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Merino, Julio
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Berkeley System Distribution (BSD), Andrea Ross
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FreeBSD has seen the birth of its test suite in 2013 and, while the result is heavily based on experience gained in the NetBSD project, there are significant differences between the two. Come to this talk to learn what the FreeBSD test suite is by looking at the various design choices, the tools in use, the roadmap to the final product and, if you are into coding, some actual examples of tests and the process to plug them into the suite. FreeBSD has been in the need for an automated test suite for a long time. During the last few years, various alternatives have been investigated and, finally, the beginnings of a tangible test suite surfaced in 2013. The FreeBSD test suite is now a reality: the system builds and installs tests out of the box; the test suite can be trivially executed with a single command; the testing cluster is up and running, publishing results for test runs about twice per hour; and there is a lot of ongoing work to make the current setup better. This talk will provide you with a general overview of the new FreeBSD test suite, both from the perspective of an end user and of a developer. We will cover many different areas, including but not limited to: the structure of the test suite, covering the use of Kyua as the run-time engine and the various "frameworks" available to implement test programs; the set up of the continuous testing cluster, to understand how its activity benefits developers; the differences between the FreeBSD and NetBSD test suites, and how the two will eventually converge; the future plans for the test suite, especially in the area of reporting and kernel-level testing; and, to conclude, we will get our hands dirty by seeing actual code for a bunch of simple tests. You will hopefully get a sense of the non-existent difficulty to start writing tests en-masse!
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or was this desk it which is what I would do it by talk or was better at the end of the day so that some about so everyone I'm many where I know I am not talking to be about a product that we start at the end of last year with the title of the year between the best I'm for the ball and you for coming for people here tonight but special committee the with the other provisions last for the rest of respect expected Nicky Butt their instead as it employs Net because of the very Miliband separate is very is a break up of the latest and so 2 because if they had had has made it clear that the drug had so that should be here anyway time so that 45 minutes of an order but 14 there are less than a 3rd of the and questions about interim 81 as well in a way to give the party and and the and the fact that the self if you are going to prevent
everything is today and released research remember this right you were here and I'm here because we believe it is the end we want is the to be production was so that people can rely on and off well however tested it is something that just for the health of the seas and well but ready this is something that we went to do it and the and but well how we would have won but we don't want to to whose so of the for players but for many into the top so far would
explain the want my because of the
wind attributed product and but I'd beginning in will beats the around the 2 thousand American and developer being doesn't tools and since then the long many things I have used the word packages to maintain known for one time are Dan from coast and the and when the and has and new nothing of the kind that was the last of them was going to have to write code and the and the writing from my head so I make sure I was writing warrant and kept working and this was the 1st rating because of the way 0 held in the base the door at the fact that so much of great account renewalist wrong but it was a very very ugly and something failed in the wide so that doesn't fight and then dozens in 2 thousand 7 and another summer project in which the idea that were in the best way for me and that's when the 80 products out of time and is not cross from the right so we would tried for a try to write something that the were put the use and would also used mostly tested had 3 more before work lentils and 10 and realise the have for this was a a nice and I was very shocked to maintain and expand something that when the 2 sold such treatment beside riding the and and and from from hold queue of a Widodo clear out and well so that we could do not to to the reason for it the and would have to to than comes 20 30 and when I'd have attended the music on and talk to people and they said they are interested in the street and that the Museum of about and it seemed like a very interesting approaching the produced for less than the previous and its more as part of a local produce the them so after the India and the working from the deaths on the open saucer so of works and offer rule out from a side road continued their along the sort of such a team and a deal with the here is not but would say is had woman 3 times or my 24 sent work assuming note but for to use the of these is just my from abroad OK so what see
of the ball and give you a breach of review all the reviews in the US and just when the goals are and how you can use it and how it's more than that and the other of basically was the internet search structure of powerful onwards how can write some tests which will see some called samples and then bonds over some future plans and a warm up for University of the West End for a thing of the for over is things and you have any questions about the way we more because of 130 million at the weekend for the much more data oka but where they are going to do is I'm going to cover testing fundamentals is thought about it all the buzz about this week because I am to be here and I know this is a way to be here and the end of the NHS has a 4th and they are still the and that has decided that test so why they were tested where they
