Entity Framework Core (EF Core) 1.0

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Entity Framework Core (EF Core) 1.0
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Modern Data Applications with Entity Framework 7
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Entity Framework 7 has a new leaner architecture and works on many platform, including ASP.NET, Universal Apps, and Windows Phone Apps. The new EF7 is lightweight, extensible, and supports both relational databases and no-SQL data stores, such as Redis Cache and Azure Table storage. In this session, we will learn how to get the most out of Entity Framework to build code that is more powerful and goes farther than ever.
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and so on michael phone is on so this is probably a good time to start with morning everyone will come to this second over the sea. when he listens to you this my name easy though flutter it's a strange name i know that's because on formula on and decision is about and to the formal cool i'm getting some of you all are still some of the with the old name entity from seven sensing new stuff ok they changed a bit. the things as they always do in bit of illusions as to just a couple of was about myself before we begin as a said my name is no i am a consultant and an architect in a company called syllable based in his own. among my other titles on the microsoft m.v.p. and village on the electoral which basically means that i go to a lot of conferences to talk about microsoft acknowledges that i like a mostly am and english and i wrote a couple of books on dog named their the bulk of development on created a couple of. courses for microsoft and one doing my official models of poses no that's the reason i don't get any money from it ok on and among other things i manage a couple of communities israel are the actual community with development community so next time you and is a just a minimal tell you one on its meetings. on this you prefer to travel. and first of all let's talk a beat about entity from or what first how many people can see using entity from all this and hibernating one go go to this not enough and flew to the hill on so i'm twenty four seven the as if someone already tried that held several. all ok the l c one version those into version of the two yeah ok if you want we can talk about migrating four million versions to the new version because i had to migrate all my demos. a couple weeks ago and that was kind of painful so my talk about that the beat so let's talk about tom a bit about the story mostly because i do development for twenty years so he still is partly the things i talk about most of the day on so the beginning we had entity from walk all point one if. some of the members doesn't i remember the asian backing i think was two thousand and eight to two thousand and nine on but the first actual version of and disowned that was usable wasn't it is so mcfall on which came out in our doesn't fall was a part of the doesn't from all those who remember though that came with visuals. to do with all the media makes design and and such then we had a different versions of our four point six four point one four point two five then we had its six on which had a lot of new stuff that improved entity from look at this point and to the phone calls over the new package. and open source code on the design was open to the community to comment on ok and the reason there's a on and a blank space he is because the next version of entity from work is going to be to from six point two m caught not conceivable that would walk and eight after he is closer least you know when they have the manpower to walk on that stuff. but khan see if we look at and t. to some will call it a phone call one point old to be more exact and it is local is going to be the same as any to four seats will it comes to how you obtain it and how you use it in obligations so it's going to be no good package it's already know that package are for the tooling those currently. not much tools for visual studio it serves small for common than tunes for migrations but still stuff will be sheep after the one of these again. so if you look at today at entity from walk into the phone six as a as you was your hands most of your using entity from work six hole some other version of it it's mostly formulation on the bases write a sequel surveil centres which is at fault here on to be too maybe i'm but any phone sixes. the most information all i'm saying that especially because entity from local brings a couple of new features including manipulation our database support ok arm second entity from work is quite large if you look at the deal and five servants different seeks eat about five six megabytes in size if you include the document to. nation of four until his sense it's another three megabytes of data for call also change that. it runs only on the dozen some of the forgotten from or county four point five four point six depends on what use in and of course the our stuff that are causing me sing fallen to the phone most of those we all want such is the wonderful bache of data we can just say save my changes in the two not generate ten thousand. it's clearly insights into the database and run them one after another ok yeah i see some smiles so that means the encounter that issue i'm not saying there is no support for the other though because the open source as you can download from get up some extensions them to the phone that implement that but you know it's not and document the future it's not support a teacher. i like many open so says you might find it useful you might find it unusable all you can't implemented in organization because it's a source that was written back in two thousand and fourteen and no one is maintaining that ok so depends on your phone to his that or not i'm a bit about the the coal features of entity from. local on and by the way most of the session to the would be demos ok i have a couple of side but will go straight to demos and we're just show all of these new features don't have any slide that actually explains that each of the features so you have to stick around in order to understand what and its from coal is it just can't go outside and then though the the slide. so first of all entity phone call ease not an object on to the phone six it's an entirely new framework its return from scourge of course they steal tried to maintain the same things i mean they want to ask you to change the context into something else it's still call the context it's true because the be said but it's written form scratch not saying. the digital copy paste on call twenty four but it's risen from scratch for example the is no object context in your school ok so if an overall called was built on that you need to change the back on its supports new platforms platforms and operating systems will says about that shortly and knew that asbos as a. engine not necessarily religion and other basic with other types of stalls its eats aam very friendly to arm on i'll see on to a defensive in the event's injection that's because in microsoft in the past couple of years on they embraced i.o.c. and the better the into of the from walks if. you'll remember it as and when using will be the eye to the here so we p i have for the first version it used a lot of i'll see a spin that call what was once known as a spin as five uses another vial see and so does and the from local on end because it's using i.o.c. it's a lot easier today to implement. and stuff full entity from to customize this services the embedded in twenty from walk because who can just replace them in a second plus the ten hours it takes you to write the code that actually extent that component in addition they invested a lot in optimizing the quickly as that are generated by entity from work the link. where these and the sequel is was talk about it on and see them all for that on they removed something that was called model first anyone still use in economics files it emits doesn't want ok so you need to change will cause of it on no more than first only called first. you can still do versus engine and of the database in two classes of tools for that but if you were planning on using a designer to design the entities and map them to the data store that's gone may be it will be added by third parties but not for microsoft and the school's one thing that we got in and it is from. it's a scam and still sing and the phone seven as are calling still are quite fresh in my mind are so another thing that we got unity from local ease this support the actress supposed full which updates but inserts and to see that also in of them all.
