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In other words Fine Me and that makes this event most likely asphalt be maximum likelihood estimate will find me in the mix is probably the largest possess perhaps that most probable thing is probably what happened Solely for find in and finding that maximizes you make pocket Seoul on 1 way to do this will call this apple banned the function of right and now all on where you're working with binomial coefficients staff What they look like their products numbers like from 1 banner from here from under Tandon By by the product numbers 1 4 9 1 6 Were they often leave Who are lots of cancelations Because if you get like what's and plus 1 fact Olduvai back and forth And what's what sold in here will have and minus 10 and factorial if can get ahead With all the stuff except the end minus can somehow ice Not that might do the racial This to maybe at and past what us look at ever us 1 over referendum Man So we do what Hollywood against Moses ratios is bigger than 1 The race is bigger than 1 which event is more likely was 1 of the 1 that
Was 1 so we go go with them was 1 but we want may check to see maybe and passed a bigger result that bus of the past ones so look at this when this is bigger than 1 when it stopped being nearly the 1 R And We find and
So That figure them 1 but never band to over referendum last 1 his lesson 1 And 1 BRS because that Evelyn plus 1 is big enough and so that's that event with Airbus wonders what the more likely this 1 says government plus 1 is that Let was to so things start going down are going up until I'm past 1 has gone down after what's what So let's look at this ratio should expect Bear Arm well back I'll take you know where you're from This Will In both at home and And of course wants where divide 1 by the others we can choose for cats somewhat right out of this ratio She said beat let end Minus 9 over 16 Divided by and plus 1 over to strike That would be reinforce what White and Y in my Yet right and then we divide by What we were going and in there that we would just be revived by fractured lot sleight of hand Who's 20 new reared and John here I did and minus 10 truce And now really in business because if we write these questions here If I On She But this becomes so that This 1 is That had done here we get some over here But The strong hang out here Software yeah S OK So Mr. Moose cancel Mr. Moose cancel Now let media may inverted multiply On On Sigh and minus 9 that oil and that part of supposedly writer And minors 26 factorial goes nowhere and minus 19 . 4 0 and then it is not rare out and minus 25 . 4 0 that here at year end minus 10 . 4 0 that year and lost 1 . 4 0 that year and end minus 25 For them And what have not this ratio These white In most 9 They take care of his part or but was ratio So a fast 1 them later This ratio And minus 25 and the denominator And this ratio and minus 19 and that's our rich Not that they so what do I do attack when is a greater than 1 our final last and was 1 for which this is bigger than what Printers For the 1st and forwards that is less than the army after so checkpoint is 1 is bigger than 1 went and minus 9 times and my eyes 19 is bigger than and plus 1 5 and minus 25 that race was bigger 1 of these New renders bigger than they do not A lot while both sides and squared minus 22 and plus 9 times I Sorry while Rim Birds canceled The me subtract 25 of the track and where most subtract 25 from was sites Frank by this gives 1 40 Such All they are lad 196 Is bigger then For All over again Is less that For do this goes what up 40 49 times Those lawyers and this less than this While an endless 1 You're the 1 after that I'm Its So what user and what the use and that's less for 48 what's arrest And not end but impose wants sold 49 Essay population size would be for you And lodges and that's lessons 49 48 we let thick and fast 1 because the properly than past ones beer in the problem with this and 74 49 after 49 Probably says going down 49 This is for you OK out of binomial was good Malta I know Mills even better right and what's left of all final meal serum
That For He But But the question many ways are there to do this But She So The figure because it's been boxes or something Hey what's up A similar what and 1 objects in here into objects in here and there and I really understand So we just use the modification Not harmony with are But 1 thing things here 1st and then for everyone ways we can't help companies ways Where and to hear with more fun together and for every 1 of the ways we found that stack of Hollywood This is not a case of subway ways And what objects year rivers like you what's left and 1 out from And sell Ellerbee and shoes and 1 right now commonly given each 1 of those forces my ways are there and to objects here Right and and 1 to 2 and now once we've done most to jobs Palmer ways to this You guys again And then . 2 years And Linus and 1 minus miners and I want to dance of but actually this summer Only on her left calf we've done all this Job An hour off so we have is this 1 is whatsis number up By subtract the 1st and our minds what Subtract the 1st are minus 1 from here would I get and R and Myers 1st I might as be But last summer but did so that's free love Come to me expression which like viewed that way Were you probably want a simplified Strike or not the same instinct is enough at the joys wants to make things simple Lee that will map Max's make description of the world simple So let some And like many expressions involving multiplying dividing back Charles this had Mr. big simplification let's write these out is back row over and miners and 1 . 4 0 times And 1 5 4 This would be an miners and 1 . 4 times And minus and 1 and to back 4 times and next wanders and and 1 by To back part time And bias and 1 Lands and 2 mines and 3 . 