​Introducing Helix: High-Performance Ruby Made Easy

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​Introducing Helix: High-Performance Ruby Made Easy
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This is a sponsored talk by Skylight. We got a good productivity boost by writing the original Skylight agent in Ruby, but over time, we couldn't implement all the desired features with its overhead. Ruby is fast enough... until it isn't. Introducing Helix — an open-source toolkit for writing native Ruby extensions in Rust, extracted from our Featherweight Agent's DNA. Fast, reliable, productive — pick three. Come join us to find out how you can leverage this power in your Ruby apps and even help make Rails faster! (This is not a re-run of Godfrey's talk from last year.)
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teeth and so on and so right and this on the of you will be I read in the of the of the of you have of I it would have a lot of the the response to the end the yeah so what you can and for all and this is 1 of the model of the real system and of the the success of the we all know that there is actually lot of the responses of and reports of something that you anywhere you will also find most of the people of the the size of the use of my history along with something that I think about know about so the power time and so the idea of using is called instead of using and 1 this this also the some of the the will of the people of it and it is a real as a result of his movies were what will review of all of that was the and finally a what think of this out is a use but you don't really in the mood at of the time and this is a promise of and so on and so on and so if I leave you in and so this is my point you know in 1 can also be used with of what things so I will working alone the made from the you also rose 14 you were currently popular you are in the nearer engineers and of the we actually want to so you know the person but there's a kind and you have this property I want to but we were on this thing this year also creates which compares your ass performance of to all others of customers right so this this really a sense of where that customers the points so and you will see that the interview for that so that's the we're although and and so the
last year in college I was in the many of the same name as the stop last year I talked about what they were told to its own use in a man on the 1 year and here is the UK version of all 1 of its time and what take them at the time of this in a reasonable time working on your it's the finger showing you instead of the on you get to see you slide that 1st the this is the 1st thing you do it and so I am sorry I also have a sore throat so I can talk about microphones were pretty well so hopefully that will be OK and so as we discussed last year I have 1 is here today because they like writing really I will be source and we also know that will be is slow people say so I most that I will be the spirit as Madison's they were closing a working with the I O-bound workloads understand what's a timely for response database some like that is said to have a heavy number-crunching and but even though usually doesn't matter was a timely for database once a while you end up with a CPU heavy workload in the performance actually does matter and it will be even get the best of both worlds by using the extensions for example when you say require JASigning you're really file you get a native German system that support in a purely version on systems that don't supported on the series is very fast and better yet that as a user account of the difference between the receivers and the reason I'm this suggest that 1 way to make love that's faster so white phosphorus and the pot functionality in C and expose the implication to CPI and in fact this is our Ruby itself made the daylight when a pack Main Library fast of years ago so that suggests let's do that this so a few years ago stands out from discovered that the blank question mark method was a hotspot for discourse and he wrote a C library called fast pointed sped up the operations by 20 times is a pretty huge when it was like 50 lines of C code and that's a pretty deal so you might ask why don't we do more why is my right alot more of rails in C. and in a nutshell the problem with writing things and see that it's C and C is annoying foreign language to write but it's more portantly it is also unsafe right sequence risky at you make a small mistake you Libor to cause a sec alternately like samples and for the most part people prefer to write the you slow code I at that as opposed to the risk of crashing there applications have also lost the engines are transparent to users or that means the person right extension there are not transparent to the person maintaining this extension they significantly add burden on me fusing contributors because he's at of people per language so at we sort of had the same kind of problem the 1st version region was random pure would be I was OK but eventually we could add some feature that we really wanted to add like that an important 1 was tracking memory allocations without taking blowing all the budget you installed performs matter into 1 on unwrapped super slope and at the means and so originally we thought we'd solve this problem by writing is feasible sparse extension but we had exactly same from xi discussed before we have had maintenance burden for engineers were really really want everyone on the team including junior engineers to build to right there are things cross on toggle base and C is not a language like that and also if you make any mistakes and were crashing