NDC Oslo 2016 - Lightning Talks 2

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NDC Oslo 2016 - Lightning Talks 2
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Iver Dihle Skjervum: REST was good, but now it’s time to move on. The frontend industry never seems to stop moving, and more and more of our applications goes from traditionally server-based applications to heavy client-side applications. Our favorite way of communication with the server has been through REST-endpoints. But what happens when the data we need on the client is some kind of nested resources, and more than a list of items? We can for each element in our list do a new query to get additional data, or we create custom endpoints on the server which get exactly the data we need, and we probably just use the endpoint this one time as well. None of these approaches seem to be a way we want to go. So what’s the alternative? Facebook released GraphQL as an alternative to REST, which allows the client to specify which data it needs from the server, and how the data is related to other resources on the server in one simple query. This talk will give an introduction to GraphQL, and explain briefly how to do data fetching “the facebook way” Stephane Erbrech: Predictable CI builds By now most development teams use continuous integration, and understand its importance. Some have even moved to continuous delivery. But how often do you find yourself fighting it a failing build (or deployment), that works on your local machine? in 10 minutes, I'll suggest an approach that will let you trust the build server again, and be confident that what works on you machine will work in CI and deployment. Cecilie Haugstvedt: Testing for accessibility without breaking the bank 14 in the Anti-Discrimination and Accessibility Act require that all new ICT solutions in Norway should be universally designed from 1 July 2014.Existing ICT solutions should be universally designed from 2021. To ignore this or postpone the subject until late in the development process can not only be expensive but will often result in sub-optimal solutions. In this lightning talk I'll give some tips on how to discover problems with universal design as early as possible and build accessible solutions available for all without breaking the bank. The talk is based on real-life experiences from IT-projects in the public sector. David Kai Christen Kristensen: Mqtt - a protocoll for IoT MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocoll over TCP/IP. Designed for connections to remote locations network bandwidth is limited, it is ideal for many IoT scenarios. Leveraging the publish subscribe paradigm, it allows for for two way communication between devices without the need for mechanisms such as long polling. We give you a brief overview of the protocoll, and discuss some common IoT scenarios in which it can be used.
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i have come to room for the third which i call the rest was good that then i was standing on my name is even a little room in america's that insulting.
the first thought was as fuel efficient the money you really feel that they understand the rest. good a few. so to be honest i really don't. and did not tell kinds we don't think it's an ass a quick look at what they will talk about the on the agenda will have a quick look at the some history about the web of them have has developed the last years will see a howard rest is named maybe not give a feat to do how the event has developed. and you'll end up with a photograph built as a sole those kinds of questions. so first of all small way we use the staged a smell from this over the client depressed this over and that is so did some the school various fiction date them it's made patients and back to the client. and it's kind of one player bottleneck here and that's they the matching part right have a touch off mice make a few us few a s. brokers as possible. and that its male page effects to the and to the client in one part of the that's changed now because via have started to know created the call single page implications and and now the client actually asks the sort of for data often in jason and and this over this that it did before. for it that course database and its returns they connect to the clients and important thing here is that now this client had think about how we fetch them between the plant and so as well they don't want to pitch too much data and most of all those kind of multiple around fifths. between now and between the clients and so are so inside to illustrate this is an example i'm creating as football of patients with a friend of mine it looks something like this that has players which can play on multiple teams and the teams can of course have a multiple press on. at first thing i'm going to implement its list of players and and that's and of course i'm creating it seemed based applications so i could bring myself to arrest them point she called players and its returns the name of the players and i can live without in my and my view and it works with. did i think and the next day i want to extend my view and won't include the teams and has to invest that thinking ok how to do this because there are few different approach to its you can go out and i will show the first one here you can try to to the rest with links i think it's cool restless and three. your hypermedia his own thing and the what you think about is that enough for ever invest the resources or every resource you add a link to very can fetch that's resource so for the first player to get their link to have a very fresh that place things that looks quite nice and i think again. an adult our fishermen state that but the problem gets and have at least one hundred players and four. each player have to get their own trip this summer to get each team and that's certainly not not something i would like to do i think compared to this bill so over. all this try to avoid the call and was one place and to the base. it's and them. so that's where you stand up fade what i call a bold custom and points its roots. things like this get place with teams and this probably works quite good in my example but what happens to amend our model gross and i get players with themes and goals and i don't know what happens vegan add more properties to him i am minded this earth. so this vulnerable of all the problems that kraft well try to sell for us to trust us all this in an essay the resources problem how to fetch mess is necessary resources. it also tries to sold worsening and types if they're as on other things as well which i'm don't have time but now. that will show them will have about how graphical works and how you can use it to create that.