in regards to new platforms arm as i said before into the phone six only the dozens from oak bartz today we have a couple more for walks in the dot net environment doesn't foundation are we also have doesn't call and we have designed million from walk which runs on model. because you're familiar with that is no are the world cup will have on one sessions i think the year so they can check them out so doesn't call can have on any platform windows linux mad as a million is mostly intended full course plus for mobile devices on entity from local its income person to answer the phone. this can actually run on all of those on target for walks so will your targeting windows whether you're toting an application for us on all for linux on my course or android you can use and it is from a call it will have actually depends on which database you're going to connect to because i haven't seen anyone. one study is fear of silvio on the linux machine yet they said that the next version will support that about the r.f.u. trying to connect to have the most of all you will be able to do that and we'll see them all for that it's ok so calm regarding to knew that the stalls as i mentioned before not only relation on the latest polls are so of course.
only the firm walk will support secret service so or kill all the other religion databases of course depending on our the companies that will create four by those for them on the initial version of entity from local supports sick or so of course on sequel light on a scale compact and possibly us and that's an open. source provider that you can add on top of mt the phone call on him as for other databases or kill the be to come. wasn't an arm was it called for the nov the so that the base of the want to say that basically you need to provide the for that but once you have always been released its version one probably companies will go ahead and buy the providers for the and as for other their stalls if you look back at the he still have answered the phone call. no one was known as and the phonebook seven in the earlier versions the beta versions you could have seen some plans for none lucian their bases such is a visual tables which is a key value so age and delayed the switches are not only q value cash but it also supports least and and from hashes and that's of stuff the wealth. some players on how to use if call for that inversion one they just removed all of those samples because we're basically they didn't walk but once version one is the least of which will be in a couple weeks on alongside with a spin it cool one point though the are going to go back to that an walk on. on those samples ok it's in the backlog it's tough to do after version was the least so i'm guessing that by the end of the deal you will see him on providers for this cash table storage of course probably for other stuff to such as i don't know maybe as three or four. the dynamo the be i was on the animal to be on you probably see more and more providers sense it's coming very easy to implement those for by those are ok so version one point though only bullish on the bases will see some of those individuals and as i mentioned before into the phone call these very lightweight on. and so first of all it's about one megabyte in size ok and it's written so normal all the large object context and though the hood in your the context you get the simple the context is to get a simple the be said but it's a lot more lightweight on but that lightweight. comes with new implementations have known of concepts in entity from work such as the mater data from structure that maps your on your object you object so to the data so that has improved will see them for that it's our dental change tracking the entity from ok. so has changed a beat a beat meaning it doesn't look like the old one so if using change tracking to say attach objects that you're getting a service to an object context of the contacts and seven to the base assuming that they will automatically or to magically be marked as it did all of the to modify. by the litter that's of stuff that's will probably want to walk out of the boxes you expect organ from person to have six on but we'll see them on how to tackle that and handle that is a said before. almost all of the components in and the phone call our injected into entity from work doesn't mean it's slow actually faster in some aspects about what you do get is the option to override some of those injections of all of those injections and bring your own code if you want a different type map will for database. you can do that if you want to add your own logging the mechanism you can do that ok a lot of the concepts of the services in and city for more can you can just go ahead and place them it's not any more internal classes were heading and its own seeks an earlier versions ok so for me for example someone who used to flick shunning. in order to get those internal types and then change the values such as changing the scheme as on the flight on that is a lot easier now with and it is for all seven of them and of course some of the a.p.i. has changed for example the change starting a p i is change but we go over the demos and you get to grasp of what actually. change underneath the hood and of course aam if cole has been optimized the improve the quality is this simple qualities that executing in the base are we see some of those come and the concept of and if now is what is called pay full on paper plate meaning that when a start. they on a project i don't need to bring the entire new package of all the entity phones support full see course of an oracle and other stuff i'm just getting the call itself which is under megabyte and then i read this stuff i want to it or want to support those lists i only at the post this new package don't need to see course of a new package as the. it is now separated unlike for example entity phone six why are the empty for more caned ended the civil service uphold even if they haven't used it ok and so on the question i'm guessing that some of you asking if not all of you is what will happen to enter the phone and six is these days and forty. fox he says we might have heard going on so than so use it's not the end for entity from six on sensible to pursue using entity from seeks entity from six is different than entity phone seven in several aspects it will continue to evolve into want evolving the same speed as anti for walks. seven of course and the phone call so we are but you're actually seeing new stuff coming out improvements of course bug fixes ok i'm just might take you know on more time to release new versions ok so don't expect and to the floor six point two six point three six one forces for. five of them to the you'll probably six point two would be the next major version of entity from work and. so are some of the new features that i'm going to show on its very soon in devils are on the new actual