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BSDCan 2014 Keynote, FlightAware

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there are great Edfors computer area was an aide to the 2 thousand times during
which he notes on filling the actually I think it looks like that I never saw what I'd
dialogue and that computer literally a the held on this
early in the early 19th 70 and we were operating at 100 and 1 or 2 in the 1st or 2nd using the
event ubiquitous teletype those who never seen
wonderful garden about how of the that this is but this is the worst thing is that I'm not going to make a suffered through the covers along the of way he had that is very very very painfully slow allows was
absolutely transfixed by New Jersey into computers and some for another for the rest of my life of so and my high school so I actually to was a 2nd High School in my dad Bourdonnaye intraday vocational computer operations and Programming could think of was have happened school days and a actually got going
on the road computer and and see are century 100 1 of the 7 who were so long that idea and the computer this is about the same as that computer those listed on the right hand for point 3 megabytes of capacity the tie a machine that 32 came Rambo excuse me 32 case of for memory and that were memory had could you could that 1 million course memory read or write or so that it
also had a Council and you actually interactive with the the operating system through council by storing into memory locations to tell it to do things that also supplement press the start button its there is
also a certain regulating happened had to stop and think are just like communicated with Computers by hunting holes in the hard work for those of you who owned
review remember that was a key point Machine computers were far too expensive for to to a waste of time but we might have a slight edge but there are point is that a Backspacer anything so female and the and the part of the much more expensive but it actually had a backs but this is the point Boston today's terms about 10 thousand of which can of credible Machine also had
teletype teletypes actually predate computers and another
out was read as a colleague's
per 2nd this point guard against or 9 160 beds of information were
120 bite of
says and that which is to thousand card Gergely was quite words about 200 40 kilobytes of the storey binary but 15 seconds of anti the 3 audio or to get a 15 seconds on a very heavy multipronged that or 2 thousand when the sauce can sort of further of all the see files and user sausages account of previous behind but a 25 million lines of the 4 thousand 200 by those of point card to represent the loss to be operated on by got a
job using a Honeywell 20 20 computer and Programming global would like those of the United fans and 1 of the numerous other right the very very large perhaps because the odds are that it had intended to write drive it on a case by the memory of got their and a gap in 2 upgraded its wealthy by memory for for all this was the
kind soul and think it's simultaneously science fiction and way but there is none of that is on the right but he is machine was also used by the F a and there are still echoes of the legacy of those machines in their axonal flight-data today at
the University is the 1st new mainframe following pregnancies 66 100 and in would bring much like a Loralie clear of the no pain Machine about 19 for by although with discrete transistors researchers 19 an integrated circuit and it was that bad 66 100 actually is the 1st rose she says freight absolutely ingenious on the right the latest alleges that the group programme to up for the loss a of the actually know memory was part of life in the city following the burglary which would operate so we owe should
these machines were primitive it's easy to hire all right but they were also pretty strong like the Honeywill machine a full into coble compiler written wealth paid of memory all was not well every Machine had its own operating system in the vineyard sided to making new Okotoks should be made a new operating system Machine dependencies and words side words sized dependencies crept into programs even if they were written in standard Languages switching cost but huge a machines which were expensive 66 100 has several hours minutes to operate or so going
ahead with isoprenaline and but machines and this is an application looked like back in the day this is actually some of the documentation from 70 up in particular were looking at a gay function in his for this season's 66 100 and I actually think packed into a word because the machine that rest and there is the year in 1 of the day and where we were absolutely dependent on the state sizes and are on pack the fields that 1 of to digit a year this
is the house way you had to set up to open a file in this was repeating in about every operating system I'd seen some kind of file controlled like that was very haphazard for example you might have been a turcas file in 1 place you might have extension and another place you might have the drive by by the in 1 place and right number and another senior operating a wide of code to discrete the scaffolding in order to get while book or but now
Solaraze using teletypes at the same time and they were denied the right to really interesting work and inventive Systems Programming Language called the and that right and operating system called the unit at the did that a lot and Sinterklaas for which is runnable instead of incredible the think about how slow the machines were while those guys were trading at around
half of the Nineties and the the overseeing the German computer science a permit asked me to go over and look at the socio part they have 1 of the feel of 44 and they wanted to get the versions of the new next instalment pretty daunting task but I got signed and was just 1 way of this
was the man they for version 7 for the read system called for those of you who are programmers no wonder are we eat I don't do depended on the black side of the machine which had been dressed anywhere in the file as an array of white and red and white as the 1 even though the largest right of that they were only 200 megabytes files to to be gigabyte in size has designed by these guys this was simple as high could imagine it on at those
