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RailsConf 2017: Lightning Talks by Various Speakers
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the a hand here a fiery body but it was the most influential are there and their own but I worked out in a company called slopes sense so we say it was right and analytics for here watching at hospitals but that's not why I'm here I mean this 1 year but as no I'm standing data right now it's because I love to get everybody up and excited Sarah set up so not up on Stacey have to do it right that you will see that straddle happening derided as a and I just a little bit and other data and I take a picture and understand it Aaron Patterson cause I know you likes pictures of lots of people making this so I know this is a bonus but I'm afraid we're while I'm here I so it goes on in anyone any designers identified subset of wine across everybody by 1 so that that's really all I have to say and it spells lectures and it this is where you know it hi I'm having parents and I'm 10 years ago I was an emergency veterinarian 5 years ago I had my own event planning business and then
about a year ago I started to code I'm I heard about a program in Seattle called Ada developers academy and said sure when at and of life they have an 11 per cent acceptance rate and somehow took me cool so I used to live in Pittsburgh and I dropped everything and moved across the country to Seattle and unfortunately I left behind my husband and my pets you'll note that the pictures are of the pets and not the husband ICT I know you're watching sorry but you may also have noticed that the slides pretty much have nothing to do with what I'm saying and that's intentional if I'm boring you there are q animal pictures and if that words you to get out and we can never be friends
so show of hands who in the audience considers himself a newbie I call that whatever you want less than a year less than 2 years your new AAAI a decent number show of hands who considers themselves to be nontraditional self taught camp anything like that and again a decent number who here has ever been in charge of hiring give it the thumbs up thumbs down in some way picking who's going to work excellent this talk is applicable to all of you and it's also applicable to
those who a new and not necessarily were old enough to not remember what being new is like being new hard learning our code is really hard way harder than I ever thought it would be I have struggled learning how to code more than I ever struggled in veterinary medicine or as a business owner it's for it's really hard so
if you have someone on your team who's new or only like all that's only this 0 that's easy that's something simple all that's just this line of code
yeah banished those words right now if you are working with someone who is a junior developer everything is hard and please try to remember about a friend of
mine who's outdated developers Academy with me is an N turn at an unnamed company and that she had a mistake she messed up she's an intern she's new she human she made a mistake this senior developers got together so laughter her don't
be that asshole if there's a junior on your team don't make fun of that I could Phaser the so the reason why I'm up here is to explain to people the merits of hiring a junior developer from a nontraditional background because as you can see there are a lot of us number 1 we ask questions and if you are a junior who not asking questions 0 my god ask questions I just got my midpoint feedback from my internship and 1 of the things was the some questions that I ask if there's something weird like I said I'm interning at Amazon they have all sorts of weird things that they do if there's something that I don't know I've learned to say I don't know this during stand up like is this something I should know is that weird Amazon being and it forces them to explain themselves and I'm kind of the fresh perspective the value that should be that person and if you're hiring recognize that it's valuable to have that on your team
also because this is my 3rd career and a lot of people who have been pursuing non-traditional career perhaps this is the 2nd career at the Big band around the block a little bit and then an adult thing like I can do it I show up to work on time I worked my butt off I get home sometimes I work at nite it's not something that you need to teach me as a fresh college graduate and I mean I remember my work IVO's when I was younger verses now and it's
different last thing diversity people always talk about wanting to increase diversity intact there a lot of women in blue chance but your money where your mouth is and work on hiring those people in addition
to people from these book cancer approval or self time come from a lot of different backgrounds I was a bad and good at approaching things and a really logical manner so anyway thank you very much
for listening to me if you want more information about Ada or more information about me I'm wearing the long like on and that and
the my name is chiefly and I am currently a student at the training school of software and design in Denver Colorado and so I'm very very new attack and excited to be a real problem for the 1st time and am here today to talk to you about how teaching computer science can bring k 12 education into the 21st century hopefully with your and they're going to start with just a really quick hole the 1st question most influenced year career path if you try any like this raise their hand that's most people have he sat on TV and by the looks cool raise your hand i wonder about him on the and the 2nd question I had a basic understanding of my field before entering it hands up yet again most people of to Mantis balls allow 1 to dry up a couple of you fearless people out there and if you're here for today king over there you note here less you don't even have that answer answer question I'm the so the price of most people who enter the field tried like there and had some kind of understanding and this is where we're going our students is most schools in the US do not teach computers and there's a huge gap year 90 % of parents want their child to study computer science but only 40 % of schools operating classes I'm and this was the statistic that was most astounding to me is 54 per cent of pool have a 1 student to device ratio which is a big difference of 40 % so what's happening there clearly we're not using our resources very well I and this gap the statistic that is why I am standing on the stage right now that is why I went to boot camp and I was working on a project to bring people together in Colorado to address these issues that because currently only 8 states have created K 12 computers