4 times and 3 factorial etc. all the way down to about what And this It's like falling dominoes that cancels that At cancels that this 1 cancels next 1 Whoa be left on the new waiter was arrives in the And 1 factorial and 2 factorial and 3 factorial on the end of back for us problem all final Now Some modify normal thorough There's X 1 next to last about us acts are The end of summer My ball Oh and by the way we use a simple here And say and Tuesday and 1 2 and 2 and 3 through So we some overall said not nonnegative integers and survived add up This expression That's a psych them finally offered only 4 And same argument So where would be more final meal there ever come up Well um Who wants to come over Saturday nite files every 1 1 2 3 4 5 The Seoul Fire Review said no common now That's on 6 and so replace 5 card poker coming back any book in which the 5 cards So when a deal from a deck of 52 . 6 hands By party And thus before you can bet I would ask you how that ways the deal 6 and 5 That's 1 of these problems Set of boxes are cause it's deal 6 people 5 body armor ways that Well let's see little and with the phone number objects I have to By 6 players a deal on all the card No you put 5 guards in here five-year 5 5 5 5 years What else to put the other arrest them on the table and use those for drive so I'm gonna have a 7th box here were the remainder under put 5 facts here 5 0 5 5 5 5 and then only
20 so ways to deal 6 overheads would be 50 to 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 I should've done this with something at nite As the Beatles song overnight And then 32 Right that's 3 stacked but remains at 1 2 3 4 5 from Sowerby off sometimes I do that see you're watching 52 factorial over what I back oil to the 6th And then Try to fight for the Another example would be playing bridge by the way I am busy Saturday at all I'm sorry I just remembered that lawyer Proclaiming year bridge that of 52 nobody rich Now what Knoll comedy cards each by area Young players are Now they realize players are right for an obvious that NLU a number 13 so the number with a number of possible chance would be But But That's enormous enormous number Sold just 1 last look what your tossing a choir I call on you expect cost tell you that had heard across expect have made before you couldn't get that Answers to Your rule you die How long leverage you think you have humming times is for you want Once by 6 . 6 So Woodbridge how long did we tell you get a particular have say where 1 the 1st person gets all states and it's all part at all Diamonds and then the last when it's all review won over the summer at be the average time turns out the universe is I mean no takes some kind a at Ford the is bold enough for that to happen Net five-member years ago watching TV and leave month the back half of arms OK so let's say you break from back a couple minutes after she says But they know I talk about Mr. probabilities I never so Remote spot oil notes and see no probability theory Get to events properly of Wyoming Pass But Probably the age of But As noted by That's about probably a given at its sequel to Yeah said these over properly I saw TSUSA voice airborne Show But But On top But But What's probably it is 6 given that about There are from the role of Any guess one-third why 3rd Reich Ernie reason for 1 hour Like the gamut of those samples of probability where all comes we a week likely illegal bias Among the numbers or Monday October's suspect So the answer should be 130 years off that we didn't But 2 of Robert Mayer sex B Well 80th subsidy is not very good Just a probability a bye-bye probably be be what's probably The Fired their one-sixth probably Never well is what on the public space likely out Soul The problem is not harmony There that happened by but brought up somebody passport or the 6 I'll wait wait wait Or you heard 3 sisters 1 half What's 6 barred by half For The other way to write this It is a probability of A said It probability of a given be types probably be Date for which revealed Formula but sometimes I might want this And the The obvious the answers but the site become simpler probably they give me some time might Easier than probably Bayer said that this is also simple beauty spot by the simple answers nearly or not I
0 0 new Roberts another useful for aid Properly But But But for course We he wants to be at obviously disjoint That's their in is the whole sample space and each has positive about building What Then the orbit they can became years using a say But that's called lot total from End By We have underlined the Cyrus With the BIA I would be this right Probably they intersect What about the sets a intersect BIA they actually strike The date of it at moment this beside a revered is also Yes fright True Now and this is Eagle this white Issac sex that this turboprop probability A 3rd strike back A intersect a guy The destroying their sect 80 also of strike and probably union of district sex as a sum of probabilities that that with regard to . building and this Rewritten 8 year sector that union is something called a morgan lost but rules were called But Rock here What's this year Shiites Solvay go so what's a intersect Omega it's a probability 1st why that's true love let's try to use it G She burned province arishth off thoroughly Wrap These bottles of the Canucks Pearson earned problem Next year a bunch of also inside White A 3 yachts Oh B of the use of it 1 Make or The white ones are balls We are Richard capped by you have to return 1 the same return I wanted more The same color Both Stronach
