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Panel: Ruby's Killer Feature: The Community

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I would be a good morning and hopefully you all enjoy kiIler in the pre elitist and I we are a continuing today with our panel strap and can really say at this session and rubies killer feature I'm would introduce Chris his moderator but Chris is the VP of Engineering at radius networks where he builds mobile proximity tools and services he co-founded the Arlington Ruby group and helps organize both through the retrocession in Ruby for good events you thank we that the of hello I'm are only go through old
to quick introductions and and and and we'll get started if you come with the introduction I either by my name there have there I have university-level computer information systems major I and I'm also the woman who code review lead Washington DC and I am a genius operate engineer at you go the hi everybody my name is little and I am the founder she nomads in inclusive stays intact for people who wanna travel while working remotely and also a principal rails engineer at Daily Kos what but take on on from research slides related with the thinking of
that delegation who has we not over so watch this happening it I get help is the good and on to read and I work for the government all government the theory introduce yourself Alison introduced
me no used to hearing more about that on
1 thing is I would like to have your questions and I put some index cards in the front 2 rows them appear and and if if you can I buy a lot of for people to come on government expert right on the question and then you just come in and I ended up to me and if you if you like please feel free to do that and I'd like to be able to go through some of those it I
so the actual Panel on so before we go into the questions of skin little bit context so I can you just say probably in the elevator pitch for or 1 of those the communities organizations that you guys organizes the school reverse order from from before since transformed my from the so uh so that I could give a I talked like talk will review 4 God and you've probably heard it's and seen people weren't sure here it's a it's a long we can long event were we get a lot of people like us together and we help nonprofits places really need our skills would have real to forward the unique and don't offer on we can and slot on the soon as I said before she has as intact for people who wanna travel they work remotely and making a big part of working contact is constantly working on your skill set so we have coding classes study groups and accountability groups and we also do a remote work and wellness retreat because they think of things are also important for us as people intact and when the code is a global nonprofit organization of who's dedicated still creating a community in a network for women in tech a woman who will love to be Georgia Tech and further what we do depending on the chart there by the sea chapter what we do is we have weekly meetings across multiple subjects so pi 5 Java review rounds in front end where and he holds workshops talks and just basically give a support group for women who were interested in were in industry into share knowledge so what is it like to kind of set is originally pitched the idea for this panel was but I've I find it very intriguing force working in like helping with the of the the community and in of you know moving along starting more groups of spinning things off encouraging people to to move up and we had a wonderful a panel discussion on the 1st day about getting involved in the community and how you can do that this is a little bit the more focused on the next you're already involved in the community or your participating in the community and how can you step up in organized warfare organizing how can you so you all of the group sure in spin out new groups of and basically a build up the infrastructure that we is reviews have to rely on so with that of the 1st thing I'd like to talk about is a member engagement and Iranians so that my 1st question is just how do you get consistent members in in organizations that that you are helpless so for women code need to everyday consisted members is of course it's staff of the 1st get of the reason board so we like to figure out what topics they are interested in whether along with topic specifically for our case review rounds of also the content like we tried late of that for like the best content whatsoever sold who start go it's really really home a lot into the beginning so we all as we all rights beginners nothing to the things that beginners would like to know or don't know and is clarify the 1st time is nite and then give them that's means that's into what is the next thing that they can do to improve on this and we like go a long way with it so I think having that constant engagement with them the use slack the level of the leverage slack to the height of his it extent but keep that tries to engaging with them outside of our event is less helps them come back here so it's really I like to leave as well as the new members to keep that going I just pay attention to what people want and I notice that a lot of people were leaving other spaces because they didn't have code of conduct so I got a code of conduct where I noticed that you know people were having problems getting jobs specifically at remote companies that would allow them to travel which is a ton of fun so I started a job according to a certain point and sponsors for companies that were hiring to work in that newsletter so I think just listening to community and meeting their needs there's super-important yeah and that also that you need to make your members feel like they're part of community engage them how have mostly going have evidently at something we do that are made up as all the other people come we have an IP expert at the beginning of something interesting of themselves and there's trapped and this rather what what they were things like that and then again don't like we would me up so were like engaged people go go to coffee go to your right from build community so has going after that the how how do you encourage people to actually as the presenter meet up or step up and lead a project or participated but the next more higher level so I'm a big fan of just ball and have fallen telling people do things she's involved told him and he said so that we don't want people really want you out of here they want to know whether the subconscious and so