and it was to me of my mind I'm and that is up from last year last year was 7 states so it's slowly increasing but not very fast and and 33 states plus the District of Columbia and computers such science classes can count words or any kinds of graduation requirement in some states that science in some states that is mapped and back to a high schooler can be really intimidating especially if they don't feel like they have those skills and what kind of a high school student is going to take a class that they don't get credit for not very many at least from my personal experience of faithful students and having been 1 and and as you can see this is also increasing but not as fast or as rapidly as at least I feel like shit have just a little bit more data you may fail computer science education is on the rise and I'll play on the cover it we almost have as many computer science graduates as we had 10 years ago the dot com bubble kind of me that decrease for a while I'm and as you can see but less than half the number of those are women has worked 10 years ago which to me is very astounding and is why this work is so for it and the what canadian uh we have these skills a lot of the reason that they're there are really big decrease in the number of course about prison they're just find teachers who could teach it and so there are things that you can do to get involved the co . org has a number of activities you get involved in in host in our code you can volunteer in in a computer science classroom or if you have a little bit more time to offer you can help out with that tilt K to 12 program love snuffer till I'm and even how about in a classroom I have for a year in a 1 you know and hope directly with your community and so I I hope that I I that we started the highlight some of the issues of the k 12 and the of education landscape that we have here and hope to see you involved as well the FIL the all right so high everyone I'm Kristin and I'm a developer work far in Boston and I am here rails come for the 1st time in leaves and needles the with and to then and talk to you about its 1st selling encoding lessons from selling a wedding gown and this was a pair of pure programming experience if you well with a friend of mine 1st of all why so your own wedding own the the I don't have a good answer my answer is D.
has crafting is the greatest ends it will you can justify it otherwise you have to think that I'm my friends inspiration was my own wedding but she's said that she liked my dress she like that I needed on my own wedding and so what you're herself I told her absolutely not just don't do it I finish my in 10 minutes after a ceremony was supposed to start from by she said no no I really wanna do it I think it'll be fun by this was about this time last year and as I said OK well you know you're a good friend of mine wastes and and although I don't know you that while I think merits and you're going to do this I'm going to do it with you every step of the way because it was very lonely for me and before it into the whole process I didn't know what it's for really meant before getting into are what it really means is and he handmade garments are that is sounds to the specifications of the where on it doesn't really mean much more than that and so we set out to make a kids to gone form a friends and that was completely made up except for the business needs which
was this picture she had found on Instagram and she wanted a copy the stress after doing a little digging she determined that it cost 50 thousand dollars on and so decided that buying it wasn't an option Kickstarter was an option on a but when we started out we don't really know why cost 50 thousand dollars like this is a really pretty Jasper and found basically to analyze a little bit is completely hand beaded and hand embroidered evidence the framers silk so that's what we wanted to do the of of the iteration process was found when you make any down 1st needs to make on a muslin which is a prototype of cheap so that's picture here is a picture of the Muslim are in progress and I since it was a kind of complex tasks and so need a sound left to the but area
she made a change for the rear and their search hangs over that's on now when we did a lot of practicing embroidery of cell to figure out and why she liked the best and what looked the best in what what's most importantly just like the picture on so here's a picture from a few weeks ago have the almost Mbp in find Her another friend is a issue neighbor in the line and the shoes for her for her wedding but they haven't arrived yet and her writing is Saturday for whom we have not found them yet and it has this is not with the that the number and everything so just to give you an idea of the overall our making a stressed and it took 11 months have the most important takeaway from making a stress so and I think it's wrapped up in this on Abraham Joshua Heschel quotes are he was a rabbi and he talked a lot about the sanctity of time and so to me not really resonates In the strands speech kinds we definitely spend more than 50 thousand dollars worth of labor upon its are achieved hi and patent attorney in trying she build out like a zillion dollars an hour and we suspect call a couple thousand hours on the stress so I don't know the man is that for way looking at this down it represents a lot of things it represents basically taking and not acquaintanceship by almost the out of a baby friendship and it grew into something that was way more than that and we are now practical best friends and it was just a really amazing experience on you would think that diets it would be really hard to work with somebody like a bride you write the letter on their wedding dress on on the contrary we learns a lot about communication along the way that I think is really applicable to pair programming we I've never took anything for granted we complement each other on their respective skills at every turn and she was in New York I live in Boston and I kinda on generic every few weeks to work under stress that term every single time she didn't expect that I was a sharp she's I'm every term announced from down she was they think you so much it means that much to me on similarly I never took for granted that she was the like what I was doing to I mean pretty much always asks are you sure as the but in my sewing handwriting erasure this is what you want and so the basically that the take away here is that good communication skills can go a long way in meeting develop a really beautiful thing animals parents thinking because firm fury
