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Hypothesis Testing
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Request as a fire starts a today which is a couple for computations
1 related to Chapter sex 1 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 0 4 4 4 or by sea at 4 0 4 he walked off with her During the a post on the ground rebels are the same parameter lambda North indeed Can result PMF photo how wherever there and if rich farther south Say Ray auto so Big K 0 ahead this is Probably J. X fast case or or or all of of all says artistry rather rebels sort party Percy from here huh
What's a definition of conditional probabilities Probably given is white Right it's a probability a Exs equal day Of dash X fossilize Eagle like a fire by followed Expos twice or
Part tree But Cook Sao oil
So far we or use a definition of conditional probabilities are itself he amassed Versailles here is that this sort of religious use of bodily babies are you time summing up band rebels that's why worry whatever and it was sort of a soccer we use independents
RXX force White independent part access for why not But there were uses we which use you're right was not the products as varied as was quite scary but can we use of Where X Jay Ward's wife us twice came when it's so it can use this information replace this By J. suffices by day for brief Isis I'd say it was a sailor wire Myers How or or what but both or all all of air saw Hero use revenues independence set so let's do it now X and So the numerator review probably relaxes case probability wires carry minus J By by far below decks sliced All right so we used in prayers so now it's time to use other XOY which Pope Yes of Thanks For At with Sir What's a barber Exs Jake With a shoe OK but Cefobid at wires carry my said For full 4 of 4 0 0 0 0 OK Positive what ought Expos why Thaksin variable songs of prime
The distribution for 4 swine out for facade of parameter to everywhere done that before our rejoiced Where you could do more Missouri function so foresaw a prowler two-level submarines incessantly Toolamba to Over case doctoral the minus 2 out of out of it added that some simplification
But how The Where are you
We terms set vessels they alright Says what's but city borrowed EU in the numerator are combined and yet you celebrity governors utilize whoever so can right Sawyer or dividing by case factorial sewer
That renewed goes and the numerator appear as day care Loella's 1st Way Apostal and this was Sapporo It Yet liability was borrowed a about also out the case of a wireless canceled So sewer what's left our case back drove wasn't aware Orders a factorial KYC doctoral and that they won over to lick and said Today A summary of 1st noted was escaped Tuesday 2 So the eagerness of UFO woes summer has given the value of the song is this what's and can be what values Where guys since I have been here at 0 OK because XOR non-negative right that integer right the 1 some Medicare be more than the sum of Sergei goes from 0 silicate or otherwise voters 3 0 yeah what that's binomial saw BOX plus Y axis by When they're both force of I you have exercise either side of his head where are
What may I'm I but or whether it would go ahead
He said if as if a C at 4 4 sa rubber tour however for the food we wouldn't at or or 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 So that bitch How do what quote to play with But charged up or but Tho This means new generate Zeddie 1st It is a song about a year a right and then given see Exs binomial worth parameters ZEN half Sunday's of 1st Think 1 way rip rewrite that stay with all this wraps visits to give a value was very very arrives taxes by grammar KM half Sowerby Mars all this XVT 25 modules area find their joints and aerosol ROAD other rural that rudder value of sorts a joint ahead distribution over XSE in this case Lance or or or or or or where were given era make conditional selects given Xavier give a decisions are euros for example say whether problem or given were This shows Hayward bureaucracy and can result about x give us a So can we get enough for the pair X Z from this Notice Appointed their joy came out from there said marginal frizzy but some odds offers each for us for cable 0 want to assert whatsoever Mars offers a ATM in this South Korea joint heart What do you but turn 4 4 4 4
Oh It was all but forced all but all of or What we're died years somewhere Gustavo sector Vegas however given probably be it's such a definition of conditional probability case off recent gather hack Terror Whoa psycho why after to a castle Say We are so that I see how or or was it for it So why we are the mods over racks right to take this Joint crack Suzzy of fairway some or care And what values can cater There must be a nonzero Here From Jaber a seven-day or of price Uh I'll wear area But the Last where case choose J By order of the day Or factorial Eli slammed where solve their hearing No um alright serious Yes I may be For That But all for all case through Syria's S and where where OK over K fact oral enough Eatery doesn't depend on K which is the index of soared out fears their return and make a factorial so canceled now what
