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Architecture: The Next Generation
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As our applications grow, we start thinking of better ways to organize and scale our growing codebases. We've recently seen Microservices start to emerge as a prominent response to Monoliths, but is it all really worth it? What about our other options? We often romanticize leaving our current architecture situation because we believe it will cure what ails us. However, architecture certainly has no silver bullet . Beam up with me as we explore the past, present, and future of reconsidering architecture.
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svm it passed him hit a path goal so the years ago personal of my students I'm talk about of architecture and what's
coming next maybe but we need the kind you a couple of frames before we figure out exactly what is next so again I said money is the heart of diligent you can find in the in the in the high and you don't but I driven this really weird
state called Alabama and sparse being decided to move to even
stranger state called Florida cialis no doubt no they're in Orlando and loaded our on
internet I write stuff for people I coach on my personal site high until Jones and and is right about too stupid stuff on Twitter if you're interested in that too this talk is not about Star check so I apologize I have got a few things in there but we're not really talk about the whole history the sharing the current status of the side anyway I I 1
for easier I've done Orlando and lead to a lot of really really interesting stuff up for 1 we do
constant working on we also do a lot of social media general data analytics and provide enterprise solutions to our marking systems are always to say that we just have a big power data and we're trying to organize and footdrop conclusions from it but also all have these kinds of data for us in social media data I we depend on
a lot of external API solid-phase such when somewhere by any kind of popular social never got there were trying to mind metrics and data from and provide that information that the folks who wanna create content so that as far as a tool that we use we use a lot as an image s I what that means is that our stack is very focused on this convention over configuration stuff but we have a lot of jobs in a given applied on the stacks as well
and then he said the balance of our stack is always changing our eyes try and look at some new thing DHH had a wonderful analogy talking about how we can try but we also swerve ever was a launch of figure out what's what's new and and why it matters this talk is the
scenarios architecture has always been a words going we're also talking about technical debt and how architecture can create a really that an idea has tentacled that by your company also has technical
debt and we had 3 100 dresses I believe architecture is the root of a lot of a technical debt and see the loaded statement acting like a new architectures the problem but it's what I'm mostly mean that it's it determines the means that a technical debt is piled up and grows so how exactly does RTG create technical debt I We have to conserve focused on building features and forget the Clipper maps and I think syntactical there's also the you this is not profitable I you start our stocks I would go up overnight because we sever addressing technical debt people as the feature should be 1 of the exciting things they wanna see I Weber's new in high but had things always
been this way I there's modern architecture and create more debt having just like forgotten something from the old days and then we lose some sort of insight on the way and stop caring about it so the
insupportable about the past and CV and find something within their but what was early
Wedelin like well that is really hard to deploy I code organization as being consistent and the molar was licensed driven environments are also really hard to duplicate and and these problems still exist I know these things are completely solves but if you look at 5 10 years ago there were probably twice as hard as they were today 1 instances so I've been in this area the web by
this thing called rails appeared and it was
really in shame because employed this idea of convention over configuration and what that simply means is that it's it eliminates the tedious parts of development like setting up the environment scaffolding staff and allows developers to really focus on things that matter this really is an important thing for especially for products are trying to quickly iterate trying to quickly develop trying to develop new features new stuff of a door it ensure eliminates a lot of yak shaving and the world I will state the level
another processing refactored in mind I bet is a new that are very effective otherwise was on the good right we can do good refactors we don't make really bad factor amines so terrified to do their houses well this is a
Digimon cat so I don't but I we will look at how rails has of all the can understand this to the thickness of a really important patterns if you look at just over arching picture how framework is evolved
