Internet of things

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Internet of things
A road to success or absolute failure
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Internet of things...a road to success or absolute failure
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A magic ring that can push gestures to your smartphone, an egg tray that can tell you when you should have eaten all the eggs. There are many inventive ways to make sure you can be a part of the IoT wave. Unfortunately a good part of the devices end up in the trash can due to many reasons. Flaky, unusable and intrusive are terms that often describe these devices. Are we trying to hard to put every device on the internet or is it the fallacy of the next big thing? The world could sure use some enhancement, but that doesn't mean that every device in our home should be on the internet. Some of the most pushed devices are activity tracking and home automation, but we need to go even further. We will venture through the devices that can help us, and not skip the entire security aspect. How can can we mix and match sensors to create new and awesome things...behold IoT is coming.
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everybody's and here i like the way that you sit near the door certain just run out like five minutes hopefully the demagogues will work with me i'm just showing slight so i bet they will i cheated. how many here are we doing i.o.c. its fans mom was doing i would he go to go so you all want to do i.o.c.. and why the working full time and i o t like as a full time profession where you make money of doing audi. if you care if it's exciting usually love the lot of people with happy projects and also suffers soldiering stuff together and so on. and it can be fun and let's see who am i here we can take the boring part of well. my name estate and i work as a consultant to a company in denmark and a shortage occasions so i'm not going to talk about how you sold or persistence and so on to anything but as this is a magic of many traits has set up as a developer went into being a consultant and i'm doing security as well now. so you might wonder why secured stuff is going to show up in the slices well and you can find me here the boring one just need to been like for five flights in the beginning and so state of the union fire t. where the. h.. i would see these days. well it's the greatest invention ever we can all agree on that right. so i o t is the greatest invention ever since nineteen ninety nine a guy called kevin ashton the to the statement and as some projects somewhere or a document that we would see people connects to the woodsy devices connect to the physical world and sooner or later that happens. so the with a lot of marketing so we had a nice move from marketing the last few years apparently i owe to use the hard thing for the last few years but it's always been around. so where we at with if we live in this industry will all about the enterprise as if you talk to a big one mil companies like siemens investors the a lot of money invested into i o t tracking everything they can do if you look at formula one a formula one car will have for at least one hundred and sixty census and they will. just have loads of data from all the sense of self of even have for two hundred plus as well. so that's that's one place we have i owe to the states and the we have to happiest this is pretty much every i would be project i see and twitter to it and you might recognize it as a respirator powell or some other we know device and so were we at right now it just resembles like the be sick states of. women. everybody's doing something and everybody's doing something wrong or have a great idea and will never ever have a product from it. so that's really nice but will have a lot of requirements before this i o c o two thing work we need to consume a little devices and you see the few question marks because we have to go through all these levels what would my girlfriend use want my girlfriend accepts that i'm working on i t so she will accept that i have to rebuild. of devices once in awhile. special enough and flashing some random with from were no devices and they just shot off during the night so that's parable for what about my sister season to all this a mac stuff where everything just works no configuration and it's easy what about my mom and that they know nothing about computers so. so it's got to work for them as well so it's going to be some simple device that we just plug in and of works and it's got to be secure as well so it's going to be no living room i'm guessing that a device like this could to could go but we could definitely not like to put some random rest their part of ice in the wall. but we could do something else we can start by switching to a intelligent light bulbs. now this one as the olympics it's the white question you can get a a coaching was an as well because everybody likes to a switch of the color of the light into blue or red or something like that. especially when you're having a hanky panky night you want the red lights. so it's light bulb and you can control the call