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Understanding ‘Spoon Theory’ and Preventing Burnout

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the and here
and I know hi thanks so much for I talk and it's called there is no spoon understanding so theory and preventing burnout on a
couple things about me my name is Jameson by commenting on them here as he sad from Buffalo New York which is the home of bad
sports I'm really happy to be here and the it's the 1st time I work for agonists where based in Brooklyn New York in we do farm management and data data software for in your friends in greenhouses which is really cool any environments bash my slides their and 1 other thing I wanted to introduced by
myself rates beginning this is something that go into further in the rest of the talk but I like to kind of get away I'm transgender specifically identifiers genderqueer on non binary on the the services find if you know what that means that basically means 3 things number 1 don't identifies the there on a man or a woman on number 2 I use the neutral pronouns they and number 3 have really great here
it up I wanted to I like the rings of at the beginning even on a talk more about it with common occurrence diversity because I know people like life to you and at some like this and if you want i t that's over cool but just you remind my promise needed the I both segments Monday that so here to
talk about so what is being very i it's basically a social metaphor that refers to how much energy we have in a day to do things and this is both physical and the mental emotional energy In the sperm itself is the unit of measurement that represents that energy so what do you notice about these versions there's 6 in 6 is kind of an arbitrary number but the key here is that it's finite you know there's that some useful and you have however many and that's that's the limit that somebody have I 1 theory was eventually was originally coined in an essay on was published in 2003 by a woman named Christine Trentino who suffers from lupus and she kind of came up with this metaphor to describe her life as some of the chronic physical illness but she had a good friend to you know she confided in about what she was going through and who accompanied to doctors appointments and things like this and so she got a thought all my friend has an idea of what it's what it's like for me living with this disease but the problem is that you don't have it in an extensive yourself actually really hard to know what it's like and so this is a quote from her original I wanted
something for her to actually hold for me to then take away since most people get sick feel a loss of life they once knew if I was in control of taking away the spins than she would know what it feels like to have someone or something else in this case lupus being in control this blueberries kind of referring a lot
look invisible illnesses and 1 way to think about that is like if you have a disability there might be something that you just can't do you know you just have those limits like for example if you're in a wheelchair and you can't really walk you know you wouldn't be able to take a staircase acute need to have accessibility accommodations in order do that but you know nobody in their right mind would go up to some in a wheelchair umbilical why you just taking the stairs can someone Daedalic everyone around be like while where huge church the lake that's a really obvious case it's not always so clear-cut obvious like what if there was someone who had a prosthetic leg and you'd see them take the stairs before but then another day they couldn't do it aren't you like you might not even know that they have a prosthetic leg and then it's going to be way more tempting via be like well you do before working you do it now even they don't actually know how much energy it's taking them how much pain they might be in the county school and they have to use to go up the stairs you can't know me spend some else has just by looking at them and what happens when you run
out a said the refinery and an the key to that is give a certain amount to spend them like you could hit 0 and once they're gone they're gone it is prescribed by the king crying
breakfast presence and you can borrow axis spoons it from yourself sometimes if you run out but there consequences to doing that I like to use
video games described this is a lot of us like video games and energy mechanics are pretty common ingredients it's a very solomatic to students so this is from 1 of my favorite games starting value which is a farming simulating because all I think about this forming and how but as you can see in the bottom corner you have this energy by so when you wake up in the morning it's green you have the full energy in you go tend to Europe crops and then you 2
other things and it's lessons in the yellow and the day goes on and it's an
orange and then maybe at the end the day you're
going to have a drink in new energy is really lots in the red the so I have doesn't work and certain valley this mechanic is if you want a better right now we're energy was this little red you would wake up the next day and you have the big green by like in the 1st slide or he could going it will let you like go below the bottom of that energy near if you do that then when you wake up the next morning you're not going to be a volunteer in
you're gonna already have your bar partially depleted and like you gotta do you you farming to do that work to do so it's like really hard when you're not starting out the full amount good the it is blown theory facts
I think everyone we can benefit from an understanding of the theory of this user
Indians talks about the idea that like healthy
people have un unlimited number of students and
I don't think that's true because Spencer energy and nobody has
an unlimited amount of energy but the key here is
