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Distributions from normal Distribution
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So you ask me a question yesterday had figured out but I couldn't find work where was in the book for the number for 40 it's Chapter 3 was at a site that this had gone so it's uh I'm not and I think it's was XOY Adventis we ran a rare woes by a 0 1 2 by wide receiver have every reviewed Are different It is a rare where of that Your copy book fair I forfeit back so brought who I enter a quote Class B for Barry freer back that true for it for now My office hours are from 11 usual time Sununu and Primakov like Joyce find a room for both face area that 12 to 1 our buggery number 40 exit rigor and rebels Now With joy from Rowena How much at the end See if America should back soak rap But now the oath with old or but but but but But for all but 4 of of of of her jury rent a rare books that S D. F C step 1 4 5 4 generated acts or whether the amount for the mop of marginal capital X T 2 Roma are Sept X were probably was for all of which were or what 3 is if Texas not accepted for corpse C was returned a while or for The For Frank for saw 0 back plant press say we are checked wherever see quest for of us of With the Old Course for Vote But how also carry sewer sir There were order of this procedure Reviewing W. succeed success will be What they don't Tossing a coin with this probability of Harris air we toss a coin and Joey whereas happens we keep that so What we don't whether this beer 1st time autumn 1st says Webber XM is accepted That So the matter going whose seizure maybe Exs rejected the 1st 5 times and the six-time accepted That cap 0 6 or maybe Exs accepted the 1st and cap OMB Watch them MAX tape is around rare what time exit capital and pray that plant so where try s German we've distribution amounts of capital at all 4 4 4 4 4 4 then that's what a fat And this procedure pig sub exit cap however So I could get But Back 3 months 0 Yes again just season Fulton means out fear ossified distribution he find In this way Even that Removed series broken in or the PMF coroner continues case find you this function or pedia so your vote at the bottom of this sort here by white through the summer me Or providing files some number of trials us so this could be 1 tribute to being 3 could be anything so let's make this Some Though and able 1 very probably X capital and equaled little excess capital and equal to move OK so I have no words with rhetoric near met with Cap xxx cap OX subcategory Maslow X as a union of all of these events Because Cabrara has me something and these events are disjoint so the problem union is a sum of probabilities You know it in here where of this happens and this apple calories scare her intersection Somewhere crisis 5 have because cap argues or I or or or or if for or
See out of but that I'll try abroad Man I However scan this off But book But All trust Let's say which Schreiber Oregon this share If do But But with But or a career conditioning at this way for for Viking 2 missing this way Is the 4th it was pleased with what he is but was With with all but 4 with 8 Which of these can I actually computer Sir Well I go there so this is really Basel PM 4 Cap acts because it relaxes work Plant sequence with Jim Rafah I deny it so as standard to step on submarines with recent so I would know what this says about join or that it's probably No success occurs our members from given that access is able to relax At the Jedi there yesterday said last Here some That is the best of this fall Look at Syva missile also a this for but get But What August like this says I failed and my Aswan times are filled except Unless when times I accept the and enzymes Given that merits times was a right it appeared that bought back pottery succeed Loy succeed with With this probability And we fail with 1 might as I probably So what's approbatory we've failed or 1st fail to accept on the 1st try at 4 4 4 4 4 or more of say that air Well if it's so She But the probably would fail I arrived back Congress already fail or it depends on what cap Alexei got some rare break up into probably would fail And Cabral 1 is Blacks thank There was some or Possibilities elects to be sites in that sector up here Probably the event sale is the union over all the events bail and what 0 x rays airstrike there is I do this says a condition now the Irish as as a probably failed given ex-wife physical X times of as a Galax because I I know it persists Bad if I know the value of X while for I accept without probably because the value of X 1 X up with this Rob building here This is a value 1 I fail with 1 my aside from those and this is really at module for X summer overall X E plant where I was our model by one-time assess all acts as raft fighters we summing him out 0 0 X directives what were out of the race on a pure for world possible about 1 MLY was like some missile or or X