But Is very nearly doesn't depend on index of summation The fact oral next let's factor that out and then what's left up barricade equal jail to a very Alam Missouri J O Lord Gary Myers day factorial miss that also quite easily ever And several lavender Acadia we had allowed to what OK say well aware maker KY while certainly fad for set By Daughter we with this means we multiplied by elaborate surmised series which also was off by by land The J. that outside or are you my fear is where factored leather the jail of us out of here where case is allowed to the data outside became West And now we can relay will hear let's call L Myers J. were really black members of the jury Over J. factorial utilized who have some what to what And carries J. J. West 0 And cable southern The sun was out of the Atlanta to the all over L factory There what sex As you know summer's was Times utilized to In the latter fancy the mice to You might as well as promised land to the J J. back Faeroe Myers about Where what acts distribution sought case Exs binomial work Parameters Half words is remember a role which is independent X solid Trevor whoever the model suspicion of acts as a source of pride as current reversal of the 1st got gave him were harder extract 3 Mars or tracks from reiteration of Oct here offers E initial loss of exercising fuzzy
Find they days joint 1st Avenue some of it either of Arnold
Back OK I do this so you'll get war vary with a skies a competition but competition last summer class we did radio ratio at waiver was Aswan 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 With all due for 4 You would abide by a series of of Over BOI bias degrees of freedom as it is to show that we call F tremors evidently S . we and computer BTR death safer less are fared so property saga virus memorize it I probably you go have RICO off because it is a up and Bessie 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Was but that he had with or with 4 with with 4 well not For or of but with As for W. bigger than Errico 0 4 WS 0 Leicester 0 because ratio to qualities
We did this class I agenda remains all Got all these things so useful revoke where found our cover cases were 3 PDF so give asks for songs of the venerable we didn't do much with ratio so it's trying other ratio this 1 involved but I knew enough for ratio as other publications
There also revealed A At called But or or or or or or all all of stores that Thaksin a wiry Perrenoud Xpress ON arose work scrubber water and there by says has finally gave us For all of all of all or or over a short X or Y But at the clinic Some got sometimes is statistics you might be interested and ratios like a ratio of about Your height your foot sites might be some interesting statistic back Bess's I think this might be a way for people gave up Individuals heights in the Middle Ages resist reading about what start Samaria there's Charlemagne France guy here some press guy area Whoa viewers dialog after France was a unified Biko use not viewers that name Holy Roman Emperor by the pope the latest anyway is described Said that was 7 times site was 7 times the size length was for its height was 7 times the others so every 7 feet tall where foot wears his foot which was however was a sore foot was set by going the foot of a king is quite big case so we we You might get look at some actor dissolution Nova height sites here I'll throw feathers so it might be Euro examples of where marketers and I'd go ratios but maybe on what I think favorite or or so it's 4 4 4 4 4 4 PM after that this a CD somewhere Todd Rogers from the CDF to the key enough What's various CDs yet however I wanted Computer sign and computed What is the CDs as Academy over the case of the I thank you but also find Mr. so thing where at all or is it sky as elected soaked by Abbas of multiplier by capital White is a change fractions throughout cases wife figure of y positive you're not because wise experts are honorable pots of K & R yes anytime Are jointly Missouri Grand Robles Estey If you get XLI or have about PDF giant GDF or hire I computer probably Peres as set Is book Right Mario array the best thing that I've ever for all of but that's what these to Are you you probably of that would do we have something like this year as a source of that form that sort where Lewisburg out what or as a sort of like so Take over another words with the yacht This is the pair ex-wife Saturday or array of sorts farther away I He I saw or 4 or or or or or fire what strikers it's at a vigor Should picked acts selects here Reyes very confusing treks Aidid's as it does so I took what persons safer from wearable old or it for all of us got some address a mayor Show Barak's Capitalized satisfies cap us they the Zito capitalize so it's draw that lacks space Air Force were only interested the 1st quarter because our rules cover couple wire negative
And what word we have equality here what are those appears act Alexa lie Said that both 1st The side with the sort site February Burrier and so I was slow don't while received by was water or is it as outlined by where visit a one-sided like