it just so much OK how boat on this day we cut and even working in this so we come to give a talk in the school of Greece great script in there and then the I think because our events are typically remote and it's just a really convenient way for people to contribute to the community of wants to come in and teach a class for leading and they they can do that and then if there happen to be a bunch of people who were you know in New York 1 Uganda Mexico City or a list and then I'm like yes please organize made up and just have it under she wants and it works really well the so I make a little more specific for us a a a so you hear run a lot of workshops on how would you convince someone who feels like they might be to junior to of lead or or help other people out encourage red light talk to them like hey you can do that the you can do this we can help you get you put together the talk and everything by I think I have the the as they don't have enough confidence is going actuality no there's enough even know the leaders of messaging area in 1 not so will be the talk to them in late because of of course they talk about over the set that they will cover and it's like guide in 1 and in hopefully efficient excellent setting a date and promoting it so similar question version on so that would be for good 1 of the problems is finding people I can lead projects and is is there a good way to take somebody who might feel like a underqualified from and encourage them into that's horrible yeah something we we've started doing is we're like it if you're junior adult your skills and so if you're here you have skills so common projects but will will find someone more senones community the casino developer and Paramount and say here's your senior meant or and they will they will guide you through the process again questions any anything at all the outcome of them and will help you excellent so I can lead to change and the topic a little bit and so on which way mention me uh could conduct and so how important is it or is there any specific of language or points that need to be made about the code of conduct when working with the accumulators yeah I think there's 2 things number 1 have 1 number to you enforce sets that when people start acting and I are playing games you need to remove them from your community I think it's really important to provide a safe space for people anything really in general does like a great job at that but I would love to see more communities really start up at and have a code of conduct but also in 4 sets so has to have any of you have any specific times when you had the 2 actually deal with the conflict in your organization hi how was that result from in all specific names would be best if I had a home of so far as since he started we actually have like a really great mediated by respectful of to each other but we did this we have in
and where have we can let it was like absolutely phenomenal play frisbee we felt we should have something like you know a strike system strike system so if this is your like know 1st offense and everything and we talk to that person is like a we would like you to not do that on his reason why this article kind that you know when keep this as a positive open relaxed community is not that was getting people away on anything repeated again we just about like you know in the remind them but the 3rd time around like that of probation and like to keep them away and then might explain why but the key thing is for us is to reach out to the individual to let them know like this is not OK here's how we can might work with each other you misunderstood let's was like have conversation but on the really is like to have I realize it's really good to have like uh Matisse older out mean you need a leap of work like a strike system or to give them a chance society so 1 of the questions but the counter arguments I've heard of sometimes is but we don't more rules 1 we just be nice work be polite to folks would you have uh a counter to something making a in and you know would the people have been fighting for quality in tech for over 50 years so obviously we haven't figured out how to play nice and when they're ready to do that then we can maybe have that discussion but until then I think that's the least like not having something not having a framework for people to reference is like the least important part of that discussion I think the route that a the I said changing changing um 2 more diversity in culture uh so just in general how do you encourage diversity and in organizations and and black so I would really just show up but you know it's really not a problem for us I think when we 1st started she nomads we really want to make sure that everyone was either already a part of an underrepresented groups intact war and how to that group anything because of that we turn off a lot of people in our growth was very small but it ended up serving as really well because we don't have those issues and and it's span a really great experience the witch's head conversation but this like the leadership team of and so we we recognize that were not the most diverse group and 1 of things where were right to add more organizers for that more people of different but don't look like us so when people come into the media and they the person running it looks like them they're more inclined to just a take part rather than people just like best not for women code right theories all women and all but we do come from very different diverse backgrounds of 1 thing we make really noticing are like trade we keep in mind is like the area of where we hosted that's as well as off so barriers that would prevent a said take the group of women from attending so that would be like you know people from different economic backgrounds who don't really have a car and the like public transportation to get to add to our to our locations so we try to you know put together then Our talks and workshops that will eliminate those barriers for those you look for those women who happened to type the backgrounds and like hopefully 2 t have like that respect there so I France and forgot isn't aimed specifically at some you had a group that might be underrepresented it's much more of a general thing whether any step that you take to and encourage the but the diversity of then you know organizers that might not look the same you definitely and you know before attrition opens I'm I'm always reaching out to to diverse groups and if you come from Rigel notice that it doesn't look like attempt to full