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Basic Physics III Lecture 19
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row over continue discussion of diffraction phenomenon so just
as we can last time looked diffraction gratings basically the combination of my and resolve that require vision for Macs are Our slick this DE visits between neighbors times the size of a panel on which it must be a equal toward integral novel ways we can drive is all wrong was call or call where we resolutely angle Parramatta thereby determine what I would like to alone was not this I would like to demonstrate how we get from a single slipped double slips multiple slits on the diffraction grating called interference changes
restart liver a problems because Sierra Re of these fractional slip itself as a multiple acts coming from the difference between the toes where snarl to work I think the next Abbas freeze August it's always for mouse almost Gore was 6 what I can see is that an accident on right bright compared with some olives go a tour to real that's grating thousands of 1 maximum here next taxable year Max Max here also on Oliveira has basically light intensity in between they can also see Olivette changes when Ireland to change the way banks so it's fine to be regulated this is not 650 not only the result of remember Maximian is clean and you have the next maximum where roughly that point with these tools that can diffraction grating American jury science of past so if we have a heated gas all solid for example the sound on like Paul van about continuous spectrum is a native and emerged continent from grape arbor light source can trust various spectral lines for example was hired their grievous assault and if you look at of the continuous spectrum of solemnly fine the somewhat both lines were used by shadows and what that means is and like getting absorbed by Arab gasses president we are poor reaches of song that's our called salt suspect because she goes power plants right but the principle is saying that the degrading
terms wavelength angle so as a calculated another example so let's assume you have a hot gas and that is also a the spectroscope using the diffraction grating that has 10 thousand lines for sending and the spectral lines newest the center recital in 0 degrees of wire line up 24 . 4 degrees of blue line at 25 . 7 degrees through screen is lying 29 . 1 degrees and the red line 41 . 0 degrees and problems some of the corresponding with and so please stop call this problem 1st by observing considering lines viewers stamp both names thank ward off a diffraction patterns as long as it is usually the case with the recovery the spacing between neighboring finds that while 10 thousand lines the Senate which means this is kind of a minus for 30 years or 10 1 6 meters off 1 thousand pounds that's communion with member can volume was a formula for the maximum 1st for the on toward agrees you multiply 1 but the side of of 24 . 2 degrees and that gives us about 410 which indeed by worry closes with 1 the reaction on the screen before fired on them out for 25 . 7 degrees find 434 where are united . 1 degrees of 486 on a family 41 degrees are a 656 not also were closed rare maximum but we just saw it for on toilets look at the different example there's actually I want problem with using greetings that the different Of the specter of Campbell will so let's assume have white light in the wavelength region between 400 not only doesn't 750 striking upgrading that contains 4 thousand lines the problem is to soul the rule overlaps the red the 2nd war earned don't foresee the same way FOR refined the spacing between lines 1 4 thousand 4 thousand 500 pounds of spacing between life and now we can calculate the 1st order of 450 this is 3 times 450 not only stood by the falls not as a sign of the angle . 5 war divide ghosts aren't novels was of multiply per week and for the 700 not only in the 2nd quarter also just multiplied cool and bears . 5 6 for this time of year Gold and your observed that is signers they go outside and that means that a corresponding angle is is you go from rat and that means that these spectra actually were so 1 has Be careful where you are looking at these spectrum we are not fooled by Ohio Max what about where you 2 . 5 we will cause fire on an army directs 104 thousand per cent so rare 4 thousand lines we want all our whole close together on on neighboring lines take a rest for colonial rule 1 or 4 thousand years it a 2 . 5 times tender a modest 4 could following are onset of Allah I picked with also part of just like the previous problems have thousand lines got 1 let us know are Rugrats different regularly region an area 1st novel laureate after the mobile crimes was established for and found out that if you were smashed all chance of accelerated by a voltage typically floated off his rational photographs medals was expertise on these X-rays or sometimes also referred as long as our electrum worries rather short race sex from right point 1 mountain 10 on and both rays Hamid different materials through a different degrees of sought after the discovery of X-rays are took the 1st X-rayed on his Whites can actually see there coaches living and probably getting bone cancer as a consequence of Be careful and agreed to marry a physicist we are not really concert on now medical X-rays Bravo X-ray diffraction Yukon even go the way with the short x-rays can still cracked we can was usual grading because the time facing now that you you're very close cover achievement manufacture fractal such worries however this have ideals of using