artisans apps and that we have here many thousands of customers across many violence we care for for people to be reported send false starts and our idea of our customers are word land intercom so eventually we decided let's try writing a bit of a gymnast and I didn't I was there couple weeks so express spike experiment and was so successful the 1st time I did it that we pulled more more the core functionality of lost over time so what is the last I'm just like C. Ross is a compiler affair with that language and it's very fast code but unlike the rest of an advanced type system and carefully designed features which are both find pleasant enjoyable to use and guarantee runtime safety on what like 1 of the slogans is if it compiles it doesn't crash so it might sound crazy here about a program language that's the same performance leniency but also offering you can seek the energy that you expect for early but it's really just the same kind of guarantee that languages like will be operating right of programming before and Ruby you not the war like maybe I make a mistake in my program said faults and rust back offers a similar guarantee on the cool thing is that must figure how do without a garbage collector using the new ownership system and that you should go read about a few 1 or more and as a side effect the always system also provides concurrency not batteries and so concurrency built in in Iceland now in high-level languages like readers attention between writing on using abstractions and the performance of the program and when you decide to use a really nice features like symbol to proper like mapping a little over break your pay a costing over to get this we features on most times doesn't matter and re programmers optimize for happiness and numbers of cases we actual writers is worth the autonomic improving event and that's really the traveling that's where here and but sometimes it does matter and really you end up writing very low level unidiomatic 0 just get performance In a case where it starts to matter and in rusty what the word words about class abstractions and that's because the compiler consider all your code and magically make a fast and with a for example for example use map by map set and graph to loop the roster powers more enough to see a you really doing a loop and optimize into around and actually very often handcrafted sir high-level abstractions to provide fast recorded last and the hand-crafted code because you're explaining the intended clearly to the compiler i'm includes for example views mapped out the compiler eliminates bounced checks to make because in those on mapping over an array of I don't have to worry about checking all the time whether the thing I'm looking up is in the ranks of mapping of so if we go back to the original
fast quite example the 1 that on the same road and see we put you to rust we end up with a one-line 1 one-liner batch is a pretty nice minor looks very familiar to the programmers I'm and we end up with roughly the same performance as the as C version but with a single line of code and by use high-level abstractions that are not without cost small amounts of code can result in very fast but also very easy to write programs now there's no asterisk here which is that when we ship 1 refers to this we got the the the unique code for fast like as 1 line but we can talk about the boilerplate and last year we said well sexier of were workplace were we announced last year of library called helix which allows you
to write the same thing without a wonderfully and this is what we should laughter year and we know writing rust ordinary for a long time at a and by historically was just too much boilerplate to recommend this to regular people and then Nigeria single-item Roscoe drive fast like but there's like 50 lines of boilerplate with the set up and we may he wants to eliminate the boilerplate let you jump directly into writing classes and methods that having to writing any the code to wire up I'm at a high level it like in the
nineties there was a division between spending languages and systems languages a scripting languages hand they are handled orchestrating I O-bound tasks I'm but they and delegated to like serious tools written by serious programmers to do things like sorting grabbing fed said off all that stuff of those things were diluted to do the heavy lifting and actually and this kind of idea of scripting languages I had when I O-bound things work pretty well for rails which is largely I'll them promise values weaker database to give something back and there's not that much of the computation going on but now and that division historically was like you write a high-level language stripped scripting languages for the ergonomics pleasant right but then the serious programmers right really baroque old-school programming languages and but in the new era and that 20 17 we have system languages that started to adopt a lot of things that are nice ergonomic about scripting languages and ah bullet helixes delighted to write recall that you love without fearing that eventually at some CPU-bound wall that force you to read every rewrite everything as a we have go micro-services and so the idea is you can start with Ruby and you can will your CPU-bound code the helix if it's a ch now so that was the what last year don't know you're in the what you watch the whole thing could not the thank you all right now on the so what you really to prove the concept of however was still too hard you basically were also In fact we did generated voluntary there's more ball will fall played around the structure of the problem so that it's part of what we're also missing summaries features like we don't support the influence of a don't ask me if it is you know exactly when the macro and no warrants we don't really have exceptions reports of errors and so on so basically nothing other than work the mean so this year
