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Basic Physic III Lecture 16
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Chrysler let's just about discussion power over hill sold categories are the object
is from far away but he didn't think he would be very very bright so all the way to they are the same intensity is that we need a large diameter also object to that and because there's Italy suit this to the topic ratio so instead of having to assess how we make use of the theory that right so here are parallel raised come from visitors jets like stars and they get a fact that so here the they glances they Conte from Europe which plays a role old object to that we saw last time there's a secondary our lenders would be encumbered the image Sunni IPC gets to you embassy can't recent our free is shown on the right
price all the relevant as symbols on you may want day become a factor is the telescope or microscope sorry fill the embrace microscope is very similar to the pills the last time which comes this all they object to let number I would just off the spigot here part of what want is a difference had come periods sales goal a situation that we discussed last time so Ali after is much closer right instead of observing that this is far more the object is much closer and optical image is no longer at the focal point the object to that right so instead the image of the on how focal plan
object has already and me in this case the image after image is from right here this is demoted I I while we says the optical image is a microphone our guests are right in the end of this image is to soon I saw the final image once again is and you this in your wrote that and it is form at this
location motorbike to erase all lending vacation In this case the magnification what depends upon choose sector throws a lot about the 1st in which the object the image can magnify manufacture so there is amended the occasion factor associate our was the 1st image and that why and 0 . reaches a ratio of all each are about the size of the image divided by the size of the objects they would already be right last time this is given by these are the visitors reaching the image and Milan's soon the distance of the objects what does negative side top tells us we were at Frank arise practically the object to plans a and IPO is our which as noted by in this diagram is much larger and calm periods to these so-called lenses own B object to lend a hand VIP so in this case weekend of approximated be 0 with the sizzle the objects to the object to cleanse our Rockleigh as a focal let us all be object lands and this this does these I can be approximated as every which is a focal areas of Peace so I just put back back into this expression this is a final itself magnification factor any questions about this are right and will once the image gets I feel there's is a sticker of mainly because of factor which scheme by me all year point and Woods's once again 25 sending tourist 3rd normal human eyes divided by letters of VIP so what is called only they'll be the front axle but 2 sectors price level out the if a case is being the products of those 2 magnification factor where we already that others suddenly which is a magnification into the IPC is given by the normal divided by the local as Of PIP so that's where this divided by factors come from poor does little and 0 is Mumbai L might be ready by fee once again those holiday because of this distance regional 2 lenses is much bigger compared to the 2 focal Eds so it's a subsidy dictates this is your final result any guy says correct Our saleslady White
then I suppose you have a couple Michael stalled as we discuss just a minute we can think of no 1 can times I peas a 150 times object that Our let's and those lenses are 17 centimeters apart us what does to positive this would correspond to let U.N occasions factors right why you this little and 0 the ovaries and 0 August 17 centimeters this would be L at this as that we know
that on this Frank aright summit is
honesty overall maybe vacation right now will be the Fed will be the whereabouts of the 2 main on factors which give you 500 the simple price Subpart we saw what are those local and sister of this too has been weak orders at some beat the vocal as a B I use them Honda's Collazo the object that analysts part what is up position of the abject the final amidst is seen the folk art is invoked as Swazi I relaxed Rice on all do proceed so sizzle culture Chisinau local ends all is remembered in as given by the
ratio of being at the airport about his 25 centimeters divided by Saudi so that move at to the other side given that now I know magnification factor associated with this associated with VIP use
which is what we just can't hide right so does take 25 centimeters divided by there would be the focal length of EIP Dow XI beat so once again Anderson embarrassing
emerging the Tsai move which is a focal as salty I to the other side of is magnification factor will be downstairs right any Chris His firefighters make use of this new data that would come EDI VIP so wise and all that I can think of
that in calculating that this of the object is 0 making use of this equation was Odierno whore includes income from
the come from the equation which tells me and 0 . 0 and 0 . choosing magnification into object to give us people by miners which the Pistons 2 lenses are might be focal of VIP divided by object visitors 0 Frank so now Nov what are the this agrees that doing a little Anzio yes Hobbit that is 50 right he may be gracious
sunnily 0 in on us too I know always is not in the 70
centimeters which is a Mr. Virginia to lenses AM at law because we just calculated in part so you can they go ahead and calculate B 0 Salford B 0 right you have money could 1 on loan them by the hot that its Chrysler