and you can do some integrations as well and integrations is really really funny because one of the integration so i found is that you can hope you'll effects up to him like a smoke detector and when the smoke detector goes off the lights will stop blinking because you are clearly not stressed enough if you have the fire. alam going on and have a screaming someone if you do it correctly you can actually make a link the blue and red just to make even more annoying. it was always intended that we can control the color especially if it ends up like this one if you look at the the text and the top metal you'll see that is this he's been a fortune on a smart balls and he only uses white lie white light setting sally so we have all these with devices and we throw them into our houses. and all of a sudden there will be a vulnerability in them that excited one ability year last year as far as i remember if you came close enough to it you could tack the bluetooth and when you have to the bluetooth you could read out the confederations and in the configurations there would be a clear text by fight password. so that's really nice we want from us on our own probably wife i lovely isn't it. so how we're going to fix that. and just and throw them away or do a firm will flash. what. yet but we need to fix that before we can do that now we have a broken olympics with a vulnerability and to it so we got a flesh and first before we can do the encrypted one but they probably did that in the next question but when you had to update the firm with a light bulb. you'll would probably put a few days to do that especially if you have taken every light bulb of your house and put in them live sex because this happened updating the firm way of my life ball thirty minutes per light bulb. now if you just put it light bulbs and that's a good saturday morning you're going to spend updating and assess whether did we go wrong it isn't would turn in his grave yeah sure he would and as the next guy comments well we could just do something simple the right light and so what did we go wrong. some of this one would probably work for me i'm maybe for my sister definitely nowhere in ever at my parents' house. but the of small things on the internet. does anybody know this one ring. no one attended the arguments night the other night. thank god i am going to show the the commercial video for it it's amazing you all you all want to buy the ring of this. a. so it really is that we will buy swag homes the. some scientists are just too. you can try to analyze your chest and something has since the data your son devices the operation until the team because there is a visa applications patient has its own unique gesture to anyone who uses to perform that doesn't need action just your marks can also be united in making customization simple and easy. control home appliances simply seeking the are devices that can connect directly by using them. of designing read we had to start from scratch in new york times and each time because small a.
i had trained eyes and ears movement was also a challenge and two thousand the a gesture recognition the ages of ten thousand and fourteen has been used to anywhere in the area also arriving on the. the yankees a. just when to stop there because it will go on forever and you get really bought because it's the same marketing stuff all the way through it so the the ring is a variable have input device some truly awesome doesn't like said in the car writing five minutes and so the to the wife like them five minutes late at school so even as also a serial caetano. for a cool whatever the brand of us these days. and all the two papers were praising it like it's going to be a magic get to controlling warmed who would like to be harry potter at home. now when the product came out the reality was different. it went like this. the smart ring is another reason to never trust kick start of years but the big nope. it's actually show them a review at the kuna acumen tonight the other day and nobody really like that it was so way too big on your fingers to build quality felt like cheap plastic and you have pretty much walking around with your fingers like this it if it was on this finger it was huge and the gesture recognition. just pure oh crap. they will spend like ten to fifteen tries to shut off the light so what's on the video like a drawing a light bulb and just turning like this year in matching like three hours later and you will have the red lights and the wife have been york to her bed. so that's a good night. now we have for the device a really cool. what about health trust as you can see i'm wearing a fit but and now the money so my heart rate and look at it after was see is a roughly as a slightly below two hundred. and that's the thing that caught on and everybody got to have their own now pretty sure nobody is going to win this fight because a common and sony and all the other guys are just throwing money at this it's not because they want us to use they want our data. i'm pretty sure the going to sell it off to somebody i'm pretty sure that my heart rate is being sold to somebody right now. so we have light bulbs