questions on this whole process you can find me on Twitter working on the a few few alright perfect all quickly tell you about the rails and post press and how to scale that I'm I'm Lucas so American people say this data if I'm in Twitter I am so typically Scalia application you know this you have 1 males 1 database on Sunni of multiple Real Servers right result 1 database and so this kind of becomes a problem and you wish you could do this each you know add more databases I built a dam called back to bracket multi-tenant which in combination with oppose this extension called situs enables you to essentially scale out a database on so you don't have to you know worry about all the degree the tells you keep doing it to record things and they just works and with my access we have but if you're interested in you know that type of topic and if these last shot post press armpits charting underneath but you don't see figure out I'm and I also tweeted a link to that if you wanna look at them thank you FIL but when he was just a Collins president beef on the internet but heard a few of you are using Bregman yet so give a tutorial this is a you solid and you run enough that you can Nugent Pilon bundle and stuff that doesn't last slide is nicely FIL Europe were like this was some
security warnings about potential problems in your code if you want a nicer outputs
you can use a plane 1 the HTML
1 where we have a budget you can
vibrate and pro and get this interface are you doing throw it in your
CI automated somehow and you
find out more go to 1 of these locations if you want stickers is required in the out rails can't have them 1 afternoon 240 there's a security birds of a feather I'd love to talk to you that the it the article but I just wanna show you a quick micro performance improvements are found over and over again and real suffocation the management of dockworker worker and you can find me on Twitter as the act worker and all coded in C is from the Michael code and other people stuff so don't feel embarrassed if you written that were
so this I was inspired basically
and apparent absorbs restarted which is a great resource efficiency of freeze for and in as a parent's right and fast moving so impact versus but good
very time porous versus time at and basically if you can use time at and not course and you can see that the performance changes or the differences like 20 4 times slower and use the 1st and use practices of catch when you can visit like by and slower use batch and I'm out of time various fossils and richer
interest on this just go there and look at more of the sample codes for all this I used atoms GEM Ventura years which is great and I noticed about it an ounce in a pound or in jail the Alstom's the pound and says they would you do kilograms the
I teach me Master Peter Green and I
could show of hands how many people know what this means minutes long but us stood opposite how many people never heard of this while is definitely more people never heard of this I This stands for max is nice and so we are nice I early on in the days of Ruby are when mailing lists and the for people they would typically use this as kind of an axiom or a little model of of the re community and I'm member hearing about early on in loving it and it's just kind of a general like I don't be a jerk but I don't have to the typical things that you expect programmers to do on the internet and idea is really that kind of foundation for for the really community and I wanna make sure that everybody understands about this 1 so as as you go out there and I had to other people odd continue doing what you been doing all covers along and continued to humans just like
maps find the spirit being nice
I help with the conference on covers
culinary for good Our dedicated to making the world go there on we it's 0 at a once your conference we mean in a beautiful occasion in the
mountains in Virginia what we work on wonderful
projects by for example a project help with the rent and others I'm not just hand is there's all sorts of organizations that we help
with but typically nonprofits are sometimes open source but you know the rules are too strict um and we organisms we get
together by supporting conference B hit the heads down on working on projects were we need leads to with the stakeholders to get together on and then we were called day
finally out by evening in many friends so I want to bring this up
because if you are a this year so about 1 so so sorry about that fight I where we would like to have folks like you come out next year but were also constantly on the lookout for projects the need of people that can be projects we need nonprofits and charities that the work done for them and found where folks like you to to pay attention will for and if you are interested in this is the shameless part of my talk and helping out and you can
buy a T-shirt which are everything that goes to the shirts it goes toward something our scholarship fund so with people I can afford to come to a conference fiddle so banks
while I'm serious 16 on the internet or afforded and I appreciate that the
few the low my light over I worked for that little we provide a lot of what they're what I meant it might OK but what the thing what or for at medical services that we provide our software for fund-raising for democratic uh uh campaigns committees and also for um are nonprofits and I'm here to talk to you today about 1 . stretch and lessons we can learn the 4 of us in the junior and senior developers the we got me thinking about this was a book called outliers story success by Malcolm Gladwell and is a chapter in every talks about the plane crashes but in general the book is about um you know we think of people we seen different walks of life were successful we often attribute that to their you know maybe the native abilities on people screw up that you know they did something wrong In an underlying theme of the book is that they're often really systemic or environmental explanations for these things in addition to the uh your person's abilities um and our of this chapter in there about plane crashes like books but this kind of reminds me of some of things that happen with our developers I'm so what a plane stretch there are many reasons and 1 I wanna focus on societies you minutes is um for communication among the cut crew um and what happens often is the more junior pilot usually co-pilot um may observe a problem or something of concern about but the in the the captain usually more senior pilot um is in a position of authority um so uh they engage what's called mediated speech they sort of drop a hint about the problem rather than really speaking firmly in indirectly about it um Siskel mitigated speech and we do this on write down player should accompany about we what to say because being polite or feeling embarrassed for being deferential to authority um well what this is a hint is the hardest kind of request to decode the easiest to refuse a um so the couple