What's side with a bit of words and are the 1st quarter that someone site outlined what if I take your point appeared with 0 for the export Where satisfied Following sorts out life as a That's a book or They are Saturday So we're wary of 4 AA the for what's inside their safer recap icing capitalize this problem Individual on-site because their independent a product that I've been states was Lewis but Barak's vessel city density for next from what You minus X for 4th from landed celebrity slab excess cracks began 0 Biedermeier Myers X so joint my sex Terrace BUYS wife For now Now this problem about where always Lewis It's so it's weary from the discard a Dockery that What Lewis River assured his sky array of over a Right why goes there were very books etc. family ever for a particular RUO y goes from 0 October but That but there Bush Hey why X goes from 0 to see why Exit up right At goes from 0 to not But such 3 gap that See you here there is no research on why asserts otherwise city very close aerosolize was order very Expo 0 to so it's perform these areas says literary difficult Aerial ice axes May my sex or cell where to evaluate the 2 ends here arrows fairy evaluators it back up was a factor value 0 at which has won by a sort of track Westlake past 1 and then where you might as a wire
I think that's what does Evaluation gets time view supply DAY now where do what That's right such a steps wary She would With or or with Or or before Or they are his Walker by the Here's a Z less wires a one-time Syria's Weissert across what West where At sea I think we are this Show at old The 1st 0 alive mice wife Missouri very is lots of us Eli S. Y. That's a density for experts honorable wood from her want a year ago greater density where 1 of
Wished The 2nd 1 years almost there for next door from her 1 Fuzzy what's missing from being aggressive what's events before Experts from around that allows the EU my slammed was missing Labrador was a start for while here Divide by sore Of opera brought area while I get 1 0 Royal was bit also to studio racial or OK West kind but several vise despite drama Mount 1 plus Z and water we do DOES as Iran fuzzy Aristide times while I was seeing minus 1 as received bigger than close OK so where scene next anywhere I wonder is that 2 or moderately from
Every a riesling Both Bell Nor Becker Uh And uh I'll call ear Various 5 year requires works but Mississippi complicated that saw some ought to showcase of warriors Fire may be right wherever they may well that says the euro says W is every adherents daughter So these W aggressive change at the W sold was a Gulf of W here Well here has ever over and over there it's 1 as as a bought mn and if Have say so we have ever equally what here on W M over to Midas 1 what's the Expos photodiode 's Rosita war there is 1 of us this so that would have to you was my spot busy you would have to be there so sesame 1 so as a say but am Seguin equation says there must be what to say know for what is right for minus what went There must be to Iran's and must be true Fox Ave Your us August Always always defines a yet Yeah that's so different say about nor wire was a worry of sir This right with waiter everyone talks about where this year Minus enumerator were too busy times of river the boundary which that over the career square was 1 over the want disease these were once was Ito the bias to OK now it struck the
So here we are able already would still have to be quote rich
3 4 0 1 are aware that we won because what is fair so what I am bars Adalberto adapt viewer by 2 so they really I was an interior was and fears for so evident must be took us see about all works out so who was a speaker Well vase yes Sosebee W 2 0 W 2 0 would get 1 plus W What are a more everyone here we have to pass 2 of his 4 or tourists 2 mice to and here white water sewer right back here we have damn 0 2 plus 2 or 2 is divided by damn well while paring down of 1 air West jam of 2 of its one-time damn 1 Right so it it's on or demo 0 1 5 1 plus W. Myers through a gap lawyers 1 Sosa B 1 bus W. bias salt this ratio is a math
With parameters vanish quality
Truck full but but but but but for a 3rd So for so so it's Bart fell good but don't talk but how or or 4 4 4 0 0 0 4
0 4 4 with 4 over but But for all but 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 or by cyber police shot dead duo shares rare also that their sample meaning air sample various are independent Aksaray we'd be BIOS I do this for a new way 0 say whispers 1 but that's my wife
The basis of what we did but Sabah sets How how or where or for war
All 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 or 4 there is a yes for hairdressing exact 4 4 5 I'm sorry I wrote but or or fire modifier squared bite Am I swung by by Sigma squared I get a chai which might want restrict callers up by where I didn't make
A remarkable warrior Boris here
