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Opening Keynote by Hansson
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genes and and I'm really excited to be I'm really excited to see the show of hands of just how many people here knew the French I mean end and is cited because I woke up this morning is of getting ready for a talk and and I realize that sort of as an image of a high act results sometimes that when you've been around for a while you kind of developed so a little bit harder shell a bit more skepticism this is good about that I'm about legitimacy pissed being informative risk of a couple times and on the tweedle that 2 this morning was on man I am I really wonder teachers keynote is going to announce in another rails feature but I have to turn off every single time it's on you know right now and I don't like that so that's his heart warming to to get that this in the case it shows that that's a grizzly veteran right like they're already skeptical and and cynical about them about being here of the as the answer to almost all programming and computer related questions of try turning it off and on again mean works as well so this is a celebration Ralf Kompe is always a celebration and the main thing in celebrates his you it celebrates that you had such wisdom and diligence to pick the absolute best tool for the job they did not want the job is is 1 of the job is you pick the best tool of course that's why you're here right and you get reaffirmed validated have a choice would you look around and you see yeah that's right it would be 1539 areas many people are here if I didn't pick the right thing we all picked the right thing we're pretty great partly our you know it is was a yes yes you you really hard break you pick the right thing on because of course you went through careful analysis to 2 big rails this wasn't just slide against kind of thing you need all the pros and cons you read all the benchmarks you did all the comparison studies you probably did a lot of of projects in like 1 5 is 7 other frameworks or languages before UP-Growth right this is a very hot core scientific exercise for you to do an that here in the Ruby Rails many no that our shape that OK well I don't let that while the body I as I said here to reaffirm everyone is you to validate that data are a little due diligence you did you did it the right way I is this reminds me of hiking to Ruby and I pick the right tool for the job I have course also did none of those things I you back in I think 2002 or something like that I was reading 1 following Dave Thomas and couple magazines and they just kind said like a if I could have written this and where want to write it and I would rent and really I would like have then after delegates from the other thing review yes so that's how I handed out of Starting when remain it wasn't through this careful analysis it wasn't through getting the best tool for the job because I think that's basically it almost all instances of major technology decisions complete and other bullshit and the story that programmers like to tell themselves that they are these rational beings who do careful analysis and only after all these villages they make the choice and when they make their choice it is surely the best choice because it's the church they the and it is III and there was a factor that I actually whenever I see this or we pick the best tool for the job I it's it's it's health it's a tell dead someone is trying to cover something right they're they're not trying to tell you like how they think that is they going up I I did things right to the solution the and think the reason
why people in we have this this shield is this idea that we have 2 of project then we are rational people who pay tools and the technology decisions based on facts and proofs and whatever else it is that scientists was opposed to do and hits the story right is this the owners to take his lead and decide OK what I'm going to invest in major part of my attention my career my life into this 1 then you have the the number to a lot of other things right I did you show up here were announced you probably haven't to jangle complex with John Hansen it onto general convex with I know visited the rich and the video because you're not in the shop the mold right yeah I'd still sort of looking around when we see all the other things I could do it is not as sort of a series never but you are still trying to walk this tight rope and is tight rope is a lot about so just figuring out and now they neuro in the sense that I am doing the right thing right like I'm being a responsible adult here that's making sound career choices as a means of was I believe that an they're just keep walking straight everything's been defined by of course thank you gusts of wind come in the kind of story of battle balance many read something happened uses it became using this hot new framework this is the best thing ever you go wallow I thought I'd already been configured and I thought I had the best tool for the job and that's the funny thing I think that that's the did this NASA paradox of think of ourselves as a profession of computer scientists of people make these on sound rational choices with the most important shows the major choices the defining choices of our careers language community to focus on that obeys the moving of that at all right the base as in my example I've just like all I heard someone say some nice things about Ruby and I can I like this with this parrot people was in general that's not