crystals but and crystals are already roaring off after all and both have the right kind of facing turn off and on if for example you have sold related to Gladys rarely have all those at sitting regular places you assume that each lot where Oregon premier can't really really cost difference however is all under a certain angle eyes and be careful this angle fine as an on the angle with respect to the mall but with respect Soviets it's so before your eyes and fate on our was always with respect knowledge in the crystals so if you have a angle fire between America's surface the crystal Her reflected X-rays where this annual PC because of this life perpendicular wrapped and that life perpendicular crystals therefore the cost difference between Oregon's worries it's about times were sign of and get us through a local vision for maximum this as we are going to go all the way this is not all the right ways 4 lanes and that they have fire is not angle with respect for the law also be X-rays reflections on crystals is more complicated than a simple parading costs can concert of different planes and crews for example instead of just talking about playing 10 it brings like reasons they have different space but also faces on followed by more than 1 space in power to get something like this may and you pixels next pitch and this is kind of like a fingerprint diffraction fingerprint off a particular crystal and can identify crystals order crystal structure by looking both diffraction member of famous example loss basic basically exactly 60 years ago arm restructure of leader of the DNA the public unique structural or underground using X-ray diffraction and so this an actually talks are conclusive X-rays picture but short Oh yeah helical structure of Mong kind the characteristic X shape but and unfortunately for our city . match was suing tourists even price herself on her co-workers loose a long break work by I want
conclude are discussed the cracks the observation deck if I actually wounded on how an application for example a close this kind real-life representation and all like that the concert uh geometric optics on easily slide my laser pointers here and both can be represented the 1st time a dollars with Dawson meetings in the intensity as functional histories away from the radio systems that looks like a Coliseum Seoul a profit here so care defying song effective being radios or them called problem and that as a terms also if you have solidly defined being like that of a flashlight where there will be practice if it went for a circular aperture therefore eventually would this is something that looks like an area this radial profiles so it will have a maximum of 2 thousand years different because they cracked skulls get some our words they keep their shape even after pull out of the however they still white so defined as the smallest the waste of the celebrity of laser beam has 1 . 0 space along the propagation smallest being God and uh it is the calculation the intensity pattern want is time for such a policy looks like it's a waste of waste at menus frenzy way France are getting curled isn't always on the case being slowly getting white America made the wavelength as well along with you the waste closely matched with so for laser beam of these wastes is much much bigger therefore a widening being not her Ontario writer a formula for their origins meaning hold our whole fast diameter grows with obligations which is also looks will be criteria the rating criteria Martha at 1 point show times wavelength old diamond and serious I simply the way by high times the minimum dynamic America which we call our values your so that means that but this is from the waist around here were always better systems which is approximately I'll times the wavelength divided by high or Our minimum such for just applied for what was simple I like this but you can actually Ursal was a transfer which I kind of like a by abrasive modes found on a strain on only linked with the guy was being spot looks like roughly like this forbid bearing on how it Junior laser cavity and also more complex problems like the Journal a bit more complicated such power they got it Ariel where will be for you get the virus smallest Our growth would be what goes so it is you our time she so let's look good
example for such scholars and means are somewhat famous example of 404 14 mission time left optical reflector on the service and that reflect that can be used measure the distance of the war between higher woman worth vertebrae precisely what 1 does I'm sure it's a laser beam up to the war maybe our bounces off the effect of the missile back on on the time delay or please also calls for were reduced prayer if you're still that they have rate of 5 Alameda race 1 meter radius of the euro the question is Our whole big from diffraction on all these Bart the leaves on and how they would it be for 1 of my laser pointers which however off perhaps wealthy . 5 and border area was this formula which tells us Haley Barbour the angle is related to waste are 150 not only because we get a 1 . 7 5 times and my babies and barking in the distance the more we care about being spot lost 67 . 3 which was also was met for Winder actually across the where waste is so much smaller point are you a spot size of 150 kilometer that means that almost nothing from the intensity with took effect by cause of calls on the part of of the big sport with it's the yet this diffraction has has other