free from your to wide into that version 7 Machine Republicans were pretty quickly because the was no internet but you actually around recreating the unfamiliar there is a path Environment boulders programs and slashed Winslet user you shallow was less than such as age and you have things like a lesson see the the rapid find on and the and seat of cost by these remarkable 36 year's waited those paradigms Kevin 3rd at the end they don't go broken were ordered out of the rest in 1991 into on a unit system but had assault rapid to do the cost of Unicomp we have a point from the Apple to but a persistent designed to on a unique system and have my eye on the options 1 was the Falklands
Systems computer about 15 thousand dollars or about 45 thousand hours today's morning but that is kind of a non stop from UK but the butcher units to much also had a part brightening 5 megabytes momentum update and other
options of violence is the made thousand about 10 thousand Stogdon even include a terminal and the terminally ill at the of the single a 80 on 3 1 in the world lines features a Nowzad thousand books about 3 thousand books today just for that turmoil so like going to later in the and the and still 1 next book so
that the idea of the sea 82 came out and that was the 1st until processor that was actually capable of running a protected load will have been after the stifling eventually units of available both those machines saw over the extent of the BP once
again to become world so affordable chemical microbe start and advertising units for 200 dollars by called them to require about it and then it is later in the ball from the events that are you find with what was kind of 1 way that the public that they were actually interested in making sales said OK might be the us from fight over the next in a gun and he is now at an academy me on to the internet and was on a path to my 1st doesn't like the word for my for for was an assistant 5 world because that's going to get a lot of life as we were in in a spot of the work done on the table Programming Language and that the system by well Zenit another very by 91 and an internet connexion and a stunning 9 160 by 2 per 2nd and 500 dollars wants and in 1992 3 8 6 via was released so my friend handle his name earlier they handle and eye downloaded that the 24 hours and we would not robotic Julian White and wanted on the street says sex computer and but for 1
we had rooted to reduce its biggest now but it I would only 1
for about 20 minutes and then it would panic by guided them loose files and being held within that would benefit from having gone but it would remove time and time and time again and the files will be the end of the 3rd in the centre of the world will the crash patches the that as a flying and after a few days it could save for hours inactive few which could sit for days today of cost is the year of collecting testing
in distributing patches and and competing with the still enjoy Hubbard is is expressed Superga mine in after while the Migratable and he went on cost of images influence previously the and an apple about 1 thing that became clear to me be if he was the system 5 of the free after losing quartet of because the like of 40 minutes but was really but 9 and but by the time I got compiler stuff and as a developer again to notice these differences like Papiers has the products in the region rampage in Berkeley Piazza could spaceflight fields that 1 in which was greatly 1 1st that with a programme of another example was sure memory system Fifeshire memory was really where the median pages of who'd and thought I'd see the degradation of units after it had been passed from the researchers to business people and 18th see the system by from every pre-exist poke in India to create your own mechanism to pass that token around to defer programs at a the memory of the children were as in with Berkeley of the in map system called and the use the file system in use the provisions of the files and so much like came from system by by necessity but the 1 we over with that of her technology sounds 93 and a start in a nett service provider the soft and we ran mostly and pieces running previous the and the and the UK which was commercial version of the theme that Rumpole's statements from the 2 and computer systems search for people in Brooklyn may be added 41 that was a big deal for us we made paternal servers remain robbers made shell tell servers and later went and free of what was going on a reading about what it's like in the mid Nineties where if you unmounted were for a while there was no if you have a way to stop the new unmounted about systems like torrential that it would destroy the files your say as long as crashed British unaccounted would destroy destroyed the machine and it is going to be previously and Bisio were mission critical for us the absolute freaking out and and destroyed are the that 1 of 10 counts of what really
mean about their own lives quite reliable Microsoft has really and reliable but 1 its is worst 1992 with good emitted Somerset's of 1 of the in the presentation of the also tried Celeste server the compact tables and we also have some spot servers and it was streamed frustrating because it has a well server slurs work for a like the windowing code in 46 the sessions kind yet been would to the size of the full day applied would cause it to be really slow with the Web request which were really sure connexions hold on were have to fix the we still that runs the way like the server before into its operate also this is can rest so at the time we were in a worse Paul company it's really not a good creditably equipment can into as they likely will long you hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a equipment who want to buy a nonstop servers militant that no way and that the set up a table we also read that the idea of an EU pretty arrested absolute which up early but within like of the in the bus Ethernet interface card from from him for the estate was 40 thousand dollars and we were by the direct card pieces for a 100 dollars for 100 times less morning best internet which some