and we have awkward devices and we have health record hosts triggers but it's a good enough i wouldn't say so because most of the device so far work on their own it's not really good enough we need the integrations you see likely fix had a few integrations but we need to do better than that. so. we could also have some devices that has really complex set up our knowledge would work for my sister wouldn't work for my mom and that. and they could rely on wife i who has wife i everywhere and want to hear you're always connected why five where we are. yeah try going a bit more north and the country are going to denmark on the west and the one the west coast of northern sweden i'm going hiking the summer we are guaranteed to be without any coverage for at least two days so we got as we can really rely on wife i how many here. of all of us working with a p ice rest of the ice cool which like the rest a.p.i. for your o.t. device sweet said. so you don't like this one it might be so silly to be rest assured and i was preparing this talk of the last year before i went to belgium and of the first time and as we like why on earth would we ever use rest for biotech devices and i got this really smart us an answer back well it might be fine with the rest in some cases but if you have a sense of sending like a. a few bites of state of why a rapid and breasts and he was that that was spot on i would never ever ever use rest for it on this i had to. because it because we've got to think about the band with us so this was his is clearly not good enough and we got to go back to the ninety's to figure out what we want to do it too. we recognize these girls. anybody remember what the set. one of the songs that you pop into your mind they can just see it here now tell me what you want what you really really want the spice girls principle should be no have you should know this so we got to figure out what we want to do with this so what's the past to heaven we will have these temple of free standing around like you need to find the past to heaven. it got to be useful who was he a useless device at home. i don't not just another piece of shiny hardware anyone in here but bought the eye cattle. it's a killer with wife i that's it they even release that i kill two point zero so now you can see the level of water in it and you could the time it to cool off or have had to keep the same church or during the day was going to be really good for the electricity bill. there's got to be not intrusive and an intrusive it's mostly about the year of the devices to me and but i really don't want to know that my devices are there and this one is one of the funny ones reliable well if we can't rely on a device without going to use it and it's just yet another piece of junk that will go. into a drawer somewhere. and it got to enhance something we don't really want to all these awkward devices standing around it should enhance the world we're living in go something new that us experience something new. sounds easy doesn't it. cool so was all about we have a few stage we can go through we have like menu of proximity of go deeper into some of these later on we can have an automatic folks proximity something better what ought to century simple and direct user feedback. have some extensive feedback or going to have minor changes my chances that is not like they're having a a weird guy telling your stuff and trying to manipulate your brain is should be something that we actually want to do so would if we go deeper into this this is money and proximity to have that here in no way as well. my self checkout girl i love it takes me less time and now i have for like a while us a credit card as well so i can just from run through throwing my caught with the a payment and i'm done. unless i'm buying for more than two hundred during his trial have to put on my pen. so many and proximity is all about self checkout or axis costs the hotel we're staying at us or our fight the axis caught some pretty sure somebody try to haggle already and have seen people to the security conference us. its it's really fun to watch with years from security conference as there was a guy changing here and his sex the circuit was an r.v. so he flashed the towel in his hotel room and put in the same software in two thousand he was just being a towel around his neck because everybody needs are five been in their town. another thing is like pet id chips and i usually go to northern sweden with the sums that talks will live for a subset books from some friends and they're all id chipped if they go to race will have to scan the chip before and after the the race to ensure that the dog is the same talk that you didn't which out in a box during the race that will teach. feeding and they lately i saw something else a big contract for a player by many a proximity i went to a target of back in the autumn you could actually get an implant with the think it was and of see but you could start doing it because trench just like that. just paid and done. so if you go into the auto one. hu who have who has a car with the like while us a key to do want the guy sitting in front of your car.
