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CityBikes: bike sharing networks around the world


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Title CityBikes: bike sharing networks around the world
Title of Series EuroPython 2015
Part Number 159
Number of Parts 173
Author Esquerda, Lluís
License CC Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 3.0 Unported:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor and the work or content is shared also in adapted form only under the conditions of this license.
DOI 10.5446/20152
Publisher EuroPython
Release Date 2015
Language English
Production Place Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain

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Subject Area Computer Science
Abstract Lluís Esquerda - CityBikes: bike sharing networks around the world CityBikes started on 2010 as a FOSS alternative endpoint (and Android client) to gather information for Barcelona's Bicing bike sharing service. Later evolved as an open API providing bike sharing data of any (mostly) service worldwide. Fast forward today and after some C&D letters, there's support for more than 200 cities, more than 170M historical entries have been gathered for analysis (in approx. a year) and the CityBikes API is the main source for open bike share data worldwide. This talk will tour about how we got there with the help of python and the community.
Keywords EuroPython Conference
EP 2015
EuroPython 2015
Kulick means of fully of by transportation in the city and the system is composed of of some stations and and this is the change might have bicycles and then maybe not similar from knowing where decisions hair on for many bicycles or many sports to part the bicycle it's something that makes that makes the we important to to have our hands on the location of the of the stations and and the really the so that allows us for setting up the context so long as the low-lying used as scary currently working on scripting have and I'm going to talk about the whole and to talk about the colony I managed to grow up project from it it's a good with an colonists due to the world present from Barcelona
to the whole and for the people that knew what like Chinese want to share
this month please this was
we did OK this is the real
time well map of the the world that this all of them all the systems I equally support on on my project them on every time you know if you see but every time there is an explosion on about it means that somebody has reduced to a bicycle or reduced left all it's the real time
that so know yeah as you can see some guy there's this that the bicycle and somebody took it there and the and that's on the whole on the whole or on the whole or in that as in the the lights and can see so we can see how the systems that have not done these my because they are not yet supported our so what's this
about In reality many years ago I had the knowledge so novel idea of mixing up smartphones with despite sharing systems and there were some obligations for too long before for mean Barcelona there was small search Android application for devising systems so I decided to create 1 and the 1st step the bank continent was that this information was not available anywhere so I looked on the internet for and all these things at the IVC information and
I that's the 1st time I I so that their scrubbing I will referred to their originally worried that inspired the product because if it was not for this scenario I would probably not be here the and that's also what got me into into Python the main idea was to to and there was a website for the for the for the Barcelona system and and there was some of and you had to take this information from from the JavaScript inside them out through the West kind of high here and then I I knew why some apps that where around where reasonable when it was because all this craving thing was having on this more forms and not that time smartphones were not really up off with if they were really slowly they will break and their crisis so I created open this which was the 1st part of the projected had have an open API he was also 100 obligation that whilst thing less licenses about you to and that was for Barcelona then I I realize that the parties the problem was exactly the same as you into the website was even more complicated to to scrape by I created then exotic clone of the same but that is used for an immediate open them and then I realized that in in it was also the case for building in 5 billion bytes was using the exact same system that was using so it was really easy to add in just 3 more lines of code and then I had alternative then in London started their cycle car project which started with open information already that you could pretty access and I decided I also wanted to to we're so I created yet another clone of the simple and at this point it started getting really clear that there this was not the best way to keep working there it's not easy to keep it as separate projects at the same time and then I decided to to
it length and it was it was there so sorry the legs
was less than decomposite of of all the cities of i started finding around at this point it was mostly the same by salivary 1 I have been using for the missing money does with more and more networks kind of structure where Swiss it's still felt a bit like like not doing our really good work on it but on the other side it was it was cool there were are many cities around them and so on this is
what see the light is composed of the library was renamed to that is basically this is the this is the main part of the core project on by likes people can what people myself with it out newer scrapers for all these like shining websites and in when you wanted to buy at the expense of the gets added to the API of of city and so basically by banks in in a sentence of Python library that it gives you exist bike sharing information but not dependent on on my project at all but it's the actual we are using to extract all this information
Benjamin this is called giardia will so it's not really something just that the system I'm using tear to work minds all the tasks and on the q so this craving that's must be must be a process it's somehow 1 they just wanted to show a bit of the start of the project not too much and made jolly novel thing it's that this is using you instead of of salary which is the main brought past processing system being used on the on the by from work and then the
is there is the API of the project unfortunately for everybody in this room this part of the library doesn't have an I so the API so since the 1st started I I mean I was not really intending to build an API but I knew that when you start sending information through the Internet to 1 mole it's almost impossible to protect it so you better do it already open and then the idea kind of hot and high rates so it wasn't really in the perforant was that the most
important part and the and the results of the Android application we 114 unfortunately I'm not spending much time anymore and and that's because of
our of our realization had that the Android application really does not previous any kind of of new information new content wise by using the API we are providing something that can be used to create maps of the main idea it's marks on knowledge maps are useful representations of reality but they do not have the power of creating something new so and and that's that's quite important to to realize because it said it's the point where you start understanding cold wrong some see the constants are all things and and the whole thing should be done in a different way for
