The architecture of the new solver in pkg


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The architecture of the new solver in pkg
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Stakhov, Vsevolod
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Berkeley System Distribution (BSD), Andrea Ross
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Ottawa, Canada

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In the context of package management, the solver is an algorithm (or set of algorithms) to resolve dependencies and conflicts. The solver must handle options, upgrades, multiple repos, locally installed software, as well as other factors. The upcoming 1.3 release of pkg will have the new solver that has some important consequences. This talk is dedicated to the design concepts of the new solver in pkg management system (pkg-ng initially). In this talk, I describe the basic architecture of the solver, ideas used and the consequences of using this algorithm. Moreover, this talk describes the proposed pkg and ports architecture to simplify binary packages and ports using for all FreeBSD users. The proposed talk is oriented to the wide auditory of FreeBSD users and describes the architectural design of pkg and ports that is going to be implemented. I concentrate on the following topics: the interaction of ports and packages how pkg may be used for ports management what are the alternatives used by other packages management systems (yum/apt/zypper/MacPorts) the basic description of the SAT problem and how this algorithm can be applied to packages management multiple repos handling the improved support of custom options advanced conflicts and dependencies fine-grained packages distribution base system interaction the speed estimations This talk is intended to improve the understanding of pkg internals and the future plans of FreeBSD packages and ports development.
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I'd think it's time to stop and go into some lights we are taking this week all of my male is still and a lot of talk about him for the money but the and in particular of the 2 names that the patient the soul
of the pitches and intended it to a place called the bottom installed tools but unlikely still the to use on their central this place for local packages and set of multiple the used to collect the ball of this model rules when the developed package of led to improve uses its but Ms 18 management the by because this includes basically is installation promoting operating but they like also to integrate but 2 in the book and to for all tasks including the example of the songs on the beautiful fault automatically them a moment and for all use Merlot want to make a rich found to be more secure because it is too early to uses a could be religious and it shouldn't be that if I can make out the which ruled again Kershaw uses still use plainly by packages coffee don't want to prevent you from the building and customs just from the example enabling some found options still silkily on to integrate with on the books so 1st of all we have are support for stated that is the intermediate target for Boston stoic so after what are built the installed by into stages and it is possible for a coach to get this files from stage it at the and and played this approach helped us to wield bought from the company use of which is quite a boat for automatic the wheel systems and can build several that because from a single bullet and in particular Jews where useful costly for for example beach before has a lot of sleep will like different model old which came and went as did you do that you can't just do it once and created as much but it is and what is planets they would like to His packages to result Neil dependency for it sounds strange but I think that makes system is not enough to result from complicated dependencies and their for thing that it is the will to convert around demands are from from also themselves to package so what do I know that which 120 that is up on the use of bycatch personal implemented you so that you can handle close that Atlanticists and complicated of its tidal spellcheck described them later do more automatically that British the their security over a operations by using so British used it to come full easily tingle potentially dangerous sold there which is is that we are not achieved that pitch than before and that the and took the job and that is acute some safe operation and the the Dome from some results from the UK by the exit polls were some of actually we consider many operations safe but currently implemented it for an hour COD stop before on signature chicken than the chicks signature in their separates and books and world the cost of some of interest being sent books more but should want to introduce and book simple and but the that don't require supposed to actually need them only for what I find it a baseball more find and the code of their Concurrent consistent that all of you for for example killed and would raise money from the beach but it is thought to some of the longer term still and think it should improve on his world basic but which could
introduce presented on the following day sold out because he is a request that comes to full of Angela comes to Simon Jones presentation and and the drizzle Strauss and convert it to a set of job so for example install this but the pages package movies and upgrade that and after that these jobs are executed and you could see you well Systems struggle solely new potatoes and you but the to be stopped so we new local notably well books so would a the preliminary then concert siliconized now assault on at all so I feel trying to instal symplectic and but this unique to remove the old long many and and should read his model was plausible that was sometimes and you need to add to tolerate and but it is by their from some planning and you don't want to remove the old rich and you don't want from the install scripts and songs for so long there is no alternative several below the somebody system adult of limited but it should be 1 for example knowing have system alternatives in now show Labour's dependency solely and provides and it was a single required can satisfied by many growing in the 2nd and the