have any of you follow been following the year tech news about the. the reason one year to find a way to disable the year the theft alarm and now the car so that's nice. it was really funny i mention like car on looking like a year ago and everybody was like yeah we want that and two weeks later somebody hectored so that's no good good idea anymore. but also proximity could be like inventory another story houses it could be in a shop or something like that's usually you see it bookkeeping have seen something for operating rooms as well to have smaller the chips on every tool every surgical spawn show you know exactly where this so you don't forget this bunch or to incite the patient. so that will save life. that's good and also check out would be nice to just grab the back of goods and just walk out the supermodels a us use different just or send your bill for all the good she took. that will be nice i was in the us back in two thousand and two he was a to the sun and they actually had a shop you could do this and but if they didn't ever expected to be a thing because brother big brother is watching. in with the counting. what about farms and farmers and here. well like farm a farmer not doing so for them. oh it's a diety enabled not just as good as it will be soon and for so like if we want position agriculture so just throw census a at everything the soils to see how most of this read an article about the trees having census. them because they could money to the level of fluids and the tree to see if it was going to give good crops and so on and the they have census somewhere in a tree that could give them like a signal off if the olives was ready for harvest that's crazy stuff but if we do have to mice are harvest we could stay. but thinking about the making hunger disappear. then we have to smoke detectors intrusion detection if we do that by cameras at home we should probably just research a good part on the camera because some of the cameras have likened on function and a function and the really of function and you got a real of security and white papers and that before you buy them. what about early warning systems we felt those for yes we want to save people and we can do that's when we can have all this the more info get the more we understand the data we get we can help people and save them and the forgery and tempering if we going to send them on a lease or two of the u.s. that would be nice having having a lot of waste. if somebody stole that aura. switch it to some forgery. and security of course everybody likes security if i can just walk in the door without doing anything it would be nice. what about stuff like this. t.'s personal assistant officer auto as far as i remembered was some some trying to do this because we want simple and direct you to feedback it could be a personal assistant that the the location aware remind us or a he could just rolled around the house and say well if you go to me now that would be nice. so in hands as instructors the if we go into factories we could have like the early information on the next step saying yeah when you're done with this element just go on and go she left and put in and that shelf or even better we could secure the factory workers making sure they don't get any fingers cut in a machine journey thing like that. and we could have for a dynamic pricing and supermarkets like if you could see the freshness level of the the fruit and the supermarket. they could just have like a dynamic pricing always been here for three days now it's going to be really really cheap set up a traffic light or something like that. i don't have the fun part the stuff everybody wants everybody wants the whole incident right now because my nephew is definitely going to have the whole and and play at the mine craft because it's just such a to devise. now many also many was a good thing for some and i like manuals but when i bought a new washing machine a few years ago it had like you are code on the top if anything happens scan this get the app if you have an android or an i phone and the some might see that i don't have one of those which means i'm. each group with my washing machine ever fails but if you install the apps you can scan the era code on the front of it and then you can call support and say yeah i got this era code and know what can i do about it. because i couldn't read as the display everybody needs a nap but you could have it like link into a manual saying yeah it's just the filter the unit to into something like that. so that would be nice we devalue base shopping is more like if we run around with holland says all the time we have an overlay saying that this product was a grown in india or italy or were over this and if we don't like the country could just stop buying it or even better with for people with allergies saying no no no you don't want to. such that it contains not. so the big thing here is the occupation bought and some guess that the phone will be the driver i think it will for a while because a google decided to pull back the glass and the holden says a bit expensive for me or we just need to find the right device and it's going to show up sooner or later. so what about this one we want the mine changes as well and as you can see in the middle is as personalized insurance that's one of the scary ones because there would be trekking my health data and they'll give the cheaper insurance as if i'm healthy. yeah and what are they doing decide that so i'll be scared when they start asking for my health data and body in here have cats. i do like dressing teeth and your kids do they like it. so if we look at that and i were teen able to flush and we go get into the future. you can have an eye to enable mirror as well so we decided to press the teeth of your kids would like a comic character jumping around following the brush so when you go in one side will just be jumping around fit my work for can promise of work i can promise of them will ever appear. we have some crop base decisions i like to cut water and energy use such so if i could see what people in my area using that will be lovely so i can see where i'm better than your neighbor so we can be more environmental by peer pressure that's a good thing we like nature. i said we like nature you're supposed to know thank you. and then we have discover once have insurance and banking better loans cheaper insurance as yet little like that but do we really want them to know about what we're doing and denmark you can get a cheaper insurance and some cost if you're a young person though just put a a tractor in the car they promised that they don't use the data and they should go into a crash. would you trust them and maybe if you can save a lot of money should you trust in them perhaps. so what can all these concepts do for us flow can start by creating a better world. and we need to do that together or i know if we do a little piece everybody will be better and we remove the boring parts of life and we're not talking about the turning on the cattle or just thing the program on your washing machine from your i phone or whatever the. of of.