meal so that note on this tag Romeo on new walking up year which I think to me I would be in control and when every now and then it's hard not to look down and it'll scare right this we keep hearing that technology rules so incredibly quickly and reaffirms this believe because every 3 days to the new jobs were per word out and people and what you don't even know about which we still wish I you still using lot that is used crazy right so again as constant sense that the world is moving really quickly and could fall down at any time you can make the wrong choice we could have ended up as ColdFusion programmers thank and that's pretty scary and against but then you're like were so high that eventual chores right even in all the millions like this still my fault no 1 told me to use ColdFusion I all I'm so some point you sort of just pick something when women and perhaps you wake up 1 day and realized there was the right thing now what exactly happens very often most major open source in programming communities that she left the room on a different article last week about that how in demand Cobol programmers are right now Goldman up prolonged time it's still be a very unsuccessful Cobol programmer who you so is must is a little sort of over inflated but I think it's important for us to I'm addressing head-on and is recognize that I
and the dangers of being responsible for your happiness is can be overwhelming because sometimes you think I as as Bowden I'm guessing here 1 my favourite characters of all time beginning to be responsible for going breakfast harmonizable suppose to be a responsible adult making the serious life and career decisions that's when that rational Aleutians starch little bit that's when these underpinnings we are industry in communities based on our view science and below that in physics all these truths we're building on top of that they start feeling not so secure because we're level just 1 step above that 1 step above that rational truth so it's
he's you know which trapped into this notion of just putting up a shot of at Arthur Miller wouldn't doing every that's a mistake I think that's the the easy way out is seduced and look at that look down and then freak out and then while I'm doing anyway and liked best about it's like 11 or 1 of them do anyway were wondering where and this is also why the
fund is such a toxic and dangerous things for our minds is because if we have made all these decisions about which community in which programming uh ecosystem to be in and they were based on sound principles of like this is actually the best tool for the job like the answer 44 per cent and the other 2 at like 39 so this is good we would have something solid we could rest with say like I arrived at a conclusion that in denial right is not these well make these flimsy choices will make its choices based on these flimsy justifications that are really Rinconete and that is to having a lot in society win win people in search a blowing discuss of when it's I and he's so sort of are the main contributors to this emotional roller coaster the log programmers go through this is large venture of like 0 shit I didn't pick the right they moving to slow should I know more stuff on as was me full-stack I don't fully understand all elements of sequel outer joins yet does that mean I'm a terrible person and you know with the other end of lecture I got this thing to work this is amazing I have some stuff on this real like I believe in a real feature or a new I they new things go up and down and I think we need something to stabilise that at this we need that balancing bars were walking across a tight rope to even out the the roller coaster brake under the command so if what names can help us in that regard the well clearly radical can
help us in that regard as I said 1 of the main jobs of rails pump not necessary for someone to show up here in like I'm going to burn a lot of serious stuff as I walk out of here I will know more about the user seafloor Active Record row rails 5 . 1 Features when either the concrete skills that you told you can pick up here and I invite to do and that's great right now because the main job to be done for a place like rest of I'm back to the 1st major programming conference I'm went to reserve a conference in Copenhagen called Yao 2003 and what was monumental about doubt 2003 was ritualism majority a job at a conference and I can afford to pay intuitions are workers and you in turn in helping out and doing your organization and I was really that into in job but I knew that already then I what I was interested in going to program conference because it the game is feeling that a real problem and real programmers the don't conferences they learn shed and 9 then they're adults end now is on medicine that reminds those in like this is what I'm supposed to do right it ends if you don't like that but then the main job of the conference is a conference you today is is closer to that positive elevation guess your real programmer jesters security of other people who pick the same thing as you do and that's great and I did the right thing and that's good it's kind of like as soon they he will experience where were we can just um go like yes end they us
may I rounds and J. was making the right choices and I Yankees jobs so this is framework for analyzing products and services called the jobs to be done framework which so the internet with what is the real or job of of rest the real core job of response is not necessarily like I'm gonna learn a lot of technical skills that more 1 of the sort of feeling I walk out of the Earth from there the real job of of rails to is not necessarily just productivity or found easier cold or any of these sort of surface level bits of understanding there is a deeper job I think here given the fact