planning of the current look and that the money just spent time so it can be installed for greater remove and it is not sufficient for example for 18 stone Independence's until the end of computer files all so what of the public's tasks of still less designed so that will be capable of winning bought solely opened you would find a lot of entries the and and the surname can simple so from some of the names on the back some political of abstain change then there are some of the case and they would find a example I had some British that was greeted Tyldesley independent packages see so we see that the use MGM remaining in the ball log on to more proposed by the programme is that 84 example depends on the inside the new but that the new book by what it's all bills that since being sick and James some far from old local the they were computer this silicon and just of the sea and and embrace it is just possible so on their some solution tool speed of great proceed 8 to remove the that installed the and the and the great it sounds complicated but it is the only way to lower Solly's in country because of the way you look at either of the 2 on the independence as it is but because will be again have some installation scripts that depends on some of Britain's system and saw it as an programs joining the in 1 much less so in the summer of a moral codes and the real life so some file can be moved from 1 point to another and wants more tricky that these pulled band and actually I do all the time speed of great proceed as it was discovered it had dependencies changed heading a win you want it and all the separation West on once applauded but the will to fight the dust to on Bizzle's before the game and July from desks automatically resemble the 3rd round of the in house well there are some companies but should the load of credit and actually it is a before we because the you can result pointed to the point and the programme is that you but they just don't contained colleagues so when you trying to take some of the biggest and from the don't have ideas about which was the and the and the foot 3 ways to result the I should just 1 to brief each pages and read them a locally very from them and try to find that between page packages much of the West Village patients or us or so you need to face the might be of some of them are just not quite for their part the need to results that these were Universe
and actually these preceded can happen multiple time I'd have observed tool times over this prestigious early stage than you need to reach more and then you find in remote and it is quite confident for use so we need to press yesterday for the day of the 2nd possibilities to the police and that includes all files from all pulled in some posted but there is a problem with this approach is that the programme is that need to some exist for up to find that and Mike in these database is quite an and cost quite as expensive and it should from wines away from this follow them and on the political hundreds of the way and it is not something that we of that should approach is due on Wednesday while the from both itself but there 2 programs in these approaches load of this programme is the and being told while when the creative poetry and there are 2 types of many of his and that 1 of his show so it contains automatically to wait for the coach and 1 of my 1st best is long some somebody like the world is like where contains some files that their full manifest eased 10 100 times large and small might and you need to stop and the 2 processes and you need find to make is database on this side so close to appreciate the full if is a 50 per cent lower than it was to pay for them and if you are out of the use of from is about 4 times lower than it is now so we decided to truth is the 1st choice but actually all these 3 because complemented by coach told him which if said that could need to accept villages of jobs so what should you need to install offences before the and package unit to remove offered just before installation of conflict package and for dependencies you need to and a over religion to means dollar before they served the and moral where the stuff is not so easy to cause in to deal with him off but is local but the and great desks and displayed so outrageous not well what and on the most common approach is in the existing agreement system basically there are 2 approaches the 1st approaches to use some of basically used settling described the details and the 2nd approach is still invent some tourist to sold just actually will both approaches are on the level but the invention of the respect he is sometimes where complicated and actually depends on your packages over so I don't suppose that and it is quite easy but the flood of it is not easy for example the but I pulled is just me because there are a load of assumptions a load of explosions and so on so far but some but there is a tendency to be great of subsoiling for all British management systems for example you in mandated from the Solar to that uses said publishers to leave decided to implement integration with some of the so was that of the 6 rows and there are a number of of all over the local soloist Batesian when you can choose from some of the as these computations traded on you and basically all the system uses for what it calls to that was designed in the point was to search for it this will point is wasted for what it illustrates the presentation or but that know desolate presentation request and what it bought that if you lose blame numbers for with salute that just go should not pushing the versions from to them and to the point so in some