and we use a lot of in the last year we were we were on research focused on the unit ball workers and you have really really well how so decided to focus on the use of drawing in some Moscow and you and you will see some rare background your stinking while the speed of that so the the user who is on the use of the were on the missing here is the more and the reason is that focus on the real narrative because the phoneme and in terms you just like it is not you have to install the color on the more like the of the past work of and so that works the whole that actually 1 of them will be just part of the real so here is that on you can see in the example of so so if you were going so I would
really here in the form of a has text be in syntactic and I think about and of so the we will implement the quarantine all of the things that rust inside the rest of you know what level of forms of intelligence was forced from their utilization of the text at the at the end of the this relation because do us so it's the rest so regardless of your
soul is leaders so possibly of and so on so let's start here is that we're using the way to do this in mind you all wrong when I need record here so is considered that to make the point of liberties here so and yeah so that's that's the reason and now let's go on 0 7 and would just make sure everything is working fine so this is the so
Real Server and this and see it is
actually running right so in
the next England is will at the helix relative the the file so that's that's role is family and version 0 0 5 0 and so like this morning and so
on and so basically that and that's that's a world free from little far and then a helix reflect the areas within the news that we generate a lower court trees in which I will explain in a minute the so that's set and in this field the so
this generated helix create in traits left and form and so this is 17 CAPM using there's a against back and also what is of frustration which is basically the rest of the genome so the correla tumble and so the reason we that this is to encourage you to use structure in the rest of it as a self-contained library users like this when you're on your a succession on Jameson library that you a limited amount and so on the this is how we recommend to set up for now and and the next step is the only way you can see there's of territories trees were really could be users can you were revealed in the base a source territory which is the rest conventions for us right and and you can see that the generator to generate a tex transform last words with a single pass method that for instance of the consuls let's try that out we can do that by running the diary
and in the States action from the tree that so when you run a carrier so automatically compiled the rest of you know when you into it and you have access to your articles so you can make informed of low energy and see is in the presence of you consul and it is probably worth emphasizing and emphasizing that in might the not very obvious that we're actually building in Newark center recalling particles this encourages in Russell that's recall but now that we have
devel worldly Dallas actually implement from library so we are going to do a little bit of this is just a few as in test with a perspective of here quickly and moments
all right so now we have perspective and we can all just
cheaper pacing the text wrote earlier on in the specter so we have a text from forms back in and it is is reasonable basically we expected text and so on classes defined flip method that takes strength and slips of that so that's more where implement today and so just to make sure we're hearing correctly will
rounded fascinating and is failing because we've been defined from so that's that will do that and so will need I costly rate so in the
chorus basically this is like like rest macro which is like a little useful for defining responses in rats and so high a death the but so that's like the usual syntactic reducing for defining method and the the rust distinguish between class and instance method is whether it's a problem called self in this case we're making past methods so there's no self In this paper text and we can think of strain and tell rest of your return a string here on its from work on other these are actually was sites that so you are the 1 used say all this takes a restraining returns a restraining or figure out how to them comfort restrained to rest like conference return string into restraint and if the user is passing different types of number for example what automatically raised really pair for so basically all the things that you're used to and so in the case in implementation fear it looks a little bit longer but it is basically just a large table and what we're really doing is you're taking a text relative search string for which we call text brilliant thing for each characters you find the graph which reverses the characters and then you mapping each character in the table and at the end join them back into the so produced lawyers and facts not pre how little that you might think that using all these holes features would make things very slowly but again the whole is basically magic so if you have the chance so that on that is actually make the radian reverse rate and then map just like the this would do sources and use of free of the box and it's probably going to be fast and whatever smart things that might try to do so and I did this and allocate the right amount of size strength for the upward