so. it's too small to him about it so the thing about the graft well is that you have one and point and to that end point you send korea and that and point defines schema and and that's given those well. that's and but can provide for you have a glance so using the school a tool hair cold graphite go or graphical rich the people of the facebook will do it together with the graph below his votes like post man if you use that it is like fiddler and you basically the set up a curry and you for your area. fl so are its and what the started to hear its and for so i get older generation will them my my my ski mower my grasp else over and price for me so i can see a confession of players and. it says that the kid a few players must have selection it basically means that the place on object that the space i bought on the players they want to fetch so i can specify where i want to fetch name of the player and if that's all i want as in my career to the to the go go so. and i get my response back. and. are they really like about this is the second to extend my career for different use cases so you have an odd least the teams i can add the teams from africa and the teams as well as well and object so i have to specify what they want to question the us and i can say i want to fetch name. and there in my career and. i get back and together the two teams and all the system with von roundtrip the to sever and for me as a front window for this feels really great because i don't have to worry about first of all of them how to worry about overfishing haven't call an arrow and. point to get a whole bunch of data that i don't need i can specify exactly the day i need for my use case and i don't have to do multiple round trips to the solar the feed is quite efficient as well it's and them less able to show you. about the about how you can credit that's that. feeds on your work your date that get her arguments so for example you can say i want. add not meant to show called pop say a something you can do want to own a fresh the ten first players second that argument that's the top and my in my case that the couple and for that person to get the first they backed which means this is you can extend it very much and make it fit your knee. the thing. and very well. unfortunately i don't have time for showing this over and i think the difficult part it probably is the implement this over and how you handle all the said korea's old mrs resources how this database thing works and so that. this time i'm sorry i don't have the time to code that this but i'll wrap it up with some.
resources for you. and the graph guilty make it pretty good to get to stop the guide you can call it a graphical the torch and have a look at it.
there are multiple implications of graft well in different languages at the n.f.l. innovation and ruby alex year yousif the course it was on made by my the face by the facebook team and if you want to do the whole foods that development thing the clinic graft well with your ex. you can go to the relay stockett's very lake on the books as a bridge between reaction from them and how ref components that can be used to as much data from africa else over now the tide up together unless think i will at an ad. and then. at the cold from the get go us over which the just show be if they want to have a look at it. so that's that with a thank you both are.
the. as such should you. everyone. i'm still photo bush i'm french developer in or slow work at which that the written on their with a little boost if you've read text in the uk been on their m m. want to talk to you but predictable bills i've worked in multiple projects a smaller companies bigger companies and every single time i try to carry boats the consistency grecian parse what's removes frictions and are some things i've seen most of the projects would like to share here. so across the last decade. improve the lot of the nation. qantas integration. everyone almost everyone i think a dozen countries in addition to doing the on projects and more recently no concerns employment how many here because the deployment of work. right still very few so we're still on won the right trucks but it's still far away and to support do things though of course products that pops up that that's help that tries to help us. we have known tina the next world travis jenkins for see our servers and we have octopus deploy or bamboo for example for deployment servers. and just destroyed it's a great the their products in a of course they try to add features they want to they need to be the need to be a difference with the other was the need to attract their users and do speeches are often very nice but the demo really well but sometimes you can shoot yourself in the foot as with. and some of these features for example are always are all news experience you want to as quickly and you step in you build system to be able to say that quickly and have it ready yet new get stuart you get restore as bill and mean it's just creates. and each time a new framework every week. and packaging new code and publishing it then on the deployments the server you have all the ways that you can deploy system and all this appears as a new step in your immune system that you can just click and getting on. but the problem was that is that you get very quickly. this issue and it works on my machine. who has not was not experience this be of service a's it doesn't work and on your machine everything is green what's going on. the and second problem. is it today we try more and more to speak to our system is smaller and smaller pieces and we very quickly get and the something like this. and. and with each of these projects when each of these projects and.
i have a special set up done was quick drag and drop and so on i get to the very quickly have to say stop because that maintainable. so one solution that i found that we came to have some a some projects and at a bit more mature but has used the integration and continues delivery or the point is to strive to have local reproducible be bills you always wants to be able to reproduce exactly what happens on a server so if you can.
