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IC16: Derivas Matematicas
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The goal of this talk is to reflect generically about spatial strategies for infrastructural design and to present possible solutions with respect to traveling mathematics exhibitions. The experiences are based on several IMAGINARY exhibitions staged in Uruguay in 2015.
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who hold in the area and I and it was you know all you have to the balloon omens models were cool parameters and I I thank this known it cause certain no wind up the seasonal in the bushes at the last but but but but those he combining them in Sant'Elia than it is in the on if there's somebody here so but the it you promotional you I mean did and of the keys to the the that valuable to us although it is the medulla it's a bowl of that often interdisciplinary amend abortion edited version a similar amount is help with from 4 months with his lation our enquiry the year when I imaginary keen on my role in the team's tried to bring on interdisciplinary practice into it or it could you all the mean within our set up this handout of Lampedusa are very soon you did not the that that the here are the 50 on the machinery you why you know making here from the dead Daria behind this talk is to present how was the process of designing the 2015 show of imaginary order 1 we and all the you about the other the other 1 ASR dimension and sees it all of this and leopard years yet begun do weed out a full partner could afford to have opinions so might my talk will analyze this
process using 3 different dimensions that I hope everybody can use in the design and analysis of your own shows there is
a bit of a mention in the analysis there is there city annual concept those who so could you imagine 90 K points have at the Khalifa gobbled up by East so the 1st of the 3 dimensions of analysis would be the because on objectives of every imaginary in every country is called a little died of humans unit analysis it intersects unit and the US is
companies the 2nd the 2nd hour dimension of analysis will be the actions of the work of plan for every country
you diamonds analysis city updated low recall source you and gotten gonna but you know but I got us and fellow and will be the resources that are available and their utilize in every case the decision in mobile their last the synthetic Othello Buckingham today is the last of the US the really cells and and 183 and this is a map that shows this already on the web page and that shows up everywhere or an imaginary then has been executed within the humans unity you become the book in this in the lady at armor are going back to the mentions this are Diamond has still show what is the underlying meaning behind this approach men men men men milk dialog let out of k in in there should definitely cincuenta and prosciutto in the same universe and when the intersection data thick abilities on i wanna make sure about that understand that that that they design project using a section which in all these 3 categories and a what is no or no I you wonder Gödelian unions you know OK case it it's sits in data and got a God that they would be of the form I know them for done on there is not a linear path that you traverse through this their but everything comes together in a simultaneously the you but I did but I to depose in your this this important there in the hall and and valuable item that has to be honest and we of and to that is very important that every aren't subject the repair everybody works together where they come from there you go so in addition the Council longer delude away and efficient variables look look like the thing that's it that's unit is to real and guidance him no going back to the particular case of you know why I I want talk about their specific actions that were taken in each and every dimension is a Seagate decay in names from the article said this you could you could if you got a new white stupid in the up in the Kiss era and MC my at all so in the then you are in the concepts and objectives are our main idea was that they will be an open system it could be a could two-foot you Hartlepool's openly and Timbuktu with our low uses of resources but with a high impact case in it on through real but I will create a fluid space he defeated and the handsome the includes income God and God look assumed and it will promote the creation of relationships in every location I knew layouts the effects who read on the candidate that they orbital actions we have different strategies there below so if few before it had in it and the gaze can and conduct and known as the land of us units OK to use it to communicate in a bucking away the units of the cave was him on what is that it will be a traveling exhibition that are it would generate contigs in every location we also had a web-based to supported on
a specific strategy of diffusion on communication but are loath done now has no longer courses can look at the almost in
and reporters from minus economy goes is Gimpel and the 3rd and we have the resources that we subdivide in humans of money and time the so this is my computer an any good alternative located in the that there was a modest league illegal no is the kth grammar is to tell you the war but putting the renewed lawful total individuals on May I can word tries to communicate this that is there and is open and we can expand it and analyze it all together the it it it this room the I mind the ensuing them put on an inadequate would move if you knew the development of the moment of video 1 moment all the candidate that that international and the will to deal this is a time during the trial to show off how time happen and we can divide in 3 stages 1 before the show 1 g initial and 1 after the ship the and quite get Anglican I saw this as he dances home on Windows simple Attia and this 1 is sort of the concept of such units he recalled flows in the independent this the the the the the item of Canada and in there ensuing I we can all use the same factorization of our actions resources on on objectives to analyze all these 3 moments independently of the general of some analysis thank you and in a moment in ECN it's in and were moment of state OK this this moment all the reconstruction and the ensuing he's this is before the will in a out implant assume Kate kickin to watch it I can see on the continuous you you have a less units but by that but the independence so my mom and 0 it which is why I have as before the next edition it's a very powerful moment where we can using this these ideas are generated of strong relationship with the location or dics emissions