Power BI for the Developer: Integrate, Embed, Extend

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Power BI for the Developer: Integrate, Embed, Extend
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In this session you will learn about the exciting new generation of Power BI delivering access to data and insights with Software as a Service (SaaS), and specifically what can be achieved by the software developer. You will learn that the new generation of Power BI enables developers to configure real-time dashboard scenarios, create custom visualizations and also integrate rich analytics in application experiences by embedding Power BI reports into we apps. Several demonstrations will illustrate how to configure real-time dashboards that programmatically push data to the Power BI service by using the Power BI REST API, and also how to integrate Power BI experiences with applications. This session will be of interest to architects and software developers looking to understand and evaluate the developer capabilities of Power BI.
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so afternoon session on power be i for the developer the story on how you make integrate in bed or extend very brief introduction of myself penalize i'm a business intelligence consultant of which for some fifteen years work with microsoft business intelligence products mainly with sequel server delivering enterprise data warehousing solutions but. in more recent years as microsoft have reached out into self-service be i tools and this new generation of power be i become an expert in this space and i produce the training content for microsoft and i have the good fortune to sharing the message about what power the i can do for uses and also for developers. so in this sixty minute session on interested to know first of all who is already had any experience with how the eye before and so our poll that about one third of the room and for those one third has there been any developer related activity working program medically with how the eye two of you out of the for it. all right well palin guy is a huge topic in sixty minutes would never do justice to the topic and so i'm going to begin with an introduction that describes the fundamentals about what power be i can achieve and then focus on the topic relevant to developers about integrate extend any in bed. need to start somewhere so the story with business intelligence is what we call the first wave is that does business is needed to get answers from the data that they store common business questions need to be addressed in this was achieved through business intelligence in the early days back when i started this meant and. the prize data warehousing a man i t long term projects and what we discovered is that perhaps sixty eight he was sent all the business questions could be addressed through the data warehouse it could never address every single business question that arose then a second wave in be eye which was to deliberate self-service capabilities to the business users themselves. probably not to everybody probably to a small select few we might call them power users are advanced analyst and these guys all girls up literally with his when it comes to excel they drive some amazingly sophisticated solutions so microsoft turned around back in the office twenty ten release and they delivered power pivot later on power korean. how have you supporting very similar capabilities to what the enterprise corporate be i would deliver but on the desktop handling smaller more focused projects what i can describe today is that power be i really delivers a third wave in be i moving beyond just the analyst that is still reasonably well so. killed and and efficient experts to the business users themselves those that have the questions can engage directly with the service to answer those questions right so common be i challenge is how do we get an end to end perspective across old a tough regardless of what type what for. matt whether its own premises whether it's in the cloud. and how do we deliver that right dated to the right people and at the right time all these of common challenges with business intelligence and what power be idyllic is a cloud based analytic server or service excuse me that is there to address most of those common business challenges a quick list of key differentiator is a natural beauty of. now the eye is that it has software is a service services available so with a click and a matter of minutes if you need to google analytics data and you need to see it you need to interact with it you can and authenticate through pow the eye enable it to connect to google analytics and building reports and dashboards enabling you within. perhaps five minutes to start exploring interacting with your data and also potentially sharing this with others within the organization will talk to you and demonstrate today is real time dashboard updates and how this can be achieved into distinctly different techniques. the other ability for pau be eyes to connect to dated not just in the cloud that on premises as well so we need to respect that as a cloud based service how is it going to interact with your corporate stores that's your analysis services data models you sequel so the databases on pram and so the deal there is that how be i also comes with kate ways that when. installed on promises they create a secure channel up to the service and neighbouring either scenario all of real time reporting so it passes straight through to on pram results come straight back up we call that a direct query mode or if you going to work with importing of data you can schedule data refreshes to take place perhaps on an alley also basis. via the gateways data exploration delivered through q. and a's so this is a very much the web search engine concept that these days we start asking questions and and amazingly those questions get translated into reasonably decent search results so how the i also supports in some cases the ability to ask questions. does your data and have responses delivered back through visualisations it even extends to the court thomas story that you can figure it correctly