that rubyonrail says an ecosystem choice so this is in a position to ecosystems that are mandated like if you want a ride and I was that you pretty much have to go with objectives use of this last in some way so that led up to choices is liberating In some ways the fact that Apple just tells you what to do tells you this and this is the tools that you need to to go with really sure all this choice really if you have a lot of anxiety on the wire that you might think the thing we're also wearing is on boat when about because where else is about making things the the web and we make things for the lab is whatever the fuck you want you can use the the script on which was 1 of your things out of sort of where you can use PHP which chosen is the bonds and double soldiers and you can use mediating use pipeline use all these other things and I think that's a huge part of all of the sort of the double-edged sword on these committees of choice that it's wonderful that we get to to the choices and it's also scary the now this is amended adding by the fact that at least 1 we can't . ruby in the west in the early 2 thousands no 1 can Rubiaceae 1st thing everyone in the community at the time they were refugees clicking on the humanities of repressive nature that I will not name John I and I remember I showed up the 1st um Ruby Conference I and I think there was like 30 or 40 people there and the Masson during those people obviously they came from other programs backers they weren't first-time programmers and they had people will be because the attractor states of the and in those
days it was enough just to stay and be easier will be similar to what we never said respects argue that of millions and that all this is a bad that 1 I he is on some block because don't for necessary words that people use about j to be right no 1 was like hey you should use logic because of the of the year I think that was part not part of the the sales material so just saying those things and talking about those outcomes and as he had attraction rank because they were in contrast to something else 1 now wall not so much if you know the basically any open source of language a framework to then go to the website they will all playing the same thing they're all playing that is easy that is fun that it's simpler on has become better now and quantized to play these outcomes because anyone can say and it's not like it's a protected title right that latent say was easier than what that question is usually another post process we sort of in the early days of rain easy because we had this bear with again John and we could say like forget that XML did you know that that is 4 thousand 1 there are certain easy obvious Charcot and that such true more right today there's lots of other communities that can legitimately claim many of these imbalances client-server I during rounds which brings us back to
this 0 my god our pick again right we in some ways were minerals in Room in particular was always the language of choice but the choice was much easier the choice today is significantly harder the the Board of the 1st time made this choice recently they were faced with a much much tougher and choice because everyone is saying everything is easy everyone has his major acts on their credit right I'm no matter pretty much which environment whether your picking PHP here pi bond a job distribu whatever all these it it domains they could say the same thing they do using this is easier on all these wonderful apps all this web scale that's happening in our community and charity Jews but this reminds me of an
back in the mid nineties when were we wish just getting creative I was just getting into the where and when the 1st thing I got into that meant was Usenet so Usenet was basically the comments section before the common sections I online discussion groups of people terrible sorts and at that time my reason for getting into programming was I was interested games writing about games and Rio Indians and something making games on so when this group called all consul and 1 of the main things on all consul was the famous consul wars the where people are arguing which is the better machine was the places in water was the center said here with Nintendo and to support n I want a lot the spectating that spectacle the main thing I learned was no 1 ever fucking changes the mind about anything in online discussions on forms right I know I never would like only have that's a really good point of Robert playstation by your side a set instead but is never happened right when he had these threads will go on for weeks or years even and repeat over and over again because all these proponents of the individual platforms at these really um for problems which are of wider sectors and is the best and the idea was that they were using were just loss of because you're all technical and which meant they were all pretty much bullshit the argument would go like and you know the audio chip on the set set have like 16 channels and the 1 on the placement unit 12 12 channels on neuron mechanism that can ship machine right and so would you need a Schematron where you go like Pap drop down 16 well 950 Paul going to 2nd what 1 wants a million ball gun 6 uh 2nd right and you think like