features of entity formal courses for new platforms and providers are first of all we have new options of mixing queries that of will land in the. the base and in memory and the phone call now supports a better understanding of what goes in minimal in what goes in a database and not for new exceptions that you cannot do this in a database on we have the support for batch save so when you call save a seen as a change as a sink it will actually do better in service which. updates will see that on simple to quell improvements some things have changed for example when you do in eagle old using the and include statement on this sequel this equipped with a trans in the database is actually improved in force fast though some new features such as shadow properties in. other native bees are will talk about that using a demo and the reason you a.p.i. for change tracking called are the tribe dress a.p.i. which basically lifts you control how the entities will be attached to the context of king and again we see that in a demo. so let's go ahead and start with the first demo shown some of the basics of and city for more now i'm using a mac about let me just switch to my windows machine. we see and it is all chronic on a mac by the end of the session on for some can do. so it's out with entity from woke the basics. ok so first of all can you see the fonts want to do need to increase your sofa ok so first of all if you look at my standard the objects the db context the said this is the same as entity from six ok nothing has changed in these.
classes by the way for my demos i will use stalls iso one speaker talking about entity phones using them as form the mother of the seven some was a video and because this isn't it evokes seven sony to the number seven so far what movie has seven plea cause and sequels. and that's a star was so to do this then one by the way i used an a.p.i. so because i don't know all the things as to know about star wars are not that of a fan and the is an a.p.i. called swapping which is thought was a p i a m.
ok so on. if you want to learn more about how on what is the height of luke skywalker or how much does weight and you can do that. ok there's a cool guy for that and so are you some of these in my demos. so i didn't invent anything and so let's take a look at the basic the context is a familiar the context aam you can get the connection sting in a constructive role in entity from six entity from coast to be different we now use a db context options the contacts options ease. basically in options object which allows it to specify which database provide them using so i don't think to specify that in the connection staying in my lab settings or were confused or have it is i can just a sci fi been type of the provide them using in code on and inject that into my context ok. so for example in this them on using my local tesco express so i'm creating and u.v.b. context options below which will get my on my options object and turning it amusing sick or server providing the connections and of course you can provide the connections to inform configuration side of form i don't know some. and have a secure storage or some soap and then i'm creating the context using those options and going again of course control other stuff he loved the change tracking the database eighteen's on all the other stuff that are used to doing and its of six i'm just doing that for an options object and. and that aligns quite whale we've entity from will call when using getting a spin it because that way is pinot noirs automatically how to inject the options object into a context they are now as you can see those and new command he'll called ensure created if you're looking for those whole. this initially station classes of and it is six they drop creative that have a safer model changes and that's of stuff all the seed methods on that's going to not available in your school it will be available some of it will be available after version one point though so the current wave of on. you really find your database exists is idle calling ensure greater or using the migrations command for come on line on the bugs you can see the ease no way of doing the seed lesson here and to a two in so the basic entities unit in the database that will be a bit of devotion one ok. i'm other than that it's mostly the common stuff of entity from of that will usually doing were creating a new object will adding that into certain to be said and then we call say changes could save changes of coast implementation is a be different but when we get to the point was talk about performance on show exactly what's going on on the. if the hood in the database going on after that wellies simple inquiries were just the same even advanced inquiries will just the same kid just going to link willie on do it to lease to ole whatever you like on the thirty normally just walks the same the same concept supply. it is six so if you go into a code of until the song six is simple as that which is never simple as that but let's see it simple as that are migrating form entity folks six turn to the from local just means change to construct over the context and of course he placed an order pictures so let me just point to each of the package. as well using. i'm using country to see a specific number pictures. formenti for all. ok so the first edition of using these entity from or call this is the base package that you need to get all the entity from local features on and send some using his school serve as the provider installed another good package which brings the elation of the package on in addition and that is. the microsoft entity from walk as good seven of the package if i didn't want sick or service i wanted to say posters so sick like i was just move the snooker package an aed different with ferguson said ok by the way sense this year's of a new package depends on them to the focal it's simply enough to aid their and it is from mexico serve a notice. package and that will have all the other packages of hope was ok so don't have to know do too many stuff the so as i said i'm using version aussies to which is the latest version we have now if you have code that was written in our see one basically means a good the version of the new package. and change the name space going on then in space before was its dates microsoft and to the phone call before it was microsoft dot dot dot entity ok so i just need to remove the data had for more coal and that's it i'm you can still use the old. types of can stock goes well you get the connections thing instead of an options object in entity phone calls into and that will also walk but basically is you can see this is quite straight forward just as using and if six and can look simple enough right we'll wait and see. it's ok and let's go to something a bit more advanced let's talk about on the inquiry's sequel quo is how the on the other and if the hood in the database and.