that like an average healthy person
probably has enough that they can get the average
day without having to ration a really think about it the
on but I also don't think it's just the chronically
ill and like physically disabled
community that can benefit from this metaphor the
mental illness community has already started to use
this is like a communication technique and I also
think that they're like marginalized groups of
people that it's a good way to
express the discrimination the comes along being part of those communities to it gives us a
shared language this is my favorite thing about something you
know where you don't talk about some pretty heavy stuff and
men that stuff that's like cards talk about like
it's hard to go up to some you don't know that well the Boston say like and having trouble with my
health the but if everyone knows
spoon theory and as familiar that language it's
much easier to say all I can really do that I don't have enough students today makes hard
conversations easier it gives us a greater empathy for
others even if you're not struggling with this maybe you can have a better understanding of how other people might
be struggling In a gives us a better understanding of our own limits which is really important to on my
talk about like the 3 communities that I mentioned and some of the ways that spoons are expended on just as a copyedit Chile defined for everybody you know there's lots of different disabilities disease it is that people have a lot of different March trees that have different problems this is kind of generic for people with physical illnesses and disabilities you know constant pain is really exhausting I feel this is an obvious 1 it's really important as say being pain makes literally everything you do harder and like with the so many things you do every day they're part of a routine we don't even think about them but if you have a condition that is you chronic pain like you can't not think about those things everything is harder on personally have struggled with intermittent chronic back pain and like the fact that sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't really highlights this idea that like I'm taking for granted the fact that when I'm not having pain I can tie my shoes and it's no big deal but then it can feel insurmountable at another time the emotional drain of warrior mean when your sick that's like a really heavy burden on your shoulders to think about reduced mobility decreased accessibility of places this is another thing that is makes it hard to do daily activities would go places and if you need special treatment special accommodations you know that can garner unwanted attention which is also really stressful and frequent health care I mean healthcare is great because it helps us manage things we've got going on analyze their health but it can also make you we like think about someone who's going through chemo they need that to to manage their illness but it's taking up a lot of the spoons right there mental this is a similar in many ways to the
last slide because like mentally ill people are also chronically ill but society treats it ought to 10 so I think there's different things to talk about Hansen emotional distress is also exhausting like this should be obvious because everyone's had some crap emotional distress and it's very awful the being told to get over it is kind of what I was getting at when I say it's not treated the same and this kind of this weird perception that people with mental illnesses should pull themselves out of it and get over it and it's not treated as a disease in the same way I being told to get over it is a huge burden because people are putting taking the burden and bring it back on you expect you like minimize your own struggling and it also can cause people to 2nd guess their right to even be sick like if people tell you you're faking for long enough you might start to feel like you are a faking like it's some sort of failure on your part there then you have a disease the and it can
be socially ostracizing partially for those reasons partially because some of the symptoms I can tell you often a support network or make you be perceived as like selfish for flaky and also because some something's there's socially taboo in and of themselves eating disorder and there can be a physical aspect to I Dynodex a really hard to describe by at a kind of trying to 1 of the most visible things that ever happened to me you know I feel lost feverish on heavy breathing high heart rates and handle hyperventilate falling Osherson himself throughout its very very physical and it it looks scary from the outside like it looks enough like I'm having a stroke procedure that I have to warn people in my life like no it's OK you don't have to con but the point is like it's really serious and can really scary and marginalized groups then less
common to apply certain theory too I think it really works in is relevant the it turns out being discriminated against sup and if you'd experiencing that every day you know racism homophobia transphobia whatever is starting a day from a place of the teacher I think I'm emotionally dealing with the political climate has been hard for a lot of people really but for marginalized people it's on even worse so it's really exhausting to watch the news every day and the bad news about on your rights and people you know getting murder committing suicide it's so tiring in such a burden and then people expect you to talk about it because it's like a minority in each type of minority issues even if it's like not something you wanna talk about or even think about arm as non-binary person have to justify my existence a lot of them have to explain to people what my mining means all the time I don't mind doing in theory like I have everyone knows and I think everyone should