what i love you back. we came from removing the boeing part of life and washing machines you can try to control for mind i phone but we want to spend quality time staff and into can make us into mindless drones how many people have seen wall the. if you so you recognize this earth small jeff it's now when we turn into this. we can just and the world it's we're completely useless. i didn't watch the and to light last year or so i was like oh my god are we going to end up like this fatter and the flying chair watching t.v. all the time so if you wouldn't for trump you going to end up like that i'm sure. so we don't have leverage the i.o.c. for high ago. so the business perspective everybody needs a business case if talk to cisco going to have liked fifty billion devices and people connected in two thousand and twenty and as a huge markets to get some money out of well a.b.i. research doesn't really agree they don't want to like forty one billion devices. but seventy five percent of them are census and when we go to got no it's going to be a bit more conservative likes twenty six billion. but one thing is sure will have a lot of devices. but what got us have some techniques for this and we want to solve problems like real problems not wife i now cattle problems and we don't want to repeat history as well we've all seen devices fail and we don't want to do that so we should probably go into data mining because we're going to create. a lot of data with this and when you don't data mining you want to look into machine learning as well and of course we got to have security first five devices to ensure we can send the data of someone else and we want to make sure that the data is where it should be and nobody stealing it. and we've got to ensure consume a privacy as well. it's not nice having privacy. as but we've got to have some requirements for the devices well they got to be simple because i want my mom and dad to use i.o.c. and i'm still waiting for my mom on my desk that to ask me what is i o t and i'll have the year scary look on my face like mile had yesterday. and we're going to have open devices not like a security wise open but they got to be open for the for integrating with each other. and the need to be a ton of this far if i have to click a button every day to make sure that my devices running i don't want it and they got to integrate on their own i don't want to set up all the stuff issue just work. it's got to be cheap as well because if it's expensive it will never go into the hands of the consumer or of will go to all the notes and read an article on the year was the reward from nests the google bought they killed it off and the us like you can't kill of a product that integrates different iota. the device but when i reached the part where the told how many devices they sold us like and as far as i remember was only three and a half's thousand devices being sold it's not nice to kill a device well didn't kill the device that killed the back and forward and so you couldn't use it was just a brick. and the but that's just sat but sometimes when it's something that's cheap so it will get into the hands of her one and will keep it running they got to be consumer friendly but i think consumer friendly is like the of the sum of all these to points so we have some options we have some of. and in retail like doing the year of traffic lights near the year the year and for the fruit and vegetables and we have to sell five in class how many in here are ready for cell phone costs. as in not sure it's so we have this moral moral dilemma to solve everybody heard about who are killing if we're going down the street was like a kindergarten this the old granny and we have to kill some of them was not really an issue to talk about that because we're not nia that. well yes as long as we can hack cass we're not talking about moral dilemmas of who to kill we're talking about making the caustic your first. and i saw taught by a guy and he's like yeah twenty thirty were going to have a lot of self time in class. your son in some places probably. and we want marital small and but this one problem with wearable as the you usually on our arms and so on we got to remember to put them on what have we could get invisibles. what if something could track my heart rate or the whatever you can think about the health wise and it would just be invisible or even and in just the ball. and health care is a big market for the as well as a tracking is the stuff in a surgery room that's a really good thing you want to do that. and we have the insurance part as well the size all these there's a market for office and huntsman's as well just integrate stuff in the office and make sure that everything feels comfortable and we have an even better day. and that's the perfectionist production will be agriculture manufacturing whatever we just need to integrate its and do it well. so how you do it. what's the key points to doing and proper i o t stuff where we want something digitized who won a lot of data and when we get a lot of data we need to analyze it so that's where it comes to doing big data and machine going and so on. and when we've done with that we can have to my some things and than can start all over again and when we have to my stuff we get to feel like this anybody recognize the to tears. and sure look it's an amazing two years if you haven't seen as go home and watch it is amazing but that's all these challenges and challenge just like this and preachers a prius being crushed. because the military that doesn't like green energy. so we have some i teach challenges and as you can guess privacy and security can say it's often enough got us all that but when we fix that it's going to be data processing going to have so much data and we don't know what to do with it maybe we should have done a better business case in the beginning but when you have a lot. first data coming in from census we've got to think about data storage as well where we're going to stop all this data of soon it will begin by so terabytes or exabytes of nature or human petabytes or whatever you want to wear should go we can throw in the cloud but if we just need a local said it would be impossible. and then we got tough fight some of the crazy people because as a lot of futuristic thinking especially when people go into smarties like have if we create this new cd everything is like sensors and smart pavement and and smart whatever you can think of but it doesn't really work that way we don't. in tandem cities and build new ones so we got to do it in small steps so by enhancing the current will the i phone example the other night about smart light poles and you will see that in some cities already and the city and i think it was hole and they have like a smart light post in the city and they actually use it as a. why find it for everyone the city and you can start doing like pollution detection and so on so you just throw stones into the that these like posen it will help your lot. there's nothing for you may be depends on what you're working with.