technology that we have were very diverse uh like this year it's not going sponsored tickets because we have a draw those no would go to but 44 per cent of the various 56 % users male 44 per cent female so pretty makes for attachment and so are there any specific spurred further in anybody other specific on suggestions for if so somebody years of meetup organizer and they like to become and encourage more diversity of what's a concrete example of something that you can do that would help encourage the have a silly thing I'm if you see somebody that's like you know doesn't typically each of 10 events like reach out and talk to them and tried to bring them under you we are on board the which trying I like we knew they talk to them and it feels like memory include even other right away at opportunities when like around synergy doing I feel like if you reach out to them and there's no like a ICU you I will like more people like you to contact then that would really help on interest in the world and were comfortable and change the dynamics of here that yet the so China and even know the moderator not supposed to but specifically about this panel on I I wanted to find a you know somebody that was in a way do like myself um and uh the the way we went about that was I talked to Allison who helps with the conference and I know that she had connections and can only work saying that you know and you know I know person to person in that there was overcome through our In the end I was super sites in half a year of with how the panel turned out and then what would have happened if I would have just gone out and try to find some myself so I think relying on those connections this is a good go to OK so we talked about diversity of the people inside the made up by the there's also an important thing about diversity of the meetups or groups that you're involved in how do you encourage your members to kind of expand um out to other parts of the community or things that you're not even necessarily involved I usually late organize of the to crash of the mutants figure by of that's a way of how we do it later like say anything go out and I think it was not present at any word I think there's something new not too long ago that the which decided to a set of like having a little and that school and attend there is a need to show up a group of and we do the same thing for a DC tag events to occur hopeless ladies woman code come to that they intend and hopefully that like encouraged to fill current when environment where be don't have to come with us our that's a way of like trying to branch out outside edges Dublin Core organization that itself so uh looking the were worry me that we like 1 thing we do is we we encourage other other disciplines to come get and maybe talk what's a a talk about 1 of the 6 and jobs frameworks our something isn't the only people coming in introduce you to these different things and and the problem of what happens it's more as a as a member of the reaction of the given the resources that go take part I absolutely love linking up with other me that organizes and is combining and doing events I don't think I do it not actually Tadeja quarterly but and for example willing to with Chicago prior ladies and we did men of application called 100 Days of commits and we had them come into a class for us you and building Twitter box which was really cold so I think just joining forces is a great thing so I I I define you know there's a certain amount of the overlap between different mean up for many similar meters with in the same geographic area but so a couple of us are from DC and we have an amazing tech community there are the however I remember it was something like 6 years ago this month so I'm just guessing that are literally was
started from which you know there's already DCT uh rug reviews is script and there was a nova right but and so Arlington is kind of both of those so obviously Sean was vindictive trying to take away from both DC and Nova and crush them in and take over the whole area how do you feel but how did you feel win resting on rail started in and decided to do the same thing trying to and I was I was happy in rest launched the the inferior from a and you have no no is like I was happy like it's it's the 2 shows the community's growing there's there's more people and like I've actually said this with more talks like more chance for me to learn and just more people coming community and we can reason we started we started our and Ruby was like DC review the time was was always full people can get in and so we're at equal at us you know sorrow and we all of right and we don't we did move in the district so just made sense so the interior and that there are some very similar groups and in the see also doing most of the things that do you feel like it more options you're older is better chorus of course of there's certain topics that the Republic again we don't get a chance to cover so the more options the better so the cat like the leading 6 flow within 1 might be interested in by In the options that are then obviously would where you would be the only thing only and the only in online media the pressure over trial never for anything no I mean it's the same thing and Fermi and especially crowd with with love more help actually out there so many people that are like on either side of the planet who wanna do things and I'm sleeping at that time a viceversa so like I would love to build say hey I have these like 10 users on your side of the world you go and there is a out you know I'm asking is hilarious leeward questions as I just want to impress upon the folks here that as organizers were thrilled when somebody else opens up next or doing exact thing it's of the more groups the better and the more we all of the communities can be slightly different for different people and and build just click with other folks and then they can work together on right now there's lots of overlap as you know with Arlington Ruby in Silver Spring Ruby in the DC around rest on rails in all you can all come together for local conferences and other events are crashing the notes which is fantastic and so yeah so if you're like thinking I'd like to do this because I really don't drive for 20 minutes to me that you should start 1 from and and highly encourage but right so and I have a really go through a couple questions so I will start with on the and so to nomads is online virtual meter but somehow you it ended up doing a co-located events where and you brought a lot of people to Mexico how