they legitimately spot every time they play that trunk eye-catching now you can only accept the truth but my system is better and you have to switch tomorrow of course no 1 did that right because consuls like a lot of use for programming languages and frameworks bring not about the technical here the rubber gains the rod what people make with that our and about the versus on that because these are just 3 similar machines even though they are so in many ways and so on the technical spec anything that there was this was quite similar but they were so very different the kind of person who like you know she and model the Nintendo right in really matter whether the PlayStation and another 4 audio channels that was not there motives of thinking jumped if we can convince anyone to either pick another consul or pick another programming language environment based on these technical specs based on the underpinning signs of the solution in most cases or less there these edges what can we use what can use to invalidate our own choices and feel good about that we make the the right 1 the fits for us what are the games and the philosophy of the appropriately this well
even now a lot of these programming languages are very alike and I'll do some contrast in person in the 2nd there are also quite different the belief systems that underpin the choices that we make the features that we implement the API is how we structure the cold how'd for related the division of found the systems in which Johnson how large all these choices cloning and stem from something deeper they come from belief systems and sometimes when that really well on Windows Server implemented sort of fully in all out you can just see them in the code here so a great quote by Africa MOU on and novel is never anything but a philosophy expressed in images and in a good novel The philosophy of disappeared into the images again is completely true of programming languages and frameworks as well when there is an underpinning philosophy and when there are some underpinning values to drive the development of these systems you can see them in the core of but Libor novels it's kind of and you know to add thank you all this is an issue you would do a full textual analysis of a given the and programming language or framework to figure out where these values actually resonate with you right to be nice if there was something a little more concrete they didn't just have to derive from 1st principles 5 review coder immunity and so on I and mean put when those
big states down early which put it on the map an ending state that big value was that it was going to be optimized for programmer happiness there is a specific Goldman that have creating Ruby and at the time we announced that that sounded ludicrous no 1 was talking about program In that sense now of course as we talk about a lot of these things like happiness served clarity years in places of that pattern in modern type a lot of people talk about these things in the same way so that 1 out I think actually will be is not doing itself fully justice but I lacking this elaboration of the values and principles on going other languages did l and this is the standard Python which is so uh have 20 from 10 peers in 2004 explain some of the specific values and principles of drive pi bonds and when I was about finding this was both on the 1 hand I could see why there are at times cultural similarities between Python Ruby I can also see why we told you disagree in a lot of ways so in some ways of reviewing this and applied on was a way of rhyming and the areas of of of these of these out beautiful is better than out 1 OK warning the 1 thing about belief systems and and values is all i so I want to say the opposite it that's coming out like a major element of going resonate with someone who's going to say of the is better than we have all while again made the job of people but let's leave that out of the the creation of a 2nd and the next 1 is much better because the next 1 as real opposition it's a explicit is better than a implicit now if you read that just in the water contact them just by itself but also sounds like beautiful but look I actually that the Ruby usually with the opposite we actually picked implicit called a lot of the time convention over configuration is based on implicitness is based on the right the elements of of the cold inferring those runnin spelling them so that's a great point because that's a point where we differ that is a is true in general around his numb when symbol is better than complex again not a lot of people would say the opposite on job a joke the flat is better than this said above a blog readability counties of about our own and there should be 1 and prefer only 1 way to do this I love that because that was the 1st piece of philosophical nuggets I got from the pilot unity and again on the face and it sounds reasonable but the more I dug into the more I realize that I don't agree at all I think there should be 1 which of those things I think the beauty of movies that we have partnered million ways to do the same things I start up contextual right right when we place the conditional at the beginning of the and those to you step 2 years or less to replace it at the end of the place and start was a lot of a lot the subtleties for you to begin to that gives Robbie its beauty that's where this becomes even more interesting to me is that these belief systems are interlocking and interdependence because they're often in opposition really say beautiful is better