and it should be tried that they should be faced the huge so that was the leader in many composed of solo but the following that the solution is not to be able for use in production programs that actually and many soloists research from abroad and that means basic and then offered for production even see the for example a change of drugs law and some strange situations and then and about them they use some strange patients full voting altruistically to write a book around to handle that and so on so far that the 2 terms publication is quite expensive so you go into a presentation but you need to converted to see and this means that you need example if you antiques and 0 0 1 6 1 2 0 and Ingenix 0 0 1 6 1 while the unique to come good in the camp tools and his wife and unit to and West when you read the what comes for me to come back it is not complicated but you need to all whisky at the same time and the slightest introduction so many tools for could was to feed the suited to part the beleaguered I decided from by to all so it is odd that so actually need to and with the defence of their sofas tool to think about using something such as its own and not fully so actually need to write to the and but and you need to book bought a lot of cool to solar cell because it is the company's solution to manage packages and it is not compatible with bought there pull it up so that we can write some home and erased across early on but they went problems but as it said it is complicated each would cause global change and it would be even more companies and it is up and the Dome of the and the 3rd of the energy used to use some of of the world is still very much the called that this would unsuccessfully to probe it is worried old and where will research programme on basically a set of independent wooden and rebels and this programme end the fresh so we need to set use of the where in such a way that these expression job but there are some time assumptions to simplify penetration from some of this is some sort expression this 1 and that it consists although only to bowl cold and and the school was adjourned using logical and so actually each called should be true tool tools and were lead in the expression of the truth well and close is set on the way that a giant using political or so actually need to have only 1 member of him to be true to say this close to but all this time said preliminary is linked to attack will actually began on the wall of the pitch relationship to the side suffers tool to recreate so called teaching now it is somewhat something quite early on that it is these different names and different from and truly all the fuss over the least name on it and it is needed to its for great purposes so actually be for the people of different versions and you could you can have different but it is the same name and installed a needs just of them to the number of victims and the provide some way to find out over so it should be confined to and which until great with what but the country and after Waldstein concert are the relationship between the ages so dependencies relationships offered to those who and so on so far the and that should be made to promote the your time Universe with all relationships to separate broke 1st Giulio signed on to each package to each of the pitch and in the early so for example the Sun's for British a playable in 1 in 4 British the will be then we should come at on the installation and more in West so it's of those that full installation of pitch the read to the United close down just the start so it will be a self annually and footing with those of the need to a single day in the United will be in the side and then they need to convert dependencies and offered until soft the basic and so is but from all over the planet system home because they are too Oracle so for local if but which he depends along with the idea for If you want to game by the British a note installed all and it will 1st for the install well but this is quite so I fully fit and if you have a installed than these among is the 1st member and the need and full I'd be 1 of the 2 to beat the dependency and 4 points at the close on more on complicated spread from the need to convert to the a set of clothes but each calls is quite stayed for so long we need not be want and will be to stop actually this means that only 1 of the is and the stock
overnight but it is convinced that this is true for the for sure the main programme and said programme of these complexity in New Approach so I should try to assign hopeless abilities for all possible way because complexity all wrong to import and for example difficult 3 thousand of cricket is in a unique just the complexity of in awe of the 3 out and while it is not still there are some assumptions entry to simplify said programs and in particular it is wasted trade for what to simplify this programme for on it should either for tricks that I'm going to describe so Thistle are on their up tree-code for body so you walk have your West and your memory and deputy prime just by the so that it is close to be true then it is different the true and union is close to to the children and their cease for so we need to remove the and installed the up there is to be called unit propagation so is unit unit is appalled that contains 1 a home to buy a house and where so for example this is the a reassigned way a but we have signed the endless more potent punitive must have Wolseley all rebels society and it's true as well because it is still and not the peaceful sold their way unit useful and it could be us so it's all bills that we must decide on the true cost of the licence won't the true and the whole expression and 4 conflicted is almost as well so we have not got a strong and not must be true most but not the full saw still among the most falls as well and there for the and it is computer so actually unit obligation measles practical United sensible dependencies and compete in the car but it is not enough to cause the said there are some that sold some British independent local and by the and remote which so actually get used go idle said before unchanged of try to operate and the use of so called called the appeal of these Beloki's where all of the time it was invented in the 19th 68 by group of computer scientists but it is still used as a base for other cost of a basic in the so that it is moving but it is the cause of time that it is but it that it is computed based on the initial time so if you can provide some of the show's ideas for Simon he talks for end of described and so on Beattie's collect simple so it was that the way in this example of the way and we try to assign them some way is based on the show but so we decided to instal wanted to be still in the mood but also includes the installed the and then when some of its old if the Senate is split up and sold on these expression is not so saw some causes for all then we need to but solely attempt to level before and try to across time so he could try to instal easily be tried to promote the and actually cost another so we need to look at more than the and lead to a full inquiry or solely but 1 will try to solution and chips for conflict and finding new found that all the 1st assignment was so the should come into a little bit trekking was that should be a sign that the rebels in incorrect but the song tools that this algorithm can be turned into most cases told there to import but actually did not possible case of IBM and what can