did that come about so when I 1st started traveling a working remotely I didn't I found a confined community right it's like if I'm a new yorker something hootenanny that's can go on the people and it is found that pattern a lot of people who were having we're having the same problem you know it's like you wanna get out at the last work somewhere else where it's cheaper the food and what Mexicans which to make an so you wanna go and have that experience and so that your work time how do you find community so I kept going down to Mexico City and then I kept trying to convince my friends who working remotely to come with me the caps and now so finally city Nowitzki you guys I'm just gonna like throw a website up and see if anyone wants to sign up for an old Europe and then like a ton of people out of applying a which is great and then and I ended up hiring a yoga instructor who taught as you know like twice a day and we to explore this amazing culture and get to know each other and all worked as well so so did you find there is a lot of value in the actual co-located based on absolutely I feel like I've gotten to know them a lot better and it's just energizes the community and think Islam and so this official on so um originally organized a Ruby retrocession and then somehow you're able to parlay that into Ruby for good so 1st creates kind of all about how what are the retrocession is and how you use that to evolve into on a much more complicated thing to organize chair so retrocession it's a 1 day the unconference so which means we just all together they would set of topics are going be and then we just decide what and slough on scripted minimally and that of it is not quite sure how that evolved into refer to like somebody with my efficient Breiman like hitting inefficiencies because the topic you work with our province of non-profits and if you're really horrible way they're doing things and we know suffered operas where raising willing to help and doesn't require us to do much but just for how little that will help they need and so that's the kind of came can help the sheeple and probably would have killed him there too because it was often robbers we have a pretty good we make a lot of money and which renders jobs but not so lucky the the so theory and and countries with the sucrose sources and taking someone that's I like a beginner in helping them through all the way to like getting 1st shot the sources sugar and spice and everything nice and on I'm asleep it's really encouraging in boosting the confidence so on really figure out what the with 1 due to different defined in the back end of the year to do and usually aroused and then from there it is guidance check on them is fully almost like you know a micro mentorship going on see that like hundreds like interface every week but say doing check-ups Ephemerality where they are and they come across any issues on and is really guided question encouraged and in in light had the come out to worry me debts have them actually become a lead so on a so far we've ICAP become leads with a woman who co who started off like coming from the industry or who start off as like self talk on Belarus energy wastin girl he wants to give the talks in the in the carriage them and then from that point on they're able to build that confidence and is like they aspire kinds of jobs in in the they're finally in the industry but I think when you bring them were involved in the community and helps really put down to the next level with detect career or did into the tech industry so really just having that cluster connection much monitoring you know encouraged in the network like really the network really help us out a lot answer helping in the next so access results so the sugar and spice and increased so society you go 0 of firmer control over their beginners you help them lot can you can kind help on to become the leader of india more technically savvy if um but that last step is really hard going from you know or even just giving the interview and in of you know starting a job and and that the terror that can sometimes go through people's minds as they feel like jumping into this big commitment from how minimal of of is to really insight because they're my dear to let them know we are here for you if you need and then you could talk about like the 1st day or the interview process we are yeah like this is where we're call was and really you're here for you to communicate it really was of the confidence the cheerleaders actually so that's how I really had led an army when I was in the late tackle that part of the thank you and which would you have a similar due to the work with that 1st interview the so the interesting thing is that I think because we're so focus on and people were contacted can travel we get a lot of men and
senior and like director level people in a community so when the new people come in and I don't have to do much work to be perfectly honest I contend sit back and we have a lot of people that are often going to help them enter on the fly out and and you can you know scream share can use T as CH somebody's computer and we definitely encourage that self the social I know an Arlington relieve definitely had folks walk in the door and sound over means was to be here and we watch them move all the way up and and it just in watching those folks you think there's something specific that organize you should be doing to help or or persons people definite of mentorship trying to find members so that meant always try to make just encourage them to be there for them but 1 thing 1 thing and a lot of the organisers for me we do is we do a lot of market areas with the people there probably do 1 1 a 2 month with different union people for for the 1st you the 2nd so the Calvin we can so change and changing ideas a little bit to talk to mentorship which was fantastic segmentation and so how do you go about finding people to be meant ours John so far so Susan upper mentorship so had so so the 1st thing about membership is like is a relationship you have to understand that and maybe it'll work maybe won't because it a personalities and um I was I was talking to my men t and she said to me but she said I knew the man mental for me because all the great advice you give me an a given realized she has she clarified and are broken down because 1 Chairman some point of the by given is that the nervous about speaking rascal just get on 1st so that 7 year old lady at the nonprofit your who you work at is buying you just find the when using the tell