and have the book 1 by desire so of and is we ran out thinking and fortunately the resistive valence those saying we didn't implement extra warmed up flip which we clearly that on the from is versus a compiled language so we actually need to read out but of making changes and that means that the rows and columns fairly fast so you're not in an I spent a lot of times we need to think about our cities exist from neutron rich build and then we run our and afterwords than it is in the work of his little bit annoying to have to remember to run rebuild all the time so it is going to make retest for it which your problem and you
anyway so so so this is basically a standard like some of you are that pass the key here is to make our it building dependency of Rick aspect so I just to show that it works on you know who at a new test it inflict cable on and basically if you it it a table with the table if you give this to look back at so now if we will grundrisse 1st again is is not
working as expected right so now we can implement this in we go
back to the God of his in the special case the pot and now will go back to the
Council and run rates that of remember within actually run retrieval that and only we notice that the chains of also recompile and run by the now it's sparse so that's that's now we have a fully working fully tested actions from
library lives like to use it in rails arms against the the narrator already added to health Abscam files on all of these things specially here and there so we'll start a new round resource conflicts and will the so we would rather be in then and will be a resource of flips and remember to that we have and we only need the index and the create action in this case so that's the next step is to get a controller right so we'll go to act folders and then will make a flips controller what are we and then will offer some code that basically the index action we default the string to either Europe around or we devoted to all the world right like and and and the creation we call the text transformed off the method that we implemented in most time so finally have you will make a template for this and say that you use make a folder called flips and will make an index collocational that you referred that is used in the very very simple form that has a single tax student but and the real defaults for all these helpers were about to what the on acceptable wanted so that's very nice and so now with the same place we can
test it all in the browser and so we're going back to that 1 really as and so now
refresh we have flipper and you can see that in the next in but so I got and also also the tables and so that is that so as the ensuing pretty minimal effort we were able to create a really native extension of written in Russ you think elects not have to worry about the faults and it's the is still pretty held using work with and even have a test for it on so finally let me point out to you this
promise of terms are actually have something so you know so I mean if you if you can reduce the library have those of here so we we are just going to create a new at and populates flipper so have will because this is the rest in reality there so no packed manually so 1st look at the Roskilde like thanks to parents from European for making this work and will then and the usual really look back for the radius of things in the right so now as is recommending from the 1st year of Master degree so um so the question you matter so now you can see the rest of the interstellar interesting color for you automatically and and we're now into really part so this is of running once of of of review tendencies the and then and now we want to become polymer arrest code and this is downloading the rest dependencies and some yeah it's like that's it the launching the no but now that's 1 we can
go to the browser to see in a helix match flipper about you know the on trial form on the on so as you can see it's works and now we have a a real 7 running Roscoe in production on the internet and yeah talk back to
so thought about like why you know how you might wanna use you express should they go a breath to write about 3 equal was so I thought the valid why use cases that he looks is good for so 1st of all in general you it is good for problems that use heavy computation and simple inputs and the boundary cost of crossing into helix is still a little higher than the white buffer problems to a non-tree amount of work in roster cause the boundary crossing crossing pays off pretty quickly and also things like bad tables filed names Jason and are all like simple inputs taking pretty follows the types so we already supported you it's and think about this lady you its boundary is a cheaper and supports were types and background job so you gotta move the word into a back on job you can make a working works and as an example here and we built a demo that counts the number of words in a text file and we when we measure all the words in all the works of shakespeare really takes about 3 seconds of do Ross does it in 30 ms and in this example takes advantage of rayon which has review I arrest liablity paralyze needs so here's a
here's the example of basically using what they got official you before I look at the inputs are both strings the return type is a 32 bit integer and the string when this was a founding and just about non node that die expect is a rust and method that call that by for raise a panic and that can get somebody into exception in Ruby and so what you can see is we at we get we open a file from the file and we convert to an area in an apple over encounter many lines there are time are you can I mean if you used around library in rust which is a celebrity and off the shelf if you change in to enter into into Partitur I now it's paralyzing works across our recoursion appear so that's 1 of the ways that we get the 30 ms is that we were able to use for cause a over me he is a background in the benchmark another really good reason to use helix in general