comedies before and that is my case I'm not to use the writing for want to write something that people come to light that the running data centres write something that people are special the company's standard use and take event out of the country proud that they using freebies the because stable is Performance rival Woods at the US of the said the sole think many of us on the same thing but should the case for everyone but still but it doesn't mean that the it is only useful for fortune embalmment of the useful for the average the thought for committed by a whenever you have a right Zimbabwe from the case but it is just that street something that's the asked what Lesnick should be the from being the most rated and it remains the same over time some as you may know that is a lot of interest in the density for within the is the previews previously from the top 4 but of the broader that they want to find and well but also the reason why I'm doing it right of way to justice and that people would eventually you a with interest now a also why it is interesting to note that the treaty is the time think that with a band that workers and later in the sense that because the whole saucy using the for British systems in 1 single for Street would and very easily provide accompanist tested the chorus everything debate system the future growth Despatie duties libraries and the and I kept on the bench as everything breezily and make sure that the whole package worth just because the Bowman mobile use the for actually on the beach that's thing to be about and seeing some tend to distance for women of their and Amateur for they work because it is discount external think that some people developed and then you have to match his speed versions and make it work of 1 of them and that the wife of the goals for the 1st goal of the test and it is these that it should run
are about right up the idea is that we have developed a test that can be used for both over and for users usually with the of tests this is something that the developer from and the of code Ryan and on the basis that she might go to the users that it but in this case we also won the users to be allowed to run this test before then themselves they can see and witness that the were worked in and out so they can be sure that these are in the case of a time when you were a bit too much in the context again and use of the word which leads to the summit for developers who can do that for you buy a new car or a server response is the Government has a seeded American stable or not where they were expected and this is a particular strong about reason for for having the are about to become 1 of the these and tree and when has been this way actually many people wanted has foreign assets and the be there was that whatever they do because of the quote of the day with a fine but you have no idea of knowing what to do by the are case of Fred she got into bed now the said the the simplest at the time and the reason this
is a goal and that was simple things right but there are 2 things here the 1st is that we have to be able to run the test before of what we have and the and without having to read the and and how it has to be built on the right the ball was going to let this 1 slip command the wrong and which machine it and the other test the Opolo specifically for the previous tested which was not the case for the view that it is that they want to be able to use all the code resistance that that was the tree in the destiny of a heightened threat and what we have investigated the confidence of the 1st to introduce the have noted that the a politically tools less repression tools last Test which include the point of tests but there really is a framework for them and that the state has actually useful if you to the you will find the but becoming broken for they actually find problems in the system and that the in the case that were operating system but because early run an early in the day and by the writing is so that was all be able to try this test in the past 18 said kind of the way and the 3rd goal for the is that it would is more of of a personal gold and gold disabled
extreme and with the way I am and this comes from the fact that is the case the 80 after Hewitt position by what happened in the for so long I know that because the with early using and been trying to Maria over fuel for a while about future comings and the and the rest of having motivation to the soul of the party and because of the nature of prose and then the birds in the summit reviews the because they are not tied to the old approach began to describe the way diving to the new approach with of having to worry about whether would and that have waited for myself to be able to try to think of it and should they were well out the what will want be the and say they are doing it this way I should be the same way to avoid the version of the song was mostly from this may Numancia before but rooney West but given is that this is not the case but that 2 are the body it is threatened and all of them outside the the is the and the running of their on the right side of the case and more but that a reason they wouldn't and that the the cost OK so now it get into how that this would looks like a Case Study of the system and
have enabled the Kazakh which will discuss later he not with the user test directory which contains the test that saw the 1 everybody visited the directory body was to make sure that but these are not the contains desperate would die accurate and babies who bought at the bottom and it also contains a description of what the test and the properties of this for the response from the your files here are more files and a basic I describe again session of the day 5 she double things here for the 1st is that the the layout of the directory is supposed to mind the work of the uses for factory and that's what we have been for some will use by being that the use of lesbian so that developers can repeating lower tests for piece of some were are and that's also difference between with and that the best thing which is slightly different trying to move to his model but them the but we've made a mistake the beginning with something different were well so this is what the bookrest 1 and the number of the board and things he also