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Basic Physics III Lecture 1

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For every will start on the discussions A phenomenon of oscillations a simple harmonic motion
An argument That he contrasts simple harmonic motion with that offer of free fall in America under gravity so if we have free fall under gravity there's a potential energy that increases linearly potential energy with we ever at the height of the horizontal axis and the forces Stalin ordered constant forces minus the masthead gravity and contrast forcible harmonic motion rich In this case They was Mars attached was spreading the potential energy is a quadratic function The Schulman dysfunction and other areas Proportionality between force and the deviation from the equilibrium position equilibrium position where this Potential Jews smallest The notes x 0 than measure these deviations from from eggs the euro and force There is proportional to the aviation and with the proportionality constant case spring constant so if Look at me corresponding emotion for the free fall motion it's parabola Changes with time like that and it's a time motion to the only thing that can happen is that turned out of bounds off The ground but it just falls down while the air simple harmonic motion Chaotic mulch so it looks something like this and characterizes Corroded emotional wrong equilibrium position x 0 with a B Abbott told which is a maximum deviation from X distance from here here and then have the period to our capital T which the distance from the smallest position with the smallest position or from the biggest opposition figures And finally of last constant these phase and 5 and that is the distance from the 1st maximum the origin of time equals 0 so he Some actual system that does with free fall Asked that this falling on the brevity and hitting the ground and This is really a master attached The spraying and oscillate A back-and-forth and to reiterate he'll be a potential energies It is linear program the mosque just false donned masks also laid back forth These are the 4 series Is constant Just miners and she's while the force he is proportional to the Deviation from the equilibrium position x 0 Them from radicals ever made rarely get The acceleration of The motion miners and He'll get differential equations meaning that the 2nd derivative of The deviation from the equilibrium is proportional to the aviation itself and the proportionality constant A Katie wearing red case spring constant sameness proportional with constant force and We must say so B resulting emotion he Problem which has these initial condition of the initial height and the initial velocity and curvature a mind Geo widow terms the Times Square while he'll be hair a combination of Goes Simon signed functions and they also initial conditions initial deviation from the equilibrium easier DS and initial velocity year and then we can get from this from the position of the height you can get these velocities and acceleration if we now look at those an initial conditions so let's say Tightly closed 0 Initial deviation from these equilibrium DS Initial last year and redefine athlete tool in terms of that initial conditions and that every amply tool To find Dog Initial deviation from the equilibrium square class OK times An initial velocities And redefine the angular frequency riches to Piute times frequency of 2 piles of the period and Arlinda Square was given as the ratio of And we defined the phase angle fly By these conditions that have with terms cosigned equals initial deviation from liberal position and minus 8 times size of That phase Engel its initial velocity right back on and we now use Cosigned Alpha plus beta equals cos alpha codes beta sign up signs that the trigonometric identity and We can then use those definitions and we write a position as a function of Time as well as velocity and acceleration like so so um be position The initial Was Equilibrium position plus 8 times cos only And These velocities minus 80 at times Signed only and acceleration minus a ominous gray Times a cosine only and B A minimum position suspects not mine Minus a maxim position next plus and the minimum velocity is mine is a and racks of velocity plus on the minimum acceleration minus 8 KOM and the Merrimack smaller Acceleration is case and used that bombing square equals case so let's look at an example let's look at it DNA molecules which 2 . 1 7 Michael Long the DNA molecule because of the double helix structure Uh can act like a spring so let's say the ends of the molecule becomes a singly ionized needing a negative elementary chant on 1 and deposited parliamentary and Seoul because The attraction of The negative and positive elementary charged headaches Public Felix compressors by 1 %
And we will we are going to determine the spring constant Molly so we know all the extra Librium position The DNA molecule its 2 . 1 7 times 10 to the minus 6 meters so 1 commuters 1 minus 6 meters and the defamation or compression place X minus Zero is 1 % of That Occurred in length so in other words X minus X not at 2 . 1 7 times 10 to the minus 8 times The 6 but terms 10 to the minus 8 fractal or 1 % therefore the distance between the twin challenges as no longer a . 1 7 times and 6 but it is slightly smaller so it is 2 . 1 5 times And the 6 electric force between the coup charges can be be calculated why mobile for Pine Gap slow not times B the charges square over the distance and or willful pirates Not as 8 . 9 9 times and 9 new leaders now that we had an air of our Arab boasts Deviation from Ankara Librium as well as for us we can calculate B This spring constant it's that the ratio of so it is a 4 . 9 9 times 10 to the minus 17 you would divided by 2 . 1 7 times 10 to the minus 8 meters and . 3 times 10 to the minus 9 so let's say every hair was given a sprain and we that if we hang on Mars from Mosul 0 . co around it stretches by 0 . 1 5 And it is attached vertically or originally friend The 1st rap problem is to determine the spring constant we do it in the same way Bid for the Union a molecule so Been order the force Stretches the spring there A times GE and know that that the the spring is stretched by The 0 . 1 5 meters so we we have a 0 . 3 kilograms times 9 . 8 Meters per 2nd square Divided Why 0 . 1 5 meters and that it gives us 19 . 6 meter so if we not take off their masks and Are mounted horizontally so attach it horizontally mounted glides without friction of knowledge in another spring constant and Marcy can determine an angular frequency using only square Equals case ever so that means that bombing us career working in the number of 65 . 3 seconds and that means that on itself . 0 8 per 2nd Now this spring is 1st compressed by 0 . 1 meters from a group and that means X of 0 minus Erickson art Minus 0 . 1 meter In addition it is a given shelter to create the velocity of time equals A VS 0 . 4 meters per 2nd in the positive X direction now we are going to determine the amplitude frequency and phase of the simple harmonic motion so Euless Relations for the Abbott would 1st we know that we have would career is the sum of The initial deviations career was your . 1 meters plus as the air the initial velocity divided by angular frequency That's the . 4 meters per 2nd divided by an 8 . 0 8 The 2nd and the Mets great and from that get the amplitudes grip this Saudi template would itself 0 . 1 1 to meet so for the phase we need to use a new assignment because I'm OK together they had to get the phase angle of their a tool equation X minus X not a cosine I think Orlando tea Plus fly Uh me because my They are Mandela Signed only to close because of a Tandem next equals sign next course every can call at take the ratio of those creations So We all be of 0 All acts of The Miners not Equals Minus a God Sign 0 0 plus fine All Bond Plus Cos I'm 0 0 plus So NBA cancels and just left the Omega and functional Get minors Bomber Tengiz of 5 Now when we actually have plug in the numbers retention function hasn't hasn't ambiguity or Perdicidae tangent function Books were awfully like bears Treat So it repeats The this time competes with a pair of this city of about 180 degrees or all in radiance and therefore the calculated that will just give us the The answer for Tandem fire using that this Piece of the 10 function but we don't know whether it is on this 1 on this 1 that so weak simply have to try out those originally creations and see which 1 fits best and it turns out in this case we need to add 180 degrees part so that we find that we have phase angle 3 . 6 Radiance 406 . 3 degrees and can then add right down equation for the simple harmonic motion X equals X. not plus 0 1 1 1 2 meters time Cosine 8 . 0 8 cheaper 2nd plus B . 6 Thank you for your
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Titel Basic Physics III Lecture 1
Serientitel Basic Physics III
Teil 1
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Autor Smy, Michael
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DOI 10.5446/12938
Herausgeber University of California Irvine (UCI)
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
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