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Rice, Benno
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Berkeley System Distribution (BSD), Andrea Ross
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Detailed discussion of tips, tools and strategies for maintaining internal software forks with a particular emphasis on FreeBSD and its use in EMC's Isilon Storage Division. Occasionally you need to fork a project. You probably still want to track the upstream version but you've got local modifications you need to maintain. The EMC Isilon Storage Division does this with FreeBSD in a big way. This presentation will go through what happens when you don't keep up to date and how you can get back up to date in a way that can still mesh with your release process. It'll also go through tools you can use to help the process along and keep your project managers happy and strategies for making sure you don't get behind again.
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the and the boot of fly half of whom were staying at the church but some time and the right to a long time and we meet talking about Welles's kind of its a storey about the
time a when the about how we maintain out of the tunnel for Propre biassed and the joys and 1 is in a bowl and stir in the olive last long or other industry has long on price along as part of the really and had come
across a book some its
cost spell network attacks storage so it would be with storage so you put about around for to follow and its network attached so that it was the Protocols being blocked by the some might scour the other part of the tax file based on the network producible the like that most of these cases we have made it the best I have and its scale-out from than style of which means that in we instead of taking up small things and pudding bigger things we used in the new to add more things amendments Clusters solar things get stuck dedicated to get a buyback and fabric and they will work together on the things themselves we called loads
there is not a whole lot that special about the mid daily off the shelf at 36 64 old until qualification on the way to a few custom but not a whole lot on the soft where it is a lot more interesting
but the software a we have pulled 1 at this time it's a modified version of previously were here and it's really
significant modification previously we do a lot of changes from just
cheating Granada's suite with some of the logging stuff we have a lot of balls back to the smaller things up to
a lot of things we get right in the file system either party can Jeong but by the time we have a budget hacksawing utility the level 64 but will we don't actually see them any more because the where we have much changes to the capital and their so we intend to credentials changes to the United Altria chain of all sort of things and then as well as
that we have on this fall system code the across the back networking are entitled to use the land these aren't around as tidy into the rest of the not so much the against previously that they were lying on the changes that we might in other places so the Sean version
is we have falls on so too why
do you for while the act as silly altius we have a whole bunch of constraints and used faces the doyen of flying to most uses of previously in the back the file system that distributed across Multiple machines Clusters summit doesn't need only happened with previous but the when with other with other projects are would actually if you can manage it are would for some the reason being that new breed of whole would and that's part of what we talk about the game and were involved in keeping with the of the day but it also makes a tricky to push which work upstream can lead to you not introduced of extremely probe which showed on because developing internally and you tailored so much during the rules the the House get out there and I'm so while we have a lot of the rationale for doing that stuff but it was starting up a new project or be where he is the kind of try financial like self-contained my changes in the things like a lot of circle models for stuff that ball actually for King some but were hoping to use it for a long time so we have a walk in and say as anyone is maintained helpful to stop it at the with fund incorporated changes from the upstream project Italy goes if you might to wait is not psychotically delays changing team crime has not so much a problem but we go much more expensive changes collaborating instances of some out previous patented doing is not that so Iceland's want to stop there being based on previously by the government of the previous 2 seasons the it was a full of the stable 5 branch bidding got of the up lifted the for of the stable 6 Branch and then up to the stables and branch and it never really made it cost that it's been sitting on being produced 7 based by previously 7 based on the previous he said plus a right back ports for quite a long time and so it is time to get me to the 1st lesson of IPO of Dragon this this storey telling you don't do
that but don't get behind him I really tending to stay where you are or what of broad of up to a certain point and the Chancellor of the new global projected featured project to put the results along with the neck and the kind of night that the only in 1 that reasons was validation in ways we sell off high value about to be customers the Lexus and
enterprise brought about some comes with a high level of expectation that provides actually going to be sold and that means the habit of resistance to change the especially changed to a large complex body of coloured that's not 100 per cent yield you have full control over its and table part of the system that is not fully American trawl 1 of the ways to increase that was just not changes so and and that could lead to a certain level of comfort the problem being that
when your nonmuscle comfortable place you suddenly several my divisions behind the world's the said on the eve Italy waiting to without which we had with the right in the problems that really and assault by the 3rd but versions and you also done things like pointed Activision's the chicks immediate means that any thought carried boy and I have much which aims and you don't slack would not be a local modifications to we had differentiate between what and what term upstream at that point you can have a
bad time the before only in this way upgrades he's kind of this big step approach during a large amount of time was scheduled he used unstable 5 and a half to Pabst at the abstract out what your changes and ended up to stable 6 and and you begin to get a stable said and because of the delays and not doing we having to do it will be having to do that from stable similar stable and that's not pleasant but and so avoiding the changes leaves you pilot take it gruesome Rosenberg so the Russell's
