Supporting Mental Health as an Effective Leader

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Supporting Mental Health as an Effective Leader
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As the stigma of speaking out about mental health conditions declines, leaders in the programming community are are being given many new opportunities to support their teams. In this session you will learn about the issues some of your team may face both in dealing with their own potential mental health difficulties and that of other team members. We will go over ways to support both the individual and team, how to advocate for team members with mental health conditions, and resources for further information and outreach for you and your team.
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this is a and here
a lot of what is on supporting mental health and we as you see by name is jesse james @ marginal chaos and pretty much everything to reach out to me the so today what are we gonna cover
recover what the public and all those intact specifically what we're doing about it now why I'm here what we can do about it in kind of a few variations of remote versus on-site and and tips responsibilities for both managers and individuals 1st off I think you are covered dedication of this leads a woman my life through basically help me through my own mental health issues and so she was instrumental in media will talk about this and do the work that I do now
so who am I I am a Marine Corps veteran I was also set in a developer ABC ATPase part post we do e-mail infrastructure as a service that collects and greater a weightlifter of dog and cat lover core news or the ball and cruelty in Portland Oregon and I love that they're in and he and his pronouns just because solidarity and also zombies are also insulin them yesterday it was amazing on the street so what is the problem the
problem is mental health rates in suicide rates and intact and just in the world in general are increasing steadily every year others which way corpus an increase in suicides since 1994 to 2016 18 a half per cent of all US adults suffer from mental illness each year 125 usable suffer from debilitating illnesses were they basically have key parts like prompted by the fact that they have a simple the World Health Organization says depression will overtake any other illness by 2020 to become the leader of missed Working party in the workplace at time so what are we going
not nearly enough like for all the lip service we hear about it all the good things we here in the perks of 1 and Silicon Valley and elsewhere were not doing nearly enough a recent survey by the
open-sourcing mental illness I don't think so this way here if you the effects on most employees don't know what's going on with the health of the workplace they don't know they have benefits benefits bottom feel comfortable discussing and so in essence we're in a situation where we all know there's an issue but none of us avoid doing much about it in a few cases that we are that's great but not talking over other companies whispered in most of our time is almost can it's not a problem 1 thing here I like to point out is all 31 per cent of those who responded said they wouldn't bring up about physical health issue but the employer or a potential employer over 62 per cent said they wouldn't mention a mental health issue In the thing is it's the same thing the both illnesses it shouldn't be this disparity of all I can bring up the fact that I broke my leg or that I have babies but can bring up that I have PTSD or depression or anxiety and this is not right that just because there's still a huge stigma especially attack of hey if you need a mental illness you can perform so that you push you out with us for hire you at the
so why am I here I Marine Corps veteran I do suffer from PTSD anxiety and depression and I have told both managerial and but terms individual contributor roles of private companies and I've had some of the best and worst experiences at workplaces having managers and the company support that ones where I felt like every day on the work was going home like those are my friends of people I would say the other companies were I've worked out 3 months because I Lily dreaded every meeting every interaction the coworker so what can we do well
1st we have a common set some ground rules there is no 1 size fits all approach any the things that I'd tell you today may or may not work for your company or may may not work for your people if you have to be really fluid and understand that you're going to have to try some things you're going to have to make a few mistakes such as the nature of the but works and on-site poly will work that will a remote and vise versa associative a hybrid work site could take a lot of managerial and like executive support to make these things work thank you can just do it on your own and trying to have like 0 here we have an on-site we have remote team we do in the same way for both teams it's not the work of somebody will burn out you may not know until too late now the hard part of eating don't illness is the fact that HR is gonna like involved but on how the Internet said hey you can do that you can do that and that's great from a legal standpoint bytes HR is H they are not going to deal with it so your mileage may vary but I highly encourage any of you wanna start some of these things just go ahead and do it and ask for forgiveness later in most cases it's better to start the program and have some sort of positive change from it then to not have started and then have people still rolling up his the a chance for a certain organizations is a a benefit but mostly it's pretty much red tape so high on all sides of this managerial in little contributor you have to be empathetic to your co-workers and yourself like you have to be realize that people go through something else that I do not know and that's the the hardest things for most people to do especially on remote Teamsters you happen and they could use each other every day you don't know each other you don't see that Terry or Bill or Mary at a really rough week or may not know the going through a divorce and so things like that really plan to just being a silicate you missed