ok so what have you. i have called that uses both entity from six and entity from local just so we can compel some of the stuff for example how include on illegal logging walks into the final six and of the full seven to compare this girl close as anyone ever tried to check our what type of a school clothes are generated by and that the phone and one of a try. and that he had to check you know when stuff walks slowly why ok on this is something we usually need to do so.
let's see what's happening here so first of all the aam entity with the them using is the same in both of the classes and creates the same percent and this time also have a style sheep.
ok. and they have in the context of khan's he has only the people least. and here's one k. and this isn't it is all six on just ending the connection stirring in the constructal not using the options object of your school. in addition i have data initialize of for both databases of didn't use of the year six day the initial is a with the seed just the same method so to be easier to compel ok so clearing out the databases.
and i'm sitting the data same entity from seeks and your school ok same called you can comfort of towards the only difference is the amusing and show created in your school ok and. so let's compare the code itself.
ok so what i'm doing here first out with the eagle old on i'm welling up the databases both the of school and the of six and then i'm doing a simple eagle old. ok so you can see this one uses the of call sickened one uses he of six while on the same sequel clearly on selecting a specific person for the people on the table and then using illegal to also load those starships ok i am. and of course a wonderful each clearly to present both the person and the starship so possible it's just run this as it is and the father was also the same. who. i don't know it alls the walls. it. charities for second place i think this is causing a few bugs right now. a. come on it. if. it's nothing was just trying to execute the bill. it's. in school it complied last night so there's no reason why does the war now the demos when walking a bit slow and first because i've actually delivered all the bases on that they had in my soul so it's spending a couple of seconds in addition for the year six and the of call to create a database ok so it takes a couple of seconds more but no. this is not on the on the final performance or to see him and the from local looking round up again. i. ok so you can see transfer students the same output i will fix this a dozen tron in the second but that we tried to show you what goes on in the database and let me use it in a skilful foetal called of the thing. just try and excusable here again. ok so what i'm most interested easing the select statements there is a couple of of select statements that ran during the insured database created on the beginning so that's less interesting for me in addition after the lead on the list of people i'm in. insulting new stuff so the couple of insults you that i'm not interested in and just want to show for example first of all and are on a school clothes for the eagle old working on so just do these first. the. this is a migrations. this one. ok so something is missing here. s. and the u.. just try this again. . it's for some was i'm not saying this year the quarterly fall of six but let me just talk a bit about the and this so the school for your score if this is how it goes in conferences sometimes demos no mess up but we'll get to that and six surfing ok so let's talk a bit about on hugo. does anyone seen eagle loading select queries eve six has anyone ever noticed how that was basically well he does if you still owe form person from people are and include something from the starship it will create an s.q.l. quo with the joint between the two tables and to actually select all the data. form the people least for each of the walls in the style ship ok to the occult there's an enormous implications for the joint quick because it actually outputs one table that includes information form both tables ok so if i have one person in six thousand apps i will get information for that person six times. the same information and that of course affects men for bandwidth is of it affected them out of time it takes to the surprise those objects ok takes more time to on create objects but if i look now at its core so first of all as you can see and so which school which think i'm going here. oh yeah ok now understand it is running the different kind of code that in this again. in trend other sample ok can see these to. seems the story. just check something. something is not working properly and just try and run this again. it's using them i'm ok with do what is known is closer the windows start over again not fully we have enough time if nothing was just movie to the mac. come on. i. it's also just created from scratch and it's not that a lot of called ok. i have internet connection as of should be ok. they will comply. come on bits people but it's with compiled. but when compared with one and that's another thing. focus on these yeah. laws and won for my p.c.. ok so now let's look at the quiz all now it's working. ok so first of all on my first one was that see the first one is your school right so first was in school second one is your see so let's look at the causes for the of six first if you can see those very loud select statement to you.