What is Case of why given cover West Why acts that joint density right 0 0 0 Romario where that city From Love I want to rumored I didn't that's a joint density of all over the marginal for acts as a definition and I'm off by a virus But For the or we'll or what Soros councils And why some this set of suffering assault or acts that the model for why so the probability of not accepting 1st I would be 1 myosis probably accepting a 1st I would be Back And then sold back Barry Israel agrees probability Sorry here or the 1st lawyers you fail to accept And Aswan times and they use up their stock what's a probably failed to accept the 1st hour or less What probably you fail to accept a 2nd time it would be this again so you get sector are we you failed 3 times erode Sofer probably fail and my 1 times eroding Mr. Barr And minus 1 know what's a probably except on their next time during this value this x we accept with what probability a race where West But always set was probably right and now we Chapel axes on the time reset its value is little X So but Finally except the problem up him Best of all vessels device Of tabloids and is given no account value of X but the problem accepting Issus trade sites facts Just part book at Ms. Woods a space for that day so Oh have to Richard So we can compute this probability their prey appear so far But Where gap but but but but but but but but or what But With book with Look for Opel but but but sir but Or or but it or that at Burger said here but it would all but 4 0 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 OK wearing cowboy several virus At 4 Well this stuff doesn't depend on air assault All right But At south of orders at allies if I probably over 2 Right despite definition so that doesn't depend on May 4 is less than I ever This terms or or or or or care worried some buff ibex some effort somewhere that or They are wary of good through steps that damn equal to end minus 1 For any of that That's a geometric series It's as if I was busy with what was all but over with The It was its beauty
Just sap right for using soft And equal 0 very RBM is 1 over on if absolute are lost someone K Forget fiber denominator there that's actually just he so why why do not wear or or areas what's another name for that right at the official probably of X given Y all but 4 of the enough for for our exit time cap away and it is a conditional probability that we want Sars soil tricky day-by-day yet but we're not get well I figured sinus problems says I thought my of this I had until yesterday they listened to 2nd edition and I signed 40 a a 2nd edition and I realize I signed for you hear about ice but see a problem A mail thereof more problems you either nor a fast and discuss a section of a sect The T 4 OK that's in Whittier New Edition after but a 54 they tell you would save 1 or 2 Ortega's that's they so it says of the XUI easy Osbert signed 5 art thief 85 aged
That s so For all of us as they press to uh with went for a He wished he will but if there are 4 0 4 4 4 4 . K back You can write down G-1 G-2 2 from the sayings of our revels formula but you're only here because they can't as active valued at 1 over out by J. Each 1 8 2 8 3 years
Are squared sigh of 5 passive intersect and so defined rejoined density for but there's right Donna joint Betsy for X Y and Z whatever 8 2 1 8 2 0 0 8 3 and Times but 1 or a day or a raft by at age 1 2 gage 3 that change variable far out of there but not XYC are independent normal Federer was mean 0 Racing squared Paris 0 0 pound These woes hazardous Factor 1 or 2 By swear And where lost by densities together Because their independent right so we get the of a 3rd party The The miners and areas Hussein square and the numerator due dates squared plus 8 to a squared plus 8 3 squares and then times won over J. voices are squared sign 5 And now Observe that review square this lesson that I'm together by the use of diarrhea there twice by says Of course expert precise Spurs 1 when you use it on this pair When you have these squares of east of the other side of the course I square here sites were here otherwise it 2 factors saying they are squared signs firewood least squares of again that the sperm there's spurt course iceberg us are spurred sites word of 5 you Ah square sober say twice where bus ace to a square of a Sri squared colossus to ah swear that over the course of the or what Sets a joint density for couple Capped off a couple fight What's Where the module events or are these Ira was event Large Cabral fair cap of fire the center But should always write-down of limits for variable sir what's what are the limits furlough are 0 2 But Woes 1st desert to buy that remember what Sparrow Cortes looked like there's a point x y z This is SSR from here to here Positive X-axis here Favors that angle and I can go from 0 to fight Production of this point the ex-wife plane so figure was 0 2 5 And 5 is as the angle of this segment from it here From yours into their point makes would be positive z-axis and I can go from 0 to 0 5 if you do more Europe are repeat things because of a string of how this is a nice because Lewis former products that receive it limits are don't depend on verifying limits on their our fired limits on 5 boundaries 2 so you might a separate things out of it in fact this function of art times a function of fire times of figure and came back wears a function of art Here or as a function of fire But here and boxer doesn't seem to be there The talks So what some Arsenal for are hard to find a module here for far right read or data 5 so let's do that when great over where's the rights that's a concert far as they're concerned by agree this deviate from 0 to abide what to times at keep them might signed 5 from 0 was sacked Yeah evaluator vector of pie Cosira Pires minus 1 plus 1 subtract a 0 . 0 is also mice I get to survive aviators or fire and trade get For quite some ears If I multiply That thing by 4 by the river density over But thank you Is That's very aware weary of the fight there so sub are cabbala or all But is with with what if But Or K or but uh costs Risk but Both fires that I think that's it What's saved forest segue here The 3rd Reich so I've segment of the guards in the 3rd up Aero said of 1 over wrote Dubai to Drake and what I'm bye-bye 4 5 right