Baume the project so I'd joined us long Holmes taking in February last year when he said but for the last long is the mining group that case about previously within the part of some and the various alleges that will look up Bolton and so although some around and so it felt like holds teams do something about the fact that where on outdated version of previous days when I'd joined will public through the 1st iteration project the but the
presence in this 1 it was a mildly emissions would
take previously current but we were going to stay out of the file system and cost the back in Italy of the real and the next and then we are going to make bills by so than that would basically the you take free this book previously inaccurate and bringing changes of that changes from House Austria needed to make it work and December really great because it means we clearing public that could be to the recording of the filly made but we don't necessarily bring out of all the stuff like are but team to the and and the problem is that the questions are being raised around were how you Knollwood and more pulling 200 people waiting will work and the problem is that of the book of a really fuzzy on
the way and questions
problematic because 1 might get estimated resolution time which particular come across the you can how many their off and the leader of the table and we needed to get any
more to that there aren't any but and that in Leeds into around the house question and that kind of under of the schools the dock aside this this of rule and used the money to changes is the kind be sure whether a change is actually used on needed until you don't his approval with some really comes and as the and that's when it really comes at the scope of coverage of the tests would and want us all to go protest with the with admitted that it could be even bigger and take even longer to some his can run for hours if not days them so the problem is that testing of previously itself has been more ganache systematic with generally on about his so right test accredited destroying the but there and accept and about the test of cost Exel along for Wigan making changes like a testament of the change were the price but it means that part of the nervousness of a the organisation around this project was how do we know that when not bright something softly previously in and had a really bad time so you can when you being when your time business rebels around making sure that people die to to stay put and doesn't go away you really want to be sure about the answer the man change that was spreading body was bringing up for what kind of nervousness and paranoia and so we really need to have a think about how we address that so at 1 point and 1 of the game's music to be bold in previous of after projects in the company by the end put up and also planned for the new plan the vault instead of taking the
architecture of the woman I had already and then iterating through previously changes adding them until we got to where we needed to using are until test leaves validation so that is so that this
brings us to this 1 of the things this planned to was killed skilful was unused and and even changes on the other hand we need we we had all the changes that are so that we will comfortable with that we are losing anything but part of pineapples again Qaeda local time is under control and we got really widespread changes probably more than we actually need and would also be really that getting rid of the ones we actually do not need any more reasonable someone as a bunch of diagnostics defined by some part of what we end up having a great across is that diagnosed occurred still but the fixed so why not Netflix for example a log races at keeping Steve small the their got different use branded as the leader and makes it easy for them at the start of doing so delighted the weekend that still so 1 of the things that we did this doesn't to use the couple's changes out the general point the war and his version was the we just bring everything up to the heads the of all the latest somewhere to accountable with and then go through the resulting differenced are actively looking for things that we could upstream Italy or deal with the Lions and the other things you probing those that are being talking about the immediate up to hit the is a great idea
but it was part of the ritual plan as well we went 1st earthshaker current or have stable and stable my time and and kind and discussions about how to avoid getting behind again some previous designed to become a longingly stable and a lot of cases in various is contributed that some of the good news about the public only use of the of the freedom attesting of things before we had to put them in the tree in some ways that is the sort of less things are happening no as being things are happening and if you think back to when previously was at its most unstable and current
people going to the previously thought but that was when will try to get through completely fine-grained the multiple walking systems to allow to prop arrest and pay and we have a really had a body of work is disrupted the wide ranging in quite a while since then is actually law more stable so I think it is the combined stability with an internal testing and release Engineering and we reckon we could release of head and us the able to distract head on longer basis and think this this is just huge for
us and it's a great idea was not just a great idea for us it's a great thing for previously because now previously we getting blight belted throughout the original test systems and think that you Message today from 1 event to it would actually found a use of regarding the Inherent through the testing would emerge project suffered in this sort of light previously benefited the use of of data from 1 of several as the winner a long time ago but that we go stability in the country serving cost from being the wide ideas that has us ahead with this project will be able to contribute a similar so the of testing and improving Environment previous so back to the storey we
decide to go ahead as planned but the 1st day we had to do was to work out a way to bring in the free biassed the changes to saw straight so you obviously gave him the perfect tool for this give that allows you to emerge from other branches you can read a single a stuff the naturally like the old model for being organisations use of the the so subversion is that the economic branches winner paltry and a contracted the methods of the the don't and so that schools can be across Repubblica might and why emerging from my looks like it should be allowed to do that but it doesn't so we rose script we stole