ok on from people lift out to join style sheep which basically if i copy paste these into the database.
just three fish that have bases here. if you look at what the selectors you are what we have one style sheep but tom say it with another one. ok and then when this again as you can see the saying the same text appeal for the second though even though i'm basically doing a joiner want one wall of the person and two rows of the starships now if i go back on to these cold. and look at what's happened in his seat in your school so it so what we see here is that these quo was actually speak to two different qualities ok now i know you think to queries is more than one quickly so to walk so where does not actually true mostly the pains on the number of joins the. you have in your luggage the all single obscurely still multiple on includes a new generate a lot of of lift out to joins it will actually was slower than just sending on two or three queries to the database walking and so what will actually get to you is one quickly that selects the person. ok and sicken quickly as you can see that selects the starship whale the style sheep and matches that single person ok so i'm running to close want to select the person objects that match the quelling and the second quote to select the style sheets that match the least the people that i did before. so the results will be smaller i get a single is also good for the people and the singles also for the starship and then of course the mention between them the joint will be done in men were ok but that will actually perform a lot better in the database then using a list out to join the brings a whole lot of data into the publication of a. so that's for eagle loading.
and that's how you make vicious the award just close of a single penny the big and so on. and another fear want to show he's. how we mix on client and sequel statements today in your school so let's say that you want to salute form not from a table about form is you may be ok to some sort of the most the tenant application and you want to inject into this year stain friend the tenant idea that your cancer using. and you can't use the built in code first mapping between an entity and it's stable ok you want to select entities from give interviews in a skill qualities and you want of course to translate those results into objects now we had that option of course and the faux six into the fog seventy has changed. the beat and is happy it's actually been improved. so let's see what we have you first of all i'm using the same select statements on selig from people were the height ease more than one point five meters if you are unfamiliar with the syntax the syntax easy shop six on which allows me to plant on for example here and. planting the name of the high property which basically i could have just returned that as. height ok but that wouldn't survive are for some situation well i changed the property name and this way this will actually cause michael to not complaining all are so it's actually say fill. and i'm all doing by descending height ok so for example if we just run these we've if six first. ok let me clear this these two. and let's see wants to get generated with the of six. ok so let's take a look and the select statements now as you can see for example of the all the body is until was that because he couldn't understand how low ones to them all the by.
on top of the street as two statements so he just ran this clear statement for the information and round the older by in mentally on if i use his seven year school again my apologies i'm still not accustomed to seeing the of call. running the same quickly. but now let's look at the database. all these are some stuff of the beginning is the whole initially station and getting all the people insulting them again so no it has a bit of us within its agenda it so not if you look at the judge said that because stephen to see the older by ease added to this school statement so enough with the flow. it's a call so are they. translation formally inquiries into a school qualities is a lot better if knows how to figure out although by well statements select statements and push them into he also looks wildly so concerned for views and still again the same performance in the database are now sense we are and. on so sense while using your score we have a couple more stuff that we need to look at so let's move on but is it can see the a lot of improvements of can be done and of course if call he still able to run stuff in more so if you live for example in order by will you call into a message that does though. the by in code ok for example are no compares eat on him. i always some strings to compose some of the explosion compass and the using it to know how to run stuff in the database put it in a million then run it in memory of for the list of the corrie that you need to create ok. so let's go on and talk about another on them or full made it a p i agree. ok so how many people ever needed to fit schmidt the data from your six. just me and you have to know the real story of the world. because usually when people need to get me that the form the entity from walk on one in run time i'm guessing.
the question is why old while trying to do that and the reason why we say why why is because some of it is so in turn other twenty two is a selection to do that and the flesh and sometimes wall sometimes doesn't the pens no on the permissions off occasion has in the operating system on which to base.