ah well victims right so every directory complicating 1 or more desperate or 0 but this no restriction for having only 1 and that it before said or many more things haven't read the thing is that these legacy test here just put them down but because in this case there an test for on that have just been migrated from the Old Testament and the Tree without having to plug the model that has been proven plug the disadvantage a lasting dimensions period files to programs before but basically is just enough for the latest period for which it is based in which the in the with to record right and and the here this in sector that form and its written in what it said were being used for a request for the 2 to be description of than the run-time into correlated with the of to tell you paper this that Britain had strong sticking for this that required to be wrong PowerPC or who knows what many major are so this comes is new makes the layout of the 1st 3 of those were from from the world of from the 1st 3 at this bill from sort part of me feels world and began note that it is is either saying they before for with the difference that we have all these tests directories Interpal's everywhere but these songs are deprived of the right sold in the looking for where the file came from a former Test but they have to go to the 1st being the test and it is this very obvious for the needs of the tree but it's from competing in the middle and Amateur like a lot but it's the easiest approach that we have the current make in previous the written their but for now it's working for the World tussle disease the difference with the sort the as the decision we made before was to the tests and the user sauce tests and everything would be there and not a word about what the people of upper realise that that the disease might be going to fight in the new from that exists because the them right there and then when you feel that the US and around the world were contingent version system rather that they fail they have been request that the easy to emerge test back into the cost on the actress so that this is more obvious designed mount because many is but having so sold is 1 of the things the question is the user Tessas in return for a from the start by some make amends and guests when the type name will or make will where it is in sought to get the other array of this in the 1st seen here in the past in the green the meal is that it's already in stable and and so busy viewers the play with this all you have to do what he's enable the best and that the way this ability to to see the flies Sauvik on your eyes with tests US and that it to build a system to allow the foliage and the the for for you in a future they want this to be the default by because the company had trouble from a distance the case yet but it will probably wouldn't so easily tested and but the building is voted for the belief that a right costs and the 1st thing you have to do to run a test useful to the right and the way this today's from costly on these again the difference from the sea and before coming but Inzamam so the truth that is the real with high the and the system and we now have during the day system so that it read your from all walks of life and the tests found but of all the that these new Chinese thing Beckett India which was very well with but if really defended that command and Huai and then after were about anything and the 2nd he's my training this season this Austria in the Bay systems are its Hogg because of all the complaints made by the need to recreate the upstream version uses ultimatum on and new can put that included a system right so you need to dress to make files to be built and then maintained that is complicated the mainstream of of the game for nearly complicated said that so fitting for for not while these need to be more how the things and and completely shorter than the other way system is about the other thing is that it is far from over but it is possible to instal many more things about it is because some has in the White and you want to run and you actually have to sold the anyway you have to use fought like it or not this is a better word for it is talking about how he tested you just 2 days at the bottom and that after a few minutes to get the results we will say it is or the that and I can see it in the street wide and the different ways that would go into the stock because would for time and right the interesting thing about having dislike among the this biggest is that you can now oversampled the to cross the line or you can write off regions of the auction rate of this is that it really is just dancing and that the you have to write Tripoli and continues be so that get more than benefit the of so what happens when you do these this size
tool how during the works red basically the difference will be that we have in that we had at the base in the middle but I read the execution of 10 from the generation of read or write and your and Test wicket that will log uses you test in will sort the results for all the output of all the test for the with that it was sauce actresses a different presence at the airport but the base that contains recycling and then ridiculous for command began to generate very various up for my texts its and sees yesterday to unit which are willing to later come banned the original idea for these was to have that debate rocked by are considered to you have ready note pushing resulting from the central defence took that it was in Libya and even things don't play in the future when it emerges that makes sense of a more but it is the only and so we have to reach for rights and you just want what houses to apply that to show you over the examples of books
from the sea amount output and this is captured the rather when I'm when 1 of the continuous testing machines that we have in the city where he lived and where he died particular order within expansion is 1 1 of them was only this trees have basically a summary of what happened and then all the testing this classified by their status and 1 of them you will see that there are some would deals the the were writing at said how but so it is 1 yourself off and will get the
