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Updates so it's time to do a little bit with 3 normal produced very distribution random variables L
Realm I was OK revealed for the 1st sorry sir This visible sponsored answer by Richard Robbins Syria's right normal density for repair To try to to If he it to catch up with key Wang Earlier long-winded Formula and isn't there all of To a half and not the visit wrong but You're used to seeing he for are probably Mass Function and therefore densities So especially verdict take 131 be you'll see this again let's If you'd be marginal density it is seen the look on this person space if I do bottles of the of the joint You integrate out other alright so it can read out a library where get march for X Carrying cell where looks free up a voter value it's as bad as it looks forward to rate this thing why
And what do we freeze Noline sir
This is 1 case where money use that somehow found here we have well why my skis where we have a bunch of other stuff and there's the problem is that It's also a year so let's There is 1 that they want this or something you probably like is there's so many things for account so that's right you would
Equal Who Exline news of came over and was right to be why minus use of capital Over segment Got And then in the ax born Police in the square brackets we'd have an exponential well Under the law expert at minus 1 over to one-liners rose where and then we have to use Plus these where miners 2 Role you think errand Osaka who won a great DVD For us right Every this and the sum for like that will be a good So that's complete the squares views what you do in computations with normal sought the square next so I would simply square here At the other side Start with love These where were swear that these where there will be a new era to world as a call for of the 3rd piece by piece where minus to roll you be so we take these calls cultures and by by the role You End square that at and so we take Add squared where and then we have to attracted off and whenever you swear here Q So there may be we have a V bias role You Quan Lee square here and they hear way off one-liners squared use for it The ship OK so When you're writing you legal space between us Constant and mural because other factor summing up by a factor up organ ingredient Why Enter change posed to movie so but do we change a verbal 1st thing
DVD is going to be won over several why Why Thank So this to be a rule DAY but I take away this thing with And God DDE Ortega now found amid arena where the specter air here's extra rental Of minus this time some EU laws we and plus minus somebody does not involve So the singer not is a constant as far as he's concerned and can be factored out of integral factor out He's the this times that's border What you I love minus 1 or 2 1 Leicester Square Times as saying here 1 minus rose where Hansel's here here so God is going to be eaten minus you square Over So it's back And then what soft inside is minus He miners were all you square Over 2 times one-liners square Joe OK now is the time to use what we know is what we know and we want use active computer center on the stairs of a goal like that it does with well the variable was different But airline that new is this thing is that come into the answer while some you would be a sin what would receive a square He By maestro square so visceral should be discouraged 2 High Times one-liners square words that illegal is merciless constant Rosewood to apply elsewhere what's this thing where so it's good fight Was work And now we see some more cancelations a 1 mile route maestro square here near canceled by here's a route Find a waiter To find so they get 1 over route to Part of the Sigma acts inside the square root and Becomes the square They need to the minors you square were to what's to use here minus the Lexus buyers use of capital X squared or who so that's where There's a marginal density for capital X X Y is joint And what's the along with me UXN race sex what about Marshall for I just to ex-wife Nunavut trouble with we new wife So low that wasn't so bad was it Alright Well let's do something more that question 1 of Okayama here little that This work on right so gas seamless in in here is 1 less where squares and those of such groups in the square here where As entered sect quite that's fine BEI conditional density How the I think the show But The They have quite a mess Salyer His definition of conditional necessary And so we just part of our formulas See All the docks But 2 But old The key to shore on Jr And this should be simplified and think there should be some cancelations consolidation cell
I signal cancels um trigger route to pioneer 2 And so the cuts not becomes elitist Universe multiply and all you forgot Africa's at than And then what well Here we have a cold fish in the minus 1 over 2 times what rights was where want and that was why The fastest but if I would put inside the square brackets should multiplied by 1 maestro squared and abide by 1 might source where they I do that D. C Put it inside here on the scope of this part will stay outside I've multiplied here but the new writer will have a doctor 1 Laszlo squared is will stay outside stand where could inside here it's have census is a myositis travel outside somewhere else I fear of my so the Reds I have this term and this term came from amount Most of my years of my life that makes the plots right around than Come up And the So it's Itasca backers lot by by that Exponential out Alaska combined these 2 The didn't work such as too I But Kit What she did Becomes at Because it is this minus 1 might as times this term and this part The one-time stuff and that will cancel leading plus row squared A new search that For a while and eventually Come to the realization That inside the square bracket is a perfect square At the end of the Want to do so But at the bottom of the table But Kit At But