work on the trust needed for good reason proactive this is more on the managerial side managers have to be proactive you have to be the 1 to start the conversations you have to be the 1 rich says hey how's your day going to the Kabul Souter able to go for a walk really quick manages to set all of us sit back I'll wait for like all see what they're doing all Silvio that's always the wrong need to reach out now willing to take the head this is still more managerial but individual contributor you happy will take the head of if you ask somebody you talk to somebody they may blow up in your face about they may say hey there's no problem why you ask me this this is inappropriate we have to phrase things correctly on 1 hand but you have people in a state of the art and I keep trying there's something wrong here I know I need to keep trying because the market on a runaway anxiety depression PTSD er scary things that you would just on your own so now we have a coworker or a Boston using a something the wall people talk about it during we climb up and the defensive open communication communication is the most important thing do having all the lines of communication with your employees will that people to write reports or as a middle manager like anybody achievement is you have to have it like if you have silos where people can't reach out and talk to you they won't taught anybody else it was so decided ego he goes 1 of the other big factors I see especially large organizations where you get this buildup of all hey like I miss you developer I can't lose face in front anybody I can take personal days ago I have to be there for the team and so the ego gets nowhere like well I'm so important I can have as problem solvers to ignore it on the managerial said you don't wanna be the 1 say like hey there's a problem on 19 or underperforming for x reason might at some time off or my folks in some time off your eyes and be the kind had to keep pushing for that the team would be fine we see the covered up is a start to turn the screw somewhere else on the team and so more people from can kill amped up and just not going well you have to be willing to say hey I know where to get this quarter like things on the great honor look better my manager but that's worth and patient Patience's encode important mental myself it took me a good wealth I got 2004 and I really just started feeling really good in the last 6 months and it took patients of family friends coworkers of just like hey things around a lot worse before that you love better so you can find somebody confront when you talk to somebody on your team and they come back and they keep fighting you OK it'll help I don't need help you have the patience of right OK give them time when they do get treatment is gonna take a lot of it's not going to be a 6 thing a 1 year thing it may take them longer than that or may not but you have to go and say hey there valuable portion of the team and we want them here and if they're not you don't want them that sucks but we have to win a silicate maybe this is the best position for you right now maybe to take some time find something more in line with what you want non individual side we have people and except that like you know what this job is a right for me right now maybe traveling 3 weeks of the month is a what I need to be healthy and so you have having them both sides yeah so a cut
things we put in motion of contiguous more systems this approach so a lot of companies would you like 0 Harriet his anonymous line you can call and things like that In those non things are great is removed that stigma but they're still the apprehension of or somebody might know but a lot of times non-anonymous agreed to what companies will have like a little play matter the gathering at lunch or even small social activities build a level of comfort amongst the team that users people into the whole like hey i can talk but this is people were friendly the nice it also gives you is a manager the ability to say like a a system results the mimics apart the norm like somebody's excluding themselves or be excluded why that happening matters sometimes give you could soldiers withdrawing or feeling like they're being attacked no repercussions this is a hard 1 because it means everything think that L we don't we don't go become being dated on somebody if they report something but I've seen in companies I worked for where somebody had a health issue that none of us can know about because it had things like that personal privacy bases of persons are missing work give like so why is he had again like really like were overworked and he's out but then so the new repercussions isn't just from HR standpoint or managerial it's also from a team standpoint that your team has to understand that hey were all here for each other and the will say like a like I know he's out on the trust both in the managerial sense and in his sense or her sense that it's on the up and up that the stuff is something going on I don't know what it is I should know what it is and it'll take care of itself somewhere resources should be in defining easy use it doesn't make sense to have a call on my calling colon and could talk people be great it was a separate entire entity the energy that you hear about once we 1st arguable plastic card and then after that well who knows the number know the mass because that's the whole thing yes that number is single here have a problem and so no one's in college ravisher because the the and freedom the changes system this is where I deviate from the EHR thing where they say hey here the system this is what we're doing this is how we handle things because sometimes assistant don't work sometimes it was like what we were doing that they want using and there's obviously still probably what can we change and that's better and so that's why I advocate sometimes were not listening to the Chinese doing your own thing OK now getting into the difference of on-site remote on say how see and these here but it's to be more aware your team needs personal attention and I don't mean code reviews or 1 on ones here and there but even just occasional like a doing have a cup of coffee Harrison rumor just topic I saw you were doing wires you over lunch on your