Slow this becomes What But But Truck of But But all over the world As a strike by Bruce Gweru at becomes 16 squared 16 by squares And this is the stupid years of work by river Cuban side I get 8 pie 2 seconds solidified air governing laugh with 2 0 over Pius side sets us as a model for OR where for 5 Is up The fire tear up but that Where is back but Steve function part of or for 5 In this year right so outbursts I get some council area of if some other constant Soviet Basel for fire will have density signed 5 times some constant When I read out the defense are goes is replaced by constant when afraid out depends on theory goes away Give me another constant so density for fires re-signed 5 times a constant neck Carson has to do what has to normalize so that their role All 1 sore actor model by a sign 5 by 2 years 1 year for Unio from 0 5 dancers by half role sci-fi from 0 5 years to model for capital fires have sci-fi There were about for data about where greater sin are 5 what's left a concept so of uses a uniform distribution on what what 0 0 2 5 Oilers that cast and have to be 1 or 2 5 With with With with it with with with with With with or what is for thank Other precedents 33 b so good says wrote questions for 0 Yes it over and over Del Treasury are spread sci-fi as . ac . 8 he it does But Well it change a variable formula when you go from XYZ who are Verified are spurred sci-fi disease is our squared signed by They are being fired After Top what or Or you multiply have survived going us are Appointment at a At but So what So Out Our says Saber-C Chapter 3 phase 1 102 2 Water over Jerry Talks But as right however said a But as I but 3rd of Bush uh uh Gap form From OK Whoa Odds so I have to prove that their my yes God but The young if I'm not from reading a book truck does say or maybe maybe you're doing before I think where you might be thinking of is Jacoby and fears guy white taking Members of these functions So I think you're you're doing no removed their book they do so they have O'Hara's ecology 1 of XYZ far Is a need to OXY city fires 3 of XYZ Pop So And I will take lead The parcel various matrix a parcel and that's If I take the here with you are 5 data That is me by this soccer result is visit eyeing us you're going we Jacoby for reimburse function that's why you say a bit times it beaded musical revue take be cruiser respect are 5 so owing by call that But J. Taylor Jimmy Aides who won br VH-1 fair here Each 1 a fire Sara and this would be with journal Of Tovar absent so it's a matter of that of sorts on the way to the book does it is It's going up as away from what organ sewer 33 . 8
For example we set 3 5 2 of the prior opinion require and the heads up as represent my uniform density on 0 1 in Osborn according and recorded number of times said comes up heads of has comes up the 1st bananas 1 so over Look back to example a 3 5 2 2 0 Babies in their friends of folk a Sawyer taste that um at August so we don't know of a young widow Noel key for this quite Sectary problems day sewer The euro assume with 0 volley history between 0 White Report a number of times until it comes out of comes up on the 1st as was find foster density of favored given and book a sewer But at End It's but The objective of um went ahead With book appeal With but with will if how trust 33 is to dispose of this would require Derek J. sewer So what should cap OMB it's the 1st time you get ahead Right So book Travel as a 1st time you get ahead thoughts point or Panorama will that be geometric parents Oh yeah prison director granted rare will are quoted expected value The Why reveal about Right sold about what you do is you class according you have recourse Parliament Texas And you never get fast so it took 3 times the 1st time and I started yet was takes 7 times access to reject maybe 1 the outer times have always hours and abide by the 100 better give you a mess where water a key and a fall in the area Forget about its possible But I guess I hear of the state Key West theory small is spherical Key West there as well So a bit sore fish This is server frequency arguments that will see later which says the hero of we did expected values expected value of around Darrell is up some number Yeah we use because of the Greek letter course buying them for me and if X 1 X 2 X and R 5 With being MUO but by air But but but but Or So well wherever same vision so they'll have the same meaning parts The Trevor to 4 or 4 4 4 4 4 former yes or or a soccer emerged from your Up So amid example we had X 1 was a number of tosses Intel the 1st time next to would were passes on the 2nd run through X sued were of times Ontario 3rd have followed numbers we got To this end times areas under Maybe thousand and abide by the times universe that be very close to Expected by The scholar large numbers which will do what I think in Chapter 5 sorts Segur break from back whatever its fish OK so Thus cathode-ray parties But catch Xue Xue bid for now for wild boar whereby due respect the da Urex casaba This summer when X is a street and that's always provided by the series here converges absolutely our science and the X and former summits finite and around axis continuous work density Miller nights in a row of expected value and again that provided that barrel converters absolutely other words By assigned And do their boats fight If Jews FIR but said it was all but for you thank care Expected of Axis What now with All of us where n n Huff at 4 4 4 4 4 4 with but but I can see up at book NO They say may Sayyaf proverb a book is very simple I want a forward Owyhee readers