just what it is on this is a final results point to my centimeters OYC loss this information you can they don't and calculate what these so-called letters all object by making use Of those relations which started these are I this is this is pitching the image and it is given by gold miners a which
is once again show on this diagram right in the end br
less you can they find out what the so-called I'll be be object Lens s any process are some this is good 1st of all at the very last topics before we move on interference is dealers Interfax so riders and the out we feel as if they were perfect with real world an hour as it turns out the prefecture can arise using weights so the 1st thing prefecture listeners call these very Co ever ratio reaches deal so bad bad the amazed at how suitable and they are not really does exactly a one-point Pariseau as as shot on the street here on Tuesday as bills raise a counselor closer to the center of this spherical our they're more focused however for those rains that go to it just of the circle lands our what exactly focused at set point so the Colby affirmation do a volley searching protection so does start to his Inger vetula Rice says because the libraries go out Our goal closer To The in each of the spherical as they don't really get voters and the employed right so all there to avoid protection long waits until it is Inesita's make use of the center said a central piece or central part of the spherical that or you can also make you sold 8 spherical lenses right so our Interfax succumbed ways that this intervention can the arise is Colby of distortion this is our indicated that in the 2nd column figure they if the right because I'll surveys that Gold I mean firm read about this at the distance from the accident all they don't get magnification factor as a clearer so you have a center accidents I the lens of the libraries that are at different distances from the axis they get magnified by different factors and therefore you could get distortions are in this to fashion so the painterly changes such distortion and you'll see the vocal of fish I pictures always used for Camelot want to take a photograph which may on these issues such distortion Our focus away intervention can arise this is called me format ratio physical this as they a dispersed any facts and our MP basic reason for this thing imperfection is the fact that the index of refraction with depends upon the waves that are right so what I mean is is if you pass Citadel twilight our surveillance and remember the hot plywood included in many different lenses a waiver of life yeah they see a difference embezzlement fracture and therefore Stephen colors of library it'll get focused at us point this is the way the imperfection interacts so this would come could always as
with food chapters 30 Street and we can move on to interference Seoul reached
out of the light has the dual nature because at every inch of particles or weight is a dual nature of life way nature like many in the these 3 of warriors interference of the sick of being not not associate that where's you wake nature of light beers call the shots in the 3rd minute as I overweight major areas so rugosa 1 by 1 he saw its recalled give you have to like any eagle waves they could interfere Counce talk of late because high he but she writes here are
the tumor awaits Emirates president simple ashamed that most look waves have a and B to so what happens if there's
still a go waves interfered constructively Kansas right so that
uses the the entered to all the final result get back selected
pounced on the interference debris does add up to wait functions in the final result would
have ended June twice you'll regional AMD to sort imbued jury increase that's what happened this to let me go waves have distraught interference we the enzyme begins I'll say for that and His father interference SOsub
shows that the present illegal ways by 1 harbors whites to
look alike have weapons away right got elected that would be the sick mechanical wait at this moment award as Apollo away from zone Picasso's slipped as there is no antidote Arnold displacement of story sorry does too send here we have a very odd employing assumption namely the difference between this to look any goal waves Is account said forms of tasty In the 1st cases when there is constant interference 0 very good and how about seat on situational embarrassed publicly are destructive interference high right board he couldn't wait is what happens when have the for Basel would come
son are interference or farms are the vote interference is Apple's fours Lusby coherence raised there is a constant delays because of trait of which says I mean 2 years ago there were just to mechanical weights must have Council face later both the lowly with a library libraries in all the 3rd interferes 2 of 2 sources of light sources have Constance faced relation for the city Monday such great interference Joe's here is at us Moore's Lusby local wrapping let me is the Lisle was must have 1 single wafer let me at at 1st a sample
mostly experiments experiment which is the experiment I still feel like chair of light it has a following sent up so I will let you saw more local radical source once again that the light source that cast a single white letters posse sitter bubbles so was the the polite regional bubbles fleets the singles a job to was banned a light source he needs are for for another word the singled out pitch the plate was at the point light source it's very cold Lai weight I saw the light weights coming out when lie source but of course propagates some distance away you have a spring right here and on the screen you won't be able to observe the interference patterns to to on the way can't although this to light sources so as well S here it has To call he rents light sources almost screen quit at count 1 will be able to
