this so so we have a sense of where this thing thing we would pay a fair share of some their detectors school wanted to they started into the imaginary webpage and they wanted to be later on sculptures made up made out of wood so so they were were to for making we'll see in pictures later on we hired to do without a graphic it but a friend of the owner of the his his brother-in-law's of and we have a graphic designer and to make all the competing
and was there looking around so what his work was magicians and not the same
as the would decided to leave their everything on somebody else's hands and so we will the intuitive or someone who good of the and basically decide its position designed all at all the structures are that there were involved in the exposition and so we needed someone that was was cheap that would be the everything low-cost that would have had traveling its position so however that everything with fit in in the truck because that's on its right and that word in less
than 2 months because we were usually the best and that a everything will to fight as so would follow from the person and that's models is a book about all that in their thing later this afternoon and so so my because a given
do all that and so we started this so if I just looked like
this it was the different that made the 1st position was in September with higher models at the end of July so if you have very little time to work as a week so that's the word team
and and finally and so I we started of of a month before this position so doing so that was that was ever a very on the graphic comparing n printing posters and sending them to every single high school and every single and call college around the every radio TV in and on Facebook course and an to the an e-mail and so this is is our main so we left at the lemon behind so want to do something local and so we brother and and the picture so um it Spanish at this you're away when you say something if it is that something is an ad in is that it's really hard it does away means it's hard and usually they say let let him know what they might be guys will mathematics is hard so our don't there was this is not an and so this is not marked from of what it would say that 1 of nation the other 1 is that letter it that the picture of an ad right and there's a very explanation that we get a lot of people interested at the at the at the position so if you get bored or a on OK how your homework if you plug in the equation and server and just add to the knowledge of the this is not a good thing so there's the 3rd explanation so that was our main I were made picture n n and
campaign below that we had all others that that with the 1st so I will be open with a phrase is the 1 of when in love this is cut with so much of the this is not get to know her face to face the and this is it will fly your mind will make you by flying fly I don't know if you know made
out you way cells of the was was on something else was at which is our at the years that the bill he got that durations government they buy wireless legalize and now the government is a started to to planted then add to build to greatly dials is going to be sold in pharmacies and so we also use that as an as a it
will a with the look of replacing we found on 1 a contrast of technology with historical to take advantage of some historical place always was follow these museum as well the immigration museum and have them they have like a wall from the from the cold colonial times and and have opened half so that the there was a big deal with the big area that would open and some with a rule it was a problem you know would be the but but was not so bad so this is a museum before before the sufficient and and so now when I keep w the with no sampling the giver could hear the of the position of the we also chose these planes open it was was free it was really a of it in terms of time and in terms of money on but they had it was a very organized museums incentives in terms of guided is so they already had their way there there their way to um do
you know to call schools and invite them to these 2 to have the it's and they organize the schedule of the visit that we had at every time guided the survival of schools and so during visits positions just a few from few things we've had some the volunteers working so every module and therefore it's in there they have always 1 person there were 1 hour to various things to the kids no 1 had to read the nation's there were always people were always says things stuff and so that was varied from time to time only uh resource-consuming right it's so let we have and we have 3 the following here that really worked during those days at every single day and that now we will bring them to to this conference so they were volunteers 8 they offer them in hopes to as out for that still amount enough it took 3 can have a space amount at of
the as the mountain and it yeah so about the its decisions so as I was saying they had out of every especially every morning we
have updated debated this schools coming right so 3 or 4 rules of kids and and going around like in circles around the world each module we is this position we had as the far we had and Cinderella we had more ornaments inside of us sort of a don't fully you but vehemently visualizing some we had section of games that was the law was in charge and this is there just games that no
technology just sailing 3 D printing on site on the printed like everyone could take all the the picture of of that they made in server um and to had reality
that and so it sort of this was 1 of the 4 2 2 weeks from Monday to Saturday and so that we had here at 10 thousand people the I is it yeah I don't
think say anything more that so as as always has saying it require the people working as a as volunteers especially because we didn't we wanted everyone to be attended by someone not I mean of course people have later would wander around but we really want to take the time to to explain the math behind the things and not just have them play an was at the little kids yes but by the habitat the good we rededicate tend to explain it might demand and and
them and that to the people working on that we did we did workshops before from volunteers we had works of sort of even online workshops for volunteers to work here and so on so now it is and I briefly want to go to describe have a few of them is is is over the that would open put the I briefly want to discuss to tell you about a few of the of the local the material we made but for the the so and as