Basically do realize that if taxes Aranda rare VAXes also ran a verbal a direct its PDF or if he ever in terms of about that he ever PM of overt acts and use of previous toughness But Ciller through a prop 0 examples of a fiery weary did some expected values of us through so recorded I thought functions user Uriarte function newer bad it The Liberia square or next that and then you realize that value of g so it's service on 1st Why is it that we see a for May She 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 but the base Aurelio 3 computations expected by racks Fedorov Xpress New Square North Korea writer unity so severely L. function of X has set off their backs wave we did that when the side however are somewhere Our beside a river this suffer 1st legacy is this step is here and gun or an array was a continuous venerable story after a great anywhere from normal as well as with Gamma usually don't have On Sept remember what former dl and Arrows tend to evolve over the Back North sobered The outcome by the last example so as to respected REO but normal means oil amid Cygnus wherever I want me following up a constant Part here With with it but It or want a sewer or arrive all frame yawn Rice where there so there's a star-studded found out Crime and here's the acts He swear to computer several That is what ought to a any theories and techniques of waiver 1 audit So I replace x 5 x minus new Well XM use lawyers that it back but is very From Mayor what's Hey music values areas Texas But now is based course Is for real What was that it will end the fire but a XIX new past BOI separate the 2 in a row Florida What's the 1st one But For quicker ways but just thank What is it gets a like wears its Maxwell Are you maximize its function well ahead of us what was an expo from New York is the theory goes 0 that's a minus sign says of USA 0 0 it's actually 0 0 At New less IUZ New Plus knew minors What is virus as new fast lexical new quest square very rare whereby new minus be also where says if I ever knew was being 0 or the sector this new function with Spector new value to units of the right of Murat is equal to its value to units of a buffer What about the value to you as writer is my ears Its value to units of Laughter of new source was terribly 0 8 amusing 0 is this is not a function that they ought to object area not functioning dipped 0 does not function with respect to Acero 0 They were what I want Whatsis But ties up her why Samuel Because 1 What's that if I have just 1 here or might agree addressing Nero Vesalius saw the whole thing years You are nice I would have do area that is a That is like not worried years that's 0 and will use the fact that Wearing density times New Of sore back that's I'm going with That say Exs normal for me areas where remaining had a bad day 0 service on high At the the sort that put or 4 4 With we will put up yet with 4 sir with with with but with with with with what it is but better off with 4 with with or prayer Well let's change variables by setting equal to X by new becomes 1 over square root too 5 Seamus where aerial bias infinitely very wise squared minus wives where or who are those of the Warriors let me make this oversight
I thought back It's Agate S I think may ask what should I did hear bottle If I borrower I'm missing you over here the biggest BY squares Eckert firing by adding should become Weisberg over to direct it that's why I so This is for It is why squared times was where votes Tuesday was barrier for now this is Weisberg time say was words so that's whisper out here and this is God why Tires Burst of me sit where do you why such a promoter here See The axis Sigma DYI IV word ordering everything cancel this 1 and this It was burdened gunners under the square root sites Texas so you back They now so aggressors a approves sale was were too Carol about it to Barrows urban very why times why is Tobias Weis Cuero y Well what changed from air-to-air twice but why a square white and fire bread and elements of Irish and I changed from ice and very very 2 0 2 4 New York why it's immune function right of zeros equally left by follows when and why did I do this Because of this Could be a DDE an actor near And in that case The you DAYS NBA would be minus speed to the miners Weisenberg over to I think For to What Yes of course it is a grimace creditor Oh this is through city squared off Route 2 New Times e so you was wire For being 4 You must Weisberg diary between 0 and minus 0 2 the you'll know the mice I'm going to be so you get this change in the past year the miners squared over To wife risk It is 