IC16: Evolution Of The Mathematical Journal Quadrature (1989-2016)

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IC16: Evolution Of The Mathematical Journal Quadrature (1989-2016)
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Is there still a place for “classical” maths journals, moreover in french, nowadays? The experience of the vulgarization journal Quadrature, created in 1989, proves that the answer is yes, as our journal has published the 100th numero in april 2016. Anyway it seems necessary to adapt the classical shape of mathematical articles to the actual theory of journalism and to create appropriate web tools to support the journal. We discuss these different questions there, with examples of recently published articles.
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could you do all of the accord and just hello I will 1st of all like to thank the organising committee and Imagineering for giving me the opportunity to present you with mathematical genetic equivalent it's a friendship reputation and of course it's very different from the media as we have seen before this morning because it's much more classical newspaper print its quarterly but it was created in 19 89 by a teacher drop your reading quiz now retired and lives near Marseille and I think that the facts were still alive proves that there is a public service kind of media as well as all commit is very diversified but mostly here people would like to enter the staff to enter the integrations and to to really different times mass it's a rather different from the primary care we it before and well that we publish original matter particles and we have a record the arugula rates a text increased units were about the history of mass uh problems going on and the oracle surveys but I would like to it into science there so it's possible to make interactive and to act in directive leave you with a very those in even with a paper that but as far as the journal is a quarterly and of course the video is much more important so in this corroborates for the history of mathematics in every issue there is a question and the other readers as to make inquiries to look in and she texts and that uh that conjures versions population in the next issue the same for problems corner so we've wanted difference and this is the republic make some you and that here you may see a gym 7 get through here it was a President of the United States of America and in the and the founder of a new proof of this rose to so here's the question was about to this proof and the readers as to find the what Garifuna John really well the poor guy was shot 1 month after he became president so high I hope it is not because of this proof that this is a common form where it put some music uh somebody easy to recognize and this was for a time to affect birth date of the 2nd birth of content Institute and from what I 0 I'm not going to be fine of the of tuples light uh why only probably because we think that many people prefer to read the really paper enhanced and the value of Luger out the web and the there is an American study about groups uh which uh is a very recent and sees itself for that students like like print books in the library is more than that you the the other reason is that a paper communication and has to go for a further and deeper into the question the mathematical just the um well for John established in french so it can be an advantage and and at the same time this advantage while the French-speaking zone it is rather be but of course in and not be you not so big as high as in English-speaking zone but recently thing sense to change a little because were received papers in English from notices uh and this is this papers are retained there will be 4 of course translated French because we want to stay the french and review the a retrenchment and the well of what what it's it's quite impressive on given the paper to another Web because of her readers like to to know what is the relation to the main 1 to consult all databases and the ofas after don't and creates a true right according to the sons of here so this can be done on the website
uh which is also set size and we also and don't get quantitatively duck sports and whether it is a very interesting to run and go get the same time because of the quarterly it's quite impossible to fit here actuality and met and fixed
and also that it is a it is a way to test topics for instance so you can look at our visitors react to to a certain type of system BOS and if it has a lot of reactions you may think that it's possible to develop this in your preparation and also a partnership with the receipts you nothing affinity other C and S and sometimes we finish at the same time the paper on the web and in our the paper issued but the articles on not exactly the same it is possible in visual now to virtually offer for R&D creations and here on the website so they wouldn't signs the pictures and of ideas the well this is a screenshot from those and I don't know if you have recognize his gang it is the right to the romantic greater fossil and it should beyond and we made a series of posts about Chateaubriand it because a big before he became a politician and around 2 criteria that you wanted to be an officer in the Royal Navy on the French word in the books and and uh at this time to enter the name the you have to pass an exam with a lot of mass and the other was a terrible examinator those who was a television I don't know if you know this interpretation is known for a result about co-prime that numbers polynomes and the and ideas well so should agree on at to work in business books and they wrote these special linear in the memories in the meanwhile the Potomac that's why the forces may want to to Matt and it may be it may seem strange events and facts this series is the close of the 1st peak here and it was much more at proceedings and over the interesting thing for for a torus for the the is that it is seen in the 1st countries and not only in the French-speaking zone and there is a recent evolution this is from May of this year you said and many people came from Germany uh many from Ukraine's and only after from France Russia and the United States well um which I define new readers it's always important and so we have sometimes to change our topics because uh we engine traders
are always interested in the classical matter papers where the T so abstracts section Turin proof thing that's these uh mainly about that URI of
numbers exigent geometry but we try to find a new public way that the new topics and closer on all the close closer form to apply mass for instance and this is not very far from imaginary because on discover you recognize existing and of course uh it was an issue made that we eumjeol they will also worked with the