I think ask represent Now what CEO a variable for this density its little acts and usually when you have a normal would mean new embracing square cars the density looks like minus elects Myers New Square Over A 1 over Where does That was expression look like this Not yet but we can make it a little bit and come up to me that that order which do if turnover Acts Over My something over Signetics square Their swords referring Iran's But But That Old Alright well above head I wanna give this in the something of former looks like that thing so I've X over Where the music acts About In the letters truck new food So what's new Where fire this and visiting a hawker I combine this thoughts on that track I said multiplied And abide by Singh was a taboo at very sudden tiny fractions and the nite X minus the use of capital X minus a stigma acts over Texas on Monday combined these Should this multiplied by Said necks and prayer But will That give me a role Sigma setbacks over similar so why times Though why might use of wine over West capital X squared 1 last step Yet But It What ship Puts it into this swamp You are more practices So what's Initial distribution of Capital X given that capitalize little conditional on the of capitalist couldn't capitalize the light is normal with me This guy here and variants Think so star although little but differ from where would be The marginal was normal means abusive acts and Sigma that when we're done X and Y be independent Exactly when row is 0 independence would say that the conditional density is the same as the that when is as marginal So that that well rose 0 1 year Yeah 1 near New 0 their theories are so normal during Obama's 4 0 0 4 There were some homework problems are involved in this occasions leader tenders until next
Which is Do wonders missile expectations But But Just expectations using conditional here maps conditional densities in case of case of a venerable At But The definition abuse and that is again provided that when you put value you're the some converters retiring at Albert was provided with products by some mergers in the case of a continuous venerable Sir Kitsch You integrate acts against these initial density and again as provided this murders autographs pose a 1st down exercise let's do What I want a conditional spectator Nova normal fail there Our could beat up all things were done But but of all X OK well This will equal There's an ANC there have a other board He opened that But is it But Was gift What day that was Dot dot dot design will of over in settling here Thank you Alright well um for the formal let that supposedly of my ears Dot dot dot here and I did that in a row where Pfizer whereby hero X minus this thing I guess that cancer or other words what if I integrated Up Say Expression hall where yet Well chains variables but why people do X minus Neil A vast and Averill a 0 because why Tennessee Weisberg is an odd function Or in other words Alexina minus X squared over To squared Stainless where buyers and fraternity reacts is what number it's just me so I Not violated 0 but the weapons of I don't I just give me that I 4 Other words this would be the use of the capital X Well aware it I'm here to say this is just the Bonino the normal that we are not in In the expression of a past Musa backs role Singh was a cap OX X or say works of capital why 0 why bias music life support to simulate that normal as press outlet their roles Is disarmed is using this factor as boats answering a miscellaneous Role is at Thus the significance of building near accidents day Think that So Why would a year Expected either Rock Indistinct while Watson Distribution of capital X the modulus more Right Kind of you know soluble why it changes they expect their expectations of roses from 0 4 0 0 there the same froze different from 0 visibility expected our without information from 1 but if you find That capitalizes value and they do it in a vexed given that information is us Straggler example At that Need to cook True S should it He was I find it in the shower spectators you given Cabral easily so are you like to think of exponential intervals as being lifetimes of light bulbs and so on