so in the origin of rails we see that is this an existing product price based off extraction based you know it has a real world use case by the fall right so the adjusted distracted rails and gone home and said you know what I did I I put something out there and that's good enough for me because it works in it's a prior to making money off of it but really helped its size Place is making an open source project and opening the commit rights to it allowing it to grow in and for other people to see that resonate with them what did I instilled probably is started growing a little bit and the I had some folks assigned to create a our framework known as verb armored was a reaction so a lot of problems in rails writers from originally built this framework and it was wholly died in a implantation where is the original rails hole was extraction of a product in some an idea as murder was saying whether to these ideas that really resonated with us and we wrote it from a clean from scratch from the start without any of the outcome in the states of the soul maybe be made along the way and that of under some speed scalability modularity an API tools so eventually morale said the merge together this resulted in rails 3 . 0 but it was a little bit messy what to say the least but I think it was also good for the region in the in the real skinny and emerging new because a united than ever a common framework a community is also a I think that's that's 1 of rails as strong as actually this is a really good she cares uh but as a result some ideas that everything above frameworks right did survive because they're very binary decisions on how to handle maybe certain parts of what was now Active record rate self
post-merger rails I begins you take some lessons in learned from the kind of having the murder had decreed in general right with the fact that with only a bit repression from the rails and their own thing and started to implement some these ideas so where things I things Lynchian rails for i breaking apart the general active libraries equivalences known genomes right in the book to new rail certain slot that use bumping as geons which is really cool rails 5 entities HEI node i which is always possible with rails it is enabled simpler right so at a time
architecture begins to come slow and messy and obtain the maintained by what this means is
that we have to recognize code smells bad patterns and other horrible things this is an easy all for to do right like it's not you never develop something and think man I really shipping some awful code and destroying the structure of my application of vanilla is not to we get down the road you looking like I wasn't a good idea you know
so uh a couple years ago I was doing research for this i this is my 1st real stoppers actually but in so long time was the 1st time caller waterways and I saw that our Robert Martin who I really admire keynote in a long time ago and 1 is due in 2010 was about the the issues that small dealt with it was also a kind of crushed that community at large and so the thing that he found was that would which was 1 of many issues that come and led to the demise of small talk to me that's really easy to make and that's this is really true for a lot of things but I think with a language like Ruby in a framework of rails would you have to be conscious of making a mess because a lot of times it can result in some really big forwards bona of so what how can we make an asthma
rails side you have mannose smells our recommended the secretion on experience but has some examples might be the lack this vision the all using draw some people might say models of the Fatah controllers achieve bigger but maybe you don't some crazy stuff on the view layer and there is a misunderstanding rails queries may be hitting the database to me times maybe not understanding what do not really erectus reviews magic and I'll I'll doesn't realize that really can be really slow if you don't use a right and a misunderstanding are just common code smells and as you know those things are not unique to really have but they nonetheless play the community so as rails grew
it begins its wrestle why issues that plagued the king the most had this involved making a framework more modular efficient and scalable right that's also what I think is led to these assessed what we have this conference in general is because the community has no say you know what like this is a problem that really frustrated with what interests it lets me for work together find the best solutions meet into the future
but despite this is rails is useful as it used to be a right they used to be the most loyal really really popular all 1 solution but another that's we're and people right want about how it's done and how it's stupid power elites be here but like is as
relevant either I is is done for them were here have been that's as have answer that but like it you notion
is all go home and news something else
but I do I talk about aging story that happened which would I in a choice states you move away from rails
I was the woman who install a hard lesson learned it when I'm looking back at the history rails so that's when something became
big deal overnight a lot you'll start using it
and it became also the poster child of Ruby on Rails a lot of ways can start using it really early on right and but eventually started a new away from rails and there's countering resident Liu TechCrunch's writing articles like 0 my gosh and away from this so crazy but the about why led to do it right this is the last speculation but what's the truth and so for what I
could gather it came to the idea of when they looked at reinventing search and which 1 was rewriting the search engine they found that they had a lot of frustration with rails and this had to do a lot with our example data how they and she would often how we called fidelity so there a Linux some slight changes in the sequel where database layer of names and things around but they also it is found that writing other languages was better from and so they started to be granted dismantled their rail stuff and it's something so in short there breaking down something bigger into some unique services that work together sounds a really familiar if you study architecture all that comes under my care services and it is totally the height trained in the that community right now and I were have to talk about because error by wants to talk about it and the self how can exactly that