break that we talk about the thank you you have to be willing to out of your comfort zone as a manager and find out more about the team at any point you like I really don't know what she's into like like to select on the video games are comics or number that if you have a person gene we don't know the least that much about them you don't know then you don't know they're gone and some big big calls for issues 6 presents there's a lot of talking people make fun of the whole state space then I think that's crap since this is a very important for people sometimes especially when tech companies with OpenOffice environments there's nowhere to go like if you start feeling overwhelmed were you going to go behind the bathroom like that makes you is still worse so having private spaces where people can just go to do whatever whether it's work orders be alone is super important for their mental health in free was a manager like if you see them delicacy of opportunities like ahead of something going on there and hand you have to make the same spaces then words opened everybody can this be like a let's for mental health right there so we need governmental health go there because this is a the what Michael should book so it has to be more than just that it's always an acceptance training go back to that of the survey but most companies don't do mental health training like they might do racism sexism like things like that but as far as mental health goes only talks about it and so all those things where we said that we all deal the problem we see the problem but our company a business like well that's now don't touch that so at all on you guys so the knowledge resources and benefits available this goes beyond just the initial HR parietal or each other all the new hires with know what's going on you have to make this a proactive thing at least once every 3 months rejected team like a desolate you know who the resources available this thing might have changed nothing change but here they are again the camera moves that issue that little plastic card for the call and if every 3 months everybody gets its everybody still has a constant reminder replicate these things are here the company once used they're expecting me to use these things work from home allowances now this 1 you will get pushed out and sometimes be because it's scary looking for his work from home like are they working on it not and people will take advantage of that is the major somebody will eventually like lichens game that system if that's a small price to pay for the people who need it to use it especially for mental health reasons like to know that I had a big offer some of my coworkers Gun having a really rough time right now plaguing to stay home for like 2 to 3 days to get things done still income but I'm better that's incredibly beneficial again had environments were no matter what I had come in because like a personal they sick they require like a doctor's note element productive members had like his PTSD was going nuts and so you don't go outside of all this was to that the manager is at that like no OK that's creepy and private spaces come at the state
space just even if you don't have dedicated space for like a rumor like that just have a certain section of the office that like a no other Todesco there you standard focus on something mapping on people just go that no less questions people just leave you alone and that we could just for heads this entire time to work on this work could be met a rough day after kind of focus on something that's not work no remote I find remote management such as mental health issues is a lot harder because you have that personal connection with anybody you oftentimes I don't know your team that's like in I gave John and Mary a endure to get and then 3 days later it was done great they're happy happy things are going to going on you'll see them and slackening slack messages refiners mode trees of things great but on the other end that computer and slack the sitting in a light they hate the job collect no 1 likes the work they're going to personal crisis is crisis he's and literally the last was like in a slacker talking but that they but they have to keep up with the keep up that presents like all don't the graph the no community for remote positions is kind of a hot pink there's come on a game of I like all the participate slacker the forms are do this so that you get point you can get slide which to shorter a great but not everything I think true community comes from developing people's interests so yes have slack groups that are at work related the capping so just like a lot of people here like mad at the gathering was to screw socket that wouldn't do whatever they want to that talk about it a lot of it is nodes a cost money in our budget but let's flexible tonight just happen here and we will be doing work but for 2 days will just come the office will go do something will hang out or just get to know each other like having in face time is paramount to only use manager knowing your team but the team knowing each other that we can have that kind of trust that all have like no I noting that they is be out for 2 weeks for right don't know which is a good person we have on and that was good I another big thing to mention this is especially true for me and the military was although I don't hear anything from anybody things were 5 In our remote you are getting anything like you get people who say here like this are like that of some having a hard time they're not gonna reach out to you the authority connection to where you got know something's coming going a little off the market region they will sit there and it will soon and only 1 arity feel like my performance sliding and so on and the same thing because only be singled out people or actual cottager tickets that I've been several companies where the remote it was just essentially like right here goes here that the user stories work on it and also guys a week the the checkups for like a has a gunnery cluster done united be over but that was like essentially you track your entire team by whose name popped up 1st on things were being completed and that dehumanizes your type butene tea was a manager enter the rest team of all you see is that