examples Florida crash in 1982 um there was ice on we have a
plane which is a dangerous situation and the 1st officers is really paying attention to this for the captain really isn't gets tired use nothing intended to it and this is from the the black box recording after the crash for softer saying without just hanging on back there to see that um would is a losing battle you're trying to DH those things is a false sense of security that's all it does he's he's talking about a but he's not really emphasizing you know just how dangerous sources um in plane
crashes a few minutes after takeoff and so the people on board died um another example so in
1990 Avianca an alliance scratch and so this a plane that you know is literally running out of fuel coming to be low on fuel and about to land this 1 is literally running at a gas and again the 1st officer
seizes um assigned air traffic control on the pilots units was to be listening to but it's so same climbing maintain 3 thousand were running out of fuel so um the travel sponsor the grand continue circling ask for confirmation this is OK Prosopis says I guess so thank you very much uhm in talking to us stewardess was the only member of the crew to survive she walked into the cockpit at this point in engineering fro cutting motion to her I mean they knew there was a problem but they wouldn't speed up their capital wind speak up to the chapter no plane crashing into
and out of 4 and the people but but but a lot of
um so when a propelling crashes happen there study very thoroughly for lessons and with the plot crashes are more common with the captain more experienced pilot In the following C um as is
a quote from the book uh planes are safer when the least experienced pilots flying business a 2nd more experienced pilots isn't going to be afraid speaker it's like I said there's questions here for developers at Virginia developers when you see something say something um but and so you have an asset no 1 else has I am yeah was called the beginner's mind some new new to the organization of people who are victims of the organization in their time they develop white spots they get used to thinking in a certain way you were looking at a fresh and you can point out they this seems odd this seems strange can we talk about this and I know this kind of thing can be difficult when you're you know that you knew just starting out the use of cluster naturally and off and up but if you're there's a so they must like and what to think should happen when you speak of them you would write the appreciative for it um you'll be wrong and still appreciated because take your in a place with environment this'll be a learning opportunity senior developers mentors can use it as it is a teaching opportunity and they'll appreciate your attention um senior developers it matters behind will be humble be empathetic um the encouraging and and you get the same benefits that are I want to have on the more senior version takes a back seat figure much few so my name is as its alone but I'll over the I'm delighted things you're about to hear miniaturized on I'm here talk you today about a new language that is far microvilli and it's called Personal on so really fast and not know where this is the false rumor whereas on so
this is good so I know a lot
and it has some cool examples honored and
dairy other makers of words to be the server anyway here's a framework it's pretty much on parity with Sinatra but like incredibly much faster I and I'm going there's a few other frameworks of a lot of open source
dominance community I'm going to talk about a framework and the collagen was today and some
generators that been contributing what about of these projects on the other people over in the culture of if you care what you know get when I so over the general so their arms generate a football Jewish object so on urban areas college agents of Trajan it and almost all down article some students into blog and on you see there's a physical structures of here so I'm going to run a crystal on use the crystal which is basically 1 1 style assuming my Internet doesn't blow that will work present yeah really for discussed break sir yeah yeah joke British machine please make website you know how you you meet me right uh no not really not constant but it will start again so that the age and gender is therefore arms that outside of our or poster title string of content and a terrorist tearing this string to get article so that's there was a start up and Dr. so it will just right doctrine pairs that and of course you want our should draw period thank you with a pictures will use but there is a sum this is also rhyme I know it is hearing home I should I should already on anyway period so that
is setting up those stairs from to be writing migrations area migrations ran on and on the action of or open here so it's the check it out and
so the period is not actually running on the skill of very don't notice right it go so arrogant basic scaffolding basic engaged says nothing on mean that something by what else are so come over here the post of native so a lot of room to hear the variance or sorry and the then the goal so that so together redo it it was just look at the code really fast and then on your hostage here's background that you know you have that so you can but also it and so here's some code reaches more suppose I gotcha go on and and so on here we go so the idea configured a database Jamil or as you would expect from down here instead of ABC you outsource all your stocks are here stacks actually would pretty nice on someone like you'd expect from our stack or many just aspect on the test OK here we go on so those will all possible samples and so here is the actual controller Isabeau's controller action that's action show see rendering we are currently have of flash messages we have redirects yeah and it all works so if you feel applying when with it but again there's crystal and on Aug general CR . org
amorous yard and income losses alleges
demo with was generated so I enjoy so what was not supported in um what is read Morrison and the subgraph protected Terry services the I was on the street passion about Ruby and was very excited when rails came along and I can't turn my passion and my career the so I'm sure all seen
