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IC16: Massword Path

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because of all the money in the area and the true a and just so you let the future and how we came up with of messed with that so when you want to open an account you need to create possible so a
cult to create possible but really be weak strong you need to know of it so uh but you need to know the characteristic of weak and strong password so what is the
possible it has less than 6 characters names numbers addresses anything that can be related to you it had it if it has dictionary words and what's strong passwords it has 8 or more characters you know weak parts and mixed cases letters and numbers and special characters so um you create a password user contour and stop using it for a walk I have never forgotten what what I have said
but some people say they have so for those who say you know we haven't
uses the positive for parenting is going to to be so do you know what is meant for have you ever heard before that were possible misconduct water in Auburn dictionary and its means when someone uses the same path for everything so this is an example from the or prediction error so major question is I showed task for each store I want to remember 1 path so doesn't it necessary fast to become my password a mess for and the answer is no it doesn't you can use the same characters in them up and create new from possible but we but you counted problem that you have to remember all those passwords to its beginning of story of a citation serving should ahead so you at the beginning and the story so how can be overcome this problem and the mass of the solution and not only that gives an opportunity and an opportunity to show you possible everybody and that's it he or she doesn't have to know that surpassed Ford you not and the doesn't not have to know its meaning not so you have to the crater seen 1 rule to know and to create some kind of art work so you can see all the possible and yet nobody has to know it is possible let's see I do you think you think they want to see how it's what let's show you on a simple example so this is our possible would be mass for but notice me how it instead of they ate and instead of as plus OK special characters and this is not actually a very strong possible because it contains the war you know what from the dictionary but we can create a strong process uh what is important it's important for visualization of obviously it's important to have a rule how should be doing it so this is the simplest example you see that there are common in the examples but the simplest just get India have 1st of all we will
connect the a position of the character in the book the password be the radius of the circle so the 1st
position would be a we would have the largest radius will be represented as a circle with the largest radius and the loss with a circle with the smallest radius is in decreasing gold OK so and um connect each letter with the color so the embryo be yellow warrant we do have our own pattern for call we use this 1 it's the simplest 1 yellow orange red while it's like will died will like that OK mean all that this pattern so it can go to the next like this would be represented on mass 1 but an s redouble we all our and d are small electors OK and how we will represent so want to address the same role but not so close to the drinks became but there is this so 28 so the next is we can mix them up and get this In this track but a lot of small and you will have in this or it was at the so note is editing presented as a sort plundering it's the same OK the Red was and so we can all and the and 5 so the light blue the that the along the same I so upper year a library I was small or large small the of this let's the this is our so that's the next week to shift while items to the law of the level of but every once in a list of what colours left or M. right is the so this is what you get if that is a 1st for this and this is what we really represented these are all small letters and it this is strong it's a good bet on whites war the essence contains of of water water in dictionary you know so you go to the next 1 we can make them up so when this becomes a strong possible like this it was of I it's stronger we could say it's stronger but not yet strong because not all the letters are mixed up so we'll all the letters of all so we can go to the next indicate these so big and burst trying boss and so this is always the realization of the possible and we can put it on the wall of the Britons and Dr. become right
revolves and everybody can see and yet doesn't know what the means so you don't have any for this this is making
GeoGebra this is a realization of the possible into the uh how would you use a lot of this in trees the yeah this and how would you visualize this in 3 D following the following you will represent a possible if you is a call x x 3 things if I do the due date believes you know and opportunity to uh as switcher the view point of view from rotate and attains a point of view from a value looking at this going and it the some moment you beseech it is appropriate previous it so the next thing and these are the scenes from our workshops as conceived and we found these workshops to art uh colleagues who are as your bills and 2 these special with the go I guess special shoes for years old she was enjoying it and it had also special guest that that was the just on the issue of the and that
she ever made special present at the and for some of you will have so this is not the
atmosphere was great people very enjoying they will learn a lot about possible at in mathematics it's very good because then you can the rule different starts from with different things that from a to Maddox you know
you can use functions you can use geometric shapes that everything you can connect you can talk about one-to-one mapping you know you can connect different series
of learning but it creates a greater than atmosphere and yet people want to know what they're doing and match and of and this odd words that when made it's a conceived this 1 is minds of Mondrian let's think the on the right side the 2nd from above and the user a see these therefore what's have a different means you can put them on the wall of the new and on and I don't think so I use that sorry as I just the government might just I can see just as
showed these 1 and each connects 2 circles and you will don't have to we use all the colors you can use only 2 colors and the uh uh just a sign of transition uh of letters so this money is there for 2 and these connected to this 1 that is that seeks to being the order of your password the end of