you can ask what town and port town of oversee the power we are reports and display them on your device. integration with many microsoft products will talk about other azure integration scenarios specifically stream analytics all machine learning all big data and finally the ability to work with hybrid configurations into work seamlessly within your act as a direct trees and within your infrastructure this i could really talk all day on those topics. but to finish off with the overview when it comes to accessing data it comes in many locations shapes and formats whether their services on premises data whether it's you distributing content within your own internal content packs connecting to other edges services working with data in exile files and ultimately the power be. my desktop which will work with today pow the ideas top ultimately provides you a toll on the desktop enable you to connect to these variety of sources load in integrate if necessary in rich with exploration and hierarchies and rich with business logic build reports and as a single file. the application is designed to publish it back to the service whereupon you can build dashboards configure automatic data or a fresh enable q. and a natural careering and then share this with others so they can access it through the device old the web browser have that choice. he noted his arrest a.p.i. that supports a development story for the creation and manipulation of data essentially it's a push data scenario that can be achieved with the service up front before those questions might be in your mind how much is this going to cost me it may cost you absolutely nothing right so there. odd to licensing t. is the first is free and that provides a rather generous one gigabyte of storage and a rather generous set of features including some day of scenarios that may not cost you anything if you're looking for the full features set and i'll provide you with the end of this presentations some differences in features between the two different. is and you'll be looking at the price per month to use a and i know in the us this comes to ten dollars in your region are not exactly shore. be aware that if you want to trial this when you sign up for free on microsoft also very generous to provide you with a sixty day trial to allow you to try all of the pro features are right now how vi huge topic with the focus just on developers really we're going to talk about how we could create real time dashboards how we can integrate. pau the eye and applications and how we could also develop and integrate custom visuals to extend beyond the already twenty six visualisations that come with pau the ice other any questions have set the scene. i. alright let's begin with an activity.
i've got a dashboard here and what i'd like you to do is help and participate by filling in a brief survey a brief survey will be asking six questions would you mind either use the q.r. code or use your mobile device to navigate to this you are all. and what will ask you to do is answer the six questions of my apologies upfront one of them is what city or the nearest city you come from there are six hundred items in a drop down list. is the easiest way to quickly get this out but i ask you not to submit to simply fill in and says they don't have to be true you may be funny or you may use an alias no details that you submit will be used against you and so let me explain what's going to happen that when you submit. it's going to. on the web server and it's using as a website's it's going to go ahead and throw an event on to an anxious service boss of a hub and then streaming analytics is going to query it live and push it to the dashboard right so don't get some might yet there's a nice experience you'll see it when there's this influx of events. coming through it looks quite good. so what you see here is a very rudimentary dashboard. consisting just a static data no data at this stage are right assuming that nobody else needs the you are all going to exit the full screen mode all point out to you that here in the navigation pain and the navigation pain exposes to me in my work space the three groupings a fundamental objects empower the eye. data sets the connect to data and that full range of sources that i describe to you will ultimately be delivered to the data set data sets of in the foundation upon which reports of build providing rich interactive experiences a report consisting of multiple pages and ultimately when you want to share key metrics. we then pin visuals from reports up to dashboards and then we share the dashboard out. still not clicking summit at this stage i would hope here i am clicking on the data set so as a stream analytics is pushed the data sit definition through take a look on the right hand side and you see i have a single table and a collection of fields that map to imports coming from you. what i'm going to do at this stage is build out a dashboard and then when the dashboard is being shown all ask you to submit your survey results so all this to ask for a single field which is the number of submissions and that's going to me here in a column child going to switch across to aig cod. and tell you that five people hit submit not a problem or right so already six messages have been read from the the event hob and will do and i have to do this they need to save this report so let me just call this denmark. and having saved as a report and then able to pin a visual to a dashboard. right and while i'm here one of the questions was where you from so i'm going to build out using a map. related to all of the arms cities and that drop down list latitude longer chewed so let me bring in latin long. and all this plot the number of submissions and so i can say that the six people that submitted becoming largely from i guess that sells labor rights and then what i'm going to do is save this. and pin this won and i think. i made a slight era before i. you raise that one let me just reconstructed save. and pants. now switching across to the dashboard. and i will now remove these are also in fact let me just push them to the side.
tips. there is a a scares me there is a year old.