when be put on to gather information and then we're gonna apply in the following moments the in the moment all of this this this in moment those you for them with the federal the this it assumed Biddle you in in in in decision makers sickening I'm being Wilson in below must media of M 1 is the actual execution time where our it's a it's a very happy moment but also is a moment where by degenerate relationships with the different actors there are more strong you blew demanded their motion of moment intervention it to a C in the case in Linden that accounts for the errors will be includes the of section units there any and all that other manner so that the definition and then we have and 2 which is what happens afterward and and is a time where we try to strengthen the relations that were created and divides actions that can take this forward in the future there they up bucking a matching the inverse almost I want to read a conceptual Canada and from the web pages ementary was that given the general counsel there were 9 the assumed critique go the the 2 concept of Fisher katana and blood the former aired whom deliverable the whole the ecological and efficiency of the last the last in the recipe incessant video artist trying to use in this in this ideas that I presented to analyze what we want to create and trying to all leverage that using information from previous exhibition so so it's a conclusion and concept but appeal the league of value out of a kind that into from that we build in our own concept for every location for every execution KKT commodity lot politically to that is search all the the actors were prepared and exhibition it is it in your group is in that I would arise in Los Lonely myth they showed this and that's usually the de la whole it it often called quantitative fissionables of those but all then the senior them with so I unless out what was up my strategy to communicate the design of the exhibition to all the participants it often done and that it was at deals this all displays yodo attack where you show someone the then you are in the course of government they who was a or if it is yeah hours and it came out with value of the the Internet hazardous anything our conceptually I started from the rear of the international situation is an end to the unpaired 100 you know union and you ever so you we will assume that that conceptualize sign on the nearer and blue Deke playful on the traversing of the city the output of the low led layers you doom doom by here would you go codes we'll port the of the the Committee of on the other hand we had the idea of creating an unique landscape of using different geometries in in in another
EU other than when it came out of the plan if you see on the the bus you use dimply Gomolka owners of multiple the UID on little inference in our less idealized the this is a schema of all the different resources and time and space as we have and how can we combine them depending on what's actually happening and new ocean like cut so it it this if you go to the and understand them onto you carried out in a more EMO-DB Malta shuttle recombine universe so going got to the specific location of Montevideo it was in this space that was shown yesterday by our teammates it sits in the season of the notion that a serious in in in ability out we translated those ideas preliminary project called but a political hot associated so there we can work on it the inequality no sólo superstition position now and there's no motorcade kissable on continuous where we would not only put the different modules that supported the the fixation to notice it but it's funny so on I 1 0 posteriors difficult real you he it's particularly here the the lesson I'm in the 1 on a continuity the the economy division done but we also visualize the different of past that that at a school of walk through and how would they are free later the different contents in the different models it important it in to the boss hindered of modals ticket he carried out the new items are assumed that if AT goes there but applicant and let it be in it and so was very important to design that space between the different modules and also to harvest of places where people can look at the solution from the outside and get like a panoramic
overview of a palaeontologist Ukkonen of modals independent amended it'll go them on the answer the we in the reflection of solar water in and the the the 1 about on that comes so like people who have the both both types of relationships with the show a ones to go and the 1 1 on consumption of every module but also have these oversight and is trying to understand the whole
configuration of solution it
doesn't matter that they gave them is you so but above the only people live in noble longer should disavows universe of William mean more it more if you come and go quandle this is always the model that we shared with all the team and not as a suffix designed by something that was modified but everybody the failure of the
Laplace in the bushido suppose or IBM and they are an eye and a Lebanese about political deduct after the design was approved we are created these diagrams so that it could be built it
is and then I got communes study in moment or the the the the quantum on can you get out of our new thus has is the moment when we start of actually building which is full of anecdotes the
put him bluegrass know the little heating bills a component in a mortar and system on the top of the we go for example taking all the specific components that were created in the public transport system where it came in but it would be considered all the above article so specialized but followed by severe the price of the respondent and that the original idea of of low resources but high impact and
that that this is a process of constant shown it if you consume the decennial NLU this is a construction and verification of the design any location monitoring of all of us will do the whole data continuous and your of modals that's the 1 they were tuning there contents for every module a
lot Jupiter but area that's the nite before there
that at the time being water that are holding the 3 and the 2nd idea at terminals case a little more so this cities you knew what about entering needed in the team of you have ability at and what weather there was also this moment where we invited on high school students medical come on work on specific places in in every model and are generally than a profusion of the exhibition it does ideally continue on in London with the basic were carry on doing all this that exist in Canada no in in sort of this of the the moment or pseudo in so and this is the moment that there change from moment 0 before and moment 1 didn't excitation uh that that that here