than ugly and you also say they should only be 1 which do things to online guilt tension tha so by reviewing the Python did learn a lot about the kinds of people would be attracted to buy no Python joke here because I actually complete respect someone would look at this and go that's me like this Tony resonates with me I want right title as a fully respect surprise people like me you go like now I don't wanna do things this way these are not my values I cannot adopt this and that is why Python doesn't work for me it's not about the our invention meaningful invention is not about these specifics because each individual specific Zirconolite 16 channels audio resist shell 12 channels Audio yeah you can have an opinion and those particulars but they all derived from a core base of principles In it should did all the way down to now is it becomes much easier to decide so last year it was last year in which standard for I tried to remedy that for a little bit i'm by coming up with the Ruby or sorry the rails doctrine 8 % of the principles and values that I felt best expressed is I after 14 years is still continue to love working really rounds number 2 here convention over configuration is what the the direct opposition to i explicit is better than implicit that's what I love about I love to compare these values systems in these principles between different communities because that's what we find the dividing points that's where someone can go look at those inserted z and that has some experience in some exposure to the theories of what is for me where life the great thing about enumerating these principles enumerating found something like a real doctrine is that while 1st of all and makes it explicit I was means that attackable right we can change this we can reflect on it we can see whether it fits we are not at I wish I can add jot this down 10 years ago because it would save a lot of meaningless debates 80 especially in the early days of the rest room here we have a lot of clashes all were fundamental principles such as how big of a surface area should not be that for some people having a very small surface area was really important as in having just 1 way to do things for me it was not born of all and I is a bit unclear when the effect of action controller has a clear and the public that that's maybe that's not concern I have is some part of the values of the doesn't like any of these things we have that to get these other things that we care about anomic other menu convention over configuration of the server purpose so if I share the purpose when you and he should understand on coming from right there's a lot of these debates I all the they're all debates about tactics wrong debates about like ocean we do addition we do that and they very rarely like the consul wars were sold themselves but people being could persuaded by just purely technical arguments if there's not a shared sensor values of the not shared base for us to um form these opinions from within came running around circles now you
know they're obviously by phone or also were particularly pioneering enjoying down values for technical endeavors and this is the manifesto for the adults suffer the developed um I think is published in 2002 that the 1 hour a bunch of the following of you can always call that the signiory they tolerances on the the the 2nd to top left and 1 thousand this group a bunch of these people attitudes influence on the were various community and were present at this meeting with cited basically to encode their values browse supplement volume issued she was it and this is my what by me not just the Agile Manifesto but at that conference in 2003 this single most influential speaker there for me it was scanned back talking about extreme program extreme programming truth and tumor is also quite streaming out of spells out exactly it's I values principles and practices basically the same programming book is a is a manifesto in the sense that this this is not too much about specific techniques although those practices and there is more about those values the more about this this principles which brings us to the whole 1 of these part the point 4 . 2 this all exercise trying to uncover what our values are and what we believe and we don't believe is that it gives says a foundation to plant roots you can't let roots in features you can't plant roots and easier In faster there's nothing there is no psoralens what all the down would you can't when you say is philosophy in on you can say this is me there's longevity in and in a lot of people who stuck around in the rails community again I'm not stuck around just for those of sillery benefits of all I'm more productive more this is easier now they stuck around because the values resonated with them tha which is how animals are counter to another prevailing role on look I should say in in the separate development world which is that the no matter I find is a lot of your worship around people who were in programming languages in 7 needs and everything is just syntax and move freely for 1 world to the other and like I don't really care which specific and and I'm just a programmer In 1 essentially issue the 1st time it or hear from them inflation should be tied to anything what what what I actually a main source of that inside you feel the are open is we have to follow and of fear uncertainty and doubt comes from the fact that if we have no roots it is all blow away so actually taking of roots actually taking on even an identity from ocean same proudly I'm a Ruby programmer is not a bad thing I find quite the opposite by lot be more very afraid perhaps because they've been told that might well programs combines his where as many as possible and although stages true to some extent as in the source of intellectual curiosity and expanding mind above above a lot myself final unless pleasure Wilton something specific Mission waiver but