i didn't mean to click and i'm so let's bring the number of submissions here. and i should have a map of the world somewhere want to have those. of the matter the world somewhere. i'm down here so dashboard a collection of tiles not necessarily being sourced from the same data set. when we drive a car what we like to see in our dashboard is relevant metrics we don't want to be overwhelmed by lots of the relevant data because that distracts us and it's unsafe so i'd like to see the speed at like to see distance i'd like to see fuel and fuels running low i would like to see some status indicator like red telling me off track take some action and that's essentially what desk. it was designed to express. me clean this up a little by editing the tile like it might be nice to hear just call this arms survey responses. so we can provide. titles and subtitles us would be n.b.c. oslo twenty sixteen custom your roles could be said here as well and then this one would be submissions by city. the. and before you still get submit to be able to demonstrate the q. and a capability i can ask questions of the data itself so it might be something like you know show me. average distance so for the eight people that submitted i could learn here that the average distance travel was one thousand two hundred thirty one kilometers and we could make this a little more interesting by breaking the standby occupation. the and that looks pretty call so let me pin that visual so here's a second technique by which we can build up dashboards. and let me change that now to gender. and all pin it. and i think we also had age group. the ones. there it is there. and i could say sought by age group. and for this one i might also customize using the full styling that's available even when reporting like for example it said some data labels a list of splay them is non with zero to small places and increase the font size of those. so you can see how rapidly you can build out these dashboards switching back to the dashboard page then this is now what i see. for the details of the so far been submitted let me then put this into a full screen mode. it's not going to work nicely with these for those that already what use go ahead and submit your results and see what happens here on the dashboard. a. quite literally real time and with the backing of azure their event hubs can ingest millions of events per second streaming analytics and i'll point this out to you i want build the solution but i'm going to show you the screens for it stream analytics will aggregate across time periods perhaps every second take the average. for each take the some take the count and out put the result of aggregated events pushed into power be i pad the i received as a data set we can build reports on it and the dashboard that are based on this type of data set will reflect real time values what you think. literally no code making the assumption that someone was responsible for the events arriving in the event hob the story beyond the event hub listening to events the string analytics is pretty straightforward and questions at this stage. so what we have a statistic so we have how many people. i should put numbers on years so this is an idea those that between ninety five and ninety nine troubled on average eleven thousand callers i'm thrilled that people at that. senior age would make the effort to come here to all his life my home city of moments one so i know that would be me and for the people coming from oslo and how can we just got one twenty people a local thank you. gives you a taste of what can be achieved so let's talk in more detail about how we can extend how the eye closer inspection of the rest a.p.i. how you might integrate pow be i would actually services the very new and still in preview as a service called power the eye embedded and they will talk.
a custom visuals also. so there are four very exciting opportunities that should inspire developers to consider power be i were to integration embedded or extend scenario let's start with discussion on the power be i rest a.p.i. this rest a.p.i. has been designed to interrogate power be i to create data sets. create tables and to push dated to those tables and when necessary to delete all data from those tables. so a program medically manages resources and as you push data into dataset tables they will be reflected real time into the dashboard is that you've just seen so essentially what stream analytics is doing is nothing more than what you can do and it's using the rest a.p.i. to push the results of streaming queries into. how the idea of sets. our rides so in power be i at the very top level when you will thank you kate you connecting to a work space and that could be a personal work space or it could be a group so one of the pro features empower the eye is that you can create groups and invite members into groups and collaborate on shared resources as a best. practice if you're pushing real time data you shouldn't push it to an individual's account you would create a group you create a user that is not a real person you would make them a member of the group he would push the data sit definition to the group and then you would allow collaboration on that and potential sharing from outside the group the other big. if of course is that the individual leaves the organization then you've lost all of that work so please work with groups and note that groups are procedures so will require that ten dollars per user per month. so at the very top level whether it's a personal work space but much more preferred way that it's a group it contains a collection of data sets an intern data sets contain collections of tables and tables contain rose it's a very simple object model. in order to make this work you will need to register an application and so have i just opened up a web browser like this.
there's an app registration tool that when you sign in with your power be i account you can provide and name for the app from.