they Cubbies array is elderly system either services are lighter so much better at yeah how I was the big deal with that so I have a great about using Netflix final necklace is not really use much rails but they took over really big success story in additive model services
so they have a really great architecture might then and if you if you subscribe to Netflix all you and see what they do you can find way it being a really good at delivering high-quality AC content to you wearing a world you are and so it may have invented using by however language they want to you for the smaller services and it's a early bet on right but as assessed through they're able to really still at 2 to fit the man in the world so the question comes so how do you to test all the stuff you building reputable these isolated pieces
from so this comes down to Netflix Hercynian Armenia the testing standards
but they created to exercise some aspects of the micro-services but this city enduring created a high-stakes revolvers as well several other been researching and understanding about it they basically have things they will take down production instances and the application of the not the standard this is pretty crazy because I don't know about you but I would hate to get a call I Tolley M are hosing pardon applets infrastructure because of something TypeAlign data something weird but I the created this standard allows since you I'll be able to deliver content despite those are damages inspectors hindrances which I think is super cool on the whole take away from this is saying that we change architectures are process our understanding has changed meaning that while we we train the comparably understand right so for me as a medium model a might be something else which I say you know what my services whatever might be looks a lot happier it was like a better life so they should go for the but every architecture is a brave new world in many ways it's they can be dangerous it can be dicey but if we do or we it's using her business is have lose a lot of developers and let's have a horrible time with the but so a high success stories are right with Netflix or made for defining success you read something different has at work for rails I'm so
I will talk about what it means to xt design a certain patterns in rails at so from what we have monolithic
design and while the design if you don't
know if you have a real reason about a looked into it is is basically this you have these connected pieces all of them somewhat encompassing environment and they can share data with is we chose to have pretty good knowledge of what each other dies right there are rails rails has a you can have a thing called stuff from the you where in it so controller and make database things more current stuff they all it the cool part or else right is that you're able to pass data incredibly easy not to write interface anything that's you the properly scaffold and indeed all dry your application so we deal with
malice forh rails is I think it's always few historically Towards a tendency has been a really good string that it this session we talk about the the history of early on where everything was really hard to configure I only know everything is licensed written their environments are obtained the set up an import across the but as is the subject of a lot of hate mail right as such in the modern day because might say why is a model at this Austin and I think my search stupid and people might have what they can really stupid the around medium post about it but like it you know there's so what this kind of big pieces of rough you others DHH wrote something called a majestic marvelous as this is a hey you know based on does this we really like a lot of we don't be the my 1st keyboard shots but like don't come at us when we say we use a model of and that was it but you know it turned into a whole like firestorm over few days and he got mad and said their violence is stupid but the point of
my lysosomal routine uniformity then
they also really very tight coupling so
ICF I'm had model of architecture start off with like maybe a lot of that's so what this means us is
that we learn the hard way of how to process a lover data and so as a general here that we have a lot of data in coming in and the growing amount of right with every user context or services on every business and we we were track these matters and analyze and see how well a lot of our continent doesn't we I realize a greater need for processing all this data right and I use rate tools like sigh chicken always so we do love it in their in their great solutions for dealing with that kind of stuff but we said you know what will happen if we started dabbling in some AWS right what we started maybe writing if you and those of China and so soon enough we found ourselves kind polymers where a jury were heading towards Microsoft results and this
is kind of where or what the whole idea came into my head and lab experience income below watcher of the past couple of past yourself so
remember anomalous but my research as a
car this find where they're very independent pieces of that article the clear looking are there
naturally the national more esthetic to I like of course I'd want the things as opposed to big blob it looks like some company with that and you know like I