New typically and that all problems about you might conclude because a supplement their that you're samples or measurements are realizations of normal admirable but you don't know newest where what usually 1 of Lewis given from U.S. forces so this gives unless the from you but you don't know what you would do is exactly so you can't put new here because you don't know what sought euphoria instead An estimate for assessed while have the sex 70 because of agreed on all You might reward for Lionel masses of Switzerland I like Switzerland beautiful country they make job offer tips are aware that they to dressed like any probably Aware that not all talk with tips on the same side There is some variability and wake topic that is very interesting classical anyone what's We mean wait for a talk with so be already rare will bear the weight of a topic that would be normal or some and some breaths isolate in the various 0 1 much that Reyes and talk that's what well will get several points operative was like this somewhat like this is ready for use Want the space of a small pocket sewer here isn't it amazing fact there at minus 1 Aussie was whereas birders Chi square with and went on to wrote I swear means the sum of the squares of and minus 1 independent normal with me what they saw him we see that
But if it The says but or or which or or at 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 well 4 4 or a
For But but but wet weather with or other 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 of air by wave is under the same conditions as I for Barrow
A these bizarre also a
What a lot better this venerable here I was some of and things squares what's in this vision of each summer and before I swear What was the mysteries of excise means being Newberry said whispered suffice attract what's XI What did him suspicion XI ice attract new Normal means 0 in various Sigma squared enough I divide by backed by What's the dissolution of the sect Why don't you use over Iran's what I swear Add up and was sorts of suspicion of as a sky squared with And degrees of freedom has where summing and Ross which Obrian 0 birds what squirt and Don't Enter what would end wires oil well over squared squared equal W 1 over Sigma squared songs by 1 and of XI Myers Both start Orza Assad All-Star various full array of visitors Fulham knew replaced by X far saw Bavon subtracted or insider parents Yarborough expand the square series firm Before 0 4 4 4 0 0 4 4 4 4 4 4 8 crew above but with the what with all 4 4 G at war with the Bulls went for all 4 DEC's saw 0 0 sky squared This closest source slice I would like I would then of Israel and I subtract ex parte at Addax parties firm were a square that I think it was A vast square of ETA square Plus to a B plus but you're not good wherever will carry the 1st term is up and minus 1 or Sigma squared escort misses and minus That's where that doesn't have the water or MIS wanna itself By book by us where are you minus 1 s squared is some 1 day and XI sex bias Where's nullified Bye-bye sailor square or at source interest the 1st term as if they were interested he or 4 or or they got The EU This is what But folk art Show me how it's OK Noah In here about this does not depend on me By index of summation of exists Turn is in every olfactive return citing factored out So let's look at By Proved X bar Myers Neo or squared times the sum But I call 1 day and XI by a sex bar with what set equal to who said that it is 0 If it does or or OE some effort best party rear some Michael 1 In exile right By this summer's I some I want excise how's that relate to ex poses some of the 1st and related spa that some is banned times expired so I sum this up by year's end ex parte this up 0 times At Enzymes sorghum minus an ex parte sorts at Eagle 2 0 Some of that size is a time that's far enough some of X foreign times a UNIX select Annex parliament expires so second-term here is 0 and Leggett us overwrite Buster says this I have the same thing every time and end or was times at a rate this way X bar bias Newell divided by saying
Over the road squared At OK A severe And by some as of the end Times as Over said where rather song that wherever purpose Inside Where proved that ready They are sorry aside swear 6 square over OK so this is a to what's in this of was there Well it's always started with And that's chi squared with 10 degrees a Israel so sodas bus that's a sky squared with 10 degrees affair or or was it is oversaw well what's this displeasure vexed bar water without a battery of ending the pair normalcy got up there have a normal so what city suspicion of the Osama vendor-independent also