whoever's giving you that your good luck to her you tell them however person hasn't heard you set a house fire afterward and so obviously I deserve figures of humor and we match up but the the are so it is a relationship and you need to find the right person it the so as far as mentorship goes I would not be here for for mentorship I might up out of college to place I was bartending until 5 in the morning when I certainly the code and I was like loss for a year and then I ended up getting an internship at a company called a flight and I was able to take a lot of the good things that came out of that program I think in kind of implement down and anything think just because of my experience i've just always willing to help people who 101 and so it and finding other people who have who for some reason 1 how to learn is a big help and when you code out the year so trying to figure out like a nice formal process in doing this but I was so I think it's more like people I don't know that like that person actually my into but I haven't told them yet I do go to them for questions I devoted for like you know some advice on something but I think the for as the beats of media is like you reach out to the afterward site after events in the which you later you know how when 1 discussions in regards to you know where the interested with and feel and act and that like several times have at this time of the site gets Skype Google Hangout and just talk with the favela where your nose sided with the 1 do you let's you know try to meet every 2 3 weeks on like whatever subject or whether whenever project is slowing down and the guy I get help hold you accountable for a and to work through this in any questions you have like I'm period so really take nite at extra time outside of just organizing intermediates in reaching out to our members to help monetary it might get them like vices like 1 informal ways of like doing mentorship the so 1 more quick question on mentorship and then I'd like to open it up to audience questions and so do you hope to always have a mentor of corners and they do I hope to always have a mental of you absolutely have so many unofficial meant asylum Jenny Hendry was 1 of mine are a high tower and don't even realize that is in my arm and have like 5 years and I'm always looking to you know grow and expand myself and I think the only way that you can do that is through mentorship government definitely I hope I don't have lot of 1st well right yes everything she said actually I of course yes hope have in terms of also hope to they have mentors across different rounds in industry or different topics like not to say always intact like know a career entire or so on likely if you buy at the house the for me like that let's work on in a shared by to work on is getting winters with different tricks and trades it really looking like well rounded advice low rendered guide and navigating where I great so we have about 5 minutes left I saw 1 person take a card to give a question that but I want you to so the question is how important that need us to maintain a community in keeping connected well in this context what is in need of but they talking about me that that kind of actually about I think they're really important I think for the the foundations as it can actually as opposed to a conference of OK I think that in person like stuff really really truly goes a long long way I think that's like pretty fundamental because it is really you see the presidency facing we carried by the language a lot better apples you know doing this detects I'm asleep by deliriously is basically courses 90 % of communication so what the physical location prior is like super super important and it really helps out with everything it definitely helps to go the great opportunities for mentorship but have have new people bring bring code samples are sprinkled that they're working on and that they need help but we always encourage our new members to like a future seconds of and Brim and so will help you and oftentimes a person's helping them that you will blossom into mentorship situation and really quick and everything that you were 90 % is remote I will say that like for SME that might be is a bunch of people online on Saturday asking questions about gay have when we just use a giant get have revealed and there's like 10 people that are just going back and if you look that works really well for us so that the parliament can join and all this work like that you have a lot what is the what and how do you want can hang on and my community so just to repeat the question that was on how can people join a more global or remote community in and be involved in but so going do you who say think of that when people come into the community I tried a welcome them personally after a couple of questions you can get people that you introductions hotter than a little bit and see like what we can do that help them feel a sense of community if they're looking for anything specific and efforts since everything's online like I said before the turn time is really quick if they I need help with whereas a man OK that like let's throw something on a calendar for next month or next week so Ruby for good has done the remote leads it's a little bit about the gasses so in in the past years we've but 1 of the teams are all will do 1 team were get remote lead and have a team and we're debating doing at the searches so that something really could you find a separation the time for 1 more question remains the right great thank you so much for coming out rigid furious
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Titel Panel: Ruby's Killer Feature: The Community
Serientitel RailsConf 2017
Teil 31
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Allen, Latoya
Hunter, Zuri
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DOI 10.5446/31478
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract What makes Ruby so wonderful? The Community. The community around Ruby is really what sets it apart, and the cornerstone of it is the small local meetups. Come learn how to get involved, help out, or step up and start a local group of your own. We will discuss how to develop and nurture the group. Share our experiences in expanding a small group to larger events like unconferences or workshops. Find out how community leaders can help everyone build a solid network, assist newbies in kick-starting their career, and most importantly ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe.

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