please just the present ok so let's take a look at the of six mapping ok so i won't bother you with the code because it's ugly code you need to take your the been context you need to convert it into an eye object context that up to in order to fetch. the object context from it because intimate the data walk space is in the object context the old object context of your full on and then you need to do some aam ugly stuff convert into another the ugly stuff try to get items eatery them. basically how many lives that we have here from forty two to seventy two that's about sixty lines of code but not for from so for to thirty lines of code let's move to if seven. this is the core that unit ok so if we want to go although the the the mother the main to that of your entities you just need to go to the the context ask for them on the object you can go and just know it to it over all the entity types and he. each entity type if you go here. exposes basic stuff like its type on its name the base type of the entity allows you to fetch information about phone please indexes keys properties a lot simpler if you want to just came over your amen to that out to understand the mapping between the database and the object. ok so if you look you for example on go ahead and quite for each entity to see allow nine and this year civil tabling so let's on the schooled into also allow me to talk of beets about the small changing your school when it comes to table my things on him. it's creating the database site now so diverse second. ok so on those of you in the frontline can you see the difference take a second. can see the difference it's the one collector that is missing some will be the style cheaper versus those ships on there is a difference you familiar with the polarisation of entity from six right usually when doesn't talk you you you started to get familiar with it and city. from six automatically tries to name the table as a ploy lies version of your entities so if my and it is a person to call the table people if it's a start shipping to recall its style ships automatically of course you can change of convention but that's the convention. if call it has changed the beat at first they removed the polarization entirely say oh we have got a percent table and the starship table in the latest version the l.c. to version they again change the to beat and this time they didn't use polarization the. i'll just say we won't name the table. after your entity type will name the table after you'll be said for putting so in this case for example of the reason that my bills and table is called actually people is because if you look at my the context you'll see that they have a people properties. ok i'll but i don't have a style ships property for that the be said that what that's why he took the entity tightening which is starship of calls you can use on the town of patients you can use fluent a.p.i. in order to come on selling the name of the table you can of course enjoy. if you own logic on how to create a business if you want to do the scene for example german or financial whatever making the group got four with. no the only a couple of companies is what that actually write table names in hebrew he supported you but you can cold against it ok because it's amazing he were in english together and in just from left to i too like to live text and just awful. don't ever tried to do that. and that goes to the the israelis that will watch this video afterwards on this and no one here actually rising he was ok so this is one of the differences between the of sixty of course so for example take that. the basic simple that with the before and you run it on top of an existing database that you probably won't work unless you name your property is exactly as the names of the tables ok no conventionally of seven and that is one of the changes that you actually need to cope with. our next demo the sensibility of and to the phone seven. and by the way all the core them showing you is already available on the top on but you'll need to wait for the end of the session tool see the link so don't go away.
ok so that your school services now whether we have here so of course though a bunch of on its called services in entity from local there and thirty pence injection each type each interface that is being injected is known as celsius.
ahmed about a hundred and fifty services in if call when you use it with his career civil so not going to show to place the whole under the fifty ok i'm just going to show how to use one existing and how to replace an existing one i'm so first thing i'm in this called sense and. need to walk with the defense injection mechanism i.e. the to aid some code in order to pray that options object because the options object also needs to manage the injection of the new types that and catering ok so if you're familiar with a spirit call eats the same types in your school or. some using the service collection to manage dental east of services of the mentioned the defense injection he uses components of those so to his services some saying well i want to add entity from walk as good as several that will inject all the basic the between types that match the different interfaces and then what i'm doing he. these are replacing the eye batch execute a wheeze on my own custom executed the bench executed is a sponsor beautiful executing on a bench updates bitch insults and well i want all of i did because have no idea how to write the code that converts and the least of entities. into a bunch of the i just know who picked up to the existing one indeed some stuff before calling into the next component on so we see that in a second so we can see that actually now doesn't do much that much ok what i'm doing here as i'm eating each of the command batches so for example if you. in the to insert into multiple tables will have more than one command batches one batch is pill entity type am just going head counting how many entities it's going to modify and what is the name of the table and just pointing out you can use it for local fires full performance in such to know exactly how much time he too. took to update say fifty entities in table x. came on. so this is my batch executed and want to basically do is just no called the default better executed which either life on. the second thing amusing easily want to use an existing service and who kept to that existing service and and my own stuff and the service then i'm going to look up to ease the logging service on entity phone has built in logging support and i can just took up my arm. my leg in a logging components local components not log in low been i enjoy now for example you can load to a council window to the bug window to look for know it and it is the events you will go wherever you want to local to don't look into the database because that will use as kosovo to log and then. only to log to a school serve and then you get an infinite loop of logging in writing to the database. so what i have here is basically the same options when the phone before but now i'm telling you to use the us here several and use the internet service provider that are used before ok now i can of course when i. and that these implementation of the custom better executed i can also have the implementation for my logging but i do want to show a different way of doing that and that is not any that into all of your the contest but any get into a specific the context so know how to hook up stuff into a specific the qantas so. so once you have to be context i can get that service provider from the context i can get the least of all the services i am searching for a service called by a local factory that eased a class that is a sore responsible for creating the different told the local objects and i'm ending. in newport vital to the local folk going for a console local provider that i created it's written right you will see that shortly and nine justices find what is the minimum on low level that i want to light to the console don't want to have everything just information about ok and i'm also reading. an existing provider which is that the bug output provider this one i got from a new package on let me just open the package as he will show the name microsoft extension logging the bug. ok and that will have to the bug you also have an event zero and it's a w one on even trace and that's all things are so this is my own custom looking for by the can see to it implements the interface so it has a couple of stuff needs to implement such as create the local itself. ok so this is the poor vital and the logo is just down here on basically what you need to do is just the side effects its country enabled according to the log level that is required right now and support the log on method which. you get the look clever the event idea of course the state which contains the entire message and you get it for muscle function here for the bakken that actually knows how to form out and pull out information form that state object i'm soo can have put it over on without understand exactly what the. is that state objects are so as you can see what i'm doing here is i'm just changing the color of my output according to the type of the local level ok just sold be so it would be interesting and using that for model and so wanted to understand exactly how to replace that object to pull the to sling for mental to to to pull one. now another property form it on so i have ended both for by those and then i'm just doing stuff like you know new percent and that person said changes that source that can just take this time torsos show you the same changes and how it was so it's just on this. on should actually won it in the bug. so we can see that the bug output but first of all its see those aam clean outputs to the console ok so as you can see this is all written in white so this is the information stuff i can see each of this year's statements of sell it in the sand into a school server including by. the way these command which is my in so command ok the pain in the ten in some doing into the database and it's actually that we see that thank you.