of in the this year and this is the communication in charge relatively inefficient so is it that it is still in
the early notice you on the sudden appearance received and this is the opening day these are the 1st visitors a Yiddish child number them with the mean and you cannot use a dentist and this is the element of the actual exhibition working full of people and follows mall
there and in Motorola lalala lobotomist Corsican do look in his eyes you if reading it and the the co-op you
me maybe make only got a million Goncalo mother Monday could in in the short and it it them with less illness so how we could of trade or comply with these ideas will be a traveling exhibition and is an example how I communicated with the math in mathematicians the had to carry and executes this exhibition in different places it would
fit with those is that now and pursued a simpler and thus unit Angola Villalobos units in for buddhist these are examples of of of possible on instantiation of the exhibition in different future locations there
for the letter is in in level diluted to for example in the school of architecture in our universe and the maximum
dusty come in intergranular Livonia Gary Gustin seen in the sun since unity boom-and-bust above 0 this is an example of this set up in the school effective to where all the academic community word without being actually paid for it the in the market in
there that indeed there is this is in our 1 small cities in your work open the dress he put do more or number of
with telling the people that have gone at that humans unit analysis in case the kids love affair individual prosciutto splitting the prosciutto boil down in the corner gotta look look consider Kentucky in it out of schools us gets units to and for thought the chemicals lastly i wanna propose that everybody who has a show who has had a show can use the same concepts to analyze and to describe the things they've done using a three-dimensional consent objectives and research 52 Boudiaf ended up on this you can never Canada has done the the little pointed out a cone of Conan Antipodeans this gone gone gone conductor the fit is here call on the the negate carry it will sell considered a section of the course I with these we could generate group a general spreadsheet with a reference images and everybody can establish or write down those 3 dimensions is azimuthal it better we can possibly the theory at all but it won't does the Havel Oder saved from the story to be similar but the because of other bands that that would be only thing sorry attention I'm open to questions I hope this approach can be useful in your own experiences thanks you be has thank you very much other any questions In the end as a general warning this now when it hits and an initially of and I am and thank you I'm I'm I'm impressed and I would have loved to have you at all the other exhibitions in
the green um looking at their at their traveling exhibition part that's something that I experienced and survived myself when I started imaginary doing a traveling exhibition in Germany for the German year of mathematics but it was just extremely complicated to have an exhibition traveling Becky to and take it amounted to an amount to put it in a track and a lot of things got lost book whatever it may be can was a few more details me if you want it as an outer and inner sort getting it is kind of open truck some of that how did you brief to be because so property pet kitten and take it and and how did it work with the logistics was a and this is the 1st of the the a and it is easier than having completed the thing that makes us where police says it up to read about on in the bullied certain that of Buddha and you armada EDM alumina let load OK so for that continued it and in there is an added to
to comply with with a couple of ideas the
first one but it would it had to be a light on open and generate something that the volume but at the same time they had to be
able to we have to be able to transport in different places
and condolences appeared but I still think him but I'll use a simple linear and may of the show members of the report they could be made of it if he gave you just on my musical total communities so the 1st thing did I call transportation companies and try to find out how much how expensive on tracks would be and and the size of the the what are the relevant in the lake so called column persona k k k the the senone it it to devoted to food put him below but but FAD it's on hand I have concerns with people who actually work doing this for example for professional exhibitions he each of you put the and the new warm and I is the reason that I use the the the on so we have to design things 1 was on the the actual desire the is that all of the of the module but also the design of the components and the design of how we would communicate to people how to in sample the those component of your spending more people will look at the the
early autumn it kind of like do it yourself catalog IKEA store that's my hand sign a little later so that if if you have any other questions to you so is there it is the project tool to write
this down and in detail so are there other pieces do you think that this can be applied to other places our bodies this is me who I and and you just these extremes here will be like a paper support so other people can access to all the leaders and everything went did or do you think that every exhibition should have their own to matches the related cannot succeed in the of the time and the of good OK OK OK you can because of the level of the form I other Bolivia unmitigated sinuous it to read and post assume a figure meant they the in their bodies and that is something you can be pass the call healthy Q Boolean do model of uniform did you get the render Rydell about about context they're dummy about and no no but 11 where RTs here at the top of following a city I will be memo duality mean the dummy node Williams both things that he thinks that they will be useful and it was possible to have the useful dispersed procedures and processes online the tremendous
so that other people can use by our Heathkit things that it should be using the critical way and should be rethought and recreated responding to on the realities of a specific locations and that would allow new ideas to come and be integrated into the process the FIL you but there is it a type position the dolls that a boat in some of the minimum cut out this is open for everybody but we can rethink it and improve it thank you will maybe
if you have any more questions you can talk to them in our coffee break so let's thank the speaker is again and few