Migrating from Linux to FreeBSD as a backend data store


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Migrating from Linux to FreeBSD as a backend data store
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Hart, Dwayne
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Berkeley System Distribution (BSD), Andrea Ross
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Ottawa, Canada

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In this talk I would like to discuss the process I went through in replacing a research file server's OS from Linux to FreeBSD and that of its backup system. Initially, the system was hosting a custom 32bit Gentoo Linux instance and was able to host approximately 2.5TB of data over two file systems backed by a RAID-5 software RAID implementation. The solution I implemented allowed me to leverage all the installed disks as one large ZFSv2 data volume by booting the system as a diskless FreeBSD system. I then utilized istgt (an iSCSI target software package) to offer a large disk to one of the group's 64bit Gentoo Linux compute nodes whereby I could then launch autofs and racoon services. I would like to present this material to the BSDCan attendees to share my experience with others and to show that others can accomplish the same task without spending a large amount of money on proprietary software.
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it was player it the word in the book a good after news in German money was doing her time here to give a presentation migrating from the next previously is back in distillate roughly about here
0 rejoined the systems group of that this Test with a maintaining the burning Computer Science and methods that moral in methods that we had a time 3 research pulsars and when her mental false fermented fall server had back up on site and outside off another location within the university and making use of the gigabit backbone which has since been upgraded candidate and there is 20 storey and later for the year research fall pulsars only had backups pouring came for about 24 hour windows and my own opinion that was insufficient so that the whole storey lines what did to rectify that situation
so the research in fall back observers had fallen respect was not an extra 500-pc tool for at audience operator for games ran and could contain 8 7 tries the drivers were said to be no faster were those high technology back into the the system but that this is 20 30 were to the so the back
of Paul servers had following her drive layer of US operate integration in the EU as the petitions were stolen to read ones and data and to rate 5 so in the 0 0 and the 1 was roots are indeed 2 3 was the the date of all systems for change this was done in the morning I had a trial at the University of 1st the drivers were slaves so there was 6 under the of 1 said 8 Warralakin the rituals exploits the Oasis and that from the 1st so
the or layout with trying to manage Systems between 2 departments plus a 3rd of a per week take a owned and management system which was a vision the manager has brought to was which what about implementing the framework and as they say and played JavaScript few other languages while boss stride stadium for both research in the back of false or for this particular group had the following day the size so roughly were looking at about to to have to write this piece that we had to back off at some point test
not the keys and wrote to the new questions or what you are the more engage with to the world talk so some the issues to physical layoffs of the trial it was easy to care for a place to drive if a dry felt were using opened in my during the system but in order to replace drug would have to take the fall servers down standalone outage brim-full server down replace the drive to bring machine not get into the rigours buyout and integrate that drive as a J by so that when the system fully came up with bill take that this petitioned the way that we wanted places and and re integrated into the various reiterated that were word data now and saying that once we brought to read the early drive back into where Britain had failed which had performance which while the drug was being re integrated into the system and people when trying to use the system was in crisis and what have you were in the body sought from her way to help keep them running also being
20 30 20 40 we want to move away from 32 but operating systems but the Linux as a whole in the previous the doesn't this more and ideas and page talks a situation where you could change in the West Sussex control played freedom and come up on a new play not free ideal from we need to take the fall server breakdown written off in the distance the environment and for their Madeleine stalled all the way on to the debate and a go from there but time consuming looking at about 4 to 6 hours and data and how far it had to be transmitted from so working solution
is the boot traditional this full-system where the 0 was on credit right wanted could do with that discuss freely and previously installed to so we will be able leverage all installed struck so this just using 6 4 6 thought what ever tried the freeze the engage with under Linux we believes that fully and the Norris do that we were like elected to go to this was installed and no of Michael of talk but that anybody purchase the absolute previously textbooks 1 look at 1 of the game's mentions the fringe so this is due on the fringes of operating system so we got off previously disclosed since the we want a previous have server stand standalone standard server that would be the host for the and then we would implemented ice Setiti to create by scuzzy targets that would be presented to are 64 but Jim to Linux servers and activists are and if they waste and would be able to leverage direct from an office in order to wrong IPI 2nd essentially an offence for a not have anybody's draw on a communication so the upper with only Scrabble
soul and dealers driving point was in the research group may be spending the data said that some later point on how to integrate is datapoints quickly and it is officially as possible so that had gone with this disclosed implementation would allow celebrity that benefit framework I'm wrong this was previously on a 100 full duplex network that the network had not had issues looking for too long standing when the budget from its but that for later of talked with and other aspect as the 500 its attitude rise purchase back into thousand 700 drop enough off likewise since we invest some money purchase the wanted by the US attitude and instal those before due to forward and missing from were operated by the idea of a great served Kirklees for care but tried but in try with a teacher but I didn't know but and having won the have to wait and I'd want to invest in the extra money but under the terms work was with some stock