as if you wanna use existing Ross libraries from you will be application 1 of the main reason why this ends up being good important is because servos a web browser written in rust of Firefox edgy shares a lot of Kosovo I'm so there's a lot of production-quality library is are a deal with the concept of Web content turn that will work and what framework so I'm with things that the web cast in a very helpful I'm so as an example I built the demo that in lines CSS and HTML like if you're building an e-mail thing anyone in line this is a spy each team of you want in life together and we were able to use services as parser answer released in upper opposite and only a bit of code to glued all together and which is actually pretty cool basically like here's
the here's an example I'm so basically you're you were using the the sees as possible sir William and looping over all the rules that govern assess Borsa animal print will be over all the elements in things the style to actually if we want to and and so it's kind of like riding C binding secular go I know there's a limits in the library and I want use it now I commend see binding it's kind of like that except it's way easier to do and you can also use you it's in a request and they were in a background job inaction cable or any part of rails and since there was a backer jobs tend to be more CPU-intensive don't discount of these cases adding those use cases are really good FIFRA looks and it also means in general you might have moved some CPU-intensive thing out of the request into back on job because it was just too expensive you my deal to move some of those back if it may if it's good for you to put into request for that the I
realize we in the samples we show that then actually show you all the features that we work in the last year and we have a website that actually trivial things the all over the demo that talk about our and he looks website and like you can play with them in real that is a solid feature that we work on this you can have multiple classes now you know public from the classes you can have instance methods which some prominent examples used you can also have a structure in helix forestalling instance state so it's like instance variables except to tells the compiler exactly what you will have to can optimize the excess load better it this year family with CPI that's basically the interrupt structs API that we wrap it up in rest macro which is really cool unfortunately we don't have time for example to show you how and where I guess will closes off off by telling you what doesn't work so a lot of things what's to really the mission is all of these cues that you can sort of playing around that if you happen to have the right problems in your rules and however is still exist and preoperative a lot of work still be that are still to be done so this basically each week where we're trying to give you a better sense of where we're at in like maybe there are some opportunities for you to my country back to a value happen have 1 of those use cases we don't support gets and so we broke down Olson work in different use cases the 1st on use case is is the green few projects which I considered done so basically you're developing a brand new feature of brand new Apple regretting future inside the app as opposed to rewriting something for as opposed to implement something the library the the differences since it is in your active from control over the API so you can make the adjustments in our and your API to work around the current limitations and the like it so and you might use so it for a legacy you've down over here and it requires Miller better job was to point out but and basically have problems with the potential for pills and is also good for you i mentioned so what we currently only supported like for the types of things only supported strain in numbers Boolean but the basic types like that and then some of the limiting but then if you think about it because of the HEP he request and background jobs actually shares the same culture and early cannot put the really objects through an issue request you can marshal and send the lights across you can like means you can do that and he likes to and so on because you already are used to working with the the string constrained attribute was actually do a fair amount even with just strings numbers and Booleans are so cool yeah so that's the painting project is gaze on the makes use scares which we're currently working on which builds on probably going to feature list is you're writing some code in In new rewriting some code public library of from review to rest so basically it's like how you have to sample from pure and then you need to have it checked compatible version of in native extension of that it's like it needs to be a high fidelity natural because you use you cannot change the API so that's a little bit tricky because there can so the the benchmark we're using for this at all the mean in a performance and the the example that we're using here to help us elimination how far along we're inspectors support duration and so on it is a fairly simple plastered because there are a lot of demonstration Ruby you end up having like there's 1 and that 1 method that to take an optional