0 President 0 0 and This is it swaps that book today and what else was as Well fired for myself and reader eternity where is it But on Show what sir Normally 0 Braves 1 density this but what's the can't smell But are certified saw fired from Hyacintha Nunavut news of a square root By half that was a spur to fire over To cited the cirrhosis it was where here route By the end of the square root too 5 over to courtroom because I have row my but they're a license to for is to by half and this becomes Sigma squared called this function of very response and Aaron Elias Where That's called the variants of acts not just for normal but brainy rang of rare variances defying the being how far It's square areas from its average so it is measuring how far the rand rebels deviating from its me off are the venerable varying from its being sort of there as it like distance from X through its average value of their of variance How they nor I never lawyer muon Viransehir overdose square stories Barry . 4 4 Here's a density is it messy or parenteral obviously a normal For the means of equal negative 7 and the various would be 9 Bank for Call But I guess review various owed random rare will expected value exodus by a 7 And expect the value of X minus minus 7 squared would be Nite But That up Now however sort of a scar Vishal or So what solo I repeat various But that is where is discreet I will book Twitter It for excess wear Exs contain yes 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 yes SEs They ask followed yes Alexa But crowd that At 4 4 4 4 or 4 key or 4 K this is misusing dot the Fairey say but sector by GOX Expect But tough And the answer is so this'll ordered saying Brooks Do you think it ahead of visit rose finest hour reacts diaries Herbert
When you think visible by river vessel thought Going off and right When little Expos baby is going 0 and last at 0 1 star finally yard for rise U.S. 0 there's no problem here because In a role from 0 demise of the EU TX c-axis fight This is less able to 1 but went to your stop-loss and fraternity is going to an or their support This has X squared with a minus sign x squared minus X squared plus TX where by a sex squared will be 30 extra so this will be the solidified All Carey And what do we know are we know that Lewis sever all areas for but as Arroyo route to pirate for fired by South Korea for to buy and that's all you need to to know a lot but are not what's out from orbit Oil refiners right what they sold Tuesday where you're going moved girls were normal Stewart and you're Cabrera some combine the terms and complete square and try to use but you know what Parliament's sorry combined made experts also say saw Abba Mott fighters Igor next square get a minus truly new X Now at How Look bad The asked for quarter Taggart may cost New square mile i'd TX terming here Togo value-added but some something times acts to capture the bowl IB bond of Ira my assigned here Area Tuesday was spurred there so it should be either Miners who Seamus Verdi or plus there which 1 while years plus what is it He acts terms reducing whispers I thought I'd just like to see acts as a mind side Oh my aside assigns a B minus TX Zucker 1 not recent changes to a But But see what the entered No Oh yes I knew I had very well I saved a step but as Sakharov but true from me linearity next term Book or with with with with but with Bull full but but but but 4 0 0 But But we will up with And are now I'm not When you here I want a complete the square Saudi square and take a cooperative acts divided by and square So does mean added unless things where they saw area and I got to get out That'll help later from outside rural America take out what it actually inserted here we're is a same was multiplied by each of the miners this over this very well put 7 years as a as well and that over size of multiply might be fast But with that Virender Sobrio saying When from Marietta this term was part doesn't depend on exercise Pollard What is it exceeded the miners where over who were like that But But But Right now I owe it can express that they a perverse square next but I saw it but they appear up variety new star turns Castle and yeah we found tool said was squared TD Newell bus Ocegueda the 4th TV squared or cruel said was squared remains now that But If Bulgarian air visceral horror review that it's fun because we're graying death periodic Normal with this new address was 1 pence always of a virus by canceling out Work to rescind Bertram here a repeal of the Teddy middle class
But I use immunity her new to me plus there was word or 2 charities were born Fight The says Oh Through it at the crease simple Bomb Cut Took a lead of But it but but but But I also aimed but but but but but but but but but but for what it was If true for 4 or 8 0 0 0 4 0 4 4 but but but for it but but but but but but but but but Both momentary function of why Moment comes and 30 Friday but autumn as a function of key and sewage collars The M sub kappa laxity but if it's fine this is finite tea interval containing 0 in August Smallwood very function and Terrance Be distribution of Iran a uniquely Belarus a cabbie who different ahead of us is violated Payroll about the origins T bird Guy different today Death so you do the same culture in August that from My words if you computer momentary for solving you find out that a motor