observe the interference pattern of basil what happened OK said I'll winters says along the central axis Alamo Street Colby the pattern of
their destructive Hollywood find that out to answer that question want act but we need to know how far all the systems the lie with I like for ever but Italy the not joke that parcels oppose the light that
traveling from source as 1 of 2 . peas is given by are 1 the way that travel from yes to 2 . gave the the onto some relationship between those 2 the census P is located at the center of the selected point they will because they saw history pounced them or destructive interference there won't be constructive interference so what happened what they expect to expect to see a bright spot or box by they will be bright but because that's constructive interference so
dear we are up I suppose this is boy Pete where says low-key right at the
center of the selected point would expect does on 1 or
2 are exactly the same and therefore this to weights most interfere culture and therefore you expect to observe a prize Pfizer La let's move away from the center not where was on this does pointers at location you here is post off the chill weights or region later and 2 sources babies are buyer Hample the wasteland but of the number where
are 1 is high wait there's more compere too there what kind
of interference pattern do you expect this shocked so you would
expect to observe a box art same again is as
go someplace Oh regionally and they they get little later eventually plotting distance this is where to locate that are right and as the tool where to is located figures and you have a wave of continuously we are sitting right With an yet are I studied this case at the point to this waves are all the right differ I have order applying for visitors destructive interference and you eat that it expects to observe 8 box so let's just say so now is going to shine a unit of monochromatic light source Woods's laser with the red light source which has all we want to go with plans as coherent and the light would be pass through a publicist mostly a sweet which is very far away from the sleek so let me just try to Beaumont on the stairs otherwise you may fall
so get everybody see that pattern so what happened to you right in the middle of right or bright ends on this where are the right you see a complete spot right he and they Chile harmony seen many and size want to their interleague each right they just over here to lazy be bought individually Delaware there are interference pattern thing interference pattern by so we will get more into it we discussed diffraction everybody out of the box off like some distance away from the center right is on our guests are very good think you focus on quality patently are the locations were all this but what are located for me the church resolute
that the pitching to sleep by being doping alive again this is
legislators some distance away for some help this is a way we have our scurrying says that doesn't this fully puts it is that this is what I about the essential access and this is a location where we observed that seat which kind of sport do we do we want but not as a quiet but the set up of all coordinates of 1st prize of suppose this is the point of interest which this on this is what they only to find out what kind of interference patterns our that is observed OK so we need to know that the past differences pitching the 2 waves or region later on this Hsu sources right right so as to that right in other words if I know the differences about the difference between this this does are 2 AM are 1 that would call me out of the county the tasty friends I between the 2 weights yes and the different areas of duty grow model I the waste what the rigs that kind of thing not an integral multiple the wave that either 0 or 1 wait plans fortunately lens Op-Ed of interference pattern do expect interest cull struck right cylinders rendered them
1st some don't to Colby past different our reaches bottom
wonders are 1 of this value is illegal multipolar overweight plans yeah we expect constructive interference and therefore a bright spots and end there is saying
integer he can be 0 1 to that any glitches about this is alright and always destructive
interference Port the values 3rd built up half the
way plans it's another words this
would be lumber modified by integer plus one-half 2 right
either one-half or have over by half that would give you a destructive interference once again fears some integer cell for the kid is on the screen it is very far away from the 2 plates 1st of all we just following the demonstration this raised are approximately parallel everybody agreed was the statement right
letter remained screwed In this direction both realize I to moonlight as tho they are parallel yet so we can say why are geometry
of the was a was here is that distance Chambers Street and the 2 suites as very far away then lines or as tho they are parallel Kevin I will allow you to write down built out each of the single form of losers Our want parts for SOsub paddles says NATO here which specify the location almost is given by paying up so you all agree that for a particular this above or below our axis there's a corresponding I go right Bill Haley red they got injured and both it is small enough this is given by why be body by L mowing goes early this thing of it is they would specify the location on the screen that and that is a go this Ozal fail right if those readers goal mental the picture wisely and out Aris although just differences Life is nothing but this this remembered places agrees so this is what they need Bell in how they express Bell Pottinger this go these slightly about a Racal at think plumbing let's stop here and then continued on Friday