whether it's a suicide web app or native app. in which case you'll need to redirect you are all four were both education and then to to take and i do not know why these takes on working for the last time i use this a matter of weeks ago those takes used to work so i have no idea the good news is i don't need to create one when you reach the app you will get. it a good back and essentially that is what you will use when using the rest a p i a. it will be delegated permissions and the patient commission's could be with the earth allowed to view certain assets with are allowed to insert all maintain data and you can see the list of them here. the. from the authentication perspective depending on whether it's a native klein aware that the flow is somewhat different i am not going to read through the entire flow but it should not be surprising to anyone else it's working and engaging with authentication on a web service calls. a closer look at the operations so the ability to win numerate having authenticated in connected to a work space what data sets already exist and data sets are described in terms of a unique identifier which is good and by friendly niamh you can create a data set that. require posed an adjacent document describing the data set in terms of the collection of tables and in terms of the collection of columns for each table and the data types are reasonably straightforward. you can also enumerate tables contain within a data set you can update an existing table scheme as i can't think of a great reason why was this would happen often but you might decide that we need a new column in the table so if you do an update schema hopefully if you don't break the order of the columns you can maintain to. sister dater and potentially at your columns all remove a column if you no longer needed. add rose to a data set so this is where you push dater up and then you make clear all rose from a table. his ability to also list group so part of your application experience might well be you'll let the user authenticate and then you present them a list of its either your workspace you want to publish to or it's a group that you're a member so you can list the groups and then from a group you can call the list datasets least dashboards and tiles have been added more recent. only these i improved you so this supports another embedding scenario and that is that if you get the unique handle for dashboard offer a report or tile you may embed these into other web applications they will require authentication. so you couldn't publicly make out those resources available. take a quick look listing all data sets you'll send a request that looks like this so you have an end point you will need to add and authentication token and then it'll just basically be arm a request like this with the response coming back as a jaison document looking like this. they use each day to sit in terms of an id and anime when it comes to inserting data a post request so you know what's been built out here is the queue and for the data set that you could have retrieve through an earlier call it has a collection of tables tables have unique names collections of rows and here. you may push a collection of one or more rose up to the data set. the. i. some restrictions in the next summer's persico push will be ten thousand but that just means you going to chunk things down if you really have that volume chunk it down into ten thousand groups but there is a restriction on the list that says that you can only send ten thousand euros per hour if you're on the free license in a million rows back. now if you're on the pro licence so i've noticed that if you take that million and you divide it by the number of seconds in that hour that's actually the limit and i thought that it might let me do nine hundred thousand in the first minute and maybe hundred thousand in the remainder of the hour that doesn't work that way it's actually an average if you look at per second that is the maximum rate you can achieve. if you exceed that the service will let you know and you will have to expect to handle an era of maximum rose stored for table will be five million and so at that point you end up with errors you be forced to delete the table but there is an answer to this and that is that if you create the table using the basic five for method then it will store mexico. two hundred thousand and maj in them when you insert the two hundred and first record two hundred thousand and first it will store but will drop off the very first row so you're moving forward them with two hundred thousand rows of data. the maximum pending requests at any stage would be five. so let's take a look at a real time dashboard implementation. and dumb i'm not having a good feeling about this but let me when asked what we see what happens on having some very strange networking issues and certainly when i was sitting up hoping that i have another ten minutes but let's see what happens.
one issue is that the edge of portal simply want load let me just try that again.
a. i have absolutely no explanation for this i use this p.m. all the times and. and that not loading.
it leaves you with a bad feeling anyway this applications being designed to show you how the a.p.i. calls work and while you wouldn't ordinarily would expose these types of options they would be in a conflict fall that registered at its cue it would get stored in here the redirect you are right the other your eyes of. six so according to the a.p.i. documentation these are the end points your communicate with power the eye. then you will come to connect and at this stage what it wants to do is authenticate using a power blackout. and on success of authentication it's going to return a token that must be placed in the head or of all requests that followed. and i am double figure crossing here and that's a different era and that's probably for good reason. and it worked perfectly in rehearsal thirty minutes ago. and i was so confident i said i don't need to bring the recordings so that's a real shame because what it would show you in this tree view is the full structure all the work space that connect to the collection of data sets reports dashboards drilling to data sets their the tables create dataset create table. and i would have shown you the whole flow and i'm stuck on story is absolutely nothing i can do. but i have more to talk about and i can talk about this scenario this one does work and this is what supported the opening demonstration with the surveys that you submitted so the story with how the eye and asia is a growing story with the as you go system you can see clearly microsoft putting power b i.
is the presentation layer across the growing number of enterprise services whether it's as a single database as a sequel data warehouse even big data with h.d. insight spock and then we see the measure machine learning and we also see the on a major h.d. insight with a dupe. and so already we can connect to many of these measures services in build how the ice solutions that really with a focus on a more developer centric solution out what all share with you is that you can couple certain services together with and so really the recipe of how i delivered the real time dashboard just. of interest. no worries by dashboard page to try.
so with fifty seven responses coming in what's driving this is that upon submitting your survey it's adding an event to in service possible how.
