IC16: The Campylograph

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IC16: The Campylograph
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because of all the time and using an act to my my my my 1st of all the through the old nodes of all you need to alter to here so I want to speak about them all in the mechanism of action to trace killed the score of the gondola in the and conscience time in the Greek period and
so was implicitly defines to be generated by the mechanism was bonds and wheels and during the centuries and centuries a lot of such mechanism has been built and I want to speak about and about
probably the last issue of such mechanisms that it has been
created in 1900 the and in the 20th century as soon as the tracing mashine drive
these computer of course such kind of mechanism disappear and at that time to develop was not known so this machine has
been invented by far as the ship last was which you'd then this from a number of whom was in
charge of the observatory in some guy in China and later in charge of the lots of other regions
the in the channel and in invented the many many things that among them and no matter through compute the speed and direction of of women and later the imagines is mechanism to trace kernels called Kumpula cop copula graph is well and constructed from Greek worlds come true those in Greek means curled and graph means graph Fanon's drawing so something to local this is a picture of this machine the only 1 I know is in the basement of the at your the Cuenca high and we see some original drawings you know and also the machine was the distributed by a company in Paris shipped to that she's but as I know uh there is not so much machine in false and even in the in Europe I didn't find any many copies and uh when you voted matching you have a catalog with the I just months to we fix the wheels and the bar and to produce certain pills so I found that just a copy of the catalog in the in the library in Paris and this is the kind of adjustment you can do so you have to no chosen some constant yeah there are certain constant to we fix the machine and then you produce something else With this description you have you you can write question and then it is easy to see that you can draw only periodic verbs and then he is is a diagram of the mechanical machine and let me show you how we networks we motility
and this possible the it the the note that I'm sorry I I
good but yeah and the the this the but it the but it is the way how it works so you see the bottom there the wheels you out you have 5 wheels and 2 whilst and then choosing the parameters you can look curves the now what the going back to presentations the the the focus so these are some example of
kernels you can go is the and computer graph environments if go some comics their leaps and bubble are some beacon many hours of including the the that cycloidal kernels but you have also some very simple because it's you can model with a computer graph for example high not fiber street just hyper sigmoid and so the see trust which is the from them of this conference and these are some the collective Jost produced by the Compugraphic the the the father bishop himself have a couple of the collective goes but at the end of the the phase of this event was not to the role of any kind of go about in his mind it is the aim was to the
role of the tragic story of climate of view from the past so in 1st example leads to the role the trajectory of news you from the US so uh so if I Adjust on this picture below the position of the news uh each month during HS because there is a period the 8 years and then that what we see on this picture about the position of the new
stock Morris a longer and all vandalism down position rounds is over but there conservation Iran's was interested in these all artillery created by Ptolemaic the who described the the decay of the sum of the cell the trajectory of planets view from the sky the north pole members wizard the ASR at the center of the picture so if we the point the position of the news the view from the north pole and the time of the year for the center it seems it seems to be more regular of course and the if we look at the position for the 1st generation no we we see is that so we have a period of a chance here so the position of a use at the 1st of January looks like that they at the vertices of a regular optical on and the Saturn is are is this good generating the SIFT colored most Asif Khan with just at the center so that was the observation by Ptolemaic in the 7th century and the starting from Saturday it's it was clear for delivery is that you can describe the the trajectory of venues on this planet by the p cycle the general generated by SIFT kill turning around and as a system so this is the cycle of described by Ptolemy and then a but was the them off puzzle the and to do all this kind of curve now all and if you reconsider Starting from this at the cycle the trajectory of the news view from the yes you find the curve which is not far from the exact position so that was why it was so we consider the 4th century as a convenient are appropriate Suri of costs because of these the most mood but the bonnet recession of the parametrization is completely wrong you so but puzzle the sure and was not interested in the bottom at transitions just the shape of the curve and that the mechanism was able to produce steerable stereographic view so if you are able to squint uh it's possible for you to see in the Sri they effect but I am unable to do it so I prefer not to use and I believe people the maybe half a bit Cologne glaciers and then you could see 1 the various is up the the the crossing is a ball fall below the plane of the screen I don't know if you see this effect so this picture is the wrong wisdom gift to other computer off so this kind of same it was produced more than 1 century ago you will then and
and and want bias OK that it was
the the trust and it all has to do do with the at the so it is there is there is no question or do you that the somebody yeah OK how many of you can see these double stereo picture where you have to cross I your car OK so thank you the and you that Satan is important for a token for and tomorrow morning and just let you know that I OK so is there any any question for false 1 and thank you again thank you it