consequences also let's consider that we are best staff from the Star Wars movies where orbiting around Mosul this where is longer offer but pointers and an opposition leader closes this which all 78 million kilometers or earned let's assume that is a fire a single shot at last the 2nd evidence they also purchase were like reasons calm and evaporating Collymore 4 kilometers although it with your request was how what apparently is needed Air Force shot assumed part was 6 baggage jewels a kilogram of vaporization heat that required a lot we don't even consider heating up 100 degrees Celsius just about Seoul reversed however impact of that shot for you get off 78 pounds and remind me of this time originals this is really laser light on and on and divide by let's assume that 10 meter thick super League the bets on sewage plant ignores numbers impact trade himself 2 . 5 kilometers or and that corresponds to an impact area of 90 . 4 kilometers square and because clear what volume of verse what 80 kilometers to that has a master of about 8 times 10 of the 12 programs cannot calculated the energy required to vaporize much and our 1 . 8 times and there just for comparison 1 of the world's most powerful leaders a we and laser Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory the school my Top 10 6 troubles once and so on my recommendation would be an this shoppers but will not reveal the location the secret rebel base there rather waited out because most likely growth will survive actually what saliva shot like this because of the war however I would also advise who West Palm possible from on the location of the laser Karzai on 1 of these devices trying to handle a temper the 20 every small inefficiency and delays stores that's novel asked which is a little bit and talk of quality a different effect in that it cannot go for light embarrassed because light uh consists of a transverse waves reduce the size the world little
experiments old-fashioned technology and
whether you've ever seen that only dairy Harrier so-called which absorbs also infraction the lights and Grace amount for a while I was absorbed actually rotated on all the lightest
Correa is an example for 4 hours or so can single co-owners of Paris kind life if
you have if you have a role for ization would correspond with 4 different types of moles another perpendicular propagation direction the the role can move vertically or Our horizontally would be between different for all about transversally world sold because that is a matter of which would be as its oriented vertically or horizontally and have vertical slip away can actually parcel on him however the opposite polarization would actually bounced off against roll out for electromagnetic waves I'm out here is the electric field and others floor opposition so if you have a life going like this in the electric field swings like this and you would have over the union of polarized and the electric field where is this a horizontal plane horizontal or on and these polarizing filters the time the soldier be actually
consists of also on molecules that arranged around Harold Seoul where we have such a long Molly is indicated by was 0 Errol's like this vision a electric field director emeritus horizontal them the electric field will perform work on samples of the Mali and is very easy to do that because of this war along with Molly however or if you have a vertically for from adequate and uh Chaves Khan will therefore be waived performs more the way performs book was as energy and that means gets From our this acts like the vertical Paul Rogers and only ways on vertically polarized possible on the horizontally for ponds are therefore if we now crossed toward such filters at 90 degrees absorbed both Paul Reiser there are readily absorbed all the life if you put at any hour angle remedy your the intensity as a functional and the total intensity times we call signed square off of if you have a mouse with on polarized light for all those for its value was the first one was a pull riders and his 2nd wife analyzed and what that means is that polarized for O'Connor the I'm for life retreat consumer consists of equal at mixture of horizontal and vertical and it passes through the polarizer completely people and their big plays an ally sigh angle on the right angle to find out what was the higher revision their intensity was observed the intensity off times the call sign square off of the told for times Cox the intensity by a factor tool because of you just cut while of vehicle components and we're very equally mix between horizontal and vertical they're just was there a horizontal comport so sconces example let's assume that you have on told life passing through pool for forwards just like a picture just short an axis of alarmist protocol and the other 1 is 60 degrees we all know what this the orientation and intensity of the transmitted light and so are 1st the intensity of the for this 1 half of the total enough about its vertically polarized America once it goes the 2nd for new attempt to use this the 1 after times the call signs girl 60 degrees cause final 16 degrees this 1 half therefore calls on square off 60 degrees with 1 and therefore there the intensity after the 2nd quarter's 1 quarter of tens before the 2nd this 1 8 all the original intensity workers one-half hour intensity after the 1st quarter 1 half of your original and the final Four polarization of passes linear at 60 degrees with respect after 4 or the poor vacationers always in the barracks the last fall so let's consider the amount
example but firstly that GSBCA