civilians and merging for that and we just stuck a different version of it in another prop and is that the track provisionally told from previous and we did so I'm so immaculate you would get what previous division we could we could rely heavily say we emerged out and then we emerging for that and pythons refusing pious the and the pulling revisions from previous the head and applied into for the tree and political flick and we also who do so pulling as
well but what about previous writing where Applications so he wrote a thing track the which manages life so the green the ones that we managed to below once we had a year to a map of the sky and the management of the most was over on the left Richard each the half after a working because this was part of part of the we that this was just the heavily get a better idea of how long it would have wanted actually done some of the work so we start work immediately ran into so why
has said that we were on stable and we were unstable 7 plus a whole bunch of mismatched Adaptive back 4 and with tried on the head that he has attempted this is will read this was the ugliest rebates you give ever thought we had a study Abergel stable 7 he tried to board a written from head and half the time he would either have very impact of the change but indicated and had been adapted to merge back in the stables and so that we had untangle at full of the most fun was because we would have pulled in the back 4 will be pulling in the change that moved particular these code from vision 92 version the but we or I had visions and and so we have to look at and they are also paying we actually doing all that change was changed so that a line had sunk in some cases we had to answer the key conflict of this code over again at what from the side who had slowed things down quite but in the early phase of this how well with 1 of the things we could do
this is run existing tests were found this was bright this week actually prove that we were breaking things suffered and after a while using the tools of such a little should avoid established a right which require regions extrapolated and that from that there are only 2 problems but 1 is that there would changes to the way like it to be dresses and routing handled and a
totally blew up the cost of the we haven't been events that the predates the 1 0 win in the previous the trading and it might hold on to assumptions that things were and then deal to changes in the law and the Blue up and that stop this from using the test automation because the tessellation was a media construct cost and we don't have a back injury which coupled cost ends and standard stopping at 10 feet stopping and feeding everything they we kept going so we put was so pulling in changes and and and we have a whole pilot the way tested and after the couple of months but talk to fix the Trinidad and stepped out we hadn't had a go through fixed everything that was the main thing that sank in the 19th century was the
walls over the message Processing Kahnawake that was very single threatened only 1 person could be doing it at a time because he needed to make sure that people were trying to pull in the same division and we around a slightly due to the fact that Island strategy and so tight one-shift and the and the other ingenues working on this was based in California and he would take on a ship that because time zones and really Blackpool at much we could have been working to save the the 12 to 16 hours a day around the state the but it still has been after we got out of the stable 7 years of having to deal with this vision later the stuff we still and emerging Foster after really worried because so
that we get the drawing board in the 2nd approach was not a total also we might enough progress that we'd modestly levelled at the start following the level that 1 of the best back provisions that we had enough that we could do a deal between the revision emerged up to and the stock Fredia's the tree at the provision but so
last approach was
found tidy the free generated between previously and the and the advice and split up in roughly biological pieces and then we took a cheque address or straight strict at every previously sauce file and replaced it with a new version what to get to and and start applying these changes to previous that but we had a baseline was a modified version of previous and then we put out for the next and then we Michael work so again by the time we were on the way back which are contrary 1
because it's going to carry on but that was more about tracking who was pointing a particular but of the for the was merged with the 2 of them thing but said this might sound quite familiar to the 1st iteration that we went through the tactically previously cheque out and the like work the difference is that instead of just Pauline changes needed with pulling all the changes in up front and in making everything would which gets around this around missing Chinese leaders in the now once would done then will world take over going to do and so rigorously ordered the Chinese we got such a strictly without some and we also giving way away more
serious about testing and particular testing the previous elements the system specifically so 1 of airplanes home
homered distress to test sweet and he's been he's doing that forces be although just about previously as well and this is going to be a faint contributing to previous so using back on start from cities ulcerant Simental stress tests for where a getting really serious about 80 think you're wearing where running we pulled in the United into a Stupples holding a lot of the work the care of the dying inputting test from the as the the world's leading cable rightist the tests and where hoping to get contribute all of us back up to 3 biassed and which is also and were also introduced much rental Foundation which we can run against every build we got even if that means to stop the Japs early on once the stock possibly can lead to a on and right and it's kind of a way of finding out the law Foster but said the government had earlier I'm and it which is great for us because we will not busting things and is also a great in implicating the same sort of people I get nervous about back to a changing world so that leads to another lesson for from many
which is backed when things salt and some decisions was sort of like I'm guessing around for a bit with my feeling that there is not so much of the season against made its moral just paste and that's not taken it when you get we fall behind in the league all we don't need to live about and I don't stop something about why is not doing that if validation is the reason I don't write the worried about the fix the validation just decided siphon comfortable with you off because they need the right thing at the time of the soul across that actually stopping keeping current as opposed to just deciding that it's OK for that or a 20 20 hindsight payments of abuse at the time of the day so