code like this rails 1 the biggest success title rails makes our largest fund makes it easy make Caesar do things so we can look at for example accurate model of putting comments the feels that has to be constant innovation because the fields firstname lastname strings states integers then we can do validations we can also do not callbacks so when before gets destroyed control familiar with these these capabilities and they users we decide user-created there some fields and it's created a model for us it's create files with the bank lets us master it his mission it we must have something like last time is a lost I without knowing the school kid lets us know immediately so low LET debate as to whether retrieval model corrected so this is this is this is blessed was a we wanted now you measure comes along a line is
active anymore OK well that's looks like you know select 1 we're dealing with hashes now yeah it's it's awkward you but the wrong spelling Americans are not the same this is not what we want so as I look at active job on to review product adopted in background processing to great layer of isolating them in your application for 1 of the background of system you want to use so we never look at me and so on they from scientist he hashes again would be to see that there isn't any diatoms start date but is even a default for the end it so they're going down so arguments of the start date days ago in data but there's something wrong with us variables I'm alive at that time the schools but guess what when acts can that also I have no idea of his failure there's is not here is coming out well were revelations come validated with the data supplied is correct will unify later when a job fails in the background so this must feel more if a lot of Active record mold is staying down the device driver-level were actually dealing with the role of data and in these so there's a proposal this we're doing the same job we just now this is not a it's a reporting job the same 1 we go start date and end date the actual feels with actual data types there isn't there defaults we have validations so well several banks and this is essentially taking active model and applying it to a background of processes because of how we create the jobs we just created a site of etymology persist reporting job . create tried if I must tell it like that but the and they pay what I'm not school it lets me know immediately the something wrong the validation fails that's no so this is as what makes us that makes it fun was void wanna see I'm so to prevent the concept but which is a summary of the rocket of that I give it a try my challenge the rails seeing and was like an active job in the next generation budgeted Kenya boulders and we want datatypes we want validations we want callbacks thank you the Conference few OK um Pamela and that would be you uh from my comes now we're a a small consultancy firm we build a real sets and it was an 100 and uh my tutor and Belize or put so no and that the of about us project and of internal tool revealed to keep track of progress in that links and projects that we
have a remote so we have an officer in California and that have been steaming on the rest and we have like 15 people working in there and there's um and as we start getting more clients and world concurrent projects are pretty manager started to get
a handle crazy with all of the EU's stories following deadline is a week equals with clients were using this last year and similar tools so I know that the main need that we have at the time of the problem
was and we need a single batch is to see all the clients and in those clients all of their projects for individual tasks but not at there is story level we have that in Europe but just the important things like for this week we need to have a full local when you have a really sweet CQA whatever so the initial solution and this has been going on for years is yes usable rate is pretty so this is like
aspiration and LeCun 2015 looking that's more of the availability of resources so the police were BC then the baryon all use we have some down time and we can access to resources like that then the civil service we level so
we have a weak scenery month we have different levels of or recording for a B C is badly in the review work maintenance and then these continues to evolve to
today we were using this 1 where is not only for are planning but we share with the client so the clients can I see what their mouse so are when we're gonna and deliver something and the most important areas that will collaborate with the client to decide the late we should be the state or we should change it and then keep track of those changes across all of the products and if you can see there we have a bigger story linked and the users signed bulldogs just seeing everything changed in real time so at some point we said OK would be
as inspectors to for too long that's the the that that does just that so can system I just system for them so the Bammy as stakeholders for the sees the PM is the 1st person so you can open up the Sabanci everything up for the week and then the developer or a matter that the head of engineering and the clients so well on the claim to be able to see these for as and other people is their developers are working on the on the the stories and everything and from the client side some private apparelled managers and bring managers but they must have said we identify these are we need to be able to see the Weekly events so the focal release to be an innocent of what the user so we need to be able to write multiple uses the real-time feedback is really important that we have and will uh sheets so 1 have that when I be able to audit seal the changes some decisions that are important for the and link to Europe by pre management tools so here are the central whatever people but
we want to take this opportunity to play with real so we have hadn't played before because we're doing main assumes that old sofa so action cable is offered the real time and troubling so wanted to use this to figure out which of the hybrid moments the 1 thing want to stick to his
this not come up with problems is just solve the problems that we have so where are we do especially is live here are so always pick that
out to via especially for this product and this is the 1st then were
doing so this is our to a screenshot a video so you can see it working
system actual at that was women working on
this for like a month and a half or 2 and you can create the spaces you can drag and drop uh the position of the items if you change the data you have to justify it and then you see a lot of the changes there so whenever you change something you have a story of why you change that date and you have comments so every element is discovered the same spreadsheet but done in a way where you we can keep up with a better for work the European and unite them and then we set it up for a date when that week and that's how all time and for that starts also learn no reasons for example we have creative that's the concept of a crack in so Rieser crack and that's something we we had as a culture so we've made a crack in part of the of the symbol here