the biggest something was wrong so that's when you check in the code and you could run it locally and know that is going to work exactly the same way on a server it's that it's its current for bills but it's also true for deployment you want the same thing. it might as well because you deploy pipeline scripts are as important as your coat. who here went to the dam installed from couples about the diverse as he mentions in the first talk at night capital who lost four hundred fifty million dollars in forty five minutes because of deploying the stick was a manual deployment. but can happen if your script is a failed to respond to script has a book. that's what you could you should care about you you scripts that runs the deployment of new build as much as you production code. the second point is standard lies you buy point when you project scales as i showed you need to have a way to recognise each project hard their whole they work hard to build how to deploy you enter a repository and your home you know you know which you. for build you want to protest where to look for for the the station for. and so one part one when nice things that's true you can do is creates sort of an a.p.i. for your bills and installation and entry points to each project to build to deploy or to test. and the year although and there is a gift to replace three in the as well as an article and they have standardized all this creates because exactly have that problem. i recommend you to go in and check it out it's very insightful. and when you do this you need seventy conventions across europe was very you need to have the same for the structures maybe. and so on just to be able to run the same scripts the same entry point to a new projects. so one way to us with them that is we decided to use partial but that's up to you we were on the windows system or show is very powerful and that use what works for you there was a great talk about the cake bills don't we see chart if that works for you use this as long as you follow these guys that i. and you end up with something that you can work with and and live with. so what we've done is that we have one step called see ideals that yes or no days and that's the only entry points to our bills are for each project we have what we have one single step and only thing that's that does is called said he looked just one second obstruction of or building system. and we have the exact same thing for in style the fixation install that the us one that's will do obstructs the steps to instill each service in our system that simply site simplifies everything in your bill server with the poster that means the deploying to be of service still own than the. pipeline but you on the details and then checked in with the together with the repository. it's very difficult it's takes time to do said the properly to share the knowledge was all your teammates and two only does it seem but the reward is big. i'm one last point is that we've worked on this in the current prototype work on for a wide to try to set up something that works really well and would like to share this so we haven't been able yet to put its open source which we have everything we have said as we can add decoupled from from overseas. them but with put it online and i i would welcome you to check out my a my twitter account and i will share this as soon as we have it out if you're interested. this was a summary the three main point that i would like you to remember that is when deal when working on sea ice fields only boy in the pipeline is that you all should always strive to to make you build a new scripts for reproducible need to be able to run them locally on you. machine it would use the feedback loop between something went wrong on the server i can read do it in on my local machine. the second part is the building to plough scripts all production could this is the last year's that runs before he chose to customer if the book shows in the production code the customer doesn't care if it's your deploy script or you pull your code inside application it's a book. and the last parts would strongly advise you to try to stone buys this across all your projects it was simply fight everything for you in for you to use. thank you.
and. yes. mostly for show. what we've done is that we take one parmenter in irbil streets scripts that would just as low as to not do the things that's because we are to publish published packages. i. arm. we will try as as saying we tried to have just we have one profiteer the ses i'm a belief in free and for example when this is true would publish the things and with other ways everything was locally and you have ways to build a script so that you can you can really look ugly or on a big server exactly the same way. i wish i had the color the to show you some some parts of the and. this. thing that's it. thank you. i. hi my name is to see the hawks that i worked as a test player that come to us and i had to talk about testing for accessibility without breaking the back so first of all what if you don't test testing cost money so not testing means to save money.
well in norway accessibility is required by law they're sort of countries that are different loss but in a way that means for websites you need to follow the cagr two point zero level am doubly the exception of the tests texting rules so if you don't test for accessible date means you don't care to know if you break the law or not. there's a cost associated with this if it's discovered that the break the law you risk fines going project delays and of course some expensive patching in production and you get about reputation you're excluding customers from your site resulting in lost revenue. and least last but not least there's to go eight years by excluding people just based on the fact that they have a disability or their h you might be lucky and our experience a disability but you're going to get older.
so rule number one effective and efficient testing stopped early that's true for almost all kinds of testing and it's true for testing for accessibility.