You Time with Michael Burns out You replace it and then he would be the time when they secular life of burned out of nowhere the 2nd Life burned out what do you expect the person out So what we need to computes Besides artists like you need be conditional that's what you need to compute the initial density need a joint density and Marginal started find a joint density of you in Are you find the as of you and me As They are Well as Ford He wanted to but you would be ardent defender But Restoration stuff Is Jacoby so remember the formula density the joint density for you'd be busy It was I'm not But it cut expert With church Work she did Where this is summer G-1 1 of T-1 detail and this is G 2 0 up team Bob So what 2 Member H 1 8 servings it invert this transformation so what's each 1 of you beat you What's H 2 of you How do you get From you know I'm I get to know you Now we track from Yet Today to going Subtract this A lesser 52 So what's this determined whatsoever She wonders 2 variables as does the 1st hurdle so this will be 1 and this 0 be quiet and this is 1 of the this 1 So this doesn't appear and solely joy density Sir Well I'll be density of warranty to is white Isn't The other independent and also so it as a factor of Rwanda so it is modified to densities together Could K And this is veracity bigger 0 assault onto exponential dances together Lambert utilize times Icelander playing so you violate that now has go each 1 and he age 2 So what's each 1 us to be and recalling that the variable as Soviet around squared Utilize slammed a each 1 of you a 2 of you And that's equal to this where you might as well be what early a limits on these variables you in Our nonnegative right used to be 1 these us to do so which is bigger and use less Bolivia So there is a joint density now want convicted initial expectations so we should find these conditional density of you've given me in the joint over the marginal School That Right so we have this awareness But yet harder we get a marginal we have to integrate the joint over thievery will you think our races Took off And what are the limits aggression 0 White Serie I saw him rate Backed up the land squared And what we have here very right and what we have these giant as it will ever be As far as used constant cycle that are also And then I had to 0 0 Davine deal which is nice and scene And this is good for Aviv bigger 0 areas and what's that As some as 1 of the ones you know it's a gamma with parameter Alfie will to England The us come from some of the well sums of exponential OK so now we have This notice in the way we have slammed the squared minus liability in the rare we have Founders He is minor slammed the and this is 1 and that's for you would range from 0 to see so what's a conditional density of you've given me Far Missouri But was likely to burn off Brown anywhere in the rules His anywhere else
1st light bulb as a uniform distribution given the time when the sight of so what's expected value then you giving capital of easily beat out or 2 Demure expected value is right middle but we can't computed argued that we take you times a density Show Do you write But it's New Times a conditional dancing which has 1 Irving both Missouri air and water comes out viewed EU his use were ever to evacuated from Serbia's these where are The kid So if you're to oregano that sort say break a Gaza that back This vast Why all Burke Kish Has every Watts these on the year is at Rick were where reports all of it For What yourself sometimes but it will surprise OK so this is a function of y At very and we can evaluate that at the Rand wrote capitalized and recall that expected value of given capitalize Energy GDL capitalize promote happen expected value of g of capital I IT TAKES the expected value of functional Arender verbal well as they were in the discrete case And be the sum over GDL over life Geof little light Times e came math for capital I think I'm sorry viability cap that I take these Expectation of upon overran a rural Stewart pursues its The sex can shots petitions They And now all its goal of further were and free case 0 Derby this endeavor Ayala sums up frontier some over elect some oral I or II little ex Iowa Conditional probability Kaplowitz given Capitalized at the given little white NYTimes a module for capital I think I know we do this summer and walleye 1st Somewhere poll Missed However sector product Mr. probably died Martel s joint At As Or But But On top of Right because a definition of this is a singular that enough by some this overall I wear white A marginal for X So for some that the overall YOU module for acts and what's this That's expected I've cap and Same competition using Murals and densities instead songs and came out says that this Would be people that for 2 days and rebels as well but what is what is this thing this is expected value Of the expected value of can elect given a random variable life Martin The As of October probability so you expected value by 1st qtr initial expectations and that is a random variable In why take expected by that OK so let's Look at an example of how writers are here The work of such up to The tap Each of the If did He should True She was too but of old 2 But At Please A geometric some of exponential So no Web surfing during class computers OK well on war we just doing weird is doing this this wouldn't be so bad if that were a fixed number right