Oleg on Wall Forest orders entered place But The hoop The together was 2 more of the same color she She Think All but their pay The Sox Seuss repeated I knew Saphar look Also work that and try 1 of Such To back The Sekhet stuff thought spring Lawyers probably But But Actor Brown Visit Obviously the property There are 5 3 balls an 8 like Choi Check Take nobody knows answer I very rarely He'll layers of odd gap a Tse a Serie bad wheel when 1st I business That means we should conditioned on what happened 1st which uses a lot of Public building where the bees are what What happened to exhaust all the possible 1st from what they have first-round White so our sets here beat should be Baby what sources Green strong 1st What was bestowed that greeted struck 1st G 1 I've followed Benoit quite strong 1st W what Natalie They wonders White a strong 1st Yeah but W books steering job for such WAS white struck 1st president 1 Iranian W exhaust all possibilities Even if we keep drawing here at that white 1st Iowa read and what what the intersection of East Thanks But Empty of all can be simultaneously Whitetail Creek And where but properly severed positive But Robert J. 1 Right because of this the 1 of those examples of public space for all outcomes counts are likely set out a whole number of After all draws The 1st time probably costly are for what got hurt her to choose 1 or Way Saturday being went 5 5 0 Robert W. want this again 8 over so they're both aren't so we could apply the law told probability Sears With D 1 8 1 to equal the W Enders
With probability Of Green a 2nd time would be whether to some and some I summation of property Green 2nd time given green the 1st time I saw Robert Green the 1st time must the green 2nd time given life What's on the 1st 5 times Probably the White start 1st time now are these properly sees wary these 2 What about Public sector time given read the 1st time Or that it will be our 1st what see earn look like after Green is strong 1st Like For a tsunami green balls with 7 boundaries balls altogether according I'm very I replace the 1 I did draw in that with more So it right so that conditional probability is set out of 15 And then types Robert Green is 5 out of 13 but this conditional probability what is look like On 2nd where strong 1st balls are there now 5 still All of us He said he'd probably agreeing that sack white first-ever 5 over the team At that time
What you over Bird Bosch it Yeah The so never work Bring them all Like to back me and 2 more We start with 13 weigh up to more so the dollar 2nd broader 50 They feel questions Up Alright But But So let's repeated again What's probably There was read Disease Did you write off coming just by inspection it requires some Announced a little bit Yeah this is easier to do it with no 0 Weber Drive Don't what complicating factors We don't want burned Right backs update this Now Scott So Friend Proposition after drugs This properly A member of the elite falls and there's Further Drive 70 So Last time We conditioned on what happened on the 1st draw The start which this so what happened on May 1st toe draw Weapon the 1st sort it out We need this to 1 W we also need To adopt you too will have not been right out what are the possible thing is that the 1st time Or possibilities are are therefore possible They thank you She won intersect G 2 0 that would be 1 She won intersect WTO so that too By but W 1 Yeah sector which seek to end W 1 air sector with that most of the 4 possibilities for On the 1st try White green that ring 3 white white Greek like that 1 These are mutually disjoint drug The union is all possibilities right this It is used properly parts Yes The lot Probability All reject I Robert J. 3 But Property GE ever to Billy Ray this way What are we your stock
Either Charged Inc 5 Villiers G 2 read But But But The But But Now I not a seat to the conditional probability wants probably by that comedy read all foreigners 1st I waited to XIY For start with 5 Sanaa have nite in with 17 chance really be 9 . 7 Now this right 2 eventually won on public want Definition of probability that was 1 of following road earlier probably the intersection
1 of the other truck problem yet why that Aziz seated your guests is this way Yes is I know what Here are show at 1st But Bush numbers this disease probably this intersect with back problems Given that Robert This probably yet dollar Point to it back there that all altogether out over 7 ability She's 1 of the upstart W Didn't you want How probability 1 last II wants a spot the cheese 3 given WI well here Big all 7 over 70 again right at that time probably seat To given W 1 time probably W 1 last year we get the light bill or alter so they're still 5 70 Robert again Green 5 probably W 2 . 1 Fires orbit study you want Now I would've thought the rest of over 70 hour whatsis probably their 15 balls and you're not such robbery at 7 Green so 7 over 15 at 5 over 30 plus 7 over 70 Diets About comedy whites are there same as same as there ever was 8 over 15 team Time is probably the 1st time that 5 over 30 years of 7 over 17 there 5 over 50 historic officers No additional balls but there are at such dry and parity 8 over 30 bus 5 over 17 Here we get 10 or 15 Every or they owe us so much about we got series Are solid gold probably read But got of berries Quartz Now P Another important and useful But Mr. of babies rule Under state law But But But But With But But But but But But The With But Cool Asked So we take a repeat of the the Chase choked Yeah 81 W To be G 1 that 81 strike past properly old samples they might ask What about building Right White The 1st time Given your Riga sucker Oh Backward isn't it Like visible of problems were just 1st those PC write that sort of like This is the back cause Him What's they was But they are caused given me back Provides viewer Story I heard on the radio Driving somewhere That price of fiber 3 It said Britain The court said that the children of mothers More likely to be a big right I was wondering what is it about what these kids that based on what what work Efforts Bird Observers Santos that people bring it back to other way Course by probability order now it's like days rule dots it battered versus the way they have orders that year recipe The probability of what he too W 1 time probably W 1 Over Oh ever sought to think some dark right summation probability of to given W 1 time probably W 1 was properly She said that she won 5 Robert A F now faced will Bodies are more natural In year wreck site with that Where we get there where well like this from the 1st time there now said white balls with probably giving a green would be 5 out 15 and obligate like the 1st time was 8 out of 13 this term goes there As And then gear