if you're really lucky you come in all the when you're going to evaluate what technology to use i don't know within a few have been working at the project but i have that interest see a mass or a framework that doesn't support accessibility and you have to go in and manually fix it afterwards it's time consuming and boring. so accessible to a secretarial when introducing new technology or deciding if you want to introduce a new technology and it can save yourself a lot of time. review that the sign so there are elements that require extra attention new acts as if you want them to be accessible tables graphics inputs forms pop up windows some of these two might decide you don't want to use at all some of them you just want to think about how can we make them accessible. and if you change them up to review stage to saving a lot of money compared to a few discover one week before production that come on that table does not work with the screen reader at all. kick the language we bache when we talk of accessible with the page a lot of people will think about its only screen readers and it's only blind people that's not true accessible means accessible for all including the large part of the population that's on able to read on. the newspaper. this is a general rule of thumb if you work as a developer a tester and it's hard to read for you and the need to explain by someone. it's too complex for general public. ok so he returned some code and or at least you have a web page not. for accessibility in a continuous integration pipeline what most of you do at least have some sort of building a unit has to run the year in the tests and integration test if you have an automated checks computers are really good at discovering violations of some of the world's that said.
use checklist for manual called review humans are better at discovering some errors so good automated checked will discover such a thing as suspicious old text they thought they pay or something like that but that you need i'm a human to tell but it's a. the image of a giraffe that's wrong that's actually i mention that will front if you have a tool that this cover that when i think you've gone over had the accessibility tools. off to be automated checks and tools for manual testing i prefer to use chrome so if i can choose i do the vague chrome extension they have a different extension for firefox tears for internet explorer be whatever you want if you're working at a place where they have developed for computers that's not that connect. the to intimate there's often tolls you can use them and you have a screen read or free screen reader that's useful i would not say for test think it's useful for reproducing bugs and checking that you haven't been reintroduced those. so the last test testing with a screen reader this should be one of the final tests you don't want to be disturbia are only just because it's probably going to be pretty close to production date and then it's way too late to fix things and make sure you have removed old errors first there's no reason to have someone come. and then and only have ten minutes later. and skip the staff step if you can't afford to get a real use of a screen reader to use that it's no use having a developer pretending to be blind and using n.b.a. it's too far away from the real experience so very useful but please make sure you get someone who's actually using a screen reader.
the key i mention that that meets here's some common mistakes you can look for when the test just make show of at least within did this these mistakes.
illustrations pictures the good old texts are not optional if you leave the mouth you will read aloud the date the name of fighting them and there's very seldom what you want to do that said leave the all text empty if the image is purely decorative or if the only old text you can come up with this of repetition. and what's written just before just off the words it's just going to be read twice by the screenwriter and irritate people and please take studios even the law does not require you to do so a lot of people like to watch them on local mall him. it links don't let users guess remember a lot of people that troubled me only is seeing the difference between colors and you sensible names and i can see whenever i look at a web site that will just look over at them find the information that's useful for me someone is using a screen reader will get a list. hold the sections that we get the list of all the headings and it will get the list of old links that's all they glance over decide if you're feeling so name read more more information plate care and so on your not providing information at all.
so a decent as mention use semantic sections be nice for the next developer us well but may come in six months later. and always stood at least one key but only test there's a lot of people that don't use a mouse for different reasons and make the links lodge and off for people with physical bill but a disability and desktop and for mobile users in public users and everyone else was using a web site.
i swear color contrast so five to eight percent all me to man of color blind so using reading when this bad bad idea but on a sunny day the part of the population that led to trouble the big call a contest a much broader. the good thing here is that there's no reason to discuss this there's tools online or you just and to the foreground and back wrong color and then you can get a yes no answer is it is to call it when the contest good enough for is not and you can discuss something else instead. oh so to sum up going to do this because you care about your fellow citizens and about yourself when you get older.
start testing only you don't want to do this one week before production and only the most common mistakes. thank you.
a few. hello. when is a good eye. maybe took vote in two d. it's a protocol signed for a routine really.