Set up in nausea normal bacteria Northwest as what New what's rates Use computer expected value and the various what's expected ex water and and expected by this some what's expected virus out it's a somewhat expected water and some somewhat expected artist twenties It is UN times we get and abide by it and we get the role now it could be the very day with the ranks of a number of of times around rebel what happens to a number of square rates of far as Kwan or and squared and read the various of us some of independent rather verbose lots of Craigslist somewhat in the center of the solidly variances so we add up the reins of that size what's rates of excise Sigma squared with up and times we get and square obesity was squared over at so SOX normal with new and very sales bird or or so 40 hour of Liberal we subtracted me and we divide by bias Various swearer specify that becomes normal worth what means 0 and then 1 of ice where that were I get Weapons a square normal of museum race on that's chi squared With 1 degree of freedom so this guy here is chi squared with wonder
What do I have to add to that Give Keisker degrees of freedom price NYS wonder the sum Keisker that agrees a free this Wonder what's a chi square with and release of free of its zeal square Was through square October us Haiti and West once where fuzzier squared off the sky squared with And degrees of freedom swears he wants Louisiana normal in normal also means arrest 1 so we but the whole thing is Riceboro Landry's friend part is worthwhile Summaries of where we're batting took must be Chi square with S my my Aswan agrees with and or before the break dispenser of Now at Next floor biased New for Sigma Road and divided by its square root above Myers warned or Sigma square as Esquerre divided by a Myers while we've a federal voters say woes of the road city
With and degrees of freedom as normal Divided by Scores of new over whereabouts Sky squared with ended reason freedoms is normal means Iran's while air friend that's a T The situation is normal barbarous word of a price for divided by summer risk-free free of this is what parenteral X Barwise your Sigler by Mariette its role means Iran's What about this is what better honorable chi squared with and minus 1 good reason your ex Florida squared are independent so so far we haven't you Lewis Price word worth what we are and where 1 reason for this is the you'll see is a spots Where am I said before simplify This becomes acts bar biased view over Sigma divided by rude and would abide by Squarrosa or go say so that NO We get rid of the stigma square as it was words canceled so slated X bar West knew or rude and derived by sort of a square This is a hazardous to so at with NYS wonder reason password to deconstruct comparing Savile me Escorts put an end or nearby local but says or were to be came from words various sample means a sample variants So Osterberg fish Like but it You're a for us I want want to do Was I don't that Along with But it has to worry up 4 It was the author of each other Resigned but if I got away with it Us or ice just EUR ex-wife directs our independent normal for me mule racing was squared The sample we'd several various are independent of the small Sabol various a squared with might wonder reason freedom and the ratio of ex parte West You don't have Yes as means Pritzker that is a under what they might as well be August arts time to talk about Sam site bears is that Discussion of Chapter 6 or now in Chapter 7 will start with simple random sample but also a sample from a population population be a Bago chopper chips so it could be a bag of evidence could be a pocketful old wire baby measure their strength or size it could be students at a university students in the room would be voters road ahead is a happens is these objects are assigned some value life or wait a strength us scorer tasks or opinion of our candidates and you want to discern what's
We Samper was Samina . 0 0 0 population West of mean value of these things are wary what's and what's so the population size or be donor by all capital where the values of population of overdue notice a wired Alexis Not try to be careful that were built with index subscript on X ghost 1 so maybe individual 1 as a spy assigned to a better view 1st chocolate chip back at some much away This cycle But there is a solid slots or if users People Fabio wikis was the typical problem re-election were typical etc. us sample of the city of Moussa had said presidential race so that you assign to individual 1 affair for carried a minus 1 after 4 candidates be So please everybody ones and if you have a mob gets is some number That members positive or what I mean I'm liaison It's bigger can be is that you might want to consider adding What is setting off my wife deucedly Chatham often abide by Size of population so they true Weiner noted over the years 1 over capital at times a sound by 2 Job however there I Oh I suppose I wanted tour of some estimate Ontario Height of very Aristide students at UCI what could I do harm recent saying career maybe 30 thousand suck up 11 30 thousand I'm sure under stopping people on circles a whole lot of at all you are and that 3 thousand times Matter You can fire laughter I can tell you know it this would meet with much success So what's another possibility Reser songs subpopulation sub randomly chosen subset of the student body measure them and the question is if I measures some subset of the student body and take the demeanor that sample cockles celebrity to the true meaning arborescent is what done in public opinion polling that his for presidential elections a survey company like Gallup or where there was a Reuters They don't call variable order and the country every time Irizarry doing that would be millions and millions of phone calls they distort time to do it preferred not mentioned the resources so do sample the entire population of typical sample size because of low thousands thousand 2000 yet desolate Missouri good you can sample of small subset If you sample randomly and delivery us whether the True for but yet careful already suffering Serrano Truman be doing videos blacks and famous selection drew a 1 a solely up by newspaper the next morning it said
