Leading when you're not in charge

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Leading when you're not in charge
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Just because you don't have lead / senior / manager / owner in your title, doesn't mean there isn't plenty of opportunity to lead. No matter where you are in your career, come discover how to communicate more effectively, embrace self-awareness, and influence those leading you. Don't wait for a title to tell you to lead. Take responsibility where you are, and let the titles come to you.
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to hit a fish she thank it's nothing like to stay in there going this up all properties that more grand entrance maybe but USA the father's call leading when you're not in charge of my name is Scott lesser
mentions you develop a life church and you might be curious about what does the Church of overdue or so we went like Buddha located the ego and a so if I'm of but
just to clear the air and not responsible for any of those super sick church Flash websites which that's what I did that I have the skills I'm only use of a
quick background of what we do like church and so we have that 25 different engineers across different teams and every 1 of those engineering teams and my team is specifically focused on building software that we give away to other churches
so my leadership journey has been a little bit bundle that rough this gift eyecatcher disorders kind of falling backwards into it and a few years ago
I was in kind a holding pattern in my career so I was you know I've been developing I was I was still growing as a developer but I was wanting more responsibility was really so the best way to go about getting it was like the pasta my boss was a test you know take but my job and also as a core the culture like churches like really want to grow as a leader was like yeah i wanna do that but it really know what that meant to link and else policy that like yeah once I you know land in a position of leadership like running a team of all figure out how to do those things and the to fast forward to
now leading a small team of engineers leading so so strong uh and this is a lot of my leadership would like is like they got the scale like nodes following me examined in a good job and and so will come back to that how much change capital white wanting to grow as a leader 1 responsibility actually getting it but that now I'm in this spot in I might looking back I realize that I really couldn't doing all these things the entire time so I did need to be in a position of leadership to be reading well and instead of like wanting more influence I should've been using my existing influences to do more and so you can think of me is like the ghost of Christmas past them appeared jingler old bones and changing kind trying to like get 3 you guys about like a don't change away never gonna get anywhere so my hope day is that there's a lot of opera last like that we have some fun and I that you pick 1 of these topics that stands out to you and focus on and work on them so what is leadership so things to
confirmation bias so is able to do you will find a quote that lines up with exactly how I feel about it and Christy says that leadership should be the humble authentic expression of your unique personality in pursuit of bettering whatever environment you're in you may be
thinking and I can have more of a like general pattern type leadership image in my mind right like strong command inspiring vision could like lead you into battle and so horizontal of about is like this is the older models of leadership period which are like your born a leader in you not developed as a leader there's a set of active you it's like you know it like a general pattern type that you you to try to emulate or you just you know you're born with it and neural models leadership is really about finding out what is unique about you what is where your strengths and weaknesses and leading from those strings and in 1 of those new leadership
models is the 3 levels of leadership model and this might look like something you saw and sex ed like middle school but In the peripheral levels to this as the name says this person leadership private and public so personal leadership is is is learning to read yourself private leadership is pure leadership leading co-workers one-on-one in public ship is leading teams of like 2 or more and so we're gonna stay in that middle circle in there and the personal leadership or not the focus on private or public leadership is really learning to uh be a better leader where you are currently in so you which is
fine so you would be thinking like that of I do not want public leadership like the last thing I want is to run a team that is wants as 1 of and being heard i wanna leave a great why map and that's perfect like that's exactly where you can be in you can say there's if you're getting better as a leader your your team your organization is getting better other 1
more quick thing sorghum using Yahoo Answers like learning aid slash segue between topics if you don't know Yahoo Answers is it's a place where you can go on and ask questions and it's pretty much like catnip for an roles and so then that is the size until the accurate because of rise reasoning the a renamed Yahoo as all talk about and it was working on this talk in the announced again that they're actually renaming AOL and Yahoo is 0 so so I guess the reason of interest soon but miss the refer to it as Yahoo Answers so what what's what can you expect with to on interest
and an older like this maybe I a word that begins with J. not jelly I know that the 1st thing that everybody was like 0 easy jelly Noach's any balances got it
with a few more so you can get some pretty yes the same lists like this 1 going a classic J. words like juris prudence and jojoba and he got bored and just tapped out there I so
leading yourself is the 1st operand thought about uh before you can expect to be given responsibility of leading others you need to build a lead yourself well and so to cuddle it what