so the 3 because the server had just come set of with by see the tea at the end of the and a measure of the new were here last year had been the talk and tales from Norris system illustration of your breath disperse network of most of that framework was discussed and in the car and but when out at the end in return we were trying were trying to optimized the existing infrastructure and new components by leveraging Nora technology and we were not getting work or systems in all could you did you want to run the news on the quality for the cause as I on Processor Scott bottles of wine to the best that high end of pop into such as a unit a back injury were for us to what we did was summer super micro cases that came in and stalls sensors and created as an points and had previously installed on those so the server itself was 16 chorus 32 and was at local this off 3 care with great 1 integration we use the term that are to for a single post and local computer notes and ran previously served who served on its the computer that was also a looking in computer science repurposed del OptiPlex and 55 3 gigs ramp read long near juniors this 500 the and allocated of the for the other back observer so that he could go and 1 side had diskless component of Sir the backup server component of figures and then ran back strip so that that could have a window of the week's window back up so that in the event that when we did the upgrade to the Priory production server we be able to fall back and at the data that's the point also has
a but I don't discussed the as optimistic justice of 2 3 in all over Sataloff of booting near finds can be it is altered to specific lines in the days of the dot com 1 and that in the following so that the 2 of the those wife who will hand over and then the group has sold in of Zoology had this was for myself this directory structure that this was previously 9 3 version and platform he'd go 10 you could have 9 3 key your what for and and it has come to roll out your operates to your your diskless clients and have a minimal downtime without having for for their mettle 0 S installation every time so once you research service fine point came up it was wrong that new awaits or the patch 1st anywhere you had find not so you will that
go with reverse the Citrix instances and find the right as he and the 3 to cause test the and with a GUI and the 500 gave the idea of virtual based on local system with to full system which earning and engaged it's just my mum for my situation that it this kind of set up with that of over kill but indeed that the driving for bosses more on the decline machines that was engaged in the data storage for and this was
the year the stock for the the of the computer science system now
coming to are making use of the quietest Didier as visitors the OK so it is quite easy to implement implemented installed works Thursday 3 falls they have to be concerned with the 1st thing you off like off or count as worries of your to offer as a shake up of used shack so sites these and the password 12 Falkirk land use the heat W giant to generate passwords in some way and than the ice teaching the controller account for that was worries that set of the for the intro control of the betting on the particular serve
for fully the funds but small realised the Didier Fault actually describes how was the ice carried so for my innocence the 1st volume of her Linux fall server with an idea ideas 0 and had to find it in the off Group and previously and that after a couple of these men were also set up the Coral information and it was interesting to the target machine so this is a reversal a qualified demeaning with a couldn't wait the show 5 those when I'm rejoined the problem but approach should put it in the at the next registration data for methods but it was the the drug for some this 1 had shacked off method implemented so that it was both on the Santa and receive so that communications was in cricket as much as possible and then at various other which is critical so that was under the society's so that you know how to
do use who are so it's getting out of a so uses a set of 3 to storage to create the storey following the used the command truncate to create a fighter by 1st love and ran 1 stock up on the icy geeky Damon so that in the event anything happened where the decline rebooted order was distraught by to come into the server of engaged the server find out what actually took place because still in my husband in the way of implementing the solution still data in August all want to make sure that everything was running that it had full confidence in the frame so and the Czech if declined had that this was client had whose was the best way of finding out if you have this further would have to run that pulling for storage from there are about only do the
sequel status and cheque status of the drive for free at the time but I later had found a of for cost that would allow me to where I The Ivy embracer and we only had 1 carried in the systems of was tribute to get the information but in the fight against I see examples within the documentation and how to gauge the rate carried so might be possible to sell these individual drives in a J by man and without having to to go into the Brady silly but that would save the time and case fitness so we because it was production of research fall server we went with a 6 Implementation so that we could handle to disclose wouldn't computer or wouldn't have the the framework in which to have a hot stayer available but this week the lower 20 jk jk but really octopus put and chicanes was a twist the slump with St but for difficult the PP up to now bird dope from just as there were revealed a day off mercy junior move tournament enough but more fees and the to go Cook eggs a near it so we had to get over time minimize her disclosures who want to buy did suffered under Linux we had a great 5 integration and its offer of to disclose simultaneously but we lost the good data research by another when you have the Brazauskas to implement go the raid 6 4 major your back up can go into production rather quickly chalked up essentially resigned myself to say a were production that is Priory component were into do or a 6 configuration solos essentially and minus 2 times for the year that the size of this order to door of calculation of space on the slide you'll see that the last time resold route was back in January and it took a while to see 3 hours to run the start so offers slowly and was indicating that they were 24 plus hours to complete and has picked up the time of lot smaller and in if it's interesting but we did have a performance it did impact the research but was alive pasta recovering then just standalone Linux insulation so had to go and now the celebs production the