think a lot of folks can wonder how real Spitzer that my research this some so I think the most popular usage rails with the API I I think that there are a lot of ways that you can use other assets rails that we're talking about like if you don't domain-ontology allergy minds rails right now as build API on sperm of you it's agree told to do so so so how we handle that that is we use are still a big of model like 2 rails out and we make calls AWS animal services that rebuild or any other kind services until we can go roll something at completely and Java we'll have right away and that they do everything our units so they've edges we can have developers and focused on looking at coming some more intense data privacy parkable data ScienceBlogs couple analytics developers and even relational in helping us processing cuerpos data that we have so if I things some tips so if you're a uses stable language you're taking a big bet on something right but for example I love rust I think it's a great language but I would not write my entire metrics service right so I think where I you know and I got a priori focused stylized dealing with Felix meaning that they can run Russell lower-level stuff is really great example because they're able to take a risk on a on a new language is really proven to be awesome but they're able to take a small resting kappa lies upon that if they see success in return rates of pay if they found that you extend work with give up to the gym for as opposed to putting their business owlim because they would try something new and so I look with it I'm disaster stories to tell from this kind stuff but I I I feel like a supportive what about their at so my research as a routine modularity and they're also rooted in loose coupling I know
so we have we compared ideas of micro-services mollis missing free mixing pre 90 right i'm but the more I can't resist similar to our staff and what people start after I figured out a lot of people live in between these 2 ideas right I like we have a big rails out but we also utilize my services are heading towards a journey we feel like you're gonna make it eventually having equal pieces the even all your prior in the same size right so this is
idea might serve sequences that was like this z animal if we had a services and this is what
I think of my research sequences looks like an immediate Taylor you status square behind it night this new this is stupid like you know but it is the point I'm should I see with this out we were able we have very pieces but they're all controlled by some kind of a higher being aware of and these because
this is really an modularity right we have replaceable pieces of them but they are also a little bit tighter coupled I meaning that they have a bit more knowledge of each other and then maybe the center might users might have right so if we write my research yet right you're faced understand a constant and the point getting at is that most of our stuff
exists in this space so we have smaller services that they have a lot lot more knowledge most men even know about other services and I the more I thought about I think doctor was a
great example so docking pretty small
containers right but a database and Dockery pectorales Aberdovey but your other front and services and doctors have been you end up using a tool like pose for example to control its you have to really organize all these pieces in so composes the thing that has the knowledge of all that these these smaller units from
Amazon Web Services is also a great example for you you can choose a variety of
Amazon Services and pay them at infinity how money to use them all but there is the beauty of a ADS me where I found that we love that I see it is that were able to properly I just use whatever you want it it really works so we have become automatic figures of skills so that will be used but but more so the point I saw from the now use case is that reality is very much this
kind of thing and in many ways I
believe rails is a micro service he gets there might
be controversial and the I
knows many controversial but I think that I we we have these small modular pieces right we've we've been working towards making parts the rails against this is independent so that we can easily replace that was so we can we can choose a concert everyone rails again oftentimes you insert reactor Amber angular always things it's your services and so we have this a tighter coupling as a consequence of that but were able to use rails and customize a terrible term means we can really paired up and pair it down and I think that's a soul of a lot of the the development we've scene in the rails history of things so you might say OK I I see what you you mean like this is
greatly guy I get that were amidases ecosystem and here we see model arousing might stressful what I would do it man all care we have the same is told me how to do it
and after all 1 are judges not the Orioles apps nothing as appointed a elided discourse a goes on in were really jealous about whether who's better um so say
you want out how you get out I know
this is this is the part about how the Swiss Architecture that crusher hopes and dreams and I think the 1st
step we have to do we looked at switching something new is you have to kill the height and forget about you love rails forget about you love our paper job or anything else out there you have to a dual evaluate what you paring down which switching to you have to understand that yeah history sometimes doesn't matter that's into your your lover so i'm them for notes I there's a difference to implement something in a projects that smaller and putting in production code but please realize as common notice settling Ross languages earlier that we don't want to take really big vigorous because it's a bad idea so but I think it's important to you the excited by new things but also be skeptical so you have to reset your bias something things have changed in the developed world and but also what you're doing is working this line but every method uh has a has a balance earlier because in for each group of people in the you have to think about what type of architecture also supported team size and skill sets small start out with like 3 developers don't necessarily go after building 20 micro-services right like different languages because that's gonna be really hard to maintain but I think 2nd laser pointer