functions as well Distribution Miranda rare what came from normal with new owners must be nor other distribution the exact same water that's why motor functions are so useful face when their fight Aguilera luck Georgia and the uniquely determined they just to show it so you can determine decisions around rebels from the attract bus comes subdued another wall Jared Function about As their somewhat but let's do a gamma I like doing I was worried a roles in class and we want reacted to a lotta if you and Gamez well those are you don't have to do a narration is to try to realize that for you have meanders a density you don't find out what's on normalizing constant so a effects as they are and rebel suicide Tremors Alpharetta under that is being density areas Where they offer for demo Belfour X Rodolfo minus 1 B minus slab frets positive and 0 otherwise what's 4 or the mower says Fuck 4 or 4 x 4 also Well as is a continuous honorable so great The unit TX times an essay but here . there is over concern about whether this Both mergers or not Because this case you're X the the 1st forum in both of these excellent source in the normal way of next square here and killed us at internally but despite not cancel that was a fixed number What happens if she's very No you have a duty U.S.-led Thaksin West level Positive you'd be trying eerie Ito positive across America transect from 0 victory that would convert so this book covers only for which by the U.S. somewhere and that's good enough off whatever cause number so convergence of general containing yours and saw that Function or areas a predetermined decision came from store if you see a motor function of the form where are very you're Illinois has out of it so O'Hara Caputo several plants less combined their special jobs or or or or Careless I cap But Oh area like them part for a substantial part of process ovary density what kind density by gamma density parameter whoever and reverts back it or landing year now for what without ever will be if of its Florida's so that means Acero ears as a valve on that and they get what terms cancel Landover lavender minus It to they'll 0 Bag The function of using spot Offers a momentary functions in August fell from a random variable which is demo from What so exorcist saw both story of our I expected values of random variables various Aran Errol's MoMA functions ought we also studied Judge I discern a Brevard also quest or all all over the world and a bravery function over who would it be struck similar honorable take expected value for discrete case you do it by a diarrhea South was probably recap us want selects 1 etc. is joint Kiev raft times survivor function at
Office and if it gets this Dr. sign rare books a duo Annetta for better off see what we for what I guess that I guess a a jails that I guess they So us consider . following careful X 1 X and Y are by AID aims at area Verde of the all same distribution or 4 Tho following a neighbor verb gave us bring intervals songs What would be expected value of x 1 times up to excess going to that definition veered off against the site density for these venerable swatted joint density it's product of each individual archery and by the way I forgot to mention that they cover saying The requirement that This definition hold sway the song and when their or absolutely convergent perhaps values and see find in that case but Sosa sumo rapper absent geysers aspiring annul Eigen factories I do next won 1st prize Price And I do not that experts factors right X one-time that's what gets 1 elects to Everex through the through Elsa give acts and backs and and what is a role from my superiors affinity ex-wife that's expected value of X 1 right or the next expected by events through an entire that's the rocks and Beazer although The same An somebody factors for I have ever us becomes expected value of X 1 power And so there were to be expected up may I dare viscera they could be different that's as saying Nummi now but have a case independent densities F 1 F ruled up to But friend however this change But for what we're doing here and there But it still factors right so in case you did expected value 0 x 1 times expected value of X 2 times expected value of X and sort of their independent with fans like back expected either product is a product expected special case is whether all the same respect I 1st want Are missed alright so let's try very of Troy yes yes he could 4 4 4 4 4 4 Or or but but but but but but for quick or if but of of of how she talked with 2 0 0 0 0 4 4 but but but but for track but This 1 for sex to operate Find distributions now before we got write down the probability that the friend rare on sex was ousted X win another another way of deterring distributions computed 3 former Jerry TV recognizes but we have to be lucky because right to you so So as to give the dairy farms He was a X while Wessex took effect But now wagonwright this unity X 1 times unity TDX to put their but X X 2 a independent And that aware they saw this threat is a rare rural and as a rural and these joined private so what's expected product if the product to expect the virus For had now we did mess It's here the 1st woes are where over around my associate or fell for what was I want And your ear that slammed over my Aristide's of Australia
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