I was telling you there there's some people
approaches that they wanted to build this this keeping out that these images of of the legitimacy the of the surfer wanted to to be learned about do with book with water and there was a workshop a workshops out of for the limit rate or before so that's the egg and here and the other 1 and them we also did he doesn't give off light the the which was obsessed with having a dome at the beginning is that I want a dome for animal I want a bowl and at a mental and eventually we decided to put more ornament preside over the almost the button at and that's where home so so
my is hazard is at different shape but but these all up and we will be that we take it out from from the put down from inside the text to see right and so the so I think I think warrants looks rate in the really especially everything you're either their them would have a picture that but the public did the public school kids they will have a word this wide uniform and so they were put in the know in front of the projector
and and and they were really play with the leaders that have here like deciding clothes that without with Lawrence I think it was it was 1 of
the popular things to just stand in front of the of the project and for the clothes of buttons with them without looking the and
delegate some or would this game of William another 1 of them there's this at the we did our we we did the amateur of server with sound so they at in server you it you can even put parameters of the 2 to the equations and so as we did this program that and with 1 or 2 parameters each parameters change by by some of some boys parameter so they have no the rather of the death of the voices 1 parameter that there's not the volumes and I want and this parameter changes the picture and so that's a sum dropped by singing and shouting so this is what it is and always has wanted to show you you probably and when it was pretty cool which is near the median and was the 1 you know that the half half time of year and a half of the development of information if you lose the hit and that if it has the hill and here him to lead mean the head and says you know you need in addition to the disease and OK so
this is this that this exposition among the
elected as I said 2 weeks we had to about 10 thousand visitors from all kind of ages we had to improvise also that from at the it is for the act for the very young kid I and any was I think it was also a very popular because of of what you're away have what is called the plans a value which is part of the One Laptop Per Child program so it's it's the it each trial had our when they start their public school that the primary school in a very public school they get an act of right these are the with with with the notes right because these other laptops and so every so that the user really because like this like they call a rural in all rural schools did come on up the when there's internet for them and where and so of the sky here the imaginary demand that that that the server and random ornament thinking and the and and so now mortalism before the this position monomers ever was installed on their laptops and so they would go to this position with the letters and they already had the the the programs were was showing the already Friday and so we as we got contest of pictures because they at all the kids could could already had the programs installed so without a contest for that lasted until the said this was in september and until December so for the for ages and they were drawn it was free of of interest I have I now with the what they were divided in in in in the majors the majors and and and and you could be bleeding rules or something yeah so what I'm not up on this and an and we found a great prices for them in a minimization is more about that because of the time so well it's so it's so our right after that everyone's they're asking for it so if we go to where they were doing might so uh
what whatever event size about what went on the wanted imaginary there's a we started traveling decidable
deal with imaginary as our so those
such just the other it's positions around the city from September till November
right and and so as
we as I said we wanted this is positioned to
feed in a trap as an our next our next project now is we we have
applied again to the National Agency of science and
innovation aware for more money to take the position around the country so they gave us an entities where those
endowments and so now all we have we your trap who basically red and by it
how much 1 me again so so so
so a very briefly so we did try these of beef and on December so there was never material his from a town called didn't take this which means 33 so it makes sense that the mathematics to look of at a state with a model with them a number as the name and and and so we were we would therefore what weak they are missed others because it is they put so it every time a
materialist have stayed in the utilizable
dailies 1 square the church
the police station this school and the and the local government and that's where we might so the
main in the making middle 1 square they had would put at the of imaginary and there we have 5 thousand
5 thousand visitors I don't know how many people even tentative 8 8 thousand 30
thousands of 5 thousand visitors we had that his
position and and they here was amazing is like they were really grateful that would take is something
to them you know only model was more like 1 more its
position but here it was that this is what was
going on hunting down it was imaginary and the kids will with the school and then they would come back with a
laptop library run this program that will come up with
the grandfather was 1 you there would go there every day it was really it was really really everywhere that you have so i which is added to finish up with our numbers
and no that would have been just to tell you the Bahamas suggested developed at MIT did you have an idea that has about how many people work including volunteers n n that up and people and and logistics and everything that really worth an imaginary and another 1 I give you an estimate of money it edge the total goes around 5 thousand dollars 50 thousand as of it's the the 25 thousand were initially for to buy all the this crazy stuff and in the 1st thing the first one we have 10 thousand users on the last 1 we have 5 thousand milliwatt the little ones in between we at well I guess we have 5 5 thousand was all that was in 3 months 20 thousand visitors and yet general yeah and in