Public being a 2nd time would be 7 hours 15 in the public arena 1st I was New gets out They voters Crop was a little bit funding came up on You can So wary of across Our initial probability side she is solved the entries were reversed August But the With As of But 8 But at what cost But As Before But at You probably have thought of that independence is Public given Probably be apt sorry bid For the sake in ordered me out what you're out of us Jets sap the disintegration about the herds of valuate about Probably right that they have tells you not So it's a good examples on both like Fossett point fights the head Spurs probably comes up at sex change by now 4 without Sabri In order For the public to something about the 1st cost Back secular does point member what it the the 1st time there say no Others delivering has no recollection of 1st even if it did It do a thing to control the 2nd set I'm not your boss But expertise The sample space to But just so how late Possible rather we And theory likely right So let's try to see back that hold a The event but Eds burst source But End BAC that Ed sec . maybe there's this a on Book But due a probably Vega said That's what they said That's not of war Like off the lease of property But for break Watts Probably over 80 Baby Paul But we do More Oravetz Tail on 1st first-class Diaz while that enough Texas that's all 8 can be decomposed obligate air sector be most probably they sexy The 2nd thoughts If he had 2nd thoughts and at 1st thoughts together with A 2nd tossed tales Then it's now is our samples basis 1 of 4 he equally really likely me out of namely head This is 1 of 4 likely out Hill said to be says what probably 1 for We want now Air whereby the probability of B Well our samples basis so tosses Bob vital began to go through a what's probably at 1st I think so what's probably of 8 times probably be went and that happens to be also
Problem a mere said so they'll under secular offset point and toss Whitesburg tossed 3 facts all use your words Equally likely property Seoul 18 tosses And what rolls over by reducing competition but said of path Get what's strike year-old died twice each other Web probability 1 36 . 6 . 6 1 6 0 cent roles of dive Or back And not 1st role at all By similar where in the burn problem Where what God she too with G. What are they and what was a probability To do we do that 4 If you're probably GE too Give it to you on that same probably But bigger This was figures Right Years now So what happened here got some with us are removed 1st draw back down secular very much alike and so there's some sort of memory your mechanism for carrying over past present or whatever but there is no such thing But added So wars I But but but but but But of but Shit I of So it may be are 70 times each time you probably . 0 5 reading bull's-eye each trials in Canada Charles What's probably If we swan boats I think so About 1 month they I told you that sometimes you might While you probably day Of that Fantasy series you'd probably make out a of cell of a complicated Robert I. waves At least wobbles I'd be the 1st time 20 times 2nd and 18 30 5th time soars later pretty complicated Kotlyar highway way so the variables are 1 way every time limits So this is the least 1 beers that or not I think these Watts Probably Secure something like tossing it
What's Property don't get a had the 1st time the body of get 1st 4 because the trials earned that right in each 1 has probably half each 1 property Also happens to be the product of buildings By giving had it rolled free time 1 8 minutes before half time for them Probably the intersection of those events at 1st I sex at the 3rd time would be the product of what's Bali like at fought Part so it won him to And you can probably not getting ahead and transfer of house would die what's quality of not getting up What 1st what's probably not 1 1st time what where 1st big-time one-sixth of the 3rd and time 6 and notes say will make sparrows success 4 billion so probably success would probably not succeeded seeing 1st 1 might what's probably Nazi two-time world 1 minus word Three-time what by then times 1 might be and success 0 beating of bull's-eye right probably successes but I probably failures . 95 so what's probably failure and time rolled by Robert failing and a 0 1 might say . 95 At what happens that is and ghost goes to 0 your persistent eventually get a bull's-eye for considered what he is ready A type Letters as that scroll paper driven well as adults monkey has Here Let's were past series tapping the errors were started there some chance that starting with what Letter We will Type of all the works Shakespeare perfectly right he keeps going a bit as some given baby 1st 4 6 per cent of the letter AS capitalized on which there is some chance that he could do that 3 small right but he keeps doing it eventually feel right although as probably daily strike this summer of this problem forever are right So Friday