of her about a California they drink the Kool-aid and they later joined hundreds of thousands of dollars in favour of running the commodity seems so there was some concern are that 18th would when there was a kind of chorus the lawsuit against the idea of a white 31 code that they didn't get taken out in India's dissidents units of the trouble for trademark stuffed with that they might directive free via the internet and then will migrate to Lennox before Chile 18th he was never needed to so easily us the 1990 was was good outcome of after a vacation database tonight created companies that in Britain go close to protect Maria off on the right suffer from cable TV industry to help them with their internet troubleshoot their problems and stuff like that we rebuilt the steel complaints Arabia the and the trip rivulets selling we could make any money out at and we built this really large system for hundreds of thousands of dollars useful 1 and we learn really the was which is that nobody who work for the cable TV company because they want see anyway I find product amerced was rapidly eclipsing the possibilities of stupid and that was why the work of case is would
fly will look like a bit of home page it so we tracked by a 100 thousand flights and they will keep every piece of data we receive from every sauce in the world we have to get from directly from the aviation authorities of Canada the United States Australia New Zealand 36 prisoner of Reaburn 1 intriguer the handles deals of most of the satellite tracking companies and we take all that data from the other according to various tools and very late on Friday producing a picture of what actually happened No 2 No player like his my flight and time Frigo with the US notified over the state of our away from that now away I'd heard of flight from their
awkward field the like what where the protracted Britain's whether over their actual coming here and the way it was going to be and that every area most history and there were other people trying to stop the bleeding keep the history and indignant end of the day in trying to like normalising rationalise also selected almost every flight ends in the F a cancelled now really cancelled the discrete once they don't need to track widening were because of the way in which a constant annual rise most of the time and many things like that will the 1st player server
was really claimed it was a single 1 use or to up to tame processors added gigahertz to use a remarried and and
original player would like that and you can tell that will want the juniors and not graphic designer slightly higher all the Premier we were having close data where timetable had a cheque to see not just don't the body and then you know 1 day somebody told someone forgot although not the telling but he ended up at the polls and Microsoft has been lost in the and thousands of registrations 1 day and that means that a week adequate group around the streets and make the same into a bit of time so that immediate
priority police so and we made a full range of the single Road me into a couple of guys who were pretty but that to be on the other of 1 of the guys said well we find usual switch to Lennox that some of brain and and might say this is the way this is the value at right this is is a guy who does not use the same technique as the switching cost of living not even running found we already reeling in the state and were still so funded by right to date players are quite has drinking is around 700 a kind of open at the beginning of its own and that of 700 most popular site in the United States is the pub 100 psychic pages because of what the people what they are paid for many hours every day we 150 pages a 2nd on the hour pages are pretty high overhang computed site like seeing some cited as a kind of management of the many many many overuse of life of millions of registered users of the NYT cost paid a typical pages thousands of people were is so that but and
here is here and the way its
fight for access to the data mostly double part in the assault that some or all of the city's economy Baltodano the big commodities servers cool properly in labels lovable sold memory fans and will be easily Stupples or not that was not last election working days you can see on the in the middle there are right and the other is that there is something storage servers using accent and where it is in place but pretty much every syringes Randy we of about half a minute about half a point in Dallas and we got about word that much in Europe and the and the leverages stevia from case so what
questions about why don't we do it all the Cloud was something like games for something after all there are the better than your up Sky's well coupled cloud in 2 thousand
5 new start me not as not as serve also you have to pay back all that is at the centre data to your cloud provide a and the and you can get you can and it had to pay for a lot in the movement that isn't actually going out the users and is a big deal for us the vulnerable to at the phenomenon for the failures of the manager of the of the Ministry of hundreds of thousands of that sufferers of worst of failure in the habit of the day was on outages but also capable track tax free lies in the United States for earnings from hot work and I'll say that might guys might not be as good as the guys but myself to sound like guys are working you know if you get it right myself is now posted was on their working on getting the whole thing up working again in their favourite thing opera working getting the the biggest calls up what cycling
and the US he event in his 1st file
system attaches be
drive he executed a corruption but had slates Kernel him with with that kind of stuff but we actually have a Data selection device that uses less diseases Rosberg and there is a previous work to the of her life but I noticed staunch stuff like the 1 at the start of a the new is that it can allways kind be able to use all the capabilities of of the Church of breezily Excellium won the Rosberg playwright after on parring 8 of the top prise on the following on a was to happen a rebooted in the top 5 was on part all the director structure with all of the files were there are in all of the files and every single which is almost the worst possible result that imagined the only thing I would be worse if the filing for correct and the data was land but by yellow and and the file is an incorrect while the supposed to have been unit that would never happen on the euro thousand that while system and the up on any of the birth of file systems you don't get files that would be after Crouch but person