nod light and that's busy with a test for previously to be exposed to the book or the users and that some people go and see the these are kept stable 1st was a tomorrow queue of special the only from online so that you can be anything you like basically and so he is now the command line such a move like it you never used anything like of Britain the are depart or many different to these even see the rumour from India with your firm aimed at the offer of the light to all the commands then you have to be defined and optional collapsed with an option rather than the and with a man the tourist but use the helpline that it had in the limelight or you can look into my latest for evidence of how the money they deserve more comprehensive and including held them because with the help of her eyes and a summary of what every auction of among the and 1 of the few women details of how things work Tom Baker system that about 4 anyway sought commenced we had a available for the team here there really are to them and they would not go into details but they see no by command legendary going to get information on the current with about how they dating means that when the computer Asian of Hewitt is at the moment after the provision the policy you can run a sequel command and that is what you collaborated with with new scheme you can also and lost this commands which interactive across directory usually the flooding that by the this furniture and is like a test of his early for run test police to investigate whether the density of the properties and has offered the but which allows you to run from 1 single test a with the ability to the volume at the moment is only means that the real test is the reason Baltimore the reasons to get access to the stand off on the right way and families with what's happening ideally at some point in the 4th ample unbelonging these avoid 14 so that you can add to the bodies of the 4 with the needs of the activity but for you when things products at has along the blinded by the money to pay off the debt endlessly but recording command rip order them into before the avoids the which has some additional flags and I'm sure it will stay at the top of the wanted to generate multipage it seemed to work but this is simple enough and where things get interesting is how income fuel worth internally so that's where the beckons coming under the new features of made
to use a goal tories early to a product of the intended to replace the 80 Runtime tools was something the without touching the but they didn't want to write libraries because there is enough in some cases and the firms were mostly in the in the pool to the force so what is that you are the on the dole where it was to write the tests and that was fine but the realised that it it all this people but want to get the simple test for the libraries in the Test side for the 1 that has fight the disease has got into a woman the of the previous that the writing and of course the come expect everyone to rewrite the code to use the virus solar and it was up to 40 fewer from head of the for an hour train and the with that were the back and take a break up again Freddie the ciencia libraries enough and that have been supposed was 1 the shooting of the mayor and the authority of the right so that I would ever want to essay by it makes no sense to rather library because by unit is very good so let's make use of everything about their and the French reinvented as we need but that is so then busy having queue can run the French that it would press have the and widow into a bit more detailed now but we could breezily right such a summary Namibia they with back and forth and time a tests and was I was told that included details of the plane in the face once over the
sub-grid quickly here we have an extract of the final year of the use Austria to which contains a sample test for for the new there is a steep around the chelpa was well look at the area had and make filed with the U problems that you apply to everything is the for their prodigious Kopecky into your own direct the City won and that is what the claim that these are the latest firms before it is basically a good kid double that returns 0 popularity is right or not 0 0 and from the way As you can see these has Knowles structure in the sense that from the point of your course is a single Forum irretrievably with him at the death but this is the cause was not the right of 1 decides failed would eggs it and the other 1 would not right which is part of the deal from anything but when you're get 2 more complexing inside reunion tests for all your fund Jones and plus methods such rather than really 1 some additional control over how the work 1st 10 from the outset they you want to run the last of something a 2nd so that it is that he has crop memory humans want to failed because of the fall in the price of sold 1 September division between them but these interface allows applied the scene but the status and it allows also has a large things like again external tested so the of the year and then when the true but the example of their legs 0 1 thing happened so you can very easily rappers should for that the was your 1 and point from of believing that the results of the they just giving us is that even if this is very simple from the 5 from the Makefile in reviews the began specify properties for the best for right so sold might happen to ride the Stanford because version of the system and from a file says that it is that from the point though and would respect week right here at the end awnings they need for from the following for you to run the and the machine where you want hung up at the top of the game and with the aid interface which began to have the for the full toss for this in the directive he would change to of the plane and the main difference for using these library is that in a single Test Bermudan have more than 1 at the foot of the time by the state but the the Microsoft and the fundamental were injured Italy's that this is wrong in the way the money that part the different erected the every tempered also problems due to the birds for use of the problem that the Ryan you can provide Metadata properties for the current test cases in the event the have a test case 