and the In yield . com was a of the 20 century your sociologist and philosopher he has this great quote where he's reflecting on what sort of what was going wrong in society at the Germans century wide suicide rates were going out and and all these ills that all society a society lacks the unity based upon the commitment of men's well to a common objective then it is no more than a pile of saying that these jolt the slightest of will suffice to scatter this is exactly why we need those who as a counter to that as counter that modern rootlessness almost is moving around constantly Aisha's following the neck shiny thing as soon as the points maybe if we have that if we dare say this is where I stand if we bear their say these are the rules that I have is the things that I believe that and yep everything is eventually up to reconsideration of but not sort day-to-day basis right like the values of prominent values if you changing them every 48 hours then you also have a chance
to give counter so so while to without early 20 I World up to this morning this cynicism that everything is amazing and nobody's happy where else has never been more amazing than it is right now we have never had is better remember had more people caring about making it better and yet this rootlessness is in society often means is exactly to use OK and so that we have this 1 that everything is so wonderful and walk around the text constantly not not a great place to be and also the
the er the antidote to the fear of missing out if you actually have rules if you have a whole war it you're probably not going to be as likely to be caught in the scare about missing up Frank issue-based yourself in something that's deeper than just easier set of features that could be duplicated or change tomorrow about so as everything you through all this sort of looking for her for inspiration of other places to see the similar of through reports and so on and it I think 1 of the wonderful things about computer science and programming general being so it's a young discipline is that get to build upon wonderful thinking from other disciplines that went before so Christopher Alexander for example is the architect famous for Pattern Languages of of build buildings was a huge inspiration for were power languages and software the agile movement for 1 of the can back and work on it and took a lot of inspiration we from that of the wonderful when I about belief systems I'm about to interlocking values the help guide us well what a thing about I think that the original full-stack belief systems the religions religion as thousands of years of perfecting trivial creation thousands of years of perfecting his ideas of committing to a set of values and principles and practices to give you this to create communities based on kinship of the mind not just consider supplied for other uh earlier ways of of how groups to organize themselves and figure out like comes synonyms out and and server funny realization for me because I may be as I don't believe religion in that sense why do believe miss things that work and I think religion works when it comes to all these elements that we've been talking about right and talk about the lack of we're getting rooted American values of committing to something on of being stable in in a book by not being sort of consonant for something then when I like to about religion is this rich history of the pattern language a religion there were rich history of the recap pillars 1 of my favorite things in programming is naming both because it's far and also because really rewarding of carving out a constant giving it a specific name that sort of seeing that complete world spin up around well religion is then that better than anyone names I is evocative absolution salvation Sin it just sounds good right this is someone thought about this for a couple of thousand years and the things that that I came out at the other end of pretty bad I gotta say a lot of respect for the for that whole process having a lot for us in other communities and specially in proper world to work from that so I sort of thought quickly for like 1 of the main things they take away from that were some of the examples that I use what when I want I really like and is this notion of patron saints people set out specific examples for this group that really represent the values in our own a assign a life how others should be in the a think that
to pay to favor patron saints of the review community there are wide lucky stiff the patron saint of we're army whom wrote a on introduction into Ruby that included things like chunky bacon an arguing cats and was 1 of those having 2006 early this initial pieces of we going to be like community while were known to be we here because why the largest step is we're in critical I unfortunately I think this is also part of the interesting thing is that they're not here anymore so why Maloney stiff retired from public life Ruby life and means in 2009 but I certain encourage you to know about this work it's deeply inspiring on the other page and say that I will really years Jim Warwick the patron saint of 1 I've never seen anyone In light of in their eyes like when he was telling someone about a new idea and when he was teaching quality community about the things that we do here i is also the creator of rank and down below there a bunch of other tools on as is exemplary of of leaning on that pattern language of religion to identify things that matter to us in the war well language religion low-cost