equation came up with regard to a billion dollars of Linus's lesser equal to get people through rigorous and in the process during the the and Wiltshire but so far that hasn't showed that the radiation you might assigning no because the everything flowing through this 1 guy and he did his satellite it easy to maintained a certain degree of something with that but give me a give me a Systems Engineering process was being followed over a guy in a time also has a the secret weapon and what is the secret weapon in my opinion is last a calf know it's kind of amazing especially as the capacity of dried increases it starts to start looking at whether it would see the likelihood by right of file into a file system like the of file back into truly Awami Dawson the some papers that goal and all of these guys showed drives have firmer books were the driver will not look for a way of complete that was were flying over for and a week that was not request for a driver to write what you want to to play some of those who for the weight of the late every imaginable way for a try to malfunction has documented as a current update then we back out from there to the dust control and guess what bought them back their to the right control and just what brought him back up to where we have driver but the file system but it's kind of America's to actually jet files that out at the right hand and after after you if you actually go track down a lost papers does not finding new reiterated Inigo might will go idle detail but the something called the rate of about the read write full and basically conrades 5 type system is at risk for silent data corruption that would discovered when he writes in the cost of sending a corruption the Super superblock in the home directory or some the like that to be pretty ugly roaring
so open sauce kind works and a kind of those working in works and think it depends on the price alright video know a think that open sauce favours projects where we can come up with objective criteria for what good is that things like compilers an operating system but they serve for example with the comply with the operates as the you weekend we can pass Computing Scheduling algorithms and we can we can agree a distinct really response of its more response with the saga of the US or the UK where we where open sauce seems to not do so well is in things were it's more than a static watched against the job had been opens worst that instead of an apple body all the skill that he developed at all those resonating apple happened how with the anorak with community in the city of 1 email about helping to work and the people with do EU is a with flames and I would tell them to go implemented also strongly by the end of 1 atop a 2nd about the new verses via the licensing some in the game you verses biassed the camp I'm firmly in Berkeley I'd prefer the grid a prisoner of the licence and on concern other to profit from my work among concern about the state Oregon extended and don't give back with following the contribute most to the goal and the databases post this Elise's projects in my fewer shenanigans and ingenuity is being like what happened with my sequel although can my simple and when it came Forest fishiness because of the madness of the being my mind go said that transactions are bullcrap and anybody who once the write databases and doesn't think transactions are is is coming from from some writing wrapped around that being set a new low Breydel gratitude Richards fallen for GCSE key peace 1st so much open sought for such a long time in the huge advance from across the world page feature complete compilers that were using before like we really we are standing on the shoulders of salt Pentateuch conclude year you can build their prise classifications around the the and no 1 who were here are doing at what is right example new Campbell in a prise around the Olazabal Iwunda says that he
is a better than that be are Slough caused by the their during got more of a Engineering and the giant was a morning in which in which he that so have a great Conference and they provide a medium really glad I desert the C
a C a you C a C a naked
Schreiben <Datenverarbeitung>
Service provider
Trennschärfe <Statistik>
Radikal <Mathematik>
Metropolitan area network
Prinzip der gleichmäßigen Beschränktheit
Befehl <Informatik>
Vervollständigung <Mathematik>
Güte der Anpassung
Dienst <Informatik>
Einheit <Mathematik>
Rechter Winkel
Ordnung <Mathematik>
Lesen <Datenverarbeitung>
Tabelle <Informatik>
Überlagerung <Mathematik>
Open Source
Virtuelle Maschine
Spannweite <Stochastik>
Weg <Topologie>
Lesezeichen <Internet>
Fächer <Mathematik>
Migration <Informatik>
Endogene Variable
Installation <Informatik>
Physikalische Schicht
Elektronische Publikation
Offene Menge
Wort <Informatik>
Prozess <Physik>
Formale Sprache
Fortsetzung <Mathematik>
Kartesische Koordinaten
Computerunterstütztes Verfahren
Kernel <Informatik>
Einheit <Mathematik>
Prozess <Informatik>
Lineares Funktional
Nichtlinearer Operator
Prozess <Informatik>
Web Site
Konfiguration <Informatik>
Registrierung <Bildverarbeitung>
Projektive Ebene
Web Site
Gewicht <Mathematik>
Kombinatorische Gruppentheorie
Data Mining
Physikalisches System
Bildgebendes Verfahren
Wald <Graphentheorie>
Physikalisches System
Mapping <Computergraphik>
Dreiecksfreier Graph
Bus <Informatik>
Brennen <Datenverarbeitung>


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Titel BSDCan 2014 Keynote, FlightAware
Serientitel The Technical BSD Conference 2014
Anzahl der Teile 24
Autor Lehenbauer, Karl
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/15332
Herausgeber Berkeley System Distribution (BSD), Andrea Ross
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsjahr 2014
Produktionsort Ottawa, Canada

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