that looks like some of these things are super basic stuff and showing up to work on time like I said pick something the say I can work on that if showing up to work on time is yours like I could do that better then call you can buy category you gotta think you're done and getting your work done in not is getting your work done but done on time done when you said it would be done without having be reminded 3 times be prepared so if your team it does a daily stand up and you start every stand up with me a minute I'm not sure I'm doing today be more prepared add 2 minutes of margin to your morning you can be ready for standard be a self-starter so this is something important if you're a leader you wanna to motivate individuals if you can motivate yourself to get things done and then at the parental motivate other people and i bolded this 1 don't be complicated because I love this 1 this is like a really easy filter to like run decisions you're making through and they'll be complicated for you making your your boss's job harder are you a distraction you hard to leave don't be complicated 100
leadership qualities can I get a list please and 1st of all a higher recall is at a premium the lists I don't think that having a certain point of describing like human beings like breathing and has eyes and but I do like the update I like but more of lists details are necessary and white you say that
because this guy nailed it with this diatribe on leadership in the reason I I love it and I energy crop out the top to make 2 thirds of it and awarded the sources in the army my dad as the source is his goal because it's super easy to validate doesn't fall upon you will learn more that is leading up on until
you may have seen this kind of mentioned in an outline of the talk and increase or what is leading up
so John Maxwell uh leadership author describes it as a you take the approach of going to add value to those above you you the best chance of influencing so leading up is not busting your boss this is not a Dover comic this is real life don't wash your boss uh leading up is however supporting your leader is adding value to the organization and it is distinguishing yourself by working with excellence so few things even mind if you want to read as well and this stuff is just straight up ripped from the figures show leadership possibly looking for a place like sharpen your leadership skills at a great place to start at integration in stuff and on matters so he says on a publicly in a who lost it on a publicly results in influence privately so if you want to be over people you need to learn to be under people you you need to learn to be letter constantly undermining your leader like you're not going to gain equity with them timing matters so respects the timing of just like if you're boss and a busy day don't spend 40 minutes telling how you solve a problem like just let him know that you solve it if you want to take some of the time I think get 30 minutes of your time and be prepared when you come that conversation might have notes about we wanna talk about this kind of show up and cuddling a little bit mode of matters so you're leading of motor matters them the right motivation is adding value to the organization to your team is not about making yourself look good is not about making others look stupid and initiative matters so find something that needs to get done and do it like your leaders load so ask ask a a you know hair was something I could be doing today to make your day easier was something I could be doing to add to add value to this team that I'm not seeing right now and truth matters don't be a yes man like you're going to lose credibility very quickly if every time your pitch idea Astra feedback you just jolly about and you love it and then you go talk diversity like that idea was terrible I hope we never have to work on that but moral questions
on your answers are guaranteed to get things into your looking for a moral questions like bride change eBay feedback hell yes I think there
more than making up for the mistake by offering a hundred dollars take it change the feedback and say Austin a plus and I which Catherine close that was in Sydney 10 dollars to keep my mouth shut accepting it print these eBay
Feedback so a recent study found that
46 per cent of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months of those that fail 26 per cent do so because they can accept that so 1 talk
about accepting feedback well I 1 acknowledge that getting negative feedback so that's in can be brutal amount like obviously like accepting positive feedback is super easy use uh go on I wish I could hear more tell me more about how moss so if you're giving critical feedback here some things that can help you accepted up you processes I don't justify in the moment so if you're getting feedback about hey you're doing you're never going you were done on time and I bore you need your job performance is it where I needed to be uh don't try to give excuses in the moment because this is going you it's not gonna go well honestly and is not really going feature point across in that moment and seek clarity so there's 2 reasons it is 1st is if you hear that your job performance is it where did they were desire to being you don't know what the next steps are you have to get a better so ask for examples as for practical ways you could be getting better but also if you feel yourself getting a little it heated up in a moment this is a good way to buy yourself some time so to say hey maybe the impact that a little morphology tell me more about that and then just like cool out and I'll focus on like going somebody say thank you this is really hard to do but if someone gives you feedback and you blow up in a given a middle finger guess what you're not and give feedback anymore and you may say call I want that kind of feedback but do not get any better job or any better as a leader if you do a good job accepting feedback in work and in seeking feedback so say thank you because honesty is hard to give feedback like especially and I'm not a person that likes confrontations of to give critical feedback I've gotta go like height but go puke listen to some like rap music the 8 zone in life I'm ready to sell and they were late today so you that series of processed offline so you allow yourself to pay take the feedback answers are processing through right in that moment of like 0 my gosh manned and interval my getting fired like give yourself some time to think through it you may honesty think like arm I I don't believe any of what I just heard like that's all false and that's totally fine but the result under like there there probably is some truth in there and they may be terrible giving feedback and use the time to kind of think about application is he his last 1 so I see a lot you I work with somebody this like has been toll 8 or 9 times about something and never getting any better but there was like man I appreciate tell me love the feedback not gonna do it so application is key can I