and the action cable feature-laden sticky thing you see
that then I consider that are and the answers for the users doing so we can see who looking at the at because initiating down there and 1 of the arrows on the roles means that someone is stating well and using it so we can replicate which sheets feature so with that
uh we're in this process and this is our you going to get out a few there because it's sex with interplay the brain every few hours but you can follow me and energy but now would be appreciated thanks and sweet the Heisenberg trading Aaron over driving a car when couples them over he says Eisenberg you know that's your going as bricks is no they know exactly where I am J. Zhu going 90 miles an hour iceberg says great now I'm lost that I'm trying at the statistical which around pop the trunk is do you know the of a dead cat in your training as we do know because the right and rate and placing you under arrest at home resisted the that's 6 years in grad school at Caltech right there be a need for time well spent is also the best job we found all nite this so I think the jokes on me as it were as a double I think it is burned disposed with the what but the apparent here and you this is a black screen yes your presentation that set it in minimalist presentation but but worker now again a talk about the shortest path to a professional sites I'm a glottal as
some of you know me as the author of the
real real tutorial new relative really is at the core i a half hour of pretty much everything I do these days is under the umbrella of by learning of to
be dangerous and of 1 of the parts of learned that is an introductory sequence of 3 trilogies on so you can get a
lot of that kind of be talking more about the later of the 1st trilogies developer fundamentals and all done right now there's a lot of command line to be generous just assuming a basic knowledge of computers so doesn't seem any background in programming area what that the next 1 is learned text-editor years and in order to get to be dangerous was not an obvious sequence actually but I'm really pleased with our came out the 3rd arch a 2nd gene is web-based 6 the 1st of those as long additional interest this is also done the next 1 learn of CSS layout is in preparation of what little bit more about that in a minute but you'll know that this is by me and be done at the 1st author and the seductive designer for a long enough so you're glad it was him and not me of the thirties JavaScript this is in this is going to be coming out later this year so then the 3rd trilogy is beating development with 1 Ruby Sinatra In rails planned for later this year that 1 of the side effects of but making sequences that we ended up making was to my knowledge is the shortest path from basic computer knowledge to being able to develop and deploy a real of professional-grade website of so starting with a command line you learned this this is useful but by itself it's not a product text editor you not text
also useful but it's really cool for doing other things did also a really useful tool but 1 of the things we doing this
tutorial is to use a project that is an additional websites can QA to get people started on that and so there's a twist ending spoiler alert at the end of the get
tutorial you are to deploy alive website but it through another professional grade journal you
add your skill set but you still don't have enough knowledge to make a real product make something it has a
little styling this line styling throwing aggregate great knowledge but well yes
yes as layout is where it really starts to come together and of if you're anything like me as a developer you know that you need to learn more CSS and you know I've learned a lot from my doings tutorials the rate so 1 of the things that we do is we take you from this
this when I should let you know that this is not
other on altitude I do actually we have yet you cover all the sets of this OK so this is the the
kind of website you end up with that I right attention something can see in the upper part of right part of the site that something you see all the
time right navigation and you but have you really do this but you can't just copy cases from 1 page that's where you can the that's an enhanced my Maria violating the drive principal don't repeat yourself so my got I thought through this but will how are we going to do this right so this is just yes as he says a layout of each layer but if you knew page layout you really have to have a certain elements that you can reuse and we on the overhead of all web framework because this is a sequence while it can be read by developers is aimed at people were notes this gentle introduction and so if you look at this you realize that the minimum thing you need to do this is a static cycle or so we added an introduction to juggle as far as
of so the result is that if you finish this
tutorial you can you can build and deploy a real website this this this
is now what's going on of this is now a
marketable skill this is something you can actually but it's gotten say hey I'm a bill for higher I will build your website and so that's really need to go from from 0 to 2 having a model still and it's like tutorials With these without schematic and you more about can't sign up
for the mailing list you wanna get up notifications were very rolling out the 1st chapters for us to assess layout next week it said that the real book it's of the chloroform page is amazing in a material with stringent about gender learning enough to be generous is quite a lot of time also posting
informal event tonight at start so whenever I get to do yeah that's to the venues
up for that the search whenever I get to the
angels of trumpet ill house my pin treaty has the information if you wanna come all the different 7 or whenever I get there until can be and life from
sooner banks to right I wanna throughout the pitch 1st just mentioned get to it of this did you know and the
skills helped you career and also by the way help you be the person you want to build empathy
skills ask your doctor if dead and people is
right for you this is a project that i'm not officially launching Reagan rails comes 4 in the reading books about empathy i in general and you can't context of software development and and the checkout out aligned dead in the
book that club like cool I feel these anyway so what's going on with the not
worth uh 0 gross the talk on so this beautiful slide appear with some Michael coherence of the background actual code and it is syntactically valid Ruby so this talk is not to be useful but it might be fun there are a number of languages out there that basically 2 that are Turing complete use middle number characters nothing alphanumeric something I had of the other jobs that not but why not really it so the