listening is a stream analytics job that is imposing an output to power the eyes so what i can show you hear is. first of all i've created let's just assume the event hobbs looked after that somebody else's project to push events upon some requirement here i've just gone into as a service boss. and i've created an import named pow be i survey and essentially it's just reaching and listening across to an event hob name this. next there's a query and for anybody that works with sequel statements this will look rather familia i'm selecting from the event the tiles. various fields there is also not a lot but as sufficient number of functions allow me to transform or cost because essentially those values were injured song they need the cost to their correct type that's important power be i because if we want to perform aggregation and summarize ation of values that we need to be new mark this century. it's reading from the import that is reading from the event hob. now commonly and not in this example because i want every single survey result to be sent through but when is the ingestion of millions of events not interested in projecting those on the dashboard you're interested in summarizing them by time periods so what you would do is that a group by exactly the same way you would use to summarize the relational care. the result and is a special function they called tumbling a hopping window and you can say the tumbling windows for every two seconds so perform this query group by produce an aggregate result in two seconds whatever events come in aggregate push out and the output for this query is defined by the into into people. i work space which is defined inside the job and we take a closer look at this i it's pushing to power the eye and to a data set same survey to a table name survey rights of i was to create. and you output. a. nope kate the jobs running so icon actually touch it that's how it worked and so how much code was involved with that providing you had the events on event hard and this is a good i go to the story by the way that is just a matter of writing the right kwiry setting up the inputs in output of a job you will need to win you build the output authenticate to power be. i so some account has to be used to the preferences that is not going to be your personal account that you've created a nonhuman accounts and that you've created a group that it belongs to and you're pushing the data set to that group. that's a real time dashboard but as a stream analytics moving on to the topic then of custom visuals so let me open up our be i destroyed. as a free download from microsoft be at sixty four of thirty two bit this is the companion application for the power the ice was so its strength is allowing you to connect to a wide range of data sources. using creamery logic in a very expressive query language to a quiet fill to shape clans and bring in results every korea that you bring in can come from a different source and ultimately you can create relationships in these the integration story going on. and then with the power of dec state or analysis expressions you can build business logic calculated columns measures time intelligence functionality and essentially what you're producing here is a model that integrates data embeds business logic and hierarchies for navigation and then you visualize that data. so let me just do something very very simple and that is to bring in some data from a local single database. and this is the important thing you have the ability to certain data sources to import and therefore copy the data into a solution or simply a direct query which says that every request made by report or indeed a dashboard will flow direct down to the source itself every stop for a moment think the benefits. and affect their benefits for either approach depending on what you need to achieve but the direct query opens up the potential for you not to have to be concerned about processing not to have to be concerned about excessive volumes of data. and the direct queries open for sequel database on premises and alice's services multi-dimensional whatever models and in the cloud it's available for three sources that would be as its sequel database as a sequel data warehouse and as your h.d. insight spock so you can have real time korea cross big data loads here on power be i destroyed. let me just choose for now it actually won't matter too much or go for direct query there are some limitations with direct korea and that is you may not integrate multiple sources to give us your whole solution has to be pointing only get one so all go ahead and connect using my windows authentication. and in the navigator says well the next level down from a circuit will be the databases themselves to survive just bring in something pretty simple like effect table factory seller cells one table i get a preview and i have the ability to load old. this data which is probably not a smart thing to do want to fact able or use the edit here to refine what i really want so it presents to me in the korea to than the fact table and i'm going to keep this so simple that all i want to analyze will be. cells amounts are by times so far that there is an order date column some way here. maybe not slipping bring in dim resell. the crew or date or to date a case in this case we have three day columns because what we call the role playing dimension is a date to mention in the data warehouse but there are three foreign keys pointing to it so i make the decision that it's actually the order date. what you see here with these links represent a foreign key enabling you in the korea into to introduce columns from that related title for example let's bring in the calendar year it's and that's bringing also the calendar court. now i don't want all columns that here so have i just bring in those two with the multi select right click for move other columns and i've narrowed down all of that data to just the three columns of interest how about then i rename these to make them friend lace. the real name. i. quarter a year. and sales. over here at the applied steps represent from the sourcing of that war data right down to the desired state that you want right and you could customize this logic is very powerful set of expressions and functions and even the ability to function with parameters in here for now i'm just going to load this. and load wasn't the right term this is direct query no data moved but it has now an understanding that i have a table that we can see he could factory sell a sales so sitting here on the report canvas then i'm going to go ahead and dragged year and asked that to be visualized as a slice up. enabling then filtering and directly on the report that's two thousand and twelve. and then i could show cells by quarter. he and quarter should go on the axes all right so that's the old be i write how else might we choose to express the data now what you'll notice on the visualisations pain is this some twenty six out of the box but far more interesting and what we hope to inspire you guys just of.