hire someone to do matrix and my son's birthday party the it's a menu theme party is important to know that silly determing meaning they can I can provide 1 if you don't have 1 already I won't even I went over the answers that 1 is the answer is yes you can totally hire someone to do that there would be a rocking
birthday party seeking self awareness self awareness is
conscious knowledge of one's own character feelings motors in desires as defined by the World Wide Web Internet is duals of awareness of is like copy paste scope so or is this is a clear picture of our strengths or weaknesses of potential blind spots and these are a lot these tools that I'm aware of there's a lot of amount there to help you might become more self-aware and and so I can mention the older models a leadership of like a here's what a leader looks like in either you are born that way or you spend all your energy trying to model your leadership style for that and in the near models is really about like finance self-awareness figure out like a cave where my strings and leading from that play should be a lot more effective you do that so Myers Briggs is a personality test and that you can take out of some wins the infer all these on different assessment in books you can read and strings finder is a book by Gallup their research institute around like employed performance and leadership and and so these 2 things I did whatever right I 1st started electors instance finders instinct there's like 35 or 40 different like use of talent and they through an assessment tell you what your top 5 or in so I did both of these and
afterwords I found out that I was in its FPT so the f and that stands for a feeler
which means I I use emotions to make
decisions in 3 of my top 5
strings were harmony positivity and included so 1 paper a little
lot like an original Care Bear and I was kind of like a parasite like I'm
humiliated is embarrassing but we're
gonna learn is like an exact super relational
person that use for an extrovert and
so like I love connecting with Mike the guys that I lead I know the strengths and weaknesses I know with their
personal goals are and of the goals are in the work place to make sure that the alignment where team
is headed and so that is a string for me now I'm not going to be like you know I'm not a general
pattern tight leader and so but Ikeda expend all my energy being a super
average leader those model of of
leadership or be an excellent
relationally some emotional intelligence also knows
like he you as covered are more recent filler study but emotional intelligence is the ability to identify your emotions and the emotions of others and and that actually come to find is that he each he was a better indicator of potential success in leadership and I Q is and and then 360 assessment so uh that a link be and we can take 1 of these but at work says you answer a set of like 20 questions and it's the same questions are sent to some of your appear some your co-workers and some your leaders and if you read a team this and the people that you be and then you're able to compare your results with the results of what they think and you of figure out a was a spot where I think I'm doing well but I'm not actually doing well and what is it is time the tools out there you can use to seek self-awareness and you can take a Facebook quiz to figure out of fear but house you're Hogwarts something you wanna model leaders of off of like being and Hubble pub necessarily but you can and if you take the Myers Briggs you can find out which star were
scared you are shut ultimately what's we ready and 1 animal is
Sonic the Hedgehog short answer don't get crazy with its hedgehog sources sonic their job so I mentioned
that 360 feedback tool I actually a site I did that assessment a couple years back in the biggest spare like something I thought I was very well that others I was doing poorly was communication and initially I was like OK this does is bogus because I'm killer at communication and then I can answer like Lena and then seeking feedback from eye leader whether that was and finer talking so an extra riddle of the top of the JET JET but they all ball game but I'm terrible communication is so I started researching well what's the difference between communication talking so it
looks like to me it is not as simple as and I thought it was this is a communication model what you have here you have a source that's me I'm going to encode a message to send to receiver it goes through a channel maybe that's slap me that's impersonated or a phone call in the decode what they think they're hearing from me and now they have understanding and using you see there's a lot of things that can interrupt that message there's no is literal environment noises noise coming from the person wondering like why are they telling me this or uh you know what's the motivation behind this and there's also just context of there's language barriers are foreigners possibly like just the background of of how they were raised and so they started likely is sort of figuring out like 0 my gosh like there's a ton communication like I don't really know what's the best way to communicate well was 1 thought about to some ways more effective