but develop us a chance to as well which is because we have close platforms if we can integrate with devices how on earth are we going to do all this a century work and data processing and we have a lot of different protocols proprietor ones or some standard ones and that's good and then we have the last my communication because we don't have why fail. or where i'm pretty sure the christian from australia will tell me that there's no wife i in the middle of australia. and we have a lot of good devices were getting there but we're not nearly that yet. but the openness we need open the platforms we need to be available everywhere and if we go back to something as well they actually promise to be ninety percent internet enabled at some point in time it didn't specify when when you say internet enabled i really. i really hope it's more than just throwing wife i enjoy anything but they also stated that they wanted to be open to develop us that gets me a bit excited because than they got to put in some make your eyes and i can probably integrate some stuff. and you should be open to third parties and you shouldn't be like snap chat and if anybody knows a the so of snap chap and know when his phone they'll know that they used to have a snatch at act for when his phone and then to snatch had decided no we don't want to be in the one of phone you don't and all the is natural that was pulled from the stall. so the that just a bunch of two sections don't be that guy. they were protocols talking to people is hard talking to devices can be even harder because we have all these weird with protocols and even for home most mentioned there's like apple home kit this would happen and i think i've found like ten different are the ones as well but it's moving on the right direction with. on some standards and then we have the initiatives behind them may have intimate open in to connect consortium and we have all join. i think that everything is moving the direction of aldrin right now mostly because some of the big players in the market decided to support so some of the other side probably going to die of sooner or later. that's my communication why find bluetooth it's enough own it's easy. but when we are in the middle of nowhere we might want some other form of communication and we might want to send it into a data logger that will have the internet connection so we only have one into no connection instead of twenty internet connections. that could be like sick be set wave six low pan threat whatever protocol of the week you want there's a lot of them and i can't really suggest a single one because they have different purposes. so what can you do as a developer will can do some awesome prototypes and we when you're done building the prototype handed over to an electrical engineer and have him do the next face. because we don't really want to see rest very pies with all with solve rings and reports over the place so be aware of what you can do and maybe you should move away from the hardware into action and go into the data is that. and you might even want to learn some machine learning to understand the data and then we have to make sure that we understand the difficulties and again last miles communication and understand security and privacy it's a really important parts i was reading an article by bruce neither one of the old wife. people have security was like yeah the software is complex just doing security and software is really complex now when you expanded into like a thousand devices its in saying the complex so we got to figure out that we understand at least a tiny bit of it. i'm going to get past the electrical engineering and if we do going to prototype twenty something the to do these prototypes with it. and there's some few devices that a really cool and i get half way flame for and putting the year the ice answer tag on it. but i really lost this one it's a some guys like us fired at nokia they decided to start their own company and they did this prototyping device its two hundred two hundred fifty dollars so it's it's affordable and i used my last summer when i was in north and tweeting on a sweet on a hike so i tracked like lights temperature. position of the kinds of stuff it has various communication channels its weather resistant and as you can see you have a sensory overload d.p.s. experiments over humidity all this stuff it's great and you can flash the firm way if you want you can write your own custom from where you can integrate with their like. the state building machine all sorts of with things you can do with it. when we got the sensor tech as like. the size smaller thinner. but there's a wife a dish and coming soon ish and i only have the bluetooth western washington but it's horrible to do stuff with it from a p.c. and it's horrible to connects to a when his phone if you have an android no problem or maybe even eilis is ok as well. but it has some some fun census. pretty much like the other one except that has the temperature sense as well so you could put it next to your part and so a new connection measure the temperature on the part. and if you really really want to go into rest are piled we know i was talking to a guy and then my he was running a consultancy