as developers is to consider that you may create custom visuals and integrate them with pau the eye. or right so what will do is go to the gallery. and what you see here is on the contribution both for microsoft but also from other developers out there that have been generous enough to share with the world what they've developed that's not to suggest that what you develop has to be published here you may keep it private on but i think one that's just sort of iowa opening and and not so tradition. coal is the enlightened aquarium right so we have a closer look we read about this and we said ok let's see what this will do for on data are downloading the visuals ok you need to trust what ever you are downloading and what downloads than is a pow the ivies will fall. and then very very simply here on the visualisations click the lips as some sort of that that doesn't draw correctly sometimes it's basically a warning with an ok and this is where is that file. he and i get to the toolbox. and now we have the aquarium visualisation so perhaps what i do is just keep that bar chart selected and switch across to become. and acquiring what you think which would you prefer bought child or swimming fish. and right by holding over a few she's going to stop and it's going to tell you the amount of cells that were achieved let me point out also in the service itself. and when i'm in the reporting you have a near identical experience here in the web browser so what you can achieve on pow the idea is to all i can come in here and granted i had to missions in the eye on the report i made it let me introduce a second page here and i can do exactly the same thing. let me go ahead and import that visual and use it. to display what the survey results look like with fish. and why. or maybe not. ok i think we know what that will end up looking like that's the story with custom visuals the visual gallery is growing week by week and this is microsoft's approach of of saying look we're not taking full responsibility will put it out to community and others but do be aware that the visuals that microsoft are produced. they have made all of the source of content available for you and get have so many think that microsoft publish any development how the i.d.'s top you can gain access to that provides insights and understanding and you may learn from that and then start designing and developing your on visuals. i. the last topic that will cover is with the new measure power be i imbedded service now this is a service in esher and is some confusion or he up front of to show new power be i as a service but what you need to be aware of that when you sign up to power the eye you using typically your workplace e-mail address you got off the streets. this five you already have a tenant in power beyond operates within that tenant eve there is not a tenant the first person that signs up will behind the covers created tenant to support the power the eye and the provisioning of work spaces the individuals and for groups and to sharing content within the organization within the tenant. this service is different this isn't as a service that allows you to provision your own work space collections and your own work spaces where by applications will be using them not individuals not groups right so it is designed to allow you to create compelling an interactive reports to embed these into your web apps and it's a. courts quick and ease of management and deployment says walk through the key attributes and that is you will still use pow the i.d.f. top as an offering tools the requirement will be the you'll build a pow the ideas top file prefer be using the direct query mode and pointing to your data that resides in a cloud source presently and improve. q it wants support any on premises sources no word on where that's happening if that's going to change so that would mean today you connect to measures sequel database as a cycle single data warehouse and also as a gene start with spock so you would create a pow the ideas top pointing to those and my attempt to do that. failed because this fee and is in reaching the service i do not know why i'm so. what's attempting to do is connect and the ip address isn't good but i have definitely use the ip address of this machine but on my host that can reach it and the v. and caught so i'm sorry i'm very stock that at this point the last to use your imagination is where the demo would go i would come in here and i would open up the power the ideas top perhaps i develop. that against him on prime single database providing the structures with the same i would point to to the as a single database with the right connections strings and credentials i would save and close the fall. so you have the full offering capabilities but do remember that with the recurring mode it's only one source of data that you can connect to. using can use your own visualisations all the out of the box visualisations to come up with the report's based on the direct curry representation of the data you can easily in bed interactive visuals injure at using rest a.p. eyes and the power the i s t k so i mention all of the methods what happens is that you prove. vision in esher pow the i'm headed workspace collection you create a work space within it and there's an a.p.i. that supports the upload have the power the ideas top fall to that work space the next thing that you would need to do is to apply a connection strain because it will be using embedded credentials they will not move so the a.p.i.. old will update the connection string to the power the ideas top now that it's in the work space. the next thing is program medically by making the right calls you can with relative ease at into an application so you will need to authenticate by providing a work space key and authentication key that we've provided from the azure portal and then pretty much this just runs what that means is that when people. interacting with your application embedded within it in exactly the same experience that i'm showing you hear on the desktop let me go back to the fish what if you lay out here is exactly what they're going to see in the web at contained within the frame of your application.