finder pacing and I what I've seen is that we talk a lot about the box we say that all memory of DevOps conference party DevOps developer world demonstrates you you're done incorporated but begin you have to realize that when you change your attention deployment process development process your strong process what you have is completely getting reset for the new content to go in and out as a lead realize it I see is that we you know we want to we have a lot of developers doing different things but we have to realize that the Bells are developers and in what languages they specialize in has to coordinate i with that build the ability and the knowledge of the plane we have to go from having just like OK here DevOps guided political over ranking developing to train developers to have responsibility of the code we right so
I finally I believe that knowledge is power and uh this is rectangular this whole idea that we're not all on the same page in programming but it's always been that way even when programmers were some high a class like people that were all with the collagen have master's degrees in good outside snowman theory by in the world but we are still let people
because professionals discuss design and improve architecture Thomas at this time very holy ritual that we haven't um but what happens when these people retiring even we don't focus and frontload or knowledge our all our architecture but a that in the hands of a few people and we won and train the next generation developers to really learn how to design well right and so it is important realizing all come from different places and backgrounds and this is
the i is being of love this conference because I've network coding you get people in ever have I work with a lot messier as a great blessing and that is really cool he 1 the mutation cells take initiatives do cancer coming as a like I'm not only learning the stuff I'm going to get involved crime i
points embrace your history of many word I never feel ashamed because of what you do you are where you from doll doll ever by think a tall you that is know the college do whatever that you're not uh good developer you'll know anything because reality as I did the whole causing it to become a higher level education island a lot and loved it was great but I do think that I loved here the perspective keywords saltire with beer cans because oftentimes they're seeing stuff I don't see having exposome so how do you plan to help share
knowledge and environment and I think that I with current 6 steps all that the really good start for a trying to figure out how to design with the team and the share their knowledge I 1 being that you use you don't have to annotate cooks in the kitchen right you don't wanna have a design by committee silly that USA has been like country 3 ever taught offers together it was covered by heads heaving compass assigned a legal agreements proposes I'm by a small but diverse team meeting diverse experience and backgrounds as CYK here for all levels try workshop as diverse as possible they that feedback go back with the core team designed but in the end bring that holds onto injecting let them see that and learn from it whether they want to work here by not it's not your problem is put in front of them but try to get some feedback workshop at there once more and and bring back and say hey guys this is what we're doing we all agreed on this but we made things I can decisions because we are we are in a place were were were supposed to be because of a reason and you know all of were doing so has little chart how my work
radio small core team got the whole workshop teeny whole engineering teams to visualize that
so uh she can but literary devices bird like absolute things here right effective sovereignty Institute other my opinion that the software developers have a desire to learn right you'll always have these choose seeking up at each other I i've been part of the companies that have a lot of guys Rosa can teach well but they can Novellus allowing for maybe you this 1 a learned when I was a teacher was a kind of a this relation amount and adding hasn't been some great talks can on that sort of subjects I referred to other people they workers kingdoms was also a variety of other folks is spoken about some really great stuff as far as how do we single the same page what can we do but this distractors screen developers times that you were comfortable with being in their own environment so what I mean by that is that we have a lot of cetera but a really good at being working company acts partner sacred of concerned about growing and I think it's really important that we look at ways that we can i help teach people help them grow not you worry about where that means for us to the diversity of some bigger place like we should be a focus on making good software and teaching people and loving people well but still the periods the
rapid nature string together lot things and then here and architecture in many ways is a
house on debt powers up in different places and a good example I think it is a