imaginary that there is a big difference is that the glaciers of the French 1 uh well it was a joke so we
can think of as as well as the that and that this 1 was made with the but even out and
it uses these surveys and you can find this picture on the gallery of imaginary
too well another example of with the in the young given you made a look at the error of his start and jacked up in this woman in fact and the subject was found to approach the the structure of the hair the with silicon techniques so it is it a paper brought with Florence that becomes and she works in in in in the research team about computer graphics and the she did a lot of new that's the neuron algorithms and she is the John pieces of circular
elites to to make it hair the full of emotion months when the girl is dancing you you can find a little movie on the web about this
so it's in it is an example of an article where where a classical geometry joins in a very modern subject which is computer graphics them the of course if you chanted of the topics you also have to change the shape of the article and you must use of modern theories of scientific Johnson in mainly a choose it is to draw replaced the classical not article by let's say a big find with many entries and uh there are if you want to know more about me as I can I can vary command you this paper but it is in French it stays the best with 2 or more and predefined mud provision presentation this even monster sheet and it means that a power structure is the best way to present scientific event's in the press very interesting for instance of something very simple I think this is a paper of the unusually if you you see those variational principle and is the reader made maybe not interested in the space well the functions the leaf but if you want to know more just to read here the insult about Sobolev spaces but is not obliged to and that he may also choose his entry in an article for instance probably here uh the reader won't enter by the abstract but you will have interfaces by this picture and the look at those URIs from the elephant and what this paper was just if I was made with dummy Homer uh we is also in area and it is about Stokes tuna and in fact what I can to somebody building so you would be impressed but yeah the Roosevelt yes and it its finger but so you may see that the volume of my home stay constant so it is possible that to to the sum of the of the moving the hands all moving get high neurons and through to be realistic you need there that
you you can maintain the volume of let's say a layer of of author and constant and from this you use stops here and it gives you an integral part which has to stay concerns 1 over the computer makes that calculation and of course the discrete space and a very
important thing for us is young people younger readers and young writers to have redeveloped in collaboration with Institute meta to with the fact that you knew of price and which is is the junior version of the family price of course and we do some advertising from the price of participate to the jury that can be used with the blue the job and the winners opposition in all got to the and for most of his younger our 1st it's the 1st match people and we also have a huge young offers from other countries for instance in Switzerland uh there the examined maturity in the french speaking area of Switzerland and so on uh projects are very interesting the we also where the collaboration with my gene homes and Matlab Matlab on is in our opinion projects and linked with it means learning Madison's being regions and the same time of course we also provision best projects and that the young people's our most often very appear to be published to to see that people are interested since in their work to such an extent and for example that this is a shaker from an article about him inflated sets its geometry and you may see here of a group of group of students uh war wrote a paper on we from Rivera researcher and a teacher well done I love most finished as as a conclusion but for conclusion I think you you have to recognize this curve you the case the pressure from France libraries which is the energy from demons and the MIT maybe it's better here well uh history was treated as to retain the attention of readers In this work was made by Joe slates I've changed it to you you know I am because is worked Weaver it changes few dimension and this is also on the website of imaginary you can download the film that and you know you you you take the the curve of false library and it could put it puts it in the spatial spatial invariant and before this was for the conclusion I would say that this was on number 100 and from that of course I hope it will continue and you should anybody here is some proposition for the collaboration among the very grateful and thank you thank you any questions and the I have some questions about the sort of your economic model and working I think this is
about the economic model for this journal and how you handle any keen acquisitional can I and I'll leave you in other parts of the US of this general I told you it was creating 19 89 and at 1 for some prices because at a certain moment was a property of Europe principle uh which is the PDP
sciences and that the the fault that it was not very interesting for them to was a lot of problems for another few money so they they this sound vision on turnover independent groups and they only give to their medical months but now a there is a little structure which is a whose name is sitting in drawers by and mention teacher was very passionate about press
uh this man for instance the latitude for rocks and don't know English words for general here yelling yelling and it is also in the same group then then quadrature a little magazine about his and we we work together it's a very very small restriction and is that Jones made in in America and by the press and they is printed in in Nancy and on distributed and any of the self sustaining yes subsets sustaining that's not enough to for example to pay myself I work as a teacher during the day than during the nite too hard at and I may be anything at the beginning you're many subscribers who you had where a meaning in about 1 thousand and 200 such subscribers but varies a institutional subscribers because you can find in transport originally in almost all of the libraries all universities in fact so it is difficult to precisely evaluate a number of readers the questions the is near
the questions was and you wouldn't fj