they only i'm in control not was on this my e-mail if you want to get in touch so if you keep its original design body i.b.m. in the late ninety's and well and q comes from some i.b.m. stuff but the important part is still much to transport that's what is. designed for so it's a messaging protocol which means this worked in job law this works or this works basically anything that has implemented the library its transport article like age to be or t.c.p. for that sort it's built on top and he should be so you get all the good stuff from to speak like reliability in. things and then has more features of course most of being published tried paradigm so you publish and uses tribal comeback this of course it's really like white is the hatters for this is a really low so it's really for constrain devices and it's really designed for. are under libel networks and i t. is unreliable. but let's face it most of the eye of the stuff is wireless and wireless is by default unreliable. and this is even designed for stuff like we wouldn't consider i would keep his eyes he like measure networks or things where you drop a bunch of small are the nose out of an airplane or a large area on of having communicate you could use this. basically how this works is you have a server cold the mehsud broker and you have a bunch of clients who connect this broker and what we do is they create the open t.c.p. connections which means that you can send and receive messages and how. what works is basically a client will send a message should broker he broke rules he has subscribed to this topic. and then broke will forward this target. different goals for example you can connect can disconnect you can subscribe to wander multiple topics and you can obviously unsubscribe and you can publish messages there are some more stuff in the background but as a client these are the. five actions you will actually be sides receiving messages. so how does it work well and was human was we are familiar build published a tribe that again just go briefly to it so what you do is you subscribe to a topic top we could in this case be well here. conference and easy room six and years something to me that's what you all doing right now you're here you're listening to me you have some tried i am publishing to this topic right now. so you're all getting the message fallen you could also if you're an overflow your technically he says fried being to welcome friends room everything star which is perfectly fine in the d.t. you can say i want to get all the messages from all the topics that are. say conference and see rooms start. wild card walters rubs nice makes you do stuff it's a filtering stuff. if this is sort of like message hughes right you're familiar with message seems to me and not go listen. um. and this is one of the really cool things that you've subtribe you say you filtered stuff right so you as a client will publish i don't care who receives that's not my worry i'll just publishes to the broker and broker will take care of all the forwarding parts. but now the really cool part about and utica n.y. and the key is really cool for either team we have what's called persistent sessions so i was a client's have tried to connect to broker a get an id i can specify my id all subscribe to a number of topics. but if i get this connected. which will happen and i reconnect i can say well. as long as i don't specify i want to clean session he broke a rule remember all my subscriptions and automatically start forwarding stuff to me again without me how to go through the process of saying subtribes listed structure this price for this. and then he also has things like retained messages sold the broker will remember the last message that anyone has published a topic so if i reconnect have subscribed some topic of get the last message which is there which means.
but i can get state like saying today's whether it's sunny so i'll get the message sunny back which is really nice getting the state of new running when you have become disconnected or you're joining from first time. the new have another cool feature which is the last two and testament this is a special message when i connect i say this is my last fall and testament when i die this message gets published to this topic. and what the broker does is saying a game called all stored this for you. and when you come your client comes this connected for any reason for cruelty on his this permitted almost published his last two and testament to what a rip off to keep specified and whatever says pride in this will not fight all some client when a flight maybe i should do something when check why he's died. and of course you have all the normal cool features like of educational phrase ation you can do them publishers should like topic authorisation saying the money you're not allowed to publish to this topic you're not to allow just tried here and so on. and you can of course doing corruption and this again you can also do content the encryption so you can actually encourage your messages because the protocol is a nazi what you send over the protocol probably all doesn't care it's just whites. and then you have some other statements like you have actually quality of service agreement so you can either send messages s. fire and forget like at most once have just as clive just published this and will hold derives everywhere. it's the same ganges his teeth piece of those ounce just gone i can do at least wants me i'll actually keep sending a message from the broker in full the broker acknowledge its has arrived. and you can say exactly once so you'll do a back in the hearts and all the stuff you would normally expect is to do and. of course the more higher quality of service you want more energy into more messages you want to send some overhead trade off right. and then you have something really really cool and that's the ability to. connect brokers to more brokers again we're on i t were on the constrain devices most devices are a lot of really cool that small devices don't really do encryption really well so i could have a broker on my in my house. which acts place like a message gateway and so i'll have and secure connections on my local think the that i have my broke which have some more powerful thing which he may be even is connected to power in the running and batteries which will then have a secure connection to the broker in the cloud somewhere which again. and is connected to other clients. which actually does flow storing or some other cool stuff. and as long as you don't mess up and create a circle around like you have to make sure that you don't send messages back and forth your goes that you'll just create an infinite loop and didn't die so but or than that this is really cool feature which allows you to do things securely and. we need to do which is eagerly but still work to do really constrain devices. so when you do want to use if you did the when you want to do push instead of whole again we have open t.c. peaceful elections so you do push you push things to devices from devices we have unreliable efforts again have the persistence storage right person sessions for this it's. awesome. if you are constrained why since the message overhead really low and again this is telemetric transport this is not a replacement for a message you are a message boss you can use it in but when things break here in the chip. something called mars just wrap up. these are likely to call architecture scenarios you have much of subscribers a bunch of publishers which old send messages across to each other and the other one being. we have a bunch of publishers and have one subscriber that just clegg's everything and stores that somewhere and then we do something or with the data the thirty two most use nereus for i would therefore and fifty. so thank you for listening to make stuff up.