Greg is always 3 days later on everything this back in Greg so you really have to use you the this is standpoint you do have to track those things you do have to use following have to use your whatever you're systems for tracking but don't let that be the leader team interacts it you team should not have the whole interaction being on tour tickets or comments or things like that because it starts a build that like well I don't know you I don't see you just a name so when you don't do something I think you should do I don't like for like less code reviews are especially difficult and given that almost all them for for us from positions are done the text you just get a pull request needed coming back and no that's fine but sometimes if you're having a really rough time that text that just says like a this part right here about which show which were trying to do here becomes this part right here and I'm sure what you're trying to do here if your crappy and so on text can work but I do think you to send the tax didn't do that way and follow up with the video conference or a phone call explain the case here's what I meant about this it has to be made kinda like 0 hey here's this small part in 3 days so that that 3 there's a person things like I'm part job I have no idea what I'm doing where my bosses preferrably what's worked well for me is code reviews over like ring central or what are good 11 like they don't have to be super for argument like that just sitting down and saying hey so these 3 things and been quantitative on these things over here these were great because even in text if you still give me the hey this was great understand these things away to them but it was great still associated them with PTT PTSD anxiety depression all use uses 3 Bolton Miller said hey you didn't do expect you to do you didn't measure up you didn't expectations you will ignore the rest of my chest communication teamwork and this goes back the whole thing where you as a manager you have to facilitate that 13 however that takes whatever resources or you have to make sure that happens if you don't build trust between your team and then between you and your team no 1 will say anything no 1 will talk in will be toxic in somebody's got for a reason like they have more generous and be gone for a week so something you like so he's gonna should start talking in the background images it's things like that and start to really kill a team In soon you have people who risk Mr. like well I don't I think it is a raise because like he was up for 3 weeks and i've been here the entire time that that it no the rocky situation where you really don't know what's going on the team and they don't know and so they start turning into the internet you
so the front-line manager a direct manager it starts with you you with a person on the ground right there you really have to know your team there's no excuse like the somebody on your team who you don't know something personal about or know how they're feeling during the work day on the weekend a strong and you need to know even if it's their finest moment loners they're having a great time you should still know that we should never be applied like I really have no clue holidays gone to clear roadblocks this is kind of the usual mentioned thing where as a documentary so to be there to remove issues for editing this means the things mentioned earlier like building trust and things like that you need remove those 4 blocks of communication and trust between the numbers now all of this is just you being open also things that you can be talking your team like a dollar something to a nominal so it's also take some time off where do these things to make sure this work it's covered and then there's about normal like Madison like 0 hey so citizen and be out for a week so a thing matching companies to that you have to tell your teams of what's going on in clear the roadblock of not having information by sharing the case here's our plan here's our handle those in his language to repay you guys for the extra work it also you need to be a roadblock for upper management because of the push back there would be like we need the inverse of the center line or so this person's taken another 2 weeks of leave for whatever you do on this is like a that's 5 talk to me about it don't go them on CD e-mails which are going to them as to what's going on like you need to be the person who intercepts all that noise is a somebody said the take time off for those things like in a random e-mail from like a middle manager were echolocate so would take a lot time off but what's going on with that if up as you know this person is no trust built up else analogous questions during 1 answer to people you know and its corporate so they're pushing for focusing on people is way how 1 way more important than focusing on metrics and we all have to focus on metric there's no way around that but the thing is you have people in the same way OK this metric is for this person based on what they can do right now because of the mental state and physical state I worked at a company where within like co-managers did not like an employee In employed did have severe depression issues and so he was just always very down and so this venture kept looking at as much obstacle sees matches are going down here here and here like you should be employed yearly just always Obama to be around in fact we focused on the sky from the company and he was amazing is just like the rest the time he was greatness of supporting this cage you need help with this could get a simple we can do is focus on reminding him all the negative things he had that at the end we measure appear here like last week number like 20 per cent less than anybody else in the tickets coming through sports going out that there is no support then Leslie in the military there's all the same like mission accomplishment comes 1st into both come 2nd and I've always had a huge issue with that Trüpel fair is the most important thing true theories which gets the mission accomplishment those tickets you're pushing through the work of trying to get done it's the people you work with you were doing that those numbers on that work is a coming in the you have to support the people and we support the people the work will come out that's the way it's to you you can put the work 1st appeared in the Berkeley blood and have turned in it's going get worse and worse this no middle managers