they finished early on we still have eight minutes ok so this is the insult command. so instead so paulo height the name into the table and he all the values that i mean something into the database as you can see skywalker unable to five eight and of course all the numbers are heal and this is a single is still statement of course it's a dynamic as good a statement about. but it's a single this goes statements of course entity phone provider menges all the stuff on the need to hold such as for example if you insulting ten thousand and eight these it will break it down to always think it will be to quell these five thousand each ok so automatically knows how to do that and if i also look for that. on batch execute all here is a mess message betting nine items into table people ok so probably did on less than ten instead of lists all equal than ten than just check that. yet the core one list and ten instead of this so-called so it's nine and it is not ten ok and bugs you know if this happens. so let's run this again this time the bubble so just to see the bug output. i think they should open to the bulk of first. all the same ok so the same messages as you seen the console he'll now in the bubble ok so if you need to do that just included the bug in your called on the last them all on imports a couple of samples so both the data stalls and the feature. sales and the platforms all a bit into one sample so let's see that one. the thing just blow that again because a on though that this project and the difference between this project and the previous ones all of the others were so just consecration this next sample is an entity as the reason it's been a call example ok so basically sense and running in his penis call a shoe. should be able to underscore both of my windows and on my mac and on a linux if someone has want to give the aam and any other type that knows how to on didn't call so doing. the basic concepts of our wedding entity from walk into a spin it go of the same as we've seen before. so i'm doing he'll amusing. on it the context and i'm sitting the options so i can actually inject a context with options into my unit controllers how many people using a spirit in general so just was understand if i said to want control over will understand what i'm talking about ok so for example if. you look at my control oh you'll see that i'm on asking for a context the star was context object it will automatically be injected including the options sittings they need to have and that options is basically saying use a secure server we've the following connections doing ok now as you can see. they have another one here the use shortly which uses on posters database instead of a sequel server their base pay for them. now on in my control as you can see him doing all the simple stuff such as eager loading ok i have to have the option to add stuff you so let me just on this one's get to that of escape to. hopefully to invoke. during to simple what though. we should see the least of all the entities the will of the to the database basically means look skywalker and hunts solo each we have those still ship. ok so that basically walked on the style sheep's the award because when i get all the people don't want to get all the starship so for go to people's lists one should get the starships ok. just as i'm in a beat. ok so now the first of all this is a spin it also should be able to own it on my mac we should see joking i just want to show you something about down on the change talking in entity from walk so it can just opened up my feel. so i can post stuff into my service. as well. how many people familiar with phil though ok. and one been too many feel session in and the scene two thousand and twelve. now he said. just as much. there's a whole. want to post. i can't have. and to show there's no more and the course but for one because what we do need to wrap up things. ok i'm going to have to buck up over from two to book are now ok if so first let's use the people dead person now this person has its thousand alongside it so it's going to end the style sheep but that's still she already exists ok.