the user existing authentication authorization methods within your apple also between the data sources this does not require you to build or somehow in bed analytics and reporting you need interactive users need to change filters need to click on things touch on things it all happens. to power the eye and then you probably asking will how much does this cost because it's a very different pricing model to the power be either we have is a service by individuals and groups work within their own work spaces so it's currently in preview which means that there isn't a cost associated with it not want to preview but the discussion this stage without a commitment from mike. for soft is that the first thousand renders per month will be free and for every thousand beyond that it will be two dollars fifty us right and then you might ask what is a random as great question if i've got a report with a filter that allows me to modify year and it says suggests that i have one. two three four visuals every time you modify a year that is potentially for rand is going on and so if you do the mathematics and you think of the number of uses the number of interactions that they have that will give you an idea but then again it's not quite right because if they move from one filtered. to another and back again the your application will have case this in which case you're not paying for something that has been previously case within the same session so i cannot even give you an idea about how much this might cost but it's certainly something you can monitor from the as a portal that when you look at the edge of how the eye embedded service you will see a collection. work spaces within a work space you can drill in and you can understand what be in bed ranges are any point in time within a minute to reflects the up to date number of renters and i guess with every other top of the subscription you could set a cap at some point if you said look that's where would like to stop what was intended for all right it's intended for. very different purpose with power beyond that i began talking about while both the relevant to develop as the scenario with pau the eye embedded is that you have a need for interactive rich visualisations delivered through ports within a web app and now as a service you may embed this annual pay per use age not perfectly ripened months of features. as is the case with the service other and questions about that. right so essentially as a developer you're going to the escher portal your provision of workspace collection. next thing is you will start developing a pow the ideas to help file using direct query against him as a source of by the way you could important data but if you publish it to the work space it's static but it's not beyond. the possibilities that you would actually just automated push it's not designed to do that but if you then refreshed on the desktop. interactively opened it refreshed saved in clothes you could just push it up maybe once a week once a month but it really is designed to reflect real time data coming from the applications store which can be achieved through the direct querrey my. right so with the workspace collection provision work spaces upload the power be identified was configured connection strings. and then go ahead in bed into replication as. any questions. i'm sorry i'm running only without demo space is not a lot i can do and i'm really really sorry for that because the demos shined they absolutely do but not think that i can do without the internet. let's wrap up with a review and then i'm happy go to the dashboard and share some information back to you about the survey results that you submitted in power the eye as a service and take note this is a constantly and rapidly evolving service many new features many new capabilities being delivered month by month but as a cloud based services design. and to gain will give access to users to data and that data could come in different shapes sizes formats different locations be a prime be of clout how the ideas top really brings it all together while you can from the service connect directly services and get recently compelling experiences google analytics dynamic ceremony law. mine are built in services and i should point these out to you that provide immediate the visibility on your data but in my thinking.
and coming from a business intelligence background it's really the power be i destroy that allows me to do some amazing sophisticated things i can connect to those very same sources from the desktop integrate with other sources of data and rich with logic rich with reports and publish what's this list it's growing week by week. with different services. i've demonstrated how that when you have a day to sit in your workspace you can build reports dashboards and you may use the q. and a natural language as i demonstrated to ask questions are also be aware that that only works against data sets that are how the i.d.'s talks that are being uploaded or push a p ice. scenarios as i've described here in this session. the. the two licenses so free you can still work with this in a development scenario but typically it's going to be the power be i approach is going to provide the full featured say it to work with the service and certainly when it comes to the volumes of data you might be pushing if you need that one million per hour and it's going to need to be pro give consideration also the path. now the eye when you create these dashboards support sharing them to others within the organization and if you have a mix of licences which on finding with customers is quite common been due to be careful that if you produce a dashboard that is using any pro feature and you an attempt to share that turn on pro user than they would have access to it parts of the discussions i have with. customers will be think about the procedures and think about the audience that you need to push dashboards out to a complete pricing matrix that says what you get under each here and all summarize that here by saying that if you're prepared to pay the ten dollars u.s. per month per user you get ten gigabytes not one gigabyte of storage when it comes to a day to reach. the first scenario through the gate ways so powerfully ideas top uploaded to the service but needs to keep data current from on premises free and i think this is generous you can do this once a day at no cost to be need more frequent updates the support up to eight per day under the pro-life sense relevant to the push scenario. with the a.p.i. is that you can do this for free but no more than ten thousand rose by our and the streaming rate for pro is a million rise beyond that there's nothing really that directly impacts upon the developments in areas that have spoken about all the ashes stream analytics so the edges subscription needs to be within the same org as. the power be i ten died so that's one thing that you would need to work with all the wise you would have to build your own service that would redistricting result and push it using the rest a.p.i. so what i hope i've been spied you with in this session developer opportunities to develop what you need not happy with the visualisation. these go ahead and extend and build your aren't you maybe not happy with the data sources supported that you have some legacy system that there's no connect is too well take on the responsibility as a developer to read from that system and to push the results up and build a service that would manage that for you. integrate with edges services and in bed with the new power be i am bad service seamlessly into your applications some resources that will leave you with and i think it's very important to keep the finger on the pulse of what's going on. by reading the blog heroically the reason for this is that the pow the eye service itself goes to release every week. one of the frustrations i have is i maintain training content on this and it changes week by week which involves constant rechecking that screenshots haven't changed and so on this is a great thing because what microsoft to doing reflecting the needs of customers and so i'd like to point out to at this stage that if you go to.