are a special kind of crazy these people have the power to make things happen these year VPs your director sometimes even sea levels like tedious and think that a who have the ability to make things happen they can select like you know what glandular cheese'll time do it all coverable figured out the word but make it happen is also people like I know these matters can be met when we have a call editions really coming up the what you guys doing you going to kill me here the 1 to force the teams to work the 12 16 hour days the weekends already stressed out because all they see is the metrics they don't see the people we have to do that level is give you a the mark reports so that's correct matches given the power to make those changes given the resources to do that and then give them the leeway to say hi k that didn't work out part of the best idea won't do that again but let's keep reviewing all too often like you get the 1 of the earlier go and do this thing it doesn't work like that never again you'd never get to do some special again the Justin work time o thing especially big organizations that's like OK with this work well for the engineering team so this is the work for no the completely different teams are different people you can apply the same solutions to each 1 expected the work across the board you have to let the teams build their own solutions can for help facilitate that you can't force at all In the case of the 4 numbers matter people matter more yes your business you have quarterly business objectives you have that takes you to be done that's important that people matter more and in the day no one's for the most part for most of what we do no one's going to lose a life if we don't get that coach of today yeah something like I got that on time we might lose money but from a human perspective the fact that you're taking care people means more no longer now on the individual level we all have a responsibility to ourselves into those around us this means if you do have mental health issues you have to take time for yourself you have to go and say like but I know the teams economy but I have to do this for me and on the side of the maybe don't have issues were you do but it's not really an issue where a problem for you yet those so like a I don't know what's going on with narrative but you know what that's OK I don't know what's going on note which the person I'm go and have the responsibility that I need to help out in case she can't so this is kind of a side note that 1 of the big issues with depression anxiety and things like that as social and technical folks we try to think of ways of the growing out of it so we spend a lot of time like no by just by securing the got this problem of get through this sorry now but as prime ideal the better it gives the same work done and keep pushing keep pushing you can't think you're way out of the cognitive issues like that this is what 1 of the the biggest things I have a problem with is a descriptor can make you an engineer I can figure this out like OK I have that thought process orders do this this and this you can because the whole problem is you're coming at it from the wrong standpoint of not wrong but a standpoint of thinking where you can't make those connections you really don't know because you're part of the problem is but the the furthest the from the 1st hottest and most rewarding step in asking or in getting help is asking for the help being willing to take help also often that's the biggest hurdle because once you get in to help it's tough you vary with that the 1st jump like the body said hey I have a problem I need to get help what way do now and that thing that you have a problem is 90 % the battle in the beginning the was saying like yes OK there is something wrong here but I can take care of it or I don't know how to care about I know something's wrong so the article it's supporting mental health is a team effort managers all open on the chain command individuals we all have the part of this they can just be 0 at the Monterrey charge problem not my problem and this in here and then the love lawsuits you don't understand do my work no this can screw up communication and empathy are key if you are talking people they are talking to each other you don't know anything that's the only way you can know is if people are interacting systems are great thing and enemy does promote action to ease and privacy but it's not enough you have to be willing to go the extra mile and how those like volunteer day events or times OK worsen although out and do whatever can be something as simple as it is local animal shelter that like you can go take 2 words had dogs for an hour because that is amazing I've done that and the it's a before managers need to know the teams in and out but don't get creepy with don't ask like yet OK critical to that that the but you should still no like I've had teams where we like 1 of an interest even knows some it was married Edward there for 3 years in just like that know something on it he was married like this you have company functions like what happened there but I've been on teams where I can sit there and think like I vassalic as she got married and had to give the thing you Geffen John of the names and that is with missing moved over to Hillsboro Oregon like that are good people like there's a whole greater between there but you need to focus on at least be a little like talk about was routine like you actually know them not just like all the insurer she says nice 34 foreign but uh because a before to learn new accept help is the hardest most rewarding step and this is all mention side to as a manager you have to be willing to accept help from other people so I K I don't know how to handle this like something's going on what way do and that the from other managers might be from outside assistance H R but you have the willingness to say like I don't know what's going on something might be I don't know enough and that's it on guys back
7 minutes so thank you all for coming the the half
at home and use