1 of the same need to be right or or users but comes in board and the US as he for any that firms that uses libraries like saying to enough to know to that Peru used to be a part in the past because they are exposed to saying that it would among paid for 1 of them and if you are working for the US support of aggression models of them come from around the men's in and well and you have very held for much of the fighting for board and the and the snow called BigSim or air exporting because you that your complying with the complying with the interface by refusals not which are at the hospital things than those communicated undemanding saying something fail here with the decline bees are methods is that these all command in the month it is where the UK of the point of those on the micro but the busy again this instructed by allowing more funding control over every and and finally we have the half back and with some of the period but the of the arrests were made in the previous Test and the reason was that the play and the 1st of many of the old test for a review of the use of wood the tab for my and thought of the were fined with playing in the face but that's not the case because the firm's ways for success in the face so ahead of the current pasta that would understand the output of the for freedom the screen and the tree such as a data based on those of the previous day but that the only difference so you have a capital Forum it will also work cabstands were test anything pourable it was written in early thing but now used by the by believe and if you run test for the rate of previous the new this year is that many of them are broken does because of that you can bring the beginning Fred maintaining that account by hand I'm and make example made with for the past 4 way so make is district that little thing in the that they would work by this double digit plans to come protesters that really upset so far is for her duty space right but with a bold and that is a lot of interesting how test for and so this is what we have to get from a to B the busy nothing for to the out the thing is from Iceland had been sent to access to the music that the blood test for further but they have from the just take some see city Allen and try something and as 3 reality of it in the growth of the system by the some William doing something machine and they will suffer from things intended so with a better way to do with with Journal of has than either have announcer for this but I think that what we do know is the which are uncles is probably and nights with the billions of the ludicrous order law subliminal around lies and prompted or the any criminal mythology it something that allows you to get pro coat and believing uses this without more defiant so that you will see yet elimination of of the idea in the face you can take the money federal code building as a regular use of and running and that is way use these for a by systems it is stock some to realise that some of things to come easy to get their codes but it doesn't look for the right to be against the you can make prise by taking over at least by system units of the driver to happens you can do you a testing of any country 1 because of a dispute space process the thing I believe a nice to have introduced the for testing the colonel and we interested but we know we can thought but how long will that things do not for 1 that has gone because it these riches it is just the right in the 8 p I've never saw things were previously would need to something a bit all the questioned Island and serve with the process for these what we need to go for the best of and more tests and for more pictures in the machine subprime tests but more tests that something to either by the way getting has from the the the ordained them from a couple of further branches compromising together and as long as that but it has adjusting for the pictures that for machines have running at the moment I set out to take a decision in the Citizens for best ones but that have some of that to the on side and the more interesting thing that they want to and were
data that some of these last is to merge with the thing red today the of after of plans for what you and I would do well in the future special used to for from from the continued integration features that they would want that sort of work and ideas to learn that takings does everything was the rank and much more so because of the time and this all my 3 times so it makes sense to used and and over the last 2 days and we have been working on trying to find things together and that the fees to feasibility the 1st is that in the tank and bills to up around the tests and that the money had shouldn't be too hard because the parade reuse many of the code that we have been testing machines at the moment and the other thing is make sure that 1 the shortest tests the output of them is likely to take and the with this is that we don't know
whether this is anywhere to remain machines far but is the output of the music tested are by Jenkins and with this in the face of what we the build around the testing of the sort order by directory and you have failed to scrutiny of than overnight things very easy and we can get power but using these days of the disease to be by the together and then I'll think if the long term plans for fewer detained at all to make the product more focused on for the best rate of written about all the things that beaches which may be a must be bought at the top of or anywhere the book face to
remember them everything about what today is already being car and and this stable branch will put the merge things and the 10 might this possible so that the things that because of the tournament test is to bring into the ranks of the great things back about for them with a majority of about for the tests on 21 tested by the setting the sort of file for on its command the programme is to be here by examples recruit and the with debate of children now has more details on how things work and again in the not have to learn the fate the ISA a test for the previous tested can use very simple and get them running and with that any questions the
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