know and the easiest way is for me to tell them but sometimes there's like a subtext where I don't do a good enough job explaining it then they're nothing except the explanation in the like nothing except me so it ends up feeling like I'm begging for peoples approval by educating them In my gradations thing that I've literally done entire talk about salt try not to be to London on but basically my aggression is a scary word and but it's kind of less bleedin examples of discrimination that are often coming from like well-meaning people that don't wanna be jerks don't realize it something that if it happened to you once it would be annoying get over it but since it happened so many times it becomes more and more hurtful like a mosquito bite on fewer examples of my progress and every marginalized with people has deals with different ones the you don't sound black I think we all know why that's like not cool things said anybody helpful hey Ulick transgender OK how to use the usual the and for people I am with the different think backgrounds all where you from anyway the Chicago where you really from Japan on this 1 is for like lesbian couples whose entire new relationship nobody been realized to that's covered the means and for women in tech and attack attending tech events or you Secretary no I would use as non-technical I wonder why so is it was like a mosquito bite like if someone had 1 mosquito bite they complained about it you might be like well commands swung mosquito right but I didn't get that by mosquitoes the same right and if you're covered in those bytes from head to toe all the time like yeah in your right to complain about that because that sounds awful the I wanna do a short exercise come about the going through an average morning from the perspective of a few different people and see where students might get spent again just an example but I think there's something to be said for and so here's our control group learning the average morning for like a healthy best person get not getting ready in committing to work in getting the work nothing special you know
nothing crazier overly difficult you might lose a Spooner to answer a deal potentially like initially crowd on the train you get to work in the elevator's broken into the stairs you of shapes you pain they don't rally 3 months you pretty much that control that now let's imagine that
you have been illness they could you chronic pain 1st of all you start off with less spoons in the beginning because you don't sleep well you know you didn't in pain overnight again so you get out of bed and you get ready it hurts a lot said up you're getting dressed it's taking a lot longer because in pain may be taken to medications potentially some of them have side effects that even though you use to them it's still stocks that you're not just in the morning the a spending is going on that pressure at least India
commuting to work on this and that crowded subway from the previous example but you know you getting jostled initially painful every time but nobody thinks to give up the a seat for you because you're not like obviously disabled new carrying a bag in your back hurts really rust and I to work and the elevators out for you to but instead of like a mild inconveniences is a huge problem on you know climbing stairs is really hard for you but what else reading to do to get to work there's no accessibility so you climb the stairs takes you 20 minutes you have pause arrest halfway through your late for work here at your pain pain threshold and he spent a couple St internet audio the you get you relate to have time for coughing and of extra work piled up partially because of that partially because you had doctors appointments they had to take half days for earlier in the week which have almost every week so a lot of we're gonna do it again it's like
groundhog day we just have to keep living on the same day over and over and I now imagine if you had anxiety and panic disorder and this is what I'm talking about this kind of what i've experienced so what I know the oops you had had attack last nite in you went way over your capacity almond browse balloons from yourself 0 so starting fast and when you wake up know all these bad feelings for having a panic attack a kind of coming back to you at a bad hangover and than they haven't been drinking I'm also keep in mind the clinical depression is linked to like a whole long list of other our mental illnesses and disorder so it's really common for people to have to deal with that on top of whatever else specifically plagues them getting getting out of bed in getting ready having a bad anxiety data can be really hard to get out of bed and it's not just like I don't feel like it like I have sometimes really intense inexplicable fears with leaving my house even leaving my room but unfortunately that's not really something anything profit for so the have to push through in this scenario and I can drive remains ideas that you there so a crowded subway sense
kind of terrifying but it's a lesser of the 2 evils because I came to my car into anybody I 0 on the subway it's crowded your heart is racing every time someone bumps and you you feel like they're starting to panic I'm really bad days you might even feel like a paranoia that people around you were like following a tracking you somehow which is really terrifying even if it's not true the time needed to work you've already worked yourself up into a state in a feeling kind of cautious anxiety has a compounding affect once you're feeling anxious and everything around is going to make it worse even things that normally would be OK and now you freaked out your over analyzing the tone of the receptionist and she says good morning to you overanalyzing wordings near e-mails having a panic attack yesterday actually makes you more except susceptible to having another 1 today because of the stupid thing called secondary anxiety which I stupid because I know it's there even when I'm experiencing it that's like all feeling anxious who have a panic attack only got 1 of the few attack but I get itself there is about it that I work right up into it just because I don't want to have and it's something I know a stupid even in the moment but I just can't make it stop so you're losing my suspicion freaking out about nothing and if you actually work yourself all into to a panic attack it's pretty much came over and not really useful for anything else for the rest of the day the 1 more time this is the