ball is a Turing complete language which it is also syntactically valid Ruby that does not use any other where characters and of course users you characters as possible so I call bravery I and rewrite a program the program is just so but out 1 what 1 and you line for God's British or as you can go on and this is how it looks so I know you're all
you know brilliant and rock stars you know exactly how works just by looking at it but just in case again figured out of world so yeah that works the so fun citing Ruby if you take an empty string Gaussian with something that even I use shoveling in integer it will not take the character that corresponding character code are independently and of the string of your 65 the character code for capital a and therefore we get in a at the end of that strength so if we take the numbers corresponding to s some string we get but OK but when I have numbers so at least reduce the number of numbers replace each number with
1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 and now we have this clearly much more beautiful code of law and done because there's the 1 that which is not OK so our he's a dollar dollar Ruby
global variable is always upholds the current process ID but it'll be differ every time so why is that useful but well being sort friend mapped we can just abide by itself we have 1 so we just replace everyone with a dollar dollar or dollar dollar and we have this OK this is this is this is like a we shall be striving for an article the so we can generate any string without
using alphanumeric characters but that is a strain we need actual code to execute so we use this template I think it all got on the screen again and that and OK let's let's about what it's there would still we start with all sign greater than which is standard out if you shovel standard out the string I'll just put that the it at the output basically all the we back expected starting new process on the command line with whatever you put inside of them and then the a string which again is in the output on the command line you can use interpolation inside that that's great never empty string shovel and the program itself which is whatever you know that our dollar over so we generate a string
x here backticks so the output to standard out you may notice a slight problem which is that backticks execute on the command line you don't actually run Ruby so that that's a pretty simple solved if you agree actually and you pass in your programming quotes it'll just run at every so here's fact we were doing this template we are were doing really inputs with enacted through the dusty and your entire program in quotes so this is
our puts program again this is hello world next is because uncertain uncertainty and you can read it right here OK so we have another characters we
only use 10 characters and is completely legible which is of course the goal to I'm sure parameters great I
haven't tested it on here and the it has a good jumper that on but you know we don't using characters enough of the specimen OK but there's a slight known issue with brain review which is that you can require other files or executing their own memory space but there is a known work around which is that you deploy your code 1 file what is the possible to use with less than 10 characters I don't know I'd love to see somebody prove me wrong the so keep ground and Rainer
beyond that needs to be equal no I don't
forget that could Geneva fun and again as
you can check adequate good online look at that and the book . club unmoral Kaplan and this is in red hair OK so really give a whirlwind tour of AWS record and keep them under 5 minutes so i'm knowledge whether work for the investigative Ruby and funny and whether good right so this is what in
aid of this record model looks like it's similar to an active record model in different the same time we use inclusion over inheritance you define your members specifically sense and no signal database might have multiple tables for virtual tables around the same table and the support you doing that you define your keys and go from there you also get different kinds of attributes that you wouldn't necessarily go the relational database like unless attributes so this is what IR models don't like the we do migrations in a declarative way so you define the remote configuration of your table on top of the model that you define in we should before In the call migratable look at what's on remote and and make only the changes needed to get you up and running with the model of invigoration you have OK so let's see how the conference Wi-Fi goes to totally typing this as we talk right now will also you can see that creating a new item is pretty familiar for users of Active Record defining attributes on it pretty familiar and saving pretty familiar structure pretty familiar so read operations again work similarly we have you define the names of your keys before it but the values and since the number of keys and very and 1 interesting problem that we ran into was how we do during tracking so when you support complex types like listen and maps you're going to have a lot of mutated state more mutated state and have a relational database so we did build and support for tracking of mutable types such as taxes this is also helpful when you are making up database saves and try not to clobber what's on a remote and if the object exists were going to run up search for you can even run up certain commands directly without bringing either so even tongue totally typing Kazemi typos in the video Cantonese that the so OK we talk about creating new talked about how read operations words you talked about updates and observing we also have collection innumerable support
built into the scanning inquiry methods which are a bit different and I'm a DVD than they would be in a relational database but you have the ability to scan query and it will build
the items out of the response all built on top of the assessor K rubies so if you're already familiar with that and have a head start end deletions built and
11 now everything's gone and with it is
so that's all I had for download to try to fit in 5 minutes respective one's time are you can find it on Ruby gems at AWS records than GA for some time now and which I haven't been have been assigned to the documentation was more examples and thank you very much with few known think you for area under that scale staying on MGE from and the lab so this I also work with Alex at a SDK from really so today that talk and go and you share is about there's the aid of capability on you know the radii being familiar with the waiter comes that if you're using a known as as the case since the has out for while since all were rich US decay on em going to show a brief them all that help us to refreshing the waiters feature then like talk about all these lines that behind this way here feature you so