instance since polishing this API various the law of forgetting your bike sharing information there is a
little glass half very
simply not our review if I know all right they are using this the for Barcelona that's how far along the 2 of the most different but basically these our cities where they have problems existing information so by providing they can support these
are 2 of 1 needs to be on the fence and the other 1 was it's MIT as but it's good I mean it's good to have applications of our open source or free so and using the began because they are continuing the work I started and I don't really have to support all these many
platforms there is even 1 of old city like not even but content with with guy but has the same to put the name there is
and have for Windows Phone side then I mean there was no way I was going to support
any of these all of these platforms it it will be it be
a waste of time and back to the world thing I would like to say that it's the now are good and column 1 studying thing to but
and we share many awards ceremony supplies like smart cities on Open Data we are really content and I'm so happy about all these terms
but in the end the they do not mean anything if you're not actually providing what people needs so there are some cities are
starting to provide open
data them and that's there and that that will fit and there's going to be a lot of cities that maybe it would take 10 years for them to even but they should be doing it for me to have any kind of of reinforcement of doing it so maybe they will never do we and
that's what I meant the you part of the of the proteins called PPPs these are called public-private partnerships of basically these relations happens every time of the company goes to offer an apology accessories some private companies and tool for a public service for for a government for a for city comes in and so on I wonder see becomes who gets it gets a contract work we do with these guys the information usually stays with the private part and not with the pulley part so somehow we could consider that these companies are blackmailing city constants for the information they surely already on so let's say you received a constant you have just open bikes on system and to say well OK I want I want to be in time and rate of and they cannot because they do not have the rights access this information but the company obviously really happy to provide them with an ad that obviously it would be always prices so I
I like to think that see like somehow could be a IP to on on on this on the right in the sense that the project kind of forces companies and see the constants to to get it to other so by providing a reality that it's not there anymore it's not still sort of as at some point they are forced to to do it just because they have no other option information needs are really on the Net and people are using it there are many applications using it so they they leave kind of our forces to to reduce all death so so I I
just but obviously I'm going to miss quote here it's obviously the article doesn't have anything to do we've given the theme of these presentation life it's it's a nice quote taking we should develop or solve warranted horizons this for the future we want to see not the present that we are established and this has been a
major and part of what the project is about so it's not just about going around scraping websites putting information I have done everything so it's more I'm trying to create and image how the world would look like if all of this information was free and I'm not even talking about a bicycle for it now with just any kind of free information but it's not sensible to purple user privacy that can be useful for anybody to to build things and I think that the smart kind
of could be that that metaphor I mean we're seeing the world we're seeing that people use bicycles everywhere and the only way to do it this is so if you your freely use all this information so that's how many that was the thank
you thank and came to know time for questions but the wife of was time has traditionally had places like and so we still have probably 10 15 minutes for his you yet so it safely on the Bilbao might show system to city like that of the so I looking around it looks like been polishing these bits of
information it's open solid gold to I mean I 1 this with so were they
there really is information now for free at when I
found out that it's quite funny they also have 100
that that it's not using the opening their feet but then it does provide a bit
more of information but anyway for the sake of doing
things the way each would be on the Earth is going to use the police would the all candidates here in
CSA be and and although if you will the the what sense letters and the free and I guess so the that
just going to show a bit of of how the data how we see this or maybe wholeheartedly that are known to have an assistant tools provide links so all these error the spiders and then there is another and that the folder that maps and meta information these viruses so for a in
the case of the because they're
providing an an Open feed that probably were not going to be able to reuse ever because this is a form but they're only going to release and have to
create file the quality of the and because I don't really know what I'm doing and is going to look out all over the place and the same thing so way kind work there is
that basically narratives from sharing systems in
this case it would be be of the the things this by the system and we can
get some some parameters we can add some information there so there are some things that there really the forest and the API and they are important to if they appear here like weight is that we the company running need or maybe they have a license book or something so this just goes here and on those well with it with the API our by way there so the idea of of by
lakes is so so basically you
are important violates you buy a verdict scale some any kind of by system you want that the same so uh you lose week have to the somewhere and then you but they did sounds it has a special kind of flow forestation by systems patients for inspiration for instance and and and it's
like that you'll have to do anything this is not a
wrapper on my the so if
anyone here is doing that the signs or things like that in
Python uh I gave the
library a try because it's quite easy to to use and it
contains all their resources you need to to create wherever you want to do related to bike sharing information 10
minutes of a of a sightseeing it's we which is about to Western buying if you're really interested in knowing how a system itself to to the library we can't I thought it later I can show it to you you want microphone the thanks for the truck selection uh did you take until the enemy
of legal
issues with the with the companies that own that the the the
display the digital atlas this is this is yet and 1st
stuff like that for an Ising I completely forgot