last Groundhog Day her problem yeah member of marginalized again and you go with what I know and going to talk about what it might feel like to be transitive you have in your ready maybe you wake up a pretty good mood but then when you're brushing your teeth you know you look in the mirror and don't super recommends the person's looking back at you gender dysphoria is another thing that's kind of hard to describe and the kind of imagine if like tomorrow morning he woke up in the body of late not the gender that you associate yourself with your whole life you know every time you see a reflection or here self speed it's gonna feel wrong in its there be impossible not to notice and think about it on getting just will also be a burden by where binder which is hard to get on and some comfortable the way during the day so that's released this would say when you take the
subway any a cat called some because you freaked and you don't feel good about it 4 5 strangers possibly mission to you that there's some known about our they're not trying to be jerks and it may be feeling down that area news they passed a bill that limits the rights of transcription kids in schools and another trans color was murdered in your city over the weekend it's another can call that you felt crappy about earlier is making you feel like legitimately nervous you get to work you climb the stairs receptionist genders you again even they've told a million times the corrector again and she makes a comment about how being trans the only thing you ever talk about from but it's really hard not to think about it when it's jarring every time you hear someone make a mistake think think about the metaphor for if you suddenly woke up and everyone was using the opposite problem for you I think you'd notice every time now I get to work the feel like you have to work harder and talk
louder in order to give notice for anything you're doing which means you have to spend more students to get the same worked out I incidentally all women in the tech industry had to deal with this 1 as you can see privilege is
a big factor nobody has a limited energy nobody is the Terminator you know there's many times everyone's lives when this things going on spend more students maybe your arm is in the hospital and taking care of her it's taking a lot of energy in your really worried maybe you're in the hospital because he that's maybe of a newborn and you haven't slept through the nite in 3 or 4 months but these are definitely things that are required to spend law students the differences in these kind of things and the kind of things in the previous example of a most of these kind of things are temporary and be someone was other 3 categories is just as likely to have to deal with 1 of these things on top of all those other things and then it's just compounding so lesson here is baseless saying just as you have privilege I'm not saying that your life can ever be hard everybody's are hard sometimes but it's not hard because you have problems it's hard even though you have such the how does this affect
me I'm not accusing you of being birds rights activists although a lot of people are like cat but it depends on who you are if you're in 1 of the groups I just described I'm sure your are you managing your spoons every day on even if you don't think about it like this but I do think this metaphor is useful to help you think about it I mean it's tiring manager spoons but it's also tiring to watch other people not have to manage the spoons on it makes you felt there's something wrong with you that you have to do it I'm sitting in consciously about is a good way to start practicing self care which
is super important and actually more than this important it's like necessary at the Alliance a user field taking care of myself as a really selfish thing to do if think were trained to feel we have to sacrifice their own well-being to like please other people and especially in our industry especially in like the start culture I feel like a lot of places of a social status involved like being a martyr by the late turns out we can give anything in our lives like 100 % must make sure that were taking care of 1st and the 2 major things that help me change the way I think about it besides not about burning
our last year by my friend mary thing ball in she talked about this metaphor of putting on your own oxygen mask for you put on other things in a really change my life to think about it that way you not just helping yourself 1st because you care about yourself morning helping yourself 1st because then you'll be equipped to help other people and also this score by our
druid caring for myself is not self-indulgence itself preservation and that's an act of political warfare the way I see it as a transverse in like just existing is kind of an active political resistance arms it's kind of my responsibility or protect myself so they can keep sending up for my community and the greater I am and what I succeed the greater the more powerful my resistance is the sending in the face of like people want to fail but
an ergodic the people pictures self care like this make a chemically this but on other days it can look like this to the I