it's kind of effect right I did not all other people's and tried to all of it and it doesn't have to be that way the right we can still someone in read the real structure and going on yeah I like but these things Ptolemy this 1 thing you not too much and some people just fine rent this solve afraid even if you don't eat every single fucking bitch has being search on and the souls of differences as sushi preferred versus a type of value above provides for the point difference I mean and the only people try to sort the button everything are the fundamentalists and I don't think the battle was formerly fundamentalist is generally not a word you say embracing notions found ch but the 1 that really gets me the 1 I've been struck to the heart of I want to give this topic effect in ideas for which had approved of which you may not ever be able to have proved I think is underpins all other things that we argue about in in technical communities we argue about a whole lot of ideas and principles and practices for which there will never be a final answer for which you will have to rely on phrase to get something out of it and then go straight to the core of this identity crisis that having a lot of programs have were on the 1 hand they see themselves as computer scientist and I've gone through computer science degree and the other hand are constantly faced with the fact that the big questions in software development for not about the size that we can sell the while ago which was the better sorting other words not a major source of contention these things when you should use bubble sort or not the answer no and we're and then enter a long time ago the focal point of attention where we have the battlegrounds of principle the practices around take the basic ideas like to I call this that in
2014 and this was said talk back again when things I sort of use this as a way sworn in on and on and or plane principle was to was of faith based I the methodology and I use that and I remember the wrong integer and come to a little bit regret that because as I realize all these things in diamond rails doctrine narrow pretty based where are gonna have any final prove they're not sort of an experiment that we can 7 reason we run an income to conclusion which is definitely better or not better send us a TDD same goes for a lot of stuff a methodology that it this is subjected set well to science it subjected self well to controlled experiments the that mean is not important of tha static typing static typing versus dynamic type I think that is 1 of the we've been at this for what 30 years maybe all over on that worked through on entire now study done on island entirely you get result something about 30 years later need is not going to solve right Riemann and come to a conclusion of like all programs henceforth should be either in the types of dice because it falls back to the values that people hold different values and income to different conclusions on questions like dynamic versus static typing based on those values immutability functional programming right now is also right it's 1 of the classes when they have you been doing what you Göteborg undergoing while did I miss the boat here Chase which all I ship to functional programming low immutability make pure and happy in a responsible adult this is probably not I think that's is none of them were at the age of idea all these ideas of work not only of a writing that the most important ones as I said these are the ones where it actually interesting to near terribly where you land up yourself with is not a uniform answer you are forced in some ways to choose the same goes for really we have this obsession rewire this obsession that beauty is the promise of happiness than writing beautiful code itself is something we should do not because it's more productive I don't mean that as but it's fair to say some of the opposite but simply because that's that's my right my faith is in beautiful golf that's why I derive a huge part of my happiness to this resonates perfectly read some I think the conclusion areas is when we look at these major questions of programming life and suffered communities I we have to look to face so if the reactant values to a there's not going to be the possibility of an experience that men can conduct and come to a final conclusion look at so why go through all this right like what With this during going to take us and for me and history is not only a
as a bowl of water as a strengthening of the balancing vases the Windows gusts of wind coming not just from all new things popping up of from daily life and daily absurdity I have some balance I have some way of not being knocked over is falling down from the wire um reasons
and another quote of for Albert who nonsense face-to-face with the rational he feels within a the longing for happiness and for reasons the absurdist born in this confrontation between the human need and you reasonable silence of the world you can replace some reasonable silence of the world with unreasonable silence of the computer very easily and you can replace all of this