to let that slide and it was quite important part of the so for that I'm sorry the elements of the avant garde controls controls sometimes of the good thing is that by publishing this information and and and having all these small army of developers writing stuff really the only guy that's going to go back on the paper I'm always going to be so the always try to avoid any kind of conflict there was a conflict with Stacey the quality of inferences were based tenure views on disease letter for all the Persian is that the project was causing them that because they were actually planning and settings all this information to any company that wanted to run analysis on it so may I don't know but that the dimensions of of all the loss I was causing them was body in our online and I think it was around 30 files in your spare yeah but then a new lowpass by in friends were all political and interest you want or private companies providing public services are almost force it to to for police this information and they even released their license for it so In the end it worked OK then there was another season disease from breeze 1 there was another guy from a guy from from Sweden that he had like and upon receipt with clear channel to be the sole developer of the US I think they kind of make a deal with him that he would make the opt for free in exchange for would be the only and exploit their of of the sphere information and he in the 9th Extended some really angry words with him on Twitter and fully e-mail and everything and and he really did not things and so I just decided to forget about the city and it's not on the map anymore the so when when before I was talking about let's amount wants information and what's creates something so for instance if we go tool be the model induced by churning system you moderate right now they've gone as far away this creating a PNG mouth subscribers will not get this information so yeah that was not what would be the user to break the 100 and actually axis there API that the last time that happened had broke loose and the many vulnerabilities were discovered on their systems so I think I'm letting this case rest for at least the 1 year 1 for that way but that broke others these are being have been of the promise of our and another funny problem I have had so far it's in in getting getting people
using my API to properly referenced by the project because it's not the the message of the project gets completely lost and people in just start assuming that this information it's already freely available when it's not we are going to great lengths to create the set information test to provide them with a source when there is not a source but between important that they say where information comes from because if knowledge just information is there so we don't have to fix anything because it's a really open and we are in the future we not the but so thank you for that talk when it was like that it was really great to
learn about the bicycles but Europe messages also that there is some extra data about the cities by the Open Data and other systems that provide not only information about their bicycle stations but you mentioned there is also some other piece of information that could you might give me an example what Alice you could scrap from the data that is provided by the city councils etc. that actually the I say Delaney by saying that I was using my mind words myself I said that I you mean that while I was pretending to write the this system for really well I say something about the company and everything moral now not only light the data that you are at present thinking here wrapper post is about maybe bicycles is what what I understood is that and the message of this is that is the question open and sometimes the city councils of providing already some API about the city's not only about the bicycles so my question is is there any other types of information I don't like the uh past of the bosses that you could try and as well and there is there is many people I mean there's lately there's been lots of maps showing thank you for the rest of the many months so in real time tracts of of of underground trains busses and and everything and people love their this kind of months so this information it's available placing an under on the UK at least in the US in some parts of seat this usually part of this table to police is information that people cannot really create anything with like the poorly care what kinds of traffic or room so that so use only novel there is no much to do with from from Open Data portals and that's that's a problem I in fact they've been discussing it for with them because they started really excited on on the idea of of the Open Data thing they completely really everything that happens and then nothing happens and nothing happens 1st because it was I the 2nd because their company really interested in selling beak that this selection so sunny day becomes that the have the kind of problem and that they need a solution for that and that's not true but still who wins more than 1 seeing the and some see the consequence that the different using different and we must consider that every time there reason that there's going to be about 40 exceed about them but when what that I was trying to convince them and instead they should increase of greenhouse because they're really saying and doing so what they should be used just providing information on obviously not just that but every time they contract the cover contribute private company there should be somebody there that knows understands something so they are able to get that a more fair agreement that and the other way there was no not yet but I think which is just the right looking I'm calling the scraped that was just integrate the by changed it from below I was looking for the name of the company providing the service and there was no way of finding and then I II III I arrived at the PDF explaining do elicitation for the project to the company was there but the company it's not actually the company providing the service it's a consultancy companies but it's still contracting different companies to build the application to to provide the fields and so it's it's raise police projects and these are there really ugly and we don't really know it so yes we have seen in its it have you tried having a look at OpenStreetMaps data to see if you can get 2 locations for state bicycle stations from the and they try to contribute back all the station they have to open a stream of but the thing is I could only contribute the ones that come from a source that it's not the label of of persecution so long but I mean bring interesting right now in the noise and it's integrating the information easily I would I need information from the whole world but just from the actual cities like so I can get bicycle paths or I can get the altitude of the of the stations so maybe I can enhance somehow the ABA because right now the API and the good thing is it's a core is the syntax for 4 for about for that form of from stationary thing and that's what developers like the right and application for the city and suddenly becomes suitable for the whole world that's a good thing but In the end but my API is is offering its suggest a reformulation of the original information so what would be really cool would be to enhance these information and something I'm looking into thank you so have 1 minister could really short question to extend OK that sucks this always of but 1 technical question of when almost 1st do random numbers on let's so some of this is the old server somewhere in the center here i have to only know that little machine's and dedicated albeit which doesn't have much CPU power but lots of these can run so trying to use the to the role of we your ever going to sorry that I want to do all the parts of the and that's a problem because it's it's difficult but I really wanted to where to learn so this difference servers are interconnected in at BBN they also have to erect signals on the inside and then there is gravity is somewhere that the somewhere and then reason serving part which is 1 with semantics OK so let's thank the speaker again
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