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Basic Physics III Lecture 17

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bookies the wording of the happy Friday Aguirre such the king of
at ups a so let's Rametta
assault hauled novels of interest experiment is set up
1st of all I want is a condition up for the light source it has to be more McCormack it has a single wave very further marble the light source has to be call here so that the world has a mobile
library it let off light source superpower mostly for it that just itching that she was pleased with cable might be composed of Delaware where Australia's locally almost too
you will be able to jurors the interference pattern in as 3 0 as reference point this as an all access to the to sleep slow I O face some visitors above the central axis the called distance so response of the system we have it in ghostly right sulfur were Our Florida there's someone one-to-one respondents bitches face what everybody would but it was this for I sub as we already I deal last side the theory is very very far away longing is much bigger compared to the distance between the 2 streets end of the line we chose are almost parallel where they can be approximated that as parallel agree far-right so making use of this fact it
is my duty police visitors are 1 which is the chaos of the language coming out of the 1st Is Somali
business sense was for an office Nikolai let's call it L which is often public distance between the 2 streets and the screen so good that correct at those fingerless they cannot hold your income is a solid home that this and those they got this and almost as they sought to buy about Hong portable power and you have particle location Qantas real there will be the past are 1 which we called the last time right Rice logo it is the best answer is or to spot 1 which we can't expressed in terms of Fiat visitors to the 2 sleep and visiting ghostly policy express these lines got good
Russell is returned they say the bill has just in Boulder they have a price Khan struck interfere the past is does mostly In 0 multiple will also a wave less right it's either 0 or longer for too long the horses in order to have come from interfere sofa
obstructed interference at this
point the code the past before the filter must be a quote To ease you go modern almost always that end there I told corresponding not
as bright as it takes back to America 2 I observed a bright spot for peak right because as constant interference for a year but should be
rarely from 0 1 to make such a sub is correct is Colby older so onlookers did you may be
asked what is a location
although 1 bright spot response to this number and right so what is a low-key
isolate was sponsors they 0 but it the be essential points right so
at a location that correspond to the central price quit Chisholm view
or their necks small was course balmy and been 0 Pa I dislike the central right always gets chew on this NBA also minus 1 once again to get price range Sokol sort older 1 procedures 1st makes the rise
related tells you hobby Ingalls thing now is for popular location while the corresponding ballot this is why away from the central axis
Gainey express white interim slows the Ingalls yes and what is the relationship els site
cleanup of the low-key further price
ranges White writes this her which is distance between but mostly in the screen time all of us think widgets L hi and longer or In eager says above us both look
this is our best rivers to locations for the part How often just those would response said destructive interference here Salford bills
lulled Taser bot the past letters France Delta which once again is given by NYTimes flyover corresponding bingo was says Hardyville Tom Bishop and what is the Commission injured have wave that
arise so as we get thing I served as our relations we can write galley expressions for the location wide right so I thought maybe millions of visitors away from the central axis is once again given by L Sight thing yes but I Inter
changing Alan become yes aid doesn't really matter because I tell you right here making use of the small angle approximation and I assure you that in ghostly light is small so does keep big L is a clear view of who was the the statement but
for I slow here this is a sign reaches 0 home already slumping theater plus one-half was again this what we'll
are close personal value of state where hey both we get made use
of the small angle pass major receiving nite Reagan's is fraught with danger they which can be approximated as slightly they so hot the silliness is that all this realize we wrote down and we shelves 3rd the pattern which are closer to the central axis right because Michael away from essential maybe you say I'm counting the plant has bright printers they will be very and that will be responding to lodge angels they get everybody see gas only holiday a holster to a very good approximation 1st fringes how which I'm not too far away from the center for wrestle the
pattern of there on the street will be be the Barley supposed this Center we already argue that it has devised what right figures right in the center point by 1 onto and there for this June interfere constructively it won't be the case of the 1st older on either side of a center you have the in summer
port will regret about which from last of I used to find out of the growth over next month by spots that wide right and while value of an inch above all they want because of asking the 1st older next saw what is best bomb
not a word beat Peru have some error would be the case at all the 1st makes them trauma center as always the
same the center you get offers all the right cell what How will the distance featuring the 1st new above the center cost formalized ideas why not what value of aims call 8 2 0 right still 1st of May I encounter would be and the location which shares a long that sorry I just over true as Somali was center and this is what else all really you the press box what I
can also pass you want says that this chambers there is a maximum about the same injured on the eve terrorist From now on we will listen you just at the top right that will be 1st since the difference which is 3 over to so so right in there of course all the right spots are just by the same distance so right here at this does more to a along the Red meat away from center you get a 2nd Maxima Accenture acres is above us before I move on but right Hey of but but the show Chrysler
other place where you observe the interference of is almost over Abbas you will have seen the very colorful service of the soap opera and various colors they are a result of the interference of light are they get me fight that fondue set us all the for waste post here I
have to be on some media and like not the 1 needed only want to it to and act white circuit thing about this this be service soap opera with dozens of sickness off I should here the lift thickness of the film is a far-right so what are proving just got to tell you the results where the light from on
a little research only 1 injured media are of a middle restructure and she reflected at the service on what have a place to 180 degrees in for a while smaller than 2 congress rigorously feared alliance is greater than that to then there's no spaceships price so