didn't art project recently where I kind of intentionally practice self-care every day for a month in analyzed how is making me feel anything really struck me is how different can look on different days like and is when I can I have enough spoons on self-care can really mean accountability holding myself accountable for doing the things I have to do in the relief I feel I I get things done but on the days you know I can't do that I don't have the spoons and then self-care can look like given myself permission to rest and forgiving myself and not everything lights to escape stock so the art of self care is kind of being able to figure out which you need at the moment at a given time in being kind to yourself long maybe not 1 of the people
in the groups I was talking about that you're employer up in employer or a manager I will guarantee you that some of the people under you are in those scripts and I hope that the exercise did going to the morning kind of made obvious why this is a huge problem linked to use see many splits over employees may have to spend before they even get started working at the beginning of the day when you want them to like FIL refreshed and ready to do stuff so it's affecting productivity you know everyone needs energy to do their best work of course it's not just work you know the whole life suffer around if we all have stressful jobs jobs they're stressfully sometimes and if you have to use all your energy to stay afloat in busy job like what's happening to your work life balance like it's destroyed so it's about empathy 2 like hopefully you care about your employees and you want them to lead fulfilling lives outside of the jobs so this is basically just a recipe for burnout the notes I'm agile
yeah this is the cherry need understand the to understand an exception my topic just going you need to know that at all but a lot of us is always a little bit of at all in a day's and I think that spoon theory an agile methodology yeah personal and collated I think a lot about velocity at work that's an intangible unit of measurement sound familiar and if you want prioritize your team dynamic like at you know you can't be a cohesive team unless everyone understand each other and that includes knowing each other's limits how can you predict velocity if you don't have an understanding of what types of things are holding some of your employees back for slowing them down obviously you can remove those high barriers losses can increase the and agile methodology says that your employees a number 1 resource I believe that and if you also believe that you should be really focused on treating them well and making sure that the OK of the I so maybe have convinced you your like Jaime I'm at but how my suppose depicts the maybe have employees that had illnesses entire lives are like they're experiencing systematic racism analyze like how am I can fix that for the obviously nobody expects you to do that by when he talked about here really talking about levels of burden and there are definitely things you can do is an employer to lessen people's burdens you have to recognize that their health is more important than the work and this is the model thing again the reason that such a pervasive idea because a lot of companies encourage it but it's not healthy you expect your employees to think of work is the most important thing in our lives provide adequate health care for them not only is being sick tiring that's also really expensive and really stressful so good health care is going to help people manage their disease that's also going to give them peace of mind which is gonna help conserve energy also she mental illness is an illness on his approach at UC San freaking out about something you think is nothing they wish that they freaking out more than you wish that they were fishing out because it's more of a burden on them that is on you it and make accessibility priority you nobody wants to be an afterthought making employees comfortable going involve considering what means they might have before they have to come and ask you for special considerations you know if you're planning your office planning events and thinking of about accessibility it's gonna make everybody more comfortable it's not going to make people feel like they were called out because they had to come ask you change something on accessibility here is like a huge umbrella that is also a whole other talk on the like some of the things and thinking about ah access to your building also cilities on appropriate bathrooms at a big thing in the trans community but also for people with mobility issues in like huge cholesterol arouse calm of having gender neutral reference of ascribed and transportation considerations and the events that employees can enjoy like not everyone has funding physical activity is and some people have special diets some people can drink alcohol some people have extreme social anxiety and social events are mandatory imperial stresses so just think about it this is
basically all about keeping he was needs in mind and you do stuff you made only give the impression of special treatment for certain employees but you know some people just need different considerations to perform at the same level fair is always equal the will of this graph
and like if someone who has a chronic illness is late to work a lot or a miss is more work than some analysis millenium with them there are given special treatment you know you're giving them a consideration they need to be able to do the job they