Do beats Truman that they run because they there were public opinion polls and however they run public opinion polls as a nite 1948 election about what they would fold as you ever do ear for trauma Thought that among a people a ARC Jury was ahead So what was wrong with that Well 1948 not everybody had thoughts who had richer people I thought and there's a bias richer people were biased or do it so they are not surprisingly the was so you have to be careful about how you sample but if you are able leader this employee might be as to this
Without Measuring a every individual popular that's what statistics is about this final by find that drew me through various air population to attack me every single individual popular
Sometimes it for white interesting For example of this is the number of people who states of this might be patrolled our were from individual 1 neutron bomb individual to the solace of beautiful wealth visuals and states that might be interesting because they so
The trouble It is given the name top So At
And of course that's capelan times you The court so Uh air NS Co I am not sure what Arab you true very sir
OK uh I'll Yes but I should like to I At that That is how I was quote So we select a 1st set go size
And rural see what values that subset has that of it This means we select a sapper source for classes distressed You are you're watch
Or or or or or or or or or or Sawyer Farley Toy Story rear Suri Toy Story a rotor effort at 1 point there out of worries Scenes of bit news parts with little toys inside applause Rita's start so they give the population being inside 1 of those toys like that and you're Clark and reached on a grab a little and Individuals at what types of riches start and will face the operatic ruled And so you brought Lu and things about Yahoo out a dog preference for 1 or other gross father truly random so we slept and individuals or about replaced some is we don't pick 1 person twice and sampler size order right it's for 4 or so at Kapil X 1 capital XNB the resulting values that you get when you make a sample of will and individuals this is we treaties as random variables the values depend on the randomness of the selection procedure random reaching you could throw them back in the region again and drop below an out of another random sample so we treat these as venerable these numbers and are not ready reserve that these are the values in the population but those are the random values we say if we select little individuals from population of capital
So At birth
There we estimated at 4 4 4 0 4 0 0 Rio and of Sigma squared With Kaplowitz For all but 4 of their As square Opel will or old old old bull or Or 4 or 4 uh 4 But the expectation Maine data expected value overall selection as we expected Audio Rex borrowed reassure drew to an expected salaries will be the true rests Sollie was an exercise The former yellow But all it is But the commute expectations Eaton 0 distribution So savored in yard this vision for the cap Alexis Now or in the case of voting Public opinion polls summaries of Air Canada Air Canada them we were assigned numbers plus water minus 1 individual strike so these Alexis would I have armory values of Aksu are 3rd died God no preference so this was a good president so public opinion poll and we have This set of values X 1 X 2 etc. acts of where 1 4 3 1 3 Member population our that's a set of numbers But the mighty repetitions And so it was might actually be the CeBIT Minus 1 0 won a case of public opinion Bush this means the persons and their affair it being Maine a person has no preference means person Varitek They think so be sure these numbers is 0 minus 1 0 or what sorts of interest that would be somewhere 1 equal to the number of fires such side is equal to minus 1 end to equal the number of fires that exercise Yes but Barry and minus wire as subzero number I said such that excise equal a 0 ANY a quote number the subtle excise what they See At some of the uh
What's a probability that X J Is it will tour
E that the As for alloy vault wine swath 0 unwind for but what's Probably The GAO's individually dogs Is there of candidates D Truck Get well What was a toll number of people they and Minus 1 selects 1 So it's probably Without somebody from set here that Simitis when the size of quality have let it be cancer by 1 divided by the folk population size Capital at the weekend suppliers was a Laura s s whereby here
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