back of a win with a raid 5 thinking that when the budget committed would invest new each infrastructure and migrate back of to prop system so that was the 1st of the 1 but declined configuration was the same so we in all built ones are seen the information from 1 observer to keep that in mind so had offside back up there and then proceeded with the current set up that once we had a a framework working wooden nursing dealt with an implemented set of snapshot and instead of a 24 hour window we now had 32 days of this the the researchers had more time to discover 0 something went wrong but we go back and what of a data that was actually the case now the for
setting up the Linux also that it's a loser than the previously component is only 3 configuration to configuration false and Damon to start up and initiated the ice the is just the fully qualified posting reverse again for the machine that the stadium would be ready on the ice died Okonkwo contains the offer on methods so track of forget the other 2 options that had set up from Bolton discovered end of the year and the 2 men who were the data from applying the for the storey of a set up the reasoning discovered and would use that in place for the other clients to be able to cheque with the rise of the term post to see what this would be available for the group and then set up a special Linux Falsa with the password so that it could speak and get access to its own disc a ideas turned and the as the back and the no doubt start up even many autos because it was a what had taken troll over the previously thought and had that set up so that it had mainly which the ball who went with the manual start up for the rights to the game because it was the best are on that would try to reach out to to the previously served at its considered and I wouldn't get but I want the system to go into an awkward states but so
when she had yet to complete the deal reconfigured and running Eden use the eyes of the discovering command to reach out to the sea whatever back and that he had set out to find out what this for Bill should have had the return output on the slides Fourier for those that they had used the before and this line here was actually log method so it went in use chap off to get the axis of discs and once that was done once had successfully return after authentication it inquiry the under Linux prop petitions were the probe offer rock during buffer using the message to men to find out what actually the voice was attached from the in her situation we had the best I see seat we use the entire this to the fighter but it is the price has this itself and with it the for false and them used the bind command and then mounted up the uses mattresses full-system 1 to this benefits for and restarted and that if it hadn't been want previously and and that point or Linux
clients could then access about this year through of now reason being that the reason why we use the offices with the the traditional and 1st of a machine gun down or what have you had still handles without of both leave your finished utilising that particular petition a timeout Madison would take place and what unmounted without the issue and the range which that some this was on the ball server side branded the at the money which he 84 and came back with a fighter with a petition and the and the plants are to see off the research falsest 1 when the man and their goals were after races and the researchers were engaged to put the data on the system but they provided the time thing was bought 14 or a window to get the data from back up on to that data storage so that they had initially point of the drug to go back to re launch the code of those I don't really
really fast and sorry for the stock and but earlier prematurely future work of are in all allways influx the UJT how review had made use of the brand just yourself 1 4 4 0 5 0 Big solos looking at it is that using a traditional full-system to House mining discuss image was taken by women it on a memory to ensuring that the mighty a forest and we with such a bad was cheating a about you may remember that despite the backup servers indicated for Giggs ran out with the 1st ball in running with palsy for being encryption the oppression enabled actually put it 20 of scanning the benefit of the rate 6 so this might in all only too quickly and each other operating systems to by this time it may go thing with the sentence server you'd have half the stops but declined themselves are limited 200 the full duplex big images server has died capable SOS actually dominated by the impact that there is some documentation on the web so that your design plans to run at full never has of the actual cost now had talked about her implementing read 16 rate for 1 2 1 talking to Peter Hain seeing yesterday about some data centres configurations 1 thing that came to mind was had the deleted 2 discs storage in both were running the eyes of the targets for whatever applying to may be the best buy had created similar ice visitors on each and then used Linux's read 1 to read to care that the falsest then in the event that the back and server Rodrigo's might system would still be function of another strategy but a little bit over but you get benefit array 6 of behind the scenes postwar 8 1 told the Prime almost Florida wrote to the data and for I don't think when
dealing with a lot of this was the previously and you have the comes directory populated with the various kinds of my job was to try to abstract out the diskless version Klein account while and an overly that using a union events or something along those scheme and so that the account falls to propagate bloodies year going for with the distribution of catching when the and then the other aspect is the nice to rectify that outside backup scheme so that had more than 1 backed up by head part of a prominent sect injury so we could pro-cuba wore a sauces with the best for of the back of going on the back in question sir it is he
the by the you the fact that the question of when not go examples that was in the right time was 1st looking down the road was no 1 not even the actual 1 itself I've felt that if I'd turn off the eyes of the demons identity theft particular fall due to set off a Snapshot and showed off to world server per 2nd research and bring that there would sacked shouting the and the EU as the things that you find after you like high which could go down the road but for shooting at the time was that the entry of any of the questions a bit of a all from
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