that's not but 3 forwards he'll have tool for hours votes are covered with 3rd on until the 20 degrees and nothing particularly spectacular happens because where they overlap but still Doc can't have a relative taste Lewis all of them places in the middle between the 2 and that's all arm of Doc actually comes I can see it I look down here there will be a tougher see on the screen because we don't have enough time to come delights of them will have new currency that this is the area just the tool full rivals are our forwards are crossed and that's completely but there's actually some gray areas means that some is going slow so we can uh novel that was mathematically they're using equation for the intensities and be tracer just like in the the previous problems so often across all our orders to care for his life was 1 half of the intensity rats also say vote look for hours now we have the 1 that is a 45 degree angle for that gives us an intensity the intensity of the 1st 4 hours times call signs Guerrero 45 degrees and the call sign of 45 degrees 1 was grows too so of course I'm square off 45 degrees was 1 or 2 so it was hotly intensity that we had before 2nd not all the big difference of not having this ordered this knowledge not only intensity is reduced by by Arafat told but also that based change from the vertical told press total 45 degrees so if it now faces were referred for what it is also 45 degree and roasts work 90 degrees with respect and that means big bad was not a factor toe and so on total intensity losses 8 compared with but we don't pulls everything right there was trust 24 rises crossed my soul out there always kind of polarized light and using paw its when we look at mixed with racks actually did not uh concert for vacation just of what's really happening out of reflection and refraction at From air and water a little more complicated than just smells of all the Adolph reflection 1 actually has consider the poorest regions on 1st but playing over incidents but claimed that contains the names of the great reflected parade and the refractive so in this case is simply playing on the screen that's long before either if that's the 1 that I could be Harold parallel to the plane of the man he also want us going in and all of the spleen vectors perpendicular 1 can derive from Maxwell's equations follow us for the hour food of the reflected wave compared with incident where well for the refractive that's just look novel that reflected what so if the indices of fractions or and why are pure and will not be there for the perpendicular case there is this racial end for the Paolo case together over a similar racial what want and who are switched and however were interesting consequent if we assume that there are some 90 degree angle between a stronger spectral between the reflective and refractive there have been all that the Society of the exuberant time goes Cos sign of it of the refractive trade off course sign reflect what firms signed off refractive call sign incident angle of the call sign off reflected Mets simply because their 90 degrees with respect and a finale at only because Merrill was also lost both those relations so NY Times cause favorite refractive is and sometimes signed favor in over this him Molly was also off which tells us that a time signed favor incidence equals 2 signed fatal crash Mario was a visit creation which gives us the is and 2 times scores data in if not oak this thing equal were act that means that a memorial Manisha score and what that means is that in this part of the case there is for the apparel for position because no from happening at all the entire with visit this particular Angola's called rules and uh under the rules the angle of 100 per cent for Asian incident light been on hold because while pool for vacations this completely France and soul in reflected wave on TV and perpendicular our case of indicated by those docks so 1 can make it was over the installed arising out by taking photography for example if you take advantage that Of all and it was a appalled polarized the right way when you all but eliminate our reflection because they know that the reflection of the right angle this 100 people but reveal is where the light coming from the ground or off so this is the a picture of poor but with all the the question is what are what is angle was for vacation time so we know all that refracted reaI needs be perpendicular incident before this book can turn now look at the time of the incident angle that was a sign of things and by by the call sign on and that was site of the incident and abide by the signed on Friday called late at and from smells of all of this must be an equal amount work that relations for the year of for hours rules and time angle theta P must be a racer you always want so let's status was 1 example of all that so the question what is that it is the angle sunlight reflected from please call right and what is really was fracture and so if you were just in this newly derived on time for rising her in their to always won the case Aaron Walker 1 . briefly and became the 1st police are applied in both time and function get we have rules for rising I was 53 . 1 degrees we can argue is snarls lawful find media uh refracted angle so refractive angle is sign this was divided by 1 . and that gives us 0 . 6 or why assault in assigned functions for favor refractive differed on 9 degrees and indeed as it should are these polarizing angle plaster the refractive uh uh so thank you were much your questions I there's
a vessel cause and the back some of the medical field also it's just you can pick 1 off the tool and you pick electric field because it's easier see it acts on top for most of the interactions or are stronger electrically the bottom principle