here there's a whole community around power be i come when people come to mean say can i do x. can i do why and if not when is it coming i just read them straight away here and say if you've got a need or an idea to go ahead and register that the before you do maybe search on that you know people asking. about i need power point to have lived in a wreck the power of the eye embedded into it and to anyone that could be familiar with power of use which was a reporting services interactive tool it did this all premises with share point and people want it so what you find is that people putting up those ideas they voting against it and you see the more people. so microsoft over spawned and hear great news yes we dollars this and work has started so when i read the blogs i will expect next month or the month after that there's going to be something that says hey in preview we have this new feature and roll level security is another one there were enough requests that it's driven a whole new feature to be. added to the to do list. it might also pow be i destroyed goes through monthly updates odd so you need to download and install that to keep our the ideas top up to date the great news about that blog is that they provide you a video and all the new features are described and demonstrated to you all you need to do is watch it to keep up to date with what's going on there. as a pow be i developed a center so all of the topics that i've shared with you today documented and the examples are available to you hear that the power the i rest a.b.i. console with a document called of the current a.p.i. providing examples to you as well and more news about the azure power the eye and bedded very news is available this. link here lawfully to the custom visuals to get how project would be pretty valuable download see what microsoft developed for they vary on visuals and if you simply want to borrow others and how the i visualized gallery is available from here. eve you haven't done so already i think about one third said that they'd use power be at the beginning of the session how the eyes of elbow few to sign up for today at no cost maybe you stay at no cost to be aware that there are a couple of limitations when signing up with your email address that you cannot use public demands so hot mileage e-mail. but work typically will need to be in org it couldn't be a dot gov and it cannot be a don't know what trace the rights of their couple of restrictions are those that try to signed up without success find that it's because of the organization of lockdown self registration right so there's a blog entry or other documentation article that will talk about the. possible problems and the fixes for those problems but otherwise i find that most my customers have no problem going in their signing up for free and going up and taking the sixty day trial to experiment with the pro feature set. right we have about forty minutes left other any questions that i could answer at this stage. if you said one was a question. so. so. missouri. i. so so what you're describing there is a scenario which is cold. and so i let me just show you under reports with the report you could publish the web is that what you're describing. it. the that depends is two scenarios so it's sharing report you could look up through the a.p.i. and get the details required to embedded in authenticated scenario all this that still in preview in effect they didn't mention is what the building out is the fact few to publish an indirect. the report to the web that would be publicly available right you can experiment with that today what you will get is an embed cod and you may manage those in bed code so for example you gave it to somebody and you want to revoke that what you have to do is delete the code regenerated and then handed to the people that you intend to keep that code or it so watch this story moving forward i do. didn't mention it because there's still a lot of lack of clarity around it and certainly with pricing if they're going to allow something to be anonymously accessed imagine you place on a blog and that blog entry goes viral and thousand people are trying to hit i don't know what microsoft the thinking here in terms of pricing because everything in the power the ice service that i've described earlier in this. mission is a flat rate per month so all of a sudden we've got a feature that looks like it's going to be on some billable unit right so does that help answer questions. art other any other questions you're welcome to if you would like to interact with this dashboard by submitting events and thank you very much free time attendance and patients i do apologize for connectivity issues but i encourage you to go to power the eye dot com there are a lot of videos. and backing up in describing the feature sets that i've mentioned today thank you and all the best for the power the identities.