Because what's expected audio this thing if visit It's number like 11 even and 23 To be the sum of the expected ideas and expected value of an exponential with Fernandez Landis's a B and times think so What is at save survey and start where this week Czar Geof and Geo and given Cabela's 11 always Will ever here But do I know they can exchange they expectation in the summer now Loyola Capital and mineral TI what's a drug distribution their independent of each other so of expected I've TI given travel and is the same as expected value of And that's why I'm Soviet and times less so order we do in the this we define Jeter to be conditional expectation that given the thing and re-evaluate that function that parenteral capitalized owe it you Capital and that's expected value of our some giving an expected value of this summer She But S The expected value of she Right expected Ibis given that that's awful Probability but we just computer disorders is evaluated a capital and never capital and times I am and what CR letter the concept pull it out what's expected Iowa geometric parameter P Fears really die waiting for a 1 What's expected roles in 2001 said it's 1 over He ranked Oh skills as an easy way out But Let's do somebody owed more interesting That's computer the moment generating function of that I would have at all But Or I think condition insight and verbal capital and got tickets Look As things I treat This is a constant With this thing well after Beechworth some becomes a dual product release Frank products that But And she visor independent federal so that's the vessels of them are independents wearing or expected oil products and venerable product of the expectations right and all the expectations of saying so you expected utility capital 1 race
And they but what's that of accidents around rural Or that could But at buck The But We did area Orlando Weinstein is good for less than Webb To U.S. Otherwise it It Iran Costa said he is asked to use the So be over land mine randomized End So where array of here this is expected value of lambda overwhelmed demise be our capital That's our little G event But for all We take G of capital and that's that's what's out expected died Is expected by some number raced to a geometric granary on it as a function of a geometric parenteral honey computer expected values of functions of Renner rules you have to have came out So evaluate this by taking the sum but not a geometric Grand will have her tell number 1st success right number trials for success for the 1st time so its cable 124 knowing that we take this function to the parking card to a case or add value indicating an enjoyable 1 might to the came minus 1 for a minus 1 failures and a success But Echoing supply this Well going thing that this realized what this reminds me of his these geometric series Wary of geometric federal tried but if have I read something in his geometric series No we don't quite that With restart 1 border something to the case U.S. 1 her PA Take this up a bit like that Bull Whether or not OK at And then inside out this race became eyes 1st car The 2 Right Subs J. P OK mice want For us to But see reader He's a Landover my tee time over 1 minus Stewart said Jay might 1 this becomes some day Posada's this thing to the The water or But with Now she said But The question what Orlando Orlando Midas t so this is if if
1 might ground 0 Over the minus 2 years less than what would say a 1 might be less than demise to be over when under which would be 1 Myers He over For what He where sellers or as a key see less than and there were 5 and that's still enough I hear what what Jordan and that he died as this is thought so as long as he is smaller than this final that he'd over to access for about I hear 0 cheese Over here That all the stuff and that's enough to the German leaders recently We can recognize Or Jerry function knack for Chery simplified of it Which tried recognized Right off A Overby tabs to you do you have a right Not by The new writers of the and multiply animators Lanham Ice-T times Each right This cancels and Where the latest minus 1 Show us Old or After Tell saying Saturday a momentary functions Motorists Had a worry for years that are Aha Yes votes from this so it must be X-rayed store of parameter He says the geometric some of The The best If you take a course stochastic process isn't very Markoff crosses as your com process so as a nice Starbase know about this expectations and MoMA momentary functions of it so I think you should be able to problems on conditional expectations and you could have those in Monday As I said before A week Akerson said they came from early of Biden Knud SRB due Monday upset money that's our But She is But Did Is Yet But of course 2 This is Sometimes called more Carlson quality sometimes is called Chabot terms inequality And sexy very easy that's a establish this when acts as a continuous a will probably of exiting in some said he is going to be a already against the other density of acts are probability is the probability of Rex being in some Wuxi it's in there'll centered at New Aug radius a friend that's where are probably a which With out We teach Missouri grew this the interval from my saying it but say this is the same as actors in New Year's in only 1 OK now if our relaxes in there