let's take that fats LCD what happened with the like reflected twice that was to service so at this interface there will be some library can reflect that as opposed the 1st media In error In the 2nd in the water there there will be punches a bigger things she said effort this reflected rays but because a white smaller than too but this something else happened at this interface and what is that facts does that well I would get things the 2nd medium right below this angle horse is charming by small which are poor and the state of affairs once a year ago I could get reflected there's a mere eras where such as happening so let's cultures past No. 2 seed come although most of the past which I think that as 1 end In those come out so this past week by to they interfere they around the house this interference depends upon the base differences the difference between his 2 agreed a select this year's effort this past No. 2 is a change of 180 days because of the facts no right because it is so as you go along a lot of reflection into a smaller 1 and according to the rules there's no please check correct else do I have to take into account by this to libraries jobless and distance if it was such a difference in the distance it you would think twice roughly twice the thickness of the thing but should mean that this July release are almost Our perpendicular to the surface the sale Hey I Ypsilanti mad am head he foresaw was
a dear father Ray 2 struggles and egg this does all our wise these stigma us all the film but should be mapped the libraries are nearly perpendicular to the service is as glare are right so How do to get comes interference in the case Richard rated No. 1 and No. 2 mail No. 1 has this hundred so 1 8 degrees face change or equivalently because they this they or I yet so that the number while although it
see this power Honda ADD agrees change 2 he must be Hathaway fled right if a rise of to be
wives of the vignettes which is this and choppers does that relate to Schiavo's is equal to half way but than Greg number 1 and number 2 will be even state and
therefore 4 you deconstructed
interference is as good subject only to deconstruct interference the account this almost vignettes the film is that they love Tories these figures of the film must be it all to deter possible half Of the ways that he
figured away less is way blessed In the new but right and dozens of others physically quite there's a picture one-half year because you want to that 180 degrees are already number 1 the is 1 1 in
a smaller to meaning the light started from medium was small embezzlement factor into DR medium was lodging vessel retraction was the post to Airbus see gel a son of a
poor yes medium or I saw the 1st interfaces bitchery media our has reflection on 1 of the medium that
has index of refraction and to Horn the thing just a user interface featuring on medium has this factions and to and that was index of refraction history is 1 it smaller than issue which is smaller than a 3 is a clear what was promised Rice right use the this library I remember why I get that 180 degrees based here is a reflection policy with a feel sorry I Italy 1 1st sorry I am the reverse of what I want to be greater than to quotas which of the 3 rs playing that came as if they're 180 degrees based you we are remember to art until wanted to sorry episteme Gervais begin because is quicker than 3 right so what will be the reason they are like Nova together concert interference In this case we just different than previous paid dearly twice while the thickness must be to a Monday a wasteland Everybody was does cylinders right down on so you had
to deconstruct interference we need to
empty it too an go multiplayer overweight let another word twice Of the vignettes is equal to integral Oh the and he's sight that number 2 that will deal face changed over 0 to 350 degrees exist Axa and therefore I deconstructed only thing that so that the theory is that a morsel physically gave me I'll be right along the 2 s lumber which is a way vacuum divided by our but that's only fraction median number to a salary you know how to write down the pub. reduced destructive into Israel right instead of a you will have a major plus one-half Silver instructed cases the Commission is that size the 2 sides of vignettes equals 2 integer plus 1 half times a that back the 1st of bid last thing Christians is clear
by some of adult topic a model layout became set of like interference and that the
Michaels injures 4 mark of Toronto meal which has a following said so year Happenny of my source we should reach of the so-called Benes solely the light yet but changed and is also basically the library has slid into 2 1 get reflect along this a right In the other half will just continue along the direction 1st arm of the library they get us at this point that go along this direction our some visitors away from Europe although aggregate get bounced back along the same path as Somali 30 only half the country told me on the the direct as some distance away you're sick sold as library was again boss back right there was this July beams get back to this point they become white focuses on still where you get off their hats and all this recount by rates physically was an ominous we are let's call this distance from the beans Air the 1st no 1 in the distance between the beams are the 2nd mirror and has felt so as to this 1 an L 2 or exactly the same they want to be ecstatic with those we get back to the same point so they interfere constructively or destructively constructively right because drag orders the same the war with this says
featuring want to that is needed In order to get a destructive interference 1 half the wasteland so a that the new fares my players differently Hall large there and she has to move is a one-half of the leather the quota but he has to learn like go back and forth price 0 0 0 so you know there to have you struck the interference the apprentice we think that
this is Foster PUT Walter
although Everybody was the statement because remember the light I mean number 1 goes the distance of the truth 1 Northrop number 2 distances twice failed to so to
get a destructive interference you need about the difference to a quarter overweight some 80 years all is from an hour and surely there is goalie experiment called light which is going to be cat gravitational waves have you heard about salt so I was tired theory predict the existence of gravity wave physically you think about it is that wait that's life the people all states
and there's such reports based on tells shot that all the injured on add to like equal distances 2 people on this remote space was tracked his to distances that the amount the assault makes them so readily see some moonlight as do about that How does this gravity waves could be so the theory that we know of How could a wave could be the coalition resent and those like to
experiment which will actually be operation next year what working are you can be tax they want black hole Holweger per year over the very very rare event in order to be able to be attacked this the issue and need to be very very sense of it but if it actually is that the dancers 1 part and candlelit 18 service
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