spaceship Earth I and I love going to Disney I it's awesome as they and if you know about this is a big O Globo has a riot it goes all through a super cool are the problem is that it's it's a unique thing it's is following piece of architecture has no ability and Disney and if we compare the 2 year I have so we can
this so we say OK maybe like dusting clutter and all the yucky stuff and likeliness stomach collectively in this place in this very collect in display so here I um and that's OK the architecture can
sometimes be escape hatch for us to state that in Twitter's example that's why I brought it up we saw that it said you know what we can obtain cells into a corner because we have a big user of and we have all this these problems the primary right search and make it better but also a way it is easier for us to ditch rails and switch something else I
also really need to learn how to clean the house and without and maintain the house there is expensive it is a new issue ever not new doesn't mean that I use always fight the battle and then go down swinging and you know it you you need to learn how to clean up that yourself stressing host I think it's important to learn how to confront technical debt on find a
place in a process that allows for addressing debt while pushing forward features you're never going to have a time to stop development completely and work on untenable that I'm sorry to break in the absence of slowly cone realities with that Our degrees that reality but we have to find a way to do this and in a way that regular features it might take longer I but also is going to mean that you're delivering clear better features to your customers are really loves it when I have written stuff and not been cognizant of the mass and making i in the very sheet that happens in you know being proud of that because what I solve a problem with 2 I'm not getting I yelled at you know a couple external 1 because of them blew up in a person's really mad so but it's a really good incentive for me to write the clinker architecture should be comfortable but also with its after developer happiness people are to not system researchers because they would be cool croatian feel like you can switch to the dog waterfall followed trend there should be after what makes him happy and what makes you feel effective as developer this is really problem the rethinking you're right the role of the idea of Ruby is bit on developer happiness rails is that on developer happiness as if it were it's it's there were using these tools because we feel like they help us now I become better software developers are writers in doing that but because they make us happy and make work feel less like work to perfect sense so
was coming for us next right were time of the next generation with so OK we we rolled the passive role the present account talked about it current debate is raging on the western and the next I'll have a look at the slightest idea I'm so I'm sorry to give us talking when the answer I don't know what's coming next I can't predict the future but what I can say is that we look at these small pieces of history with the history of rails out of his her project you because in this back and forth between knowledge and researchers seeing the pendulum swing ever to more modular Microsoft it's like 0 I that's not the same things I you know what become more
monolith bigger anything like that but maybe this is idea whether simply coming
along that is going to completely rule our jobs and make us all code C + + the browser again I don't know and that's OK because I really like the upper right now I think is allowed for I'm really excited to learn about the past and how we got there the people and the having to deal last stuff that the police near or problems that people all but am but if I want to be a sign of the future it may be ready have writing blog posts each other about how we don't use servers anymore and were amazing any sucking you know I I don't know but that's OK I think we're ready
for whatever next as so that's I
talked I think you guys to come along and I got about 5 minutes questions surveillance and talk not we can talk later but if like house
assisting me how do like cleanup technical debt while working on beaches well I this kind of heart rate i and it comes down to changing the environment where you work for us so when you work in a company erywhere resolves consultant and but a good example I think about whether you my earlier riser and I is is the so we look to using right tests we write code then refactor and that's important pillar tedious ever looked and so I think that the cleaning botanical that should come up in the respective part honestly on which he i 9 races TD and thereby the hot opinion about it but you're t he is and the eye the the idea requires having a structured process that meaning that you're looking in the same area were designing code were writing code and they were cleaning up code and whether that means that like if you're doing pretty well chemical that any say OK well you know all take maybe I you know 2 hours at every cycle to clean up stuff but maybe when you say like OK are your Twitter in your application still beyond growth in everything's in garbage far like you might see a carriage ride despite this is much it can expand the time so right not realizing from a leadership level is like are we need to do as much as such right because we can some of our leaders of summer muscle have ability change culture it's kind of like error but our activities even time within your own specific cycles you can say you know what they can we're tried not seeded fast fossil loss clean it up and make it better so who will come down the emperor's new name more questions but the Indians parts
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