This number is what they're their water lesson 1 But I'm sorry I thereof Russian not that senior Scot sodden that it off and If that Isn't ex-wife bidders as Max must be bigger than A fax is not an ear facts is not dream you might save you pass said distance to a mule must be bigger than That means a summer must be bigger than A eases ratio must be bigger than what so fired There's a one-year fireplace 1 by this I get something bigger things So I repeat effects is not in visible which is which is worried entering and that this has meant to me which is This must be beer and amazes phrase means of this scenario I get bigger than ever before because you're able 1 year something bigger And I was negative Pennsylvania over the whole space and that I get something bigger still the square because of ice iceberg might get something Syria OK and enough irate over the whole space I get something even bigger then and now the won a race where it came from other what's left of entering X my New Square Against the density of acts that area As various of over a square but couple quick steps so that the probability that And this is next 1st meeting is bigger than a disaster Mosquero sailors were various Warwick Let's that He I took off at the G for yet He is to now But But What's expected value of vests and divided by Well this is a constant soluble that expected value An expected by some as a sum of expected I use an HIV status Newell and terms like that the end times but then there's a 1 or here to cancel the end And this is a chance he'll Let's give the variants of As a B 1 and squared times various That's an edge robber the former we had last for periods of a song It is a some other basis Crisis some or a blow that I know of the called a of innovative and rules with Sukova 0 4 in the minerals of Summers some of these bases eggs each firm would be Squared homered terms with And event sodas becomes In Sigma demanded by And squared Be Sigma squared over Here is getting smaller Was wasting these holes are far The writer From its expected value this means not very far But I Ceratosaura of concentrating near what new but sees Java chose a calling card Now L'Oreal here
The various of the thing We cannot deal kit The singer probability of etc. and is more than a away from expected is Going 0 I constant or an Belarus is probably going to 0 so here we say SAN overran converters new in probability probability that it's far from you is going to there As a scholarly week blob large numbers Pull 0 for example if you ruler dies A thousand times and you count 1 every time you get the number 1 XI would be But But But Bond F-1 1 appears 0 or otherwise What s 1018 I have been a number of times a 1 appear when you're all die All the time And in 1 or Thousand times act Change BV relative frequency of Once And the thousand trucks and much of the summer because too According to the law of large numbers of public it's far from what would be expected 1 6 Probably this close to 1 6 is very close to what the problem is far from 160 be going 0 maybe you could save and probability that As 1 thousand or 1 thousand buys one-sixth is Figure . 0 1 But the U.S. said 1 thousand Times . 0 1 4 times the race Of the but what's the rates XI It's It did Good old But What guys can XI 1 or 0 words Probably that it's 1 1 ever want comes up every once that they want 6 times 1 1 6 square And and thereby be 0 Man of the probability 5 6 We get 1 6 Times by 25 or 30 states 5 over 6 times 1 or 36 30 Oberg After 16 Think of a period of 30 and I went to 216 I got here A thousand times . 0 1 that's 10 be 30 over too Thousand 160 cancel at 3 over 216 that must be won over 70 or 1 chance at most 1 chance assembly through that This frequency of 8 user more than 100 Away from where 6 He actually ate turns out that some are stronger There were a stroke under the same circumstances What We just want dozen that faith save it If I Take a realization rest and over an electrical work says that the size of the severed realizations word post is very basic bitter says that actually sent over and will convert as a subtle difference between us is application But There are question The problem I want to But sir Oh yes I think you have it's was BA square thank you says via tender Midas for so But They put it in a more zeros here and now this is a I get another 0 here I get at Faced playoff forgot the square in a so I St. Ciento million it said a false witnesses tender 6
And for sets and squared side 2 0 0 1 cancels onerous body so forced to use these fonts and 0 1 making a great of course and city The expected value of GDR where you is uniform on 0 1 If we take a new 1 for you and uniformly asserted On 0 1 Independent Said XIV quality of you I sensed years continuous undesirable responded said has a finite and g g of you as a finite mean Is the expected expected right at some ads are new if I some of the excise and divide by in fact emerges to what 2nd murders to me They His best end over end converters to the expected value or so this summer because of that process is a way of doing numerical integration you get A sample of independent uniformly venerable survived a function that goes Banyan or Realizations Adam up divided by the the number of positions to be close to him I think do realize that they cannot integrate every function GE occurred as you think you are at innovation cannot every function as you can in a way that would be utilized expert there's no quotes expression for interval 0 1 you my sex gratuity acts But Something as exposes us You can't Soccer you get a value for is 1 way there are tables were you can off Thousand 2000 realizations of uniformly history Independent minerals and evaluate g opposed atom up divided by the number you've got to closely and their error precise areas Our breeder pressed for Wednesday