this I can add this funnel so that you can use different geometric shapes it's very interesting you know you can use a triangular uh federal and everything so the position can be described that so it's different that can go to the next libraries and this is the main thing that you deliberately drove and the folks of 1 that speaks the with so all so they can use different problems and learning different online environments and join mathematics cryptography and now I have I have to have this that and the other and that is the basic stuff in the next slide and this is a 3 D geometrical cities so all of the women making models with our perhaps you know just drawing what they're made its way important for children to dolls that sound sometimes but we did the job for example for this because it's was hard for them was small ages and of they have learned that the bot for the examples for the you they can trade at its heart and soul the cats and brain working together is very important you know and this was the other procedure maybe the gear meets but some uh when we created that we notice that we cannot describe the position all the lactose you know in the world people in the world so what we did we use a edges so connected at the top of the pyramid to connect and to make them to come to the poster he'd you see in the picture here and above and this 1 so it's books from the children learn the connection between dodecahedrons any because he you know it's a hard for them to understand this at so this is a model and you can put them somehow and create some too much the shape OK and some of its own is the different of different and yet it has different meaning and this is what is left making do very used you do about i as the environment to of creative thinking models for high schools in the heart of this set as secondary school I gave it it'd be a translator and as so you can't addresses the yes so correctly so you need 1 vision visitors for each password yes so I just have a suggestion for a
password mesfet path to the power of 2 because at the end we just want to have 1 with a decision that I have with me and with this this edition is decision can create all the passwords and heat and it's equally safe so would you could use is something like a few and look into dimension inside addictive would imaginary and out of mentioning it put it in the visualization and to get your password for imaginary so only you can create a fund raiser decision on prospects for for everybody in this but it's that that that was a point not if not to have 1 reason is infinite set site up you can and inference might attempt to have a rule is the yeah so and then you have many of you can you don't have to write it down you don't have to and then send it by e-mail also memorized and that is something that I still of you can make your picture puts animal and see and you know what I means so after
you have the but they and I of the I created by and what I do if I hear you forget about what kind of letters since you most I was using was beginning but I have to go so I have the
pictures from the future picture but I completely but you assume the
role of using role however fast I don't think that you will not forget the role as quick as possible the right now and in the of the of the
found in the room and the know and so on so on and so that it works the the think that but there is in there's of so that a certain and the
question is that instead of except from the security in Internet time to recover sports should be a very short time right digit tests Hall of many at all much timing needs to recover as from the drawing the minute it takes like 10 minutes for me to recover passwords kind of a little bits through much the German and its feedforward and even the them among my stuff I have an exercise and you will quickly uh remain your process modelling and version of the 2nd question can you go back to this library the photos with the workshop in just
3 years out this 1 how did you are described later on the the left corner that she needs a password I I assume this is here with the father and the father needs it and this is our professor at the technical school in front but it's a good book to know from the mean that's how I did this starts to exercise as I if
you have the the colors displayed publicly and also the rules this displayed publicly underneath to remember it's the much more than it's exactly the same situation that you have before because they're techno mean yearly must swear that uses a weak passwords master and which is going back to the previous question OK if you can display publicly the colonists anti-Semitic tunnels in this paper we do the rules because the only secret you have is the most work maybe that's exactly the same situation that he had before implement in this the only secret that you have this much more and but in it's about them and your and need for a different passwords for every site you are signing Dean but an attacker I guess is the most work place in the rules has the callers gets a reversal yes but it's a very hard to from a strong password uh of activated at something that can live discretion after our specialist I can this and the cost specialists I assigned so this is a
question from you in upper left corner there is a 2 D model of some ending date so please let me muscle from which we have created this from us I do do so in a in that you see in the UK black hole the days from us as of some class and he gave it to you you don't have to practice have you have virus of all in this 1 is connected with this 1 and what is the mosfet from which we created these no you know the real you know the colors you know everything let's see you all on this I think I know what the hat yes
and this is then out of is is he and yes also show the uh so sorry table was a so that so that I can use them but you have right right of the is the what is you find as and loving so i less than 3 in math so I'm loving man and no thank you in the less than 3
less than it's not on so if you connect these 2 things this is a hot inuit gap especially if that was made by a just announced on the result if if she has created the possible on the history and the state just told her about this bit and you wanted to but of course in the early part of part of uh work so so thank you that is is the this is
the answer to question that you asked a moment the universe castle at the break version of something we thought about ahead of and other questions the book that
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Titel IC16: Massword Path
Serientitel Imaginary Conference 2016
Teil 6
Anzahl der Teile 26
Autor Stankovic, Tatjana
Boskovic, Jasna
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Deutschland:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/33860
Herausgeber Imaginary gGmbH
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Mathematik
Abstract The application of geometry in other sciences is inevitable. Therefore, grasping and describing space around us is important. In this workshop, we shall present several ways of geometry application in data protection and share an idea of approaching cryptography and geometry to the pupils. Our goal is to help pupils to grasp space better and to understand some tools for its description by using game of encryption in the online environment that is the most common environment to them.

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