only be the below the effect so actually found there are some big specific assumption that can help us tool and make show has a word for this test this too will be a need to keep stop if they are not completed the and a you want and we don't need any new but that come out of West by use solely just try to sell them to 0 and the sugar and the trade is guest walks and practically cases but for remaining that complaints describe that it is not true and I need some checking to sold freely complicated programs and that takes time so on actually have to solutions began by the CIA the different and external oblique and use all until stolen convert all of the Goodman programs to set program was sold and it consulate other this but the assault on the city for the 1st 2 will not want to use an epic of also independence well then you want to provide a sample for which jobs and it is all those that without the scope of the fraud and but taking began to use them on that it is possible to does different research project and find any change following generally to that but then again more complicated than it is still not on a from me but I couldn't versions of songs for the game and polite and but it's actually not ports and shot as well but we want to introduce and pride and ways of life and it is on some will feature so what they wanted to do as well as to create the flexible dependencies so it wants actually this is a point that is used by my mum who was easily of the these onset and a calamitous bought from the belief that sample independence for that is needed from simple for on custom called for us but that is built on board and that some of between on such and actually get some competition to build the most ended up from the the and this month the new from both as well but this reason caused by the lights of the world you would have found it institution the different and then the sound for what would allow us to use of the anti dependencies so in this example the and went on to the front line well and ultimately for what it is something worry strange but sometimes supplies from local that you don't have time died that can depends on tax data show for editing commitments ages and it doesn't matter which takes it is installed a new system and the amount of water and if you want to have some sort of which will depend on a like for transcribers so we can have a white and but it is much to be done in this direction the cause of most foot from Boston the moment for both police programs and should be so the ship to be result before losing 1 point for 1st goal we cannot find candidates for an automatic but will be so for example if you have a watch that the stop will be the sole no other produced by these large and it doesn't exist for example due to remain in an CompuCredit want to remove and it is completely wrong we need to find someone in stopping in the diary and suggest he was installed the candidate so it is most critical but the contigs instead package also leave a great British correctly soul and now we are trying to rewrite and it is where but it is an ON non safe for 1 recent Checkpoint-based it doesn't believe that the mutable flags and so on and so for so we need to remain in Stoke and the link like many other British management system does and exodus of the programme implemented and truly NEMO testing so across the river to use a new up the 1 3 if possible and the board books and if you want to but I spent an hour well that's a lie and you put your judgement which you but what are the other places where the sasol huge for example you want yes actually unthinkable fighting just sold on for a catch it is where I simple and talks said some are keen on the wall and the input and how to the site where the for selection and this sort of thing and if it can be useful for this systems and later by the only problem is that the pitch is not the the other question but what sort with soft we out the and the fall of the wall of the I also have a role at all in I only the past because the overs for the loss will be room across the world the while the of the range you have to shout to be heard there are so she has from some hope
and some sort of the and some
sort of public edict of great sofas resemble in the skies above all size scale it still approach Gay so you can
see that the on loan to the
backing thinking about how to move to about his prose but if it is deeply O'Sullivan so you come
from a half dozen of the and the soul of actually these complicated agreed on a lot of just the sort interest only dependencies you need to read style packages Independence's all the media change all need to upgrade their Cudicini lead to remove them end for example each other on a local packages syndication fiction before and to extract wellies but actually by think that it is a great step converting to package 1 point to because I want able to sold on the stock yes but I chose something not related to the sale in some to a school in dollar also and tried to later by the hold whites if the well a
British couple who were but
those who are the UK at the time of the day you have to do it yet the question as meaning ports and mountain bike which the goes baggage can send them negotiated part of the work of the authorities at the the time of the year and a half hour or so that all about this time the of also for parts of the power to draw for via the walls of the old P ritual which the the of his son jab which saw the ball Vaughan's side I saw her she was the author of a book on the fall to said it is the eye a version for the stock the survey part of what lies


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