generally way here is insisting how and abstraction around the pattern of pulling an AWS API on TOD that our state is stretched on this look at the break demo for example a you want to know when and newly created Amazon S 3 object is alive I'm saying this quick demo here
so you can see uh on the left side and using the wine my waiter that use waiter object a exist it is it is helping pulling those eyes had objects that it cannot find objects and on the right you can see me crazy and object lively and now yeah a like my weight her reached if they and its affiliate was scrapped response so when using the incrementation about this readers are structured it may appear piercing how for some naive approaches like writing for a single operation and the mouse still be tolerance a view our writing those on hand written hard-coded waiter abstract shows for 1 single 8 of us as but the relative to we have
today is we have all were 98 on our service and as far as today did exam number is 97 so it becomes relative account if we want to hand maintaining this later ab structures on so the solution is that I want to show you is the strategy that we take is a data driven approach that we use a unifying adjacent by that do the obstruction and those definitions of wages like this this is as Hodges empowering or lower recall and you have on back and gesturing you so this 1 is spotted at this you can see we have all definitions slight delays between API at Ham's those mastodons and we defined those state-space our API knowledge on so as you can see with this jason format we are able to Butte away her I'm mojo that Hobbes due the abstracts and that was even cooler that we're doing right now we do cogeneration of those traitors which is available all mode relies the STK which is currently under prove so how do we do the co general readers will use this call must parts templates that as you can see like the buying those readers structures actually per as per operations that after we feeding all the views and implementations that extracting those Jason values it renders attendance Allergan densely this is a piece of generated code based on the temp there's operators so you can see it has laid exactly like hand-written code this is pretty so this thing and want showering mood today is lake we have opposing away like how to scale the problems with me mo code duplication and this is also a way how we largely reduce that evolves and if you have a library maintainers if you're facing some might come fast the problems in your daily diligence this may be 0 so late some similar approaches to how tackle those capacities so if you want to read more a waitress lock is available in our documentation is available and they're free to check our code generative cells comparators thank you and corporate stock photo normally when use this but that the stock is he's so happy with user clearly self-ascribed Rocky online the and so I thought you all to join on loop aka I work for the American troubles haemostasis network in Denver we write medical perhaps for the treatment of rare bleeding disorders such as in the which I have and have well to sort anybody about that we have a great team and looking for some people but there's 5 minutes only to talk about all requests public relations the here's a joke distributed analyze chart here DOS lonely really it's done as things Lewis done while contributing to open source and how not to do that the on the I worked with the exercise of quite a bit and this is where was the mistakes along and Katrina has that you need to know on what you're for Katrina the the most often in criminal attack on and I'm honored to be a mediator of the of the thank you so why public relations of who here would like to get more pull requests accepted on open source projects so in order get your request merge that it really helps to related and maintain so in here's some common things that I see that all you still say that adult so biggest mistake no can advance rate don't come out of the blue with a mask people the huge red slicer maintainer enemy chair kind of goes like this when you drop list
it so where to
start this is really important I think not enough for the students that do your homework all of these files exist for a reason read them and understand what's going on in own but not reading these things is a disaster for your and yes I realize the code of conduct is on twice and that's on purpose but 1 another important thing is just introduce yourself to the project you know do they have get a Iousy slacking get there how about we help other people were struggling with issues of the project do not encode things when you are gone over your start small housekeeping is great typos format and things like that just to get your name out there the no elixir is a great place for those jails a lot these and he merges them himself quite quickly and you'll get the legendary five-star rainbow 5 heart removed it so when you when you have a great feature that you want agile to you want a very open source libraries of the 1st important thing is no the right place asking that features wanted in every projects difference read the documents I mentioned earlier and nature you have been replaced and this is we're looking forward cures local this is the green light to do whatever you feel like the you you need to for that but the another important thing and this is also a common mistake that I made is to try to add that feature all at once and you know that's not what I would do my work life should do what I do my source like so keep it small the small changes which feedback seperate that feature out and the kind of made here so they don't have to be so much mental overhead when reviewing your your people I also really really recommend
separating out housekeeping all requests from more broad well so you oftentimes if I typos and states and documents as were implementing a feature all those out onto a separate pure because they can be merged really quick they don't require any discussion you're original purity doesn't get merged you won't lose unchanged so bottom line to sort of make the media's life easier the nice nutritional keep it small and have fun another if you value the soccer all edges colours out my my good friend responded years the severe hemophilia is attempting to be the 1st to summit Everest right now and you could really use all of our support they saw how the half fact
half ch of Ch