also keep in mind when you're looking at the work you know someone is as productive as someone else it's not doesn't necessarily mean that they're not as smart or not as hard working it could be because they have barriers caused by the situation but this example that I wanna use because it's really really really relevant but I do want a preface it a little bit because this kind of this current trend and I haven't seen unlike medium where a man or a articles it's like I pursues the woman and now I believe in sexism but I did before and it's annoying a lot of people because it's like why can't we listen to people without having to experience everything for ourselves free believe it but still use this example because it's really go we did an experiment for 2 weeks the switch names I signed all client e-mails Local and she signed as me folks at Buckingham sucked I was in hell everything I after suggested was questioned kinds I could do my sleeper condescending where the mass of o single the goal of the most active week of her career I realized the reason she took longer is because she had to convince clients to respect the point here is that you might not even realize that kind advantages you have over other people and that's what empathy and see no he'll and empathy by doing this experiment but if we could think more about what other people making going through maybe we could learn empathy on before we get to this point check
company culture is a phrase that time-asynchronous sometimes because it's like really often used as an excuse to justify some of the crappy things I've been talking about like non tolerance and making people work too hard but you can promote company culture that is accepting and his empathetic so how do you do that a actions speak louder than words it's not enough to just say that you want a good culture you have to actually do stuff to back it up up until short story about where I work analyst and on my 1st day I was really nervous everyone as early as trans when I joined areas and everyone knew it was the acceptance I wasn't too worried the still look worried and was filling OK burka my 1st day In ones payroll form there was like a gender question had 2 options and as a whole and not to do so I e-mailed my boss at the CEO of a company my my 1st day of psychoanalysis Lee suicide but had as I can go to a boxes to collect on do and surely there and 1st she was like no all I'm really sorry it's really crappy that they only have to like it's 2016 if you have more blissful pretty good as of OK she agrees with me she knows I'm coming from but then she said In fact under the e-mail China right now and tell them that I don't think it's right but they only have to that they should have more heads I was like whoa like you 1 of the fundamental with that and it made me feel like I was merely safe working for her don't Amanda minorities do all the diversity work and I think this comes from it's not coming from a crappy place like I think if you want to do better it seems like obvious to go ask Margolis people like edge cumulants how can I do better but the problem is that a lot of people just like all about the day that demons were free work when they're already having trouble managing their spins so it's not always like a cool thing to do to dump them on them and kind the exception I really like that it talks about in a like to talk about it I like when people's any questions I can help them by some kind of an exception and I don't want people to think that because was OK for me OK to do that to strangers so I always make this caveat the do listen to underrepresented employed as they tell you stories have to believe that and there's a culture of people not wanting to come forward and tell about how they've been like harasser discriminate against the feeling it's not really taken seriously and the best way to combat that is it has always taken ruined seriously on the family joke intact that all women in tech know each other and it's a little bit true in the sense that means that words travels fast like if you're a jerk people are gonna know the converse is also true if here really not a jerk people are also you know and is don't tolerate crappy behavior this actions the louder than words again in a different form for you know if you say you're not gonna tolerate something and then you do you're just showing the untrustworthy you care more about appearing to be that ally than actually being a good ally you know in action also speaks louder than words so think about if you're an action is saying what you wanna saying the moment inferior quotes if you're not willing to remove the toxic contributor from your project your accepting toxic behavior is a cultural norms so you have to think about how you want that's how you when we perceive and how those things linked together it's a recommended reading so this is the original swim 3 essay at the top we have an article about invisible illness is an article about diversity intact on the next is a video of the burn talk that I mentioned anything bond the last ones are relayed a video from the cerebral palsy foundation I call the clustering of rainbow bagel it's about on navigating York City uh as a physically disabled person I thank you so much and what this means
I'm trying hopefully they're beautiful flower you can
follow me and then proceed no with thank you so the were so you
might know this
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Titel Understanding ‘Spoon Theory’ and Preventing Burnout
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Abstract Spoon theory is a metaphor about the finite energy we each have to do things in a day. While a healthy, advantaged person may not have to worry about running out of ‘spoons,’ people with chronic illnesses or disabilities and members of marginalized communities often have to consider how they must ration their energy in order to get through the day. Understanding how 'spoons' can affect the lives of your developers and teammates can help companies lessen the everyday burdens on their underrepresented employees, leaving them more spoons to do their best work, avoid burnout and lead fulfilling lives.

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