argument and we happen not support optional on ideas so there there lot of edge cases like that there were still a working on so this is not quite there yet but it's it's probably the next thing to check off the list and if this is what you're trying to do to data so you can still accomplish a lot by mixing and matching of the imaging reveals a student actually have to literally everything this as a show you this uh let directory in the craters that the input from the code in there so 1 can do is perhaps on defined do like busily defined Boston rusted has a listing in there and then you can define some sugar on top and the review when you can reopen the really right and then you can take optional arguments or whatever and you normalize that and call back into trust and that is not ideal but it works and and the long-term goal is indeed to make all those who work in Unix which is not quite there on in the end of the cell gets so some things that you will probably notice the missing are that we don't support module gets we don't often on on his work means and numerous Blake sometimes you want to think like a generic numerically
you care whether it's a flawed and integer or think no more complex rational right so that their sum that you yet so that's sometimes we overload in a really really the same parameters can be 1 of many types of wetlands to make all those work search still coming but as is a mentioned in always on you can always normalize those difference and review whole the Kullback interest and so that's that's and then a real thing is a little bit strange but a lot of active support so reopened for classes so where it can works now but it's not amazing at we have some work through their chain this also is very easy to do a wrapping strategy Iconix match that precede interior open and review the key is you want to like the plots of make sense to move and process that over from ever lifting portraits threats of violence so you all of the mass and you can use those code you really like within the rails example but there's other schools reredorter quickly because ring of family and social interaction as you can see we actually can make that work with help from parents related works on threw himself on the the things I'm missing as we'd like it works as long as you have the rest and Allah on the on the server we don't have documentation from bits so of interested in traditional you might want to contribute some documentation there on and I'm yeah let's see binary distribution is the interesting so if you if you're a library also and you want to use helix and you probably want to make sure that you can install a jumble of having cross compiler on the a computer so this is what we mean by binary distribution there some other gems and review ecosystem like the the thing that wraps the BA does it is when you and I can't spell but we do ourselves that is a we have to make this work in a way that is or may be deleted ourselves we already have ways to make it work we extract out in the open source for right so we basically you basically a precompiled of the binary for all the major platforms are like a handful number on it and then you like the wilderness down all the when the Germans for interstellar binary and it works so that's we still need to work on going to make it possible we know it is possible because this actually do it in spelling I and then there is the some non-traditional use cases like mobile Web assembly and will be the and the performance parity with CD is you mentioned we're like a little bit from slower density right now so you need to have some good benchmark to figure out where it oversaw and not the long goal is that we want to be on par with the equivalency native extension of you right but like when we say I would this Lawrence you were like reviews like Curacies must like years of life review reading code from everybody in the cost of the place and it's almost entirely to boundary cost more sensitive but what's it's other the competitor was C so if you have a give you treaty-like a background on that it's now you have to worry about all its if you have a jettied guys should then you want us to fix this problem right so and then I finally there's some miscellaneous features and quality of life improvement so we want to make like 1 to support more types is actually we have the protocol down so it's actually quite easy to add more types I just have them around and you decide to decide what is the need to convert action would be to a hashmap rats that what is that and also where we will require relying on the rest process for the DSL so when you have a syntax error in the in the macro the errors of quite a a brutal and we're working on it and like it is and that's the kind of thing that you're interested in we should talk more about the and so as a let's basically it I guess I kind of router time so here is the website for everything else that I didn't have time to cover and you still expect from you go look at it and we are I think we're in we have this set up in the sky like this so you want to come home play with that I watch was you are there to be a man or a website museo 2nd is a red apple the demos are written helix In the Rails apps if you go look at the people frees you attack on the source code from the demo that we should here in there and at the same code as running on a website that lot you probably looking for opportunities to contribute so liberally sprinkled titles of few who were the roadmap webpages above more detailed description of what that productive ever to be at a given user requests the rather this is the best slide I think you're the you the SST thank
the war