so let's see what happens and we get the fall of the fall of course because with this one. i'm going to the four hundred which means it's my fold and if i checked the jason content basically it's his cannot insert explicit value for identity calling starship i can't read the style sheep with an existing identity and that it has so probably aid is in the cord prefer to use of because basically. the system of the comment ed assumes all the entities of the new and he tries to edit using the existing the idea that i and i got from the database before them so let's try attach ok on its this and this is a spin it also don't need to compile again actually composite just. now that's why it's taken some time. and so on. i. it's a bit more to come by. come on. seriously. we need to wrap up things on. this. ok so i'm my to form some will because i didn't use have tried to choke it basically they can just do what would happen nothing will happen because we use at that she nothing not in the sense that to get stuck like now nothing the sense that he'd just want anything to the database because using attach just identity. and modified so if you use on all the fight and you call save you close of the object and says oh it's on what if i want save it so nothing will be a and let me just show you what they need to do so first of all stop using the state anyone used their on entry option in year six yeah ok so there is a bit of. the difference in year six in year seven in year six when a news and police for a top level entity which has us and says i knew of sixty two also said the state for each child and it is its related entities in year seven it won't it will only send the state into only attach these single entity so. so you do ended what is basically we do it will lead to buckle but it won't of the starship ok that's one way of doing what i want to do as the trouble can change the ownership of the starship to to a car that will call me to include the object gulf myself but instead of eating the glass fence sitting. in each state for each entity i can ask. if seven to use the change the a.p.i. and just create a call back the to the save each and every one of the nodes in the gulf and bellamy to investigate that mold in order to arm to specify what type of state i want for that no so it can. in my own logic and say that if it's a star sheep and it has an id then it's modified if he doesn't have an id then it was ended and it's not the stars should then it was publicly because it's doubtful some ok so for each type all of of in so that i want into that of a signpost in a new person on post indian style ship. can change the logic of how to touch things into the entity goes ok so this is natural way to do that and have finally got ill on i can save now and try to on it again but it will walk you can try that called it on just want to show you how to use that in some magic. and if we just go to my mac. and platforms. ok so. when using command line into has gotten it lets the store packages cream. now i'm of course a need to. until and if which that obese to connect to so let me just those for which there are based on connecting to heal. on this one so i'm connecting to specific ip ok so basically my mac will go to the eskimos server that is installed on my windows machine it's a virtual machine that i have my mac on so he was told all the packages the night long. ok it's so stupid. the to go to local last five thousand on my mac. a.p.i.. people one. and it's walks it's actually connecting for my mac to my p.c. and if i let sees to buckle was already other they don't think it was added. ok because that's the and four before. now of course is a show before us which are i can also use either the base for by those for example it can install day on the post this new package in use both because instead of that in that can actually also won on a database on my mac i don't need to have an escort service for that so if i. for example go to my mom.
on post this ad mean on the american i used to provide to see the base been created on my mac so the poll by the also knows how to use force is the bases whether the on windows or mac olympics will ever ok. i see that no one is excited by the fact that and forks walks on a mac. ok so i just want to have not just two minutes about what's going to happen with into the song seven so first of all these a backlog of the students to be fixed for version one so for example bills still isn't lazy load in entity from will call which i mean come on how am i supposed to. walk without in the phillies alone on going to pose a child it is on my own ok so this has to be fixed and they don't support for stoeckle seizure mapping get there isn't any support for data sitting it but those will be get fixed there is something really silly about the of core that hasn't been fixed it on its. you have a many too many relationship today with the of course of action need to create a relation entity so for example if i had multiple style ship's bell person and that's the ship can belong to different people many too many i should have added an entity not a table and entity for pills into style sheep object ok. that would have generated it personal style sheep table ok so basically i don't have many too many just serve to one too many relationships a two to two g.w. there are so these needs to be fixed so we can actually map and two and relationships in the database of course there will also support. both are in health and snapping other than the the table pay hollow king ok nurses who have table type the table can get out of this hasn't been implemented in of six in a of coal and of course come on in the section which we know having the of six still doesn't exist in your school says you can see it's still not. an entirely if six equivalent solution in your school or his own progress for version want but fixing of course performance improvements documentation which is lacking on and just to some things up our what was flown out as i mentioned before there's no india mix support any more diffuse entity seek. world that the numbing sequel like statements that also out and of course object context a p r e's than god bless them so on. so the relation between your school in if six if called the steel the right way to go for new projects unless of course you need some specific stuff only have seven like their support for those and call in such as you've seen some features of still missing. uk arm some call the still not mature enough not all the links supporters been added on but you know it's on its way ok so moving for me of sixty of course not just of great ignored packages and it's an entirely new on new engine it has different behaviors like the chain tracking. the expanded for our like their conventions for ploys asian and such ok so be well of those changes to list your cold it's all going to just of the two entity from all seven and are so if you want to use and if seven if it's something simple like something that just need to get a table ok simple were. the p.-i sort of stuff then you can use and the phone call no problem with that stuff will still wall in the l t m than the on going to be that many changes but if you are all talented advocate call a spin it called the universal on windows platform all whatever it's called i'm not a client. person so don't know what's called actually are few m. in the exam have been ok if you ever get any of those different types of flu most are not the full gotten so most then if coal is the only way for you right now ok so just go ahead and pray for the gods that they won't change everything and everyone is so. so i'm well do you go from here aside from your next session and there is a link to the contagion here and other bottom you can see them into my demos you can go ahead and check the odd skip to the animals that show two features of culture the properties and other nikki's you can see those in the plots on them. on basically show the poverty she's using properties that. are not in the entity table not invented the object but now in the table he says because are composed other form the table but not joint in the object and other ninety's is just running new and unique indexes into the table by saying so for example of the name of the person is also a unique the case. so it's in a hundred fifty on and that's its enjoy the rest of the conference since then the questions i'm here. thank you.