communication and the first one know your audience so this 1 is is very tough for developers because sometimes were not self aware and if we're talking about of someone who's non-technical said and sometime we love to talk about so in his non-technical said rights we love to spice up things with jargon and make it sound important and make it sound difficult but know your audience if you're trying to deliver a message Nova talking to a junior dead versus a senior dead know what information is is is key to that person understand doing person if possible analyzes topic you're remote employee and but try to avoid having critical conversations authors of these super important doing and slack may not be the best place and especially for you know feedback type conversations follow up so this is for the women the biggest difference for me and I but these the final to me that differs mu about following up so if you're having a conversation with someone and you in the conversation with the question we good or you understand does that make sense so communication is that is I sort of mentioned it is as bad as the transfer of meaning and understanding so if I say they did you get it and like yeah I'm good I have no idea what that person like got from my conversation like I have no idea how they understood what I just told them or having interpreted and so fall of ask OK cool so what are you going to do next every at that talking to say hey we need to deploy that 2 productions names like cool I got it was a good what are you gonna go do in like I'm not on the test number 1 that's for sure and there's gonna yellow deployed amount word about migrations is like OK so as you and me they did mention some of those things OK this may be the difference in understanding because how encode it was based on how I understood it had deployed 10 the times I know all the steps to go into it and is individual didn't and be proactive this 1 was a game-changer for me also because if I was behind on a task in my leader was asking about it I wasn't elements and just hoping maybe I got it done in time and like 0 yeah that was to lead the expectation and so be proactive don't wait to be asked about something of someone if you're behind on a task like that example let your leader no later boss no hey a little behind what I thought I was I'm struggling with this piece of it I think of almost threw it all of data this afternoon I this is an enzyme involved in often is made your servers routing problems in my boss wants to know what's going on and I the the weight for every tiny e-mails me during that situation and say 0 hey no but still our looking into it but the thing is usually having to communicate to people above him and outside the organization about expectations and what's happening and not really equipping him for those conversations so yes the innate he obviously knows there's a problem so saying yeah cool we know there's a problem is helpful so let him know what what is it you think might be the problem and solution here investigating you'll have to know all the answers but just have a hunter where hunting and let them know we're gonna talk a hey you know what it by 2 o'clock uh let you know in at 2 o'clock e-mail on back don't wait until like she we don't have it maybe for dollars an e-mail meant to just go ahead and attractive about how I get a job of
aren't you attractive the with with my physical build this is a constant problems and I'm glad I got and but the answer is even
better I'd like to see to attractive looks like I'm serious I really wanna know so keep a real below bit creepy but that's the answers you go all of that stuff and humility so what is the
merely Millie is moms opinion or estimate one's importance rank or talent
true humility is not thinking less of yourself is thinking of yourself less yeah Quinn drink a lotta Ch so parts of about humility so for me this is this I think is the secret sauce the key ingredient to great leadership of I mentioned that you know I was kind of stagnant in my career I was feeling like I was thinking that maybe assigned to switch jobs go somewhere where I was now wasn't feeling as being heard and so I just decided like to the heck with it and it's going to make this team be the best team there can be I'm going to just put the team 1st with organization 1st and get crackdown and and kind of model that was like I was going to instead of like trying to mold my leader into like paid he should be leading this where doing these these things as I like I'm going to be that guy I'm really that I would follow and onset humility in an initiative was noticed and that's what I was axis of that senior developer role and leaders the last is a book by Simon Sinek about this and so the title comes from i the Marines if you go to a mess hall that the the more senior officers on the back of the line and the reason for that is we think about leadership thing about rank and power in for then the leadership is the responsibility of other human beings in so it's kind of a mind shifts of like servant leadership and not about saw quote that being a manager about being important being a leader is about making others feel important and so tight trying to add that posture when you're having conversations people like making them feel important enough about like In the only only 1 appealing to tell you about a thing that I did so
like this quote in every encounter reader give life we we drink there is no neutral exchange so are you adding value where you work are you adding value to the relationships that you're and and you contribute or consume we're at and so if you leave this talk and you don't pick something you don't get any better than your actually taking away from yourself and your team from your organization
and so pick 1 the just 1 of these things if any of us to get better as pick 1 of these you felt like really stood out to you and start somewhere and don't wait to be given more influence where you are but start using it is your existing influence to do more
so I I jumped into Yahoo Answers tools like many help I gotta figure out how to close this thing out in and I got some
like we cancers like this like Niger head knowledge the applies walk up the stairs in case you forget things mom
but not mad came through in the clutch jump off into the crowd allowing them to serve me to the concession stand whereby round of tequila shots from my adoring things I'm sure that not nanomachine not native into a conference on of concession stand here it cells tequila shots but if you find the consistency tequila shots a on me think you guys I
thank the so the
ch un ts he