pretty much only doing i.o.c. they have a catalogue of six hundred census various a the versions of the temperatures and so depending on where it should be and what you connect to and how accurate to read. in should be so of a sudden they had six hundred different senses to pick and choose from. so build whatever you want but you might want to start up with some electrical engineering approach i have no knowledge of it so i'll probably not ever do anything about it i know this is stuff called a capacitor and her sister and that's pretty much it. and yet to be working abroad for and that's like no fix solution we can buy you can buy start apax but you might just want something different. now the fun part is that this tweet got in my stream as well write one of us are doing this talks will. and when i showed it to the one of the guys here talking about identity who was like yeah i'm pretty sure that's ninety six point seven three percent of the market that's three d. printer the boxes around a respirator pie. and that's really nice because it's cheap it's fast but and it's not really good so all i want for christmas it's christmas soon right. what did i forget summer and maybe i want to open platforms and i want big data. that i have one issue i don't know enough yet so want to learn about machine learning as well. besides that i want to also made everything has got to be everything my house it should be automated everything around my car everything around my work should be automated if it's possible i'll do it but in none creepy amanda. and then want all of the invisibles or in just the bulls have seen some tough at least a running around with different centres on them it would be nice if it could just swallow a pill and you can money to the temperature all the yeah heart rate of them i'm looking forward to that thing coming to the market. and i want to talk to real people and soul from real problems i don't want to create shoe shiners for problems that doesn't exist like the i kill of the year wife i am able to washing machine. and they can see my slice of coming to an end by it but i have another we have for you. does your. i. the only way back relax.
for men times then across rule for the first time in history majority of people live in cities all we no longer working for us for few humans have become disconnected from nature but perhaps the answer to the problem is right before runs on introduced. a major boom boom. israel and ensure that you have us believe instead something and terms can make and secure the health and productivity of your workplace now and for the future with major role. for all. four. i know that i've been able to actually felt like i was in nature it is their lunch break and the christian a bad for having us and the officer who are getting tougher in my personal time this is definitely something i would love to see relaxing interesting or because of the ironic that we have to resort. the technology to reverse and ten minutes of nature i think it's a bit ridiculous to me this gives workplaces they don't want to spend that kind of effort and easy our things we'd probably change because organized headed in the right direction of the thousands of a few months. ago we were contacted by the director of marketing in the face about staging the experience so the engine. but i'd come was lost on the individual or we get some indeed every day with with product chronic product in not realizing how does that product impact as and we wanted this project to help people think a little bit differently our objective was kind of green. care about. it was their family we're making lending people into his training dollars a share the eye. one with nature one against a wall. imax look really graham was first put up. imax theater while next to the. people just throw the whole thing real cultural the one we get is going to be created by the actions of all by creating the agent called twenty twenty one a possibility to think and feel with we give ourselves the opportunity to decide which way you want to go. when you do a project like this it looks like you're designing products you know you're designing a higher quality conversation attach points that we really are they. your boy. you say i'm one with nature like juan i don't know if i can really. i want to speak to three percent getting to your money reaches solutions for between the two into the circle production from by will. this is like the best would you ever having some people getting hearts to do this event. and making sure that all the people behind it know that is a hoax. and just listening to people like yeah i would definitely do that for five minutes so having nature in the office known and unknown. don't ever forget we are living humans we don't really want to also made everything but we want to also made all the boring stuff and that will be my ear and lesson from here so if anyone has any questions now's the time to act as a joker. any questions. i guess it's thank you for me and before you leave the room remember this if you're on saturday night make sure you sign up for pop confidence going to be awesome. i'll have some really really dutch the i.o.c. devices to show off and so that's pretty much it thank you. i.