that the project is still in trying to account for the disease fetching success is going well but it has finished yet so I'm very much looking for diversity and would like it to be doing but what happens after that this is the other reselect good track had not stable but had the within the outline of the problem attacking a stable prices if you December style brought him into the frontal stopping actively developed will get multiple and then you not getting after with the tool's we developed for a revision based approach that the plan the helm where and the test the where they were planning to the pulling in a whole bunch of pace at the start of each really cycle internally put into ahead Branch and in which that it's tested and proved that during the development cycle which means we can actually style or close to the public on the day we do now and that also means we don't have to be the huge uplift Projections dialects to stabilise found and it also means or a much better position to do things in freakiest directly because suddenly the price of having developed something for previously as loss Foster historically would have to wait until he style prices will used at the time 1 before making contributing which previously of the use of the system long now protracting case we can do things like work on the at which is to free the esteem various ways and and pulled back into a problem is that so the final lesson is
really support community but if you put a community that is projected Akora pride of supporting a community where the likeable not is now really high priority for the death of 14 year on the risk of the community going away and suddenly you are in in the sense of being 100 in response will for a long walk or even used to communicate previously the big thing for proactively work and a lot better making sure that we get back so do this early take on developing the introduced directly doing global testing of also looking into how we can contribute to making previously itself more tested found the fewer and 80 stuff but the early Marinos doing it right out the Jenkins suffocated Rodriguez history is great but what to say and what I'm hoping to get to work told having Jenkins building a virtual machine image that they had and queue of its rivals if we could have queue alive instances previously several times a day that really and yet were also so while a contributing to the test acceptably Computing more tests that the best is getting previously multifilaments previously current walk more below the stable Fosamax and make a lot easier to just keep going changes from previous because we know that could be the year before some so basically in conclusion but get behind
you really regretted the and we are progressing at some if you out to job 1 behind work at what that its but he local
China's under control of minimising the as much as you can economic upstream Acomita leaving things they committed acting things to try and use other parts that require less changes to the way you do change things might we have written part of what we do is going through just might intellectually is a mighty these comments he music that tolex the display joined W changes are having documentation order changes are intent behind it would be great but it was the realistic if
he can track and some people don't feel comfortable doing that by would recommend think it's the best way for because your a much position to contribute to your you don't have to have these uplift projects answer 4th salt
stopping keeping current but said in the 1st 1 is the Fifield tended to not try work out what it is and make sure you
giving back because of was the community might not be there all and that while shorter his way of thinking for so questions here with a wrote this to the line in the White House but it will work with the words of the old house where she was told it in the early well sort aggression was given that would going rise Business customers will make sure customers applying updates so out of hours complimentary early cycle is at the start of the really cycle will drop in as much change from his Rubico comfortable but to get as much of the new study in our early cycles in to be in the order of well over a year and so and when when the UK was the upgrade go out with all the of have the change in all this leave if we keep funds that we need to pull in provisions read the fate of the world into the bonds and sent out by the release cycle of of 1 if it is cut detached significantly from the release by the previous seemed so yet year and because we need to get the stabilise and prove about what we have been so that means the nights of what we do have to stop taking changes so release ex wife changes after revisions at a release while the choice of a provision that the results of both and a mighty century provisions for further ahead of that we stayed tactics about what of the rest a version of it there the Tuesday this Monday well you don't but you have to say so the question was how to decide what had originally trading up with the 1 who got now the book persist was we want stable 10 want something close the 10 release but with so we don't Stapleton branch point we want to put aside and rush points or the fixes that had going to get them through the release stable but we also want a couple of which is the kind in which was mightily revised walking around can and the direct batch of and so that the region was Kate based on based on the future leases will Crawley be sitting down and right so if we were going back from where he is right now he is that aside placed duo should we take it back or how we waiting to come in for some sort of acting is be discussion each time that could be discussion we have so that once I your old about any of that the her the game yet yes the were they are so the question was account is going to be less stable 1 stables have convinced management company thankfully alone and management were quite happy to go with the plan especially when because 1 of the things was being have we get so far behind that we stop happening again and so on the day of that of again walls of bullets stop sticking to style branches because they need the help of his wife visiting the uplift produced it from stable the stable wide and so stop having to do that the question becomes how to read found what we've got and that's where all this extra testing infrastructure of coming in and it might be sure that we could actually through the what we got the stable and those who work and so that means this year tasteful things basically you a new figure much so


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