absurd with some of these things that we do all the time like shaving the active right we set out in the morning with these grand and aspirations of do good day's work and 15 minute into and some transitive booking dependency broke and his men and enough that got they try to fix that any got no further on your original task if you like to know completion this is completely answered you trying to make a change only here because someone Brogan began 5 steps down you're forced to spend your entire in strength that's enough to drive most humans now I and its intrinsic in the moment its intrinsic we can understand that's right we can try but I've been into rather more likely that we simply come to terms with the fact that the absurdities particle you lots of programming this is patently absurd and assume we accepted better of law and not just on the technical side of things it's also known we
trying to do yeah I Lampedusa right not just a joke you don't even need to bloom of points line you just show the image I but in an inducer right like bacon working for think 1 3 years and part of that was a fair number of stop the moment and sums of those suffer the lovers were tasks with the fact that building a system that would check the barcode basically India and the food and make sure that it was valid food and there have been it's been recall paperwork the that when imagine sort of the absurdity of working with something that has so little meaning will never really be used in any reasonable context I like that's what you have to look back were velocity once they have that's what I had funded juice road spinach omelet died uh line this so depressing in and I don't just we now have to threaten to 0 because there's a little juice Serono and we are working on features and systems from time to time but in up not mattering in all the number of features I build a base camp where talking spent 2 weeks the little the way to conclusion and Jason says yeah like anymore a lot of data and a lot of absurdity in what we're trying to implemented where it just as knowing where we have nothing to show for it and if you again if you don't have some rules to base that into the red sensing and give yourself an acceptance the larger world that's going to be really depressing fancy lots of programmers both through this with the bus the act or work nodes of
the bus and ship and at the end of it they go like narrative about programming being I'm not too happy with the new 1 is is not graphs with a cigarette it I same thing
when entropy if you have this belief that you can keep the ice due perfect decision taken out of the fridge you will eventually end up in a puddle this appointment lots of programs around this exact notion that we can maintain these pristine systems if we g youth arise architecture about and then there's the system then 5 years old the we just use micro-services it was the the ice cube the beautiful ice cube NanoDrop would fall another this is this quest causes
to group USA then we can somehow fix your source that there will some day be a day were known forevermore shall have to shave the ad because he's 1st he is tracing some and transitive depends in a pro and my right to print is not happen even tho I have a very long time to take a programming out of programs but the programming in the absurd and important thing is to
learn men but 1 element not see this perfect here that's nowhere to be found and this bound to disappoint you I mean and
and there's a lot of different ways of coping with that of certainty and Mr. Peter but from Beaugeant Jackson as this red called but the key to be happy is the search for meaning is just to keep yourself busy with on nonsense and eventually you'll die and we use a 1 way of denying the absurd and this distracting yourself and then you that I in battle early another 1 is
to pretend that the absurd is actually I sergeant in part for millions a day and Marine Corps is when a band of armed every meal the bank whenever paycheck a fortune every formation of parade I love the I have more sympathy for that I think this is more of a little optimistic and way of the world was still a denial of certain still 1 that's going to lead to the point which she will make up in 1 day you can tell yourself that's lodge on the table from the banquet and also new willful book now I think that down can you know and the myth synthesis is much closer to where we need to end up to embrace the absurd that we will role of rock the every day and every nite will fall by out and it wouldn't come to accept that that is useful to you a lot of programming work is rolling a optical and watching all know next day it's a lot easier to cope with that we can embraces absurdity and we can embrace the details and like all like to reflect the different parts of the modern today just the rule what will solve all down but that's OK they would be better off and finally I if we can
accept then anyway I computer scientists and none of the people in this room who work on real of would move around with the fine during anything bad resemble signs most of the time so I think we'll be better off if we accept that is the passions of dry was most of its not the Paschen series images the elephant and logic reasoning is the writer with your local ride a lot of the time you along for a ride your societies your offered ride would you insecurities here the ride the absurdity of what it is that we do but this you stand a chance so last if you find solace in your roots if you find something you think they can learn to cope with where the theft now the SFS
so the ch un ts